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Lasell Leaves 



NO. 1 


JUNE 9, 1956. 

Ethel Lasell Standish '95-'97 (niece of Edward Lasell) stands with her son, Guy L. 

Decker, the father of Helen Ethel Decker, who graduated in June. Mrs. Standish's 

daughter and Helen's aunt, Ruth Decker McCulloch x-'15, is also an alumna. 

Published by Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
Lasell Junior College 

ATiRHRNnAiF. Mass. 


Member of American Alumni Council 

Officers and Directors 

President: Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

37 Frederick St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

First Dorothy Mosher Stone '42 (Mrs. W. E.) 

Vice-President: 429 Wolcott St., Auburndale (DE 2-3196) 

Second Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

Vice-President: 4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Recording Marion Kingdon Farnum '29 (Mrs. E. W.) 

Secretary: 20 Linda Ave., Auburn (Terrace 2-8085) 

Corresponding Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
Secretary: 10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 5-3366) 

Treasurer: Olive Boynton Garron '38 (Mrs. L. S.) 

12 Rockridge Rd., Waltham (TW 4-1044) 

Assistant Noel Temple Martinson '42 (Mrs. H. A.) 

Treasurer: 12 Fiske Ave., Waltham (TW 3-7461) 

Class Agent Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 

Chairman: 50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale (LA 7-3071) 

Alumnae Clubs Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 
Advisor: 41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (Pleasant 6-3015) 

Scholarship Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

Comm. Chm.: 110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Directors: Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Mrs. L. P.) 

Box 854, New Hampton, N. H. (Bristol 4-5746) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
15 Miles Dr., Quincy (MA 9-7198) 

Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 (Mrs.) 
19 Fern St., Auburndale (DE 2-4591) 

Elizabeth Danker Trenholm '41 (Mrs. F. D.) 
1 Alba Rd., Wellesley Hills (WE 5-4037) 

Natalie Hall Campbell '49 (Mrs. R. G.) 
2148 Washington St., Canton (CA 6-2394) 

Alumnae Priscilla Winslow '35 

Secretary: Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 


Editor: Priscilla Winslow '35 

Assistants: Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 

Joy Kendrew Hibsher 
Dorothy Ulmer Willis 





NO. 1 


Lasell Applauds — Louise Tardivel Hig- 
gins '37 by Priscilla Parmenter Mad- 
den '37 and Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

'38 2 

Commencement Awards — June 9, 1956 4 

Notes on Commencement Addresses . 8 

Faculty News 11 

Lasell Alumnae, Inc 13 

Club News 16 

In Memoriam 23 

Class News 23 


Deadline schedule for class and club secretaries: 

November issue — July 1st (mainly commencement 
and reunion news) 

February issue — December 1st 

May issue — March 1st 

August issue — the Fund issue with no class or 
club news 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Entered as second-class matter at the Boston, Mass., Post Office. Acceptance for 
mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, 
authorized on October 28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual 
Alumnae Fund Contribution. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 
cents each. 



by Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester '38 

When we refer to Louise Tardivel 
Higgins as the "perfect alumna," 
we're sure that opinion is shared by 
countless others. Louise, or "Tap" as 
she is more generally known, was very 
active and popular during her two 
years at Lasell, 1935-37, and held the 
position of president of her class for 
both years. Tap married Charles A. 
Higgins, Jr., in 1942 and has lived 
in Auburndale most of her married 
years. She has three lovely children, 
Mariele 13, Richard 9, and Nellee- 
Mae 3. 

After graduation from Lasell she 
immediately became active in Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc., and has held almost 
all the offices available in that organi- 
zation. For three years, 1946-49, Tap 
was president, and she worked dili- 
gently to create a more effective 
alumnae association. In fact, the or- 
ganization as it is today is her brain 
child. It could not have developed to 
its present status without her constant 
and sincere interest and her continued 
work and support. Those of us who 
were on the Board of Management 
under her regime well remember the 
numerous meetings held at the Hig- 
gins' home and the fact that nothing 
was ever too much trouble for Tap. 
Her dining room was very often piled 
high with Lasell Alumnae, Inc., litera- 
ture. It was routine to have an all- 
day meeting so that, in addition to 
the business to be discussed, all hands 
would be working at the same time 
stuffing envelopes to get notices and 
messages out to the steadily growing 
mailing list (now up to 7,500). 
Mothers would arrive with young 
ones who were hurriedly conducted 
to the nearest bed for a nap — and 
they might or might not cooperate, 

Tap," the typist. 

but the work went on, regardless. 
Sometimes the cleaning woman 
would be there, doing her best to 
slick things up as women and chil- 
dren traveled in and out among the 
envelopes and stuffings, paper cutter 
and stapler, stamps and sponges, 
sandwiches and cokes, while Tap was 
continually interrupted by someone 
on the phone or at the door picking 
up or delivering or inquiring about 
some "other" current business. "It is 
nothing," to quote a neighbor, "to 
see Tap doing dishes at 2 a.m. of a 

A born organizer, Tap naturally is 
much in demand for both Lasell and 
community affairs, and she seems to 
find no job impossible, and somehow 


manages to find the time to do it. Her 
vitality and tremendous drive are a 
source of envy to her friends, as is her 
outstanding ability as a leader, no 
matter what the field. At present she 
is Class Agent Chairman (a time-con- 


suming and responsible job), as well 
as an active agent and secretary for 
the Class of 1937, and she has run all 
reunions for the class, recent ones 
being held at her home. She has 
charge of the Class Agent session at 
the Lasell Alumnae Council meetings 
held on campus every year and con- 
ducts them with her usual compe- 
tence. At various occasions she has 
represented Lasell at the American 
Alumni Council meetings — in Bos- 
ton, New Jersey and Canada. It al- 
most goes without saying that Tap is 
a member of the Lasell Junior Col- 
lege Corporation, a Life Member of 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc., and a Centen- 
nial Sponsor. 

Besides being active in alumnae 
work and carrying on with the end- 
less job of being a wife and mother 

(she and Charlie recently planned 
and built and moved into a new home 
at 50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale), Tap 
has been involved in any number of 
community activities and there is 
hardly a project in which she does 
not serve in some capacity. She has 
been a leader in Scouts, very active 
in church work, has been in charge 
of rummage sales and food sales, is 
usually working in one way or an- 
other for any of the charitable drives 
that take place, has served on political 
committees, P.T.A., and is now or- 
ganizing a group of Auburndale 
workers to help in the volunteer 
Coffee Shop at the Newton- Wellesley 
Hospital. Tap has never been known 
to refuse to help in any worthwhile 

Certainly a note of appreciation 
should be extended to Tap's long- 
suffering family who have shared 
so many workers 
during school days 
Both Mariele and 
alumnae meetings 
when only a few months old and now 
Nellee-Mae is following along. Hav- 
ing babies never seemed to slow 
down Tap a bit, and, in fact, she 
hardly had time to get home from the 
hospital after Nellee-Mae was born 
before Lasell called on her to appear 
as scheduled in charge of the Class 
Agent session at Council. 

In her "spare time," Tap is an avid 
horticulturist. Her home is full of 
beautiful and unusual plants. She is 
a member of the Auburndale Garden 
Club and has made a study of flower 
arrangements. It is a common prac- 
tice for the alumnae and various local 
organizations to call on Tap to ar- 
range the centerpiece for one affair 
or another. Recently she has done 
some lecturing on the care of plants, 
and this year she is serving as Chair- 
man of the Auburndale Garden Club 
entry in the Boston Flower Show to 
be held in the spring. She has been 
and still is the guiding hand who 

their home with 
and organizations, 
and ever since. 
Richard attended 


works with the men from the nursery 
to plan and develop and care for the 
landscaping the alumnae have spon- 
sored on the Lasell campus. 

Tap is known in the community as 
well as at Lasell for her sincere inter- 
est in people as individuals, because 
she is friendly, cordial, understanding 
and thoughtful. Her continued 

loyalty, guided by keen thinking and 
demonstrated by endless hard work, is 
a source of inspiration to her count- 
less list of friends. It is difficult, to 
portray all of Tap's outstanding 
characteristics with mere words, but 
we most sincerely join with Lasell 
and her many friends in applauding 
Louise Tardivel Higgins. 


L. to r.: Irene Ku (First Prize in Foods — Home Management Major), Judith 
Metcalf (Second Prize in Clothing and in Foods — Cafeteria Management Major), 
Sally Thompson (First Prize in Clothing), Betsy Belsterling (Lasell Jacket) and 
Amy Shuttleworth (Lasell Jacket). Unable to be in the picture was Patricia 

Dahlgard (Lasell Jacket). 

Clothing Awards: based on the 
highest grade average in four semes- 
ters of Clothing: 

1st prize (gold thimble) — Sally 

2nd prize (silver thimble) — 

Judith Metcalf 
Foods Awards: The loaves were orig- 
inally awarded to the girls who made 
the best loaves of bread (in 1882). 
The awards are now based on the 
highest grade average in Home Eco- 
nomic subjects required for a major 
in Foods (Foods, Dietetics and Home 
Management) : 

1st prize (gold loaf of bread 

charm) — Irene Ku (Home 

Management Major) 

2nd prize (silver loaf of bread 
charm) — Judith Metcalf 
^Cafeteria Management 

Crew Awards: The winning crew 
this year was the Senior White crew, 
and each member received a letter 
"L." (See the accompanying picture 
of the crew.) Both Nancy Hietala 
and Elaine Montgomery were mem- 
bers of last year's winning crew. 
Among those on the Alumnae Crew 
this year were: Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 
'36, Barbara Wulbrede '52, Jean Mc- 
Cambridge '52, Ellie Johnson Palmer 
'53, and Betty Joan Price '55. 

The Athletic Shield: Won by the 



Front row, I. to r.: Sally Herman, Alicia Albright (co-capt.), Carol Phalen (co- 
capt.), and Lenore Morse. Back row: Patricia Quinn, Evelyn Holmsen, Nancy 
Hietala, Elaine Card, Patricia Luchka, Elaine Montgomery, Kaye Mackler and 

Gail Finley. 


L. to r.: Barbara Flint '57, Jean Coyle '56, Betsy Belsterling '56 (Queen), Marcia 
Hamilton '57, Marion Nelson '56, and Barbara Jorgensen '57. Crownbearer is 
Sharon Perkins, daughter of Virginia Wolfe Perkins '44 and granddaughter of 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19. 


Blue Team. (Scores: Blues 393, 
Whites 356.) 

Presented to: Virginia Paolillo, 
Leader of the Blue Team 
Tennis Doubles Tournament: Win- 
ners: Linda Mank and Barbara 

Special Awards to Outstanding 
Athletes: A large Lasell banner was 
awarded to two students who won 
their Major "L" in three or more 
sports during their two years at La- 

Terry Kilgore (2 years each in 
hockey, basketball and volley 
ball, and 1 year in crew, mak- 
ing 7 Major "L's") 
Audrey Spawn (2 years in bas- 
ketball and volley ball, and 1 
year in hockey, soft ball and 
crew, making 7 Major "L's") 
Course Honors: Any student who 
has been on the Dean's List for four 
semesters during her two years at La- 
sell is graduated with Honors in 

With Associate in Arts degrees: 
Susan Bellamy, Liberal Arts 
Marie Sanchirico, Art 
With Associate in Science degrees : 
Barbara Richman, Child Study 
Nancy Ivers, Pre-Clinical Medi- 
cal Technology 
Ann Phelps, Retailing 
Donna Schmitt, Retailing 
Ann Yetter, Retailing 
Nancy Nash, Secretarial 
Marion Nelson, Secretarial 
Mary Panetta, Secretarial 
Joan Raymond, Secretarial 
Nancy Argast, Medical Secretar- 
Judith Berger, Medical Secretar- 
Carol Corning, Medical Secre- 
Joyce Cowperthwaite, Medical 

Judith Griffin, Medical Secre- 
Ann Hastings, Medical Secretar- 

JUNE QUEEN, Betsy Belsterling '56 

(Also President of the Senior Class, a 

Lasell Jacket winner, and now a Class 


Diane Jacobson, Medical Secre- 

Kaye Mackler, Medical Secre- 

Ann Tucker, Medical Secretarial 

Betsey Cairns, General 

Thelma Epstein, General 
Highest Academic Honors: The top 
ranking students in the senior class 
graduated with Highest Honors: 

Ann Phelps 

Nancy Nash 

Marilyn Blumenthal 

Judith Griffin 

Ann Tucker 

Judith Berger 

Carol Corning 

Diane Jacobson 

Ann Yetter 

Margaret Schwingel 
Lasell Jackets : Three Lasell Jackets 
are awarded to three students who, 
in the opinion of a committee of 
which two-thirds are students and 
one-third members of the faculty, are 
representative Lasell girls possessing 
in high degree the qualities of in- 
tegrity, loyalty, consideration for 


a a 

L. to r.: Diane Jacobson (8th), Peggy Schwingel (10th), Rosina Yetter (9th), 
Ann Phelps (1st), Marilyn Blumenthal (3rd), Ann Tucker (5th), Carol Corn- 
ing (7th), Judith Berger (6th), and Judith Griffin (4th). Unable to be in the 

picture was Nancy Nash (2nd). 

others, good sportsmanship, scholar- 
ship and leadership. Awarded to : 

Betsy Belsterling 

Patricia Dahlgard 

Amy Shuttleworth 

Reunion for Alumnae in 1957 
June 8th 

(See calendar for 1956-57 
on inside of back cover) 

Reunions Coming in 1957 

1897— 60th 
1902 — 55th 
1907— 50th 
1912— 45th 
1917— 40th 
1922— 35th 
1927— 30th 
1932— 25th 
1937— 20th 
1942— 15th 
1947— 10th 
1952— 5th 
1956 — 1st 


L. to r.: Miss June Babcock (Asst. Dean), Miss Muriel McClelland (Asst. Dean 

and Dir. of Phys. Educ), Miss Inez Atwater (Student Counselor and Placement 

Dir.), Mrs. Mary Blatchford Van Etten (Academic Dean), Miss Ruth Rothen- 

berger (Dean of Women), Mrs. Wass and President Wass. 




The Reverend Gardiner M. Day 
Rector of Christ Church, Cambridge 

Making Your Future Holy Ground 

The first and foremost problem of 
education and religion is not so much to 
fit a man to face his environment as to 
equip him to face himself. Only on the 
basis of a unified self can strong char- 
acter be attained and only on the basis 
of such character can civilization be 

We are always trying to escape from 
ourselves. The great religious leader 
Moses tried to escape from facing him- 
self by leaving Egypt and fleeing into 
the land of Midian. There God spoke 
to him through his conscience, revealing 
to him that if he would face himself 
honestly, his future could be gloriously 
holy ground. Let us hope that each 
member of the graduating class will 
hear a voice saying to her in effect, "It 
does not matter what your past has been, 
whether you have been good or bad, 
passed with honor or just slipped by, 
you now have the opportunity of mak- 
ing your future gloriously holy ground 
as you start on another era in your life." 

To achieve a unified self and conse- 
quently a worth-while and happy life, 
three characteristics are particularly nec- 
essary. First, each individual must have 
a master idea or fundamental purpose to 
which he can give himself. We do not 
have to make up our minds about many 
things in this world, but we do have to 
make up our lives. Whether you think 
of a St. Francis, or a Madame Curie, a 
Jane Addams or an Albert Schweitzer, 
you will find that each one had not made 
up his mind about many topics of the 
day, but each one had chosen an ideal 
for his life and could say like St. Paul, 
"Forgetting what lies behind, I press on 
toward the goal." 

A second essential characteristic for a 
unified and happy life is the ability to 
persevere in the pursuit of the ideal. 
Past periods of wide-spread comfort 
and ease or the pleasures of our fore- 
fathers have no value for us, but the 
ideals upon which they oriented their 
lives and their stedfastness in following 
them are part of the treasury of our race 
and abiding inspiration. 

The third essential quality for an in- 
tegrated and happy life is faith. I do 
not mean the passive belief that simply 
affirms the existence of God but the dy- 
namic faith that spells unwavering con- 
fidence that God will back you up and 
sustain you when you orient your life on 
high ideals. The impotence of much re- 
ligious life today is due to the fact that 
people attend church but do not really 
expect to find God. They pray but really 
do not expect anything to happen as a 

Mr. Day illustrated his talk by many 
illustrations from biographies of people 
both living and dead. He particularly 
stressed the significance of the individ- 
ual's life in the world today, despite the 
haunting sense of futility against which 
a person has to battle if he is going to 
accomplish anything of worth. In 
closing he said directly to the graduating 
class, "I would urge you to give your- 
self to high ideals, persevere in sea- 
son and out of season with faith that 
God will take the best that you can give 
so that your life, will be holy ground, or 
to put it in simpler modern tongue, your 
life will be unified by a high purpose, 
deeply meaningful and profoundly 

Have you sent in your 
contribution for 1956-57? 

If not, use the blank on page 64. 



Francis Keppel, Dean 
Harvard Graduate School of Education 

This is perhaps the last opportunity 
for an educator to attract your attention. 
In a few minutes you will receive your 
diplomas which testify that you are free 
from both the rewards and the punish- 
ments that educators can exercise over 
you. But until that moment comes, there 
is, I hope, a little nervousness which 
makes it possible for me to catch your 
attention. I am well aware that in half 
an hour's time, you will miraculously 
turn from students to potential donors. 
In this capacity, we educators approach 
you with the utmost tact and delicacy. 
The kinds of documents that will reach 
you in the years to come will be very 
differently printed and presented than 
the reading lists in the courses you have 
just finished. 

But as long as I have your attention 
for a few minutes, let me try to say a 
few things about the place of education 
in your lives. These are extraordinarily 
difficult to say at this time of the year, 
when academic labors are over. For the 
note that I wish to strike is that educa- 
tion carries with it the excitement of the 
future, not of the past. You have your- 
selves, for example, taken part in one of 
the new developments in the United 
States — even on earth. You have been 
a student in a Junior College which is 
an American institution which may well 
prove to be the keystone in the develop- 
ment of future higher education in this 
country. The types of curricula which 
have been developed in this and other 
colleges are closely linked with the eco- 
nomic and social needs of this nation. 
I have no doubt that in the years to come 
you will find many changes here at 
Lasell. This is as it should be. 

The fact, however, that you are going 
to join the ranks of the alumnae does 
not mean that your responsibilities are 
ended for these changes. The links be- 
tween the college and its alumnae should 
grow far closer in the years to come — 

and not alone in the area of financial 
support. It seems to me that you should 
take a responsibility for keeping an eye 
on the developments of this College, for 
advising its Faculty and its administra- 
tors in their continuing task of adjusting 
the work of the College to the kind of 
life that you and they see developing in 
the United States. 

If I may illustrate for a moment, it 
seems to me likely that our economic 
and social development will require ma- 
jor advances in at least three areas. There 
is much talk today of the need for more 
scientists. There is substantial agreement 
that a rapid development of general un- 
derstanding in mathematics lies at the 
root of increasing both the number and 
quality of men and women entering this 
way of life. I take it that I am correct 
in saying that mathematics is not a pop- 
ular subject with many young women. 
Yet there is no evidence that young 
women are not as able as young men in 
this area of human thought. I hope that 
twenty-five years from now, the per- 
centage of women choosing careers 
based on mathematics will be vastly in- 
creased. If this is to be the case, your 
influence both as an alumna and as a 
parent will play a major part. 

Let us take another example. The po- 
sition of the United States in inter- 
national affairs will surely grow even 
more central. At the present time, our 
national ignorance of history, both 
Western European and American, is a 
matter for public discussion. But let us 
think of an even more critical area: that 
of Far Eastern affairs. I hope that you 
are not as ignorant as I am in this area 
— but statistics tell me that you prob- 
ably are. I doubt if your children or 
mine should share our ignorance. Surely 
the relation between our affairs and 
those of the Far East will grow closer 
rather than further apart. If this is true, 
it is a matter which will be of interest 
to you both as an alumna and as a citi- 
zen of the United States. 

A third example is in the area of psy- 
chology and sociology. There are a 



number of us who feel that major ad- 
vances in theory and research techniques 
have been made in the last quarter cen- 
tury in these areas. We grant, of course, 
that these developments are only the be- 
ginning; our areas of ignorance in hu- 
man behavior far exceed our areas of 
knowledge. Yet it is not unreasonable 
to take an optimistic approach to the 
future. And if it develops that we can 
understand better the laws of learning, 
the ways in which human beings can 
learn to get along with each other, and 
the relation of all this to our political 
and economic life, we can surely expect 
a profound effect on the curriculum for 
our children in the future. Indeed as 
parents, it will be your responsibility as 
far as you can to keep up with develop- 
ments as they are reported in newspapers 
and books. As a graduate of this insti- 
tution, you should be a leader in the 
community in which you live in inter- 
preting advance in knowledge and in ap- 
plying it to daily life. Probably one of 
the best ways in which you can carry out 
this responsibility is to stay in reasonably 
close touch with Lasell. But above all, 
you must consider yourself as a continu- 
ing student in the areas in which this 
or any other College has been able only 
to give you an introduction. 

Please do not misunderstand me. I 
do not mean that you or I should con- 
tinue in the sometimes dubious status of 

students. The daily tasks and decisions 
that life presents to us must be solved 
rapidly and often do not lend themselves 
to the more deliberate approach of the 
scholar. We must mix our knowledge 
with common sense. The balance be- 
tween enthusiasm and cynicism is a deli- 
cate one — yet it is a balance which de- 
fines a civilized man or woman. In these 
days, it seems to me likely that we need 
more enthusiasm than cynicism. The 
history of Germany has shown us that 
the disillusioned intellectuals (who 
joined the Nazi movement in such large 
numbers) are a menace to public order 
and a decent society. Some of our ex- 
periences in the last few years in this 
country have suggested that anti-intel- 
lectualism lies near to the surface of our 
American life. It is up to us to see that 
this does not happen again. 

I have no doubt that there have been 
times when you wondered about the 
value of a college education to you per- 
sonally or to you as a future worker. Yet 
I submit that if you look at the picture 
of the United States from a sound per- 
spective, it becomes clear that this Col- 
lege and its sister institutions across the 
country are central to the American way 
of life and the growth of our nation. As 
an alumna of this institution, I submit 
that it is your continuing responsibility 
to assure that this institution grows and 
prospers in the future. 


November 26 — Leslie Chabay, Tenor 

(An exceptional singing actor who gives song-lovers 
an experience they will not forget.) 

January 21 — David Bar-Illan, Pianist 

(All those who heard him last year will want to come 
again; those who missed him should not miss the con- 
cert this year!) 

March 20 — The Robert Joffrey Theatre Dancers (Dancers in "High 
Button Shoes" and "Griffelkin.") 




In Memoriam: Miss Carol G. Ashley 
(Art '53-'55), on July 14, 1956. 

Miss Desdemona L. Heinrich (Ger- 
man '04-'21), on June 10, 1956, on 
her 78th birthday in Jacksonville, 

Engaged: Miss Lee I. Solimene (Sec. 
'50-'55) to Mr. James M. Kavanagh 
of Roxbury, Mass. They plan to be 
married on December 29, 1956. 

Married: Miss Jenny Lingos (Sec. 
'55- ) to Mr. Nicholas Koulouris 
on July 1, 1956. They are living at 
30 Cross St., Belmont, Mass. 

Born: To Mrs. Rose Aulisi Coluc- 
ciello (Sec. '52-'54), a daughter, 
Maria Elisa, on August 15, 1956. 
Stephen Anthony is now a year and 
a half. 

Other News: In the March 16, 1956, 
Junior College Newsletter published 
by the American Association of Jun- 
ior Colleges, the officers elected for 
the year 1956-57 at the national con- 
vention in New York were featured, 
and we were proud to see as a mem- 
ber of the Board of Directors a write- 
up and picture of President Wass. He 
is also the president of the New Eng- 
land Junior College Council. 

Among those who have not re- 
turned to the campus this fall are 
the following: Mrs. Audrey Hof- 
mann Dorsey (Retail. Trg. '48-' 5 6) 
is staying home to take care of her 

Mrs. Helene Rones Farrington (In- 
terior Dec. & Art '52-'53 & '56) and 
her husband have a charming home 
in Huntington, Mass., (no further 
address needed), and he is teaching 
at Westfield State Teachers College. 

Miss Marguerite Franklin (Psych. 
'55-'56) is teaching at the Massachu- 
setts School of Art in Boston. 

Miss Persis B. Kempton (Voice 

'45-'56) has retired to devote her full 
time to her tea room, The Melody 
Lodge, in Natick, Mass. 

Mrs. Laura Byington Kreutzer 
(Home Econ. '52-'56) and her hus- 
band have bought a house in Fair- 
field-at-Holbrook, Mass., and he is 
supervisor of art in the Holbrook 

Mrs. Flora A. Leland (Piano & 
Orphean Accompanist '42-'56) has 
moved to Longmeadow, Mass., to live 
with her daughter, Elizabeth Leland 
Kibbe '38, at 197 Farmington Rd. 

Miss Betty J. Miller (Child De- 
velop. '55-'56) moved to the vicinity 
of Washington and Baltimore this 

Mrs. Eileen M. Murphy (Retail. 
Trg. '55-'56) is continuing teaching 
in the Filene's training school. 

Mrs. Martha Pate' O'Brien (Arts 
& Crafts '51-'56), who returned as 
a substitute instructor last spring, is 
staying at home this year. 

Several members of the faculty at- 
tended summer school this year, as 
follows: Mrs. Jeanne Cousins (Danc- 
ing '45- ), Emerson College in Bos- 
ton; Miss Ann T. Bruno (Sec. '55- 

) and Miss Virginia L. Tribou 
(Phys. Ed. '36- ), Boston Univer- 
sity; Mrs. Ruth E. Manghue (Sec. 
'54- ), Mrs. Fern Witham (Home 
Econ. '54- ), and Miss Barbara G. 
McLean (Econ. '55- ), Columbia 
University in New York; and Miss 
Margaret A. Wethern '29 (Sec. '45- 
'48, Dram. '48- ), the University 
of Wisconsin. 

There were also a number of trav- 
elers this summer. Dean Ruth H. 
Rothenberger ('46- ) was accom- 
panied by three Lasellites on her 
European trip this year. They were 
Barbara Murdock '56, Carolyn Whit- 
ford '56, and Janet Coulter '57. Sail- 
ing on the SS Maasdam from Mont- 
real, the group took a route through 



England, Holland, France, Switzer- 
land, Italy, Monaco ("the couple," 
although in residence at the time, 
were not seen), Austria, and the 
greatest concentration of this year's 
tour was in Spain. Homeward bound, 
they sailed from Lisbon, Portugal, on 
the SS Saturnia, stopped in Halifax 
and landed in New York, nine weeks 
later. Plans for the 1957 trip are well 
under way, and a good part of the 
time will be spent in the Scandinavian 
countries, then traveling south, prob- 
ably as far as Rome, Italy. Details 
will be available in print in Decem- 
ber, and anyone interested should 
write to Dean Rothenberger. 

Mrs. Ruth Wolfe Fuller (Speech 
'43- ) also had a most enjoyable 
trip to Europe during the summer, 
including England, Switzerland and 
France. While in London, she joined 
a group taking a bus sightseeing tour, 
and among ihose present were Dean 
Rothenberger and her three girls! 

Miss Elsie R. Morley (Nurse) went 
to England to spend the summer with 
her relatives. 

Both Miss Harriet W. Atwood 
(Sec. '46- ) and Miss Marilyn Alex- 
ander (Sec. '56- ) took trips out to 
the West Coast, and Miss Delia Davis 
(Psych. & Soc. '43- ) visited a friend 
of hers in Arizona. 

Mr. Harold Schwab (Music '24-'42 ; 
'47- ) also took his usual trip to 
California to visit his mother who 
lives there. 

Miss Anne Malone (Arts & Crafts 
'55- ) spent the summer in Florida. 
Miss Evelyn Potts (Home Econ. 
'44- ) was director of the dining 
room at Coveside Inn, Christmas 
Cove, Maine. 

Miss Frances Atwood (Librarian 
'53- ) spent the summer, as usual, 
at the place her family has in Mano- 
met on the Cape. 

Miss Virginia Blood (Sec. '55- ) 
worked in the office at Interlaken 
Camp in Croydon, N. H., where she 
has been for several summers. 

Ann (12), Sally (10) and Karin (born 

12/16/55), daughters of Karin Elias- 

son Monroe '31 (Secretarial Science 


(taken in March 1956) 

Mrs. Ruth T. Lindquist (Chem. 
'44- ) attended a chemistry conven- 
tion at the University of New Hamp- 
shire in Durham for one week in Au- 
gust, but the rest of the time she en- 
joyed her summer home in Washing- 
ton, N. H. 

Dr. Richard M. Packard (Hist. 
'48- ) has bought a new home on 
Conant Rd. in Weston, Mass., and 
he and his family plan to move in 
around the first of November. 

Mr. Robert K. Brandriff (Engl. 
'52- ), who is now in charge of 
publicity for Lasell, has a new secre- 
tary ■ — Ann Phelps '56 — to help 
take care of all the details involved 
in sending news items to local news- 
papers throughout the country. He 
also makes all the arrangements for 
the new series of convocation pro- 
grams to be held during the year. 
The first concert is scheduled for Oc- 
tober 10th — the Solisti di Zagreb 
(musical ensemble from Yugoslavia) 
— includes the second greatest 'cellist 
in Europe, and they will make their 
American debut here in Winslow 
Hall before appearing in Town Hall 
in New York on October 12th! All 
friends and neighbors may attend for 
an admission fee of $1.00, and alum- 
nae who live in the vicinity should 
take note of further announcements 



of these programs and take advan- 
tage of this good opportunity to hear 
some outstanding performers. 

Mrs. Karin Eliasson Monroe '31 
(Sec. '33-'42) writes that her husband 
is on a cruiser in the Pacific, and she 

and her three daughters are temporarily 
at The Black House in Ellsworth, Me., 
until they get an apartment there. We're 
delighted to have the accompanying 
picture of the three girls, taken last 


Lasell Alumnae, Inc., held its annual 
business meeting on June 9, 1956, fol- 
lowing the Alumnae Supper in Wins- 
low Hall. The meeting opened at 7:00 
p.m. with President Ruth Turner Cros- 
by '42 presiding. She introduced the 
president of the senior class, Betsy 
Belsterling, who presented a check for 
$861.00 to the alumnae association to 
make the entire class of 1956 full- 
fledged members for their first year as 

Mrs. Crosby then gave a resume of 
the accomplishments and activities of 
the Board of Management for 1955- 
56: The Eighth Alumnae Council 
meetings were held in April and were 
more successful than ever with 65 rep- 
resentatives, Board members and guests 
present. The Senior Class was invited 
to an entertainment by Harriet Schwarz 
Hamilton '51, also in April, and re- 
freshments were furnished by the Board 
members. Once again the Alumnae 
Fund showed an increase over previous 
years and the $11,000 mark was 
reached. In May the Board transferred 
$2,500 to the Scholarship Fund. Five 
girls were awarded scholarships for 
1956-57, totaling $1,500. (Detailed 
reports of the Fund and the scholarship 
awards were included in the Fund Is- 
sue of the Leaves published in Au- 
gust.) The names of the three alum- 
nae recommended by the Board for re- 
election to the Lasell Junior College 
Corporation for a five-year term were 
announced as follows: Antoinette 
Meritt Smith '21, Mildred Strain 

Nutter '17, and Evelina E. Perkins '15. 
The slate of officers for 1956-57 for the 
Board of Management was then read 
(see inside front cover of this maga- 
zine). The Nominating Committee to 
propose officers for 1957-58 includes: 
Barbara Goodwin Flint '44, Melrose, 
Chairman, Virginia Wolfe Perkins '44, 
Melrose, and Nathalie Monge Stoddard 
'43, Wakefield. 

Mrs. Crosby then introduced Presi- 
dent Wass. He told about the enroll- 
ment for the past year of 595 students 
with 290 in the graduating class. He 
spoke of the new buildings, including 
those we hope to have in the future. 
He expressed his gratitude to the alum- 
nae for all they have contributed and 
pointed out how much it has mounted 
up over the years. 

Mrs. Crosby then told that the alum- 
nae have re-organized their building 
fund and this year set aside $5,000 for 
that fund. 

At this time the roll call of reunion- 
ing classes took place. First, Marie Cogs- 
well Gelinsky '06, celebrating her 50th 
reunion, was introduced as the one who 
had traveled the longest distance to 
come back to the campus — from 
Portland, Ore. It was also announced 
that the Class of 1906 had distin- 
guished itself with a contribution of 
$200 collected at its luncheon to- 
wards the 1956-57 Fund for the class, 
and one member of the class, Ann 
Dealey Jackson of Dallas, Tex., had 
sent a lovely, large gardenia plant from 
Dallas to her classmates in time for 


Alumnae Day which was on display in Change in Officers 

Plummer Library where the alumnae w e are sorry to announce that 

registration took place. Clara Dietz Rosenburg '30 has found 

The remaining reunioning classes j t necessary to resign her position on 

were then called on to stand, and most trie Board of Management as Chair- 

of them had an appropriate song or man f t h e Scholarship Committee. 

poem to present. Shirley Gould Chesebro '33, a mem- 

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. ber of the committee, will replace 

Respectfully submitted, Clara as Chairman, and Dorothy 

Marion Kingdon Farnum '29 Mosher Stone '42 has been appointed 

Recording Secretary to the committee. 


(for the year ending May 31, 1956) 


Receipts from Regular Contributions to Alumnae Fund $10,836.25 

Receipts from Life Memberships & Installments 240.00 

Scholarship Fund Income 926.16 

Income on Investments 302.78 

Proceeds from 1955 Alumnae Supper 43.50 

Proceeds from June Table 86.00 

Proceeds from Single Copies LEAVES Sold 3.00 

Club Contribution 30.00 

Contributions to Building Fund 39-00 

Contributions for 1956 June Table 6.00 

Foreign Exchange on Checks 2.50 

TOTAL INCOME $12,515.19 


Premium on Fidelity Bonds, 1955-56, 1956-57 75.00 

Filing Fees 6.00 

Clerical Assistance in Alumnae Office 661.25 

American Alumni Council Dues 55.00 

AAC News 2.00 

Waltham-Newton Bank Charges 6.16 

Lasell Alumnae Council Meeting Expenses 22.50 

Senior Class Entertainment 52.90 

Gifts to Mr. Dunham 126.90 

Class of '54 Dinner Balance Due 4.00 

Office Supplies 420.29 

Petty Cash for Alumnae Office 10.00 

Petty Cash for Treasurer 5.00 

Class of '31 Banner replaced 33.31 

Alumnae Office Fund 500.00 

Remembrance of Flowers 5.00 

Advertisement in Lamp 15.00 

Gift of Appreciation to Secretary 100.00 

Cost of Printing LEAVES 3,550.10 

Printing and Postage 215.70 

Lasell Alumnae Projects 500.00 

TOTAL EXPENSES $ 6,366.11 





New Life Members Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 of Hol- 

We are pleased to welcome into our den, Mass. 

group of Life Members the following: Marion Nutter > 55 o£ Newton 

Rosamond Cornell Cannon 29 of Centre Mass 
Wellesley, Mass. 

Edith Ebersole Doud '03 of Co- Virginia Riley Richardson '31 of 

lumbus, O. Attleboro, Mass. 



$2,850.00 U.S. Savings Bonds $ 2,712.10 

Newton Savings Bank: 

General Fund 4,734.66 

Building Fund 5,039-00 
West Newton Savings Bank: 

Scholarship Fund 3,460.37 

Needham Cooperative Bank (5 Shares) 1,000.00 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank (5 Shares) 1,000.00 

Petty Cash 5.00 

Newton-Waltham Bank and Trust Co. (Checking Account) 1,298.93 



Balance June 1, 1955 $18,799.71 

Add — Excess of Income over Expenses 6,149.08 

Less — Gifts to Lasell Junior College 4,337.73 

Less — Scholarship Fund Payments 1,361.00 

PRINCIPAL, May 31, 1956 




Respectfully submitted, 






Marilyn E. Newhall '50, President 
188 Barbara Rd., Waltham 54, Mass. 

Beverly Mulock '54, Cor. Secy. 
17 Scribner Park, Auburndale 66, Mass. 

Under the careful supervision of Made- 
line Farmer Ryder x-'15, the Boston Club 
held a food sale on April 6th at Grover 
Cronin's in Waltham. It was a most suc- 
cessful sale as was Mrs. Ryder's Silver Tea 
held at her home in May. This is an an- 
nual tea to which many look forward. 

Our annual Rummage Sale was held on 
April 7th under the chairmanship of 
Adrienne E. Smith '23. We are grateful 
to all who donated and to our chairman 
who worked very diligently in its behalf. 

The annual meeting and luncheon was 
held this year at Winslow Hall on Satur- 
day, April 14th. We are happy to report 
an excellent turnout of alums from the 
Greater Boston area who enjoyed a de- 
licious meal and an entertaining afternoon 
program. We were honored to have Presi- 
dent Wass, as guest speaker, tell us about 
recent developments at Lasell, after which 
Mrs. Cousin's dance group performed. Miss 
McClelland took a group on a tour of the 
campus including the new science building 
and Bragdon smoker. Our thanks to our 
vice president who handled the arrange- 
ments and to all who helped to make this 
such an enjoyable day at Lasell. 

Our last meeting of the year was held 
on May 23rd. We discussed plans for the 
coming year, including a sing similar to 
last year, a bridge, and a few other proj- 
ects. We are all looking forward to a 
busy, but enjoyable 1956-57 season. 


Mrs. Robert L. Smith 

(Joy Gustavson '50), President 

424 Hilltop Dr., Stafford, Conn. 

Mrs. Herbert F. Harrington, Jr. 

(Lorna Becker x-'51), Secretary 

323 Old Mill Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 

The members of the Bridgeport Lasell 
Club were very happy to have Miss Mc- 
Clelland and Miss MacClymon present at 
the March, 1956, meeting. Miss McClelland 
was guest speaker and showed films of La- 
sell (which were excellent). In fact, they 

made us all nostalgic. We loved seeing 
them both, and hope it's not too long be- 
fore we meet again. Our club presented 
Miss McClelland with a check for $25 for 
the Alumnae Scholarship Fund. A worthy 
cause for a worthy school ! 

Our June meeting was' held at the home 
of Betty Yeuell Collins '38. The following 
officers were elected: Joy Gustavson Smith 
'50, president; Janice Weyls Moore '51, 
program chairman and vice president; 
Lorna Becker Harrington x-'51, secretary; 
Joan Warriner Ryder '47, treasurer. This 
will be our last meeting until September. 
The attendance was small, so we had no 
program. Instead, we entertained ourselves 
by playing Bingo. Everyone won a prize! 
Those present were: Betty Yeuell Collins 
'38, Lorrayne Hron Hulton '44, Jean Wat- 
son Wetrich '46, Joan Warriner Ryder '47, 
Sally Taylor '49, Joy Gustavson Smith '50, 
Janice Weyls Moore '51, Ann Louise 
Tucker '56 and Lorna Becker Harring- 

ton x- 51. 


Mrs. David K. W. Wilson 

(Janet Garland '46), President 

115 St. David's Lane, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Mrs. Ernest R. Spigner 

(Carolyn Sproat '32), Rec. Secy. 

Valley Falls, N. Y. 

The Capital District Lasell Club held its 
spring luncheon meeting on May 5, 1956, 
at the Edison Club. It was voted to send 
$25 to the Alumnae Fund. The following 
officers were nominated and will be in- 
stalled in October: President, Jane Perry 
'50; vice president, Peggy Jefferson Picard 
'42; recording secretary, Mary Ann Pal- 
metto '51; corresponding secretary, Jo Ca- 
ruso Kuchera '41; treasurer, Millicent Hor- 
ton Hughes '26. 

There were 23 present and 12 of those 
were new faces which we hope will become 
familiar as time goes on. 


Mrs. Cornelius J. Peeples 

(Mary-Florine Thielens x-'06), President 

523 W. Melrose St., Chicago, 111. 

Mrs. Bernard Hallberg 

(Margherita Dike TO), Secretary 

12 N. Home Ave., Park Ridge, 111. 



The Chicago Lasell Club held a lunch- 
eon and regular meeting in May at the 
home of Margherita Dike Hallberg '10. 
Those present were: Dorothy Pearson Cut- 
ler '24, Jean Dickson Treveiler '49, Dor- 
othy Taggart Krumsieg '32, Katherine Mor- 
ley King '29, Helene Grashorn Dickson '22, 
Eleanor Rinebold Struve '24, Doris Perkins 
Meyer x-'21, Helen Guertin Campbell x-'18, 
and Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06. 

On July 18th a luncheon was held at the 
home of Helene Grashorn Dickson '22. 
Those present were: Mary-Florine Thielens 
Peeples x-'06, president; Miss Ruth E. 
Colton (Secretarial 1944-48), Mrs. Betty 
Schmidt Wolfe (Art 1942-46), Gertrude 
Wagner '28, Eleanor Rinebold Struve '24, 
Helen Guertin Campbell x-'18 and her 
daughter Marcia, Dorothy Pearson Cutler 
'24, Julia Potter Schmidt '06, Dorothy Tag- 
gart Krumsieg '32, Marian Bliven Mac- 
Donald '21, Hazel A. Morrison '21, Doris 
Perkins Meyer x-'21, Claire Showell Mar- 
vel '52, Jean Dickson Treveiler '49, Helen 
Carter Johnson '07, Helene Grashorn Dick- 
son '22, Gladys Purdy O'Connor '28, and 
Marjorie Morrison Coburn '17 who was 
visiting from Providence, R. I. 


Mrs. Richard I. Cooper 

(Lynn Babbitt '45), President 

126 E. Washington St., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Mrs. Glenn E. Guy 

(Virginia Rolfe '45), Secretary 

2088 Campus Rd., So. Euclid 21, O. 

On Saturday, March 17, 1956, the annual 
luncheon meeting of the Cleveland Lasell 
Club was held at the Higbee Co. The min- 
utes of the January meeting were read and 
approved. Lois Hein Cooper '38 presented 
the following slate of officers: President, 
Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45; treasurer, Betty 
J. Hapgood '41. There were no additional 
nominations from the floor. 

Barbara Birnbaum Green '45 thanked 
everyone for her help in the past two 
years and gave a report on all our out- 
standing events during that time. She 
pinned a very beautiful corsage on Lynn, 
which was very appropriate for the day as 
it was made up of five green carnations. 
Lynn then asked Helen Bogert '40 to give 
her report on the tickets. The Theater 
Party will be held at the Karamu Theater 
on Sunday evening, April 15th. The play 
will be "Seventeen" and the price is $1.75 
per person. Martha Kennedy Ingersoll '48 
and Ellen Morris Phillips '49 will make up 

our new social committee. Gertrude Bick- 
nell Harvey x-'27 was appointed publicity 
chairman. It was decided not to send a 
representative from our club to the Alum- 
nae Council meeting this year, but perhaps 
every three or four years. 

Sally Ann Evans '54 introduced our 
speaker who was an interior decorator 
from the Higbee Co. 

Those present at the meeting were: Lois 
Hein Cooper '38, Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45, 
Sally Ann Evans '54, Lorrie Ginsburg '55, 
Marie Engeln Pollard x-'19, Martha Ken- 
nedy Ingersoll '48, Ellen Morris Phillips 
'49, Helen Ferry Babcock x-'ll, Bette J. 
Hapgood '41, Marjorie Mosher Masch '46, 
Ada F. Patterson '15, Almira L. Shepard 
x-'18, Helen B. Bogert '40, Barbara Birn- 
baum Green '45 and Virginia Rolfe Guy '45. 

The club held a Pot Luck Supper on 
May 17th at the home of Lynn Babbitt 
Cooper '45 in Chagrin Falls. Instead of a 
business meeting we had a very enjoyable 
social evening. Lynn presented her friend, 
Margaret Kelly, who showed slides of 
beautiful flowers and trees. 

Those present were: Barbara Birnbaum 
Green '45, Martha Kennedy Ingersoll '48, 
Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45, Virginia Rolfe 
Guy '45, Gertrude Bicknell Harvey x-'27, 
Jean Stewart Marshall x-'4l, Helen Bogert 
'40, Bette Hapgood '41, Marge Mosher 
Masch '46, and Ellen Morris Phillips '49. 

On June 23rd we had a picnic at Horse- 
shoe Lake. We were few in number, but 
it was a beautiful day and the children 
enjoyed the pool very much. Those who 
attended were: Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45 
and sons, Bruce and Lee; Marge Mosher 
Masch '46 and son, Jeff; Marty Kennedy 
Ingersoll '48 and daughter, Judy; Ellen 
Morris Phillips '49 and son, Lee; Virginia 
Rolfe Guy '45 and daughter, Karen, and 
son, Kenneth; and Bette Hapgood '41. 


Marilyn J. McGuire '52, President 
179 Hart St., New Britain, Conn. 

Nancy A. Hayden '49, Secretary 
147 Victoria Rd., New Britain, Conn. 

Saturday, May 26th, proved to be a 
lovely spring day and the day of our an- 
nual spring tea. Edith Abbott Chapman 
'19 graciously opened her home on Or- 
chard Rd. in West Hartford to us. There 
were about thirty-five people in attendance, 
ten of whom were prospective Lasell stu- 
dents. Several mothers were also with us. 

Mr. Robert K. Brandriff, Chairman of 


the English Department at Lasell and also 
Publicity Chairman, gave an informative 
and amusing talk on Lasell activities. Sev- 
eral questions were presented which were 
of interest to many of us and the new stu- 
dents. Members of the club did a fine job 
of circulating and answering questions for 
the new girls. Even the mothers seemed 
to enjoy themselves. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for Oc- 
tober 27th at the City Club of Hartford. 
At that time we will meet for a luncheon 
meeting and we urge all Connecticut Valley 
Lasell alumnae to attend. We particularly 
urge new people in the area to join our 
group for a pleasant afternoon. We hope 
to have a calendar of tentative events for 
the coming year. The new officers will 
also be introduced at this time. Tickets 
may be purchased at the door so come one 
and all. 


Mrs. Harold R. Mountain 

(Janis Houston '53), President 

41 S. Fourth St., Old Town, Me. 

Mrs. Harry W. Porter 

(Helen Gray x-'07), Secretary 

98 N. Fourth St., Old Town, Me. 

The Eastern Maine Lasell Club held its 
annual luncheon meeting at the Penobscot 
Valley Country Club in Orono, Tuesday, 
May 15th, with 16 members and a guest 
present. Janis Houston Mountain '53, our 
president, conducted a short business meet- 
ing. It was decided it would be easier to 
have all the officers in the same area, so 
Helen Gray Porter x-'07 was elected secre- 
tary and Esther Norcross Dougherty '18 
was elected treasurer. We voted to send 
$25 to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund. A 
Scotch Auction was held to raise money 
for the club. Those present at this meet- 
ing were: Ruth Butterfield Weeks '44, Bar- 
bara Stover Van de Bogert '33, Florence C. 
Wyman '91-'92, Lydia Adams Godsoe '18, 
Nancy Bean Lord '50, Charlotte Ryder 
Hall '08, Pearl Thompson Hasey '31, Eliza- 
beth Page Sealey '32, Helen Hawes Loomis 
'28, Constance Chalmers Harlow '29, Joyce 
Tucker Britton '30, Ethelle Cleale Collett 
'22, Cynthia McCoy Fairweather x-'53, 
Julia Crafts Sheridan '10, Esther Norcross 
Dougherty '18, Janis Houston Mountain 
'53 and Mrs. W. S. Houston, our guest. 

Our next meeting will again be in Orono 
on Tuesday, October 2, 1956. This will be 
a luncheon meeting. 


A. KATHERYN ROYCE '27, President 
Somersworth, N. H. 

Katherine Raizes '49, Secy.-Treas. 
11 Leonard St., Rochester, N. H. 

The spring meeting of the New Hamp- 
shire Lasell Club was held May 12th at 
the Queen City Motel in Manchester, N.H. 
We find the meetings held in the vicinity 
of Manchester to be most successful since 
we had 25 in attendance, nine of whom 
were new members. This, we feel, was an 
accomplishment in itself. There was lots 
of enthusiasm. 

Dean Ruth Rothenberger was our guest 
and she brought us up-to-date on the 
doings at Lasell. She also showed the 
group some beautiful slides taken recently 
on campus. It was all very interesting and 
certainly brought back some old memories 
of our Alma Mater. 

The 25 members present were: Camie 
Porter Morison '40, Dorothy Piper Bot- 
talico '45, Betty Felker Hancock '49, 
Muriel Diversi Cuddy '48, Norma Crosby 
Bolduc '45, Ruth Winslow Payne '16, 
Diane Heath Beever '49, Julia Parker Haas 
'49, Betty Hayford Stewart '33, Libby 
Mclntire Bennert '33, Virginia Whitman 
Cheney '31, Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19, Jane 
Upton Perkins '47, Clara Parker Colby '12, 
Marion Stevens x-'13, Lois Nichols Arnold 
'18, Flora Chicos Theodore '37, June Smith 
Noreen '48, Joan May Baird x-'52, Lois 
Hutchinson '51, Elizabeth Clark Brighton 
'38, Dorothea C. Africa '12, Katheryn 
Royce '27, Katherine Raizes '49 and Ruth 
Bachelder Luscombe '12. 

The club voted to have the fall meeting 
at the China Dragon in Hooksett, N. H., 
on Saturday, October 6, 1956. We do hope 
those who were unable to make the spring 
meeting will make the fall one. 


Mrs. Richard B. Somers 

(Jeanette Gessner '30) , President 

167 Haverford St., Hamden, Conn. 

ANN H. CHIDSEY '54, Secretary 
25 Hepburn Rd., Hamden, Conn. 

On April 8, 1956, the New Haven La- 
sell Club held its annual tea for present 
and prospective students. The prospective 
students were: Roxanne Miller, Marjorie 
Dickstein, Elaine Shanken, Gail Wyllie, 
Carol Perrotti, Janet Kerruish, Joan Plas- 



Seated, I. to r.: Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Vice Pres. of Lasell Trustees and New 
Hampshire Club member), Dean Ruth H. Rothenberger (guest speaker), Katheryn 
Royce '27 (Club President). Standing: Katherine Raizes '49 (Secretary), and 

Camie Porter Morison '40 (Vice President). 

Icon, Joan Reichert, Deborah Willis, Penny 
Carlson, Gail Thomson, Linda Ferrucci and 
Sue Ann Stretch. The present students 
were: Sandra Kusterer '57, Frances Nettle- 
ton '56, Gail Gelinas '56, Sue North '56, 
Pat Dahlgard '56, Mary Jane Donahue '57, 
Caroline Killam '57 and Carol Wueste- 
feld '56. 

The following alumnae were on hand 
to greet the students: Eleanor Pfaff '41, 
Corinne Coyle '54, Adrienne Vitali '55, 
Carol Merwin '55, Audrey Silver '55, Emma 
Ockert '26, Ann Chidsey '54, Helen Ko- 
walewski Sandback '28, Jeanette Gessner 
Somers '30, Nancy Skiff '33, Mildred Mun- 
son '32, Priscilla Van Dine '54, Virginia 

Wilhelm Peters '38, Dorothy Page Kuehl 
'48, Joan Murano '55, Sally Lou Visel '55 
and Elsie Flight Wuestefeld '18. 

The club had its annual dinner on 
Thursday, May 31st, at the Waverly Inn 
in Cheshire. We were very fortunate in 
having as our guest Dean Rothenberger. 
Following dinner, we went upstairs where 
Dean Rothenberger showed us slides taken 
at Lasell by President Wass. She also 
brought us up-to-date on the latest changes 
at Lasell with a most interesting talk. 

We then had a short business meeting. 
Jeanette Gessner Somers '30, our president, 
presented Dean Rothenberger with our 
check to the Alumnae Association. It was 



decided that our annual picnic would be 
held on June 18th, at the home of Barbara 
Schilf '40 in Bethany. The picnic will be 
our last meeting until next fall, at which 
time we will look forward to the 1956 
graduates in this area being with us also. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

(Althea Janke '53), President 

830 Berkley PI., Apt. D, New Milford, N. J. 

Audrey M. Thompson '53, Leaves Reporter 
395 Beechwood Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. 

The Northern New Jersey Lasell Club 
terminated its activities with the annual 
spring luncheon held at the Robinhood in 
Clifton. This year it was held on Satur- 
day, May 12th, and, as usual, the turnout 
was quite large. We were very honored 
to have President and Mrs. Wass make 
the trip down from Auburndale to be with 
us. After the luncheon President Wass en- 
tertained us with slides of Lasell taken 
during the past year. We were particu- 
larly interested in the new science build- 
ing, and the slides followed the building 
process from start to finish. 

The new slate of officers was presented 
by our president, Althea Janke Gardner 
'53. The vice president, succeeding Marie 
Kohaut '51, for the next two-year term is 
Marilyn Isenberg Barnes '43 (Mrs. Wm. 
O., Jr., 147 Turrell Ave., S. Orange, N. J.) 
The secretary, replacing Theresa Thomp- 
son Osborne '22, will be Nancy Slattery 
Haskins '52 (Mrs. M. Daniel, 466 S. Cen- 
ter St., Apt. 29, Orange, N. J.). Marilyn 
Lyons '53 will remain as treasurer and 
Althea Janke Gardner as president for the 
next year. 

The tea for the incoming freshman class 
was held at the home of Marilyn Isenberg 
Barnes '43 in South Orange, on Sunday 
afternoon, September 9th. Many of the 
alumnae were on hand to answer any of 
the questions that the girls had. It seemed 
to be a grand success. 

On Tuesday, September 11, 1956, the 
club held its first meeting at the home of 
Lyn Lyons '53 in Ridgewood. It was good 
to see everyone after the summer and to 
welcome the June graduates. 

The meeting commenced with Althea 
Janke Gardner, our president, presiding. 
Different projects for the coming year 
were discussed. The sale of Christmas 
wrappings, which has been so successful in 
the past, will be continued. The idea of 
having individual or group bridge parties 
was discussed to raise funds for Lasell. It 

was also voted to raise our annual dues from 
$1.00 to $2.00. 

Our next meeting will be in the Essex 
area sometime in November. 


Mrs. John W. McHugo 
(Patricia Bixby '43), President 
Saratoga Ave., Burlington, Vt. 

Mrs. Samuel Macomber 
(Jeanette Maynard '52), Secretary 
11 Woodlawn Rd., Burlington, Vt. 

An informal, but most enthusiastic, 
meeting of the Burlington Chapter of the 
Northern Vermont Lasell Club was held 
on May 16, 1956, at the home of the presi- 
dent, Patricia Bixby McHugo '43. 

Methods of raising money for the Alum- 
nae Scholarship Fund were discussed and 
it was decided that a Silver Tea would be 
held this fall. It was also voted that $15 
of the money now in our treasury should 
be forwarded to the Alumnae Office to be 
used for scholarships. 

Location of the fall meeting was also 
discussed and it was decided that Burling- 
ton would again be the most suitable 
place. The date of this meeting will be 
set by a committee in the early fall. 


Mrs. Benjamin F. Ricker 
(Marguerite Mcllvain x-'29), President 
1102 Llanfair Rd., Bala-Cynwyd, Penn. 

Mrs. D. G. Hopkins 
(Josephine Laughton '28), Cor. Secy. 
Allentown Rd., New Egypt, N. J. 

The Spring meeting of the Phila.-So. 
Jersey Lasell Club was held at The Ingel- 
nook Inn, Swarthmore, Penn., on Saturday, 
April 7, 1956, at 1 p.m. In spite of a 
very rainy day we were delighted to have 
23 members present for our luncheon and 
the business meeting which followed. 

We were very pleased to welcome Alicia 
Albright '56 who promised to come to our 
meetings next year and Joyce Rutherford 
who expects to become a student at Lasell 
next fall. 

The party waxed to a very gay mood as 
some of us told of experiences and re- 
strictions of days gone by, such as tulle for 
gowns that were cut too daringly, at one 
time no "Corsets" and then later they 
were a must, no earrings, no smoking, 
parties after "Lights out," etc. 



After two short years it was again time 
for the election of officers and as proposed 
by our Nominating Committee the fol- 
lowing officers were elected: President, 
Marguerite Mcllvain R i c k e r x-'29; 1st 
vice president, Nancy J. Orr '53; 2nd vice 
president, Helen W. Robson '24; record- 
ing secretary, Ruth Kohn Weinberg '52; 
treasurer, Shirley Gibbons San Soucie '53 
and corresponding secretary, Josephine 
Laughton Hopkins '28. 

A hearty vote of appreciation and thanks 
was given to our retiring officers for their 
splendid work, especially to Jo Hopkins 
for our many splendid and interesting 
meetings, as well as to Nancy Orr for her 
efforts as corresponding secretary. 

The following members were present: 
Jo Holbrook Metzger '22, Alicia Albright 
'56, Ruth Magoun Boyd '18, Fay Heritage 
Herbster x-'43, June Foering McKay '43, 
Christine Oliveto Davis '50, Betty Cnossen 
Whitehead '47, Libby Stahl Mott '28, Jane 
Gray '29, Ruth Kohn Weinberg '52, Cyn- 
thia Stanley Spicer '51, Joyce Rutherford 
(prospective student), Lynn Metzger Pharo 
'45, Claire Stritzinger Daller x-'25, Mary 
Helen Swartzel Danforth x-'25, Jennie 
Hamilton Eliason '04, Jo Laughton Hop- 
kins '28, Marguerite Mcllvain Ricker x-'29, 
Helen W. Robson '24, Shirley Gibbons 
San Soucie '53, Louise Crank Graham 
x-'53, Nancy J. Orr '53 and Anna G. Wood 

On Friday, April 27th, Ruth Magoun 
Boyd '18 gave a luncheon at her home in 
Haddonfield, N. J., for the surrounding 
South New Jersey alumnae. Those at- 
tending were: Jo Laughton Hopkins '28, 
past president of the club, Marguerite Mc- 
llvain Ricker x-'29, our new president, 
Lynn Metzger Pharo '45, Helen Hall 
Streeter '34, Marie Hammarstrom Seaton 
x-'43; Nancy Allen Banks '52, Jo Hol- 
brook Metzger '22. Three or four other 
graduates couldn't make it but hope to be 
with us next time. It was most interesting 
to find that most of the girls there didn't 
know we had so many Lasellites so close 

Reminder to Club Secretaries 

Please remember to send to the 
Alumnae Office reports of each 
meeting as soon as possible after 
the meeting, including announce- 
ments of dates for future meet- 


Mrs. Edmund W. Sanderson 

(Ann Ashley '49), President 
4 Laredo Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 

Cynthia DeGelleke '53, Secy.-Treas. 
99 Avalon Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 

The Rochester Club meeting held on 
April 23rd was a big success, and plans 
were made for a tea on September 9th for 
new students. Nancy Webb Canepa '51 
was kind enough to offer to have it at her 
home. Temporary officers were chosen to 
guide us along until we get more organ- 
ized. They are as listed above. 

The girls present at the meeting were: 
Ann Challice Castle x-'49, Virginia Hall 
Anderson '48, Beverly Tucker Bowen '47, 
Nancy Webb Canepa '51, Cynthia De- 
Gelleke '53, Martha Stonebraker Ely '45, 
Marguerite Heech '46, Eleanor Mekelones 
Marple '52, Beverly Pink Reynolds '51, 
Ann Ashley Sanderson '49, Nancy Hakala 
Simonds '49, Aileen Parrish Smith '46, 
Joan Stillwell Smith '52, and Meridale 
Roberts Vasey '51. 


Elizabeth A. Sleight '53, President 
86 Doane St., Cranston, R. I. 

Virginia R. Bailey '48, Rec. Secy. 
653 Park Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. 

On Wednesday, May 9th, the Rhode 
Island Club held its annual meeting at the 
Holiday Inn in South Attleboro, Mass. An 
election of officers was held, as follows: 
Elizabeth A. Sleight '53 of Cranston, R.I., 
president; and Eleanor Rawson Preston '41 
of Valley Falls, R.I., treasurer. Virginia R. 
Bailey '48 of Woonsocket, R.I., will con- 
tinue as recording secretary for the final 
year of her two-year term. Since the meet- 
ing Nancy O. Chase '53 of Saylesville, R.I., 
has been appointed vice president and 
Mary T. Sweenor '55 of Cranston, R.I., as 
program chairman. Also Pat Wilson '54 
of Cranston has resigned as corresponding 
secretary but has not been replaced as yet. 
Miss Babcock attended as guest speaker 
from Lasell. 

On June 13th, the twelve graduates of 
'56 from this club area were invited to an 
informal picnic supper and auction, and 
we were pleased to have eight of them 
able to attend. 




Seated, I. to r.: Phyllisan Kozloski Murphy '51 and Merilyn A. Peck '52 (Presi- 
dent). Standing: Barbara Iris Johnson '35 (Prog. Chm.) and Betty Black Boyn- 

ton '38. 


Mrs. Louis A. Brown, Jr. 
(Peggy Woods '28), President 
841 So. Serrano Ave., Apt. 602 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Mrs. Louis A. Pipes 

(Florence Stetson '37), Secretary 
2918 Fourth St., Santa Monica, Calif. 

The Southern California Lasell Club 
held a luncheon meeting at the Hunting- 
ton-Sheraton Hotel in Pasadena on March 
10, 1956. The following members were 
present: Martha Moyer Anson '48, Barbara 

Ayrault '52, Marjorie Hills Buffington '37, 
Amy Vickery Bright x-'05, Georgia Parrish 
Campbell '26, Cleora Brooks Clokey '01, 
Marian Traxler Crum '39,. Shirley Green- 
halgh Fadley '49, Gail Gordon Johnson 
'34, Doris Wilson Lehners (H. S. '25-'27), 
Mildred Melgaard Rees '22, Barbara Har- 
ris Ryan '46, Jean Bohacket Pegram '41, 
Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker '22, Esther B. 
Sosman '36 and Helen Benson Stevens '15. 
A dessert-bridge was held at the home 
of Doris Wilson Lehners (H. S. '25-'27) 
on Friday, May 11th, for the purpose of 
collecting donations for the building fund. 
Those present at the luncheon were: Mil- 
dred Melgaard Rees '22, Mary Hubbard 
Wood '20, Barbara Harris Ryan '46, Julia 



Klingensmith Frey x-'28, Elaine Reed 
Simpson '46, JoAnn Brooks Shaffer '50, 
Marjorie Hills Bufnngton '37, Shirley 
Greenhalgh Fadley '49, Martha Moyer 
Anson '48, Gail Gordon Johnson '34, Hel- 
en Benson Stevens '15, Florence Stetson 
Pipes '37 and our hostess. There were also 
four guests present. 

Our next meeting is scheduled to be a 
luncheon held at the Hotel Beverly-Wil- 
shire on March 9, 1957. 


Mrs. John S. Gibbens 

(Margaret Trice x-'l6), President 

1302 Pizarro St., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Mrs. CLARA PATON Suhlke '15, Secretary 

2508 Madrid, Coral Gables 34, Fla. 

The Annual Meeting of the Southern 
Florida Lasell Club will be held on Sat- 
urday, February 2, 1957, in Ft. Lauderdale 
(name of hotel to be announced later). 
All in the area will receive a "warning." 
Please save the date! 


Faculty — Miss Carol G. Ashley (Art '53-'55) 
1894 — Maud L. Shurtleff 

1908 — Sara Milleisen Elwell 

1909 — Anna Conant 

xFlorence Rogers Hilton 

1942 — Helen Sullivan Sterns 
(Note: x indicates non-graduates) 




Mary Packard Cass phoned the office 
and told us she recently celebrated her 
87th birthday and had a lovely time. She 
now has five great-grandchildren! She keeps 
in touch with her classmate, Maude Math- 
ews, in Maine. 


In Memoriam: Maud L. Shurtleff, on Oc- 
tober 25, 1955, in Montpelier, Vt. 

Other News: Mary Tulleys recently moved 
back to 135 Grant St., Council Bluffs, la., 
where she lived five years ago. 

Mrs. A. D. Pierce 

(Josephine Chandler), Secretary 

10 Dexter St., Maiden 48, Mass. 


Mrs. F. F. Lamson 

(Lena Josselyn), Secretary 

21 Waterston Rd., Newton 58, Mass. 

Mary Walker Leach '96-'97 is living at 
50 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 



Back row, I. to r.: Donald Ross, Lee Langan, Abner Oakes, Mrs. Warner Allyn, 
Warner Allyn, Nancy Allyn Clarke, Helen Allyn Guggenheim, Annie Mae Pink- 
ham Allyn '02, Alfred W. Allyn, Marjorie Allyn Oakes Stevenson '26, Mary Lou 
Allyn Ross '41, Horace Allyn, Mrs. Horace Allyn, W. A. Taylor (Usher at wed- 
ding in 1906), Dr. R. H. Stevenson, and T. Roy Clarke. Center row: Thomas R. 
Clarke, Jr., Helen Claire Ross, Grace Guggenheim Langan x-'56, Mary Ann Allyn 
Phillips, Jane Allyn, Nancy Stevenson, and Allyn Clarke. Front row: Ian Ross, 
J. Warner Clarke, Dugald Ross, Marjorie Ross, and Donna Ross. 


All Lasellites should be interested in 
the accompanying picture of Annie Mae 
Pinkham Allyn and her family who 
gathered to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Allyn' s 
fiftieth wedding anniversary. Mrs. Allyn 
wrote, "My husband and I celebrated our 
fiftieth wedding anniversary on April 
17th, and our children and grandchildren 
made it a day long to be remembered. In 
order that those who are attending col- 
leges, etc., might be able to get here, our 
children sent out invitations for a Recep- 
tion on the 21st, the Saturday following 
the actual date, and all except two of our 
offspring were with us — a grandson Don 
Guggenheim in the midst of exams in the 
senior year at Webb School in California 
was unable to come, and also the husband 
of our eldest granddaughter, John Phillip 
III, who is graduating from Amherst Col- 
lege in June being the only ones missing in 
the photograph taken just before our old 
friends arrived to greet us. During the 
festivities, our elder son introduced the 
youngest member of the family (son of a La- 
sell graduate, Mary Lou Allyn Ross '41 ) 
who made a presentation to us of a beautiful 
silver salver with the complete Family 
Register engraved upon it. 

"I had hoped that my four living 
bridesmaids ■ — • all Lasell girls — might 
have been able to attend which would 
have made the photograph an even greater 
Lasell memento, but Katherine McCoy '01 
was in Florida and both Clarissa Ham- 
mond Partridge x-'02 and Edith Ebersole 
Doud '03 have lost their husbands recently 
and Florence Ebersole Bartlett could not 
make the trip. . . . The photograph of the 
group has four Lasell alumnae and thir- 
teen children of Lasell graduates which I 
feel may be some kind of a record in one 

We're sure that is an outstanding rec- 
ord, and extend our heartiest congratula- 
tions to the Allyns ! They certainly must 
be proud of their family. The Allyns' ad- 
dress is 4575 Connaught Ave., Montreal 
28, P.Q., Canada. 

A note from Bertha White Sprague x-'02 
of Bridgeport, Conn., says, "Had a mar- 
velous letter from Barbara Vail Bosworth 
'05 with whom I roomed in 1902. Fifty- 
four years is a long time to look back 
upon, but memories of Lasell are still 
very fresh and exhilarating. We lost one 
son in World War II, graduate of 
U.S.M.A. Westport, a Lt. Col. in U.S.A.F. 
Another son, Mansfield Sprague, a lawyer, 
is General Counsel of National Defense in 
Washington, D.C." 



CLASS OF 1906 


Seated, I. to r.: Helen Carter Marcy, Julia Potter Schmidt, Irene Sauter Sanford, 
Elsie Young Hayden, Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06, and, in front, Marie 
Cogswell Gelinsky. Back row: Dorothea Turner Moulton, Katherine Washburn 
Peyser, Maude Simes Harding, Edith Anthony Carlow, Lucy Wilson Errett, and 

Mildred Peirce Fuller. 

Annie Mae Pinkham Allyn '02 
and Husband Alfred Allyn 


Amy Vickery Bright x-'05 is living at 
4233 Eighth St., Riverside, Calif. 


Mrs. Harry Carlow 

(Edith Anthony), Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 

Reunion News: Maude Simes Harding 
and Helen Carter Marcy had charge of 
the arrangements for the Class of 1906 
luncheon, held at Mrs. Marcy's home, 30 
Valentine Park, West Newton, on June 
9th. Twelve members of the class were 
able to return to Lasell for their 50th re- 
union. Marie Cogswell Gelinsky traveled 
the greatest distance — all the way from 
Portland, Ore. Ann Dealey Jackson could 
not attend but sent a beautifully fragrant 



gardenia plant to her classmates. It was 
on display for all to enjoy as they arrived 
to register at the Alumnae Office. A 
very generous check for $200 was given 
to the Alumnae Fund in the evening at 
the Alumnae Supper. 

Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06 
wrote the Alumnae Office in August, "I 
have been writing in French to some 
friends in Paris who plan to meet me, so 
I may get mixed up in my words! Yes, I 
am really going. Now, after all these 
months of ups and downs, have rented my 
seven-room apartment furnished to a 
charming family . . . The Millers came 
on August 1st and I left that evening to 
visit Persis-Jane (Peeples Cline x-'36) in 
Scarsdale for 10 days. We have many 
lovely parties, trips to New York and 
always a few last minute things to do. 
I sail on the SS. Queen Elizabeth, Wednes- 
day, August 15th . . . Richard, my young- 
est son, has been in Madrid for a year, 
finished his Air Base work July 9th, and 
is now in Paris waiting for me and hoping 
to get another job. Am sorry to have to 
ask you good people to share a letter but 
I am still on the dash with much to be 
done . . . My address in Paris will be c/o 
American Express Company, 11 Rue 
Scribe. My twin, Eli2abeth Louise (Mrs. 
Thomas S. Miller) of 9200 S. Damen Ave., 
Chicago, 111., has two very handsome and 
brilliant sons and nine grandchildren." 


Helen Carter Johnson paid a visit to 
Lasell on August 22, 1956. She toured the 
campus and was very interested in the 
new buildings and changes which had 
taken place in the past few years. 

Helen H. Heath has moved from 191 
to 164 Magnolia Dr., Ormond Beach, Fla. 


Mrs. H. D. Thornburg 

(Lela Goodall), Secretary 

Box 789, Sanford, Me. 

In Memoriam: Sara Milleisen Elwell, sud- 
denly from a heart attack on February 18, 
1956, in Key West, Fla. Her husband 
wrote, "Mrs. Elwell died, almost without 
warning, of a coronary occlusion . . . end- 
ing a romance that began three years be- 
fore she entered Lasell. We were married 
in 1911. We had traveled widely. She 
held her youthful appearance marvelous- 
ly . . . When she was at Lasell, I was at 


(deceased 2/18/56) 

(photo taken at age 60) 

Trinity College, Hartford, and was a fre- 
quent visitor at Auburndale . . ." She 
was a devout and active member of St. 
Paul's Episcopal Church in her home town 
of Bloomsburg, Penn. She was also active 
in the Civic Chorus during the twenties 
and was featured in a number of singing 
roles in productions of that organization. 
She left a generous perpetual trust for the 
Bloomsburg Hospital in memory of her 

Other News: The Class extends sympathy 
to Amy Bemis French on the death of her 
husband, Roger Deland French, professor 
emeritus of McGill, who died in May, 

Grace Emerson Cole has moved to 1518 
West Parkside Dr., Peoria, III. 


In Memoriam: Anna Conant, on April 11, 
1956, in St. Johnsbury, Vt, at the age of 
71, after a long and painful illness. 

She was born in Plainfield, N. J., and, 
had she lived until July 22nd, would have 
been 72 years old. After leaving Lasell, she 
graduated from the Muhlenberg Hospital 
Nurses' Training School in Plainfield, and 



had affiliated training in New York City 
and at the Floating Hospital in Boston. 
She was an Army nurse in World War I 
from June 14, 1918, to July 29, 1919, serv- 
ing at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., and at 
Debarkation Hospital, Camp Stuart, New- 
port News, Va. She was a member of the 
Union Baptist Church in St. Johnsbury and 
taught the adult women's class in the Sun- 
day School for over twenty years until ill- 
ness prevented her continuing, and she also 
held other positions in the church and its 
missionary activities. She was a member of 
the Vermont Arts and Crafts Guild, active 
in various forms of art as well as in garden- 
ing. Lasell friends extend deepest sympathy 
to her family. 

Florence Rogers Hilton x-'09, at a 
Bangor, Me., hospital, after a long period 
of illness. Mrs. Hilton was extremely ac- 
tive in civic affairs in Bangor and gave 
untiringly of her time and effort in pro- 
moting those projects which made for a 
better city. She was a past president and 
a director of the Bangor Children's Home, 
a member of the Women's Auxiliary of 
the Eastern Maine General Hospital, a 
past president of the Woman's Alliance of 
the Unitarian Church, and a director of 
the Bangor-Brewer Girl Scout Council. Be- 
sides her husband, William Hilton, she 
is survived by two daughters, two sons, a 
sister and brother, and 13 grandchildren. 

Other News: Elizabeth Robinson Breed 
x-'09 wrote in the spring, "My second 
grandson, Calvin Lee Breed, was born 
November 8th . . . Sorry I cannot be with 
you for Commencement activities. Norma 
Schweitzer Comstock '21, of Toledo, spent 
three weeks with me in February. We had 
a wonderful time talking Lasell and seeing 
some of the old girls down here." Mrs. 
Breed lives at 205 North East Fifth Ave., 
Delray Beach, Fla. 


Mrs. George C. Dumas 

(Olive Bates), Secretary 

Box 216, Hanover, Mass. 


Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones), Secretary 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

( Clara Parker ) , Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

(Mary Fenno), Secretary 

45 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills 

Staten Island 4, N. Y. 


Mrs. R. R. Jenks 

(Ruth Thresher), Secretary 

200 Sand Hill Cove Rd., Narragansett, R. I. 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

(Nell Woodward), Secretary 

39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 

Through the kindness of Ruth Adt 
Stephenson x-'l4 we received a news- 
paper picture and clipping about Nancy 
Ann Edwards, daughter of Frances John- 
sen Edwards, who recently received the 
degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the 
Graduate Faculty of Political Science of 
Columbia University. Dr. Edwards was 
graduated from Vassar College in 1950 
and received her Master of Arts degree 
from Columbia in 1951. Studying in the 
Department of Public Law and Govern- 
ment, her major field has been American 
political institutions and ideas, with em- 
phasis on politics and constitutional law. 
The subject of her dissertation is Congress 
and Administrative Reorganization. At 
present Dr. Edwards is an instructor in 
Political Science at Hofstra College 
where she lectured in 1954-55. 

Catherine Carter Rasbach has a new 
granddaughter, Lisa Beaumont Yore, born 
on February 7, 1956. 

A fine letter from Bess Emerine gave us 
news of many of our old class- and school- 
mates but best of all it told us that she 
herself was very much better now that she 
had recovered from an extremely serious 
illness of last summer. Bess had a business 
trip to Oklahoma and possibly will go to 
Texas in the near future and she was in 
hopes of seeing some Lasell girls while 
there. In an enclosed letter from Ada 
Patterson we discovered that our "travel- 
ing" classmate was off on a motor trip 
through Europe for the summer. How 
many interesting trips that girl has made! 
Last fall Bess had seen Lydia Rich Gray 
x-'19 and was delighted to see the re- 
markable recovery she was making after 



CLASS OF 1916 — 40th REUNION 
Front row, I. to r.: Dorothy Crane Crowe, Helen J. Foster, Orissa Attwill, Dale 
Whipple Turnbull, Mildred Ordway Brahana, and Mabel Straker Kimball. Back 
row: Ruth Winslow Payne, Mildred Cloake Norbury, Pauline Ray Hamilton, 
Margaret Trice Gibbens x-'16, Helen Merrill Strohecker, Marion Griffin Wolcott, 
Marion Beach Barlow, Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger, Elizabeth Richards, and 

Helen Gerrett. 

having been stricken by a very grave 
malady. And, while in Chicago that time, 
she also saw Alma Bunch '13 and only 
wished she had more time to look up 
other Lasell friends. Another bit of news 
in Bess' letter: Marion Lerch Hunt's ('16) 
son, who knew from the age of nine that 
he wanted to become a surgeon, is now a 
very famous brain surgeon with an out- 
standing reputation. 

I received a pleasant surprise not long 
ago by way of a phone call from Mildred 
Goddard True x-'17, from Lynnfield, Mass. 
She had been out to Lasell for Commence- 
ment and wondered why my sister and I 
had not been there. Doesn't Mildred's 
name recall many good times in Carter 

This fall we plan to start another Class 
Letter so, if you are interested in being 
included in the membership list for the 
Letter, kindly let me know at the above 
address. I shall send each of you a card 
relative to it but in the meantime do send 
me news from our LEAVES column. Thanks 
again ! 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker), Secretary 

79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

Reunion News: For the 40th reunion the 
Class of 1916 had 16 present at a luncheon 
at the Pillar House, in Newton Lower 
Falls. Most of the reunioners stayed for 
the activities at Lasell during the rest of 

the day and evening. The costume was : a 
blue shoulder ribbon with a streamer front 
and back with the numerals 1916 on the 

Seven of the class went to Harwich Port, 
Cape Cod, on Sunday, where we really had 
a good chat and visit. Beth Richards 
showed the movies that she had taken 
five years ago at reunion and at the visit 
on the Cape. She showed pictures of 
Maine and some trips she has taken. A 
number of the class had sent nice newsy 
letters that we all enjoyed reading. Dot 
Crane Crowe had to leave the Cape early 
Tuesday to be back on her job on Wednes- 
day morning. She had really had a very 
nice vacation as she came up early enough 
to visit her daughter, Nancy, in New 
Jersey, for about a week. Then on the 
way to Auburndale she stopped and saw 
Peg Bradley Reed. The rest left on 
Wednesday and drove into the hottest 
weather there had been, while it stayed 
just comfortably warm on the Cape. Beth 
Richards drove to Portland, Me., and 
picked up her sister and headed back to 
the Cape the next day. She stayed around 
the Cape several more days and was then 
going on to Sturbridge Village. Peg 
Bradley Reed could not get to reunion as 
her son was graduated from Cornell and 
was to be married the next day. Helen 
Overholser Towle had thought she might 
come this year but she was still teaching 
school, which hadn't closed for the sum- 
mer. She says she is positively going to 
retire in two more years (?). Gertrude 
Baker Davis sent us a telegram at the 
luncheon with best wishes to all. Maude 



Hayden Keeney's daughter was graduated 
from school elsewhere. Mildred Libby 
Kilgore, Alma Sweet, Charlotte Whiting 
Clark, Hazel Palmer Kennedy, Florence 
Morris Smith, Rose Baer Trexler x-'l6, 
Dorothy Brate McPherrin, Marion New- 
land Adams x-'l6, Carol Rice, Kathryn 
Chase Heene all sent their regrets and 
their regards to the other 'l6ers. 

The ones who visited Cape Cod were: 
Marion Beach Barlow, Dorothy Crane 
Crowe, Mildred Trice Gibbens x-'l6, Ruth 
Winslow Payne, Elizabeth Richards, 
Marion Griffin Wolcott and the hostess, 
Mabel Straker Kimball. Besides these 
seven at the luncheon there were the fol- 
lowing: Orissa Attwill, Mildred Ordway 
Brahana, Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger, 
Helen Foster, Helen Gerrett, Pauline Ray 
Hamilton, Mildred Cloake Norbury, 
Helen Merrill Strohecker, and Dale Whip- 
ple Turnbull. 

Other News: From Miami, Fla., comes 
more news of the indefatigable Margaret 
Trice Gibbens x-'l6. She is chairman of 
National Hearing Week and in charge of 
all publicity through press, radio and TV 
and a final wind-up of a five-hour ride on a 
65-foot private yacht. On top of all this 
she is happily mastering the typewriter 
and they say she is making some kind of 
record because of the short time it is tak- 
ing her. Margaret has a new address: 1117 
Asturia, Coral Gables, Fla. 

New Addresses: Marion Newland Adams 
x-'l6 (Mrs. Russell), 65 East River Rd., 
Rumson, N. J. 

Marie Saxton Golding, 4016 N. Fourth 
St., Phoenix, Ariz. 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd), Secretary 

160 East 48th St., New York, N. Y. 


Mercie V. Nichols, Secretary 
59 Ripley Rd., Cohasset, Mass. 

Alice McFarland Dunlop x-'19 and her 
sister, Beulah McFarland '20, paid a hur- 
ried visit to Lasell in August. 

Elizabeth Moyer Wilson x-'19 wrote 
that her son, Donald, a Union Theological 
Seminary graduate, is a Congregational 
minister in Flat Rock, Mich. Her daugh- 
ter, Priscilla Moyer Ashton, graduated 
from Cornell University and worked as a 
librarian in New York and Washington. 
She now lives in Silver Springs, Md. 

Your secretary, Mercie Nichols, wrote 
the Class Agent Chairman, Louise Tardivel 
Higgins '37, "I had such a splendid trip 
this spring with my first Lasell roommate 
and her husband, Dr. and Mrs. George 
Willauer (Mary Eshleman x-'19). We 
toured extensively the Atlantic Seaboard 
— our first stop, always a favorite, Wil- 
liamsburg, Va., after leaving their home 
in Philadelphia — then the many inter- 
esting places along the way, finally reach- 
ing Key West and returning via Florida's 
West Coast, Georgia, the Smokies and the 
beautiful Shenandoah and Pennsylvania 
Valleys. Who should be in Miami, her 
home town as of Lasell days, but Peg 
Houser Hamlin and her husband. It goes 
without saying what a pleasant time we 
had with them. They entertained us and 
showed us their special interests in the 


Mrs. S. S. Cline 

(Eleanor Thompson), Secretary 

Amenia, N. Y. 

New Addresses: Carolie Abrams Painter 
x-'20 (Mrs. Stephen H.), 74 Browning 
Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 

Beulah C. McFarland, 112 Adams St., 
Burlington, Vt. 



Almira L. Shepard x-'18 retired March 
30, 1956, after 37 years with the Federal 
Government. She is now living at The 
Crestview Apt., 3601 Wisconsin Ave., 
Washington, D. C, where she is caring 
for her mother who is 91. 

Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett), Secretary 

130 Reservoir Rd., Wollaston 70, Mass. 

Reunion News: The following members 
met at the Pillar House for luncheon on 
June 9th; Pauline Butler Poore, Ruth 
Smith Coates, Mildred Knight Norwood 



CLASS OF 1921 — 35th REUNION 

L. to r.: Helen L. Beede, Esther B. Story, Ruth Smith Coates, Pauline Butler 
Poore, and Mildred Knight Norwell. 

and Esther Story. The secretary, Doris 
Bissett Bryant, was unable to attend be- 
cause of illness, but tried to contact 
members for the meeting. Messages were 
received from the following: Florence 
Mann Matzek — "I am truly sorry not to 
be with you this year. Have a wonderful 
time and I hope we can get together some- 

Marion Bodwell Lesher wrote from the 
Cape, "I have three grandchildren now: 
a girl, Ann, on the West Coast and two 
boys, Stephen and Charles, in Grand 
Island, N. Y. I have a very small apart- 
ment at 1 Park St., in Sanford, and should 
be delighted to see any Lasell friend who 
might be passing through. I took it last 
September and wonder now why I have 
waited so long to have a place of my own. 
Have been riding horseback often this 
winter, in an indoor ring. It was the only 
way to get exercise for we had feet of 
snow and ice. For diversion I have been 
painting trays, furniture, and any old 
piece of tin I can get my hands on. It's 
a good hobby. Have a wonderful reunion 
and my best wishes to you all." 

Janet Hannah Gibbs — "I had high 
hopes of being with you all for our 35th 
reunion but cannot do so this year. Time 
passes too quickly. Hope many of our 
'girls' will be there to enjoy a very happy 
day. The best to you all," 

Leonora Conklin Babcock — "I am sorry 
I can't make our 35th. My daughter, Su- 
sanne, is graduating from high school and 
will go to Lasell in the fall. I hope to be 
there often then. Give my love to all 
'21ers present." 

Marion Stevens White — "I had planned 

to go but my mother is arriving from 
Florida on the 9th so I can't make it. 

Dorothy Edwards Rodgers — "Regret- 
fully I must write that I cannot attend 
our 35th anniversary luncheon. I had 
hoped to be able to take the trip but so 
many things have crowded into this week 
that I find it impossible to be away. My 
son has been released from the active Navy 
and is now attending Columbia Graduate 
School and is moving out here next week 
end to be with us for the summer. My 
husband is still commuting to New York 
City where he teaches music. I have re- 
cently been re-elected vice chairman of the 
Republican Town Committee here in West- 
port and will be a delegate to the State 
Convention this month. Looking forward 
to our 40th anniversary which I will at- 
tend for sure!" 

Doris Brown Bergin — "So sorry I 
can't be with you. Colorado is a long way 
from Auburndale. Please say 'hello' to 
everyone for me." 

Dorothy Shove Kelloway — "How I 
should love to say Yes, I'll be at the 
luncheon,' but it's impossible. Have fun!" 

Ruth Rawlings Mott visited Lasell early 
in May with her son, who is studying at 
M.I.T. and was much interested in the new 
buildings particularly. She was on her 
way to Bermuda, and wrote from there, 
"I wish I could make reunion but that 
happens to be a very busy time here with 
my entire family and a new grandson. My 
best wishes go to my classmates and I'll 
certainly be thinking of you all." 

Jeanette Geist Stanley sent a telegram — 
"Wish I could be with you today. How- 



ever, our Jim's graduation prevents. Have 
fun ! Love." 

Herma Schweitzer Comstock planned to 
return, but telegraphed her regrets. 

Helen Linnehan Loud was unable to 
attend the luncheon but hoped to come out 
for the Alumnae Supper and meeting. 
However, we missed her. 

Mary King Sargent phoned her regrets, 
as her family was leaving the previous 
day for their summer home on the Cape. 

Helen Beede, who wrote this report, re- 
gretted she was much too busy at Lasell to 
join her classmates for luncheon. 

In a note to the Alumnae Office in May, 
Julia Kittredge Gregory x-'21 wrote, "Just 
to say how disappointed I am that I will 
not be able to attend my 35th class reunion 
since 1500 miles is a trifle far to travel. 
Greetings to my classmates. My husband 
and I are now living permanently here in 
Lakeland . . . Best regards." Julia's ad- 
dress is 3007 Woodland Hills Ave., Lake- 
land, Fla. 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering), Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford 55, Mass. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty), Assistant 

315 San Juan Rd., Watsonville, Calif. 

Your assistant secretary had a short, but 
delightful, trip to beautiful Lake Tahoe 
in April. In May she expected her first 
East Coast visitor, her friend Miriam 
Kroeger, from Washington, D. C, who 
was expected to stay a month. 

Jo Holbrook Metzger attended the New 
Jersey Lasell Club meeting in April. She 
had been busy working on a program for 
her church at which her cousin from China 
was going to give a lecture. 

How nice it was to have another '22er to 
chat with at the Alumnae Supper — it was 
Mary Lou Weymouth down from Belfast 
with her husband to attend Sally's gradu- 

Wonder how many were privileged to re- 
ceive a black and white sketch of a snowy 
Vermont road last Christmas, done by none 
other than "Libby" Madeira Campbell. 
Didn't know she had that hidden talent. 

Have had two grand visits with Louise 
Stevens Prince this summer. On one, we 
had a real lobster cookout. See what you 
Westerners miss? 

Plans are slowly formulating for our 
35th, so begin to put those dollars aside, 
for June 1957 is very close by. If Phyllis 
can ride, fly, or walk from California, so 
can you ! 


Adrienne E. Smith, Secretary 
19 Owatonna St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Mrs. W. N. Smith 
(Antoinette Meritt), Assistant 
15 Miles Dr., Quincy, Mass. 

Liz Buettner Lang is now living in the 
Middle East. Her husband, Fred, is with 
the State Department in Beirut, Lebanon, 
and they are having a most interesting 
time. In a letter to Jean Merrick Moss, 
Liz wrote of some of their experiences 
and the following excerpts are most inter- 
esting: "The weather here is funny now in 
January. It will rain and be very cold for 
five or six days, and then for the next five 
or six days it will be divine, in the 70's 
and 80's. We even went swimming last 
Saturday. Then, of course, all summer it 
never rains. 

"There are 5,000 Americans in Lebanon, 
3,000 in Beirut. There are parties all the 
time. Just before Christmas, Fred and I 
had a wonderful trip. We drove first to 
Amman-Jordan where Fred had business. 
We were there for four days and then 
drove to Jerusalem. We stopped at Jericho 
for lunch, then at the Dead Sea. We also 
went to Bethlehem and saw where Christ 
was born, where the Manger was, and 
where the Three Wise Men presented their 
gifts. We got to Jerusalem about five p.m. 
and the hotel there is simply wonderful, 
new and very modern, and about 200 feet 
from the Israeli border and No Man's Land. 
As we drove around, we were always 
near the border, barbed wire and soldiers, 
etc. We loved Jerusalem. The Old City 
is fascinating. We went up the street of 
the Cross, where Christ went up carrying 
the Cross. We saw the Mount of Olives, 
Garden of Gethsemane, Virgin Mary's 
Tomb, Tomb of Christ, even a piece of 
the Cross. I was thrilled with it all, and 
in reading the Bible I can understand it 
much better as I can visualize it now. 
We went home via the Jordan River Val- 
ley, Israeli on one side of the river and 
Jordan on the other. We stayed one night 
in Damascus, Syria, and then back to 
Beirut. The whole trip was just perfect 
— the weather warm and sunny. 

"About two weeks later, the Arabs tore 
down the American flag and at Amman 
they burned the Point Four offices as well 
as the U. N. office, and now no one is 
allowed to go there until things clear up. 
We were just lucky. 

"Our apartment is divine and we just 
love it here. Fred is going to Ethiopia 
soon, and he has promised to take me to 



Athens in the spring. We play cards a 
lot, but mostly on week ends we go into 
the mountains and pick wild flowers such 
as cyclamen, violets and many others." 

Many thanks to Jean for sharing this 
interesting account from Liz, and we hope 
that more will follow. 

Toni Meritt Smith and her husband had 
a wonderful vacation in Florida early last 
spring. They went down by train, renting a 
car after they got there, and found it most 
relaxing. They hated to return to Boston's 
third big spring snowstorm. 


Mrs. E. C. M. Stahl 

(Edith Clendenin), Secretary 

Paeonian Springs, Va. 

Helen B. Perry, Assistant 
172 Porter St., Melrose 76, Mass. 

As you will note from the above, your 
secretary has moved, and then after that 
busy time, her daughter, Barbara, was 
married on June 2nd to Lt. David F. 
Edwards, USA. 

Dorothy Ballou Collier wrote in May, 
"On April 12th I retired as President of 
the Women's Auxiliary to Lynn Hospital, 
after having served in that capacity for 
two years. On the 16th Arthur and I left 
for a month's auto trip to Cleveland, Day- 
ton, Cincinnati, Chicago, Hamilton and 
Niagara, in Canada, crossing via 1000 
Island Bridge. 

"In Cleveland and Dayton we visited 
some of Arthur's M.I.T. classmates, and in 
Chicago some of his cousins and a former 
neighbor who recently moved there. We 
had a lovely trip, covering over 3200 miles, 
took several side trips to various points of 
interest along the way. 

"This past winter I have enjoyed mem- 
bership in a group who played Duplicate 
Bridge every month at Tedesco Country 
Club and look forward to golf there as 
soon as the weather is more favorable." 
Dorothy's address is 21 Pilgrim Rd., 
Marblehead, Mass. 


Mrs. George E. Sprague 

(Helen Black), Co-Secretary 

3 1 Van Brunt Ave., Dedham, Mass. 

Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing), Co-Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 

Classmates extend deepest sympathy to 
Alice Libbey Legare, whose husband died 
suddenly in June, just a few weeks before 
the marriage date of their daughter, Nancy 

Reunion News continued: The question- 
naires sent out in conjunction with last 
year's reunion have given us much inter- 
esting data, mostly statistical, on our class- 
mates. This report winds up all that 

Alberta Wight Wilson is living at 
944 Middle St., Bath, Me. She has two 
children, Barbara, who graduated from 
Lasell in 1954, and Harry, who is 17 
years old. 

Claire Stritzinger Daller x-'25 lives at 
1718 Williams Way, Norristown, Penn. 
After attending Lasell, Claire went to Art 
School. Since her husband's death she has 
been teaching school. She has two children, 
a daughter, Marlee, who is a graduate of 
Swarthmore College and is now married, 
and a son, Morton Franklin, 17 years old. 

Evadene Love Cook is widowed, and is 
a social welfare worker, living at 2810 
North Penn Rd., Independence, Kans. 
Evadene has a daughter Carol, 23 years 

Gertrude Kendall Lund wrote a very 
interesting letter which I quote, "Dear 
Classmates, Due to the fact that Kendall 
is to be graduated from the University of 
Maine on June 12th (1955), I shall not 
be with you at the reunion this year. We 
plan to go to Orono on Friday and spend 
the week end there, but I shall think of 
you and hope you have a very pleasant 
day, and that many of you will be there. 
The tornado of 1953 was the most mo- 
mentous event of my life since our 25th 
reunion. Our house was in its path, 
and Marcia and I were in the house. 
Fortunately, neither of us was hurt, but 
the house was badly damaged and the 
neighborhood was a shambles. We re- 
paired the house, however, made some 
changes that we had wanted to make any- 
way, and now we like it better than we 
did before. There are two graduations in 
the family this year, Kendall's, which I 
have already mentioned, and Marcia's, 
from high school. She is planning to go 
to the University of Connecticut next year, 
to take a course in physical therapy. I 
send you all my very best wishes, and hope 
that I may be able to see you another 
time." (This is the kind of communication 
which is the breath of life to a Class 
Secretary!) Gertrude lives at 81 Eunice 
Ave., Worcester, Mass. 

Graduations of sons and daughters kept 
many from attending the reunion. Lucille 



Hopkins Willenbrok had both daughters 
graduating last year; Joan, from Mt. Hol- 
yoke, and Gail, from high school. Joan 
went to Europe for the summer following 
her graduation. Lucille asks if anyone 
knows Jean Bundy Williams' where- 
abouts. It has been years since Lucille 
has been with us — we hope she can make 
it soon. She is living at Chateau-Lafayette, 
Scarsdale, NY. 

Dot Cook Reynal was unable to join us 
because her son, Larry, was married the 
day of our reunion. He graduated from 
Lehigh and took a job with the Tele- 
phone Company of Pennsylvania. Doro- 
thy's daughter, Jeanne, is a student at 
Lasell now, so we hope to catch a glimpse 
of Dot. Her address is 79 Ward PL, South 
Orange, N. J. 

Grace Thayer Berkeley lives at 125 Pros- 
pect St., Wellesley Hills, Mass. She, too, 
wrote a most interesting letter which I 
will share with you: "We are feeling very 
proud and happy to have our eldest son, 
Ernest, Jr., choose the ministry. He is 
completing his studies _at Union Theo- 
logical Seminary in New York City in 
1956. A telephone call came recently in- 
forming us he had secured his first church 
in Jarriesport, Long Island. He is married 
to Barbara Underhill of Needham. Patricia 
attended Elmira College in New York 
and married William Wescott of Chatham, 
Mass. They have two little boys. Steven 
is in third grade and keeps us on our 
toes. We are planning a trip out west 
this spring and may not be back in time 
for our 30th reunion." 

Our son, George Rockwell Sprague, 
graduated this June, with distinction, from 
Milton Academy, and plans to go to Har- 
vard this fall. 

I hope you will all send me little items 
of interest now and then — even notes on 
Christmas cards will be eagerly received ! 
Otherwise, our column will be woefully 
depleted, if not lacking altogether. My 
best to you all. 

Helen Black Sprague. 

The following letter came to the Alum- 
nae Office in July, 1956: "This is Emma 
Smith x-'25 . . . informing the LEAVES of 
our change of address, and this is definitely 
the last time for the Quereaus, having 
made 14 moves in 16 years of married 
life. My husband is Electronics Technician 
for the Santa Fe Railroad. Nancy will 
enter her second year of high school, Sally 
her last year of junior high. Our last year 
found me sleeping most of the daytime, for 
I served our one and only hospital in 
Belen, N. Mex., as night supervisor. Now 

that we are established most happily in 
Amarillo I shall continue the three jobs I 
like best: loving my family, working in the 
Cerebral Palsy Clinic and serving as Lead 
Teacher for the fifth grade department at 
Polk Street Methodist Church. I so often 
wonder where Jumpy Norris is; Dot Pear- 
son; Marge Gifford and Helen Chapman?" 
Emma's address is 2034 Lipscomb St., 
Amarillo, Tex. 

Mary Saunders Houston x-'25 lives on 
Chilmark Dr., Chilmark Park, Briarcliff 
Manor, N. Y. 


Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 
(Mariesta Howland), Secretary 
415 Crestwood Dr., Peoria, 111. 

Oddly enough, we heard from 26 mem- 
bers of the Class of '26 re 30th Reunion, 
and equally "oddly," the number who sat 
down to the Reunion Luncheon was 13 

— a number which, in my "prophetic 
soul," I'd feared might eventuate! How- 
ever, apparently no superstition was in- 
volved, for Edith Jensen White, bless her, 
(it was she who "pinch-hit" for Dode and 
me on the local scene!) reported it as a 
happy and gay occasion. 

To "back-track" a bit ■ — ■ all our plans 
were topsy-turvied by my own inability 
to fly East. (I found I'd reckoned myself 
a superwoman in imagining I could (a) 
graduate one child from 8th grade, (b) 
transport the other — and her wardrobe ! 

— from prep, school, (c) prepare and pack 
her for Europe, and STILL dash to 
Auburndale in between) ; and by our be- 
loved Dode Schumaker Walthers' sudden 
coronary attack in early May. "Ede" took 
over and handled reservations, decor for 
luncheon, and collated and presented the 
various messages and questionnaires. 

The girls who finally gathered at the 
Abner Wheeler House, Framingham, for 
the Reunion Luncheon on June 9th were: 
Charlotte Russell Morrison, Eloise Smith 
Riley, Margaret Beck Hamlin, Dot Asel- 
tine Wadsworth, Hazel Kramer O'Donnell, 
Emma Ockert, Louise Deane White x-'26, 
Ede Jensen White, Elizabeth Kimball 
Golden, Elizabeth Oppel Morris, Marian 
Fitch Fach, Bernice Cunningham Smith 
x-'26 and Dorothy Messenger Heath. 
The colors of '26 were marked by a 
huge centerpiece of "golden" flowers and 
individual insignia of gold-and-purple 
shoulder pompons, with our numeral in 
the center. This telegram from Margaret 
Anderson (Andy) Gage was read: "I re- 
gret my inability to eat and chat with you 



CLASS OF 1926 — 30th REUNION 
Front row, I. to r.: Elizabeth Kimball Golden, Emma Ockert, Margaret Beck 
Hamlin, Hazel Kramer O'Donnell. Back row: Louise Deane White x-'26, Edith 

Jensen White, and Betty Oppel Morris. 

and celebrate reunion as we are wont to 
do but I'm sending all good wishes to 
the Class of '26 and hope our paths will 
cross again in 1966!" Also a telegram of 
regrets from Betty Day Bracken, our Stu- 
dent Council President; and this nostalgic 
rhyme was read from me: 

"On far New England hilltop 
The Junes of long ago 
Stand Tiptoe at your shoulder 
And, whisp'ring soft and low, 
Breath names we treasure always, 
Raise voices golden-bright 
With youth, with warm affection, 
And summon sound and sight: 
The same thick grasses blowing, 
Same sunlight on a stone — 
Same trees to picnic under, 
The same bell's temple-tone! 

When you embrace at Bragdon 
No change shall be confessed, 
And I — in far Ulini — ■ 
Am, in your hearts, a guest!" 
Of the '26ers who could not attend, 
messages were received as follows: Betty 
Van Cleve Giersch, deep in civic work in 
Charlotte, N. C, reported her six-foot son, 
Dick, as going into his senior year at the 

University of North Carolina and her 
other six-footer, Van, as a talented singer 
and guitarist (even on television!) enter- 
ing his senior year at high school; Elinor 
Stevens Stockman wrote that her 'teen-age 
daughter, Marguerite, had inveigled her 
into a thorough sight-seeing trip to Lasell 
this spring (another generation for Lasell, 
apparently!) and thus no return for Re- 
union ! Dorothy Hale Brown wrote, "Wish 
I could go back for our 30th, but we are 
moving to Massena, N. Y., the last of 
June, so I will be quite busy. My husband 
teaches in the Apprentice School at the 
Alcoa plant and has been riding back and 
forth, about 80 miles a day, for over four 
years — too long, so we are going to live 
over there. Have bought a home at 14 
Hillcrest Ave."; Nadine Strong James, al- 
though settled in for the summer at her 
Connecticut country place, must hold her- 
self in readiness for a call at all times 
from her invalid mother in Groton; and 
Em Wiedenmayer Wallace, now at 11700 
Princeton Rd., Cincinnati 41, O., wrote: 
"We've sold our eight-acre country home in 
Pennsylvania, and after squeezing ourselves 
into an apartment in Ohio, with overflow 
in storage, we are now moving to a 



pleasant ranch house on one acre of land 
. . . Apartment life enabled me to take a 
course in typing!" Em's sons, Don and 
Dick, are grown up now, 25 and 23. 

Sarah Mackay Roblin exclaimed happily 
by letter: "I'm a grandmother! Our older 
son, John, aged 25, has a son, Geoffrey. 
Our younger son, David, aged 23, is in 
the Army, stationed in Hawaii." Ruby 
Rice Troup was prevented from "re-uning" 
by the death of her father. Ruby has a 
23-year-old daughter, Jane. Dot Denney 
Edge has written to the Class Agent Chair- 
man that she could not attend Reunion 
because of Peter's school windup and the 
news was passed on to '26; she seems to 
have a new address: 904 Eighth St., Laurel, 
Md. Madeleine Roth White, with her 
usual wry humor, announced she was "too 
fat to come" but as I know she weighs 
127 lbs., we can all discount that! Rothie 
comes East later in the summer and will 
visit Lasell. Her younger son, Billy, is a 
student this summer in a most exciting 
place, Mexico City College in verdant 

Helen Duncan Peterson wrote from 
Oahu, Hawaii (7 miles outside Honolulu), 
that Reunion Day was her 15th anniver- 
sary in Government work; for twelve years 
she has worked for the U. S. Air Force in 
Hawaii. Her work is in public relations 
and civilian personnel. She varies that 
with flying, sailing, swimming and volun- 
teer work, to say nothing of her passion 
for photography ! Last summer she spent 
nine weeks in Europe, but informed us 
that indulgence, plus trips to the Mainland 
in 1946, 1950, 1952, 1953 made a 1956 
journey impossible. She invites all Lasell- 
ians to "look her up!" 

And a "county who hadn't been heard 
from" in a long time was sweet Priscilla 
Nims x-'26 (now Mrs. Louis J. Brainerd 
of 19 Pine St., Palmer, Mass.) who wrote 
that she has two grandchildren, twin boys, 
born September 10, 1955, to her 26-year- 
old son, Donald C. Beers, Jr., a Naval air 
officer. Priscilla has had a difficult time 
so far as bereavements are concerned, for 
she was first widowed in 1944 after 16 
years of marriage, and after marrying Mr. 
Brainerd in 1945 was again widowed six 
years later. 

The news from those present at the 
Luncheon: Dot Messenger Heath observ- 
ed, "We now live in Wellesley in a pine 
grove, with the Charles River at our back 
door. I COULD be the 'oldest' grandma 
of '26 because Diane's Douglas will be 
four years old in July and her Lynne will 
soon be two." (Diane, Dot's 27-year-old 
daughter, and a Lasell grad of '49, is our 

Class Baby.) Dot's fine son, Geoffrey, is 
in the Marine Corps. Bernice Cunningham 
Smith was in the happy position of seeing 
her daughter, Sandra, graduate from Lasell 
this year. Besides Sandra, she has a son, 
Kendall, aged twelve. Bernice is an ardent 
Republican worker. Marian Fitch Fach 
had not been back to Lasell and Boston 
since '28 and all Reunioners report that 
she is amazingly chic and youthful ! Betty 
Oppel Morris added that note of self- 
derisive humor we all enjoy reporting: 
"Although I'm still with the Bridgeport 
Housing Authority, my most important 
occupation is being a grandmother — and 
at this point, most of my friends, the few 
I have left, wish that I had remained an 
old maid !" The bonny lad, Kenneth 
(son of Betty's 25-year-old Robert), is 
one year old. 

Charlotte Russell Morrison who, thank 
goodness, is no longer "lost" to us, has 
been Chief Psychiatric Casework Super- 
visor for the Division of Alcoholism, Rhode 
Island Department of Social Welfare, since 
1952 and we can be proud of her devotion 
to this ever-increasing problem in our 
nation. Margaret Beck Hamlin's personal 
comment was: "Busy!" But it needs no ex- 
pansion when one learns that her three 
children are 20, 17 and 15! Hazel Kramer 
O'Donnell, since her husband's death two 
years ago, has been working for the Yale 
Swim Coach on his "Swimming World" 
Magazine and also coping with three 
lively sons aged 22, 18 and 12. Emma 
Ockert, probably our outstanding "business 
gal" (aside from Audrey Jackson Dade 
x-'26, on Reader's Digest staff) , is now 
secretary of the Ockert Safe Company in 
New Haven, half-owner of the business 
since her dad's death and a competent as- 
sistant to her uncle, besides supervising 
two beloved motherless nieces. 

Louise Deane White x-'26, whom you 
remember from our junior year, lives in 
a 1796 Colonial house in the pre-Revolu- 
tionary village of Assonet, Mass., and be- 
sides being a grandmother (how they do 
all boast about that!) is a passionate 
gardener and D.A.R. genealogist. Her son, 
Bruce, is an executive at Boston's WGBH- 
TV. Ede Jensen White, a busy mother of 
teenagers, manages to run her own green- 
house and florist business in Watertown, 

Most '26ers realize that Dot Aseltine 
Wadsworth's daughter, Suzanne, was a 
Lasell graduate this June, just 30 years 
after Mama! Dotty herself, besides tend- 
ing the other children, Deborah, aged 14 
and Herbert, Jr., aged 10, seems to be a 
part of every civic job in Winchester, be- 
sides working constantly on projects as- 
sociated with Lasell. 



To close the chapter: I got off Mistress 
Maris on the "Saxonia" for two thrilling 
months in Europe (after her joy in June 
of receiving three signal honors at Ferry 
Hall: President of Student Government; 
Top Student of school: and election to 
National Cum Laude Society) ; am winding 
up my School Board duties here, and pack- 
ing for six weeks at Scituate, Mass. — 
although I wonder if the shipwrecked 
Etrusco practically on my doorstep at Light- 
house Point is going to make for a restful 
summer ! We shall tour Quebec and Mont- 
real in August in order to meet Maris' re- 
turn ship, and then re-install her at Ferry 
Hall and young Prescott at Lake Forest 
Academy as a freshman. 

I'm grateful and glad to be able to re- 
port that Dode is recovering well from her 
heart attack and will be perfectly safe 
from further ones if she observes a less 
active regimen. No new from "A-Mouse" 
(Virginia Amos Farrington) ? I can only 
guess that Carolyn's approaching marriage 
is keeping them all busy as bees. 

Classmates should take note of the 
picture under the Class of 1902 news 
which includes Marjorie Allyn Oakes 
Stevenson in the family group celebrating 
her parents' 50th wedding anniversary (her 
mother is Annie Mae Pinkham Allyn '02). 


Mrs. David Rosen 
(Rosalie Brightman), Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

Evelyn Suor Butterworth wrote a won- 
derful, long letter from which I quote, 
"Not long ago Sylvia Chandler Hooker 
and her husband, John, stopped on their 
way south to spend the night with us. We 
were delighted to see them and talked 
until the wee hours, hearing all about their 
son, John, Jr., who has joined his father 
in his insurance business, and their new 
home. This has been a very busy year for 
us as far as traveling goes. Our first trip 
was to New Orleans where we received a 
taste of southern hospitality which could 
not have been excelled. About three weeks 
ago my husband gave another paper be- 
fore the Montreal Dermatological Society 
and, although our friends to the north 
turned on the cold weather for us, their 
greetings were anything but chilly. We 
really had a delightful time. At present, I 
am very busy preparing for another so- 
journ. Three weeks from today we leave 
for Santa Barbara where we shall attend, 
and participate in, the American Derma- 
tological Association. After that we are 

Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth '26 with 

daughter Suzanne '56, on the front 

steps of Clark 

going to Hawaii. This has been a very 
thrilling year and one I shall long remem- 
ber." Evelyn makes reference to our forth- 
coming 30th which she hopes to attend. 
This is not a bit too early to start plan- 
ning. So remember to include a trip to 
Auburndale and Lasell next June for our 
unbelievable 30th! More to follow! 

A post card mailed from Germany 
from Minerva Damon Ludewig says, 
"This is the perfect trip — motoring 
through northern and western Europe in 
our own little Volkswagen. Quite fell in 
love with Denmark and Holland — de- 
lightful and friendly people. Stopped at 
flower auction in Aalsmeer, Holland, 
from where cut flowers are shipped world- 
wide — indescribably beautiful. Have 
just had two days coming up the beautiful 
Rhein River, now on to Switzerland, 
France and Spain." 

Saw Mardi Silliman last week, looking 
fresh and lovely on a midsummer day. She 
was en route to an outdoor luncheon in 
Pocasset at the home of Mildred Strain 
Nutter '17, who gives this luncheon every 
year as a fund raiser for the Boston La- 
sell Club. All had a grand time eating, 
swimming, sunning and some, including 
our Mardi, even going off for a jaunt in 
Dr. Nutter's motor launch. 

As for me, had a wonderful summer, 
which included a unique experience, at 
least for me. My husband has long wished 



to spend our vacation on a boat, in fact, 
navigating it himself. It seems this was 
a favorite pastime before we were married 
when he was the proud possessor of one 
or another small craft. Well, I thought, 
this should be his summer, he has spent 
many vacations in travel, which I adore. 
So off we went in a 48-foot cruiser, with 
preparations second only to the Kontiki 
adventure. It really was great fun and we 
both adored it. We made Falmouth our 
base and took day trips from there to Nan- 
tucket, Martha's Vineyard and in general 
around the picturesque spots on the Cape. 
Did some fishing, much swimming and 
must admit, though I insisted on having 
a full-fledged captain, that David, who al- 
ways took over in the difficult moments, 
is an excellent navigator. I even "took 
over" at times, although I prefer the ex- 
perience in the calm waters. The chal- 
lenge of the sea is not for me, I prefer 
those truly capable to be in charge. At 
any rate we adored every moment and I 
can now foresee a whole new way of life 
in the summer. 

And now my sister doves, what about 
your summer, fall or any adventure, even 
your daily lives? A post card with a short 
message will suffice. Better still, a note 
and snapshot of you or you and your fam- 
ily. Do it today so the next issue will be 
brimming. Also if there's a suggestion you 
could offer for our next reunion, please 
write. We need participators. Am adding 
a large mailbox in optimistic anticipation! 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
Waltham Hospital, Waltham, Mass. 

Elizabeth Stahl Mott has moved from 
Fairfield, Conn., to 102 Harvard Blvd., 
Lincoln Park, Reading, Penn. 


Mrs. Allan Van De Mark 

(Phyllis Beck), Secretary 
28 Maple St., Lockport, N. Y. 

Dorothy Hayward Sutherland has a new 
home at 29 Eaton Rd., Needham, Mass. 

A letter to Kay Braithwaite Woodworth 
in March from Betty Wells Tuttle says, 
"Have been so busy since last September 
when I left my husband's camera shop 
(never could learn about all the gadgets 
and new film speeds, etc. !) when they 
started a new weekly newspaper here. 
With a smattering of experience as staff 

correspondent of the Miami Herald a few 
years back, I barged right in and am now 
Woman's Editor of the Ft. Pierce Press! 
I just love it and have learned about every- 
thing in the new photo-offset process ex- 
cept running the presses ! My boss is 
David B. Putnam, son of George Putnam 
of the publishing firm. Would love to 
have Miss Blackstock's address. I know 
she would chuckle at the news that one of 
her 'problem children' had benefited so 
highly by her efforts! Had a surprise call 
the other day ■ — Irene Murray Pettapiece 
x-'29 and her husband on their way back to 
Portland, Me., to sell their house and move 
to Ft. Lauderdale. They'll be back for good 
in July . . . Am looking forward to our 
30th — hated to miss the 25th, 'but will get 
in line for '59!' Say hello to everybody!" 


Mrs. Reginald W. Holt 

( Helen Roberts ) , Secretary 

101 Hope St., Stamford, Conn. 

Mrs. Richard F. Murray 

(Corinne Cowdrey), Assistant 

748 Webster St., Needham 92, Mass. 

Priscilla Barber Fitch's son, Robert, who 
graduated from Newport High School in 
June, was one of four Vermont boys to 
be awarded four-year scholarships to Mid- 
dlebury College. The awards were an- 
nounced by Dr. Samuel S. Stratton, presi- 
dent of the college, after selections had 
been made by a special Middlebury Col- 
lege Committee, based on leadership, 
scholarship, literary ability and physical 

Jean Cannon x-'30 is now Mrs. Grant. 
Her address is 16510 Oakfield Ave., De- 
troit 35, Mich. 

Clara Dietz Rosenburg's daughter, 
Carol, was graduated from Wheaton Col- 
lege last June and on June 25th was 
married to Dr. Jerome K. Friedman. Dr. 
Friedman is a graduate of Yale Univer- 
sity and Tufts Medical School and com- 
pleted his surgical internship at Grace- 
New Haven Hospital in June. 

So glad to hear from Dottie Meeker 
Pearce. She writes, "What's with me? A 
typical suburban life with exception of the 
War Years. We are still in the house 
we built 18 years ago. During the war, we 
rented it, and are so thankful we were 
never tempted to sell it. The usual things 
go on, but right now my pet project is 
our new church which we are about to 
build. Our other main interest is the house 
we built on the Cape last year, which we 
love. We hope to spend a lot of time 



CLASS OF 1931 — 25th REUNION 
Front row: I. to r.: Ruth Nicolette Lander, Ruth Rohe Smith, Betty Condit Kessel, 
Elizabeth Bear DeStaebler, Karin Eliasson Monroe, Lenna Lyon Hill, Jane Hup- 
man Preston, and Sarah B. Fletchall. Back row: Frances Wheeler Sawyer, 
Virginia Riley Richardson, Charlene Rollins Ewing x-'31, Clara Giarla Albiani, 
Marjorie Magune Curtis, Ruth Bee Jackson, Helen Sears Patterson, Louise 
Roberts Stephenson, Frances Kearby Bon, Blair Whittier Shepardson, Mildred 
Bell Cole, Miriam Abbe Fowler, Dotha Warner Jope, Ruth Gerry Means, and 

Miss McClelland. 

there when John retires. He is still with 
Esso, in fact, has been for over 25 years." 

Helen Morgan Riederer writes, "We 
have three daughters now, Betsy 18, Am- 
ber 15, and Kitsy just 3. 'Kitsy' was and 
is a very delightful surprise — a nice 
change for all our lives and such a darling. 
Kitsy was six weeks old when Betsy fell 
from a horse and had a very bad skull 
fracture so that it was 'touch and go' for 
five days and then the doctor operated and 
she began to recover. She lost that year 
in school so was behind her own class in 
high school and this year she really feels 
it. We are hoping college will straighten 
things out. Amber is a dynamo and 
caught up with her in high school. All 
and all we've had quite a busy time." 

Helen Whittle Roberts writes from 
Rochester, N.Y., "My life in the last few 
years has been very sad, hectic, exciting, 
interesting and now, very happy. As you 
know, my first husband, Allan Bush, died 
of cancer in February, 1950. He'd been 
sick off and on for almost ten years. We 
had one boy, Allan, Jr., who is now 16 
years old and a wonderful little guy, I 
think - — very active in all sorts of school 
activities, especially swimming, and soccer, 
also an ardent 'ham' radio operator. On 
May 3, 1952, I married George Roberts. 
I had known his wife, who died in 1950 
also, so we had some common ground and 
many common interests, mostly outdoor 
activities, fishing, hiking, gardening and 
camping (not camp style). We built a 
new home two years ago in the suburbs. 
It's a delightful neighborhood and we had 
a grand time landscaping and planning. 
My life now is very happy and normal 

with the usual housewife's interests and ac- 
tivities of school, church, bowling and 

From the questionnaires for our reunion 
we found that Marty Adams Hindman has 
a daughter, Pat, who is 12 and a nice big 
girl; Elizabeth Hanmer MacCutcheon, a 
son, F. Welles, 10; Ruth Ericson Brown, 
two sons, William, 24, and Peter, 16; Ruth 
Richardson Pease x-'30, two sons, Freder- 
ick, 17, David, 10, and a daughter, Martha 
Ann, 14; Roselyn Gorney Ginsburg, a 
daughter, Paula, 16; Elizabeth Rogers 
Bishop, two daughters, Ann, 14 and Mary, 
12; Evelyn Brownell Inman, Richalie, 19: 
Marjorie Hubler Kiefer, two daughters, 
Susan, 14 and Nancy, 8. 


Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

( Karin Eliasson ) , Secretary 

c/o The Black House, Ellsworth, Me. 

The Monroes are "on the move" again. 
Hank is sailing the Pacific in a cruiser, 
and Karin and her three daughters are 
in Ellsworth, temporarily at The Black 
House until they get located in an apart- 
ment there. (Please note the picture of 
the three girls under the Faculty News.) 
Notes of the news gathered at reunion 
will be forthcoming in the next issue of 
the LEAVES, when your secretary's situa- 
tion will be more settled. So be sure to 
send your contribution to the Alumnae 
Fund (if you have not already given at 
reunion or since) and then you'll receive 
the following numbers of the LEAVES for 




Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katherine Hartman), Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 

The best news has come directly from Lib 
Putnam. She returned home in Houlton, 
Me., in June and reports most satisfactory 

In May the Alumnae Office was de- 
lighted to receive the following from 
Ethelyn Whitney Lenzi, "On the 'up' 
again after two years of doctors and hos- 
pitals due to chronic leukemia. Hope the 
'down-hills' are over for good. Still have 
two blood specialists keeping track of me. 
Ethelyn, Jr., graduates from high school 
this June as Valedictorian. Hoping to get 
to school in '57 — our 25th." 

Betty Parrish Newman is still living in 
Wilmette, 111., but has moved to 1747 
Central Ave. 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

(Ruth Stafford), Secretary 

31 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. E. H. Place, Jr. 

(Barbara Edmands), Assistant 

27 Hancock Hill Dr., Worcester, Mass. 

While on a vacation trip, Alice Hutton 
Moore paid a visit to Lasell, her first since 
1938. Her address is 27 West Ave., Wells- 
boro, Penn. 


Mrs. R. A. Massey 

(Roberta Davis), Secretary 

975 Mohegan, Birmingham, Mich. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett), Assistant 

Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

Her husband is with Northeast Airlines 
in Augusta, Me. A week after Beepy's 
call I went to Vermont with my husband. 
While he attended a sales conference in 
Rutland I spent a few days in Burlington 
with Lucinda Cummings Carr and her 

May 23rd Edith Downey appeared on 
television over Channel 30, New Britain. 
Her appearance was in connection with 
her work at Hartford Children's Museum. 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

(Barbara King), Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

(Barbara Ordway), Assistant 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, Mass. 

Born: To Maida Cardwell Atwood, a 
third son, Jonathan Clark, on August 9, 

Other News: On the day the new stu- 
dents registered at Lasell, Gebbie Gebelein 
Greene met Hank Colwell Reeves at the 
Alumnae Office. Though time was limited, 
they had a very nice reunion with Pris 
Winslow and Barbara Ordway Brewer. 
Hank had come to town with her husband 
and daughter, Ann, who is one of Lasell's 
new students. 

Barbara Iris Johnson had a visit from 
Hilly Weigold Grady, her husband, and 
three children, when they came up to 
watch their son perform in a big Boys 
Club swimming meet. Barbara was very 
sorry to have to miss the Alumnae Coun- 
cil meetings at Lasell but hopes to make 
it next spring. She thoroughly enjoys the 
association she has had with the Western 
Massachusetts Lasell Club. 

For the second year Barbara Ordway 
Brewer attended the Sunday School Con- 
ference at the Northfield School for Girls 
in Northfield, Mass., this summer, and 
once again enjoyed it very much. Her 
daughter, Bonnie, recently entered Spring- 
field College in Springfield, Mass. 

Pris Winslow has moved to an apart- 
ment at 38 Woodward St., Newton High- 
lands, Mass. 

In April, Barbara Blaisdell White, her 
husband, and two children, Cynthia 10 
and Stephen 6, flew to Kansas City. They 
made the trip home by car via Washing- 
ton, D. C, New York and Rocky Hill, 
Conn., where they stopped to call on yours 
truly (Ada May Bartlett Degree). We had 
a wonderful visit — our first since Lasell 
days. Beepy is as little and cute as ever. 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

(Audrey Smith), Secretary 
51 Beverly Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 

The class extends sympathy to Natalie 
Bartlett Adams on the death of her father, 
Clifton L. Bartlett. 



CLASS OF 1936 — 20th REUNION 
Front row, I. to r.: Audrey Smith Henderson, Miss McClelland, Janet Cryan 
Condon, Phyllis Gunn Rodgers, Marjorie Bassett MacMillan, Deborah York, Ruth 
Upham Petremont. Back row: Virginia Johnston Loud, Gladys Packer Sugar- 
man x-'36, Hilda Katersky Zaslow, Emily Hubbel Weiss, Marjorie Andrews, 
Carolyn Young Cate, Margaret Pearl Ide, Mary Elton Remig, Janice Remig 
Kelley, Marjorie Reed Colley, and Ruth Buswell Isaacson. 

Reunion News: The 20th reunion of the 
Class of 1936 has come and gone, and al- 
though we were small in numbers, we 
were not lacking in enthusiasm. Seven- 
teen met for our class luncheon at the 
home of Carolyn Young Cate and spent 
most of the afternoon reminiscing and 
getting caught up on the news. By-word 
of the day was, of course, "You haven't 
changed a bit!" We even started making 
plans for a really big 25th, of which you 
will hear more later. 

Because Carolyn is moving to South 
Station St., Duxbury, Mass., and has other 
commitments which take up all of her 
time, I have agreed to take over the job 
of Class Secretary. A vote of thanks is 
most certainly due Carolyn for serving us 
so well for twenty years and graciously 
opening her home for our last two re- 
unions. I am hoping to hear from all of 
you, with plenty of news for the LEAVES. 

Marjorie Bassett MacMillan traveled 
the farthest to be with us — all the way 
from Chicago, and Peg Pearl Ide came 
down from Vermont. Mary Elton Remig 
was here from Pennsylvania, and Deb 
York from New York. Janice Remig 
Kelley and Midge Reed Colley were up 
from the Cape, and Ruth Upham Petre- 
mont from Connecticut. Emily Hubbel 
Weiss came from Rome, N. Y., and 
Gladys Packer Sugarman x-'36 from Fall 
River, Mass. The rest of us were from 
nearby Boston. How wonderful it was to 
see them all again and hear the news of 
their families and activities ! 

We do have some news of some of 
those who were unable to attend: Marjorie 
Gove Johnson wrote from Phoenix, N. Y., 
that she is adopting six-year-old twin boys 
and they are keeping her busy. 

Phyllis Gunn Rodgers' daughter, Pam- 
ela, was born June 30, 1955. 

Esso Sosman is taking a vacation in 
Mexico in September and therefore was 
unable to come East for the reunion. 

Elaine Frank Lieberman wrote from 
Providence that she has three children: 
Connie, 13V2> Jimmy, IOV2; and Michael, 
10 months. 

Ruth Keyes Wendt wrote from Tuxedo 
Park, N. Y., that her daughter graduated 
from the Tuxedo Park School on the 
same day as the reunion. Ruth sent best 
regards to all. 

Priscilla Hay Nichols was house hunt- 
ing in the New Haven, Conn., area and 
wrote that her husband had accepted a 
position as Executive Director of the 
Family Service of New Haven. Their two 
boys, Nicky and Mark, are 13 and 8. 

Helen Saul Foxwell is moving to Indi- 
anapolis either this fall or next spring. 
David is 8V2 years old. Helen sent best 
regards to all. 

Marian Burke Walkey wrote that her 
son was graduating from Thayer Academy 
and would go to college in the fall. 
Marian also has two daughters and is kept 
busy with their activities. 

Dorothy Paine Chaucer wrote, "My 
husband became Health Director for the 
town of Fairfield, Conn., last November. 
The welcome mat is out for any '36er 
down this way." 

Audrey Seeley Tompkins wrote that 
her second daughter, Natalie, was per- 
forming in her first play on June 9th. 
Audrey is looking forward to seeing us 
all at our 25th. 

Adelaide Shaffer Campbell x-'36 wrote 
that she is active in Real Estate and Insur- 
ance, and this is the busy season. "Babe" 



lives in Hackensack, N. J., and she sends 
her best to all. 

Lib Pomeroy Craft has four children: 
Betsy, 14; Skip, 11; Dee, 6y 2 ; and Mar- 
jory, 21^, and also two dogs, all of which 
makes it almost impossible for her to leave 
home for very long. 

Adelaide Seeley Bull wrote that her 
eldest daughter, Audrey Elizabeth, was 
graduating from high school. "Dale" 
sent her love to all. 

Jeanette Tifft Jeffcock is coming east 
the end of June, to be in Falmouth 
through July, with her three daughters, 
Pamela, 15; Jane, 11; and Wendy, 5. She 
could not manage two visits within the 
month, but sent her best wishes to all. 

Dorothea Eburne MacLeod's daughter, 
Carol, will be coming to Lasell in 1957. 
Dorothea also has three boys, aged 14, 8, 
and 5. 

"Toddy" Marder Pond will be in South 
Dennis on the Cape for July and August. 
Her children are: Grace, 9, and Chuck, 5. 

Persis-Jane Peeples Cline x-'36 sent best 
wishes to all. "P.J." keeps busy as presi- 
dent of the Scarsdale Junior League and 
taking care of a baby girl adopted two 
years ago. 

Mary. Smith Auten x-'36 is teaching 
kindergarten in Somerville, N. J. Her 
two boys are 10 and 12. 

Mary Wilson Elwood is keeping busy 
helping to run a restaurant and was ex- 
pecting to move into a new home the 
first week in June. 

Natalie Hutchison Germaine wrote that 
her husband would be discharged from the 
Army on June 7th. Nat has had a busy 
year working and keeping up with the 
activities of her two teen-age children. 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

(Louise Tardivel), Secretary 

50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass. 

In May, Elizabeth Doe Houston x-'37 
sent the Alumnae Office her new address, 
709 Club Dr., Richmond, Va., and wrote 
the following, "Three of my children and 
I moved here the first of April. My oldest 
daughter is still at Saint Anne's Episcopal 
School for Girls in Arlington Heights, 
Mass. The children are finding school 
more difficult than in Sandwich, N. H., 
where we have been living. I would be 
interested to know if there are any Lasell 
girls in or around Richmond. We love it 

Beverly Rice x-'37 is administrative as- 
sistant at Yale University. 

Rae Salisbury Richards has three boys, 
Roy 9, Joe 7, and Scott 2. She keeps busy 
with church and community affairs. 

New Addresses: Eleanor Kenney Barthold, 
307 Embert PL, Peoria 4, 111. 

Betty Taylor Cross x-'37, 41 Valley View 
Ave., Summit, N. J. 


Mrs. R. R. Peters 

(Virginia Wilhelm), Secretary 

2316 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard), Assistant 

Box N, Humarock, Mass. 

The class extends deepest sympathy to 
Virginia Bartlett Gay on the death of her 
father, Clifton L. Bartlett and to Betty 
Shultz Moore on the death of her husband, 
Robert A. Moore, on June 2, 1956. Mr. 
Moore had been ill for some time with 
multiple sclerosis. 

Marjorie Furbush Gledhill lives on Sher- 
man Bridge Rd., Wayland, Mass. The 
Alumnae Office recently learned that she 
had a second son, third child, on January 
24, 1949. 

Your secretary, Ginny Wilhelm Peters, 
had a visit from Miriam Nye Newcomb 
and Harriet Newcomb Stoughton (room- 
mates and sisters-in-law) just before she 
left for Newfound Lake, in N. H. in July. 
Harriet had her lovely daughter, Nancy, 
with her and had come east for a visit. 
Hat hasn't changed at all and it was won- 
derful getting together. Miriam and her 
husband have just gotten themselves a 
cabin cruiser and are spending their week 
ends exploring the Sound and Connecticut 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester received the 
following letter from Virginia Squires 
Read in May. "I'm stealing a little time 
from my work to drop you this note and 
send this check. I am assistant secretary 
at the Presbyterian Church in our town — 
some change from medical work. I love 
my work; it's so varied and there is always 
something doing in a church this size 
(active membership of 1638). My imme- 
diate boss is still a student at McCormick 
Theological Seminary in Chicago and is 
going to Jordan this summer to dig for 
Old Testament relics. He is to be the 
only student on this expedition with four 
professors and they will be in the ancient 
city of Shechem for 30 days. This is a five- 
year archeological expedition, but I don't 
think he will plan to go all five years. 



You can imagine how exciting it is to 
work with someone so interesting. 

"My husband, Bob, has been working 
for the Aetna Insurance Group in Park 
Ridge, 111., which is just over the line from 
Chicago, for a year now, and although we 
like it out here and the people are wonder- 
ful, we miss the hills of New England. 
Bob has a fine position as supervisor of 
Accident and Health for the Western De- 
partment and loves his work. We live in 
a very growing community about eight 
miles south of Betty Lloyd Fritch who 
lives in Barrington. Betty and I are going 
up to Milwaukee, Wis., next Thursday to 
visit Pat (Harriet) Newcomb Stoughton 
and have a good chat. 

"Our children like it out here very much 
and find many activities to get into. 
Charles, who will be 11 in June, recently 
had a very serious accident. He got a nail 
in his left eye with such force that he 
damaged the lens. We took him to a spe- 
cialist immediately. A cataract formed 
which will take about four months to ab- 
sorb and then the doctor will be able to 
tell if he has any sight left. However, 
there will be some loss of sight just be- 
cause he damaged the lens. He is on 
atropine treatment and drops in his eye 
four times a day. It has been three weeks 
now since the accident; the first two weeks 
were the hardest, trying to keep him quiet. 
He is a very active child and had fallen 
out of a tree the day before the accident 
to his eye. Although he fell 15 feet, he 
was only scraped and bruised. The rest 
of us seem to be fine and except for the 
terrific humidity (worse than Boston), 
don't mind the weather too much . . ." 
Ginny's address is 1019 N. Kennicott Ave., 
Arlington Heights, 111. 

From a newspaper article we learned 
that Lee Shepard Wilgus, a registered 
psychologist, has been appointed rehabili- 
tation counselor with the Clark County 
Tuberculosis and Public Health League. 
She is a member of the American Psycho- 
logical Association and professional mem- 
ber of the National Vocational Guidance 
Association. Her working experience in- 
cludes services as a case worker at the 
Girls' Industrial School in Delaware and 
six years with the U. S. Department of 
Labor in New York City. She studied at 
Miami University in Oxford, O., and Co- 
lumbia University. Her new address is 605 
Jefferson St., Fairborn, O. 

New Addresses: Carolyn Stuart Drange, 
70 Ross Ave., San Anselmo, Calif. 

Shirley Hanson Carter, 24 Percy Rd., 
Lexington, Mass. 


(Your class secretary, Louisa Clark Har- 
rington, has found it necessary to resign 
her job as secretary. How about someone 
suggesting someone?) 

Helen Beede '21, Lasell Recorder, re- 
cently had the following letter from Bet- 
tina Beebe McCleary x-'39, "We have a 
13-year-old girl, Susan, and a dear imp 
of a boy, six, named Boyd. They, plus 
home, church and community affairs keep 
me fairly busy, but this year with Boyd in 
first grade I'd like to try my hand at 
kindergarten substitute teaching." Her 
address is 14425 Chelsea, Detroit 13, 

Frances Haley Scott is living at 2331 E. 
Whitton, Phoenix, Ariz. She flew east to 
visit her family in July and stopped at 
Lasell to show her daughter around. Her 
children are Steve and Nancy who are 11 
and 9 years old, respectively. She thought 
Lasell looked wonderful and to Miss Mac 
she said, "Don't let them give up the old 

New Addresses: Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 
(Mrs. W. Redmond), 76 Palmer Ct., Platts- 
burg, N. Y. 

Eleanor Parmer Farrar, 4 Oak Tree 
Lane, Ashland, Mass. 

June Peterson Blanchard, Marblehead 
Neck, Mass. 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper), Secretary 

32 Rumford St., West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 
(Ruth Sullivan), Assistant 

17 Hemlock Rd., 
Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

The class extends sympathy to Jane 
Jones Vogeley whose father died suddenly 
last spring. Jane has lived in Virginia for 
16 years and last June finished her year's 
residence at the University of Virginia. 
She has now gone to Erie, Penn., to care 
for her invalid mother and hopes to com- 
plete her work on her doctoral dissertation 
by next year. Her address is 536 W. 9th 
St., Erie, Penn. 

New Addresses: Ruth Frost Bricker (Mrs. 
James H.), 5 Chestnut St., Westboro, 


CLASS OF 1941 — 15th REUNION 

Front row, I. to r.: Gertrude E. Fischer, Betty McGrath Brown, Elna Pollard 
Hanson, Arax Zulalian Johnian, Josephine Caruso Kuchera, Amelia Yankus 
White, and Janet Jansing Sheffer. Second row: Nancy Keach, Mary Kulos 
Topulos, Laura Pechilis Apostolu, Peg Goodrich Hoffman, Mary Haller Stone, 
Sue Cairoli Peck, Betty Danker Trenholm (behind), Mary Makes O'Connell, 
Norma Forsberg Burman (behind), Betty Davis Trow. Third row: Reba Camp- 
bell Wires, Eldora Anthony Kempe, Virginia Dostal Easterbrooks x-'41, Despina 
Spring Giftos, Eleanor Rawson Preston, Lucille Weilandt Speight, Ellen Visscher 
Taft, Sue Paisley Hansbury, and Grace Sheffer Hendrick. Back row: Connie 
Moore Porter x-'41, Mary Cameron Blaisdell, Jean Partisch McCall, Mary Lou 
Allyn Ross, Virginia DeNyse, Dorothy Mellen Harwood, Louise Johnson Bryan, 
and Marjorie Williams Lovejoy x-'41. 

Mary Alice Houghton Mengel (Mrs. 
Jack), P. O. Box 552, Lakeland, Fla. 

Peggy Kingsbacher Cooms (Mrs. Rob- 
ert S.), 4202 N. Westview Dr., Phoenix, 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

(Janet Jansing), Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Pa. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 
65 Ralph Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Reunion News: For those of you who 
were unable to attend our wonderful re- 
union (our 15th in case you have for- 
gotten), we will try to bring you up-to- 
date on the big doings, but if we leave 

anything out, we beg your indulgence, as 
we got carried away at being teenagers 
again! It was terrific — from the hot, 
dusty ride up on Friday, to being whistled 
at by real teenagers, and even babysitting, 
which Ginny DeNyse, Lu Wielandt 
Speight and Petie Visscher Taft got in- 
volved in at the motel. The years rolled 
away and our gray hairs and responsibili- 
ties with them. We all had covered our 
dish-pan hands with nail polish and filed 
our cares away back in the office and set 
ourselves for a good time. Picture, if you 
can, our reunion luncheon at the Pillar 
House on Saturday with 35 gals all talking 
at once. It was a madhouse and it was 
heavenly. The first person we heard was 
Monge (hasn't changed a bit) who was 
inviting everyone for lunch (peanut but- 
ter sandwiches) on a different day and dis- 
playing pictures of her children (one is 
14 years old). Sue Paisley Hansbury has 



four boys to match Petie Visscher Taft's 
four girls. If the boys are millionaires, 
Petie plans to marry her daughters off. 
Laura Pechilis Apostolu has three girls 
and we expect news of another soon, a 
boy this time though, "she says." Betty 
Davis Trow looked prettier than she did 
when we graduated, sounds impossible I 
know, but she did. Betty Danker Tren- 
holm is one '4ler we can be proud of, she 
really is a hard working alumna, a Direc- 
tor of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. Sue Cairoli 
Peck is busy with her three girls and help- 
ing her husband, Bill, open a new Ford 
Agency in Niantic, Conn. So, if anyone 
is in the market for a new car, try the 
Peck Ford Agency. How about one for 
us, for the plug, Sue? And if a Ford is 
not in your future, Mary Makes O'Con- 
nell's husband has a Cadillac-Olds Agency 
in Pittsfield, Mass. Pretty "Little Mc- 
Grath" (as Miss Mac called her) had come 
all the way from Hamilton, O. It was 
wonderful to see you, Betty. She is now 
Mrs. Robert Brown and has two darling 
little boys. Mary Kulos Topulos has a son 
and a daughter, and Eldora Anthony 
Kempe has a little boy. Nancy Keach and 
Jeanne Partisch McCall looked very swish, 
as did Despina Spring Giftos and Mary 
Haller Stone. We really have a lot of 
good-looking gals in our class ! 

Mimi Yankus White and Ginny Dostal 
Easterbrooks x-'4l drove up for the day 
from nearby Dudley and Jan Jansing Shef- 
fer and Grace Sheffer Hendrick came from 
Pennsylvania. What fun it must be to be 
the sister-in-law of a Lasellite. So you see 
we came from near and far. We all want 
to thank Gert Fischer for making such a 
wonderful reunion possible and for the 
darling hats she had flown up from Jamaica 
for us to wear in the parade. They doubled 
as handbags and we all howled as Peg 
Goodrich Hoffman and Elna Pollard Han- 
son (up to their old tricks) clowned in the 
floppy brims. Gert works for the Ross 
Travel Agency, New Canaan, Conn., and 
takes glamorous trips to foreign ports as 
part of her job; hard to take, eh! Louise 
Johnson Bryan and Arax Zulalian Johnian 
were their usual vivacious selves. It was 
so much fun seeing everyone! Eleanor 
Rawson Preston and Norma Forsberg 
Burman were there looking very hand- 
some. Jo Caruso Kuchera drove over in 
a very snappy car. Connie Moore Porter 
x-'4l, Reba Campbell Wires and Mary 
Cameron Blaisdell made the trip easily, 
all living nearby. Mary Lou Allyn Ross 
came down from Montreal and gave every- 
one a standing invitation to look her up 
when in Canada. (Incidentally, you should 
be sure to take note of the picture under 
the Class of 1902 news which includes 

Mary Lou in the family group celebrating 
her parents' 50th wedding anniversary — 
her mother is Annie Mae Pinkham Allyn 
'02.) Lu Wielandt Speight, Ginny De- 
Nyse and Petie Visscher Taft drove up 
from Ginny's new home in White Plains, 
N. Y. On Sunday they broke their trip 
back by stopping to see Eleanor Pfaff in 
West Haven, Conn., and relived the re- 
union and our school days all over again. 
After the luncheon at the Pillar House 
some of us renewed our acquaintance with 
the old campus and inspected the new 
buildings, which are beautiful. Then we 
shivered in line for the Alumnae Parade 
to go to our dinner. It was really cold 
that night and all of us in cottons and no 
minks ! 

We missed all of you who were not 
able to be with us and do hope to hear 
news of you soon. As we arrived home 
Sunday night, bleary-eyed, with laryngitis 
and a suitcase full' of dirty clothes, we 
were busy making plans for our 20th re- 
union, and hoping you are going to be 
there too. See you in five years? 

Signed: Petie Visscher Taft 

Born: To Dorothy Brewer Carlson, a son, 
Allan David, on July 24, 1956. 

To Betty Danker Trenholm, a son, For- 
rest DeWitt, Jr. The baby came to make his 
home with the Trenholms on August 10, 
1956 (born on April 16, 1956). 

To Mary Doig Nicholson, a daughter, 
Gale, on June 6, 1956. 

Other News: Mary E. Corliss had hoped 
she might be able to attend the reunion 
but found it impossible as she left early 
in July for Europe. She is attending the 
International Conference of Social Work 
in Munich, Germany, as one of the dele- 
gates from the United States. She'll be 
gone for two months, studying social wel- 
fare programs in England, France, Hol- 
land, Belgium and Germany. Finally, she 
will go on to Italy and Switzerland for 
pure recreation which she feels will be 
needed by then. 

In May, Gert Fischer received the fol- 
lowing letter from Barbara Gorley Teller: 
"Reunion plans sound wonderful ! Un- 
fortunately for me, Pine Manor's com- 
mencement week end is also at that time 
and there are several events on Saturday, 
June 9th, that I have to attend with my 
husband who is head of the art depart- 
ment there. Also, my little boy, Grafton, 
will have his third birthday June 9th and 
he is counting very heavily on a party. 
When I read the class notes for '41, I al- 
ways wish that there was more news from 
more girls, and then I realize — who am 
I to talk! I am one of the miscreants my- 



self who never write in. The fact is that 
my husband, my house and my human 
dynamo of a son have been leading me a 
merry chase for the past few years. Our 
second child, and first daughter, arrived 
on January 11th, named Diana de Peyster. 
Fortunately she is a model baby — the 
kind of well-behaved infant that you read 
about but never hope to possess — so 
Graham and Grafton or 'Toby' as we call 
him, are not completely neglected. Toby 
still takes up most of my time as he is a 
romping rogue of two-and-a-half and needs 
constant watching. When I sit in the eve- 
ning sewing on buttons or mending rips 
in little short pants instead of reading or 
writing I am always amused at my do- 
mesticity. In October of 1954 I had an 
article published in the Florida Historical 
Quarterly and have managed to do a few 
sketches and the Christmas card silhouettes. 
This year it had to be a simple one of 
Toby on his 18th century rocking horse 
which his father restored to its former ele- 
gant self with red leather saddle and har- 
ness and black mane and tail. Graham is 
a busy man these days at Pine Manor. Over 
half the students now take some art course 
so he will be very grateful for the ex- 
panded space and facilities in the new 
Library and Art Center building which he 
has been helping Perry, Shaw & Hepburn 
design and which will be ready next year." 

Charlotte Hillas Vollendorf (Mrs. Harry 
W.) lives at 341 Pinetree Dr., N.E., At- 
lanta 5, Ga. She has three boys. 

Gini Loveday Larson has four sons, ages 
9, 7, 5 and 2. Her address is 115 80th St., 
Virginia Beach, Va. 

Caroline Lydecker Crescenzi lives at 100 
Bradhurst Ave., Valhalla, N. Y., where she 
is a pathologist at Grasslands Hospital. 

Dorothy Martin Berdan's son, Martin, is 
nearly eight years old and her daughter, 
Louise, was three years old in July. 

We received a very sad note from Lois 
Newton who was in an automobile accident 
last January and was in the Newton-Wel- 
lesley Hospital for eight days. After spend- 
ing ten days at home recuperating she went 
back to work, but was suddenly taken ill 
again and was in the same hospital for an 
intestinal operation. Classmates will be 
glad to hear Lois is regaining her strength 
and is now able to work half a day. 

Jane Palmer Getty and her husband vis- 
ited Virginia Whalen Petrie while Dr. 
Getty attended the American Orthodontic 
Society Meeting in Boston the last of April. 
Virginia wrote, "We surprised Liz Pattee 
Merrill x-'4l and her husband in Goffs- 
town, N. H., while 'Ink' was here." 

Virginia Reynolds Morey lives at 17531 
Osborne St., Northridge, Calif. She has 
four girls and two boys. 

Jane Smith Davis x-'4l has been a psy- 
chometrist at Perkins School for the Blind, 
in Watertown, Mass., since 1943. She 
spends her summer vacations in a recently 
purchased one-room schoolhouse in North- 
ern Vermont, near Willoughby Lake. 

Louise Greene Davis x-'4l is still living 
in Pittsburgh, Penn., but has moved to 
6510 Virginia Ave. 

I thought you'd like to know that 94 
of our class contributed to the Alumnae 
Fund a total of $577 — that amount in- 
cluded our gift of $150. Last year we had 
68 contributors and a total of $291. So 
congratulations, you all, and congratula- 
tions, Gert!! 

Signed: Virginia DeNyse 


Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley), Secretary 

429 Ridgeway Dr., Metairie, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
1784 Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Helen Sullivan Sterns and 
her infant son, Byron, by accident, on July 
21, 1956. Her husband, Frederick, and an- 
other son, Jeffrey, 9, were held for obser- 
vation of possible internal injuries, cuts 
and bruises. A third son, Frederick, Jr., 
was uninjured. The fatal accident occurred 
in a head-on auto collision when driving 
rains lashed the country from New England 
to the Far West. The Sterns' home is at 
100 Jackson St., Attleboro, Mass. 

Born: To Janice Fuller Currier x-'42, a 
daughter, Megan Elizabeth, in November, 

To Mary Ellen Metzger Simpson, a sec- 
ond son, fourth child, John Warren, on 
April 18, 1956. 

To Ruth Mosher Porter, a fourth son, 
fifth child, on March 29th. 

To Ruth Roughgarden Sisler, a second 
daughter, third child, Helen Louise, on 
April 23, 1956. 

To Margaret Wolfe Kent, twins, Sally 
and Christopher, on May 1, 1956. Mar- 
garet also has a son four years old and a 
daughter two years old. They live at 57 
Brooksdale Rd., Needham, Mass. 

To Trudy Ruch Kauffman, a daughter, 
Susan Ruth, on August 29th. In the spring 
Trudy wrote, "We received our orders and 
will leave here April 15th for Los Ala- 
mitos, Long Beach, Calif., where Sully will 
be the Executive Officer. While at Sun 
Valley the end of February, Trudy ran into 
Sybil Feinberg Stone. 



Other News: An exhibit of paintings by 
Elaine Dugdale Haskett was held at the 
Gifford Gallery, New Canaan, Conn., from 
July 15 through August 4, 1956. 

The Alumnae Office recently learned that 
Bernadette Finn is now Mrs. Walter J. 
Dudash. She has three daughters and one 
son and lives at 184 Burgess Ave., West- 
wood, Mass. Kathleen Finn Cullen has 
two sons and a daughter and she also lives 
in Westwood at 790 High St. 

New Addresses: Elizabeth S. Allen, P. O. 
Box 561, Brunswick, Me. 

Yvonne Gardner Noel, 726 N. Marshall 
St., Lancaster, Penn. 

Phyllis Johnson Beach, 1220 Calle del 
Sol N. E., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Estelle Maguire Sprow, P. O. 561, Cocoa 
Beach, Fla. 

Helen Keenan Centlivre x-'42, 4912 Old 
Mill Rd., Fort Wayne 6, Ind. 

Noel Temple Martinson, 12 Fiske Ave., 
Waltham, Mass. 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

(Nathalie Monge), Secretary 

28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy), Assistant 

4314 Mathews Lane, Kensington, Md. 

Born: To Jean Brock Stone, a daughter, 
Ann Brock, in April, 1956. Jean's son, 
Shelby, is five years old. Mr. Stone is as- 
sociated with Wolfe, Wilde, a department 
store in Lexington, Ky., where they live 
on Windemere Rd. 

Other News: In the alumni publication of 
the University of Vermont there recently 
appeared an article and picture of Dean 
Alan Coutts and Capt. John McHugo, hus- 
band of Pat Bixby McHugo, following a 
jet flight of 600 miles over Vermont, New 
Hampshire and New York. Capt. McHugo 
was a fighter pilot during World War II, 
serving 15 months in the Pacific Theater. 
He graduated from the University of Ver- 
mont with the class of 1948. During the 
Korean crisis, his National Guard unit was 
called up and he once again returned to 
active duty. In January, 1955, he joined the 
134th Fighter Squadron at Burlington on 
a full-time basis and was made Executive 
Officer of the unit. 

While Edith Lippert Weiss was visiting 
Betty Petterson Leonard, they paid a visit 
to Lasell. Edith has a son, Artie, who is 
five years old and a daughter, Cindy Lee, 

who is two years old. From Edith we 
learned that Florence Pechilis Caramihas 
also has two children and is living in Bay 
Shore, L. I. 

New Addresses: Mildred Bond Fincken 
(Mrs. Harry L.), 3073 Avellano Dr., Con- 
cord, Calif. 

Marie Good Ashman (Mrs. Leland), 19 
Shean Rd., Belmont, Mass. 

Fay Heritage Herbster x-'43 (Mrs. R. E.), 
91 Fifth Ave., Broomall, Penn. 


Mrs. John M. Darnton 

(Katherine Cogswell), Secretary 

Dodge Park, So. Hamilton, Mass. 

Mrs. Francis R. Staffier 

(Dorothy Tobin), Assistant 

15 Tufts Rd., Winchester, Mass. 

Married: Suzanne Lange Schuberth to John 
B. Riddlemoser. Their address is 3 Joyce 
Ave., Amityville, L. I., N. Y. 

Born: To Dorothy Nickerson Tehan, a 
son, John Nickerson, on February 14, 
1956. Nancy Ann is four years old. 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert), Secretary 
5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean E. Logue), Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

Treasury Report: The cost of dittoing the 
address lists plus envelopes and postage 
totaled $7.95. Deducting this amount from 
the $25.30 which remained in our treasury 
after the 10th reunion luncheon, we now 
have $17.35 on hand. 

Married: Geraldine Deal to Arvid Wahl- 
strom on November 18, 1955. The Wahl- 
stroms' new address is 73 Thornton Rd., 
Hancock Village, Mass. 

Priscilla Mauch Barrow x-'45 to Charles 
E. Gillespie. Her address is R.F.D. #1, 
South Acton, Mass. 

Born: To Eleanor Bradway Lammers, a 
son, Bruce Eaton, on April 25, 1956. When 
Eleanor wrote in June the baby was still 
in the hospital. He weighed three pounds 
at birth and had gained nearly all of the 
required five and a half pounds so she 
was looking forward to having him at 
home very soon. 



CLASS OF 1946 — 10th REUNION 
Front row: I. to r.: Marge Norris Harris, Lee Pool Langley, Ursula Anglim Hart, 
Clare McCarthy Caffrey, Justine Brownstone Segal, Lennie Lobl Hootstein, and 
Rose Emer Bucalo. Second row: Pat O'Neil Messmore, Debbie Newton Warren, 
Jacqueline Darcy, Naomi Kahrimanian Kuzoian, and Irene Tomasek Charbon- 
neau. Back row: Phyllis Warburton Erlandson, Corinne Schlegel Cathcart, Janet 
Garland Wilson, Lynn Lerch Swett, Florence Lewis DuBois, Arlene Havir Olson, 
Nan Somerville Blowney, Barbara Conover Wadleigh, Lucille Sahakian Davies, 
Peg Campbell, and Carol Cooley. 

To Barbara Brown Nelson, a second son, 
David,, on July 23, 1955. Peter was born 
on July 13, 1953. Their new address is 34 
Sears Rd., Weston, Mass. 

To Susan Slocum Klingbeil, a third child, 
second son, Frederick Taylor, on March 2, 
1956. Their address is 56 Hawthorne Rd., 
Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. 

Other News: Priscilla Warner Duncan 
x-'45 (Mrs. John E.) is living at 357 W. 
Ferry St., Buffalo 13, N. Y. Her daugh- 
ter, Pamela, was three years old in May 
and John David was a year old last Au- 

New Addresses: Marjorie Beebe Dill (Mrs. 
M. Thompson, Jr.), Spring Rock Rd., Pine 
Orchard, Conn. 

Carol Colby McLane, 10 Day St., E. 
Longmeadow, Mass. 

Elaine McQuillan Marston, c/o Capt. 
Roy L. Marston, 34lst Supply Sqdn., Abi- 
lene Air Force Base, Tex. 


Mrs. Payson B. Langley 

(Louise Pool), Secretary 

3717 Chevy Chase Lake Dr., 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson), Assistant 

1505 Raleigh Rd., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

True to all expectations, the Class of 
1946's Tenth Reunion was the best yet! 
There were 49 classmates present at the 
reunion luncheon at the Pillar House, New- 
ton Lower Falls, on June 9th. '46ers came 
from far and near in groups and singly to 
be there on the illustrious day. 

After registering at the Alumnae Office 
in Plummer Library, fellow alumnae made 
the short trip to the Pillar House where, 
over cocktails and luncheon, faces were 
matched with names and experiences of 
ten years ago were recalled. Due to the size 
of our group, we overflowed our allotted 
room into the adjacent glassed-in porch. 

After luncheon a short business meeting 
was conducted in which the following mo- 
tions were carried: 

1. Upon the resignation of Betts Ken- 
dall as Assistant Class Secretary, Mary 
Jane Magnusson Megroz consented 
to serve again in this job which she 
originally had. 

2. Class Agent Marjorie Norris Harris 
urged everyone to contribute to the 
Alumnae Fund and help raise our 
class percentage. 

3. Cards will be distributed every spring 
in order to get up-to-date informa- 
tion on all '46ers. 

4. On these same cards alumnae who 
would like to get together in an off- 
reunion year will be listed and a 
luncheon planned with these class- 
mates. It was noted here that the 
Boston Club has a similar luncheon 
for those wishing to attend. 



CLASS OF 1946 — 10th REUNION 

Front row, I. to r.: Bunny Quinn McKenna, Betty Scrimgeour Reney x-'46, Rae- 
mary Chase Duryea, Elizabeth Norton x-'46, Lee Parker McBurnie, Joan Hart 
Taylor, and Joan Reth Lombardi. Second row: Peg Ryan Sullivan, Ruth Nord- 
strand Emery, Meri Zanleoni Goyette, Dorie Crathern French, Judy Greenough 
Udalow, Pat Luther Wilkin, and Betty Renison Ballard. Back row: Dorothy Mor- 
ris Bresnahan, Marilyn Blodgett Hall, Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz, Kay Wool- 
aver Parsons, Virginia Westerdale Magnusson, Nancy Brown Young, Phyllis 
Paige Downes, Joan Hanson Blake, Connie Wilbur Dowden, Corinne Wilkins 
Staid, Joan Walker Doane, and Betty Wilks Hulbert. 

The remainder of the day was spent on 
campus attending the enjoyable President's 
Reception, participating in the Alumnae 
Parade, seeing other classes at the Alumnae 
Supper and watching them perform, watch- 
ing President Wass give the awards on the 
athletic field and, finally, seeing the memo- 
rable Torchlight Parade and Farewell to 
the Crow's Nest. 

It was a wonderful day. We were so 
happy to see those who could come and 
hope those who could not make it will be 
able to join us at our Fifteenth. 

News of classmates — next issue. 
(Editor's Note: The Alumnae office was 
impressed by the '46 directory "Ten Years 
Out" and wish to commend Lee Pool Lang- 
ley, Marge Mosher Masch, Marge Norris 
Harris and Janet Garland Wilson.) 


Gloria Sylvia, Secretary 
411 W. 24th St., New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
(Lois Kenyon), Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

Married: Joanne McMillan to Howard A. 
Mars, on June 16, 1956. Joanne's new ad- 
dress is Box 99, Nanuet, N. Y. 

Other News: Dorothy Donegan White 
(Mrs. James F., Jr.) lives at 77 Wood- 

lawn St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. She has two 
little girls, Ann Marie and Kathleen Alice, 
who are about four and two years old, 

Mollie Kendrick Pike's address is 20 
Cherry Hill Park, Old Rd., Paget, Ber- 
muda. Her husband, Ralph, is with the 
59th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, 
stationed in Bermuda for three years. 

Linda Koempel Tompkins x-'47 stopped 
in at Lasell while here on a house-hunting 
trip from Westerly, R. I. Her husband had 
been transferred to Watertown and Linda 
was anxious to get settled and start life as 
a family again. She is looking forward to 
finally getting to a Lasell reunion. 

Joan Lambert Laffin wrote in April say- 
ing, "We've bought an old house at 1514 
S. 33rd St., Omaha 5, Nebr." 

Marie Orsini x-'47, who has been in 
Japan twice since school days, is now in 
Korea. Her address is G-2 Sec. Hq. AFF/ 
8A, APO, San Francisco, Calif. 

Virginia Snow Ehmann x-'47 wrote re- 
cently of how much she enjoyed news of 
Lasell. Her new address is 10 Bayberry 
Rd., Buzzards Bay, Mass. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
1401 Jones St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Miriam Day, Assistant 
65 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass. 



'48ers - — January 1st — Mark it on your 
calendar! This is the last call for your 
offering to the ANGELA MAININI ANA- 

1953, we have approximately $68, plus a 
generous reply from Angela's mother and 
father and other relatives. Will we be 
hearing from You? 

Born: To Jane Carroll Martin, a second 
child, first daughter, Kathleen Marie, on 
December 9, 1955. John J., Ill (Jackie) 
was born on August 15, 1953. The Martins 
are now living at 97 Lewis Rd., Belmont 
78, Mass. 

To Pat Cass Manahan, a daughter, De- 
nise, in October, 1955. Pat wrote, "We 
have sold our house in Plainfield and are 
waiting for a new house to be finished . . . 
I call it my Colonial Ranch — it is a regu- 
lar ranch but we added an upstairs be- 
cause the family is growing by leaps. 
Davey, born in 1951, Paul in 1954 and 
Denise. I see Barbara Cumming Hadley 
often. She had a son after Christmas. Rais- 
ing a family is wonderful, but it keeps me 

To Virginia Chinian Alyanakian, a son, 
Charles Sarkis, Jr., on September 7, 1955. 
Virginia is living at 18 Overhill Rd., 
Media, Penn. She is looking forward to 
attending the Phila.-So. Jersey Lasell Club 
meetings and hopes to get in touch with 
classmates who live in her vicinity. 

To Charlotte Guptill Norcross x-'48, a 
daughter, Nancy Dayna, in February, 1956. 

To Jane Hamilton Landenberger, a son, 
Bruce, on May 4, 1954. Jane lives at 34 
Crest Dr., Tarrytown, N. Y. 

To JoAnn Hanson Long, a son, William, 
on May 20, 1956. 

To Anita Healey Riley, a son, John M., 
Ill, on September 18, 1956. 

To Elsie Paulson Chapman, a third 
daughter, Melissa Ann, on April 10, 1956. 
After a year in Kansas City, the Chapmans 
have returned to Ohio where they are liv- 
ing at 3187 Tremont Rd., Columbus 21. 

To Shirley Tighe Barrett, a daughter, 
Christine Louise, on November 22, 1955. 
Her son, John, was born on February 22, 

1954. Husband, Bob, graduated from Cor- 
nell Veterinarian College in June. 

To Ann Truex Dickinson, a daughter, 
Nancy Gail, on May 5, 1955. 

To Doris Young Wysong, a son, Wil- 
liam Griscom, Jr., on May 28, 1956. "A 
real football player, and, of course, we 
think he is wonderful. His sisters can't 
wait until we get home from the hospital 
so they can help take care of him. The 
summers ase so perfect here, never too 
hot. Between the house and the garden, 
here in Eugene, Oregon, there's not much 
time for loafing!" 

To Marcella Zawadzki Goodwin, a sec- 
ond daughter, Deirdre Margaret, on July 
14, 1955. "Our first, Pattianne, is now five 
and thrilled with the new addition." 

Other News: Barbara Ashley Gillette 
moved to 1848 Talbot PL, Waynesboro, 
Va., in June, 1955. Husband Edward is in 
the Specialty Control Department of the 
General Electric Company. 

Janet Brooks Barnes has moved to North 
Sebago, Me., where John is a teacher at 
Potter Academy. They have a son, David 
Jeffrey, born on March 16, 1955. 

Cora Lou Buffum is sales representative 
for Associated Artists, 111 Boylston St., 
Boston, Mass. She is also corresponding 
secretary for Greater Boston Young Re- 
publican Club. Last winter Cora Lou 
worked as a desk clerk at the Green Moun- 
tain Inn. This enabled her to get in plenty 
of skiing and she recommends it to anyone 
who likes to ski. 

Ann Chapman Brine's husband, Russell, 
was discharged from the Navy in Decem- 
ber 1954 and is in the banking business. 
They are living at 11 Edgecliff Rd., Water- 
town, Mass. 

Jean Heagy Proctor's husband is out of 
the service and they are planning to live 
near Albany. 

Ann Myers Beck is living at 715 Sunset 
Dr., Lisbon, O., where her husband has a 
law practice. They have a son, John O., 
Jr., who is about a year-and-a-half old. 

Dorothy Piranian is living at The Resi- 
dent Club, 940 Powell St., San Francisco, 
Calif. She works for a cardiologist. 

Alice Vavoudes Lindblad has a son, Rob- 
ert, who is five years old and a daughter, 
Diane, now three years old. She lives at 
21 Gibson St., Dorchester, Mass. 


Mrs. Richard K. Donahue 

(Nancy Lawson), Secretary 
69 Glenwood St., Lowell, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert R. Logan 

( Elizabeth Harrington ) , Assistant 

4 Columbus Terr. 

Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Engaged: Betty Vail to John F. Morrissey, 
Jr. Betty is employed as a buyer in the 
New York office of T. Eaton Co., Ltd., 
of Canada. Mr. Morrissey, a 1951 graduate 
of Brown University, is a civil engineer 
with the Frederick Snare Corporation of 
New York. 



Married: Valerie Lang to Stanley W. Ray- 
mond, on June 30, 1956, in Brentwood, 
Calif. Valerie taught last year in Hawaii. 
Mr. Raymond was graduated from Thacher 
School, Harvard University and Art Center 
School. He was in the Army Air Force in 
World War II and is now in public rela- 
tions with Douglas Aircraft Company, 
Santa Monica, Calif. 

Joanne McEvoy to John W. Blomstrom, 
on May 19, 1956. After completing her 
studies at Lasell, Joanne graduated from 
Simmons College. Her husband is a grad- 
uate of Northeastern University. After a 
wedding trip south the couple will make 
their home in Stoughton. 

Jean Sargent to Robert S. Lee, on April 
28th. Priscilla Randall Hurter, Joanne Mc- 
Evoy Blomstrom and Kay Poore Hamel 
were bridesmaids. Mr. Lee attended Colby 
College. They went to St. Thomas, Virgin 
Islands, on their wedding trip and are now 
living at 37 Branch St., Boston, Mass. 
Born: To Margaret Anderson Phypers, a 
second son, William Cowdrey, on May 27, 
1956. P. L. and Dean moved to their new 
home on June 16th and, with the new baby 
and young Andy, things were really jump- 
ing. Their address is 2 Quiet Rd., Levit- 
town, Penn. 

To Diane Baird Jasset, a son, Philip 
Louis, Jr., on March 4, 1956. 

To Pauli Donaldson Converse, a son, 
David Mack, on March 29, 1956. 

To Charlotte Gilman Kennedy, a son, 
Edward Gilman (Ted), on January 31, 
1956. Charlotte wrote, "At four weeks we 
took him to Maine while we returned the 
family cradle to cousins. He was the 46th 
baby to use it but the 47th needed it when 
he arrived a month later. Ted proved a 
good traveler, and despite six inches of 
new snow when we left Maine, we found 
time to stop in Farmington, Conn., for a 
visit with Joan Stowe Pedersen." 

To Nancy Hakala Simonds, a son, Gary 
Lee, on February 3, 1956. Nan and John 
moved into a new home at 23 Norcrest 
Dr., Rochester 17, N. Y., the first of the 
year. The new baby has made quite a hit 
with his four-year-old brother, John. 

To Ann Hollett Munro, a son, Peter 
Hollett, on March 13, 1956. 

To Martha Hurd Davenport, a second 
daughter, Christine Hurd, on January 13, 
1956. Martha wrote in March, "Her sister, 
Marjorie, adores her and is keeping us all 
laughing with her antics. She is talking 
full sentences at 26 months and makes us 
very proud. Russell had pleurisy at Christ- 
mas and just two weeks ago he ran the 
electric tapping drill into his left arm. He 
is very lucky to have the use of all his 
fingers, though the small one is most stiff." 

In April, Martha wrote, "We are all well 
now with both girls growing like weeds. 
The big event for today is that Marjorie 
gets a spring lamb to care for. That should 
prove really interesting as it will be bottle 
fed. I hope we don't mix Lamb's bottle 
with Christine's." 

To Nancy Macdonough Jennings, a 
fourth child, third daughter, Donna Lynn, 
on May 21, 1956. Nancy's address is 57 
Pond Circle, Glastonbury, Conn. 

To Mary Anne Otto Nelson, a daughter, 
Carol Anne, on May 18, 1956. 

To Janice Wilder Davidson, a second 
daughter, Deborah, on March 26, 1956. 

Other News: Elizabeth Honywill Horgan's 
husband, who is a graduate of Rensselaer, 
now works as an engineer at Pratt and 
Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford. They 
have been having a lot of fun furnishing 
their new saltbox house at 83 Elm St., 
Tariffville, Conn. 

Elaine McGoldrick McGovern (Mrs. 
Thomas) has two sons, Thomas and An- 
drew, who are two and one years old, re- 
spectively. They live at 98 Shoreham Rd., 
Massapequa, N. Y. 

Libby Harrington Logan received a long 
overdue letter from Anita Nicholson, with 
due cause for the delay. Seems Anita has 
been globe-trotting again, this time to 
Russia. She wrote, "I spent one month in 
the Soviet Union (May to June). It was 
a thrilling, unforgettable and educational 
experience. Brushed up on my Russian 
before we left and it was a big help. Had 
studied the language at Syracuse Univer- 
sity after I graduated from Lasell. I have 
300 slides, since travel is very free and 
tourists are not watched by the govern- 
ment. I went over via Stockholm and 
Helsinki and returned via Budapest, Vienna 
and Paris. Didn't spend much time in the 
European Countries since I had seen many 
of them on my trips of 1952 and 1954. The 
Russian people are quite fine, as people, 
but of course the present fear stories are 
more of a reality." Anita has been back 
in the U.S.A. three weeks (as of July) and 
already is working on articles about her 
trip. On July 1st a television film was 
shown over CBS. It was done by Anita 
and a CBS correspondent whom she met 
in Russia. The topic was "Life in Moscow" 
and it was used as an educational strip. All 
this and a job too! still with TWA 
as a stewardess, her home base is Kansas 
City, my letter was post marked Washing- 
ton, D. C, and Nat Hall Campbell saw 
her once in a Chicago airport, so that gal 
really gets around. Her address is 3660 
Campbell St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Diane Palady is still working for two 
surgeons at the Massachusetts General Hos- 



pital. She spends every possible week end 
during the summer water-skiing on Lake 

Jean Russell is leading a busy, but ex- 
tremely interesting life. She is still in mer- 
chandising work and right now is doing 
fashion co-ordinating for Bloomingdale's 
New York store. It is fascinating work 
with lots of contacts with fashion maga- 
zines, ready-to-wear and fabric markets and 
lately some major TV shows, including the 
NBC "Home Show." She has been acting 
in an advisory capacity with Arlene Francis. 
With all this she finds time to ski, play 
tennis and attend a ceramics course. She 
would love to hear from any '49ers around 
Westchester. Her address is: Garth Woods 
Apartments, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Betty Toscano has left her job in the 
Newton Centre Public Library and has 
taken a position on the faculty of the 
Northfield School for Girls in Northfield, 

Jane Wadhams Hazen wrote in April 
that her little daughter, Linda Sue, who 
was stricken with polio, was due to be 
fitted with braces and crutches in June. The 
Hazens have a new address: 21 East Max- 
well Dr., West Hartford, Conn. All of 
Jane's classmates hope Linda Sue con- 
tinues to show progress. 

This item borders on unpardonable brag- 
ging but your secretary, Straw Lawson 
Donahue, is bursting with pride over the 
fact that her husband, Dick, was named 
"Outstanding Man of the Year" in greater 
Lowell for 1955 by the Junior Chamber of 
Commerce. The award was conferred "for 
the achievement, leadership and service to 
the community and for service contributed 
to the welfare and betterment of greater 
Lowell, as well as the success of the candi- 
date in his profession and personal prog- 
ress and his co-operation in individual and 
civic organizations." 

With Dick being active in 18 or so or- 
ganizations and projects, it doesn't leave 
too much time to just relax around the 
house, but that's how we both like to live 
— keeping active and happy. 

By the time this reaches you, a third 
Donahue will be kicking and keeping us 
hopping, if God so wills. So your corre- 
spondent will be busy, but never too much 
so to read your news and pass it along. 
We love to get it! 


Sally C. Hughes, Secretary 
102 Cabot St., Newton 58, Mass. 

Lillian I. Reese, Assistant 
46 Rawson Rd., Arlington 74, Mass. 

Engaged: Marilyn Bartlett to Richard L. 
Erratt, of Lansing, Mich. Mr. Erratt was 
graduated from Michigan State University 
and served as a jet pilot with the Air 
Force in Korea. Classmates extend sym- 
pathy to Marilyn on the death of her fa- 
ther, Clifton L. Bartlett. 

Married: Clare Gammons to Addison D. 
McMullan, on July 28, 1956. Mr. Mc- 
Mullan was graduated from Harvard Uni- 
versity in 1951 and received his master's 
degree in Education from Boston Univer- 
sity. After their wedding trip to Nassau 
they plan to live at the Peddie School, 
Hightstown, N. J. 

Marguerite Nahigian to Edward Sar- 
kisian, of Palisades, N. J., in June, 1956. 
Mr. Sarkisian is a graduate of Brooklyn 
Polytechnical Institute. They went to Ber- 
muda on their wedding trip and plan to 
make their home in Palisades, N. J. 

Barbara Palmer x-'50 to Charles E. Day, 
on April 7, 1956. Their address is 100 St. 
Mary's St., Boston, Mass. 

Claire Wallis to Everett E. Harris, Jr., 
on May 5th. They will live at 10 Irving 
St., West Medford, until September 1st. 
After that their address will be Nashoba 
Rd., Concord, Mass. Ann Holaday Vincent 
was a bridesmaid. 

Born: To Lorraine Grontoff Sutton, a 
daughter, Carolyn Lee, on December 4, 
1952. A son, Stephen Charles, on Septem- 
ber 27, 1954. Harry, Lorraine's husband, 
is employed by Sears, Roebuck and Com- 

To Marilyn Maass Eramo x-'50, a daugh- 
ter, Eileen Joan, on April 25, 1956. Marilyn 
and her family make their home at 1108 
McLean Ave., Wantagh, L. L, N. Y. 

To Carolyn Snook Rauscher, a son, Jef- 
frey Dolson, on March 5, 1956. In April 
Carolyn's husband, Pete, graduated as a 
pilot from Bryan A.F.B. in Texas. When 
last heard from they were at Tyndall A.F.B. 
in Florida, where Pete was continuing his 

Other News: Nancy Frank Daly's husband, 
Bill, has changed positions and is now with 
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Com- 
pany. They have bought a new home at 
29 Iroquois Rd., Stamford, Conn. 

June Handleman Gilmartin is living at 
47 Williams Rd., Framingham, Mass. Her 
husband is an industrial salesman for Crane 
Company of South Boston. 

Phyllis Howard Conner is living at 3457 
Loganview Dr., Baltimore 22, Md. 



CLASS OF 1951 — 5th REUNION 
Front row, I. to r.: Mary Ellen Wait, Shirley Hannafin Adams, Nancy Cusack 
Smith, Marcia Staats Lusardi, Robin Witt Mosher, Elaine Quavillon Tull, Phyl- 
lisan Kozloski Murphy, Beverly Pink Reynolds, and Anna Stevenson Mangano. 
Back row: Mildred Hobson, Joyce Weitzel Flanagan, Sallyann Bartlett Abel, Jan 
Wolf Tarrant x-'51, Dorothy Broadbent Batting, (behind) Harriet Schwarz 
Hamilton, Georgia Bakes Sigalos, Janet Hills Ashley, (behind) Joanne Monahan, 
Betsy Lyon Wilson x-'51, Janice Weyls Moore, (behind) Sue Baker Chase, Jean 
Schuster Robbins, Anne Ivers, Louise Marston Donnelly, Karin Long Ernst, Joan 
"Billy" Williams, Peggy Gardner Larkin, Joann Claflin Campbell, and Joan 

Groccia Griffith. 

We recently saw a picture in the local 
newspaper of Sally Hughes chatting with 
her favorite Red Sox player, Catcher Sam- 
my White. Sally, a sales representative for 
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, won 
tickets to a game at Fenway Park and an 
opportunity to meet her favorite player in 
the weekly drawing held among Liberty 
Mutual blood donors. 

In April, Joan Robilotto Gibson wrote, 
"Jay is stationed with the Navy in Charles- 
ton, South Carolina. I should be going 
down there as soon as he can find an apart- 
ment big enough to hold all our furniture 
and miscellaneous things which he brings 
me from all over the world. . . I'm sort 
of looking forward to going to Charleston 
as I've never been South. I'll let you know 
when my address is changed." 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

(Barbara Adams), Secretary 
621 High Ridge Rd., Stamford, Conn. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

(Barbara Voorman), Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terr., Newton Centre, Mass. 

Our fifth reunion took place at the 
Simpson House in Newton Centre. A won- 
derful time was had by all ! We gathered 
around noon and "talked." Dinner, which 

was served at two o'clock, was delicious. 
We ate roast turkey with all the fixings. 

After Mary Ellen Wait had welcomed 
everyone, Joan Kearney Cormay, as Class 
Agent, gave a short speech. Then every- 
one continued catching up on the news. 
Around four o'clock we all started on our 
way. Some had to return home, while 
others went to Lasell to catch up on fa- 
miliar scenes. Although it was a cloudy 
day, we had fun ! 

After collecting all the available data, I 
find that the gals from the Class of '51 
have had a total of 127 children — ■ 56 sons, 
70 daughters and one not known ! There 
are 18 more babies expected. (With all 
those children, we'll be able to start our 
own college.) 

Many thanks to those who attended our 
reunion for making it such a success ! ! ! 

(Concerning the address directories I 
mentioned at the reunion: I am still com- 
piling the data. It will take me a couple 
of months, but you will get them as soon 
as possible.) 

To any '51er who did not attend the re- 
union and who is interested in buying a 
directory containing classmates' names, ad- 
dresses and the names and birth dates of 
their children, please send this information 
to me, Mary Ellen Wait, and tell me if 
you wish to order one ! It will keep us 
in closer contact with one another. 

The following girls attended the reunion 
but were not in the accompanying reunion 
picture: Betty Allison, Kathleen Ballard 
Heck, Barbara Batelli Emerich, Mary Jane 



CLASS OF 1951 — 5th REUNION 
Front row: I. to r.: Joan Kearney Cormay, Mary Jane Clark, Ann Van der Veer 
Lander, Marjorie Fager, Isabel Turnbull Broadhead, Ann Murray Reynolds, Jean 
Kilgore Owen, Marlene Maloof Saidnawey, Lois Hutchinson, and Sally Poteat 
DuHamell. Back row: Libbie Fleet Glazer, Marjorie Cushing Gershaw, Edith 
Taccone Kearney x-'51, Alice Pittenger, Betty Allison, Catherine Fouhy, Joan 
Shinners, (behind) Carol Hess Recco, (in front) Jean Davis Walter, (behind) 
Peggyanne Riker Miller, (in front) Constance Coleman Splan, Barbara Sessions 
Reiley, Jennifer Mead, Toby Lappin Yorks, Laure Stauffer Hubbell, Jean Hird 
Johnson, Louise Foster Bowling, Barbara Batelli Emerich, and Kit Ballard Heck. 

Clark, Constance Coleman Splan, Marjorie 
Cushing Gershaw, Jean Davis Walter, Mar- 
jorie Fager, Libbie Fleet Glazer, Louise 
Foster Bowling, Catherine Fouhy, Carol 
Hess Recco, Jean Hird Johnson, Lois Hutch- 
inson, Joan Kearney Cormay, Jean Kilgore 
Owen, Charlotte Lappin Yorks, Marlene 
Maloof Saidnawey x-'51, Jennifer Mead, 
Ann Murray Reynolds, Alice Pittenger, 
Sally Poteat du Hamell, Peggyann Riker 
Miller, Barbara Sessions Reiley, Joan Shin- 
ners, Laure Stauffer Hubbell, Edith Tac- 
cone Kearney x-'51, Isabel Turnbull Broad- 
head, Ann Van der Veer Lander. 

Engaged: Carolyn Farrington to Douglas 
W. Corson. Carolyn attended Columbia 
University and is now on the teaching staff 
of the Hudson Country School, New 
Rochelle. Mr. Corson attended New York 
University and served with the U. S. Army 
for two years. He has been with Life 
Savers Corporation, Port Chester, for seven 
years and is currently in its production de- 
partment. A fall wedding is planned. 

Married: Marie Arnold to William E. Wil- 
son, on April 16, 1955. 

Lucille Chase to Edward B. Oldham, on 
May 29, 1954. They are living at 97 Winter 
St., Auburn, Me. 

Eleanor Penny to Gilbert Desrochers, on 
May 26, 1956. Penny is working as a sec- 
retary for Lee H. Long Assoc, Inc., in 
Wellesley, Mass. 

Anna Stevenson to Dr. Salvatore N. 
Mangano, on April 27, 1956. Dr. Mangano 
studied at Harvard University and Tufts 

Medical School. They honeymooned in 
Bermuda and are now making their home 
at 76 Paul Revere Rd., Arlington, Mass. 

Rosemary Wiles x-'51 to L. W. Lamie, 
on January 3, 1953. 

Born: To Joan Barnett Atwood, a daugh- 
ter, Marcy Jean, on March 14, 1956. 

To Sallyann Bartlett Abel, a son, (Doug- 
las) Scott, February 28, 1955. 

To Barbara Batelli Emerich, a son, Mi- 
chael Francis, on October 12, 1955. 

To Betty Baumbach Hyne, a son, Ed- 
ward Arthur, Jr., on July 15, 1955. Betty 
lives at 25 Grand Haven Dr., Commack. 
N. Y. 

To Dorothy Broadbent Batting, a daugh- 
ter, Susan Jane, on March 31. 1956. Her 
son, Steven Alan, was born on June 6, 1953. 

To Frances Caron Maroni, a son, Peter 
Christopher, on December 23, 1955. 

To Joann Claflin Campbell, a daughter, 
Susan Lee, on May 27, 1955. 

To Nancy Cusack Smith, a second daugh- 
ter, Marcia Allen, on November 8, 1955. 
Linda Ann was born on July 22, 1953- 

To Jean Davis Walter, a son, Jonathan 
William, on April 1, 1954. A second son, 
Jeffrey Lee, on May 16, 1955. 

To Dorothy Delasco Sines, a daughter, 
Stacey Kathleen, on April 5, 1952. A son, 
Bernard Sterling, on March 8, 1955. Dotty 
writes that her husband, Guerdon, is out 
of the Army now and working for the 
Southern Pacific Railroad in San Francisco. 
The Sines are proud owners of a ranch 
house at 1627 Notre Dame Ave., Belmont, 



To Joy Detweiler Hostetter, a daughter, 
Nancy Joy, on October 5, 1954. Joy wrote, 
"Thought it might be of interest that 
Jack and I met at Nancy Smith Johnston's 
wedding. Since being married we have 
lived in Wilmington, Del., Savannah, Ga., 
and Kalamazoo, Mich. We are back in 
Savannah now where Jack is a chemical 
engineer with Hercules Powder Co." Their 
address is 1817 East 39th St., Savannah, 

To Barbara Downes Schroeder, a daugh- 
ter, Linda Carol, on May 29, 1955. They 
are living at 20 Prince St., Auburn, Me. 

To Lillian Elias Freeman, a daughter, 
Joanne, on February 8, 1955. 

To Margaret Gardner Larkin, a daugh- 
ter, Stephanie, in November, 1955. They 
live at 278 Morris St., Albany, N. Y. Peg's 
husband, Jack, is a student at Albany Medi- 
cal College. Little Stephanie, who was 
born prematurely, was released from the 
hospital in time to make their Christmas 

To Susan Goetz Preston, a daughter, 
Susan Margaret, on March 3, 1956. Their 
address is 414 Morgan Ave., Woodbury, 

To Rae Harrington Blum x-'51, a son, 
Jeffrey William, on October 12, 1954. Rae 
makes her home at 210 West River St., 
Orange, Mass. 

To Carol Hess Recco, a daughter, Linda 
J., on May 15, 1955. John will be three 
years old in October. 

To Barbara Jankowski Rush, a second 
son, Kevin Michael, on January 24, 1956. 
Robert John was born July 18, 1953. Their 
home is at 24 Hay Path Rd., Bethpage, 
L. I., N. Y. 

To Phyllisan Kozloski Murphy, a son, 
Thomas William, on May 23, 1955. 

To Betty Kramer Weissman x-'51, a 
daughter, Amy Sue, on February 4, 1954. 
Her son, Steven Jay, was born on April 
8, 1956. 

To Jeannette Larson Miller, a daughter, 
Nancy Jean, on September 28, 1955. Their 
address is 8714 Plymouth St., Silver Spring, 

To Marlene Maloof Saidnawey x-'51, a 
son, Thomas M., on December 14, 1955. 

To Roberta Morin Aronowitz, a son, 
Alan Edward, on August 21, 1954, and a 
daughter, Helen Denen, on February 21, 
1956. They live at 7 Herbert Rd., Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

To Joanne Nelson Marden x-'51, a daugh- 
ter, Anne, on March 3, 1954. Her daughter, 
Kathie, starts kindergarten this fall. Joanne 
wrote, "We moved from Ashland, N. H., 
in October, 1951, when Dick resigned as 
town manager to take the job of field rep- 
resentative for the N. H. Taxpayers Fed- 

eration. We lived in Wolfeboro, N. H, 
for three years until we moved down here 
(River Rd., Yardley, Penn.). Dick is now 
executive secretary of the New Jersey 
School Board Federation. His office is in 
Trenton, just across the Delaware River 
from here." 

To Margaret Pikaart Bilanin, a daugh- 
ter, Karen Wand, on March 13, 1956. They 
live at 1 Washington Ave., Apt. 13-5A, 
Morristown, N. J. 

To Bonnie Reis Dow, a daughter, Susan 
Lee, on August 28, 1955. 

To Elizabeth Ruppert West x-'51, a son, 
Stephen R., on October 6, 1955. Their ad- 
dress is 838 Adams Cir., Plainfield, N. J. 

To Barbara Sessions Reiley, a daughter, 
Jennifer Barbara, on December 9, 1954. 

To Betty Lou Shattuck Musser, a daugh- 
ter, Karen Ann, on March 7, 1956. They 
make their home at 344 Ash St., Man- 
chester, N. H. 

To Gretchen Smith Dale x-'51, a daugh- 
ter, Deborah Lee, on November 9, 1953. 
Gretchen and her husband, Bill, both grad- 
uated from the University of Rhode Island 
in the Class of 1956. They are now living 
in Antioch, Calif., where Bill has a posi- 
tion with Du Pont. 

To Marcia Staats Lusardi, a daughter, 
Carol Lynn, on October 30, 1955. 

To Laure Stauffer Hubbell, a daughter, 
Lisa Lorraine, on April 12, 1955. 

To Janet Stewart Pacetti, a son, Robert 
Louis, on March 22, 1956. 

To Isabel Turnbull Broadhead, a daugh- 
ter, Mary, on December 23, 1952. Her 
son, Mark, was born on March 28, 1955. 

To Janet Underwood Wall, a son, Kevin 
Charles, on June 17, 1956. 

To Betty Vollmer Muir, a daughter, Gail 
Leslie, on March 28, 1956. 

To Nancy Webb Canepa, a daughter, on 
January 5, 1956. 

To Carol Weldon Leahy, a son, Sean 
Weldon, on March 30, 1956. 

To Rosemary Wiles Lamie x-'51, a son, 
Martin Penn, on October 12, 1954. 

To Janet Woodward Powers, a daughter, 
Kathleen, on March 3, 1955. Janet has 
moved back to New Jersey and is living 
at 545 Morris Ave. in Springfield. Jack 
has bought his father's restaurant "The 
Twigs." He loves running it and has made 
a terrific night spot out of it. 

To Phyllis York Davis, a third child, 
second son, Steven York, on February 8, 
1956. Dawn Elizabeth was born on No- 
vember 19, 1952, and Michael Hartley on 
January 21, 1955. Their home is at 259 
Ray St., Portland, Me. 

To Joanne Zeigler Dupen, a daughter, 
Kim Carla, on February 11, 1956. Joanne 
has been living in San Francisco since 
Doug got out of the Navy. 



Other News: Barbara Adams Borden is 
down south now with her husband, Bob, 
who is attending North Carolina Univer- 
sity. He is working for his Ph.D. in 

Betty Allison is a home service repre- 
sentative with Hartford Electric Light 
Company. We understand she is a TV 
star also. 

Adele Barbeau is a medical laboratory 
research assistant at Harvard Medical 
School. She has been at Harvard since 
graduation from Tufts University in 1953- 
Adele was unable to attend the reunion 
as she was on her way to Europe. She ex- 
pected to do much bicycling and traveling 
and planned to spend several days with 
Maria Fantacci in Florence, Italy. 

Marlyn Clark is still with the Airlines. 
Anyone taking a plane trip via Northeast 
Airlines will find her behind the ticket 
counter in Boston as a Passenger Service 

Mary Jane Clark is now with Mass. Title 
Ins. Co., State St., Boston. She is secretary 
to the president and vice president. 

Our actress, Marge Fager, is busy teach- 
ing. Does anyone know where? 

Catherine Fouhy attended nursery train- 
ing school and received her degree from 
Tufts University in 1954. For the last two 
years she has been teaching in Boston. 

Priscilla Freeman McCartney's husband, 
Jack, is out of the service and will work 
for an accounting firm in New York City. 
Their address is 103 Millard Ave., Bronx- 
ville, N. J. 

Gerry Griffin x-'51 is a social case 

Joan Groccia Griffith is working at Jim 
Richards Shoe Co. in Wellesley Hills. 

Bobbie Hoffman is a secretary at Mass. 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

Lois Hutchinson has been a bookkeeper 
for Mr. Francis Sargent's two stores in 
Lebanon, N. H., since 1951. (His daughter, 
Marilyn Sargent Babineau, graduated from 
Lasell in 1950.) 

Anne Ivers has been a medical secretary 
for a pediatrician in Meriden, Conn., since 
graduating from Lasell. 

Margie Kleindienst Guidera wrote, "Bob 
has had a promotion as a meter specialist 
with G.E. and we'll be moving to Ohio. 
We have just bought a new home, a seven- 
room, three-bedroom ranch, with the 
works !" Their address is 8984 Mocking- 
bird Lane, (Brentwood Village), Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Gayle Mackie Toth and family have de- 
cided to settle down at 24 Wendy Rd., 
Colonia, N. J., after living in North Caro- 
lina for nearly two years. Their daughter, 

Jolyn Ann, is now two years old and 
Richard a year old. 

Kelly Mangan Putman and Bob bought 
a new home last November. Their address 
is 15 Wood Lane, Lattingtown, L. I., N. Y. 

Dotty McPherson Wickersham and fam- 
ily will be back in the Boston area soon. 
When Wick gets out of the Army he will 
work for I.B.M. 

Nancy Rice received her B.S. degree 
from the University of New Hampshire 
and worked for six months as a dietitian 
at the Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital. 
In February, 1954, she went to New York 
and took a one-year dietetic internship and 
loved every minute of it. When her course 
was completed, she joined the staff and has 
charge of food service for 500 medical 
students at noon and about 700 hospital 
employees and staff in the evening. 

For the past two years Joan Shinners 
has been working for two neurosurgeons 
at the New England Medical Center. 

Nancy Smith Johnston is living at 806 
Brunswick Rd., Baltimore 21, Md. Her 
husband, Dave, was drafted last Decem- 
ber and is stationed at Edgewood Arsenal. 
Nancy worked for Du Pont in Wilming- 
ton, but for the time being is a "lady of 

Barbara Voorman Perdue's husband, 
Walt, is now working as a salesman for 
United Parcel Service in New York. They 
spent a wonderful evening with Barbara 
Adams Borden and Bob last April. She 
also sees Louise Marston Donnelly and 
Bill and their "darling little boy." Barbara 
received a very long, interesting letter 
from Elaine Quavillon Tull which she 
would like to share. Elaine wrote, "Allan 
was discharged from the Navy, a Lt. (j.g.), 
in June and from Norfolk we went to my 
parents' home while we searched for hous- 
ing. Allan went back to work for the 
Southern New England Phone Co. in New 
Haven, Conn. In October we moved into 
our new home at 121 Green Hill Lane, 
Cheshire, Conn. It is a six-room, ranch- 
type and we are delighted with it. We still 
can't realize we are settled in one place 

"David will be three years old the end 
of May. He looks just like Allan and 
imitates him to perfection. He is quite a 
boy! All boy, if you know what I mean. 
Yesterday, for example, was really a 
rough one. He emptied the remainder of 
Allan's can of anti-freeze on the garage 
floor, took a walk for himself while I was 
hanging clothes, took the globe off our 
300-day clock and started adjusting. Quite 
a day! Right now he is a Davy Crockett 
fan but Mickey Mouse is edging Davy 



out. He received his first gun recently 
from the grandparents and now I do a 
good share of my work with my 'hands 
up' and I can't tell you how many times 
I've been 'shot.' " 

Betty Watson Bradshaw is living at 18 
North Reus St., Pensacola, Fla., while 
Hugh is stationed there with the Navy. 

Carolyn Weare Shaw and Bob have 
moved from Chicago to 4714 Devonshire 
Rd., Detroit 24, Mich. Bob is now an ac- 
count executive for Grant Advertising and 
enjoys the work very much. 

Mary Jane White has moved to 59 E. 
78th St., Apt. 2-R, New York 21, N. Y., 
she has "two wonderful roommates and a 
lovely apartment." Mary Jane is assistant 
to the fashion director of Beautiful Bryan 

Joan Williams is appointment secretary 
to Governor Edmund S. Muskie of Maine. 
(This may be our first chance for a wom- 
an president!!!) 

Janet Wyman Meade is promotion as- 
sistant for Lehigh Navigation Coal Sales 
Co., Bethlehem, Penn. She went on a tour 
of the coal mines a while ago with some 
other girls from the office and wore regu- 
lar miners' clothes — coveralls, rubber 
boots, gloves, helmet with light and bat- 
tery. Her husband, Carl, is still in the 
Commercial Research Department of the 
Bethlehem Steel Company. 


Suzanne G. Baney, Secretary 

125 Northfield Ave., Apt. D-l 

West Orange, N. J. 

Terry Wingate, Assistant 

353 Old Mamaroneck Rd. 

White Plains, N. Y. 

Engaged: Phyllis Gleason to Tad Riley. 

Joyce Kitfield to Elroy Anderson. Mr. 
Anderson is a third year medical student 
at the University of Buffalo. They are 
planning a September wedding. 

Marilyn McGuire to William Levine, of 
New Britain, Conn., on April 15th. Mr. 
Levine is associated with Landers, Frary 
and Clark. The wedding date is set for 
September 29th. 

Dorothy Rich to Torben K. Andersen. 
Mr. Andersen was formerly with the As- 
sociated Press in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
He attended Boston University's School of 
Communication and is now on the news 
staff of the Associated Press in Portland, 
Me. Dorothy is employed with New York 
Life Insurance Co. 

Terry Wingate to H. Tucker Machette. 
Mr. Machette attended Lehigh University 
and is with M. W. Houck and Bros., New 
York. Terry is with the Prudential Insur- 
ance Co., in White Plains. 

Ann Woods to Lt. Frank R. Talbot, Jr., 
of San Francisco, Calif. Lt. Talbot was 
graduated from the United States Naval 
Academy and attended submarine school 
in New London before reporting for his 
current duty in San Diego aboard the 
USS Remora. 

Married: Lorraine Crocker to David Mul- 
len. Their address is 936 Main St., Wal- 
tham, Mass. 

Emma DeFilippo to Joseph Catalonotti. 
They are living at 131 W. Boylston St., 
Watertown 72, Mass. 

Eleanor DePalma to Frederick A. Mc- 
Carthy, in July, 1956. Eleanor was grad- 
uated from Boston University in 1955 and 
Mr. McCarthy is a member of the 1957 
class there. They will make their home 
in Arlington on their return from a wed- 
ding trip to Florida. 

Ann Dudley to Joseph F. O'Neil. The 
O'Neil's new home is at 10 Fremont St., 
Arlington, Mass. 

Carol Frank to William B. Sweeney, on 
May 26th, in Rochester, N. Y. Mr. 
Sweeney was graduated from Assumption 
College. Their address is 351 E. 235th 
St., Euclid, O. 

Joanne Getz to Donald Silverstein,. on 
March 31st, in London, England. Both 
Jo and Don are associated with the Lon- 
don office of Conde Nast Publishers. Their 
address is 51 Lyalls Mews, Belgravia, Lon- 
don, S. W. 1, England. 

Barbara Harding to Robert B. Chapin, 
on October 15, 1955. They are living at 
10 Irving St., West Medford, Mass. 

Priscilla Johnson to James A. Foltz, III, 
on December 17, 1955. Mr., Foltz was 
graduated from Washington and Lee Uni- 
versity and is now a student at Harvard 
Law School. Since their wedding trip to 
Quebec they have been living in Cam- 

Audrey McKay to Charles H. Prince, on 
May 26, 1956, in Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
Joeyna Raynal and Fredrica Holt were 
attendants. Mr. Prince, a graduate of 
M.I.T., is associated with the New Jersey 
Zinc Company. They went to Bermuda on 
their wedding trip and stayed at the El- 
bow Beach Surf Club in Paget. Their ad- 
dress is Witherbee Court, Wynnewood 
Rd., Pelham Manor, N. Y. 

Dorothy Mulhere to Richard Barrett, 
on June 11, 1955. Joan Morrison Wilson 
and Marilyn McGuire were bridesmaids. 
Dorothy and Richard are living at 20 



Davenport Ave., Apt. 3-4, New Rochelle, 
N. Y. 

Elizabeth Watson to Hugh E. Bradshaw, 
Jr. Mr. Bradshaw was graduated from the 
College of the Holy Cross. After a wed- 
ding trip to Canada they planned to live 
in Pensacola, Fla., where Hugh is sta- 
tioned with the Navy. 

Born: To Frances Peters Dunlevy, a son, 
Bruce Edward, on April 22, 1956. 
' To Margie Rudolf Mesinger, a daugh- 
ter, Karen Elizabeth, on November 14, 
1956. Margie's husband, John, is in the 
Army and they are living in Washington, 
D. C. He has his Ph.D. in psychology and 
hopes to either teach or go into industry 
as a psychologist when his tour of duty 
is over. 

To Carol Smith Diamond, a son, Scott 
Smith, on February 13, 1956. 

To Barbara Stober Poole, a son, Bruce 
Christopher on April 14, 1956. Barbara 
has been in Alaska for a year as her hus- 
band is stationed at Ft. Richardson near 

Other News: Edna Day now has a sec- 
retarial position with W. W. Lang Assoc, 
at Newton Corner. They are manufac- 
turers' representatives of hotel and res- 
taurant equipment and Edna will even- 
tually do some demonstrating. 

Joan Roberts Limmer wrote in April 
saying, "Joan Krummel Limmer and 
daughter Margo visited me for a week. 
While she was here Phyllis Gleason and 
her fiance, Tad Riley, spent an afternoon 
with us. We all enjoyed relating news of 
mutual friends." 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

( Althea Janke ) , Secretary 

830 Berkeley St., Apt. D 

New Milford, N. J. 

Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

(Sylvia Pfeiffer), Assistant 

457 North Sandusky St., Delaware, Ohio 

Engaged: Deane Barton to John M. 
Black, Jr. Mr. Black is a graduate of Stan- 
ford University and served with the 
armed forces. He is now with the Pacific 
Telephone and Telegraph Co. in South 
Pasadena, Calif. Deane has been a 
stewardess with American Air Lines since 

Cynthia De Gelleke to Dr. John R. 
Cole, on May 26, 1956. Dr. Cole gradu- 
ated from Washington and Lee University 

and received his M.D. degree from Yale 
University Medical School. He interned at 
Strong Memorial Hospital and is now as- 
sistant resident in surgery. Cynthia is still 
working at Strong Memorial Hospital as 
a medical secretary. In April she went to 
Grand Cayman, B. W. I. It was quite a 
place, no phones, newspapers or radios 
and all she did was lie on the sand and 
listen to calypso music. 

Cynthia Silver x-'53 to Sidney I. Sontz, 
of Lynn. Mr. Sontz served with the Air 
Force for four years. A summer wedding 
is planned. 

Ellen Sullivan x-'53 to Thomas J. Maher. 
Ellen attended Colby College and was 
graduated from the New England Medical 
Center as a laboratory technician. She is 
employed at the Central Maine Sanatorium, 
Fairfield. Mr. Mahar was graduated from 
Coburn Classical Institute and Thomas 
Business College, Waterville. He served in 
the U. S. Navy during World War II and 
is employed by the Capitol Lumber Co. and 
the William H. Dalton Co., Augusta. 

Joy Ufford to John H. Penderville. He 
is an employee of TWA at Greater Pitts- 
burgh Airport. The wedding is planned 
for September 8th and they expect to live 
in MacDonald, Penn. In July the Boston- 
Pittsburgh Trans-World Airliner, on 
which Joy was the hostess, made an 
emergency landing at Albany Airport, 
N. Y., after developing engine trouble. 
There were 23 passengers and two other 
crew members, but fortunately no one was 

Patricia White x-'53 to Gerald van S. 
Henderson. Mr. Henderson was gradu- 
ated in 1953 from Harvard College and 
served two years with the U. S. Marine 

Married: Mary Florence Burke to Lt. 
Walter K. Brinn, USN, on July 14, 1956. 
Lt. Brinn was graduated from Tufts School 
of Engineering in 1954 and is now sta- 
tioned at Quonset Point, R. I. Following 
their wedding trip to Bar Harbor, Me., 
they plan to live in Norwood, Mass. 

Marie Di Silva to Robert Stocki, on 
February 11, 1956. Their address is ,491 
Arborway, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Allene Goodwin to Henry J. Dempsey, 
in April, 1956. Mr. Dempsey attended 
Boston University School of Business Ad- 
ministration. The couple went to Los 
Angeles for their wedding trip and are 
making their home there. The address is 
611 Virgil St., Mae Murray Apt., Box 107, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Mary Kenney to Paul Flynn, on July 14, 
1956. Mr. Flynn was graduated from 
Fordham University. Following their 
wedding trip to the Laurentian Moun- 



tains they plan to make their home at 68 
Chestnut St., West Newton 65, Mass. 

Greta Nilsson to Lt. Richard W. Mas- 
son, USAF, in June, 1956. The wedding 
took place in Holy Trinity Church at 
West Point where Lt. Masson was grad- 
uated, and a reception followed at the 
Officers' Club. They will make their 
home in Laredo, Tex., where Lt. Masson 
is to be stationed. 

Patricia Penn x-'53 to Coleman Shee- 
hey, in August, 1954. Their home is at 
4309 Bryant South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Emilie Savramis to Charles Raizes. 
Charles is the brother of Katherine Raizes 
'49. Their address is R. F. D., Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 

Carolyn Simpson to Thomas Hayden, on 
June 16, 1956. Audrey Thompson was 
one of the bridesmaids. The Haydens 
flew to Florida for their honeymoon. Mr. 
Hayden is associated with New York Bell 
Telephone and their address is 81-05 268th 
St., Floral Park, L. I., N. Y. 

Born: To Mary Lou Burke Alexander, a 
son, Kenneth Burke, on June 10, 1956. 
Mary Lou, Bill and Kenneth are now liv- 
ing at 213 North Birch St., Ponca City, 

To Louise Dawe Turner, a son, John Wil- 
liam, on March 20, 1956. Their home is 
at 41 Greason Rd., Framingham Center, 

To Dorothy Day Bardarson, a daughter, 
Dori Etta, on July 9, 1956. 

To Diane Deckinger Rabin, a daughter, 
Cynthia Ann. 

To Carol Lindstrom Jobes, a second 
son, Stephen, on September 5, 1955. 

To Mary Low Christensen, a daughter, 
Karen Marie, on September 20, 1954, and 
a second daughter, Kristina Louise, on 
August 7, 1955. Marie's husband, a pilot 
in the Air Force, has been stationed in 
Japan since November but his tour of duty 
was up in July and he was expected home. 
In the meantime, Marie has been spending 
the summer in Rumford, Me. 

To Betty Mount Carduner, a daughter, 
Kim, on December 28, 1955. Their home 
is at 317 Park Ave., Hightstown, N. J. 

To Janet Pearson Hauck, a son, Peter 
Neil, on March 27, 1956. Janet wrote 
that they were settled in a nice seven- 
room house at 824 E. Bell St., Murfrees- 
boro, Tenn. Bob is stationed at Stewart 
Air Force Base. 

To Elizabeth Smith Blum, a daughter, 
Deborah Ann, on January 7, 1954. Their 
address is 46 Newell Rd., Auburndale 66, 

To Shirley Vara Gallerani, a son, David 
Steven, on May 21, 1956. Shirley is liv- 

ing at 816 Evergreen, Apt. 1-D, Houston 
23, Tex. 

Other News: The class extends sympathy 
to Nancy Bilezikian, whose father died in 
April, 1956. 

Molly Bondareff Krakauer and her hus- 
band, Charlie, have both been at M. I. T. 
this past year. Charlie was back at grad- 
uate school and expected to finish his thesis 
in June, and Molly was working in the 
Acoustics Laboratory. 

Janet Chase and Carol Bridgetts drove 
to Daytona Beach, Fla., for two weeks the 
last of June. 

Jo Anne Fullerton Parker x-'53 and her 
husband, Don, have sold their home in 
Levittown and moved into a larger place 
at 4012 Berrywood Dr., Seaford, L. I., 
N. Y. Since Don's discharge from the 
Air Force he has been working in the En- 
gineering Department at Sperry's in Lake 
Success. He is also going to school at 
night so is keeping a very busy schedule. 
Their little girl, Debbie, is growing up and 
keeping Jo very busy these days. 

Joan Godfrey Emmert is living at 100-4 
Middlesex Rd., . Waltham, Mass. After a 
grand honeymoon in sunny Florida, she 
and Jim returned to what the papers re- 
ferred to as "Boston's worst blizzard 
ever." Joan is very happily spending her 
time being a homemaker. 

The first of June, Althea Janke Gardner 
and her husband, Harry, drove down to 
Virginia Beach. The weather was fine and 
they really lived a luxurious life for that 

When last heard from, Elsie Knaus 
was planning to fly to Ohio to visit with 
Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger in July. 

Gail Robinson, her parents and a friend 
had a wonderful ten days in Hawaii. 

Carol Ward Diedering and her hus- 
band have been living in Blacksburg, Va. 
Jim expects to be out of the Army in 

Virginia Wilder Ambard's husband, 
Gene, is in a photographic squadron, fly- 
ing with the USMCR, in North Carolina. 
They have an apartment in a housing 
project just off the base. 


Elizabeth A. Lindsay, Secretary 
59 Cambridge Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. 

Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

(Martha Ellis), Assistant 
470 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Patricia M. LaSelva, Assistant 
85 Suffolk St., West Medford, Mass. 



75 Lake Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 

Engaged: Amy Frye x-'54 to Philip D. 
Seymour. Amy was in the Class of 1956 
at Wheelock College. Mr. Seymour was 
graduated from Harvard College and is 
studying at Boston University School of 

Sondra Gunberg to Norman A. Homsy. 
Mr. Homsy attended Northeastern Uni- 
versity and Harvard University Graduate 
School of Design. He served with the 
Army during World "War II. 

Faith Harvey to Louis Fisler, USN. 
Mr. Fisler attended Georgia School of 
Technology and is now a student at the 
United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, 

Electra Hatzis to Peter L. Speronis. Mr. 
Speronis is a graduate of Boston Univer- 
sity, College of Liberal Arts and School of 
Law. He is a veteran of World War II 
and a member of the Lowell Bar Asso- 

Judith Kline to Morton W. Myerow. 
Mr. Myerow was graduated from the 
Massachusetts School of Art in 1954. 

Eleanor Sclare to Sheldon Mazur. Mr. 
Mazur attended Boston University, the 
University of Hawaii and Emerson Col- 
lege. He has served with the Army. A 
winter wedding is planned. 

Married: Mary Atterbury to James D. 
Bradshaw, on June 23, 1956. Ann Beebe 
and Mabel Fastiggi were in the wedding 
party. Mary is working in New York for 
Northwest Air Lines. Mr. Bradshaw served 
in the Navy during the Korean conflict. 

Carol Baird to John C. Zink, on June 
29, 1956. Mr. Zink graduated from Am- 
herst and is a second lieutenant in the 
Air Force. 

Beverly Bruce to Arthur Dandeneau. 
They are living at 60 Chestnut St., West 
Newton 65, Mass. 

Elaine Budarz to Richard J. Wiatrow- 
ski, on June 30, 1956. They went to 
Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the 
Dominican Republic on their wedding 
trip. Mr. Wiatrowski attended the Uni- 
versity of Miami and graduated from 
American International College. He is 
the proprietor of the Movocco Film Co., 
in Springfield, Mass. 

Patricia Carpenter to George Follett. 
Mr. Follett is an attorney. They are liv- 
ing in Potsdam, N. Y. 

Suzanne Carson to John Albert Sandock, 
in West Hartford, Conn., on May 5, 1956. 

Nancy Collari to Davis M. Keeman, Jr. 
Their address is 8 Waban St., Wellesley, 

Marilyn Dawson to Edward R. Tufano, 
on June 9, 1956. They are living at 189-14 
Crocheron Ave., Apt. 302, Flushing, N. Y. 

Martha Ellis to Phillips R. Brooks, Jr., 
on June 29, 1956. Mr. Brooks is a grad- 
uate of M. I. T., and also received his 
master's degree there in June. After their 
wedding trip to Canada they planned to 
live in Boston. 

Joyce Fuller to Ensign H. David Brophy, 
on June 17, 1956. Marlene Haake Schuler 
was matron of honor. Joyce recently 
wrote, "David and I arrived here the first 
of July. We like it very much, espe- 
cially the climate! I am working as a 
receptionist in a doctor's office. It keeps 
me busy while David is away all day. 
Stopped in some interesting spots on the 
way out, including Niagara Falls, Chey- 
enne, Wyo., Reno, Nev., and Salt Lake 
City, Utah." Joyce's address is 1039 Fre- 
mont St., Frankfurt Apts., Menlo Park, 

Marlene Haake to Lt. Bob-Dennis Schu- 
ler, USA, on June 9, 1956, in a military 
ceremony at Mitchel Field Air Force 
Base, Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. Joyce 
Fuller Brophy was maid of honor and 
Betty Lindsay was one of the bridesmaids. 
Bob, a 1956 graduate of West Point, will 
be stationed in Texas and Georgia and 
then expects to go to Germany. 

Patricia Hall to Peter G Munroe, on 
May 14, 1956. They will be at home at 
367 Winter St., Fall River, Mass. 

Barbara Kelly to Robert W. Thoresen. 
Barbara is record librarian at the Emer- 
son Hospital, Concord, Mass. 

Ann Kennedy to Edward S. Duncan, on 
May 12, 1956. Edward graduated from 
Wesleyan University in 1951, served in 
the Navy and is now production engineer 
for Fafnir Bearing Co. They are living 
at 47 Curtis St., New Britain, Conn. 

Alison McFarlin x-'54 to Leo P. Con- 
very, on June 15, 1956. After a wedding 
trip to Cape Cod they will make their 
home at Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, 

Orelyn Rice to Richard M. Emerson, on 
June l6, 1956. Mr. Emerson is a graduate 
of Yale University and served as a lieu- 
tenant in the Navy. He is now associated 
with Life magazine. Their address is 3335 
81st St., Jackson Heights, L. I., N. Y. 

Carol Rofer to John E. Hofmann, Jr., on 
June 16, 1956. After a honeymoon trip to 
Bermuda they will live at 824 Jersey Ave., 
Elizabeth, N. J. John graduated as a 
chemical engineer from M. I. T. in June 
and is employed by Esso Research and 
Engineering. Jane Masters was maid of 
honor and Nancy Atwood and Patricia 



Wilson were bridesmaids at the wedding. 

Janet Sorensen to Nicholas Themelis. 
Mr. Themelis is a graduate of the Massa- 
chusetts Radio and Television School. 
Janet's address is 151 Edinboro St., New- 
tonville, Mass. 

Janet Wagner to Charles Sweeney. 
Their address is Bridge St., St. Mary's, 
W. Va. 

Born: To Carol Bagley Jackson, a son, 
Charles William, on June 8, 1956. Carol's 
husband, Bill, is now out of the service 
and is attending Boston University. 

To Joan Barraclough Bandre, a son, 
John Harry, on February 27, 1956. 

To Grace Duncan Lumm, a son, Wil- 
liam, in February. The Lumms' address 
is 47 Curtis St., New Britain, Conn. 
Grace's brother, Edward, and Ann Ken- 
nedy were married in May and the two 
couples have the same address. 

To Jean MacDonald Dulude, a son, 
Jeffrey Richard, on April 18, 1956. 

Other News: Janet Baumgartner worked 
for Time, Inc., this summer. Last Febru- 
ary she began studying dramatics with 
Stella Adler and expects to continue in 
the fall. Her address is 240 W. Fourth 
St., New York 14, N. Y. 

Marion Crossman is working as a copy- 
writer at Conrad's. Her address is 275 
Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

In March, Annette Dufton Dagg wrote, 
"I am working as a secretary for the 
American Farm Bureau Federation here in 
Washington while my husband continues 
to work as 1st engineer on the S.S. Steel 
Scientist. At present he is on a trip to 
the Far East . . . We hope that next year 
at this time we will have our own home." 
Annette's address is District Heights Apts., 
7803 Alpine St., S.E., Washington 28, D.C. 

Kama Erickson Feltham has moved 
from Reading to 11 Wycoma Way, Wal- 
tham, Mass. 

Cynthia Fisher, Marguerite Chandler, 
Jane Durkee and Gretchen Knauff are 
sharing an apartment. Their address is 
Apt. 74, 186 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 

Anna Mae George Wogan wrote from 
Germany, where her husband, Don, is sta- 
tioned with the Army, to say that they 
spent the month of March traveling and 
visiting her parents. They saw England, 
France, Belgium and Holland. They pre- 
ferred London to all the other places they 
visited, and have some wonderful slides 
to show when they return home. 

Willie Gomperts Hayduk, her husband, 
Bob, and sons, Robbie and Ronnie, have 
bought a split-level home in Rockland 

County. Her address is Milick Lane, New 
City, N. Y. 

Rita Keevers took a week off from her 
job at Yale University to relax at Miami 

Marian Lougee Foster lives at 479 
Academy St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Her hus- 
band works at the Sutherland Paper Co. 
as an engineer and she is working as a 
secretary for the Fuller Mfg. Co. They 
spent Christmas in Hartford with her 
parents and were hoping to get home again 
for their summer vacation. 

Ruth Murdick Ryba's new address is 
1004 Pammel Ct, Ames, Iowa. She re- 
cently wrote the Alumnae Office, "Earle 
received his B.S. from M. I. T. this past 
June and has accepted a research as- 
sistantship at Iowa State College, where 
we are now. He plans to study for his 
Ph.D., so we will no doubt be here for 
about four or five years, which is a 
shock to me, an Easterner." 

In June, Margaret Robson Priddy wrote, 
"On the way home from Colorado I met 
Jane Mackey who was our TWA stew- 
ardess. My husband left for Neu Ulm, in 
Southern Germany, June 7th. I leave Au- 
gust 4th on the United States." Her ad- 
dress is c/o Pvt. L. E. Priddy, US 
51364014, A Btry, 538th FA Bn, APO 
35, N. Y. 

Margaret Ann Somerville is teaching 
nursery school in Bethesda, Md., and en- 
joys the work very much. 

In May, Penny Thompson wrote that 
she was a sociology major at Russell Sage 
College in Troy, N. Y. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

(Carolyn Chapin), Secretary 

11 Longhill St., Apt. 2 A 

Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

( Ruth Birch ) , Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

115 Adams St., New Britain, Conn. 

Reunion News: We were very glad to see 
95 girls back for our first reunion at the 
Maridor in Framingham. Miss Solimene, 
our class advisor, was also present. After 
lunch many of us attended the President's 
Reception at Bragdon and at 5:15 p.m. 
gathered for the Alumnae Parade. Each 
girl donned a colorful coolie hat with 
"55" attached to a black braid in the 



CLASS OF 1955 — 1st REUNION 

That evening after the Alumnae Supper 
in Winslow Hall, the Class Night Awards, 
the Torchlight Parade and the changing of 
the banners at the Crow's Nest brought 
back memories of ourselves just one year 

Engaged: Elinor Dana to Harold Righter. 
Mr. Righter attended the University of 

Carole Darsky to Stuart W. Giller. Mr. 
Giller was a member of the Class of 1956 
at Kent State University. Carole taught 
nursery school in Akron last year. 

Darrylle Donahue x-'55 to Edward G. 
Curran, USA. Darrylle is a graduate of 
Katharine Gibbs. Mr. Curran expects to 
complete his studies at Harvard Univer- 
sity when his service with the Army is 
completed. A December wedding is 

Anne Hartnett x-'55 to Walter H. 
Lohnes, Jr. Anne attended Emerson Col- 
lege and Mr. Lohnes is attending Nichols 
Junior College. 

Dorothy Kirk x-'55 to John W. Eiden- 
berg, Jr., in January, 1956. 

Helen LeFaivre to Paul Russo, in the 
fall of 1955. Helen has been working 
for Dr. Manchester in Auburndale. 

Jane Mclnnis to Frederick L. Bennett. 
Jane is employed by Control Engineering 
Corp. in Norwood. Mr. Bennett served 
four years with the Navy and is now at- 
tending the University of Massachusetts 
School of Engineering. 

Nancy Sue Tripp to Daniel R. Taylor. 
Mr. Taylor is a graduate of Hamilton 
College and attends Albany Law School. 
Nancy is a secretary in a law firm in Al- 

Sally Lou Visel to Bruce Hayes, on Jan- 
uary 27, 1956. A fall wedding is planned. 

Sally works as a private secretary for the 
vice president of a New Haven bank. 

Beverly Wormwood to Ronald W. Mc- 
Vickar. Mr. McVickar served three years 
with the United States Marines. Beverly is 
a secretary for a lawyer in Chatham, Mass. 

Married: Evelyn Bradley to Robert Coch- 
ran, on June 16, 1956. They went to 
Bermuda and Canada on their wedding 
trip. Mr. Cochran was graduated from 
Boston College in 1956 and is now at- 
tending the Jet Flight School, Pensacola, 
Fla., where Evie will join him as soon as 
he has found an apartment. 

Rhea Cooney to Ronald D. Simonds. 
Their new address is 277 Broadway, Ar- 
lington, Mass. 

Anne Cranton to Lyman W. Mix. Mr. 
Mix graduated from the Massachusetts 
Radio and Television School in Boston 
and attended Lincoln Institute at North- 
eastern University. Anne and her husband 
are making their home at 8 Waban St., 
Wellesley, Mass. They are both very an- 
tique minded and, except for their modern 
kitchen equipment, have furnished their 
home entirely with antiques which they 
have collected and refinished. 

Mary Lee Klipper to Robert W. Singer, 
on July 1, 1955. Their address is 5 Roose- 
velt PL, Apt. 2-C, Montclair, N. J. In 
July, Klip wrote, "I have been employed 
by the Fire Association of Philadelphia, an 
insurance company, as a secretary for a 
year. The firm is located about two blocks 
from our apartment so that means I have 
a lot of extra time to 'tend house.' Bobby 
and I just returned from our vacation in 
Vermont, the same location where we 
honeymooned last year. No more news but 
I would like to mention how nice it was 
seeing everyone at our first class reunion." 



Nancy Legare to James L. DeWolf, on 
June 30, 1956. After a week visiting the 
Cape, Nancy and her husband will motor 
to the West Coast where they will live in 
Los Angeles. Mr. DeWolf attended Georgia 
Institute of Technology, is a physicist, and 
will complete his studies for his master's 
degree at U.C.L.A. 

Valerie Montanez to Robert L. Hooven, 
on May 13, 1956, in Garden City, N. Y. 

Margaret Murray to David H. Pellegrini, 
on March 10, 1956. 

Marlene Portney to David Frisher. Their 
address is 137-18B 68th Dr., Kew Garden 
Hills, Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 

Carole Smith to Richard W. Handler, on 
June 23, 1956, in Gloucester, Mass. After 
a honeymoon in Canada, Carole is con- 
tinuing with her training at St. Mary's 
Hospital in Waterbury, Conn. Her address 
is 137 Robins St. in Waterbury. 

Margaret Tomlinson to James C. Mor- 
row, recently. She is attending Boston Uni- 
versity, from which her husband was gradu- 
ated. He is now attending Graduate School 
there. After a wedding trip to Bermuda, 
they will live in Boston. 

Gail Whiting to F. William Lincoln, 
III, on June 16, 1956. Mr. Lincoln was 
graduated in 1951 from Tufts University. 
After a wedding trip to Maine, Gail re- 
turned to her position as secretary to the 
advertising and sales promotion manager 
of WEEI. Their address is 277 Beacon St., 
Boston, Mass. 

Born: To Marjorie Piotti Haughey, a 
daughter, Deborah Ann, on March 28, 
1956. Margie and Larry will be in Texas 
for two more years. He is an instructor for 
the Air Force. Their address is 108 Mc- 
Gregor Ave., Harlingen, Tex. 

To Joy Stewart Engelsman, a son, David 
Stewart, on June 25, 1956. Joy and Alan 
will make their home in Utica, N. Y., 
where Alan has a teaching position. 

To Sue Thomas Wiard, a son, Robert, 

To Mia Ysselstyn Broug, a daughter, 
Ella Erica, in March, 1956. 

Other News: Classmates extend deepest 
sympathy to Nancy Legare DeWolf whose 
father died suddenly in June, 1956. 

A few '55ers got together in New York. 
The gang included Bobbie Jennings, Carol 
Egan x-'55, Betty Lalley, Sally Boyce, Dee 
Flynn, Sally Warner O'Such, Babs Hammett, 
Dorcas Styles, Angie Tabellario, Hazel 
Schoppy, Bunny Nutt, Iris Gabel, Betty 
Price, May Limpert, Carol Dovey, Betty 
Goetz, Gigi Harold, Doris Lachhein and 
Carol Kenneally. Sounds like a great time 
was had by all. 

Carolyn Chapin Snyder and her husband 

returned from Europe in April. Since then 
they have been busy buying furniture and 
getting settled in their new apartment. 

Amalia Gori is now living at 386 
Worcester St., Wellesley Hills, Mass. She 
attended the Copley Secretarial Institute 
and expected to graduate last June. 

Paula Lamont is leading a very exciting 
life in New York where she attends the 
American Theatre Wing. She majors in 
dance and also takes drama. At the Ameri- 
can Theatre she had leading roles in "Ah! 
Wilderness," "Camino Real," and "Won- 
derful Town." Last December 30th she 
went to "The First Night Ball" held in 
honor of Helen Hayes' 50th year in the 

Apparently JoAnna Loiacono liked Cali- 
fornia when she went for a visit. She is 
now working in a bank and living at 611 
D. West Pomona Blvd., Monterey Park, 

Nancy Sparks has been made assistant 
buyer in the- Teen and Girls' Department 
at Powers' Department Store in Minne- 


425 Redleaf Rd., Wynnewood, Penn. 

Ellis Dr., Basking Ridge, N. J. 

GAIL Swett, Assistant 
53 Mount Vernon Ave., Needham, Mass. 

Engaged: Beverly Breed to William Vaughn 
Hovey of West Newton. Mr. Hovey grad- 
uated from Dartmouth in 1952 and at 
present is a law student at Boston Univer- 
sity. Beverly is attending Tufts University. 

Jane P. Churchill to Warren B. Bigelow. 
Mr. Bigelow is a junior at Northeastern 
University where Jane is employed as a 
secretary. They plan to be married in late 

Rosa Saias x-'56 to Henry Beuacerraf. 
Henry graduated from Babson Institute. 

Joan Showers to George R. Horrigan. 
George is now a senior at Fordham Uni- 
versity. Joan is working at the Cornell 
Medical Center in New York. 

Married: Janet M. Battles to George Man- 
digo two weeks after graduation. 

Karen Bloom to Frederic Greenblott on 
May 26th. 

Cynthia Christie to James D. Turner, 
September 13, 1956, at St. Andrew's Epis- 
copal Church in Wellesley, Mass. The 
couple spent their honeymoon in Sunapee, 




L. to r.: Gail Swett of Needham, Mass., Asst.; Peggy Schwingel of Basking Ridge, 

N. J., Asst.; and Betsy Belsterling of Wynnewood, Penn., Secy. 

N. H. Their new address is Kent's Hill 
School, Kent's Hill, Me. 

Virginia Cooke to Richard P. Moriarty, 
in July, 1956. The groom is a graduate of 
Norwich University. They went to Nan- 
tucket for their wedding trip. 

Anne M. Deveau x-'56 to Henry J. Shas- 
tany, on June 11, 1956. Henry is a stu- 
dent at the University of Massachusetts. 
They will live in Northampton, Mass. 

Carolee Scribner to Frank W. Cain, on 
June 25, 1956. They are making their 
home in Allston, Mass., while Frank at- 
tends Burdett College. Carolee is employed 
at Tracerlab Manufacturing Company as a 
secretary. Margaret Cain is also employed 

Sandra Lee Smith x-'56 to Morgan K. 
Williams. Mr. Williams served with the 
Army for three years, attended the Univer- 
sity of Maine and expects to continue his 
studies at Boston University this fall. 

Other News: Mary Augur is working as 
secretary to the patent attorney at Olin 
Mathieson Chemical in New Haven. She 
recently had dinner with Sue North and 
Marylyn Tomancak at Sue's home. 

Ellen Benner has obtained the position 
of assistant buyer in the sportswear de- 
partment of Gimbel's in Philadelphia. 

Joan Bloch is employed by Peter Bent 
Brigham Hospital as the secretary of Dr. 
Roe Wells. 

Linda Brown is working as a medical 
secretary in a hospital in Connecticut. 

Betty Buecher and Anne Lodge are liv- 
ing at 784 Beacon St., Apt. 16, Boston. 
Betty is a receptionist at Jackson and More- 

land (engineers), and Anne at the New 
England Baptist Hospital. 

Bette Cairns is working at Republic Steel 
in Boston. 

Patricia Dahlgard is working in New 

Agnes diZerega spent the summer travel- 
ing through Europe and will begin work 
in a nursery school in Leesburg, Va., this 

Deborah Farnum and I (Peggy Schwin- 
gel) went to Michigan for a graduation 
week end in August. Debbie has just 
graduated from Ward Airline School and 
will start work this fall. 

Dot Fayan is planning to attend Newton 
College of the Sacred Heart in the fall. 
Gail Frank, Janet Berry, Joan Conley, 
Marylyn Tomancak, and Frances Nettleton 
spent a week at the New Jersey shore after 
graduation, along with other Lasell girls. 

Judith Gans will enter the University of 
Connecticut this fall. 

Judith Griffin is working for two psy- 
chiatrists in Abington, Mass. 

Grace Guggenheim Langan x-'56 is mov- 
ing West in September when her husband 
is discharged from the Army. (Incidentally, 
you should be sure to take note of the pic- 
ture under the Class of 1902 news which 
includes Grace in the family group cele- 
brating her grandparents' 50th wedding an- 
niversary — her grandmother is Annie Mae 
Pinkham Allyn '02.) 

Yumiko Hattori has been attending sum- 
mer school at the University of Rhode Is- 
land and plans to enter Wheaton College 
this fall. 

Julia Ku has been living at 2227 Carle- 



ton St., Berkeley, Calif., and plans to enter 
the University of California. 

Carol Le Compte is pinned to Lynn 

Ann Marcus is medical secretary to Dr. 
Alderman in New Haven. 

Nancy McKinnon works in Macy's De- 
partment store in New York. 

Nancy Nash, Nancy Borromey, and Gail 
Swett are employed at Northeastern Uni- 
versity. Nancy Nash is Dr. White's secre- 
tary, Nancy Borromey works in the Grad- 
uate Division, and Gail works in the Eve- 
ning School of Business. 

Susan North is secretary to one of the 
senior partners in the CPA firm of Bixby 
Brothers in New Haven. She writes, "I 
just love my job and my boss is wonder- 
ful. I couldn't ask for more." 

Reyna Olderman is working at the New 
Haven Hospital in the Records Depart- 

Carolee Pedusey is spending the summer 
in Europe. She writes that Venice is the 
most beautiful and exciting place she has 
been to, and Switzerland, Italy, Holland 
and England are all wonderful vacation 
places, but she'll be glad to get back to the 

After graduation, Carol Phalen spent a 
week in Bermuda and is attending Kath- 
arine Gibbs Secretarial School in New 

Bette Putnam is working as secretary to 

the principal of Acton High School, Acton, 

Att Ruinen lived at 5122 Calhoun, Apt. 
16, Houston 21, Tex., this summer and 
planned to attend the University this fall. 

I (Peggy Schwingel) was surprised and 
happy to see Carolyn Scherer at work one 
day. She works in the Advertising Depart- 
ment of Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical 
Company and loves her job as much as I 
like mine as secretary to the staff lawyer 
of the same company. 

Sandra Shelton, after a summer working 
as a waitress at Nantucket, is employed at 
the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. 
Working also at Nantucket were Rosalie 
Lupo and Angela Pennio. 

Amy Shuttleworth writes that she went 
to a luncheon for new Lasell girls at the 
home of Janet Garland Wilson '46, presi- 
dent of the Capital District (Albany) La- 
sell Club. Janet is the daughter of Mrs. 
Garland, housemother at Carpenter. Amy 
spent her vacation in Texas. 

Marylyn Tomancak has been working in 
the Personnel Department of Bullard Com- 
pany in Bridgeport and planned to attend 
the University of Connecticut this fall. She 
saw Judith Gans at the transfer tests there. 

Ann Tucker is working as a secretary to 
a doctor at New Haven Hospital. 

Claire Westhaver spent part of the sum- 
mer on a trip to California and Mexico 
and is now working in Boston. 


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Lasell Leaves 


Lasell's New Child Study Center, Miss Anne Flaherty, Director 
(See article on page 6) 

Published by Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
Lasell Junior College 

auburndale, mass. 



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Priscilla Winslow '35 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 


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Priscilla Winslow '35 

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Dorothy Ulmer Willis 




NO. 2 


Lasell Applauds — Anna L. Cornwall x-'l6 2 

Lasell's New Child Study Center by Miss 

Anne Flaherty, Director 6 

Present Students and Alumnae Relatives 

1956-57 8 

"So You Want to Work?" by Pat 

McAuley '57 12 

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(Note: Sometime last spring an article in The Boston Herald was brought to the 
attention of the Alumnae Office which told of the unusual and outstanding work 
of Anna L. Cornwall x-'l6. We think that you, too, would be interested to read 
about this Lasellite. Miss Cornwall very kindly has given us the information about 
herself and has added some case histories for us. We feel sure you will agree that 
she must be a woman of rare temperament and understanding to be able to accom- 
plish so much in a difficult field.) 

"Former Lasell Student Is Agent for 
Massachusetts Society for Aiding Dis- 
charged Prisoners — Sixteen Years of 
Effort Makes Penologist of Miss Anna 

Pemberton Square [Boston] has the 
only woman in the land whose business, 
single-handedly and solely, helps pris- 
oners get back on their feet. From her 
two desks and two files in the third- 
floor office of the Massachusetts Society 
for Aiding Discharged Prisoners, society 
agent Anna L. Cornwall figures that her 
110-year-old organization has aided 
more than 200,000 men. It has helped 
them, paroled or with terms completed, 
to find food, shelter, clothing and jobs. 
"We don't have to ask for a dollar. We 
never have," explains the trim, precise 
mentor of the voluntary non-profit 
group that keeps a helping hand upper- 
most, and its overhead low. 

The prisoner grapevine, from coast to 
coast, knows the musician-trained Miss 
Cornwall for sympathetic efficiency in 
giving a man a chance for a new start. 
The word is around, just as far, that 
she is a hard-headed realist who can't be 
bluffed. She looks at the record first. 
"I can tell a fraud the minute he crosses 
the threshold," explains the quietly 
positive Miss Cornwall. "When you talk 
to men looking for a new life every day 
for 16 years, you should be able to cope 
with bluffers. Maybe woman's intuition 

Only once was she nonplussed. "Oh, 
you're that one-woman organization 
with all the money to spend," announced 
another woman on first introduction. 

That is not the reason why M.S.A.D.P. 
helps only male ex-prisoners. Actually, 
"all that money" consists only of in- 
come, from donated funds built up by 
Miss Cornwall's father, the former 
prison commissioner, George E. Corn- 
wall of Melrose and the society's gen- 
eral agent for 45 years, 1894 to 1939. 
"He started it with only a few thousand 
dollars from philanthropic friends," the 
present agent explains. "Then they 
added donations and legacies. The in- 
come is used for this office, my salary, 
and the balance all goes to helping men. 
It costs us less to give out a dollar than 
anyone I know." 

There was no deliberate father-daugh- 
ter training for the job. "When my 
father died, in 1939, I came into the 
office one day to pick up his personal 
effects. They asked me to stay three 
months. I have been here ever since." 
For years, she had kept house for her 
father and mother in Melrose, training 
for a musical career. More than she 
realized, she absorbed the technique of 
prisoner-aid, from the time she was six 
years old. "We all thought you were 
headed for the stage. You must have 
your father's calling in your blood," her 
friends declared. 

As many as 15 ex-prisoners a day 
come in for help. Miss Cornwall deals 
only with men with records — and they 
have to prove it. This goes for former 
inmates who have completed their terms, 
and men on parole. Besides daily 
checking with parole officers, the so- 
ciety's agent deals directly with the 
Massachusetts Correctional Institution at 
Walpole (the new prison), the Con- 


cord Reformatory, the Norfolk Prison 
Colony, the Munroe Prison Camp at 
Hubbardston, the Plymouth Prison 
Camp at South Carver, and various 
county houses of correction. 

Once a man's record is checked and 
his identity established, the society steps 
in with help in three forms: (1) food 
and lodging, (2) clothes suitable for a 
prospective job, and clues to possible 
work, (3) money for carfare and inci- 
dentals. The society is no haven for 
hard-luck stories. "We do nothing for 
vagrants," Miss Cornwall emphasizes. 
"We do nothing for alcoholics or drug 
addicts any more. We gave it up eight 
years ago — it was just a waste. Such 
men are sick and need a doctor's help." 

Here are a few typical cases she has 
handled : 

#1 — A young man released from 
Concord Reformatory after serving time 
for Armed Robbery was sent to us by his 
parole • officer. He was handicapped 
from childhood, having a tubercular 
hip. This necessitated a particular type 
of employment. His mother, a widow, 
had sold her home for $14,000 and had 
been living on the principal. Her 
money had dwindled to about $1,800. 
The welfare agency in their city was re- 
luctant to help while the mother had 
any money, and they felt the boy could 
work. So it was up to us to find him 
employment. In the course of the four 
interviews I found that about the only 
aptitude for work the boy had was a 
small talent for drawing. With this to 
go on, found him a job in a lettering 
company for $35 a week. The expendi- 
ture in this case was $40. His mother 
called to express her appreciation of our 
efforts in this young man's behalf. 

#2 — A parole officer asked my aid 
for one of his cases which was an ex- 
treme emergency. The subject was a 
painter laid off who had only been able 
to pick up odd jobs. They had an apart- 
ment in the North End. He had a young 
wife and new baby. The lights were 
turned off and the gas company was 
about to shut off the gas, so they couldn't 

use their stove and it was a serious situ- 
ation. I gave them $40 to tide them over 
this emergency. Where else could they 
have obtained this immediate aid? 
Needless to say they will always be 
grateful to the M.S.A.D.P. 

#3 — A call for help came in from the 
F. B. I. one morning. A man under 
their jurisdiction was going to work as 
a longshoreman that noon at 1 p.m., but 
hadn't warm clothing. Would we help? 
He had served time in Danbury, Conn., 
for Interstate Transportation of bad 
checks. Of course the answer was 
"Yes." We gave this man warm trous- 
ers, flannel work-shirt, two suits of 
heavy winter underwear, sweater, 
jumper, and warm gloves at a cost to 
the Society of $21.50. 

#4 — The Protestant Chaplain of Con- 
cord Reformatory came in one morning 
bringing a boy. The social worker had 
called me the day before and asked me 
to help this boy. Fellow prisoners had 
collected a small sum of money for his 
support when he reached home. Would 
we provide transportation? After talk- 
ing with the boy and the Chaplain, we 
supplied him with a ticket to Phila- 
delphia by coach at the cost of $12.88. 
A young man who I am sure will go 

#5 — Another young man was sent by 
his parole officer. After much phoning 
found him a job in a restaurant in 
Brookline. He was poorly clad so gave 
him a suit at the Morgan Memorial at 
a cost of $5, one new shirt, 2 pairs of 
socks, 1 suit of underwear at a cost of 
$3.50, also $10 for carfares. 

#6 — This case was a problem. The 
man just could not seem to get any of 
the jobs I suggested to him. Finally I 
talked with the parole officer who had 
sent him to us and told him I thought 
the man was stalling. All this time we 
were supplying him with lodging and 
meals. But my call produced results. 
The very next day found him a job and 
he went to work at a hotel where he is 
still working. It took some doing and 
cost $30, but we cannot accept a case 


and not see it through. He had a narrow 
escape. He almost went back. 

#7 — The door opened and a young 
man entered, young in years, but old in 
crime, who had been released after 
serving five years in State Prison. We 
had helped him considerably in the past 
and my inclination at first was to send 
him on his way, but after hearing his 
story, I decided to give him another 
chance. He had given the police infor- 
mation they were seeking. On his re- 
lease he was immediately set upon and 
would have been killed, but people came 
along and the attackers fled. The sub- 
ject showed signs of a terrific beating 
and was the most terrified man I have 
ever seen. He begged me to help him 
to get out of Boston. 

His record was clear, out of Massa- 
chusetts. He was an expert orderly and 
masseur and felt if he could get to New 
York he would be safe. His glasses 
were broken so first I sent him to an 
oculist for glasses and gave him a non- 
redeemable ticket on the bus to New 
York and $15. Two days later I re- 
ceived a letter saying he was in New 
York City and going to White Plains. 
His head was bothering him and he was 
still badly frightened. He asked me if I 
failed to get a card from him the next 
Monday morning to call the Chief of 
Police at White Plains and give him his 
name and description and ask them to 
look for him. This was Friday. The fol- 
lowing Monday morning when I arrived 
at the office a card was there saying, "All 
is well." Two days later another note 
came telling me he was working as a 
handy man in White Plains with room 
and board and as soon as he got enough 
money he was going to a hospital and 
apply for a job. Maybe he has really 
learned his lesson and will from now on 
lead a useful, good life. 

#8 — Norfolk Prison Colony called to 
ask me to get a man out of their prison 
whose parole date was two months back. 
He was an experienced farm hand and 
could milk and use a milking machine. 
Lined up a job for him. The State 

House sent him down on a Friday after- 
noon. Said he did not want to take job 
until Monday as he wanted to go home 
to see his mother. After talking with the 
Supervisor of Parole we agreed to let 
him go home with the understanding 
that he would go to work Monday. He 
never appeared until Wednesday. Went 
out to the job which was filled. The 
farm people sent him to a nursery in 
Norwood where he is now working. 

#9 — This man was brought in by his 
parole officer. He had served 20 months 
of a five-year indefinite sentence for 
larceny of an auto. He had a job but 
needed $25 for union dues. We supplied 
the money and he kept his job. 

#10 — The telephone rang. The Guild 
of Our Lady of Ransom calling. "Could 
they send a case they felt was in need of 
immediate consideration?" The reply 
"Of course you may" brought this case 
to our attention. A young man and 
woman, man and wife, about 26 years 
of age approached my desk. His record 
showed 34 months in prison at Wethers- 
field, Conn. Upon release they impul- 
sively left home, determined to get 
away from former friends and family. 
When they arrived in Boston the wife 
who is a French Catholic sought aid at 
the French Fathers who gave them $2 
in cash and eight tokens and sent them 
to the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom 
in Charlestown. They could do nothing 
for them, so sent them to our Society. 
In asking the man's work record, found 
him to be an experienced short-order 
cook. Sent him to a job in Cambridge 
where he was immediately hired and he 
came back with the good news. The wife 
stayed in the office and showed me that 
among their assorted baggage, she had 
one dozen hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, a 
loaf of bread and some coffee. This 
would be a help as the wife, being the 
only one needing food, could get along, 
as the man gets his meals at the job. 
Gave them $10 and $5 worth of Wal- 
dorf tickets to supplement wife's food. 
The next step was a room. Called an 
agency in Cambridge who would direct 


them to rooming houses and sent them 
on their way a happy, relieved young 
couple. In less than three hours their 
troubles were over. 

#11 — Recently one of the Assistant 
Deputy Commissioners called the office 
to ask if we could send a young man to 
Richmond, Calif., where friends had a 
job waiting for him. We agreed to help 
him and paid his fare to California. 
This cost the Society about $70. The 
Deputy Commissioner felt if the young 
man could get away to a new environ- 
ment it might be the best way in which 
to effect his rehabilitation. Being able 
to supply him with the necessary funds 
immediately was very helpful. About a 
week later, a card was received saying 
that he had arrived and had secured the 
job. He was very grateful to the Society 
for giving him this new chance. 
* * * * 

We have also helped many men from 
the Plymouth Prison Camps at South 
Carver who are the pick of the men at 
Norfolk and State Prison. These men 

always acknowledge our help most 

I believe our case histories show that 
we aim to establish personal attitudes 
that will prevent these men from return- 
ing to prison. When people ask me if 
men go straight after release, I always 
say, "You read in the newspapers of the 
plane accidents and the train accidents, 
but what of all those travelling success- 
fully day after day whom we never hear 
of?" That is the way it is with the 
hundreds of men who are released from 
prison every year who once again take 
their place in the society of good cit- 

The M.S. A. D. P. is able to give a serv- 
ice to these men which is not often pos- 
sible for the parole officers or prison 
officials to perform because of the sus- 
picion and fear these men frequently 
have for anyone connected with the 
law. The need for general guidance and 
assistance at the time of release and the 
period shortly afterwards is a critical 

Special Note on Pictures for Class News Section 

There was a time when we pleaded with alumnae to send in pictures 
of their families to be printed in the Leaves. Now, a few years later, 
the message has taken full effect and we are gathering them from all direc- 
tions. We love to get them, BUT we can't print them all in the Leaves. 
Some of those we received are really not clear enough to reproduce well in 
print, and sometimes when there are two or three children in one family, 
there's a separate picture of each one. Since we have limited space and 
limited finances, we have to eliminate, and that is truly a difficult job. 
We want you to understand our problem, and, if you have sent pictures 
which did not get printed, send us another later and tell us you sent one 
before which was not reproduced. Also try to submit really clear pictures, 
and group pictures rather than individual ones of each child. We repeat, 
we love to receive the photos, and we will do the best we can for all of 



by Miss Anne Flaherty, Director 
(Graduate of the Eliot-Pearson School, 

Tufts University) 

L. to r.: Lucile Martel '57, Jimmy McReynolds, Barbara Klein '57, David Collins, 
Margy Cohen, Lorraine Marsh, Fonda Perez, Kevin Bottomley, Scott Ames (son 
of Phyllis Hosmer Ames x-'48), Miss Flaherty (Director), and Judy Parker. 

"Come Along and Sing a Song and 
Join the Jamboree" — Mickey Mouse ! 

If you listen carefully you can hear 
the Mickey Mouse Club tune being 
hummed in the dining room at Wood- 
land, on the stairs to the library, in the 
living room at Hawthorne and in the 
lounge at the Wass Science building. 
There is music in the air and the newest 
addition to Lasell's educational facili- 
ties is responsible for a large part of it. 

On October 1, 1956, Lasell opened 
its Child Study Center which is not pri- 
marily a nursery school but a center for 
the observation of nursery training 
methods and early childhood behavior. 

We have had a Child Study Program 
operating here for the past ■ four years. 
We have operated this department un- 
der some difficulty because the students 
had to be transported to neighboring 
nursery schools for their practical ex- 
perience in working with young chil- 
dren. This fall the 48 students who are 
in the Child Study Department no 
longer have to travel off campus for 
their observing. 

Last spring the Child Study Group 
conducted a survey with Auburndale 
parents and found that there was an 
almost overwhelming demand for a 
service of this type in our community. 



The Center has nine children en- 
rolled at present and there is the possi- 
bility of some expansion in the second 
semester. The program calls for a five- 
day week from nine until twelve o'clock 
noon. Tuition has been set at $200 a 
year, to be paid monthly or weekly ($25 
a month, or $6.25 a week). 

New lighting, new floors, new sani- 
tary equipment and a fully-equipped 
fenced-in outdoor play area have been 
installed at Bancroft House on the cor- 
ner of Maple St. and Maple Terr. Ac- 
tivities at the Center are conducted pri- 
marily in three specialized rooms — one 
for quiet play (games and books), one 
for noisier play (blocks, trucks and 
housekeeping) and one for creative art 
(clay, paints, crayons, etc.). There is a 
movable observation screen which makes 
it possible for the Child Study majors 
to observe the behavior of the children 
and to study the Director's methods of 

Each child has the chance for the 

regular company of other children, for 
the supervised program of stories, music 
and games and for such experiences as 
painting, coloring, pasting, building, 
keeping house, and raising plants. Most 
of their activities involve learning how 
to cooperate and how to share. We re- 
spect each child's right to be himself 
and at the same time help him to under- 
stand the rights of others, so that he 
may experience cooperative living. 

We help the children to develop in- 
itiative and imagination so that they 
may have the opportunity freely to 
create. We also encourage their curi- 
osity and their pride in workmanship 
(remember that play is a child's work), 
so that they may have the satisfaction 
that comes from achievement. 

From the first day we have given 
them our love, so that they may grow 
with trust in themselves and in others. 
Love they give back to us. Perhaps that 
is why we sing their songs. 



RELATIVES 1956-57 

L. to r.: Lora Lee (Korea), Nitprapha Aduldej-Charas (Thailand), Margrit Babik- 
yan (Turkey), Hae Won Chang (Korea), and Roberta Dodkin (Brazil). Not in- 
cluded are: Mahin Sorouri (Iran), Sara Blenkitney (Guatemala), Kwan Ching 
Kan (Brazil), Lillian Ting (Brazil), and Kathleen Brodie (British Columbia). 

Once again Lasell has opened with 
an enrollment which is larger than 
ever before — for this year, 599 ! The 
following figures show where they 
come from and what they are doing 

Post Graduates 





By States 





New York 


New Jersey 




Rhode Island 














West Virginia 


Calif., Florida, Illinois, 

Nebraska, and Texas, 1 each 

= 5 





British Columbia 







By Curricula 



Medical Secretarial 




Liberal Arts 




Child Study 


Pre-Clinical Med. Tech. - 




Home Economics 






General Academic 








Among these students there are 74 
who are related to one (or more) of our 
alumnae. Three girls have three alum- 
nae relatives each, and seven have two 
each (see accompanying picture). The 
alumnae relationships are as follows: 


Front row, I. to r.: Marilyn Pearce '57 (daughter of Dorothy Meeker Pearce '30), 
Harriet Beard '58 (Harriet Garlick Beard x-'38), Deborah Willis '58 (grand- 
daughter of Frances Wood Willis '97-'98), Barbara Lebowich '57 (daughter of 
Irene Ginzburg Lebowich '31), and Susan Van Horn '58 (Edith Stone Schure '27). 
Back row: Caroline Killam '57 (the late Cornelia Hemingway Killam '22), Joan 
Stanford '57 (Alice David Stanford '28), Jeanne Reynal '57 (Dorothy Cook 
Reynal '25), Barbara Cupp '57 (Elizabeth Dupka Cupp x-'35), Ann Reeves '58 
(Harriet Colwell Reeves '35), Susanne Babcock '58 (Leonora Conklin Babcock 
'21). Not included are: Judith Marshall '57 (Brenda Copeland Marshall '24), 
Brenda White '57 (Edith Jensen White '26), and Amy Godfrey '58 (Pauline 

Bonin Godfrey x-'37). 











Frances Wood Willis '97-' 98 (Deborah 
Willis '58) 


Leonora Conklin Babcock '21 (Susanne 

Cornelia Hemingway Killam '22 (de- 
ceased) (Caroline '57) 

Brenda Copeland Marshall '24 (Judith 

Dorothy Cook Reynal '25 (Jeanne '57) 

Edith Jensen White '26 (Brenda '57) 

Edith Stone Schure '27 (Susan Van 
Horn '58) 

Alice David Stanford '28 (Joan '57) 

Dorothy Meeker Pearce '30 (Marilyn 

Irene Ginzburg Lebowich '31 (Barbara 

Harriet Colwell Reeves '35 (Ann '58) 
Elizabeth Dupka Cupp x-'35 (Barbara 

>57 ) 
Pauline Bonin Godfrey x-'37 (Amy 


Harriet Garlick Beard x-'38 (Harriet 



Isabel Bates Gilman '44 (Joan '58) 
Betty Jane Dunkel '45 (AnnLou '58) 
Emma Gilbert Carver '45 (Patricia '57) 
Joan Babcock Keller '46 (Susanne '58) 
Eunice Watson Crosen '47 (Judith '58) 
Lorraine Pierce McGrail '48 (Helen 

Marjorie W. Gilbert '50 (Patricia '57) 
Joanne Monahan Garrity '51 (Brenda 

Holbrook '58) 
Marie Piotti Maier '52 (Elaine '58) 



Front row, I. to r.: Susanne Babcock '58 (Joan Babcock Keller '46), Brenda 
Holbrook '58 (Joanne Monahan Garrity '51), Judith Watson '58 (Eunice Watson 
Crosen '47), Joan Bates '58 (Isabel Bates Gilman '44), Marion Karasik '58 
(Barbara R. Karasik '55), and Ann Lou Dunkel '58 (Betty Jane Dunkel '45). 


Dandeneau '54), Helen Pierce '57 (Lorraine Pierce McGrail '48), Dorothy Ziehler 
'57 (Sue A. Ziehler '53), Virginia Field '57 (Elizabeth Field Smith x-'56), Barbara 
Polidor '57 (Joan E. Polidor '56), and Dorothy LeCaron '57 (Joan LeCaron '56). 

Carolyn Goodell Hawkins '53 (Judith 

Doris A. Hedblom '53 (Janet '57 and 

Carol '58) 
Barbara E. Howell '53 (Frances '57) 
Ann H. Pockwinse '53 (Janet '57) 
Elizabeth Ring LaPage '53 (Ruth '57) 
Sue A. Ziehler '53 (Dorothy '57) 
Beverly Bruce Dandeneau '54 (Virginia 

Suzanne Collins Cleveland '54 (Diane 

Barbara R. Karasik '55 (Marion '58) 
Marjorie Piotti Haughey '55 (Elaine 

Marilyn J. Valter '55 (June '58) 
Elizabeth Field Smith x-'56 (Virginia 

Dorothy B. Gilbert '56 (Patricia '57) 
Joan LeCaron '56 (Dorothy '57) 
Patricia A. Nolan '56 (Elizabeth '58) 

Joan E. Polidor '56 (Barbara '57) 
Penny Rafkin '56 (Harriet '58) 


Marilyn McGuire Levine '52 (Sheila 

Marjorie Price Johnson '54 (Martha 



Mabelle Burwell Woodhouse x-'06 

(Juliet Burwell '58) 
Virginia Smieding Fenn '25 (Mary 

Fenn '58) 
Evelyn Jensen Draper x-'28 (Brenda 

White '57) 
Eleanor Smith Cutting x-'28 (Judith 

Smith '57) 
Muriel Hagerthy Murray '29 (Muriel 

Hagerthy '57) 
Eleanor Lee Harrington x-'30 (Brenda 

Holbrook '58) 



Front row, I. to r.: Ruth Ring '57 (Elizabeth Ring LaPage '53), Diane Collins '58 
(Suzanne Collins Cleveland '54), Harriett Rafkin '58 (Penny Rafkin '56), June 
Valter '58 (Marilyn Valter '55). Back row: Elizabeth Nolan '58 (Patricia 
Nolan '56), Elaine Piotti '58 (Marie Piotti Maier '52 and Marjorie Piotti Haughey 
'55), Carol '58 and Janet Hedblom '57 (Doris Hedblom '53). Not included is: 
Judith Goodell '58 (Carolyn Goodell Hawkins '53). 

Joanne Bohaker Smith '38 (Judith Smith 

Kathryn Colwell Evans '38 (Ann Reeves 

Margaret Smith Wolcott '39 (Judith 

Smith '57) 
Nicolette Demeter Troubalos x-'43 

(Patricia Koules '57) 
Virginia Moulton Nichols (H.S. '29- 

'30) (Ann Moulton '57) 


Priscilla Morris McLaughlin '18 (Char- 
lene Sargent '57) 

Charlotte Cahners Glass '32 (Susan 
Rapaport '58) 

Grace Beekley Nicholson x-'33 (Patricia 
Woolley '58) 

Agnes Carruthers Bicknell '38 (Kath- 
leen Robertson '58) 

Barbara Iris Johnson '35 (Iris Martin 

Mary Martha Rabus Reiber '38 (Mary 
Rabus '58) 

Mae Hartsfield Feldt '41 (Judith Feldt 

Laura Pechilis Apostolu '41 (Colette 

Carmeris '57) 
Florence Pechilis Caramihas '43 (Colette 

Carmeris '57) 
Mary Brown Gorman '47 (Ann Cronin 

Helen Sanasarian Soohikian '47 (Nancy 

Saunders '57) 
Janice Wilder Davidson '49 (Penelope 

Wilder '58) 
Janet Debbs Waldele '50 (Margaret 

Zipf '57) 
Frances Hyde Ross '51 (Joan Hyde '58) 
Charlotte Lappin Yorks '51 (Judith 

Leventhal '57) 
Vilma J. Barbuto '52 (Janice Barbuto 

Dorothy R. Jepsky '53 (Roberta Jepsky 

Mary Kenney Flynn '53 (Mary McGrail 

Carol L. Moriarty '53 (Joyce Pender- 

gast '57) 



L. to r.: Susanne Babcock '58 (daughter of Leonora Conklin Babcock '21 and 
sister of Joan Babcock Keller '46), Patricia Gilbert '57 (sister of Emma Gilbert 
Carver '45, Marjorie W. Gilbert '50, and Dorothy B. Gilbert '56), Brenda Hol- 
brook '58 (sister of Joanne Monahan Garrity '51, niece of Eleanor Lee Harrington 
x-'30, and cousin of Marcia Harrington '55), Ann Reeves '58 (daughter of Harriet 
Colwell Reeves '35 and niece of Kathryn Colwell Evans '38), and Judith Smith '57 
(niece of Eleanor Smith Cutting x-'28, Margaret Smith Wolcott '39, and Joanne 
Bohaker Smith '38). Not included are: Colette Carmeris '57 (cousin of Florence 
Pechilis Caramihas '43 and Laura Pechilis Apostolu '41), Janet Hedblom '57 and 
Carol Hedblom '58 (sisters of Doris A. Hedblom '53), Brenda White '57 (daughter 
of Edith Jensen White '26 and niece of Evelyn Jensen Draper x-'28), and Elaine 
Piotti '58 (sister of Marjorie Piotti Haughey '55 and Marie Piotti Maier '52). 

Patricia Carpenter Follett '54 (Jane 
Carpenter '57) 

Ellen Miller Kadison '54 (Reisa Baylin 

Audrey Montagu Murphy '54 (Mary 
Strickland '58) 

Marlene D. Berman '55 (Edith Sussman 

Carole Darsky Giller '55 (Nancy Dar- 
sky '57) 

Rosalind Goldstein x-'55 (Sara Green- 
berg '58) 

Marcia Harrington '55 (Brenda. Hol- 

brook '58) 
Betsy Belsterling '56 (Meade Simpson 


Judith R. Berger '56 (Marsha Singer 

Marilyn Loven x-'56 (Katharine Wal- 
lace '57) 

Virginia A. Reeves '56 (Carol Reeves 

Katharine H. Taft '56 (Leila Steen '58) 

"SO YOU WANT TO WORK?" . . . By Pat McAuley '57 

(This article was printed in the student newspaper, The Lasell Neivs, in November, 
and we think you will find pleasure and amusement in reading it.) 

Experience is a hard taskmaster but 
something you can't ever forget. This 
comes from a raw recruit who left her 
comfortable home to go out into the 
world to earn a fortune. "Oh, Pat, it's 
wonderful. You can make eight hun- 
dred to a thousand dollars for the 
season." Visions went through my mind 
— oodles of clothes, a new jacket, a mil- 

lion and one accessories • — all bought 
with my own money! 

And what was this wonderful job? 
I was going to be a waitress and a good 
one even though the best I had ever 
done at home in the way of waiting on 
table was to place a couple of plates 
with ordinary silverware place settings. 
One large inn accepted me and I was a 



happy 18-year-old. When I think of it 
now I become frightened at my audacity 
and know-it-all-ness. 

A large inn, a lovely room of my own, 
or maybe another girl or two. This pic- 
ture arose in my mind. I was told to 
bring a supply of hairnets and shoes 
with heels. The hairnets I bought with- 
out a murmur. The shoes I bought with 
lovely high heels much to the disgust 
of my mother who kept saying, "Pat, 
they mean shoes with low heels for com- 
fort." How could a parent be so con- 
fused ! 

That lovely, large inn took 12 hard 
hours of driving to get to, with gas go- 
ing up into the 33£ bracket when we 
entered the Berkshires. Oh well, I could 
pay it all back out of that $1,000. 
The hairnets, the lovely high-heeled 
shoes, five bouffant petticoats, four 
dresses, sweaters, three skirts, a box of 
books to read in my leisure time, a hi- 
fidelity set complete with a score of 
records — all arrived at said lovely large 
inn at 11:30 a.m. Mother, being an 
optimist, drove up to the front entrance 
with her one and only daughter, proud 
as punch. After that the front of the inn 
was something I saw only in pictures. 
We were ushered through alleys, back 
rooms, back kitchen, etc., right out of 
the inn to a long, narrow barracks 
which bore the delightful name of 
"Camp Betty." 

Dear old Camp Betty, my summer 
domicile. Where was my lovely large 
room with one, maybe two companions ? 
Camp Betty was found to contain rows 
of small cubicles, two girls to each cu- 
bicle. Two small cots with a bureau were 
the furnishings. No closet at all, just 
hangers, and if one girl had to turn 
around, her roommate was forced to 
move out into the hall. To do her 
credit, Mother never batted an eyelash, 
although I could feel the vibrations of 
dismay coming from her. She gaily 
helped me unload enough luggage to 
fill three cubicles (without girls) and 
departed as fast as she could. My 
thought was to have her stay around 

for a while, but she had other ideas. 
Later she told me she expected to have 
an SOS. Little did or does she know 
how near she came to the truth. It took 
some doing to settle down in my cubicle, 
but settle I did, with my poor room 
companion practically being hung six 
times a day on bouffant petticoats and 
swirling dresses. 

After I met about 20 girls to start 
with, the inter-com announced that our 
majesties were wanted at the inn for 
orientation. The girls were wonderful! 
They were all just as inexperienced as 
I and so we were all friends from the 
start. Their glowing ideals of waitress- 
ing were to receive a blow (as were 
mine) the next day when we were given 
our first long-suffering souls to wait on. 

My initial couple suffered the tor- 
tures of the damned for the first three 
days. I consistently proved that the law 
of gravity pulls toward the ground. 
Water went in laps, silverware landed 
on the floor, I even slipped and fell on 
the floor myself to make everything 
jolly. People (some people, anyway) 
are wonderful. My poor couple managed 
to live through my orientation although 
I am sure the wife lost several pounds 
waiting for her food. 

Many were the mistakes all of us 
made. Agonizing hours were mine. My 
lovely high-heeled shoes were ornate 
enough but, oh me, my feet were killing 
me. Lord love parents. My mother, 
sensing my lack of understanding, sent 
up a pair of low-heeled shoes and from 
then on my feet and I were friends 
again. A few weeks previously I 
wouldn't have been seen dead in those 
shoes. How I lovingly slipped into 
them in the morning at 6:30 and slipped 
out of them at 9:30 p.m. to crawl into 
my small cot and pass out with ex- 

The books I spoke of remained in the 
box until Mother picked them up just 
before Labor Day. The petticoats, 
dresses and skirts developed dirtitis 
from disuse and all had to be cleaned. 
The hi-fidelity machine was a friend in- 



deed. We would put it on and then 
promptly go to sleep. 

Many were the hair-raising experi- 
ences during the summer. The owner's 
wife chased him around the dining room 
with a knife in hand, but she didn't 
catch him, thank goodness; the water 
pipes broke and there was no water for 
cooking, washing, or — need I say 
more? Then there was the night when 
chicken was on the menu and everybody 
wanted chicken and there were not 
enough chickens to go around; the hor- 
rible suspense when we were cleaning 
windows and one of my sorority was 
hanging by a fingernail after slipping 
off the sill. (She was pulled in by will- 
ing hands who all pulled in different 
directions, making her a casualty of pure 
kindness.) Or the awful night when a 
mama skunk took her child for an air- 
ing right into Camp Betty and only be- 
cause we were frozen motionless and 
were silent with fright were we saved 
from a smelly fate; and the night when 
two girls meandered out on a date and 
the car broke down (it really did) and 
we all lost pounds worrying for fear the 
owner of the large, lovely inn would 
find out. 

For the nicer memories, I still remem- 
ber the two parent deer and their off- 
spring coming up behind Camp Betty 
for the salt lick; the beautiful sunsets 
over one of the prettiest lakes I've ever 
seen; the daily walks up the road to the 

Center, everyone tired, but happy and 
giggling; the summer romance with the 
pastry chef (each one of us had our 
turn) and then the horrible realization 
that it was not true love after all, but 
just the desire to get the most cream 
puffs and huge pieces of cake he had 
just made; the wonderful surprise beach 
party the gang (boys and girls) had for 
me on my birthday, which I knew about 
two days in advance; the joy when we 
made large tips; the show where v/e 
were all dressed up in funny newspapers 
and were dancing around like a bunch of 
elephants with the funny papers giving 
in all directions until there we were in 
our bathing suits; the fixing of one an- 
other's hair, so that sometime during the 
summer we were every color in the rain- 
bow; the look of amazement on my 
mother's face when she saw me coming 
toward her with hair the color of a dis- 
gusted sun; the rapidity with which my 
hair returned to its normal color, much 
to my disgust; the wonderful friends I 
made. Oh, I could go on forever. 

If my plans were to come true I 
would meet one girl in South Carolina, 
another in New Jersey, another in Ohio, 
and so on during vacations. I know full 
well I won't be able to do any such 
thing, but it was exciting planning 
things. No, I didn't make a fortune, 
but I certainly had a wonderful, tired, 
all-mixed-up time that I wouldn't ex- 
change for anything. 


New Faculty: Miss Carolyn Brown 
(who became Mrs. Jonathan Leiby on 
December 29th), comes from St. Clair, 
Mich., and is teaching in the Home 
Economics Department in Clothing Con- 
struction, Clothing I, and Child Devel- 
opment. Mrs. Leiby received her B.S. 
degree in Home Economics from Sim- 
mons College. She did her practice 
teaching in a settlement house and at 
the Brookline High School and for two 
summers went to a camp for handi- 

capped children in Vermont where she 
did general counseling the first summer 
and was head counselor the second year. 
Mrs. Phyllis M. Evans of Cambridge, 
Mass., has joined the staff of the Music 
Department, instructing in basic music 
for the Child Study majors, music ap- 
preciation, voice, and she is also con- 
ductor of the Vesper Choir. Mrs. Evans 
attended Michigan State University and 
the Juilliard Graduate School of Music 
and received her diploma from the lat- 





ter in May 1946. She was principal 
soprano for the Carl Rosa Opera Co. of 
England from 1947-48, soprano soloist 
for the British Broadcasting Corp. from 
1947-52, taught music appreciation for 
the Extra-mural Department of the Uni- 
versity of Wales from 1950-52, and 
taught nursery school and nursery school 
music for the Princeton University 
League Nursery School from 1953-55. 

Miss Anne Flaherty of Needham, 
Mass., is the Director of Lasell's new 
Child Study Center, about which she 
has written an article for this issue of 
the Leaves. She received her B.S. in 
Education from the Eliot-Pearson School 
of Tufts University. For six months 
she did volunteer occupational therapy 
work at the Boston Psychopathic Hos- 
pital and at the Metropolitan State Hos- 
pital in Waltham, and for two years she 
did student teaching in Wellesley and 
Needham. Last summer she was a 
counselor at Tabor Camp in Needham. 

Miss Constance W. Milner of Read- 
ing, Mass., is Coordinator of Lasell's 

Nursing Department (the program in 
affiliation with the Peter Bent Brigham 
Hospital School of Nursing in Bos- 
ton), and she teaches eye, ear, nose and 
throat nursing, pharmacology, medical 
and surgical nursing, orthopedic nurs- 
ing, and history of nursing. She re- 
ceived a diploma from the Warren 
Academy School of Nursing in 1939, 
and later a B.S. in Nursing Education 
from the Boston University School of 
Nursing in 1953. She was Head Nurse 
at the Charles Choate Memorial Hos- 
pital from 1940-41, Operating Room 
Supervisor from 1941-48, Clinical In- 
structor at the Sturdy Memorial Hos- 
pital from 1948-51, and Supervisor of 
Clinical Instruction at the Peter Bent 
Brigham Hospital from 1953-56, and 
in this latter capacity taught orthopedic 
nursing to the Lasell Nursing students 
in 1955. 

Miss Gloria R. Regali of Boston, 
Mass., has joined the staff of the Depart- 
ment of Social Studies, teaching Intro- 
ductory Psychology and Psychology of 



Personality. She received a B.A. degree 
in Psychology in 1945 from Boston Uni- 
versity, and an M.A. in Abnormal Psy- 
chology in 1946 from the B. U. Grad- 
uate School. From October 1946 to 
September 1956 she held the position 
of Psychologist at the Walter E. Fernald 
State School in Waverley, Mass. 

Mrs. Barbaranne B. Shepard of 
Watertown, Mass., is teaching Child 
Development to the student nurses. She 
received an A.B. degree from Earlham 
College in Indiana, did graduate work 
at the Eliot-Pearson School of Tufts 
University, and received a master's de- 
gree in Education from Yale University. 
She has taught kindergarten and nursery 
school in Connecticut. 

Mr. Donald H. Warren of Stow, 
Mass., is a member of the Art Depart- 
ment, giving instruction in Art History, 
Interior Design, Lettering, and Poster 
Design. He attended the School of 
Practical Art in Boston, and received a 
B.S. in Art Education from the Massa- 
chusetts School of Art in 1953. He was 
a T/Sgt. in the Army in the South Pa- 
cific from 1944-47, at the School of 
Practical Art from 1947-50, at the Mas- 
sachusetts School of Art from 1950-53, 
and instructor in the Art Department of 
Endicott Junior College from 1953-56. 
He has taught arts and crafts at summer 
camp and presently is engaged as a free 
lance artist, architectural designer, de- 
sign consultant for Early Americana. He 
also does silk screen production of greet- 
ing cards, note paper, etc. Exhibitions 
of his paintings include the Boston Arts 
Festival and the Winchester Art Asso- 
ciation. Mural commissions include 
seven murals for the Winchester Junior 
High School in 1955-56 and murals in 
restaurants and private homes. Mr. 
Warren and his wife, who teaches kin- 
dergarten, and their small son live in a 
very old house in Stow, built in 1680, 
which they have restored and furnished 
with period pieces. 

Faculty Bazaar: The Faculty Bazaar this 
year was held on December 3rd with 

Dr. Richard M. Packard acting as chair- 
man and Mrs. Ruth E. Manghue as 
treasurer. The final financial report 
shows that $1,900 was donated to the 
Building Fund as a result of everyone's 

Born: To Mrs. Annamarie DiMare 
Hayes (Bacteriol. & Med. Tech. 1951- 
54), a son, James Taylor, on Septem- 
ber 8, 1956. Mr. Hayes now has a posi- 
tion as newscaster on the local NBC 
radio-TV station in Norfolk, Va. The 
Hayes' address is 2615 Newport Ave., 

To Mrs. Martha Pate O'Brien (Arts 
& Crafts 1951-55), a son, Michael 
Aquinas, on October 24, 1956. The 
O'Briens' address is 20 Emerson St., 
Newton, Mass. 

To Mrs. Helene Rones Farrington 
(Int. Dec. & Art Hist. 1952-53), a 
daughter, Ainslee, on October 25, 1956. 
The Farringtons' address is Huntington, 

Other News: A newsletter from Miss 
Constance E. Blackstock '09 (Engl. & 
Hist. 1924-36) written in August re- 
ports that a valuable site for the new 
Girls' High School in Karachi has been 
secured, and she hopes that ground will 
be broken very soon. In addition to 
carrying on the work and responsibility 
involved in this project, Miss Black- 
stock has been helping to train the one 
who replaced her in the management of 
the school in Pakistan, helping with the 
W.S.C.S. and Sunday School and other 
odd jobs. They are now making a sur- 
vey in the newer Housing Developments 
of Christian children of school-going 
ages who are both in and out of school. 
They want to know why those who do 
not go to school are in that state. "My 
work in Karachi has been very different 
from any I have done before but I feel 
that the Lord has blessed me in it. We 
Methodists have never before had wom- 
en missionaries in Karachi." Her ad- 
dress is Methodist Girls' School, 74, 
Garden Road, Karachi, 3, Pakistan. 



L. to r.: Helen L. Beede '21 (Lasell 
Recorder), Mrs. Bertha Hooker Willey 
(Secy, to Pres. '18-'38) and Mrs. Jean 
S. Goodrich (Piano and Music '23-'33). 

Miss Eleanor Crosby (Sci. 1940-42) 
has resigned her position in California 
and is taking a vacation with headquar- 
ters at the home of a cousin in Concord, 

N. H. On one of her side trips in No- 
vember, she visited Dean Mary Blatch- 
ford Van Etten in Auburndale. 

Last summer a pleasant reunion was 
held by three Vermont Lasellites — Mrs. 
Bertha Hooker Willey (Admin. 1918- 
38), Mrs. Jean Goodrich (Music 1923- 
33) and Helen L. Beede '21 (Recorder 
1925- ). We were pleased to receive 
the accompanying picture of them. 

Mrs. Audrey Hofmann Dorsey (Re- 
tail. Trg. 1948-56) reports that she and 
Tom have bought a house at 15 Louis 
Rd., Framingham, Mass. 

This fall Mr. James H. Remley (Dir. 
of Orphean 1955- ) presented a most 
interesting series of programs entitled 
"Adventures In Music" over Boston's 
radio station WEEI on Sundays at 12:30 


Change of Officers 

We are sorry to report that two 
officers of the Board of Management of 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc., have found it nec- 
essary to resign recently — Marion 
Kingdom Farnum '29, recording secre- 
tary, and Elizabeth Danker Trenholm 
'41, a director. We are pleased to an- 
nounce that Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
'37 has agreed to fill the unexpired 
term as recording secretary. A new di- 
rector will be appointed in the near fu- 

New Life Member 

Another alumna has been welcomed 
to the group of Life Members of La- 
sell Alumnae, Inc. She is Susan Slocum 
Klingbeil '45 of Grosse Pointe Shores, 

Alumnae Council 

The ninth Alumnae Council meeting 
will be held on campus this year on 

Friday and Saturday, April 5 th and 6th. 
Class Agents, Club Representatives, and 
Class Secretaries holding reunions in 
1957 and 1958 will be invited. Start 
making plans now to attend ! 

Reunions for June 8, 1957 

1897 — 60th 
1902 — 55th 
1907 — 50th 
1912 — 45th 
1917 — 40th 
1922 — 35th 
1927 — 30th 
1932 — 25th 
1937 — 20th 
1942 — 15th 
1947 — 10th 
1952— 5th 
1956— 1st 


April 26 and 27, 1957 

This year the Lasell Athletic Association is planning something new — 
a Homecoming Week End — and we hope many alumnae will return for 
this gala event. It is our desire to have this week end become a part of 
Lasell tradition. It will be a fine time for you to return to Lasell and be- 
come re-acquainted with your classmates, to visit your old dorm, and to 
bring back many memories of your two years at Lasell. 

For those of you who are sports minded, activities will be lined up for 
Saturday morning and afternoon. We hope a large enough number will be 
present so that a rollicking softball game may be played on the Recreation 
Field. Tennis enthusiasts may look forward to the prospects of attending 
a tennis clinic to see "how" one should play. Naturally volleyball and 
basketball will not be neglected and the gym will be prepared for these 

In the evening, after a picnic supper, everyone will have a chance to 
relax weary bones while attending a surprise entertainment which will be 
presented. For those who plan to attend church in Auburndale on Sunday 
morning, we suggest that you make overnight reservations nearby so that 
unnecessary travel will be eliminated. 

There are only two things which could interrupt these plans — one 
is the weather (and we're used to that!), and the other is YOU. Every- 
thing depends upon YOU. We hope the alumnae will really support this 
week end! 


Please fill out the following and return promptly to: 

Miss Patricia Howe, Pres. 
Lasell Athletic Association 
22 Seaver St. 
Wellesley Hills 82, Mass. 

I plan to attend the Homecoming on April 26th and 27th Yes No 

I plan to be present for 2 meals Saturday and 1 meal Sunday Yes No 

I plan to be present for Saturday meals only Yes No 

Name: Class: 






Marilyn E. Newhall '50, President 
188 Barbara Rd., Waltham, Mass. 

Mary G. Small '48, Secretary 
78 Manchester Rd., Newton Highlands 

The annual picnic which Mildred Strain 
Nutter '17 has at her summer home in Po- 
casset was held on August 14th. The day 
was perfect — warm, sunny and with a cool 
breeze off the bright blue ocean — an ideal 
picnic day. The "girls" arrived in time to be 
served coffee, doughnuts and nut bread sand- 
wiches as a mid-morning pickup before go- 
ing for a swim or for a fabulous ride in Dr. 
Nutter's boat. About one o'clock we all 
gathered round for a delicious luncheon, 
followed by knitting, swimming or just plain 
talking. Everyone agreed that it was one of 
the nicest of the annual picnics we have had 
at Mid's and our thanks go out to her for 
making it all possible. Before leaving for 
our various homes, each one contributed a 
small amount and we were pleased to send in 
the surri of $25 to the Greater Boston Lasell 
Club as a memento of a delightful day at 
the Cape. 

The following girls were present: Elsie 
Flight Wuestefeld '18, Barbara McLellan Mc- 
Cormick '18, Ruth B. Newcomb '18, Mid 
Cary Eaton '18, Mid Strain Nutter '17, Helen 
Saunders '17, Marion Griffin Wolcott '16, 
Marian Beach Barlow T6, Mabel Straker 
Kimball '16, Marion Nutter '55, Dottie 
Campbell '55, Sue Clark '55, Bunny Quinn 
McKenna '46, Mardi Silliman '27, Helen 
Linn — guest, Helen Gresley — guest, and 
Toni Meritt Smith '23. 

Our Fall Season got off to a good start, 
our first event taking place in Winslow Hall 
on November 29th with a Chinese dinner 
and speaker. Greater Boston graduates of 
1956 were our special guests. After a de- 
licious dinner, the Rev. Peter Y. F. Shih, 
pastor of the Chinese Christian Church, 
spoke on "Modern China." 

Plans are now being made for another col- 
lege sing to be held in Winslow Hall on 
December 7th. The Harvard Business School 
"Tycoons" and the Amherst "DQs" should 
provide some good harmony, and a jazz 
combo from Harvard should shake the at- 
mosphere a bit, thus the evening's title 
"Rhyme and Rhythm." 

We are sorry our faithful friend Mim Day 
'48 has resigned her position as treasurer. 
Linnea Kneller '48, a very capable gal, is our 
new treasurer. Chris Laaby Wellermeyer '48 
also resigned from the Board. 


Mrs. Robert L. Smith 
(Joy Gustavson '50), President 
424 Hilltop Dr., Stafford, Conn. 

Mrs. Herbert F. Harrington, Jr. 

( Lorna Becker x-'5 1 ) , Secretary 

323 Old Mill Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 

Our September meeting was called to 
order by our president, Joy Gustavson Smith 
'50, who was our hospitable and gracious 
hostess as well. 

The minutes were read, followed by the 
treasurer's report. We are all pleased with 
the amount of money we have raised this 
year. A reminder was made to buy name 
stickers in order to raise more money for the 

It was decided to hold a luncheon on No- 
vember 10th or 17th and to have a fashion 
show or a guest speaker along with the 
luncheon. The Patterson Club was suggested 
as the place to have it. Joy Gustavson Smith 
'50 and Jan Weyls Moore '51 are heading up 
the committee to study and work through all 
the details. 

On March 20th we will again have a 
buffet supper and, we hope, a speaker from 
school. Everyone well remembers the enjoy- 
able time we had at the supper last year. 

We decided to hold off on a speaker for 
our May 15 th meeting until we have some 
idea of what the attendance will be. 

We were asked to suggest money-making 
schemes that might fatten up the club's 
treasury a bit. We decided to boost Jan 
Weyls Moore '51 in her offer to sell her 
chain of stationery and wrapping paper at 
a distinct profit to our club. Also, one mem- 
ber at each meeting will donate an item to 
be raffled off at a charge of 25 c. The winner 
brings the article to be raffled at the next 

With no more old or new business the 
meeting was turned over to the program 
chairman. We were introduced to our speak- 
er, Ann J. Anderson, who talked about "The 
Painting and Decorating of Tole Ware in 
Authentic Designs." Everyone was tremen- 
dously interested, especially since she is so 
distinguished in her own field, had so many 
practical suggestions on painting in general, 
and encouraged all of us to try our hand at 

Those in attendance were: Betty Oppel 
Morris '26, Harriet Smith Rawson '33, Janice 
Weyls Moore '51, Ann Robertson Miller '37, 
Dot Hagadorn Taylor '25, Sally Taylor '49, 
Judy St. John Peterson '50, Betty Yeuell 
Collins '38, Joy Gustavson Smith '50, Char- 



lotte Gilman Kennedy '49 and Lorna Becker 
Harrington '51. 


Mrs. Richard C. DeLong 

(Virginia Black '41 ) , Chairman 
oA9 Mt. Vernon Rd., Snyder, N. Y. 

We are pleased to report that the Buffalo 
Lasell Club is re-organizing, and held its 
first meeting on November 9, 1956, at the 
home of Virginia Black DeLong '41. Those 
in attendance were: Lilian Doane Maddigan 
'21, Patricia Burt Schiewetz '55, Frances Day 
Meyers '34, Annabeth Williams Bergen '34, 
Patricia Raeder Krone '51, Joan Kennedy 
x-'36, and Virginia Black DeLong '41. There 
were several others who had hoped to attend 
but were unable to get there due to sickness 
or conflicting engagements. 

Plans were made for contacting personally 
all alumnae in the area, and a luncheon meet- 
ing will be held at the Park Lane Hotel on 
January 19th at which time officers will be 


Jane A. Perry '50, President 
1567 Ave. A., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Mrs. Daniel R. Taylor 
(Nancy Tripp '55 ) , Rec. Secy. 
53 N. Pine Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

On October 20th the Capital District La- 
sell Club met at the home of Marjorie Dyer 
Hubbard's (x-'52) in-laws at Mt. Mac- 
Gregor, N. Y. Dean Rothenberger was the 
guest speaker, and the following fourteen 
alumnae were present: Beverly Brown '56, 
Marge Dyer Hubbard x-'52, Daisy Gilbert 
Buck x-'07, Grace Douglass Schindler x-T2, 
Nancy Hughes Smaldone '51, Nancy Tripp 
Taylor '55, Penny Thompson '54, Janet Gar- 
land Wilson '46, Amy Shuttleworth '56, 
Peggy Jefferson Picard '42, Jane Perry '50, 
Jo Caruso Kuchera '41, Joan Siebert Mege 
'52, and Millicent Horton Hughes '26. 


Mrs. Richard I. Cooper 

(Lynn Babbitt '45), President 

126 E. Washington St., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Mrs. Glenn E. Guy 

(Virginia Rolfe '45) , Secretary 

2088 Campus Rd., So. Euclid 21, O. 

The Cleveland Lasell Club met at the 
Higbee Co. for a luncheon meeting on Sep- 
tember 15, 1956. The minutes of the May 
meeting were read and approved. The presi- 
dent, Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45, thanked 

Martha Kennedy Ingersoll '48 and Ellen 
Morris Phillips '49 for arranging for the 

A board meeting was held during the sum- 
mer at which time a roster was made up, 
also an outline of events for the coming year, 
and the program was reviewed at this Sep- 
tember meeting. After the business meeting, 
Ellen Morris Phillips '49 introduced Mr. Joe 
Berg who gave a delightful talk and demon- 
stration on "Puppetry." Those present were: 
Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45, Eugenia Cooney 
'45, Virginia Rolfe Guy '45, Helen Bogert 
'40, Marge Mosher Masch '46, Betty Hap- 
good '41, Barbara Birnbaum Green '45, Ada 
Patterson '15, Sally Ann Evans '54, Ellen 
Morris Phillips '49, Gertrude Bicknell Har- 
vey x-'27, Martha Kennedy Ingersoll '48, 
Judy Comita, who is a senior at Lasell, and 
Peggy Fox, a freshman. 

On the evening of November 15th our 
meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Robert 
Morris, mother of Ellen Morris Phillips '49- 
The president called the meeting to order 
and the secretary's report was read and ap- 
proved. Since we did not send a check to 
Lasell in 1956, it was voted we send $100 in 
January, 1957, to go to the Scholarship 
Fund. It was decided that we meet at the 
Higbee Co. for our January meeting at 12 
o'clock instead of our usual 12:30. At that 
meeting we will have a play reading of "Tea 
House of the August Moon" by Mrs. Arthur 

The March meeting will be our regular 
annual meeting. 

In April we plan to have our annual proj- 
ect. We hope to have a theater party at the 
Playhouse. Helen Bogert '40 was appointed 
chairman and will have more ^information 
for us at our next meeting, The president 
thanked Gertrude Bicknell Harvey x-'2 7 for 
the publicity she sent in to The Plain Dealer. 
After the meeting was adjourned Mrs. Mor- 
ris showed slides of Germany. Refreshments 
were served by Barbara Birnbaum Green '45 
and Betty Hapgood '41. Those present were: 
Helen Ferry Babcock x-Tl, Eugenia Cooney 
'45, Helen Bogert '40, Martha Kennedy In- 
gersoll '48, Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45, Ger- 
trude Bicknell Harvey x-'27, Betty Hapgood 
'41, Barbara Birnbaum Green '45, Virginia 
Rolfe Guy '45, Marge Mosher Masch '46, 
Ellen Morris Phillips '49, Barbara Clarkson 
Moody x-'38, Jean Stewart Marshall x-'4l 
and Nancy Hugo Smith x-'08. 

In May we will have a potluck supper, 
and it was decided we would work on a 
project, perhaps for Highland View Hospital. 
We have decided to hold our brunch for 
prospective and present students in April 
instead of in December. 

In June we will hold our annual picnic at 
Horseshoe Lake. 




Mrs. Albert L. Camire 
(Dorothy Hinchliffe '47) , President 
4 Warlock St., New Britain, Conn. 

NANCY A. HAYDEN '49, Secretary 
\Al Victoria Rd., New Britain, Conn. 

October 27th was the date of the fiftieth 
anniversary luncheon held at the City Club 
in Hartford. We broke all records and had 
thirty-nine alumnae attending the celebra- 
tion. Those who were unable to attend 
missed a gay afternoon and a large birthday 
cake. We were fortunate to have some of 
our original and early members as our spe- 
cial guests — Clara McLean Rowley '02, 
Bessie Fuller Perry '02, Helen Merriam Par- 
sons x-'03, and Mary Goodwin Olmsted '03. 
They related some early activities of the 

The following list of officers was present- 
ed : President, Dorothy Hinchliffe Camire 
'47; Vice President, Joanne DePietro Di- 
Marco '55; Secretary, Nancy A. Hayden '49; 
and Treasurer, Paulina Quilty Connolly '49- 

Our new president, Dorothy Camire, told 
us of a tentative calendar for the season: 

November 28 — Lecture by Attorney 
Chester J. Later, "My Impressions of 

February — Winter Week End 

April 3 — Bridge at First Congregational 
Church of Wethersfield 

June 15 — Tea 

October — Annual Luncheon 

We were delighted to have Mr. and Mrs. 
Wass with us that day. Mr. Wass reminded 
us that we are the third oldest club and that 
we have 405 alumnae in this area (many of 
whom we have been unsuccessful in locat- 
ing). He also brought us up to date on 
innovations at Lasell. All in all, it was a 
very successful event. 

Our present calendar calls for a lecture on 
November 28th by Attorney Chester J. Later, 
"My Impressions of Russia," at the Edrich 
Restaurant in Hartford. Attorney Later has 
traveled widely and spent last summer in 
Russia. Husbands, boy friends, family, 
friends and all speaking relatives have been 
invited. It is our hope to include them in 
more activities and put a revised telephone 
committee to work so as to bring more 
people into our fold. 


A. Katheryn Royce '27, President 
Somersworth, N. H. 

Katherine Raizes '49, Secy.-Treas. 
1 1 Leonard St., Rochester, N. H. 

The fall meeting of the New Hampshire 
Lasell Club was held at the China Dragon 
in Hooksett, N. H, on Saturday afternoon, 
October 6, 1956. Following a short business 
meeting, everyone immensely enjoyed the 
many varieties of Chinese food. 

Following the luncheon Miss Anne Leach, 
the Dover, N. H., librarian, gave a most in- 
teresting talk on books. An informal discus- 
sion and question period concluded a pleasant 

Those present at the meeting were: Camie 
Porter Morison '40, Dorothy Piper Bottalico 
'45, Betty Felker Hancock '49, Diane Heath 
Beever '49, Julia Parker Haas '49, Betty 
Hayford Stewart '33, Libby Mclntire Ben- 
nert '33, Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19, Clara 
Parker Colby '12, Dorothea C. Africa '12, 
Katheryn Royce '27, Katherine Raizes '49 
and Ruth Bachelder Luscombe '12. 

We hope to have an even larger attendance 
at the spring meeting on May 4th at the 
Highway Hotel in Concord, N. H. 


Mrs. Richard B. Somers 

(Jeanette Gessner '30), President 

167 Haverford St., Hamden, Conn. 

Ann H. Chidsey '54, Secretary 
25 Hepburn Rd., Hamden, Conn. 

The first meeting of the 1956-57 season 
of the New Haven Lasell Club was held on 
October 1st at the home of our president, 
Jeanette Gessner Somers '30. We had a 
short period of re-introductions and Jeanette 
also welcomed three new members to our 
club from the Class of 1956: Reyna Older- 
man, Ann Marcus and Thelma Epstein. 

We were very glad to have Merrill 
(Adele) Brown '38, a past president of our 
club, back with us for our October meeting. 
Merrill is now with the foreign service and 
for the past two years has been living in 
Israel and Jordan. She showed us many in- 
teresting and colorful slides and explained 
in detail much of the life in both of these 
countries. Merrill has since left to take up 
her new post in India. 

Our November meeting was held at the 
home of Emily Saxton Braman '37. We were 
glad to have two more new members of the 
Class of 1956 with us: Sue North and Mary 
Augur. This meeting was primarily to dis- 
cuss the programs for the coming year. It 
was decided that we would have our annual 
tea for prospective and present students dur- 
ing Easter vacation. The following programs 
were suggested: a bridge party within our 
club, a cake sale, hospital work, and as 
speakers an antiques appraiser and an author- 
ity on New Haven history. 


It was voted not to hold a December meet- 
ing because of the holidays. The next regu- 
lar meeting will be in January. 


Mrs. John W. McHugo 
(Patricia Bixby '43) , President 
Saratoga Ave., Burlington, Vt. 

Mrs. Samuel Macomber 
(Jeannette Maynard '52), Secretary 
77 Woodlawn Rd., Burlington, Vt. 

The annual meeting of the Northern Ver- 
mont Lasell Club was held at the Lincoln 
Inn in Essex Junction, Vt., on November 3, 
1956. The tables were decorated with fall 
flower arrangements and appropriate Lasell 
matches and napkins. There were 15 present 
including our guests from Lasell, Mr. and 
Mrs. Wass. 

After a delicious luncheon the business 
meeting was presided over by President Pa- 
tricia Bixby McHugo '43. The secretary's 
and treasurer's reports were read and ac- 

A nominating committee to draw up a 
slate of officers for next year was named — 
Geraldine Bixby Averill '41 and Lucille 
Hooker Paterson '41. 

Suggestions for next year's meeting place 
were requested and it was decided that, if 
possible, it will be held at the Bristol Inn. 

It was voted to send $10 to the scholarship 
fund. This amount was collected at the meet- 
ing. The business meeting was adjourned at 
this time. 

President Wass brought us up to date on 
happenings at Lasell with a most interesting 
talk. He gave us the history of the Vermont 
forest in Bethel and told of possible future 
plans for it. We learned that Lasell now has 
a maximum enrollment of 597 students from 
18 states and 6 countries. Mr. Wass de- 
scribed the new child study program in which 
48 students are enrolled, the three-year nurs- 
ing course, the new concert series, and the 
voluntary chapel services. 

The long-term building plans for Lasell 
were discussed and Mr. Wass told us that 
the most urgent needs at Lasell at present 
include additional and new housing, a chapel, 
and a new swimming pool. 

The Phila.-So. Jersey Lasell Club met on 
Saturday, September 29th, at 1 p.m., in the 
Colonial Room at Gimbel Bros. Twenty 
members were present. We were also pleased 
to welcome Mrs. Ray Haskell and her daugh- 
ter, Heather, as guests of Jo Holbrook Metz- 
ger '29. Heather is planning to become a 
Lasell student next fall. We were all de- 
lighted to have Mr. Wass with us as our 

It was very gratifying to hear Mr. Wass 
tell of the progress being made at Lasell and 
we are proud to know that we are an active 
part of the 7300 members of the alumnae 
association from all over the world. The 
colored moving pictures of the campus as 
well as the social and athletic activities were 
especially interesting to all of us and I am 
sure many of us wished we could be students 
once again. We were sorry when Mr. Wass 
had to leave us to catch his plane. It was 
voted that we make him an honorary mem- 
ber of our club and send him notices of our 

We decided that we would try to. have 
three meetings during the year instead of 
two and that our next meeting will be 
held on the third Saturday in January. 

Ruth Magoun Boyd '18 had a group from 
the Haddonfield area at her home for lunch. 

We have had a very pleasant two years 
under the able leadership of our retiring 
president, Jo Laughton Hopkins '28, and are 
very sorry that our new president, Marguerite 
Mcllvain Ricker x-'29, was prevented from 
being with us by her trip to Europe, al- 
though we rejoice with her in her good 
fortune. Nancy J. Orr '53, our first vice 
president, was also unable to be present, and 
so Helen W. Robson '24, second vice presi- 
dent, presided as president pro tern. 

The following members were present: 
Jane E. Gray '29, Anna G. Wood x-'18, 
Ruth Magoun Boyd '18, Helen Hall Streeter 
'34, Ellen P. Benner '56, Sally Churchill '56, 
Nancy Allen Banks '52, Shirley Gibbons San 
Souci '53, Jacqueline Word Stallings '49, 
Ruth Kohn Weinberg '52, Bambah Jean 
Stephenson Riedel '49, Cynthia Stanley 
Spicer '51, Katherine Babcock Hansen '49, 
Meriam Rainey Phillips '47, Jennie Hamil- 
ton Eliason '04, Marion Pomeroy Downing 
x-'20, Janet Stearns Gille '47, Jo Laughton 
Hopkins '28, Jo Holbrook Metzger '22 and 
Helen W. Robson '24. 


Mrs. Benjamin F. Ricker 
(Marguerite Mcllvain x-'29), President 
1102 Llanfair Rd., Bala-Cynwyd, Penn. 

Mrs. Benson Weinberg 

(Ruth Kohn '52), Rec. Secy. 

414 S. 44th St., Apt. 3 A, Philadelphia, Penn. 


Mrs. Chauncey L. Somes 

( Shirley Olesen '49 ) , President 

44 Fernald St., Portland, Me. 

Mrs. John F. Stanford 

(Alice David '28), Secretary 

84 Oakhurst Rd., Cape Elizabeth, Me. 



The Portland Lasell Club met September 
6th at the Country House for a delicious 

Mrs. Van Etten, Academic Dean, was guest 
speaker and spoke of the many advantages 
and activities at Lasell. 

Attending the luncheon were: Lorraine 
Lombard Roberts '31, Dorothy Frost x-Tl, 
Gertrude Hooper Ring '32, Barbara Allen 
'58, Nancy Whitney '57, Judy Gray '58, 
Ruth Peterson x-'32, Joan Stanford '57, Eliz- 
abeth Carlile Cutler '17, Anna Olesen Mc- 
Curtain '44, Shirley Olesen Somes '49, Mary 
Hill Davis '33, Mildred Knight Norwood 
'21, Lucy Fuller Foster '23, Caroline Lindsay 
Haney '20, Muriel Hagerthy Murray '29, 
Elizabeth Laughlin Wadsworth x-'22, Alice 
David Stanford '28, Louise Stevens Prince 
'22, and Lillian Morong Wilson x-'24. 

The following slate of officers was nomi- 
nated and elected: President, Shirley Olesen 
Somes '49; Vice President, Lillian Morong 
Wilson x-'24; Secretary, Alice David Stan- 
ford '28; and Treasurer, Dorothy Rich An- 
dersen '52. 


Elizabeth A. Sleight '53, President 
Peep Toad Rd., North Scituate, R. I. 

Virginia R. Bailey '48, Secretary 
653 Park Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. 

The Rhode Island Lasell Club started an- 
other year by holding its annual tea and re- 
ception for the classes of 1957 and 1958 on 
September 12th at the Plantations Club in 
Providence. Fifteen entering freshmen were 
introduced to the following members: Geor- 
gianna Taber Lawrence (H.S.'33-'35), Betty 
Lou Foy Reid '52, Joan C. Raymond '56, 
Joyce G. Marone '56, Angela Tabellario '55, 
Beverly J. Yaghjian '56, Joan Yaghjian '56, 
Judith Gushue x-'55, Dorothy Hunt '55, 
Donna Russo '56, Marjorie Morrison Coburn 
'17, Elizabeth Sleight '53, Mary Sweenor '55, 
Nancy Chase '53, Mary Quick Dean '14, 
Elaine Bertini '56, Carol Ann Cunningham 
'55, and Natalie Flather '56. 

The October meeting was held in the 
home of Nancy Chase '53 in Saylesville. 
Joan Raymond '56 was elected Correspond- 

ing Secretary to fill the vacancy caused by 
the resignation of Mary Patricia Wilson '54. 
In November, the meeting was held in the 
home of Betty Lou Foy Reid '52, also in 
Saylesville. Approximately 232 rolls of 
Christmas wrappings, obtained through the 
Alumnae Office, were sold, giving the club 
a substantial profit. At the close of the busi- 
ness meeting, Miss Betty Bradford of The 
Narragansett Electric Company gave a talk 
and demonstration on "Party Ideas." 


Mrs. Edmond J. Ahaesy 

(Betty McCarthy '53) , President 

9 Sun Valley Dr., Worcester, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert P. Wolcott 

(Margaret Smith '39), Corres. Secy. 

25 Raymond Ave., Shrewsbury, Mass. 

The annual meeting was held in May at 
the Sterling Inn in Sterling, Mass. Mr. 
Brandriff came from the College to speak. 
The new officers are as follows: President, 
Betty McCarthy Ahaesy '53; Vice President, 
Virginia Dostal Easterbrooks x-'4l; Record- 
ing Secretary, Ann M. Hastings '56; Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Margaret Smith Wolcott 
'39; and Treasurer, Eleanor Smith Cutting 

The first meeting for 1956-57 was held on 
Tuesday evening, September 25th, at the 
home of the president, Betty McCarthy 
Ahaesy '53. A potluck supper was enjoyed 
by the girls and plans for future meetings 
were discussed. 

The October meeting was held on Tues- 
day, the 23 rd, at the home of Margaret Smith 
Wolcott '39. Twenty-two girls were present, 
including many new members. A penny 
auction was held, making a pleasant evening. 

In November, a meeting was held on 
Tuesday evening, the 27th, at the home of 
Jeannette White Eaton x-'36. Many new 
members were welcomed. Mr. "Dutch" Wil- 
liams spoke on Juvenile Delinquency. 

Our Christmas Party will be held on De- 
cember 11th at the home of Doris Barry 
Ponte '40 in Shrewsbury. Games will be 
played and gifts exchanged. 

Reminder to Club Secretaries 

Please be sure to send in reports of your meetings as soon after each 
meeting as possible. We need them, not only to keep up the office records 
on your club, but also so that your club will be included as "among the 
active ones" in this Club News section of the Leaves. 




1906 — x Elizabeth Boneysteele Hathaway 
1914 — x Cora Nicholson Gray 
1919 — x Edna Hauch Smith 
1925 — x Florence Longcope 
(Note: x indicates non-graduates) 



We were delighted to receive a note from 
Constance Waite Rouse '81 -'82 in November 
in which she said, "I remember my one year 
at Lasell with pleasure. I was born on March 
4, 1865, so you can see that I am a very old 
lady. Still, I am thankful for good health 
and for the strength to travel to see my 
daughter in Chicago, last spring and this 
fall, going on the train alone. I have six 
grandchildren." Mrs. Rouse's address is 24 
Maple Ave., Greenwich, Conn. 


Mrs. A. D. Pierce 

(Josephine Chandler) , Secretary 

10 Dexter St., Maiden, Mass. 


Mrs. F. F. Lamson 

( Lena Josselyn ) , Secretary 

21 Waterston Rd., Newton, Mass. 


Clifford Dasher Stephens tells us, "My 
family (son and wife, grandson and grand- 
daughter) makes up my life. The boy is an 
ardent Scout, in the senior class at high 
school. The girl entered high school this 
year, sings in junior church choir and is one 
of her piano teacher's advanced students. I 
am proud of them both." 

"I am very happy that my granddaughter 
is a freshman at Lasell this year," writes 
Frances Wood Willis '97-'98. Her grand- 
daughter is Deborah Willis, included in the 
picture of granddaughters and daughters ac- 
companying the article about alumnae rela- 
tives in the front of this magazine. 


The Class extends deepest sympathy to 
Katharine White Wolfe whose husband died 
suddenly on January 15, 1956. She writes, 
"He had had a heart attack earlier and- was 
recovering and able to be out and at his 
office. Our son was with him when the last 
attack came and has been out often since, 
and one daughter and family came up from 
Atlanta in June for two weeks. I am getting 
on as well as possible." Mrs. Wolfe's address 
is 1360 Market St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Alice Taylor Potter x-'OO wrote in Octo- 
ber saying, "It has been my pleasure again 
this summer to visit with some old Lasell 
friends. Katharine White Wolfe and Alice 
Jenckes Wilson '99 and I had lunch in 
Boston, with so much to talk about and 
catch up on. Then in September while we 
were visiting our son in Columbus, Mabel 
Martin McGregor '01 came from' Spring- 
field to lunch with us. These ladies are 
some of a group of nine Lasell girls and 
we still have a "Round Robin" passing in 
the group. Mr. Potter and I, to celebrate 
being married 55 years, flew to Rome and 
Athens last spring, spending eight weeks in 
Italy, Switzerland, France and England, 
flying back home in June. There were many 
thrills during the trip and it is hard to 
say which we would return to, all so won- 
derful and enjoyable." Mrs. Potter is still 
living at 120 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre, 


In November, Annie Mae Pinkham Allyn 
wrote, "I became a great-grandmother on 
October 30th when Grace G u gg en heim 
Langan x-'56 had a son, Christopher Lee!" 




The Class extends deepest sympathy to 
Lucia Parcher Dow x-'03 whose husband 
died on March 20, 1956. Mrs. Dow's ad- 
dress is 3 Fresh Pond Lane, Cambridge, 

Married: Helen Merriam Cornell x-'03 to 
Walter J. Parsons, on October 11, 1956. 
Edith Burke Wells x-'05 of Melbourne, Fla., 
attended her at the Rectory of the Congre- 
gational Church of Cromwell, Conn. The 
couple will reside at 26 Oakwood Manor, 
Cromwell, Conn. 

Other News: A note from Ida Mallory 
Lyon says, "I gave up my Narberth (Pa.) 
apartment to make my home with my 
daughter, Lenna Lyon Hill '31. I am less 
than a hundred miles now from my old 
home of Franklin, Pa. I have kept in 
touch with classmates by mail and continue 
to be interested in the school. I left seven 
grandchildren behind in Philadelphia. The 
oldest is married and living in another city. 
Pictures? No, not of me! Very comfort- 
able, very contented." Her new address is 
1111 Ingomar Heights Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


We were pleased to receive the follow- 
ing letter from Julia E. Martin from 419 
South Grand Ave., Bozeman, Mont. "Fail- 
ing eyesight has led me to destroy many 
of the pictures and articles which I have 
accumulated in my seventy-two years, and 
very recently I came across a little book of 
blueprints taken during the years of 1903 
and 1904, and printed, I strongly suspect, 
on Sunday afternoons in Meditation Hour. 
I have no idea as to whether there may be 
a place for such relics among the leftovers 
of years gone by, but I'm sure a fire can 
burn as brightly at Lasell as here and I 
would rather you would burn this than to 
do it myself. Perhaps for a moment at 
least you may get some pleasure out of 
seeing how the girls of those years dressed 
and played; someone may even recognize 
the teachers who guided and helped us — 
Miss Potter, Miss Carpenter, Miss Nutt and 
others are here — the shy little English 
teacher, Miss Austin of 1903, who appealed 
to our love of romance as Dr. Winslow 
sought and won her for his wife. Both 
came back to live in the Annex in 1904. 
Those were very happy years I spent in 
Lasell, so far away from the customs and 
country of my home. It was a long dis- 
tance to Montana then and perhaps for 
that reason I came to know Boston and 
all I could see of New England. Over all 
the years since I have thought that some- 

day I would go back just to see the 
changes, but I never have, even for the 
fiftieth anniversary of my class, and now 
I never will, for when one cannot see 
well it is better to be in one's own back 
yard. There is little of interest I could tell 
of my life — it has been spent for the most 
part in this land where I was born and 
still so deeply love. I have done nothing 
spectacular and never married. Most of 
my friends have gone away, new and 
younger ones have helped fill my years with 
pleasure. I can hope that to the Lasell girls 
who are there now there may be granted 
the happy memories of their school days 
which are mine." May we add that we 
were delighted to receive the book of 
blueprints which Miss Martin sent, as we 
do keep a collection of any of the "olden 
time" mementoes we receive here in the 
Alumnae Office. 

Grace Ordway Miller x-'04 writes, "I am 
spending Christmas with my eldest daugh- 
ter in Mexico City, visiting them and my 
four grandchildren there." 


Mrs. Harry Carlow 

(Edith Anthony), Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Boneysteele Hath- 
away x-'06 (mother of Ann Hathaway 
Kelly '40), on October 26, 1956. 


Helen Carter Johnson wrote in Septem- 
ber, "Following a motor trip to New York 
and Cape Cod in August, I spent a delight- 
ful morning at Lasell seeing all the hand- 
some buildings and many improvements. 
Also saw the old class pictures on the wall 
in Bragdon, and my name on a plaque!" 

The Class extends deepest sympathy to 
Fern Dixon Leahy whose husband died in 
July 1953. He was United States Senator 
and later Federal Judge of Rhode Island. 
From her home at 42 High St., Bristol, R. 
I., Mrs. Leahy writes news of her daughter 
Virginia (see Class of 1934 news), and 
adds, "My daughter Ann (Mrs. Robert R. 
Miller) lives right next door to me and 
her three lovely children keep me very happy. 
Visited Agnes Wylie West '05 in Crafts- 
bury, Vt., last week and she hasn't changed 
a bit — same wonderful person. She lives 
in Crestwood, N. Y. Also had a lovely visit 
with Marceline Freeman Jones x-'07 in East 
Alstead, N. H. Her husband has died and 
her children are married. She winters in 
Venice, Fla. Expected Shirley Castetter 
Donaldson x-'07 (from 3169 Farnum St., 
Omaha, Nebr.) and her sister Frances to 



spend the month of August with me, but 
the sudden death of Frances sadly changed 
the plans. Hope Shirley can come in the 
near future. See Ada Wood Peterson x-'09 
quite often. She has a brother living here 
in Bristol. Katharine Wadsworth Ahlswede 
x-'09 (of 905 Houseman St., La Canada, 
Calif.) was east again this spring to visit her 
daughter Gretchen in Norfolk, Va. She 
usually comes every other year, and never 
fails to come to see me. This year, I am 
sorry to say, we couldn't have our visit." 

From Lilian Douglass Heeb we hear, 
"Ida Sisson Craver and husband George 
are now (Oct.) traveling in Europe. The 
Cravers and we have many happy times 
together. The Thornburgs (Lei a Goodall 
and her husband) have returned to Maine 
as their permanent home." 

Helen H. Heath is now living at Or- 
mond Beach, Fla., permanently. "Dorothea 
Turner Moulton '06 and husband called 
to see me last spring. Our tongues wagged, 
you can be sure ! Lilian Douglass Heeb and 
I correspond fairly regularly." 

Clara Huttenbauer Levy's news is, "Our 
daughter, Emilie L. Drooker, lives in Bos- 
ton. She is the president of the League of 
Women, Brookline Group. Our two sons 
live in Cincinnati and we have seven grand- 

Sadie Peckham Mayers x-'07 writes, "We 
spend the six summer months up here on 
Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks in a 
house Bob built himself several years ago. 
We like to fish and Bob hunts quite a bit 
in the fall. The last of October we return 
to Glens Falls." 

More recent news of Ida Sisson Craver 
from her in November, "My husband and 
I sailed from New York City on the S.S. 
Constitution. We left the ship at the Gi- 
braltar port of Algeciras and traveled 
through Spain, Italy, visiting Lucerne, 
Switzerland, Munich, Wiesbaden, Germany, 
and Paris before sailing for home on the 
French ship, the S.S. Flandre. I tried to re- 
call some of the French I had learned at 
Lasell and I must admit I wasn't too suc- 
cessful, but I did manage a few words." 


Mrs. H, D. Thornburg 

( Lela Goodall) , Secretary 

Box 789, Sanford, Me. 

Alice Hobbs Worcester x-'08 writes, "My 
husband and I are fortunate in enjoying 
good health. We spend our summers at 
Lake Geneva, Wis., with our house full 
most of the time, having three married chil- 
dren and eight grandchildren. Travel in 
the winter, often to Florida." 

Louise Morrell Nestler says, "Good luck, 
1908. Lasell brings back fond memories." 


The latest news from Constance B. Black- 
stock is printed under the Faculty News in 
this Leaves. 

Annie Crowe Collum is keeping busy 
with welfare projects and in the summer 
enjoys working in her garden. "Grand- 
nieces and grandnephew keep me alert!" 

Marie Riker Hume reports that Frances 
Ebersole Hall and daughter Margaret were 
returning from Europe on the Andrea Doria 
when it was sunk — their rescue was har- 
rowing but safe! 

Elizabeth Robinson Breed x-'09 spent 
ten days with Herma Schweitzer Comstock 
'21 at her very lovely home in Toledo. 
"Herma has a fine' husband and two won- 
derful boys, also a darling little grandson. 
A letter from Marie Riker Hume tells of a 
fall she had in August and that she has been 
'laid up' with a fractured vertebra. She hopes 
to get to Florida the last of October." 


Mrs. George C. Dumas 

( Olive Bates ) , Secretary 

Box 216, Hanover, Mass. 

From Julia Hamilton Peters we hear, 
"Our first grandchild to go to college is 
entered in the University of New Mexico." 
Nine other grandchildren, of whom two 
are boys, will, she hopes, keep their educa- 
tions going through the college stage and 
on. "Will see at least a few of them grad^ 
uate, I'm sure." 


Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones) , Secretary . 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 

Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull writes, 
"This summer I enjoyed a two-and-one- 
half-months' trip through Denmark, Swe- 
den, Norway, England, France, Italy, Aus- 
tria, Switzerland, Germany and Holland. 
A year ago Christmas time I went around 
the world visiting Hong Kong and the 
Holy Land, with stop-overs in Japan and 
Hawaii. I expect to 'stay put' for some 
time now. Helen Ferry Babcock x-'ll is in 
Florida for several weeks and is having a 
wonderful time." We note that Mrs. Trum- 
bull's college has changed its name to 
Eastern Michigan College. 

Alma Dumn DeLong spent the month of 
July in Niantic, Conn., with Peggy DeWolf 
Whited x-T2, her '09-TO roommate. "Mary 



Home of Mabel Jones Carlton "14. 

Starr Utter Maxson '12 looked wonderful, 
and was sorry not to see Vera Bradley Find- 
lay. Lasell friendships have been joyful 
and as -important as 'book-laming'." 

Silby Webb Dougherty x-'ll sends con- 
gratulations to Beth (Brandow Trumbull) 
for her clever verses. "It is good of you to 
work so hard to 'dig' us out. I have no 
special news ; The same program continues 
for me as Head of the Voice Department 
of the Dana Hall Schools (Pine Manor 
Junior College and Dana Hall Secondary 
School). I teach almost 50 periods a week 
and enjoy it. You may be interested to 
know that I have seven grandchildren." 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

( Clara Parker ) , Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 

Agnes Adelsdorf Weil says, "Miss Good- 
rich's voice training is still paying rich 
dividends. I give a concert every week in 
the wards at Bellevue Hospital and estab- 
lished a Recreation Department there. We 
have a director, many wonderful programs, 
and games and recreation for patients five 
nights a week. In July my husband and I 
were on the lie de France when we picked 
up 720 survivors of the Andrea Doria. No 
room to write more — and our two grand- 
sons deserve at least a page!" 

Frances May Holdman x-'12 was proud 
of her daughter, Ora May Hull, when she 
had three poems published in Poetry Mag- 
azine in September. 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

(Mary Fenno), Secretary 

45 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

From Wilhelmina Joscelyn Swett we 
hear, "We have recently moved to Hinsdale 
rather out into the country, from a large 
house where we raised our five children 
into a small one. All children are now 
married, and we have eleven grandchildren 
— all remarkable youngsters." Her address 
is 5550 South County Line Rd., Hinsdale, 


Mrs. R. R. Jenks 

(Ruth Thresher) , Secretary 

200 Sand Hill Cove Rd., Narragansett, R. I. 

In Memoriam: Cora Nicholson Gray x-'l4, 
on January 25, 1956, of Detroit, Mich. 

Other News: The Class extends deepest 
sympathy to Alleda B. Arneson whose hus- 
band died on July 28th. Her address is 120 
No. Meadow Lane, Minneapolis 22, Minn. 
Mabel Jones Carlton writes, "The gate 
is always open at 'Bittersweet' on Route 
30 (Lincoln Highway), three miles west of 
Bryn Mawr. Come in!" 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

( Nell Woodward ) , Secretary 
39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 

Big News for all of us ! The lost Class 
Letter will soon be on its way again, so if 
any of you have not written to me about 
being on the mailing list you had better 
speed your message along! 

Clara Paton Suhlke is fine and happy 
down in Coral Gables; also in Florida, but 
just for the winter, is Sue Tiffany at Avon 

Katharine Bingaman Heron is happy 
with a new grandson. Ada Patterson has 
lots to tell us of her glorious trip to Europe 
last summer. Irene Ball Sill is anxious to 
receive The Letter ! Evelina Perkins was 
expecting to be at Lasell for the October 
meeting of the Trustees and Corporation 
members. Classmates will be thrilled to learn 
that while "Perkie" was in town for the 
above-mentioned meeting the men who were 
in her Sunday School Class as boys many 
years ago at the Immanuel Methodist 
Church in Waltham got together from 



near and far and held a dinner in her 
honor. They also presented her with a very 
nice gift of money. We understand her 
"boys" are planning to make this an an- 
nual affair. 

Dorothy Dale Smith x-'15 (Mrs. Sidney 
L.) has moved to 701 Crenshaw Blvd., Los 
Angeles 5, Calif. 

Congratulations and best wishes are due 
Bernice Marx Ruben, for last June she be- 
came the wife of Dr. Burton Rosenholtz 
of St. Paul. Bernice's address is the same 
there in Minneapolis. We wish her much, 
much happiness. Cards from both Peg 
Bauman and Bess Emetine indicate they had 
a good visit together and already are mak- 
ing plans for the I960 reunion. Ida Beane 
Rice is as cordial as always in anticipating 
the arrival of our Letter, as is Florence 
Evans Valpey. 

Our hearts go out to Elizabeth Beach 
Bierer in the loss of her husband last De- 
cember. We are sorry we did not know 
sooner so that we could let her know that 
her friends were with her in spirit at least. 
Our love and sympathy to "Bets." 

Katherine Hoag Norgren and Myrtle 
Brix Spangler both want to have our Letter 
started once again. A good letter from 
Veda Ferguson Purdy gives us a new ad- 
dress: 105 Bridger Arms, Bozeman, Mont. 
Since the death of her husband three years 
ago she spends so much time with her 
daughter in California that she does not 
need her large home, so is very happy in 
her small one. And speaking of homes, 
another good letter came telling how happy 
Gladys Wilkes McCutchen and her husband 
are in their new Manse. It was built for 
them by the First Presbyterian Church in 
Silsbee, Tex., where Mr. McCutchen is the 
minister. Gladys sent us the order of 
service for the dedication of the Manse held ' 
last June. We are so happy for both our 
Gladys and her husband. 

Genevieve Watkins Stecker x-'15 writes 
that she has a very busy husband, two 
daughters and three grandchildren. She 
sees Elizabeth Hazlett Weis x-'15 who lives 
in Philadelphia. Elizabeth has a son and a 
married daughter. 

Another happy member of our class, your 
secretary, and her husband are enjoying 
every day to the fullest in their new home 
(of two years ago) and want to assure all 
of you that their "latch-string" will be 
out for any of you coming through Man- 
chester, Mass. 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

( Mabel Straker ) , Secretary 

79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

Elise Keeney Edgerton, daughter of 
Maude Hayden Keeney '16. 

It would be very interesting to be able 
to report how many trips our class letter 
has made across the U. S.- A., but I do 
not have that information. The letter was 
started soon after graduation and it has 
been going continuously with one excep- 
tion. Its loss was discovered in a relatively 
short time and a new letter was then started 
which, as of a very recent date, is going 
along very well. When you send me your 
card that you have mailed the letter, please 
give me at least one news item of yourself 
and your doings. A great many of us would 
rather tell about our grandchildren, and 
please do tell all about them in the letter, 
but for the LEAVES I want to know what 
YOU are doing. 

Marion Beach Barlow and her husband 
went to England in October to visit their 
daughter who has been living in England 
since her marriage in the spring. 

The Class extends sympathy to Dorothy 
Mathias Bates on the death of her husband 
in the early summer, very soon after their 
return from a European trip. 

Maude Hayden Keeney announces that 
her daughter, Elise Ruth, was married in 
September to 2nd Lt. John D. Edgerton of 
Hartford. They are living in Columbus, O., 
where he is stationed at Lockbourne Air 
Force Base. 



A note from Gertrude Baker Davis in- 
forms us, "My husband and I have left our 
farm home and are now living in the City 
of Bristol. Country life is much preferred, 
but my husband's health necessitated the 
change." Her new address is 14 Bradley 
St., Bristol, Conn. 

Charlotte Whiting Clark says her news 
is this, "I purchased my home in Rowayton, 
a part of Norwalk, Conn., a year ago. I 
hold a full time position doing drafting 
in the engineering department of the Ed- 
wards Electrical Communications Plant in 
Norwalk." Her address is 41 Witch Lane, 
Rowayton, Conn. 


Cary Eaton, Barbara McLellan McCormick, 
Elsie Flight Wuestefeld and Ruth New- 
comb." The Godsoes' new address is Bel- 
fast Rd., Camden, Me. 

Dorothy Barnes Paine says, "What has 
happened to the news of our class in the 
LEAVES? Is there any way to renew interest 
among our girls and get letters from 
them?" As you see, we do have a little 
news this time, but '18ers should be able 
to round up this much and more for every 
issue. Perhaps the class would benefit by 
electing or appointing a class secretary to 
follow up on the various members. Or 
will someone volunteer? The Alumnae 
Office would be delighted to hear from 
anyone who would be willing to do the job. 

Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd) , Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. 

Marjorie Morrison Coburn tells us that 
she was a guest of the Chicago Lasell Club 
last summer at the home of Helene Gras- 
horn Dickson '22 in Evanston. "I was visit- 
ing with my family in Lake Forest, 111. My 
sister, Hazel Morrison '21, and I enjoyed 
the meeting very much." 

A new address for Virginia Anderson 
Swanson is 14784 La Rinconada Dr., Los 
Gatos, Calif. 


The Class extends sympathy to Hulda G. 
Halley whose mother died in Winter Park, 
Fla., in November, 1956. 

A letter from Mid Cary Eaton gives the 
following news, "On Monday, August 13th, 
Barbara McLellan McCormick and I drove 
down to Falmouth to Ruth Newcomb's 
lovely home and were met there by Elsie 
Flight Wuestefeld who drove up from New 
Haven. That evening Ruth had one of her 
delightful supper parties for us '18ers and 
for two '17ers, Mid Strain Nutter and 
Helen Saunders. This little get-together is 
becoming an annual affair and one that we 
all look forward to with pleasure. The next 
morning we all went to Mid Nutter's sum- 
mer home in Pocasset. The day was per- 
fect — warm, sunny and with a cool breeze 
off the bright blue ocean. An ideal picnic 
day. The rest of the Lasell 'girls' arrived 
in time to be served coffee, doughnuts and 
nut-bread sandwiches as a mid-morning 
pickup." A full report of those present 
and of the activities for the day is in- 
cluded under the Boston Club news. 

In October, Lydia Adams Godsoe wrote, 
"We are busy moving from Bangor. Dur- 
ing the summer we were happy to see Mid 


59 Ripley Rd., Cohasset, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Edna Hauck Smith x-'19, on 
May 2, 1956, in Portsmouth, O. 

Other News: Marguerite Houser Hamlin 
writes, "In May I was in Miami, Fla., visit- 
ing my brother, R. C. Houser. At the same 
time Mary Eshleman Willauer x-'19 and 
Mercie Nichols were there (Dr. Willauer 
was attending a medical meeting). We had 
a regular Lasell reunion which was fun." 

A note from Carolyn Kuhn Feffer x-'19 
in October says, "We (my husband and I) 
just returned from Springfield, 111., where 
we attended the 35th wedding anniversary 
of my sister, Florence Kuhn Myers '20, and 
her husband. En route we stopped off in 
St. Louis where Rosalie Louis Vogel '20 
and husband met us at the plane and we 
visited. I always am looking for Lasell 
girls out in Phoenix but so far haven't 
found any. Hope if any of the Class of '19 
come this way, they will look me up!" 
Carolyn has seven grandchildren, all living 
in Arizona with their parents. "The day 
may come that I can get the group into 
one snapshot." 

On November 15th, your secretary re- 
ceived a note from Helen Moss Post. "Our 
son is married and I hope will get out of 
the Army on the date he is scheduled for 
on November 30th. We are planning to 
go to Europe in April, but with all this 
war scare, doubt if we will go. How are 
you? I will always remember what fun we 
had at your house on our 25th reunion." 

A note from Elizabeth Moyer Wilson 
x-T9 informs us that she has four grand- 
children, her daughter and son each having 
a boy and a girl. Son Don is a Congrega- 
tional minister at Flat Rock, Mich. 




Mrs. S. S. Cline 

( Eleanor Thompson ) , Secretary 

Amenia, N. Y. 

Dorothy Burnham Eaton writes, "We 
moved to Harvard four years ago and love 
our little house with the big view. My book 
of Selected Verse entitled True Places was 
published last year. I received the Golden 
Rose Award of the New England Poetry 
Club and read from my poems in May 
1956 at the time of the presentation." Our 
congratulations to Dorothy! 

Doris Campbell Jeschke has moved from 
Milwaukee, Wis., to Sarasota, Fla. Her 
address there is Box 2626, Route 5, Long- 
boat Key, Sarasota, Fla. 

A letter from Marion Eaton Gumaer in- 
forms us that her daughter Claire is 
married, has two little girls, and lives in 
Rochester, N. Y. Son Elliott, Jr., is in his 
second year at Cornell Law School. "I 
wish more of 1920 would give a little 
news." Marion's address is 52 Oliver St., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

We understand that Julia Rankin Welles 
has become a grandmother, for her daugh- 
ter, Barbara Welles Smith '50, had a daugh- 
ter, Kimberly Lynn, on November 1, 1956. 


Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

( Doris Bissett ) , Secretary 

130 Reservoir Rd., Wollaston, Mass. 

Leonora Conklin Babcock entered her 
daughter Susanne in Lasell this year as a 
freshman (see report of Alumnae Relatives 
in front of this magazine). 

Leota M. Fulton x-'21 called at Lasell on 
August 22nd, her first visit in 30 years ! 
She is operating her own insurance and 
real estate business and enjoys it thor- 
oughly. Her address is 16 New Haven 
Ave., Woodmont, Conn. 

Ruth Rawlings Mott reports that her 
most exciting news is "my six-months-old 
grandson, Stewart Mott Dansby, whose 
parents are both students at the University 
of Alabama. My son is a sophomore at 
M.I.T. My 14-year-old daughter, Maryanne, 
has just started boarding school at Kings- 
wood School, Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering) , Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Elizabeth Eaton Gillette, daughter of 

Dorothy Burnham Eaton '20 with Peter 

and the twins, Bruce and Bethlyn. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Raff erty), Assistant 

315 San Juan Rd., Watsonville, Calif. 

Reunion Plans: The 35th reunion luncheon 
for the Class of 1922 will be held at The 
Pillar House, Newton Lower Falls, on June 
8, 1957, at 12:30 p.m. Start making your 
plans now to attend ! 

Other News: The Class ■ extends deepest 
sympathy to Jean Field Faires whose father 
died last February. Jean writes, "Sam and 
I are well, and very active in community 
affairs, although a little slower! Our son 
graduated from Nebraska University, has 
completed his four-year Air Force service, 
and will soon be on his own." She is hop- 
ing to get back for -reunion in June. 

Florence Archibald Stanly also plans to 
come for the 35th. "Have four lovely grand- 
children, all living here. Lost my only 
brother, Robert, 48 years, on August 1, 
1956. Am very happy in my church work 
and baby-sitting!" 

While Helene Grashorn Dickson was in 
Boston in August to attend the marriage 
of her son, George, she came back to Lasell 
to make a short visit. Her son was married 
on August 25th, and the couple are now 
living in Evanston. 

Another Lasell visitor was Eleanor Knight 
Bowering who came to see Marilyn Hyatt, 
a freshman who is a friend of hers. Eleanor 
says her sons Richard and Robert are at 
Tufts University now. 

Marjorie Norris England writes, "We 
have become grandparents since the last 
writing, a dear little granddaughter, Jen- 
nifer, born to Frederick, Jr., and Valerie 
England. Our son is a graduate of Dart- 
mouth '53, Amos Tuck School '54, and now 
is taking an insurance course." 

A note from Margaret Reid Perry says, 



Sons of Ruth Hills Livermore 
Robert (24) and John (22). 


"Expect and hope to attend our 35th re- 
union. Our son received his Wings in 
Lubbock, Tex., in July, is now (Septem- 
ber) in Florida for extra training before 
reporting to Lockbourne A. F. B. in Colum- 
bus, O. Grandchildren are growing, just 
have the three. Looking forward to June 
and seeing the 'gang'." 

Theresa Thompson Osborne announces 
"the engagement of our daughter Anne to 
Lt. Robert P. Shone, USN, of Roslyn 
Heights, L. I., N. Y. Anne graduated from 
Colby College and School of Occupational 
Therapy, College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, Columbia University, and is now an 
occupational therapist in the Children's 
Recreation Service at Bellevue Hospital. 
Bob is a graduate of TJ. S. Marine Academy, 
Kings Point, L. I., N. Y. A spring wedding 
is planned." 


19 Owatonna St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 

(Antoinette Meritt) , Assistant 

15 Miles Dr., Quincy, Mass. 

Marion Austin Hakewessell x-'23 tells us 
that Carl, Jr., is now 24, a graduate of 
Rensselaer Polytechnic' Institute in Archi- 
tecture, and is with the Army at Ft. Rucker, 
Ala. Son David, 22, also R.P.I, but with a 
degree in Mechanical Engineering, is em- 
ployed by Bell Aircraft Co. in Niagara 
Falls. Daughter Marion, 18, is a freshman 
at Mt. Holyoke. 

Florence Boehmcke Edmondson has just 
returned (October) from a pleasant trip 
to see "the places of interest in Florida with 
Havana included. Enjoyed it all, but still 
prefer our northern climate." 

We are happy to report that Anne 
Daugherty Slater is now recovered, having 
undergone major surgery last summer. 

Mary Godard Had ley x-'23 reports that 
son Dewey Godard Dresser was married 
in '55 and is now with Veeder-Root, Inc., 
of Hartford, and he is living in Simsbury, 
Conn. Son George Godard Hadley grad- 
uated from Loomis School last year and is 
now a freshman at Colgate. 

Ruth Hills Livermore says, "Always said 
I'd get to live in Wyoming and here I am!" 
Her two sons, Robert, 24, and John, 22, and 
the pup, Topper, are with her, "my whole 
family, as I have been a widow since the 
boys were little." Her address is Wapiti, 

From Helen Hinshaw Toohey we hear, 
"Our son. Bill (who graduated from Har- 
vard in '55), was married last June to 
Judith Wender of Highland Park, 111. Both 
Judy's mother and grandmother were grad- 
uates of Lasell — her mother is Jane Spear 
Wender '33, and her grandmother, Ray 
Spitz Spear '02-'03, so we are still sort of 
all in the Lasell family, although Judy went 
to Pine Manor." 

We were pleased to hear from Ruth 
Hopkins Spooner that she had a small La- 
sell tea in June. Those present were: Louise 
Morrell Nestler '08, Doris Huntington 
Manning '39, Ruth Perkins Goodwin '44, 
and Shirley Candee Barry '43, all from 
nearby New Jersey points. Nance Mills- 
paugh '23 of Walden, N. Y., drove over 
with Florence Boehmcke Edmondson from 
Pleasantville. The next day Theresa Thomp- 
son Osborne and Ruth drove over to Flor- 
ence's home for lunch. "I am busy this 
season with Garden Club affairs, as I am 
the new president of the Saddle River 
Garden Club. It is made up of men and 
women interested in improving their home 
grounds and the community." 

Marjorie Lowell Weeks writes, "We 
have had another good year here in Louis- 
ville. Daughter Janet and her husband were 
with us for a month this summer. Now 
they are touring in Europe for a year, will 
make their headquarters in Paris. My best 
wishes to all who may remember me!" 

On a card to Toni Meritt Smith, Jean 
Merrick Moss writes, "We are having a 
wonderful trip all through Europe. Eng- 
land and Germany were lovely. Now we 
are in Switzerland, which is so beautiful it 
is breathtaking. We go to Italy and France 

Claire Parker Everett says, "Eugenia 
Swift Lawrence x-'23 and I were judges at 
a Cape Flower Show this summer. We had 
a grand visit. Was sorry to have missed 
Miidred Strain Nutter's ('17) picnic for the 
second year, but summertime here is 



hectic and we had unexpected overnight 
guests and couldn't leave. We're looking 
forward to another winter in the Bahamas 
on Green Turtle Cay. Betty Neal Birch 
promised to drop in on her way to Maine 
but haven't seen her yet !" 

A new address for Evelyn Shidler Robert- 
son is 603 Willard, S. E. ; Apt. 3, Warren, 

We're sorry to report that Dree Smith 
and her sister, Nevetta, were the victims of 
an automobile accident in October, and 
Dree was in the hospital for several weeks, 
Nevetta for ten days. In December Dree 
was still wearing a collar, though improv- 
ing. She hopes to return to work after 
the first of the year. 

A clipping has come to the Alumnae 
Office from The Virginian-Pilot and the 
Portsmouth Star, newspaper for Norfolk 
and Portsmouth, Va., dated Sunday, Sep- 
tember 16, 1956, showing that Louisa Ven- 
able Kyle is still writing her column for 
that paper, "A Country Woman's Scrap- 
book." The article received is entitled, 
"Flowers, Shrubbery of Another Genera- 
tion Remain Unchanged at White Sulphur 
Springs," which includes some very inter- 
esting history about White Sulphur Springs 
itself as well as the flowers and shrubs. 

In September, Isabelle Whitcomb Jack- 
son wrote, "My son, John, is a senior at 
Boston University Law School. I do volun- 
teer Red Cross work, am co-chairman of 
the Canteen Service at the Burlington 
Blood Center. We also prepare and serve 
the food at the two colleges plus Fort 
Ethan Allan Air Force Base, General Elec- 
tric plant and National Guard when they 
have blood drawings. Am also a Grey 
Lady in a local hospital." 


Mrs. E. C. M. Stahl 

(Edith Clendenin), Secretary 

Paeonian Springs, Va. 

Helen B. Perry, Assistant 
172 Porter St., Melrose, Mass. 

In November, Dot Barnard received the 
following from Adele Bigham Nelson, 
"Have been busy as a bee lately. Diane 
(Lasell '51) was married on October 6th 
and is going to live in Albany. As for other 
news, I am president of the Corinthian 
Foundation whose project is the Wagon 
Wheel, the largest day center for older 
people in New York State. Am also vice- 
chairman of the Council on Aging of Syra- 
cuse and on three other boards. In August 
I was appointed to a newly-created com- 
mission by Governor Harriman — the 
Adult Recreation Council of New York 

State — only five members, so was pleased 
to be asked. Glad I am busy as it is going 
to be lonesome in this big old house with 
the children gone. Wayne, Jr., is with 
Continental Casualty Co. in New York. 
Wayne, Sr., is fine. We are looking for- 
ward to going south after Christmas." 

Matilda Daugherty Linn reports, "We 
have a son in college (Ohio Wesleyan), a 
daughter in high school, and a son in 
fourth grade. Needless to say this offers 
us a very wide scope of activities!" 

Alice McCaghey Shuler writes, "Have a 
son in prep school and three grandchil- 

From Maude Murray Keene we hear, 
"We're still living in Brookline, where my 
husband is on the high school faculty. I'm 
waiting for the time when my granddaugh- 
ter, Tracy, will be near me at Lasell. Since 
she is only two, I have quite a wait ! 
Wouldn't you say? Love to hear about 
anyone in our famous old Class of '24! We 
really 'lived it up' (or thought we did)!" 

In November, Dot Barnard received the 
following interesting letter from Esther 
Palmer Dwinell: "In April of this year I 
underwent major surgery. Apparently I 
have made a very good recovery, and ex- 
cept for getting quite tired, I am feeling 
very well. In June my husband fell and 
badly sprained his ankle just five days be- 
fore we were to fly to San Francisco. At 
first we thought the ankle was broken and 
that the trip would have to be be given up, 
but X-rays showed a very severe strain in- 
stead of a break. The doctor did the neces- 
sary bandaging and told us not to give 
up our reservations as he felt we would 
be able to go if my husband was willing 
to go on crutches. At first that didn't ap- 
peal to us very much, but since my hus- 
band is president of the Cambridge Kiwanis 
Club this year, and had been named a 
delegate to the International Convention in 
San Francisco, he decided to go, even if 
he had to hobble .around. He finally man- 
aged with one crutch and a cane. 

"We left Logan International Airport on 
June 14th, a beautiful day. It was. my first 
extended flight although Irving has flown 
many times. I was delighted and thrilled 
beyond words. It was a wonderful expe- 
rience to fly across our great country. 

"We arrived in San Francisco in the 
early evening and then had eight days and 
nights in that fascinating city. We stayed 
at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, on Nob Hill, 
and loved riding back and forth to the 
Civic Center, two miles away, on the cable 

"We did the things most tourists do 
(between meetings). We visited the famous 
Fisherman's Wharf where we ate delicious 
seafood; took a three-and-a-half-hour bus 



trip to spots we could not otherwise reach, 
and were fortunate enough to be enter- 
tained by friends in a typical California- 
type house, clinging to the side of a small 
mountain. Never saw so many steep streets 
and highways in my life! 

"From San Francisco we flew to Hono- 
lulu, where we had eight more delightful 
days. Here we rested and relaxed in the 
tropical atmosphere, after the hectic and 
busy days of the Convention in San Fran- 
cisco. We stayed at a charming hotel in 
the Waikiki Beach section of Honolulu and 
just loved every minute of it. Unfortu- 
nately, we couldn't go in swimming as it 
was too soon after the operation for me 
and Irving had to stay off his ankle as 
much as possible. He was a wonderfully 
good sport, though, and we covered an 
amazing amount of ground in spite of his 
crutch and cane. 

"We flew back from Honolulu at night, 
arriving in Los Angeles early Sunday morn- 
ing, July 1st. The first person we had a 
telephone call from was 'Pinkie' Puckett 
Neill. It seemed so good to hear her voice. 
She and I have kept in touch ever since our 
happy days at Lasell. When she knew we 
were going to be in Los Angeles she was 
anxious to have us come to stay with her 
in Corona del Mar, about 50 miles south 
of Los Angeles. She phoned to tell us that 
her daughter, who is Amanda Blake of the 
movies and TV and who is currently seen 
as 'Kitty' every Saturday night on TV in 
the series called 'Gunsmoke,' would be in 
the hotel to see us in the early afternoon. 

"Other friends whom we had known in 
Florida and hadn't seen for eight or nine 
years came to visit with us for a couple of 
hours, as they were on their way to Iowa 
and Illinois. These friends live in Costa 
Mesa, the next town to where Pinkie lives, 
and had hoped we would be in Southern 
California earlier so we could make them 
a visit, too. 

"Amanda arrived at the time her mother 
had specified and it was just wonderful to 
see her. The last time we had seen her was 
when she was about 10 years old, and here 
she was all grown up, and in the movies 
and TV. She has Pinkie's gorgeous red hair 
and is taller than Pinkie. While she is a 
most attractive young lady, I must admit 
that Pinkie was prettier at Amanda's age. 
However, I may be slightly prejudiced since 
in my book there has never been anyone 
quite like Pinkie. From the first moment 
I saw her 'way back in '22, I have loved her. 

"Amanda was graciousness itself, and 
after a getting-reacquainted-visit, she sug- 
gested that she take us in her car and show 
us around the town. We were delighted, of 
course, and spent a wonderful afternoon 
and evening with her, driving around Los 

Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa 
Monica and out to the San Fernando Valley 
where Amanda has a darling house. While 
in Hollywood she took us to her studio 
where all the 'Gunsmoke' episodes are 
filmed. Since it was a Sunday, the place 
was deserted except for the guard, but we 
were interested to see the different sets 
that are used and have her tell us some- 
thing about the different people who act 
with her. She served us a delicious dinner 
and left us at our hotel late in the evening. 

"The next morning we took a bus to 
Corona del Mar where Pinkie met us. It 
was just marvelous to see her again, and 
her home is just lovely. She has furnished 
it beautifully and tastefully, and is an im- 
maculate housekeeper. It is truly a 'dream 

"Unfortunately, her husband had had a 
very serious heart attack a few weeks be- 
fore we arrived, and was in the hospital. 
Naturally, Pinkie was very concerned and 
quite tired from worry, and running back 
and forth between home and the hospital. 
We were able to go to the hospital and 
see Jesse, and were happy to find him im- 
proving slowly but steadily. 

"Pinkie drove us around and showed us 
much of that lovely section of California, 
including the Mission at Capistrano, and 
Disneyland, which was interesting beyond 
words ! 

"Because of Jesse's illness we cut our 
visit short as we wanted Pinkie to be free 
to be with her husband as much as pos- 
sible. On July 5th we flew back to Boston 
after covering almost 11,000 miles in ex- 
actly three weeks. It was a marvelous ex- 
perience and I am completely sold on fly- 
ing. We hope to return to California in 
the next year or two. 

"A post card from Pinkie a couple of 
weeks ago said Jesse had been home from 
the hospital for a couple of months and had 
recovered so well that the doctor felt he 
could shortly return to his office. We were 
so happy to hear such good news. 

"I had no idea this letter was going to 
turn into such a lengthy epistle, but knew 
you would be interested to hear of any 
news concerning Pinkie and her family." 
We were delighted to have such a nice re- 
port of your trip, too, Esther ! 


Mrs. George E. Sprague 

(Helen Black) , Co-Secretary 

3 1 Van Brunt Ave., Dedham, Mass. 

Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing), Co-Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 



In Memoriam: Florence Longcope x-'25. 

Other News: News of 1925 is getting pretty 
scarce, girls! How about it? This column 
is completely dependent on the individual 
contributions. Why not sit right down 
NOW and write me a newsy letter to share 
with all '25ers! From the results of a 
questionnaire sent out a year ago June, 
we have managed to keep the column alive, 
but we have used up all of our informa- 
tion. As a suggestion, let me know what 
you are doing with your leisure time. 
What are your hobbies and interests out- 
side of home and job? Were your years at 
Lasell directly responsible for any of your 
present interests and life work? Have you 
spent time traveling and broadening your 
perspective? Do you write books, paint, 
garden; do you hook rugs, make jewelry, 
or is music, antiques, or pottery a con- 
suming interest? Let us hear about YOUR- 

Hope Bean Sisson called me one night 
from the motel on her way to Maine. Her 
new address is 26 Lilac Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 
In case any of you New Yorkers have 
a "marrying daughter," Hope is a bridal 
consultant for Sibley, Lindsey and Curr 
Department Store. 

Edna Hart Hoyt has left Vermont for a 
home at 1 Rockledge Rd., Laguna Beach, 
Calif. She called on me last July but I 
was not at home. This was a great disap- 
pointment to me. Her daughter Nancy is 
teaching at San Francisco State College. 

Claire Stritzinger Daller writes that her 
son, Morton, is a freshman at Brown Uni- 

Grace Thayer Berkeley's eldest son, Er- 
nest, graduated from Union Theological 
Seminary this year and was ordained and 
installed in a Congregational church in 
Jamesport, L. I., N. Y. 

My husband and I have just had a won- 
derful Thanksgiving at our house. For the 
past six years we have had a boy in the 
Service. This year our Donald had just ar- 
rived from Germany in time to have the 
day at home. With three sons, a daughter- 
in-law and a two-year-old grandson around 
us, we had a happy day with all our hearts 
overflowing with gratitude to God for His 
abundant blessings and loving care. 

From now on I shall expect my mail to 

be bulging with letters from each of you 

'25ers! Don't put it off until tomorrow. 

With best wishes for a wonderful New Year, 

Barbara Cushing Jenkins 


Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 
( Mariesta Howland ) , Secretary 
415 Crestwood Dr., Peoria, 111. 

Well, my busy '26ers, as I meet the De- 
cember 1st deadline, I cannot help but be 
wistful at thinking of all the news from you 
which will be pouring in here in just three 
weeks, and the dearth which exists at pre- 
Christmas time. How about all of you up- 
ping your schedule — like me? 

However, the November mails did bring a 
delightful screed from Anita Krakauer Doerr 
down in Mexico (Comonfort 135 Sur, Tor- 
reon, Coahuila, Mex. ) whose career of doll- 
manufacturing in partnership with her hus- 
band keeps them so busy that they must plan 
all holidays way ahead; and therefore they 
are looking forward to a trip to Haiti next 
June to help Anita's sister Bertha Krakauer 
Ryan '24 and husband celebrate their 25th 
wedding anniversary. Anita, who loved 
hockey and crew at Lasell, has been limber- 
ing up the athletic muscles by taking up golf 
for the first time in her life! And while I 
am on my Spanish letters, there's one, too, 
from Lolita del Pino . (H.S. '24-'26), who 
encloses a beautiful pamphlet she authored 
for a superb Roman Catholic medical-sur- 
gical center in Havana. 

Virginia Amos Farrington is finally in 
touch, too. Her silence was caused by all the 
excitement surrounding the wedding of an 
only daughter and also by the necessity of 
finding an interim apartment in New Ro- 
chelle until the Farringtons move to Florida 
permanently this month. Ginnie's daughter, 
Carolyn '51, was married in September to 
Douglas W. Corson (see 1951 news), and, 
to me, the real tidbit — since we all know 
how beautiful a bride Carolyn must have 
been — was Ginnie's husband's remark after 
the wedding as Ginnie stood receiving in her 
rose-feathered hat: 'You're the most beau- 
tiful woman here!" Thanks, Gin, for up- 
holding the claims to youth of all '26. 

Such movin's about! Margaret Anderson 
Gage has moved, too; gave up the delightful 
home in Sacramento because it was over- 
spacious with the children away at school 
and Andy's husband in poor health. She 
found a pleasant one-floor home as a tem- 
porary measure and the address is 2229 
Maryal Dr., Sacramento, Calif. Andy never 
forsakes her music and not only plays with 
an Oakland, Calif., professional trio, but in 
January will do some substitute music teach- 
ing in the schools. 

Which brings me to the subject of ad- 
dresses. Do, please, send in any changes for 
my master list, and do, please, also note that 
my own number on Crestwood Dr. has been 
changed to 415 — the result of a wholesale 
re-numbering in our city, and our bewildered 
post office is now beginning to get very 
tough about the old and the new numbers! 

For your correspondent time has flown 
this season. It seemed as if we no sooner 
left the verdant heights of Montreal (where 



Peb and I loved the clitter-clatter of the 
horse's hoofs on the cobbles during a moon- 
light drive in a caleche) than we trekked 
west, popped both children into preparatory 
school again and work began on a school 
referendum of an urgent nature. I narrated 
two fashion shows (not my usual vocabu- 
lary, say you! ) , had the pleasure of deciding 
to go maidless for the first time in 18 years 
and am luxuriating in the new metier of 
creative cook.) That and Board of Education 
work are entiugh to keep any two women 
busy. / 

Please do write in about yourselves! We 
haven't heard from Molly Witschief Wood, 
Dot Denney Edge or Dot Schumaker in 


Mrs. David Rosen 
( Rosalie Brightman ) , Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

Reunion: This coming June, believe it or 
not, brings us all to our 30th Reunion! 
Hard to believe, but there it is. It would be 
marvelous if we could get a really colossal 
turnout, and we can if everyone tries to 

It will be such fun to compare our lives 
and relive many pleasant memories and a 
real thrill to see what has been happening 
at Lasell. 

Have made arrangements for the Reunion 
Luncheon at the Simpson -House, 1114 
Beacon St., Newton Centre, a short taxi ride 
from Lasell and very easily accessible. I am 
sure you will all be pleased with the place. 
I promise delightful surroundings and a de- 
licious luncheon. With the high spirit that 
always abounds with '27ers we should have 
a good get-together. 

Have just written and asked Letty Krause 
Eyer, Lucy Field Wildman and Genie Mc- 
Edwards Bunting to serve on a reunion com- 
mittee and, as they represent three different 
areas, we should have a real roundup. Indi- 
vidual cards will be sent to each one with 
necessary data, but in the interim, plan on 
coming on June 8th. 

Other News: Edith Bronstein Silverman 
wrote, "I have two sons, one of whom is an 
industrial engineer and married. The other 
graduated from Brown in June and is now 
serving his stint in the Army. My most ex- 
citing news is one grandson 2Vi and another 
grandchild due in March. I keep very busy 
as a voluntary baby-sitter and with my vari- 
ous community activities." Edith lives at 
1272 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

Minerva Damon Ludewig says, "We are 
looking for our retirement spot, which will 
be in another three or four years, on deep 
water where we can sail to our hearts' con- 

tent! We, like you, adore to travel. When 
Joe retires we can do both." 

Mary Fulton Garstang writes that her 
residence is the same, but her address has 
changed to 7851 Regent Ct., Milwaukee 17, 

Marjorie Maxfield Smith wrote, "No news 
in particular. Hear from Esther Josselyn 
now and then, and she keeps me posted on 
doings at Lasell and some of our classmates. 
I'm organist and choir director at our Epis- 
copal Church in Lake Wales . . ." 

Rosanna McConnell Wallis, Betty Selkirk 
Chipp and Katherine Tufts Wiese are plan- 
ning to return for reunion. Katherine wrote 
that she expected to bring her daughter, 
Carol, as a graduation present to her and 
said, "It will be wonderful to see all the 
old friends again." 

Virginia Wellington Fauver has had a 
busy year with a trip to Europe in April and 
May, and in July her daughter, Jane, was 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham, Mass. 

We hear that Helen Creveling Gibson is 
planning to get into the field of education 
"to alleviate the critical teacher shortage 
here." Her boy is now 15 and the twin girls 
are 10. Her address is 220 Washington Rd., 
Rossville, Ga. 

Helen Kowalewski Sandback writes, "Our 
family property in West Haven, where my 
father started his medical practice in 1902 
and where my two brothers, sister and I were 
born, has been sold this autumn as business 
property. My son, Fred, now 13, and I are 
moving to New Haven, and it's a big job 
to clear out the attic and cellar of things 
accumulated over many years. I gave up my 
position at Yale and Sigma Xi in June and 
had a real summer vacation at our cottage 
in Rindge, N. H. My son was at a boys' 
camp near Newfound Lake for July and 
joined me in August and early September 
at our own cottage and lake. By the first of 
the year I hope to be moved and settled and 
then shall start investigating opportunities 
for a new position. I've enjoyed being un- 
employed for a few months, after nearly 
eight years on one job! But am anxious to 
see what I'll end up tackling next! Other 
than our local alumnae, I've not seen or 
heard from any of my Lasell classmates for 
a long time." Helen's new address is 47 
Livingston St., New Haven, Conn. 

Margaret Newman says she is "just work- 
ing — going on my 16th year in the drafting 
room of Bethlehem Steel Co. Shipyard. How- 
ever, just now I am looking forward to and 
planning a tour through upper New Hamp- 


shire, Vermont and across New York State 
to Niagara Falls — my two weeks' vacation." 

Katherine Paige Colon exclaims, "The 
children grow up all too fast! Frazier grad- 
uated from Norwich last June, is now with 
Allis-Chalmers Co. in Milwaukee, Wis. Joan 
is a junior at the University of New Hamp- 
shire, and Bruce a junior in high school." 

A note from Hester Shaw Gordon tells 
us, "I'm still busy and very happy in the 
florist business. Took a wonderful trip out 
through Monument Valley this last summer, 
and of course wound up our trip in New 
Mexico, as usual!" 


Mrs. Allan Van De Mark 

(Phyllis Beck), Secretary 
28 Maple St., Lockport, N. Y. 

Born: To Katharine Edwards Bennett, a 
son, Joshua Edwards, on January 3, 1955, 
and another son, Russell Conway, on Sep- 
tember 17, 1956. 

Other News: The' Class extends deepest 
sympathy to Dorothea Clark Johnson. "Last 
August 8, 1956, was a sad day for us — our 
oldest son Alan was killed in a plane crash 
at Boca Raton. He was 18 years old and 
had completed his first year at Stevens In- 
stitute of Technology, studying to be an 
engineer. He was working on a summer job 
when the accident happened." Dorothea's 
address is 847 N.E. 99th St., Miami Shores, 
Fla. She also writes in her note, "Have been 
here a year now and haven't met anybody 
from Lasell as yet. My husband had the good 
fortune to meet Margaret Trice Gibbens 
x-T6 who is an outstanding citizen of this 
great city." 

A letter to Kay Braithwaite Woodworth 
from Jean Ayr Baker says, "We have had 
a rather rough time of it since the first of 
July. I was going upstairs with an armload 
of files which I had been working on for 
the hospital, slipped and fell. Result, the 
files stayed in perfect order but I broke my 
right leg at the hip and my right arm at 
the shoulder. They operated on my leg and 
put a pin into my hip and a bar down my 
thigh bone kept in place with six screws. 
Three days later they had to operate on 
young Paul's right hip and put him in a 
cast. He had a slipped epithesis ( sort of a 
disc between thigh bone and hip socket). 
Because of my upset he had to stay in the 
hospital for almost three months. The end 
of September he started Williston Prep and 
Jean started Northwestern. They took Paul's 
cast off last week, but he cannot put any 
weight on his leg so still has to stay on 

crutches. I get around in a wheel chair and 
have more X-rays Wednesday. Maybe they 
will let me walk pretty soon." The Bakers' 
new address is 21 Woodlot Lane, Hunting- 
ton, N. Y. 

Etalia Baratta Bianchi x-'29 writes, "Keep 
very busy with innumerable charitable or- 
ganizations. Have a daughter almost 19 
years old, a sophomore at Manhattanville 
College. Mr. B. and myself went to see the 
Winter Olympics last winter." 

Lasell friends will be glad to hear that 
Marjorie Billings is still improving and this 
fall has been able to return for part-time 
work at the New England Mutual Insurance 
Co. Her present address is 1791 Beacon St., 
Brookline, Mass. 

Constance Chalmers Harlow reports that 
her older daughter Dee has had her dream 
(since 7th grade days) come true, for she 
has entered Wellesley College this fall. "She 
was Valedictorian of her class and loves 
dances as well as Latin. This all surprises 
me though I got a medal at Lasell." . 

Julia Clausen Bowman writes from Port- 
land, Ore., "Spent a memorable day this 
summer with Jeanne Greenlee Maier. 
Lunched and dined in fabulous places in 
San Francisco, which she and her Henry 
know so well. Hadn't been down to Cali- 
fornia in almost 13 years so it was a real 
thrill to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge 
(we were on a ship from Vancouver, B. C.) ." 

From Mary Groff Cooper we hear, "I am 
now a grandmother — the dearest little girl 
ever, but of course I'm prejudiced!" 

A new address for Madoline Mears Gran- 
ton x-'29 is R.F.D. #2, Box 33, Wells, Me. 
"My husband and I ran an Antique (etc.) 
Shop last summer. Last April we had a 
wonderful visit with Betty Wells Tuttle at 
her home in Ft. Pierce, Fla. She is just as 
wonderful as ever — hasn't changed a bit. 
As of August 3rd I joined the ranks of the 
grandmothers, and she's a darling, of course. 
By the way, if any of you alumnae are un- 
fortunate enough to land in the Newton- 
Wellesley Hospital, watch out for a Student 
Nurse named Janett Stone as she is my 
daughter, having started there last Septem- 
ber. The day after Christmas we are leaving 
for the west coast of Florida for the winter. 
Guess we are getting old — can't take the 
cold weather. Hope to see Betty again before 
we return." 

Ruth Rowbotham Strickland writes, "Our 
daughter Robie is a senior at Randolph- 
Macon Women's College, Lynchburg, Va. 
Our son, Freeman, Jr., is a freshman at 
Georgia Tech. He is freshman manager of 
the football team. I hear from Julia Clausen 
Bowman and Jean Grant Walter '49 quite 
often. She (Jean) has a darling little red- 
headed girl." 



Ruth Van Allen Wells x-'29 has moved 
from Corona del Mar, Calif., to Glenhardie 
Rd., Wayne, Penn. 


Mrs. Reginald W. Holt 

( Helen Roberts ) , Secretary 

101 Hope St., Stamford, Conn. 

Mrs. Richard F. Murray 

(Corinne Cowdrey) , Assistant 

748 Webster St., Needham 92, Mass. 

From the "Round Robin," Libby Day 
Cook writes, "We have lived in Reading, 
Mass., for 17 years, having built a new home 
five years ago. It is in a rustic setting and 
we have a skating rink at the back of the 
house which we enjoy immensely. During 
the war my husband served in the Navy for 
two-and-a-half years, spending most of the 
time at Pearl Harbor. I have been active in 
civic, church and school activities." Libby's 
son graduated from Kimball Union Academy 
and is now attending Brown University. 
Since this news came in, the Alumnae Office 
received a new address for Libby, which is 
5 Windsor Rd., Cohasset, Mass. 

To quote Peggy Boyd Greene, "We have 
two boys — Richard, 17, and Douglas, 15, 
and they are both attending Suffield Acad- 
emy. We also have a daughter, Sally, who 
will be 11 on January 1st. She is* in the sixth 
grade, is a beautiful swimmer and diver and 
does a very good job on the piano. Richard 
earns his letter in football, swimming and 
golf. Douglas plays soccer and swims but 
is definitely mechanically minded and has a 
job in mechanical drawing class of making 
a scale model of the campus, reproducing 
the buildings out of balsa wood. My hus- 
band, Dick, owns and operates a general 
insurance agency. I do not play the flute but 
I sing in our church choir. I saw Dot Kaul 
Faerber two years ago but no one else more 
recently than that. This business of raising 
a family surely is time-consuming, but most 

We are still drawing on the material re- 
ceived at the time of the reunion. At that 
time Virginia Johnson Burdick wrote, "Most 
of my time since leaving Lasell has been 
spent in moving: Wayland, Mass., from 
Penn., which was my home when I was in 
school. Then Wakefield, Mass., Hoosick 
Falls, N. Y., then to Bennington, Vt. There 
I met my husband (we were introduced on 
the golf course) and we lived in Bennington 
for a while, then Akron, O., where our son 
was born. Washington, D. C; Boston, where 
our daughter was born; Syracuse, N. Y.; 
then back to Akron for another couple of 

years; Des Moines, la., and nearly three years 
ago we moved here (Rock Island, 111.). Like 
it very much and hope Goodyear will let us 
stay here for a reasonable length of time. 
As you can guess I haven't stayed any place 
long enough to get acquainted much outside 
of Newcomers and Welcome Wagon Clubs. 
We usually join a country club and the 
church, but are just starting to get names 
and faces identified when we have to leave. 
I keep busy with the usual P.T.A., Girl 
Scouts, church and chauffering the children 
around to swimming and dancing lessons. 
William Fraser, Jr., is 14 and Virginia Lee 
is 11." 

Winnie Felch Leech wrote, "I have been 
married since 1932 and since 1938 I've been 
an Army wife. Homan is a colonel in the 
Army Medical Corps. We've lived all over 
the country, also in Japan." Winnie has one 
son, Peter, age 13. 

Joyce Tucker Britton lives in Orono, Me., 
and has two daughters, Joyce, 16, and Jen- 
nette, 9. 

Edith Fulton Ferriday wrote, "My life 
continues to be busy with family and home. 
Having a child in college, one in high school 
and one in grade school keeps a busy sched- 
ule at our home." Edith has two girls, Kath- 
erine, 21, Alice, 14, and a son, Robert III, 

Eleanor McKenney Black sends the fol- 
lowing note, "Still living in Bristol, R. I., 
and Bar Mills, Me., and working in R. I., in 
Providence with the Community Workshops. 
I have 17 nephews and nieces, the nearest 
thing to a family for me." 

From Dot Inett Taylor comes the news 
that son, Harry, is following in his father's 
footsteps and is a freshman at Norwich Uni- 
versity. Daughter, Susan, is in the ninth 


Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

(Karin Eliasson) , Secretary 

c/o The Black House, Ellsworth, Me. 

Classmates will be sorry to hear that Betty 
Condit Kessel has been hospitalized twice 
recently. They will be glad to hear, however, 
that she writes she is feeling much better 
now and is hoping to attend the 25 th re- 
union when it rolls around. 

A note from Marge Keller Mayer x-'31 
says, "We have two sons, Fred, 17, a senior 
at high school, captain of the football team, 
vice president of student council and class of 
'57; and George, a sophomore, president of 
his class. Fred has a scholarship to Williams 
College. I am active in the Calvary Episco- 
pal Church, Y.W.C.A. work and chairman 
of Junior Red Cross." 




Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katherine Hartman) , Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 
Reunion: The Class of 1932 will hold its 
25 th reunion luncheon at The Simpson 
House, 1114 Beacon St., Newton Centre 
( near the corner of Beacon and Walnut Sts. ) 
on Saturday, June 8, 1957. Further details 
will be mailed to all members of the class. 
Frances Turner Sleigh is making the arrange- 
ments for the luncheon. 

Married: Gertrude Stone Wilberding to 
George P. Baptiste. Gertrude writes, "As 
you see I have changed my name and am 
very happy. Have acquired five grandchil- 
dren, whom I enjoy. My daughter, Ann 
Wilberding, is graduating from Bridgewater 
Teachers College this June. She is interested 
in the Methodist Youth Group. Hope we 
have a grand reunion." 

Dorothy Glasser Foster x-'32 to R. L. 
Taschereau. The Taschereaus are living at 
55 Fairview St., Waterbury, Conn. 

Other News: Mildred Guyett says she is 
still working every day at the Rochester 
General Hospital in the medical records de- 
partment and is looking forward to reunion 
in June. 

Gertrude Hooper Ring saw Mary Lib 
McNulty McNair when the latter, with hus- 
band John and son Jack, stopped to see her 
on their way to pick up daughter Janet at 
camp in Maine. Gertrude says she keeps 
busy with small town affairs. 

Gertrude Horner is "secretary to Arthur 
H. Dean, senior partner of Sullivan and 
Cromwell here in New York, and has been 
for 11 years. See Eleanor Bradley all the 
time and, of course, Ethel Buchanan Horner, 
my sister-in-law, who has two beautiful chil- 
dren, a boy and a girl about 15 and 16." 

Thelma Macfarlane Bates has three chil- 
dren. Webster, 19, is a plebe at U. S. Naval 
Academy. Avery, 18, is at Mount Hermon. 
Her mother writes that Barbara, 12, may 
be Lasell '62. 

New Address: Enid Jackson Giles (Mrs. 
Robert R.), 21 Waldron Ave., Summit, N. J. 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

( Ruth Stafford ) , Secretary 

3 1 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

John (4) and Elizabeth (14 mos.), 
children of Martha Palmer Mack '33. 

Mrs. E. H. Place, Jr. 

( Barbara Edmands ) , Assistant 

27 Hancock Hill Dr., Worcester, Mass. 

Edna Goodrich vacationed with her par- 
ents at their home in Portland, Me., the 
latter part of August. Later Edna attended 
the opening meeting of the Washington, 
D. C, Lasell Club. Edna's new address is 
The Ontario, #105, 2853 Ontario Rd., 
N.W., Washington, D. C. 

From Beaver Lake, Louise Newell Audette 
writes, "We moved into a six-room ranch 
house in April. We love the view of the 
lake from the picture windows in the living 
room and kitchen. Em enjoying the con- 
veniences of all the modern built-ins and 
counter-top stove, dishwasher, garbage dis- 
posall, washer and dryer. We have a full 
cellar for workshop and recreational pur- 
poses." Louise's new address is R.F.D. #2, 
No. Shore Rd., Derry, N. H. 

A note from Virginia Ogden Hayes says, 
"We (Carl, Sr., Alice, Carl, Jr., and I) have 
just returned from a 9000-mile trip by auto- 
mobile on what we call seeing America first. 
Our trip included such places as the Smokies, 
El Paso, Tex., Phoenix, Ariz., Grand Canyon, 
Yosemite, San Francisco, Mexico and other 
well-known places. It was fun!" 

Bertha Root Smith reports, "My daughter, 
Linda Sue, age 15, was at camp this summer 
and my son, Peter, age 11, has a speedboat 
and is better known as Captain Pete. Hope 
to get back for the 25 th reunion. On the 
20th I was at my husband's reunion in Clem- 
son, S. C, and missed being at Lasell." 
Bertha sent pictures of her children which 
unfortunately were too dark to print in the 

Harriet Smith Rawson called at Lasell in 
October while in Boston with her husband 
on a business trip. 



. . . * - 1 ■ mki 

Jonathan (3/ 2 mos.), Peter (14) and 
Bobby (10), children of Maida Card- 
well Atwood '35 (taken Nov. 1956). 


Mrs. R. A. Massey 

( Roberta Davis ) , Secretary 

975 Mohegan, Birmingham, Mich. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett) , Assistant 

Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

Born: To Carol Morehouse Jones, a daugh- 
ter, Susan, in August, 1956. Carol has three 
other children: Nancy, a freshman at Mt. 
Holyoke, Kathy, 9, and Bill, Jr., 7: 

Other News: Phyl Atkinson Stone writes, 
"My 19-year-old son, Dick, was graduated 
from Tilton in June and entered University 
of Virginia in September. That meant a 
busy spring and summer as we drove down 
to Charlottesville. My younger boy, Robert, 
is seven and I had forgotten how active the 
seven-year-old stage is!" 

Virginia Leahy Berwick lives with her 
five children at Pines Bridge Rd., Mount 
Kisco, N. Y. Virginia's husband is Adrian 
Berwick, editor of the international editions 
of the Reader's Digest. 

Gwen Murray Larsen sends news that her 
daughter, Joanne, Lasell '55, is now a senior 
at University of Maine. Gwen is at present 
the secretary for the Eastern Maine Lasell 

Betty Potter Janse has two children in 
college. Her son is at University of Penn- 
sylvania and her daughter at Colby Junior 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

(Barbara King) , Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

( Barbara Ordway ) , Assistant 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, Mass. 

Betty Allenbaugh Weller writes, "Love 
living here in Bronxville. Henry and I see 
Lib Dupka Cupp x-'35 and once in a while 
Ruth Fischer Speckel." 

Jane Brackley Starbird says, "I still 
haven't given up the idea that I will make 
class reunion one of these years. I may be 
old and grey but I'll make it sometime. It 
is always a thrill when I find the LEAVES 
in my mailbox and all work stops until I 
have read it from cover to cover." 

Lucille Caton Bowman x-'35 tells of a 
wonderful year in Oakland, Calif., and adds, 
"We came east in July via Disneyland, a 
highlight for our two little girls and their 
parents, too. Now we are back in Newport, 
our third tour of duty here, and it's very 
much like coming home. Merle is on the 
Staff of the Naval War College and we hope 
to be here two or three years this time — 
am weary of moving vans!" Lu's new ad- 
dress is 33 Cranston Ave., Newport, R. I. 

Sally Swanson Dahlberg reports that she 
had a wonderful reunion this past summer 
with Annabeth Williams Bergen '34. 

Cindy King Haskins visited Lasell on Oc- 
tober 27th with her daughter, Lani, who 
hopes to go into nurse's training next year. 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

( Audrey Smith ) , Secretary 
5 1 Beverly Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 

Married: Ruth Ellsworth to Eugene Laas, 
on August 23, 1956, at a quiet wedding in 
Wollaston, Mass. She wrote, "We have a 
three-room apartment here and it's my job 
to keep it clean as well as making it liveable. 
Cooking is my chief hobby but one night a 
week I take a course in dressmaking. It's a 
far cry from working in a bank — no time 
limit. Would love to hear from any class- 
mates who are Hartford neighbors." Her 
address is 877 Farmington Ave., West Hart- 
ford 7, Conn. 

Other News: Bili Baxter Perkins wrote, 
"Wish the '36ers weren't so secretive about 
their families, daily activities or special 
events. . . . I'm always so disappointed when 
the latest issue (LEAVES) arrives, and I find 
so few lines under the '36 heading. 

"My mother and father bought a home 
here in Sarasota just before Christmas '55. 
This April, Ray and I took three weeks off 
and went to Cambridge to help them move. 
They have kept their summer home in 
Christmas Cove, Me., but will live from Oc- 



Family of Hilma Williams Alger x-'37, 
in front, Susan, Don, George and Tom; 
behind, Joan and Doug (taken in De- 
cember 1955). Inset is Nancy Elizabeth, 
born July 1, 1956. 

tober to May in Florida. Incidentally, we 
came through the western part of Massachu- 
setts the day after the 16-inch snowfall. The 
first day it was so pretty I was slightly home- 
sick, but the second day I'd had enough. 
That was all I needed to realize I'm com- 
pletely sold on our wonderful climate. . . . 
Many Northerners spend their summer vaca- 
tions with us and are amazed to find it less 
hot and humid here than at home. . . . The 
summer mornings are all so beautiful . . . 
we get up every day at five a.m. just as the 
sun is rising." 

Esther B. Sosman had a nice visit from 
Deb York in September. Deb was planning 
to stop and see Marjorie Bassett MacMillan 
on her way home. Esso saw Senora Orozco 
(Spanish '17-'48) in Mexico City in early 
September. Senora's grandsons, John and 
George Cobb, were visiting her at the same 
time and they all had a very nice time. 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

( Louise Tardivel ) , Secretary 

50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass. 

Reunion: Big plans are being made for our 
20th reunion on June 8, 1957. You will re- 
ceive a notice very shortly. Let's everyone 
start making plans to be there. 

Married: Lucille W. Huse to Samuel McCall 
Chappell, on November 24, 1956. The 
Chappells will live at 1342 North Park Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Born: To Hilma Williams Alger x-'37, a 
daughter, Nancy Elizabeth, on July 1, 1956. 
Hilma now has seven children. (See ac- 
companying picture.) 

Other News: Irene Dreissigacker_ Brimlow 
wrote, "Please note the change of address 
(617 Glenwood St., Emmaus, Penn.) as of 
last December. We love our new home and 
certainly need the extra space. I almost feel 
like a lady of leisure as for three hours every 
day all five children are in school. It is so 
quiet and peaceful. I am a Brownie assistant 
leader and we have lots of fun with 14 girls 
of seven and eight years. Our two older boys 
go to junior assembly dancing classes and 
with Scouts and clubs, life gets more hectic 
as time goes on. I hope to make our 20th 
but one never knows." 

Yvette Harrington Van Huysen writes, 
"Lisa 6V2, Kristin 5, Butch lYi are almost 
enough news! Carpools, interminable birth- 
day parties, and a constant stream of little 
ones in my yard, varied by the 3Vi days I 
spend as a hospital volunteer. Tufts Medical 
Faculty Wives, Massachusetts Hospital Asso- 
ciation, Weston Visiting Nurse Association, 
P.T.A., and Waltham Hospital Associates 
(which I finally let go after three years as 
president and eight years on the board) are 
active fun and very satisfying jobs. I love 
being busy." 

In Marjorie Hills Buffington's note she 
wrote, "No particular news except we are 
still enjoying our life here in California 
where my husband is teaching at Caltech. 
Attend the Southern California Lasell Club's 
reunion once a year. Last May we held a 
successful dessert bridge at Doris Wilson 
Lehner's (H.S. '25-'27) lovely home in 

Betty Olson Cooper and Barbara Burnham 
Rice are both living in Buffalo. They are 
planning to return to Lasell for our 20th 

This is the 18th year that Mary Ruth 
Sanford x-'37 has been running her own 
school (The Cradle School) and she still 
loves her work with little children. 

James (13) and Anne (11), children of 
Janet Owens DeArment '37. 



Evelyn Towle Blaisdell is planning a trip 
to Florida this winter and there she hopes to 
see Connie Wood. She is also looking for- 
ward to our reunion in June. 

New Address: Eleanor Cole Keeler, 1507 
E. Washington Ave., Bloomington, 111. 


Mrs. R. R. Peters 

(Virginia Wilhelm) , Secretary 

2316 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard), Assistant 

Box N, Humarock, Mass. 

Born: To Yvonne Corrigan Boddy, twin 
daughters, in April, 1956. Yvonne now has 
six children. 

Other News: Winifred Aldrich Chapoton 
wrote, "Tom resigned as special agent for the 
F.B.I, as of December 30, 1955, and we came 
here (3727 Kenneth, Groves, Tex.). He is 
now in the home construction business. 
Needless to say we were real happy to leave 
the Chicago area for Texas! Gradually I am 
getting used to this state and its people and, 
although my first love is still New England, 
am sure I will get to like Texas almost as 

Renie Gahan Burbank wrote that -her chil- 
dren spent the summer in camp and all did 
very well in their town tennis tournaments 
They were looking forward to the ski season 
Renie wrote, "With Marie Bruns Dodge as 
my summer neighbor at Madison, Conn 
we often chatted about our reunion coming 
up in 1958 and we'll be there with bells on.' 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester received the fol 

Billy (12), Betsey (15), and Lee (9), 
children of Irene Gahan Burbank '38. 

Al, Jr. (10), Sara (12), Guy (7), and 

Ginger, children (and pet) of Marjorie 

Furbush Gledhill '38. 

lowing letter from Alice Lockwood Leach, 
"Jack and I are very busy getting his own 
business on its feet. We decided to strike 
out on our own after twelve years as project 
engineer for a Providence firm. My oldest 
Lasell prospect, Penny, is fourteen and a 
freshman in high school. No ball of scholas- 
tic fire but quite an attractive young lady. 
Robbie is ten, a Webelos Cub Scout and 
general handyman. John David, five, spends 
his time between nursery school and recov- 
ering from his continuous string of bumps, 
breaks and bruises. Robbie and Priscilla 
Barker Neff's Peter are good friends. Pris- 
cilla's Pamela and my David are busy people, 
too. I tried to locate Ritamae Hinchliffe 
McCusker when we flew through Virginia 
last September but no luck. We all love 
Connecticut and are finding the suburbanite 
way of life to our liking. Penny and I have 
great expectations for the 1938 reunion and 
will most certainly make the correct date this 

While visiting New England in October, 
Helen Morgan Riederer paid a visit to La- 

Dorothy Schwarz Foster wrote, "Nothing 
new . . . just raising seven children, sheep 
and boxers." 

New Addresses: Martha Romaine Jones, 18 
Laurel Way, Madison, N. J. 

Martha Welch Sotak, 22 Woodcliffe Rd., 
Lexington, Mass. 



Marinell (6J/ 2 ) and Ruth (2J4), chil- 
dren of Kupe Shepard Cushman '39. 


Born: To Helen Forsberg Powers, a fourth 
daughter, Robin, on April 13, 1956. Helen 
has moved to a new home at 261 Woodfield 
Rd., Washington Township, Westwood, N. J. 

Other News: Barbara Albrecht Minnig has 
five children, two girls and three boys, rang- 
ing in age from eight years to seven months. 
They are living at 631 Roslyn Ave., Akron 
20, O. 

In October, Janice Marr Demer wrote, 
"We are now going into our second year in 
Sasebo, Japan, and loving every minute of it. 
The children attend classes at Dragon School 
(American teachers) and we live in Ameri- 
canized quarters which formerly housed offi- 
cers of the Imperial Navy. We are very close 
to Arita where some of the finest chinaware 
is made and are within three miles of a pearl 
farm. Although it is very interesting here 
I am sure we will be happy to be in the 
U.S.A. next year." 

Margaret Schneider Thieringer writes, 
"The hours just fly by, trying to keep up 
with community affairs, as well as four active 
youngsters — Janice 9Yi, Jim 8, Dave 6 
and Rich 3." 

Marian Traxler Crum's husband, John, is 
a research physicist in guided missiles. Their 
children are Leslie Ann, 10Vi, and Jack, 5. 

In a note from Janet Whitten Smith x-'39 
she writes, "We lived in Jackson Heights, 

N. Y., for ten years before moving to Provi- 
dence in 1950. Our daughter, Karen, is 14. 
My husband is treasurer of the Hemphill 
Manufacturing Company and we are both 
active in school and church affairs." Janet 
is president of the Aldrich Junior High 
School P.T.A. and of the Gaysee Plateau 
Garden Club. 

New Addresses: Jean Aljoe Buurman, 
Crestwood Dr., Warren Turnpike, Plain- 
field, N. J. 

Virginia Bowden Johnson, 572 Pleasant 
St., Brockton 33, Mass. 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper), Secretary 

32 Rumford St., West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 

( Ruth Sullivan ) , Assistant 

.17 Hemlock Rd., 
Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

Born: To Camie Porter Morison, a son, 
William Kenniston, IV, on November 9, 

To Lois Linehan Blitzer, a second daugh- 
ter, Carol Oakley, on July 10, 1956. 

To Madelyne Rose Browne, a fourth 
daughter, Melissa, in January, 1956. 

Other News: The Class extends deepest 
sympathy to Ann Hathaway Kelly whose 

Children of Dorothy Dayton Morgan '40. 



mother, Elizabeth Boneysteele Hathaway 
x-'06, died on October 26, 1956. 

Dorothy Dayton Morgan is leading a very 
busy and happy life in Gallipolis, O., as the 
wife of a surgeon and the mother of four 
children. She takes part in the usual church, 
P.T.A. and A.A.U.W. activities, besides 
teaching part time at the Holzer Hospital 
School of Nursing. 

In a note from Pat Kieser we hear, "Still 
working for the Northwestern Ohio Indus- 
trial Council (sixth year). Vacations — July 
1955: Canoe trip, Quetico, Superior Wilder- 
ness, Minnesota; July 1956: Two-week horse- 
back trip, Flathead, Sun River Wilderness, 
Montana." We're sorry the picture of Pat 
on horseback which she sent isn't clear 
enough to print in the LEAVES. 

Marjorie Minchin Sheldon wrote that she 
has three boys, Hank, Jr., Gregg and Mark 
who are 11, 6 and 2 years old respectively. 
Hank, Sr., has his own insurance company 
in New York City but works in Greenwich 
as well as New York. 

Jane Picker Furman writes, "My days are 
quite well occupied trying to keep up with 
our three sons, Dan, Mike and Pete. But 
now two are in school, which is delightful." 

Grace Roberts Gummersall wrote, "Bar- 
bara Schilf, Bethany, Conn., dropped in to 
see me while on Long Island for the dog 
show." Grace sent us a picture of her three 
youngsters, Sara l l A, Bradley 5Vi and 
Martha 2, but unfortunately this, too, was 
not clear enough to print. 

Ruth Sullivan Lodge and her husband 
took a very nice vacation trip to Puerto Rico 
last summer. 

New Address: Estelle Friedstein Rand, 15 
Craftslane Rd., Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

(Janet Jansing) , Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Pa. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 
65 Ralph Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Married: Thelma Batchelder to Albert 
Baker. Thelma wrote, "We have been living 
in Farmington for three years. I teach home 
economics at the high school here, and my 
husband works in nearby Rochester. We 
both love our adopted state." The Bakers' 
address is 23 Spring St., Farmington, N. H. 
Joyce Master x-'4l to Edward H. Foster, 
on August 18, 1956. Edward is an engineer 
at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in 
Upton, L. I., N. Y. Their address is P.O. 
Box 407, Center Moriches, L. I., N. Y. 

Chris and Robbie, children of Lucille 
Wielandt Speight '41. 

Born: To Jean Bohacket Pegram, an adopted 
son, David Menzie, at six weeks of age. In 
a note to Ginny, Jean wrote, "This is why 
we couldn't get back east until the end of 
June. Didn't want to leave town until the 
whole thing was settled in case the Bureau 
of Adoption wanted to ask us more ques- 
tions! But it was worth it, even the long 
wait of two and a half years. We think our 
son is the nicest thing that ever happened!" 
To Grace Sheffer Hendrick, a son, Doug- 
las Sheffer, on March 9, 1956. 

Other News: The Class extends deepest 
sympathy to Petie Visscher Taft whose 
mother died last summer. Petie's address is 
60 Hanover Rd., Mt. Lakes, N. J. 

We are happy to have heard from so many 
old friends via Gert's "pink slips" and so 
sorry we couldn't see as many in person at 
our reunion luncheon. 

Lucille Armand Boyle wrote, "Was so 
sorry to miss our 15th reunion, but had my 
arm in a cast. Bill and I drove to Florida 
with the three children this summer and had 
a wonderful vacation for three weeks." 

Marian Berry x-'4l is a clerk-typist at 
Coburn and Middlebrook, Inc., an invest- 
ment firm in Hartford, Conn. 

Mary Jane Goodman Miller '42 called 
Virginia DeNyse when she arrived in New 
York from Glendale, Mo. Mary Jane flew 
in with her husband, Al, who was on a busi- 
ness trip. 

Mary Hale Hamburg wrote that she un- 
derwent major lung surgery a year ago and 
that her husband has been incapacitated with 
arthritis, but the children are well! 

Jan Jansing Sheffer wrote that she had 
met Ditsy Gillis Montgomery in Straw- 
bridge's. Ditsy has been run ragged between 
being president of the P.T.A., the Women's 
Club and church work! 



A note from Lois Newton says, "I had to 
go back to the hospital June 23rd for another 
operation. I wasn't able to work all summer, 
but I am very happy to say that I have been 
back to work full time since Labor Day. I 
have to take it very easy and I am still under 
medication, but I am so thankful that I am 
alive and coming along slowly." 

On October 10th Virginia DeNyse had a 
short trip to Williamsburg, Va., and on Oc- 
tober 19th she and Eleanor Pfaff had a 
wonderful vacation in Mexico. 

Elizabeth Poore Willey has a family of 
four boys, ages 12, 10, 8, and 6. They 
bought her husband's grandfather's farm six 
miles out of Bristol, Vt. It has 325 acres and 
they have 90 head of cattle, counting young 

A recent newspaper picture and article 
showed Barbara Turner Jansen, chairman of 
the Charity Ball to be given at the Sleepy 
Hollow Country Club by the White Plains 
Woman's Auxiliary, discussing the use of the 
proceeds of the ball with the supervisor of 
the maternity department of the hospital. 

A note from Doris Young Meyer says, 
"I have a fairly new daughter, Elizabeth, 
who will be two years old in January — that 
makes three altogether. My oldest, Mitchell, 
is now 13 and will soon be entering Manlius. 
Carolyn is nearly eight. We moved to 
Cayuga, which is just outside Auburn, two 
years ago and love living right on the lake." 


Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley), Secretary 

4712 Coral St., New Orleans, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
1784 Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Reunion: Our luncheon will be held at 
The Pillars, on Rt. 16 and 128, on June 
8, 1957, at 12:30. You will be getting 
your final reminder in February. Let's all 
make plans to be there and make this 
our biggest reunion yet ! 

Married: Suzanne Krehbiel to Eric C. 
Nielsen. Their new address is 1290 Her- 
schel Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Other News: Marjorie Allyn Merrill has 
two sons, five and three years old. She 
visited her sister, Betty Allyn Beecher '40, 
in September in Lexington, Mass. While 
she was there she saw her senior year 
roommate, Virginia Weeks Hatch. She 
wrote, "Virginia has a cute home and four 
darling children." 

In November the following article en- 
titled, "L.I. Woman Gal Friday to Dag," 

Jim (10), Steven (5), and Marty (2), 
children of Mildred Fraser Pauley '42. 

appeared in a New York paper. We quote 
it in full as we think her classmates will 
read it with much interest and pride. "An 
attractive Long Island secretary is right in 
the middle of the hottest spot in the world. 
She's Louise Crawford of 2215 Parsons 
Blvd., Flushing, secretary to United Na- 
tions Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold. 

"She left Idlewild Airport Wednesday 
night, headed for the Middle East, where 
Hammarskjold is trying to keep the shaky 

"A graduate of Flushing High School 
and Lasell Junior College at Auburndale, 
Mass., she served three years in the 
WAVES before joining the U.N. secretarial 
staff in 1945'. 

"During her service with the U.N. she 
has been secretary to- many top men, in- 
cluding the Chinese delegate. She went to 
India five times as an attache of the Kash- 
mir Commission. 

"Miss Crawford gets around the globe 
pretty much even though her knowledge of 
languages is limited to English and Spanish 
and a smattering of French. 

"She expects to work with Hammar- 
skjold throughout the Middle East negotia- 

In November, Claire DeConto Trodello 
wrote, "My husband is an obstetrician and 
our home life is anything but quiet. Most 
of the many babies he delivers are born at 
night so that our house is on a 24-hour 
routine of comings and goings. Add to 
that three small sons, ages 10, 8 and 2!/2> 
in a ten-room house with four baths and 



you have a mild picture of 'my day' !" 
Her address is 96 Pine Ridge Rd., West 
Medford 55, Mass. 

Mildred Fraser Pauley lives at 2513 15th 
Ave., W., Bradenton, Fla., where her hus- 
band is a physician. She has two sons and 
a daughter. 

Barbara Hayton is working in the office 
of the U. S. Naval Attache in London. This 
has been a two-year job which expires in 
September, 1957. 

Ruth Roughgarden Sisler enjoyed attend- 
ing the Northern New Jersey Lasell Club 
meeting in October and hearing all the 
news. Her address is 167 Arlington Ave., 
Hawthorne, N. J. 

Elizabeth S. Allen is living at 10 Harps- 
well PL, Brunswick, Me., but in the spring 
she is planning on moving back to White 
Plains, N. Y. 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

( Nathalie Monge ) , Secretary 

28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy), Assistant 

4314 Mathews Lane, Kensington, Md. 

Married: We have heard that Marie C. 
LeDoux is now Mrs. Marinangili but we 
have no address for her. Can anyone help 
us locate Marie? 

Born: To Ruth Davenport Walker, a 
daughter, Kathleen Elizabeth, on August 
28, 1956. Ruth's address is 116 Azalia 
Drive, Norwood, Mass. 

To Elizabeth Smith Roy, a second child, 
a son, Peter William, on July 30, 1956. 
The Roys' daughter, Susan, is nineteen 
months old. 

Other News: Elizabeth Cushman Arnold 
wrote that house guests prevented her from 
attending the first meeting of the Washing- 
ton, D. C, Club but she hopes to be at 
the next one. "Saw Betty McAvoy Marilley 
briefly about three months ago: she looked 
wonderful and has lovely youngsters. Had 
a long chat with Hattie Lindsey Dinsmore 
on the phone but haven't been able to get 
to see her yet. 'Us working wimmin' !' I'm 
busy training two six-week-old springer 
spaniels! Little to do!" Cush's new ad- 
dress is 912 Northwest Drive, Silver 
Spring, Md. 

Harriet Lindsey Dinsmore tells us that 
the season for the Washington area alum- 
nae club had a wonderful start in Septem- 
ber. "It was grand having four recent 
graduates with us for the first time." 

Ann Preuss Olson wrote us that she is 
very busy in all sorts of activities in New 
Canaan, having lived there over six years. 
Ann has tried to start a Lasell Club twice 
but has failed so far and would appreciate 
hearing from anyone interested in having 
a club in lower Connecticut. She'd be glad 
to help. 

Joyce Wagner West is the proud mother 
of a girl, Ashley, eight, and a boy, Douglas, 
six. Her husband, Allen, is an electrical 
contractor and Joyce gives a lot of her 
time to being a Bluebird leader. 

New Address: Jean Bosche Boyd (Mrs. 
Gordon), 384 Lowell St., Lynnfield Center, 


Mrs. John M. Darnton 

( Katherine Cogswell ) , Secretary 

Dodge Park, So. Hamilton, Mass. 

Mrs. Francis R. Staffier 

(Dorothy Tobin), Assistant 

15 Tufts Rd., Winchester, Mass. 

Born: To Polly Hanley Kuhn, a fourth 
child, a third son, Kevin Paul, in Septem- 
ber. Polly's other children are John, Jr., 
almost 7, Melinda Ann, 5, and Peter James, 
19 months. The Kuhns have bought a 
home in Garden City, L. I., and Jack is a 
banker with the Empire Trust Co. in New 
York City. Polly's new address is 98 Lo- 
cust St., Garden City, L. I., N. Y. 

To Elizabeth Hills Eggers, a second son, 
Philip Norman, on August 31, 1956. Her 
new address is 1098 So. Springer Rd., Los 
Altos, Calif. 

To Joe Leroy Bramm, a second child, a 
daughter, Elizabeth Allerton, on September 
21, 1956. Son David is now four and very 
proud of his baby sister. Joe wrote, "My 
husband is Chief Resident physician in 
OB-Gyn. at Vanderbilt University Hos- 

Other News: The Class extends sympathy 
to Barbara Bresette Greene on the sudden 
death of her husband on December 5, 

Jean Campbell wrote us in November, 
"Took a three-month trip to Europe last 
summer as one of two leaders accompany- 
ing a troop of 13 Senior Girl Scouts from 
here. We had a marvelous time seeing so 
many interesting things but most of all 
did we enjoy being with the people of the 
countries where we camped or lived in 
their homes. It was a wonderful adventure 
in international friendship. We visited 



Linda, Ricky and Jeff, children of 
Edith Copp Carey '45. 

England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Den- 
mark, Western Germany, Switzerland, 
France, and — due to engine trouble which 
developed in the middle of the Atlantic 
— included the Azores." 

Hattie Cordes Raskopf x-'44 now lives in 
Westbury, L. I., and has a son, 6 years, and 
a daughter, 16 months. 

Jane Mehaffey "Wolfe let us know that 
her husband Len has accepted a position as 
biology teacher in Meadville High School 
and that "it seems like a very friendly 
town." Her new address is 357 Allegheny 
St., Meadville, Penn. 

We received information that Helen 
Wakem Felchlin (Mrs. Douglas M.) x-'44 
is now living at 226 Myrtlewood St., West 
Covina, Calif. 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert) , Secretary 

5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean E. Logue), Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

Born: To Anne Carlin Schofield, a daugh- 
ter, Susan, on December 28th. Anne wrote, 
"We are more permanently established here 
in the Lehigh Valley, having purchased a 
home at 2130 Henderson St., Bethlehem, 
Penn., last August." 

To Kathleen Chandler LaTourette, a sec- 
ond daughter, Heather Anne, in August, 

To Jane Fullerton Carlson, a daughter, 
Cynthia Louise, on October 11, 1955. Their 
address is 67 Crestwood Dr., Northboro, 

To Dorothy Holman Potter x-'45, a sec- 
ond son, Robert Thomas, on July 17, 1955. 
Her son, Jimmie, started kindergarten this 
year and loves it. They are now living at 87 
Bond St., Norwood, Mass. Dorothy wrote, 
"We have moved back to my home town 
again and bought a house, as I have had 
ear trouble ever since the birth of my second 

To Phyllis Kenney Anthony, a daughter, 
Linda Joan, on August 16, 1956. The An- 
thonys' address is 5 Nelson Ave., Wakefield, 

To Rosamond Lees Gow, an adopted 
daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, who will be a 
year old on December 18th. 

To Marilyn McNie Middlebrook, a daugh- 
ter, Nancy Cowles, on October 5, 1956. 

To Jean Mitchell Hunter, a third child, 
first son, John Mitchell, on August 10, 1956. 
They are living in High Point, N. C, where 
Jean's husband is physical director for the 

To Jane Ohnemus Gerrish, a son, Peter 
Thatcher, on September 7, 1956. 

To Dorothy Piper Bottalico, a second 
child, first daughter, Judith, on September 
5, 1956. 

To Monica Ross Duffy, a fourth child, 
second daughter, Nancy Jean, in September, 

Other News: In September, Edith Copp 
Carey wrote, "We love New Hampshire and 
are really glad we made the move from New 
Jersey. Linda is in first grade now and the 
boys go next year. Am looking forward to 
seeing Marion Munro Waitt next week. She 
and Bud will be up for a day. Now that we 
are closer to Lasell I hope to get down this 

Marjory Dillon Ramsdell wrote, "We're 
still living in Holyoke (my home town) 
since my husband is a technical service engi- 
neer with the local Papermaker's Chemical 
Division of Hercules Powder Company. 
Married over five years, no children. I 

Cynthia Louise, daughter of Jane Ful- 
lerton Carlson '45 (taken Thanksgiving 
Day '55). 



travel some with Bob and write for a paper 
trade magazine." 

Elsie Simonds Follett sent the following 
note, "Spent a couple of days last summer 
on the Cape with Pat Otis Drew. While 
there we all spent an evening with Elaine 
Macdonald Aldrich. . . . Mac, her husband 
and two boys were spending two weeks 
there. Had a wonderful time seeing and 
visiting with Otis and Mac." 

Frances Starr wrote, "Moved to Pasadena 
in May. Spent a week in August with Jeff 
Fuller Beers in San Jose. Her husband was 
sent there by General Electric. She has three 
cute children and a lovely home." Frances 
lives at 3755 Fairmeade Rd., Pasadena, 

New Addresses: June Ahner Gilroy, Bed- 
ford Farms, Bedford Village, N. Y. 

Nancy Bacon Johnson, 163 Hampshire 
Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Eleanor Bradway Lammers, 61 Westford 
Cir., Springfield, Mass. 

Betty Jane Dunkel, 311 E. 55 th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Violet Greenwood Liscombe (Mrs. Wil- 
liam S.), 424 Winter St., Holliston, Mass. 

Clarissa Johnson Allen, 41 Park St., New- 
ton 58; Mass. 

Nancy Muzzey Woodrow, 7915 USAR- 
EUR, Liaison Group, Stuttgart Field Office, 
A.P.O. 154, New York, N. Y. " 


Mrs. Payson B. Langley 

( Louise Pool ) , Secretary 

1)111 Chevy Chase Lake Dr., 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

( Mary Jane Magnusson ) , Assistant 

1505 Raleigh Rd., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Married: Naomi B. Kahrimanian to Robert 
Kuzoian, in the spring of last year. Her 

Martha (4), Frederick (6 mos.), and 

William, Jr. (5J/^), children of Susan 

Slocum Klingbeil '45. 

Grace Schwarz Wall '46, husband Bob, 
Georgia, Robert III, and Gwendolyn. 

address is 153 Grand Ave., Edgewood 5, 
R. I. 

Betts Kendall to Harry F. Hunter, Jr., on 
September 9, 1956. The Hunters' address is 
234 E. Pearson St., Chicago, 111. 

Born: To Nancy Brown Young, a fourth 
child, second son, in July, 1956. 

To Marilyn Dickson Liebenguth, a daugh- 
ter, in September, 1956. 

To Barbara Harris Ryan, a second daugh- 
ter, Diana, on July 17th. In my letter Bar- 
bara sent a picture of herself and her daugh- 
ter, Ann, two-and-a-half, and Diana, three 
weeks old. (Editor's note: Unfortunately 
the picture is not clear enough to print in 
the LEAVES.) Elaine Reed Simpson and 
Barbara are both living in Los Angeles and 
have gotten together for a small Lasell re- 

To Deborah Newton Warren, a second 
son, Richard Newton, on May 24, 1956. 

To Phyllis Paige Downes, a son, Dana 
Paige, on August 28, 1956. 

To Barbara Rudell Garvin, a second 
child, first son, George Kinne, III, on July 
23, 1956. Their address is 8 Stonycrest Rd.. 
Rye, N. Y. 

To Margaret Ryan Sullivan, a first child, 
Edward Richard, on March 30, 1956. 

To Jane Schmidt Alberts, a fourth child, 
second daughter, Beth Ann, on August 11, 

To Constance Woods McCarty, a third 
son, Richard Campbell, on February 21, 




(at 4 mos.), son of Margaret 
Ryan Sullivan '46. 

Other News: We are happy to take Edith 
Ann Avery off the "lost" list. She has been 
living in California for two years and work- 
ing as executive private secretary to the office 
manager of Batten, Barten, Durstine and 
Osborn, Inc., in San Francisco. Her address 
is 626 Capuchino Dr., Millbrae, Calif. 

On her information blank for reunion, 
Jane Bergwall Shattuck x-'46 writes: "Jim 
travels back and forth to Boston daily to 
Loomis Sayles Company, Inc., an investment 
company, where he is a financial analyst. I 
stay at home with the children and venture 
out when some civic duty calls loudly such 
as ever-recurring fund drives, or attempting 
to get a worthy citizen elected to public of- 
fice. Also, leave my cosy home to play bridge 
with the gals, drink coffee or tea, or rehearse 
for a play. We have a wonderful children's 
theater in Hingham which produces two 
shows a year for all the little ones. Susan, 
our eight-year-old, is thrilled when Mommy 
is in a play and can't wait until she is a 
star on TV." 

Carol Cooley has been doing secretarial 
work since graduation. After nine years in 
child welfare, she is now in the field of in- 
vestment counseling and reports that the 
only depressing fact about her new field is 
that the money is not her own. Carol wrote, 
"It's quite above my head at times but I am 
learning something new and interesting all 
the time." Carol paid a visit to Marcia 
Cressey Haley, in Rowley, Mass., this sum- 
mer and said their recently built home is 
just as cute as can be. Marcia's daughter, 
Jill Elizabeth, will be two years old Decem- 
ber 30th. 

Jackie Darcy is still living in Gloucester 
and in her words, "Still writing, and getting 
articles published now and then. Never 
thought I'd be a children's librarian but I 

love it, after eight years. Dotty Campbell, 
my oldest ward, was graduated from Lasell 
in 1955. My youngest is a junior in high 
school and my 'middle-aged' girl is married 
and has a son. Call me Grandma!" 

Although this letter was written last April, 
we believe other '46ers would also be inter- 
ested in its contents. Evelyn Hillis Sides 
wrote from England, "Lasell still means a 
lot to me, and with three daughters to edu- 
cate, it may, in time, mean even more. (Also 
there's the possibility of a fourth in August 
-— I've given up hope of a son! ) 

"I imagine my ten years 'out' have been 
no busier than others. Worked as a secretary 
to the manager of the Broadmoor Hotel, 
Colorado Springs, for two years and married 
in June of 1948. Then followed three very 
exciting years in Tokyo, Japan, where my 
husband was with MacArthur's General 
Headquarters. Our eldest daughter was born 
there and by great good fortune I completely 
recovered from an attack of polio contracted 
the summer of 1951. 

"Our second daughter was born while we 
were on vacation in Colorado Springs, shortly 
after returning to the States. Next came a 
tour in Washington, D. C, where Clyde 
worked in the Pentagon and where our third 
little girl arrived. 

"And now, three years in London, with 
the American Embassy. We live in a lovely 
old English house with a beautiful rose 
garden, tennis court, and everything just as 

Barbara and Richard, children of 
Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert '46. 



you see in pictures of country life. Our vil- 
lage, West Byfleet, Surrey County, is 700 
years old and very charming. London itself 
is always fascinating and we are enjoying 
every minute of it. (If I lived in England 
all my life, however, I would never become 
accustomed to the lack of central heating! ) 
We've had the good luck to see most of 
Europe while here and find it completely 

"But, there is no place like the U.S.A., 
and when September 1957 races around we'll 
be delighted to head for home." Evelyn's 
address is c/o Lt. Col. Clyde Sirles, OARMA, 
Box 36, Navy 100, c/o FPO, New York, 
N. Y. 

One of the most interesting and gratifying 
careers noted on the reunion information 
blank is that of Pat Luther Wilkin. Pat 
formerly was a nursery school teacher at the 
Lighthouse for the Blind in New York and 
is now teaching at the Horace Mann School 
for the Deaf in Boston. 

Laelia O'Connell Novak is another service 
wife and has been living in Tokyo with her 
husband since January, 1954. Laelia is look- 
ing forward to coming back to the States in 
August of 1957. 

Doris Jane Schultz McDonnel has been in 
North Africa (French Morocco) with her 
husband and four children since November 
of 1954. Doris' husband is in the service 
and before going overseas she lived in many 
places throughout the United States. 

Barbara Weeks Murton has been living 

Virginia Terhune Hersom '46 and 
husband Mike (Frank). 

John Douglas, Carol Lee, and Mark 

Stephen, children of Jane Schmidt 

Alberts '46. 

at home with her parents, in Exeter, N. H., 
since her divorce two years ago. She has a 
fine position as secretary to a prominent real 
estate and insurance man in Exeter and is 
active in the Junior Women's Club and her 

Our reunion last June was all too wonder- 
ful but too short! It was just so good to see 
as many '46ers as there were, and I know it 
will be fun to plan for our next reunion — 
that is our 15 th. 

New Addresses: Clare O'Connor Murphy, 
35 Halsey Ave., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Virginia Terhune Hersom, Pine Tree Vet. 
Hospital, Western Ave., M.R. #2, Augusta, 


Gloria Sylvia, Secretary 
41 1 W. 24th St., New York 1 1, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
( Lois Kenyon ) , Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

Reunion News: I want the class to know 
we are working on the reunion — heavens, 
it's our 10th! When I went to our fifth, I 
thought, "Just look at the matrons having 
their 10th reunion," so here I am, a matron 
of sorts, and planning a reunion of young 
matrons, with a great deal to talk about, and 
each more glamorous than the day we grad- 
uated! You will be hearing from us very 
soon. We plan to have you pay in advance 
— it should be reasonable. It will include 
tax, tips, etc. 

Married: Nancy M. Stupak to Eugene K. 
Parker. Their address is 32 Bou telle St., 
Leominster, Mass. 

Born: To Carol Birath Dennison, a son. 
In October, Carol wrote, "Our family circle 
is now comprised of three. Scott Jay, seven 
months, is our winsome, toothsome' young 



Douglas, Kenneth, and Ellen, children 
of Barbara Bickley Rieger '46. 

son — the image of his dad. Marsh is a life 
insurance agent for Peninsular Life and I 
am still working for a radiologist — so, in 
all, the Dennisons are a happy and busy 
threesome." Her address is 5240 S.W. 88th 
Court, Miami, Fla. 

To Jeanne Franklin Bates, a daughter, 
Judith Jeanne, on March 16, 1956. Her son, 
Bobbie, is now six and in the first grade of 

To Dorothy Milkey Cole, a son, Gary 
Russell, on July 1, 1956. 

To Suzanne Pearce Schultz, a son, David 
Warren, on September 12, 1956. Their 
home is at 4245 Waterbury Dr., Charlotte 
3, N. C. 

To Lois Seidel Newell, a daughter, Eliza- 
beth Allston, on November 8, 1955. Peter 
Marshall was born on February 4, 1954. 
Lois would like to hear from any other 
Lasellites living in South Carolina. Her ad- 
dress is Clearview Ave., Rt. #3, Taylor, S. C. 

Other News: Pat Brunner writes, "We're 
so happy, even though we're still in a mess, 
to move into a bigger place. I do hope 
people will stop in to say hello. Hope to 
get to reunion and see everyone then." Pat 
lives at 248 Sylvania PL, Westfield, N. J. 

Sally Conner Bell wrote, "Took a trip by 
myself, leaving husband and children at 
home. Went through several islands in the 
West Indies: Trinidad, Barbados and Virgin 
Islands." She found Barbados the most ex- 
traordinary and beautiful of the islands. 

Janet Frandsen Blanchard and her family 
have bought a new colonial home at 6 Rus- 
sell Rd., Garden City, N. Y. She is looking 
forward to the coming reunion. 

Gloria Galley Longbons lives at 1359 
West Riverview Ave., Decatur, 111. She 
writes, "Our little girl, Kathleen (Kathie) 
is such a doll. We are very lucky to have 
been able to adopt such a sweet child. She 
has the sunniest disposition, but is one of 
those who are on the go every second. We are 
waiting now for word any day that another 

baby is waiting for us. Our family is keep- 
ing very busy in our roofing and sheet metal 
business, lots of building going on in Deca- 
tur and Central Illinois. We see a lot of 
Gayle Garton Peabody x-'47 and her hus- 
band, Dick. They have four darling children, 
a lovely new home and Dick was recently 
made vice president of our new Soy Capitol 
Bank in Decatur. The enclosed picture is 
the best we could do with five kids — trying 
to make them sit still at once." Gloria wrote 
that Clare Dickover Hallock x-'47 now lives 
in Medina. She has two children and her 
husband is in the real estate business. Gloria 
is hoping to be at the reunion in June. 

Frances Lake Gray wrote, "Cindy, my 
1 6 V2 -month-old daughter, is adorable but 
extremely active! We moved into tempo- 
rary housing Memorial Day, having sold the 
house we were rapidly out-growing. Am 
now faced with moving again, into a new 
Cape-Cod-style home with the most mag- 
nificent ocean view." 

Marcia Landick Desmond lives at 11 
Lawnbank Rd., Beverly Cove, Mass. She 
wrote a very interesting letter, so here is part 
of it. "My biggest news, of course, is our 
new home. After fourteen months of great 
struggle, but never-ending pioneer spirit, we 
finally have hung our hats in the final result 
— a seven-room contemporary home on the 
ocean. Twink built it completely himself. 
The house is 65% thermopane glass. All 
the rooms have cathedral ceilings. The liv- 
ing room has an exposed steel eye beam 26 
feet long which Twink put up all by himself 
( that amazes all men ) . He borrowed an A 
frame from the local yacht club but I thought 
I would never live through that operation. 
As I describe it to you it all sounds a little 
elegant, but I assure you it isn't. Of course 
the ceiling to floor glass in the living room 
is glamorous, but we are very informal folks 
and have -tried to make the house appear 
informal. We have informal sea swirl panel- 
ing in the living room, which looks very 
rustic. I have also used mostly browns and 
tweeds in decorating, which is warm and 

L. to r.: Gayle Garton Peabody x-'47 
holding Peggy, Carol, Rickie and Deb- 
bie Peabody, and Kathleen Longbons 
and Gloria Galley Longbons '47- 



"Betsy will be three years old on the 10th 
of December. She is a bundle of blonde 
curly-haired dynamite. She shows all signs 
of being a complete extrovert, party girl, or 
what have you. At any rate she keeps me 
busy with her boundless energy and never- 
ceasing chatter. 

"We had a gathering of the Chandler 
Charmers at Betty Kirby Bartlett's house in 
Reading. Present were Betty, Elaine Capone 
Nixon, Gloria Secatore Walsh, Nan Larsen 
Bailey '48, and the guest of honor was 
(Buttsie) Virginia Butt Grey x-'48. All our 
husbands were dragged along too. Anyway 
the occasion was Buttsie's return from two 
years in Spain. Her hubby is with the State 
Department and they were home between 
assignments." Now with a few letters like 
that, the life of a class secretary seems very 
worth while — I couldn't wait to get to the 

Margaret Leary Hacker has a new address, 
35 Mayflower Rd., Springfield, Mass. She 
wrote, "Don and I moved into a home of 
our own in August and just love it! Kathy, 
four in August, and Donnie, who will be 
two in December, as well as our many com- 
munity activities, keep us constantly on the 
go. I .still look forward to receiving each 
issue of the Leaves with news of my Lasell 
friends and am looking forwardto our 10th 

A note from Jacquelyn Pettine Brett says, 
"We have two adorable sons, Peter, age four, 
and Steven, age two. We have been living 
in Grosse Pointe for over a year and have 
bought our own home." Her address is 659 
Rivard Blvd., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. 

Meriam Rainey Phillips wrote, "Dale has 
just left for New York to be with T.W.A. 
Can't keep his feet on the ground. Doug 
and I will stay here in Jersey to finish out 
the school year. He loves second grade and 
I am secretary and substitute teacher." 

Mary Ellen Roberts Gill and Joan Lam- 
bert Laffin are planning to attend the re- 
union in June. Mary Ellen has a new address 
at 416 Triangle Ave., Dayton 9, O. 

New Addresses: Frances Burns McSweeney, 
Graystone Ave., South Hadley, Mass. 

Joyce Hayes Whitman x-'47, 415 West 
Main St., Huntington, L. I., N. Y. 

Ruth Park Lanier x-'47, 7713 Loisdale 
Rd., Springfield, Va. 

Susan Voss Harrigan, 267 North St., 
Hingham, Mass. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
1401 Jones St., San Francisco, Calif. 

John (3 l / 2 ), son of Dorothy Azadian 
McKinnon '48. 

Miriam Day, Assistant 
65 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass. 



Shirley Thorne to Walter H. 

Born: To Anne Chapman Berl, a second 
son, James Frederick, on September 22, 
1956. Anne writes, "Real thrilled with our 
two little boys. Flew to Florida for a week 
with Billy and Bill in March and then spent 
the summer at the shore. So now that I have 
two, I'll really have to settle down to being 
a wife and mother. I guess my wandering 
days are over. Best to you all." 

To Barbara Cumming Hadley, a third 
child, first son, Bruce Cumming, on Decem- 
ber 28, 1955. 

To Tibby Dike Canty, a fifth child, a 
daughter, Amy, in September, 1956. Tibby's 
other children are Jody, David, Richard and 

To Louise Gleason Chock, a son, Larry, in 
September, 1956. Louise's present address 
is 5544 Morris St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

To Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan, a second 
child, a daughter, Lori Marie, on July 4, 
1956, at New Grace Hospital, Detroit, Mich. 

To Sara Parsons Kenney, a third child, a 
son, Kevin, in May, 1956. Sara's other chil- 
dren are Dianne, age 5, and Jimmy, age 2. 

To Barbara Rymer Cole, a second child, 
a son, Bill, Jr., on July 25, 1956. Barbara 
wrote, "Bill, Sr., is in his last semester at 
San Diego State College. Doing very well. 



W 01 

William (3 mos.), youngest of Jo 
Hanson Long '48 

He may teach there while working for his 
master's in February. If not, we'll have an- 
other change of address. Pamela Susan is 
3 now. A very good girl — and very in- 
quisitive. I'm hoping we'll be able to get 
back east for our 10th reunion. Still get 
homesick for New England and all the 
friends I haven't seen for so long. Would 
love to see anyone who comes out this way. 
We love San Diego." Barbara's address is 
now 3562 Brown St., San Diego 10, Calif. 

To June Smith Noreen, a son, Scott Har- 
old, on December 6, 1955, at Laconia. 

To Alyce Stone Sanders, a second son, 
Matthew Stone, on April 15, 1956. "He 
and J. Philip keep me busy! My husband, 
John, was appointed principal of Schaefer 
Junior High School in town — the youngest 
of the five junior high principals." 

To Barbara Street Berry, a second child, 
a son, David Robert. Barbara's daughter, 
Nancy Ann, is now two-and-a-half years old. 

Other News: Jane Anderson Calhoun and 
her husband expect to be in Panama until 
March of 1958, "a two-year vacation in the 
tropics." A picture of Laurie Jane at 16 
months with her pet boxer unfortunately was 
not clear enough to print in the LEAVES. 
The Calhouns have a new address: c/o Lt. 
George B. Calhoun — 070648, Box 575, Ft. 
Davis, Canal Zone. 

Dorothy Azadian McKinnon has settled 
in Weehawken, N. J., her husband Al hav- 
ing accepted the call as pastor of the Palisade 
Ave. United Presbyterian Church in Union 
City. "We find this area full of very friendly 
people and manage to keep ourselves busy 
with the usual routine of church work as 

well as with many unusual events. There is 
a great challenge for us here and with God's 
help we hope to meet it. Johnny is growing 
fast, having turned four years old this spring. 
Miss everyone at home but we are very happy 
here." The McKinnons' new address is 2310 
Palisade Ave., Weehawken, N. J. 

Janice Bickford Van Syckle and her hus- 
band have bought a home in Newtown, 
Conn., where he has accepted a position as 
Chief of Radiology at the Danbury Hospital. 
Jan attended the New Haven Lasell meeting 
last spring but she writes, "Our two young 
sons, Guy, Jr., 2, and Peter, 1, keep me 
pretty busy and I have little time for outside 
activities." Jan's new address is Taunton 
Lake Drive, R.F.D. #1, Newtown, Conn. 

Ginny Bowers Noyes writes, "Last Au- 
gust we moved to Montclair, N. J., where 
Lloyd accepted the pastorate at the First 
Baptist Church. Already we love it here — 
it's a wonderful place. It was quite a jolt 
getting settled in our 10-room parsonage 
coming from our compact 5V2-room ranch. 
Went to Wisconsin last summer and had 
a grand time 'camping out' in our station 
wagon at all the state parks." 

Audrey Cooper Noyes and family plan to 
relocate in Oklahoma in early 1957 where 
her husband will continue work with Mass. 
Mutual Life Insurance Company. "We un- 
derstand Oklahoma has an excellent school 
system, paramount to us. I love being a 
homemaker, and I've been working quite 
hard on the side as Chairman of Religious 
Education at the Universalist Church in 
Springfield, Mass., a new church. Laying 
the groundwork has been a challenge." 

Susan Corbin Fusco writes, "I still hold 
many fond memories of my experience at 
Lasell. Gene and I had been living in Tren- 
ton, Ky., -for two years where Gene was Su- 
perintendent of Schools, the youngest in 
Kentucky. Before this, Gene was stationed 
with the Marines at Ft. Campbell, Ky., and 
because we grew so fond of this southern 
hospitality, we stayed. Gene received his 
master's degree and has recently been award- 
ed a Kellogg Fellowship to attend Peabody 
College in Nashville, Tenn., to work on his 
doctorate. All this time I had been teaching 
fourth grade at Ft. Campbell Dependent 
School. Now am teaching 36 eager first 
graders in Nashville and am in a whirlwind 
of teachers' meetings and getting my class- 
room in order. We love living in a city 
once again and expect to be happy here. 
We visit Connecticut every Christmas. I 
surely would love to hear from some of our 
classmates." Susan's address is 1913 20th 
Ave. So., Nashville, Tenn. 

Paula Drake is teaching for her third year 
at Bates. In a note in October, Paula wrote, 
"At reunion time last June was so pleased 



(and surprised) to see Miss Delia Davis of 
the Lasell faculty. We had a grand chat 
catching up on all the news of the years I've 
been away from Lasell. I was also acting 
co-director of the Department of Physical 
Education for women for the second semester 
in 1956 when our Department Head was on 
her sabbatical. Am active this year in of- 
ficiating, president of Maine Field Hockey 
Club, Central Maine Basketball Chairman, 
and will participate in the State P.E. Con- 
vention as leader of discussion group on 
State G.A.A." 

Tish Duffill Wiese reported that she fin- 
ished five years of work at the United Na- 
tions on April 30, 1956, and loves being at 
home. "I am looking forward to our tenth 
reunion in 1958 and hope I can make it 
this time." 

Virginia Hall Anderson and her husband 
moved to Los Angeles, Calif., from Roches- 
ter, N. Y., last August, where Gini had been 
working as secretary to the president of a 
large advertising agency. "We spent two 
weeks coming across country and took in 
everything, including a swim in Lake Michi- 
gan, a rodeo, and visited four of Stew's fra- 
ternity brothers. Freckles (the pup) travelled 
with us and behaved well all .the way. We 
really think we're going to like California. 
I now plan to assume the role of 'housewife' 
here where Stew and I are enjoying a lovely 
new ranch home. This has all meant a fine 
promotion for Stew with the Dixon Pencil 
Company." The Andersons' new address is 
11651 Pickett Lane, Garden Grove, Calif. 

JoAnn Hanson Long wrote that she is 
busy getting into the swing of having three 
children in the house: Johannes, 2, Virginia, 
4, and William, 3 mos. JoAnn sent in three 
pictures of the children but as only one could 
be printed, the youngest was chosen. Maybe 
she can catch all three together next time. 
"Ray is awfully busy (and extremely happy) , 
having just joined Soundings, Inc., as a vice- 
president. All of which means our huge 
garden went to pot this year — no well- 
stocked freezer of our own home-grown veg- 
etables and fruits because I'm no gardener." 

Jane Hicks Donovan wrote that she and 
her husband now have an apartment in 
Alexandria, Va., where Jack is assistant travel 
manager of the travel service department of 
the American Automobile Association. "I am 
working in the subscriber service department 
of Group Hospitalization in the District of 
Columbia and like it very much, although 
it is a far cry from merchandising. Louise 
Gleason Chock spent a week with us in July. 
She and her husband are living in Phila- 
delphia. We also see Jeanne Meyer Bird 
and her husband. Jeanne and I attended 
the Washington Lasell Club summer meeting 
and enjoyed meeting the members. Ellen 

Virginia Bowers Noyes '48, husband 

Lloyd, Stephen (4J/ 2 ) and Marcia (2) 

(taken Dec. '55). 

Grover was the only other '48er in the 
group. Hope to be able to attend the fall 
meetings." Jane's new address is Apt. A-21 
Monroe Bldg., Presidential Gardens, Alex- 
andria, Va. 

Rosada Marston Cole and her husband 
vacationed in Europe last September and 
Zada wrote us, "According to present day 
situations, guess our trip was made just in 
time as I doubt if many flights will be carry- 
ing tourists abroad this winter. We flew to 
Rome, where both of us put on weight. We 
just couldn't seem to get our fill of Italian 
cooking — ate four big meals a day. By 
the time we hit Switzerland, we had to send 
half our clothes home as we couldn't fit into 
them, and it was too much bother to cart 
them around. We hired a car and drove all 
through Switzerland, staying in small vil- 
lages instead of big tourist towns. Then to 
Austria, Bavaria, Garmisch, Munich, and 
Paris." This was Zada's second visit to Paris, 
about which she was very enthusiastic. 

Starr Maxson Winquist sent us a note 
saying that she is enjoying married life and 
is now teaching kindergarten in a private 
school in New York City. 

Lois McLucas Martin and her husband 
have sold their home in Illinois and are 
moving to Pennsylvania. Her new address 
is Benson Apts., Jenkintown, Penn. 



Jeanne Meyer Bird wrote, "We are just 
settling in our own house, an old Virginia 
colonial farmhouse and our postage-stamp 
farm of ten acres. We have a lovely view 
and would welcome Lasell visitors to Wash- 
ington. David is still in government service. 
Enjoyed a quick trip to Turkey this summer, 
and I am busy in school." 

Martha Moyer Anson wrote "We do love 
California, but miss the snow and cold 
weather. I'd enjoy a snowball fight. We 
have been quite active in St. Mark's Episco- 
pal Church here, and John has been branch- 
ing out to do some more consulting work 
in radiation physics. Until the children are 
older, we plan to stick close to home." 

Dorothy Page Kuehl reports that her 
children are keeping her mighty busy. Barry 
is in second grade and his sister Nancy is in 
kindergarten, having the same teacher that 
both Dorothy and husband Al had. Gordon, 
the baby, is four and goes to nursery school. 
Dorothy tells us that she saw Jan Bickford 
Van Syckle at a New Haven Lasell Club 

In a note from Shirley Thorne Brady, we 
learned that she had seen Lee Karski Sweatt 
and her husband Art in Ansonia, Conn. "I 
am now working in the sportswear depart- 
ment of Alex Gowns in Upper Montclair, 
N. J. If anyone is in that area, stop in and 
say 'hello'." 

Shirley Tighe Barrett tells us that her 
husband, Bob, has finished Veterinary Col- 
lege and is practising in Vergennes, Vt. "We 
now have 2 children, John, age IVz, and 
Christie Lou, age 11 mos. We are living in 
a brand spanking new home and it seems 
like heaven after our little three-room apart- 
ment and four of us in one little bedroom." 
Shirley's new address is R.D. #2, Monkton 
Rd., Vergennes, Vt. 

Jeanne Williams Walz wrote, "Have been 
living in our new home for six months now 
— finally feel settled and like it very much. 
Miss our Pittsburgh friends but like being 
closer to home (N. J.) and love being so 
close to the water. Joe likes his work at 
Electric Boat. He's busy and learning all the 
time, which is the main thing. Jon was three 
years old last week. How time flies!" 
New Addresses: Doris Borgman Martin 
(Mrs. H. K.), 73 Drexelbrook St., Apt. 10, 
Drexel Hill, Penn. 

Annette Chase Scribner x-'48 (Mrs. 
George), 376 Pond View Drive, Southing- 
ton, Conn. 

Barbara Davis Whipple (Mrs. Scott), 
Fillow St., Westport, Conn. 

Carol Jean Kronenberg Stone (Mrs. Clem- 
ent), Atkinson Lane, M.R. #2, Ambler, 

Christine Laaby Wellermeyer (Mrs. Ray), 
165 Fairview Ave., Belmont 78, Mass. 

Betty Ann Mahoney Themal (Mrs. Har- 
ry), 2106 Millers Rd., Arden, Wilmington 
3, Del. 

Patricia Mangan Price (Mrs. James), 169 
Burnside Drive, Green Acres Village, Tona- 
wanda, N. Y. 

Babette Mauer Williamson (Mrs. Albert), 
206 Liberty St., Bowling Green, Ohio. 

Meredith Olson Soule (Mrs. Russell, Jr.), 
51 Sagamore Rd., Brockton, Mass. 

Betty Scott Swift (Mrs. R. B.), 28 Carver 
Circle, Simsbury, Conn. 

Audrey Souther DesRoches (Mrs. Rob- 
ert), 71 Jean St., Framingham Center, Mass. 

Help us locate the following '48ers! Drop 
us a card if you have any idea where we 
might find them. We would like to keep in 
touch with EVERYONE, but of course! 

Barbara Cross Butler (Mrs. Richard P.) 

Gertrude Alice Fitz 

Patricia Ford 

Jean Heagy Proctor (Mrs. Thomas L.) 

Estelle Hollingsworth Bathurst 

Martha Miller Cassidy 

June Pretty Silverman (Mrs. Daniel) 

Nancy Sanborn Jones (Mrs. Charles W.) 

Catherine Sbrrentino Lee (Mrs. Rob- 
ert E.) 

Donna Rae Thompson Friggle (Mrs. Wil- 
liam H.) 


-Mrs. Richard K. Donahue 

(Nancy Lawson) , Secretary 
69 Glenwood St., Lowell, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert R. Logan 

(Elizabeth Harrington) , Assistant 

4 Columbus Terr. 

Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Engaged:' Katherine Raizes to William 
Stameris, of Brookline, Mass. Bill is a grad- 
uate of Northeastern University and an elec- 
trical engineer, and is now doing research at 
M.I.T. A spring wedding is planned. 

Married: Helen H. Gurski to Walter F. 
Bulat, on November 12, 1955. Helen wrote, 
"My husband is a building contractor and 
will gladly offer his services to any Lasellite 
who would like to have a Bulat Specialty 
home built. I am quite busy taking care of 
a six-room house and working, but it keeps 
me happy. Am working for a diabetic spe- 
cialist in Springfield and really find the work 
interesting. My hellos to all!" 

Helen Hamilton to Darrel Croot, on Oc- 
tober 6, 1956. Eleanor Ritchie Elmore and 
Margaret Olson '50 were bridesmaids. Hel- 
en's address is 50 Nesbit Ave., West Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Dorothy Harriman x-'49 to Alan C. Gott. 
Their address is 47 Etna St., Brighton, Mass. 



Dutchess, and Carol, daughter of Nancy 
Clarke Ryder '49 (taken Feb. '56). 

Born: To Corinne Capone McGuiggen, a 
third child, first son, Brian, on October 31, 
1956. ' 

To Janice Gray Palin, a daughter, Oralie 
Catharine, on December 2nd. Jan spent 
some time in Boston this fail — due to the 
lack of baby sitters, yours truly (Libby) had 
to settle for telephone chats. She and Dean 
had a glorious trip to California last spring, 
they were gone a month and saw lots of in- 
teresting sights. Now Jan is home — home 
being Derby Line, Vt. She has seen Polly 
Donaldson Converse and spoke of the lovely 
new home Polly and Mack have built in 
Vermont. She would appreciate any news 
from the gang in Gardner. 

To Nancy Lawson Donahue, a third child, 
second son, Michael Raymond, on October 

To Elizabeth Rainville Hallenbeck, a son, 
Jonathan Edward, on June 13, 1956. She 
wrote, "Our lovely new home is to be com- 
pleted on October 31st. It's a brick ranch 
with a stone front. We're situated seven 
miles outside of the city right near several 
large farms, and have a view that is out of 
this world. Lots of hills and a generous 
supply of snow in the winter. Come see us 
some week end and bring you skis!" The 
address is R.D. #1, Pattersonville, N. Y. 

To Patty Trammell Swanson, a second 
daughter, Lisa Trammell, on July 12, 1956. 
Patty and her husband have bought a new 
home with lots of room and would be very 
happy to have any of the gals and their 
families drop in any time. The address is 
309 S. Oakwood, Breckenridge, Tex. 

To Virginia Woodman Cordes, a daugh- 
ter, Katherine Louise, on November 5, 1956. 
The Cordes family lives at 1212 Lotus Lane, 
West Chester, Penn. 

Other News: Barbara Berry Roberts had a 
nice visit early in August from Joyce Rath- 
bun Spadone and family. They were on their 
way to Denver for a vacation. 

Jo Caswell wrote, "After a three-months 
vacation this summer, during which I went 
to summer school at a business college and 
just plain relaxed, I have started to work in 
the auditing department of the Schenectady 
Savings Bank. Although I've only been there 
a week, everything has been working out 
beautifully. I'd love to hear from any other 
'49ers in the Schenectady area. I'm living 
with my grandmother, so the phone would 
be listed under her name, Mrs. Walter E. 
Frear." Jo's address is 918 Dean St., Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. 

Nancy Clarke Ryder is a part-time staff 
R.N. at the Hartford Hospital. She writes, 
"I have a four-year-old daughter, Carol Anne, 
and a brindle boxer called 'Dutchess' for 

A note from Nan Curtis Grellier tells of 
her family activities. She and her husband 
are building a new home in Sudbury, Mass., 
and hope to be in it by spring. Meanwhile 
they are living at Manomet Ave., Manomet, 

Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury brings us up 
to date with a recent note, "We moved to 
Guilford from Nebraska one year ago and 
already feel like natives — just love it. 
John's in sales at Flexible Tubing here, I'm 
working for a local pediatrician and we 
bought a house in July. Ready to settle 
down! Ratsy Simonton Foster and her hus- 
band, Ralph, found us last spring and we 
had a get-together. Hope to see them again 
soon. Was in Rochester for sister's (Cynthia 
'53) wedding last week and Joyce Rathbun 
Spadone called." Joan's address is Upper 
State St., Guilford, Conn. 

Jean Dickson Treveiler paid a visit to 
Lasell while she was in Boston to attend her 
brother's wedding in August. She saw Jean 
Grant Walter when she was visiting in 
Chicago, "It was so good seeing her." The 
Treveilers' address is 8381/2 Judson, Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Libby received a long letter from Zerlina 
Lewis Barnett from Nebraska. She misses 
New England and loves to read all the news 
in the LEAVES. She says, "Nothing short of 
an atom bomb would keep me from our 10th 
reunion!" Glad to report that all's well with 
her children. Ricki is in kindergarten and 
loving every minute. Barbara is nine months 
old and a real bundle, with red hair and 
brown eyes. 



Margaret Dobbie LaMarca wrote in Octo- 
ber, "Hi! Here I am out here in the 'sticks' 
but sure do love it! We have a little two- 
year-old daughter, named Cathy, and she 
keeps me plenty busy. Would love to hear 
from all in the Class of '49. How about a 
reunion soon?" Her address is 71 South St., 
Holbrook, Mass. 

Elizabeth Felker Hancock writes, "I am 
waiting and looking forward to a Carpenter 
reunion soon! Let's work on it, Straw!" 

Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley still loves 
Southern California. She and her one-year- 
old son were planning a trip to Rhode Island 
in October. 

Erlin Hogan recently spent a week end 
with Betty Toscano at Northfield. 

Nat Knight Rogers writes, "Have two 
lively girls, Terrie, five, and Jeanne, two. 
Terrie is in school this year and loves it. 
Had a quick visit with P. L. Anderson 
Phypers this past September. She and Dean 
were in Detroit for a day or so. Really 
caught up on news in a hurry!" 

Irene Lupien Murphy has been doing 
hematology research at St. Elizabeth's Hos- 
pital in Brighton, Mass., for nearly two 
years. Ilia Lelli '54 is working with her. 

Meredith McKone Krieger wrote, "Walt 
changed companies in October, 1955, and is 
now with Eberhard Faber Pencil Company. 
We bought a house in Scotch Plains and are 
so glad to be home again. The address is 
336 Hoe Ave., Scotch Plains, N. J." 

Shirley Olesen Somes and her family have 
just moved into a new Cape-Cod-style home 
at 44 Fernald St., Portland, Me. She writes, 
"Husband's law practice keeping him busy. 
Year old son keeping me busy!" 

Kay Poore Hamel wrote, "Please note our 
new address (1409 Airfield Lane, Midland, 
Mich. ) . This is permanent, for a while any- 
way. Dana is working for Dow Chemical 
Company, now in the sales training program 
for six to nine months, then he will be in 
market research. Took a 61 -day, 15,400-mile 
trip around the U. S. this spring!" 

Joyce Rathbun Spadone has a new address 
at 3824 Lake Ave., Rochester, N. Y. In 
October she wrote, "My husband, Don, has 
finished law school at Cornell and we have 
moved to Rochester where Don has a job in 
a law office. We've rented a six-room colo- 
nial house and are still in the process of 
settling. I hope to go to the Lasell Club 
soon and see some other '49ers." 

Helen Rochford Nolan has three children. 
Jeff, five, and Bonnie, two, have brown eyes 
and straight dark hair. Her one-year-old 
Billy is a curly-haired blonde with blue eyes. 

Marilyn Ross wrote, "After six and a half 
years as secretary to the pathologist at Mercy 
Hospital in Springfield, in May I started to 
work at the Bay State Rehabilitation Center. 

Barbara (21 mos.), daughter of Nancy 
Curtis Grellier '49. 

Very interesting! Two of the staff grew up 
in Auburndale." 

In October, Nancy Sondles Janiszewski 
wrote, "Finally have our house fixed as we 
want it — . fresh paint, some additional 
building, etc., and are looking forward to a 
year of relaxing and sightseeing here and on 
the other Hawaiian Islands." 

Joyce Stanley Pederzini writes, "In May 
we became the owners of a tiny, but adorable 
cottage in the country and an eight-week-old 
cocker spaniel! Both are certainly keeping 
us busy! Don's transfer made the move 
necessary, but we do love it here. I gave up 
my job and am having a wonderful time 
being a housewife. Would love to hear from 
any of the gals who have time to drop a 
note." Her mailing address is Box 475, 
R.F.D. #2, Valley Falls, R. I. Her home 
address is. May St., North Attleboro, Mass. 

In a note from Cynthia Woodward With- 
erell she says, "We are now settled in our 
new home in Cornwall, N. Y., and will be 
here for three years. Jack is an instructor at 
the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. 
We are looking forward to the Army foot- 
ball games and all the winter sports on the 
post. This should be a very full and happy 
three-year tour. Nancy is 15 months and 
quite the active young lady — full of fun 
and into everything and a delight to us 
both." Their address is P.O. Box 362, Corn- 
wall, N. Y. 

New Addresses: Jean Wormuth Craig, 7 
Coburn Hill Rd., Concord, Mass. 

Dianne Fait Fleming, 527 Glenrock Ave., 
Los Angeles 24, Calif. 

Diane Heath Beever, 620 Chestnut St., 
Manchester, N. H. 

Mary Mosher Schorer, 11 Crossways, Bar- 
rington, R. I. 



Nancy Newhall Mackay, 102 River Rd., 
R.D. #3, Baldwinsville, N. Y. 


Sally C. Hughes, Secretary 
102 Cabot St., Newton 58, Mass. 

Mrs. Paul H. Roche 

( Lillian Reese ) , Assistant 

46 Rawson Rd., Arlington, Mass. 

Engaged: Marilyn Powell to Charles D. 
Driscoll, of Boston. Charles is a broker and 
trader at Paine, Webber, Jackson and Curtis 
where Mai is employed as a secretary. 

Married: Marilyn J. Bartlett to Richard L. 
Erratt, on September 1, 1956. In bringing 
us up to date on her activities, Marilyn 
wrote, "First of all I was married September 
1st in Haverhill at the First Congregational 
Church to Richard Lyons Erratt who hails 
from Lansing, Mich. . . . Diana Ramsay 
Wessels was my matron of honor. My wed- 
ding wasn't the happy occasion we had 
planned because my father passed away two 
days before. The ceremony took place as he 
would have wished it, but we cancelled the 
reception. It was quite a shock to me and 
my family as my Dad had been in perfect 

"My husband is working for Dow Chemi- 
cal Company here in Midland. Kay Poore 
Hamel '49 is living here as her husband is 
working for Dow, too. She is also from 

"In Boston I worked at the Provident In- 
stitution for Savings along with Helen 
Panesis George. I had Miggie Olson up to 
my summer place for a week end this sum- 
mer. She is still working in Hartford and 
living with her folks." Marilyn's address is 
513 W. Ellsworth Ave., Midland, Mich. 

Mary Gamble to James R. Holker. Their 
address is 4312 Collidge Ave., Minneapolis 
24, Minn. 

JoAnne M. Gilliland x-'50 to Richard L. 
MacNeill, in August, 1954. Richard is a 
graduate of the University of Massachusetts. 
JoAnne writes, "The three of us, Richard 
and I, and Dusty (a Norwegian Elk Hound) 
are now living in Hot Springs, Va. — a 
small town set deep in the towering Alle- 
gheny Mountains. I'd love to see any La- 
sellites, old or new, if they are down here 
in the woods. We are just across the street 
from the beautiful Cascades Golf and Tennis 
Club. We have plenty of room — a two- 
story, eight-room house. Our lands border 
the Homestead Hotel, we can swim in the 
pool the year round, but we both miss the 
ocean. ... I would love to hear from some 
of the girls." 

Helen Kovalinas to Peter Ierardi, in Ir- 

vington, N. J., on January 29, 1956. Lynn 
is a buyer in Gimbel's in Yonkers, N. Y., 
where she and her husband are living. 

Helen Panesis to John George, on Feb- 
ruary 26, 1956, in Hyannis, Mass. Helen 
and John spent their honeymoon at Elbow 
Beach in Bermuda. Their new address is 
101 Hillside Rd., Watertown, Mass. 

Lillian I. Reese to Paul H. Roche, on 
April 21, 1956. A reception followed at 
Lillian's home where they are now living. 
Paul served in the Navy and is now attend- 
ing Tufts University. 

Mary A. Sylvester to Joseph E. Tremblay, 
on October 12, 1956. They are living at 
104 Payson Rd., Belmont, Mass. Joe is a 
mortgage officer for Middlesex Homes, Inc., 
in Woburn. Syl is still in the sales depart- 
ment of the telephone company in Cam- 

Born: To JoAnn Brooks Shaffer, a daugh- 
ter, Donna Cole, on June 26, 1956. 

To Audrey Callahan Cohill, a second child, 
first daughter, Cathy, on October 13, 1955. 

To Janet Gadd Doehler, a son, William 
Francis, III, on September 18, 1956. Janet 
wrote, "That's our biggest news as I spent 
the two following months in the hospital. 
So, I don't know a thing new except that 
Christmas is upon me and I've so much to 
do. We're throwing 'open house and egg- 
nogs' on the 22nd. The list isn't complete 
but we've already passed the 100 mark! 
Think they'll fit? We expect orders at any 
time — to no one knows where. I'll send 
the new address on when it happens." 

To Dorothy Goehring Rourke, a third 
child, first daughter, Jocelyn, on December 
1, 1955. 

To Jeanne Hackett Desmond, a son, Mark 
William, on August 24, 1956. 

To Betty Jean Jones Bolton, a daughter, 
Barbara Jean, in February, 1956. Their ad- 
dress is 1257 Prospect Dr., Kynlyn Apts., 
Wilmington 3, Del. 

To Joan Koch Ryan, a daughter, Pamela, 
on April 27, 1956. In a letter to Sally, Joan 
brings us up to date with a new address at 
Bryan Dr., Montvale, N. J. She and her 
husband bought a ranch house and they are 
enjoying it very much. She sees Clara Silsby 
Lamperti and her husband quite often. Clara 
and Bob have two boys. 

To Rosemary O'Brien deBelay, a daugh- 
ter, Rosemary, on September 22, 1956. 
Their address is 15615 Van Aken Blvd., 
Shaker Heights 20, O. 

To Jean Ostrander Lowman, a second 
daughter, Diane, on September 15, 1956. 
Valerie Jean is now 17 months old. 

To Nancy Pryor Baker, a son, Randall 
Monroe, on October 8, 1956. 

To Shirley Richman Miller, a daughter, 
Robin Fae, on July 3, 1956. Shirley writes, 



"We think she is the cutest little doll with 
the most perfect features and complexion. 
Seems as though everyone else besides the 
grandparents think so too! All she does, 
besides being hungry all the time, is laugh, 
giggle and coo! We're looking for a house 
to buy, but haven't found our dream house 

To Judith St. John Peterson, a son, Wil- 
liam Ayres, on April 9, 1956. 

To Sally Starck Haven, a daughter, Lisa, 
on September 21, 1956. In July Sally wrote 
your secretary, Sally, a most interesting let- 
ter, "Roxie has probably told you that Du- 
Pont sent us out to Los Angeles last Feb- 
ruary. We have certainly had a whirl, seeing 
many places we hadn't hoped to see until we 
were ancient! We drove out a rather devious 
route, stopping in Texas to see several Air 
Force couples. Then we drove up through 
Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. It was 
the most breathtaking spectacle for us both, 
considering that we've never seen mountains 
before. Arizona is a beautiful state, although 
I wouldn't care to live so far from the blue 

"We decided to settle in Pasadena because 
it is an older, more established city, and 
seems to be more definitive in layout. As 
you know, L.A. has grown so rapidly that it 
has become a sprawling mass of industry, 
residences, smog, all rolled into one. I'm 
sure that L.A. has a representation of every 
type of existing humanity. There are 141 
different religions or cults, which makes it 
quite unique! We think nothing of seeing 
a gentleman handsomely attired, walking 
down the street. You don't either, but our 
gentleman happens to be barefoot, and no 
one blinks an eye! For us conservative 
Easterners, this takes getting used to! Every- 
one should see this area, if just to appreciate 
his own sanity back in the homeland. 

"Palos Verdes, a peninsula of L.A., is 
really beautiful. We would hope to live 
there if we were remaining here, but as 
times change, so do we. Another and more 
beautiful city is San Francisco. Sal, if you 
ever get a chance, visit this 'pearl' beside 
the Golden Gate. The culture is more like 
the East, but the city is like nothing you've 
ever seen before. It is very clean, with tall 
white buildings, with vistas of ocean, the 
bridges, and many other fascinating things. 

"As Doug covers seven or more of the 
western states, he is gone most of the time. 
Brad and I went with him on one of his 
sojourns through the Northwest. We saw 
parts of Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon 
and California. Reno, Nevada, is very wide 
open, competes with Las Vegas constantly. 
I am told that natives live about five miles 
from Reno because of the numerous vices in 

the city itself. We loved Washington and 
Oregon. Seattle is a little disappointing, and 
not as clean as we had imagined. Of course 
its proximity to the ocean and many fresh 
water lakes makes it very desirable. We 
spent one week end in Portland, Oregon, 
and from there we toured the Columbia 
River Gorge, along the Oregon Trail, and 
were duly impressed. The mountains looked 
like huge mounds of vanilla ice cream. 
Everything is so massive in the Northwest, 
and we certainly felt like particles of dust 
beside it all. 

"Of course L.A. has good things to offer, 
too, and if the smog would ever clear away, 
it might be a nice place to live. The Pasa- 
dena Playhouse is famous for introducing 
much of the Hollywood and Broadway talent. 
The Huntington Museum and Gardens are 
famous throughout the country, the free- 
ways are crowded, the old missions are worth 
visiting, Bel Air and Beverly Hills are beau- 
tiful, etc., ad infinitum. Disneyland and 
Knotts Berry Farm are a must for a tourist. 
The Farm has a complete Old MacDonald 
farm for children. 

"Now that I've elaborated on the wild and 
woolly West, I'll tell you that on July 16th 
we start back actoss the country again! Doug 
is leaving DuPont and we are returning to 
the Boston vicinity. We'll be living in West 
Newton for a short time, and then when 
Doug finds a job to suit him, we'll hope to 
get into a house! Anyhow, we are eager to 
start our trek across the U. S. again, this 
time, on the northern route. We'll head for 
Las Vegas, "Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, 
Denver, Cheyenne, and then east. I hope 
that next fall if we're still in the Boston 
area, I'll be able to become active in the 
Lasell Club. . 

"Last Saturday, I had two Lasellites drop 
down from Visalia. Yes, Danni Ewing 
Bowser, and Marni Grout Anderson. Golly, 
did we have fun! They stayed for dinner 
and we certainly enjoyed getting together. 
Danni hasn't changed a bit, still keeps us in 
stitches with her tales of California living. 
. . . Marni has two children and loves west- 
ern living. They both looked so good and 
it doesn't seem as though it has been five 
years since we've seen each other. They are 
both interested in acquiring a list of Lasell 
girls in California. . . . You know, distance 
doesn't mean a thing out here, and people 
think nothing of traveling 200 miles for a 
short visit. . . . Get them to write and tell 
you their experiences regarding the flood. 
Fortunately Danni's new house didn't get 
water in it, but Marni and family had to 
vacate through a window. Danni is used 
to spring floods, but Marni was petrified. I 
agree with Marni, don't you? 

"Our little 'bomb' is as active as most 20- 



Gwyn (2J4) and Bradford (10 mos.), 
children of Joyce Davies Harrison '50. 

month old boys. He still is a replica of 
Doug, built like a fullback and loads of 
fun. He runs everywhere, talks a blue 
streak, and I'll take a dozen, please! 

"Patty Graham Gordon and I write fairly 
often. Pat and her family were leaving for 
a two-week vacation on the Cape about a 
month ago. She was so eager to .see the ocean 
again. Indiana is a far cry from it, too." 

Again in September, Sally wrote, "Every- 
thing jelled at once. . . . We moved into 
an apartment on Tuesday, finished unpack- 
ing on Thursday and Lisa was born early 
Friday morning. Doug also nailed down the 
job of his choice on Friday, with the Cry- 
ovac Company. We move to Michigan, 
which is to be Doug's territory, within three 

To Jean Stearns Gorman, a third child, 
second son, Glenn Stearns, on April 1, 1956. 

To Jacqueline Temperley Dey, a daugh- 
ter, Deirdre Cooke, on January 20, 1956. 
Jackie also writes that she hears from Chris 
Laaby Wellermeyer '48 and at her last writ- 
ing Chris reports that her sister, Nancy 
Laaby Sandberg, has moved to 1708 Bailey 
Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O., where her husband, 
John, is studying pediatrics. Nancy has two 
children now, Lynne and Eric. 

To Barbara Welles Smith, a daughter, 
Kimberly Lynn. Barbara is the daughter of 
Julia Rankin Welles '20. 

To Carol Wolcott Godbout, a son, David 
Bradford, on September 1, 1956. Carol's 
husband is attending Bryant College in Prov- 
idence, R. I. Mary Duffy Stonti is living 
there also and they get together quite often. 
Carol's new address is 227 Admiral St., 
Providence, R. I. 

Other News: The Class extends deepest 

sympathy to two members. Marilyn Bartlett 
Erratt's father died very suddenly in late 
August (see news from her in "Married" 
section), and Renee Le Claire Ridgway's 
father died in October. 

This news is a little old but nevertheless 
noteworthy. Joan Anton Rednor writes that 
last year she and her husband, Charlie, flew 
to Mexico and California in December. "We 
were only away three weeks but saw so many 
interesting things — especially liked Aca- 
pulco — the weather was gorgeous." 

Nancy Bean Lord and family returned to 
Bangor, Me., last March. She writes that they 
have been madly painting, remodeling and 
redecorating ever since. In September they 
took a week off (minus Jeff and Tracy Ann) 
and spent one of the nights with Jean Davis 
Stanley and Pete in Providence. They also 
dropped in to see Lois Schaller Toegemann. 
Nancy's street address is 41 Boutelle Rd. 

Pat Brownell Biernacki is living in Rich- 
mond and making quite a contribution in the 
Museum Theatre. She has two children. 

Nancy Dalrymple Cross x-'50 has two 
sons, Jeffrey and Bradford. (We're sorry 
the picture of them wasn't clear enough to 

Joyce Davies Harrison writes, "Our house 
is a mess, carpenters are in re-doing the liv- 
ing room with pine paneling and book- 
shelves, etc." 

Eileen Duffy has been made assistant buyer 
of cosmetics at Lord and Taylor's in New 
York City. 

Joy Gustavson Smith is president of the 
Bridgeport Lasell Club. The October meet- 
ing was held at her home. She writes that 
she enjoys the club very much. 

Your secretary has just returned from an 
exciting trip to Europe. It was such fun to 
revisit some of the places and friends I 
haven't seen in two years. I went with a 
very enthusiastic friend from New York 
and we were especially impressed by the 
cleanliness and cordiality to be found in 
Holland. It was hard to imagine ourselves 
swimming not too long ago at the lovely 
Island of Capri when we look around at the 
cold New England weather! Already plan- 
ning our next venture." 

Carol Husted Schneider is still teaching. 
She taught sixth grade for two years and is 
now beginning her second year teaching the 
seventh grade. Her address is New St., 
Mountain View, N. J. 

Di Krause Sherman wrote, "We've moved 
up to the North Country and are living just 
west of Syracuse, N. Y. Haven't seen so 
much snow since our White Mountain Ski 
Trips and, after living in Maryland, it's 
quite a change. One thing about transfers, 
though, we do manage to see quite a bit of 



Susan (3) and Stephen (1), children 
of Marilyn Munson Farrar '50. 

the country." Di's address is 394 Northfield 
Way, Orchard Village, Camillus, N. Y. 

We heard some time ago from Janice 
McGoughran who has been doing some very 
exciting things. At the beginning of '56 
Jan went on a cruise with six other people. 
Jan writes, "Decided on Tuesday we were 
going to go and the following Tuesday we 
were in the Bahamas! Left on a Monday 
night and flew to West Palm Beach." From 
there Jan and her friends flew to Nassau 
where "we were greeted with rum punch at 
the Customs Building. A very good way to 
start a vacation. Checked in a hotel for the 
night and the next day boarded our 64-ft. 
schooner that we had chartered for a week 
of sailing. . . . Had two nights in Nassau 
and we saw just about everything. Went to 
a plush gambling casino — what a lovely 
way to lose your money. Started sailing on 
Thursday — it was simply fabulous even if 
it did take me the entire trip to get my sea 
legs! We had a calypso band come down 
to the boat a couple of nights to play for us, 
the weather was just beautiful and sailing is 
just out of this world." Jan is now working 
for the Celanese Corporation of America at 
the Summit Research Laboratories in New 

Marilyn Munson Farrar moved from Con- 
necticut to 18 Donald St., Waterville, Me., 
a year ago. She has a daughter, Susan, who 
will be four in February and a son, Stephen, 
who will be two in March. She and Art have 
bought their own home and have been busy 
fixing it up. Art is in charge of consumer 
relations at the Fort Halifax Poultry Com- 

We are very pleased to see that Marilyn 
Newhall has been made president of the 
Boston Lasell Club for 1956-57. Marilyn 

has been a very active board member for the 
past two years. 

Catherine Quinzani is employed at the 
Boston V.A. Hospital. She was recently pro- 
moted to the job of private secretary in the 
new cancer-chemotherapy laboratory. 

Joan Robilotto Gibson writes, "Jay has 
been transferred to Key West, Fla., where 
he is executive officer of his ship. I'll be 
joining him as soon as he can find an apart- 
ment, we hope around December 1st." 

Honey Spackman Wilson has kept busy 
with a trip to Nassau in February and one 
to the "Young Presidents" convention in 
Florida in April. Also, she played nurse to 
her husband who had an operation in Feb- 
ruary, and to her son, Dink, who was hos- 
pitalized with a blood disease in March. 
Fortunately she. and Christopher, age two, 
kept well. 

Joan Wallace Billings has a new address 
at 14224 Dale, Apt. 107, Detroit, Mich. 
Joan writes, "Afraid Bob and I are New 
Englanders at heart. We are really going to 
miss skiing this year." Bob was transferred 
to Michigan, as a sales engineer for his com- 
pany. They have spent many enjoyable week 
ends with Sally Griffith Mathews and her 
family who live in Kalamazoo. 

In August and September, Helen Wether- 
bee and Janice Halligan took a trip to Cali- 
fornia, spending most of their time in San 
Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

New Addresses: Lois Dickerman, 205 Mar- 
cy St., Southbridge, Mass. 

Lorraine Grontoff Sutton, 909 Sterling 
St., Plainfield, N. J. 

Regina Kempton Reynolds x-'50, Tremont 
St., Duxbury, Mass. 

Christine Mills Carlson x-'50, 129 W. 
Church St., Seymour, Conn. 

Jane Ann Perry, 1567 Avenue A, Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. 

"Dink" (George) and Chris, sons of 
Honey Spackman Wilson '50. 



Winifred Schulman Baver, Patricia Ave., 
Fishkill, N. Y. 

Gloria Segal Davis, 73 Califon Dr., Co- 
lonia, N. J. 

Phyllis Turner Yeager, 3011 North wood 
Blvd., Orlando, Fla. 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

(Barbara Adams), Secretary 
70 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

( Barbara Voorman ) , Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terr., Newton Centre, Mass. 

(Special Note: There are several 1951ers 
who should take note of the announcement 
about pictures in a box on another page in 
this magazine. It will explain some things 
to you, and will help you to cooperate with 

The following letter is such a good ex- 
ample of fine class reporting, we have de- 
cided to. quote it in its entirety. We hope 
you will enjoy it, and will want to thank 
Joan Kearney Cormay for being so loyal. 

"Just a little note to let you in on some 
of the news I have heard in the past few- 
months or so. 

"As you may have heard by now, Doris 
Stewart Davis had a little boy named Glenn 
in April. She and Dick have changed ad- 
dresses. It is now 11 Orchard PL, Irvington, 
N. J. 

"I also had a long visit with Olga Iafrate 
Franchi. She has a little boy named John 
who was born in May. Olli's husband is a 
builder and built their own home at 47 
Farquhar St., Newtonville, Mass. He builds 
S40,000 homes and Olli says it just about 

Anne and Kathie, children of Joanne 
Nelson Marden x-'51. 

Kathie and Shawn (John, Jr.), children 
of Janet Woodward Powers '51. 

kills her not to be able to live in one. She 
will someday, though. 

"I had a very unexpected visit from Millie 
Gluck Barron x-'51. Millie hasn't changed 
in any respect since school. She has a little 
boy, Mark, who is a year-and-a-half, and a 
set of twins five months old — a boy, Dana, 
and a little girl, Deborah. They both weighed 
over five pounds when they were born. Millie 
said she didn't know until a week before she 
had them that she was going to have twins. 
She said she is almost ready for a mental 
institution. They were living in an apart- 
ment but had to move, so they are living 
at Ridgefield at Framingham. Her address is 
23 Rosslier Rd., Framingham, Mass. 

"Jerry Fitzwilliam Hanlon had a little 
boy, Edward, in April. I understand she is 
living in Mattapan, Mass., but do not know 
the address. 

"I have frequent telephone conversations 
with Barbara Keyes x-'51. She spent this 
past summer vacationing in Europe. How I 
envied her. She went to England, France, 
Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Ireland. 
She said that to her, France was the most 
rewarding as far as religion is concerned as 
she was able to go into the water at Lourdes. 
She did get to see the Pope in Italy, which 
she said was wonderful. To her Germany 
was the most exciting place she went to. 
But the most beautiful country of all is 
Ireland. She said you have to see it to be- 
lieve it. It was just like being in a fairyland. 

"I have letters from Nancy Mitchell 
Quinn all the time and she is getting along 
quite well. She is a little on the lonesome 
side. Of course, anyone would be, living in 
a state so far away from home. Nancy is 
living in Tuskegee, Ala., and has been since 
last spring. Red, her husband, is working 
for an insurance company. Nancy said now 
that the weather isn't so hot she has started 
in painting a little bit again. Nancy had a 
little parakeet, named Charlie, who could 



Kathie (22 mos.) and Dickie (2 wks.), 

children of Kay Ballard Heck '51 

(taken Dec. '55). 

talk quite a bit but he got a bad case of 
pneumonia and died. She said he was so 
much company for her that now she is even 
more lonesome than ever. Red did buy her 
a little dog. She is called Teddy. Nancy has 
a practical nurse to help her during the day 
and Red takes over when he gets home from 
work. I am sure she would like to hear from 
some of the kids to help break up her day. 
Her address is Mrs. George Quinn, Box 329, 
Tuskegee, Ala. 

"Ted and I find it almost impossible to get 
away during the summer for a vacation so we 
took off over the long week end this month. 
What a rest without all the kids hanging 
on us. I doubt if we will be so fortunate 
next year in pawning our kids on relatives 
as we are expecting our fourth baby in April. 
Trying to get rid of four kids and an ele- 
phant of a boxer dog will be like getting 
hens' teeth. Of course, we could take them 
with us, but that doesn't seem like much of 
a vacation to me. Oh well, time will tell. 

"I see Karin Long Ernst when I go to my 
dentist as she is working as his receptionist. 
She has been there since June and still lives 
in Auburndale. 

"I guess this is all the news for now. I 
will write when I hear any more." 

Married: Carolyn V. Farrington to Douglas 
W. Corson, in September, 1956. 

Joanne L. Monahan to Tom Garrity, in 
October, 1956. They live at 200 W. Merrick 
Rd., Apt. 3-L, Freeport, L. I., N. Y. 

Diane B. Nelson to Robert D. Cowan, in 
October, 1956. After graduating from La- 
sell, Diane attended Syracuse University and 
is a member of the Junior League of Syra- 

cuse. Robert graduated from Ohio State 
University and is associated with the Boston 
Insurance Company and the Boston Indem- 
nity Company in Syracuse. 

Patricia A. Raeder to Richard T. Krone. 
Their address is 211 Calvert, Tonawanda, 
N. Y. 

Born: To Barbara Adams Borden, a daugh- 
ter, Diana Kimball, on September 23, 1956. 
Barbara and her family have moved to 70 
Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

To Marie Arnold Wilson, a daughter, 
Diane Marie, on October 5, 1956. The Wil- 
sons' address is 125 Sixth Ave., Glovers- 
ville, N. Y. 

To Kit Ballard Heck, a third child, second 
daughter, Barbara Joanne, on November 
13 th. Kit writes that she and Otto bought 
a new ranch-type house in June and are de- 
lighted with it. Otto teaches ninth grade 
algebra and general science in the Island 
Trees Memorial High School in Levittown. 
Their address is 1799 Stone Ave., East 
Meadow, L..L, N. Y. 

To Gwen Bennett Hedrick x-'51, a son, 
Kent Gordon, on July 20, 1956. 

To Margie Cushing Gershaw, a son, Scott 
Ober, on June 20, 1956. 

To Joy Detweiler Hostetter, a son, An- 
drew Jay. This is Joy's second child. She 
wrote, "Because of the addition, we have 
moved for the fifth time in three years in 
order to have more room. Everyone's fine 
and all's well!". Their address is 1818 Holly 
Ave., Savannah, Ga. 

To Janet Fornoff Hauber, a daughter, 
Kathy, on October 1, 1955. Janet and her 

Nancy (15 mos.), daughter of Joy 
Detweiler Hostetter '51. 



family have just moved to Arcadian Acres, 
Fishkill, N. Y., from Houston, Tex., where 
her husband served as a pilot in the Air 
Force for 18 months. 

To Barbara Hill Breen, a second daughter, 
Pamala Dorothy, on March 7, 1956. Barbara 
sent two pictures of Patti Ann and Pamala 
which could not be printed. (See box about 
pictures on another page.) 

To Ida Marrazzo Mutchler, a son, Steven 
Robert, on March 12, 1956. 

To Harriet Schwarz Hamilton, a second 
son, Gary Evans, on November 23, 1956. 
Harriet wrote, "Steve is getting so tall and 
really is kinda cute, we think. He'll be two 
in January." 

To Marcia Staats Lusardi, a daughter, 
Carol Lynn, on October 30, 1956. Marcia 
and family are living in New Haven where 
Jim is in the second year at the Yale Grad- 
uate School, Department of English. They 
expect to be there about two more years as 
he is working for his Ph.D. Marcia was 
looking forward to a visit from Nancy 
Cusack Smith and her family over the 
Thanksgiving week end. 

To Nancy Topping Heely, a daughter, 
Jane, on September 15th (Nancy's birthday). 
Roy and Nancy bought a new house in 
August at 83 Floral Terr., Tenafly, N. J. 

Other News: Sue Baker Chase find husband, 
Gordon, with their adorable little son, Rob- 
ert, have moved to 12 Porter St., Wenham, 
Mass. They sold their home in Reading so 
they could be closer to Gordon's work. 
Joan Barrett Atwood wrote in October, 

Deborah (2/ 2 ) and Susan (1), children 
of Joann Claflin Campbell '51. 

Eleanor Penney Desrochers 
husband Gilbert. 

"My daughter, Marcy, is now seven months 
old. Barbara Hill Breen, her husband, Jim, 
and their two girls spent a quick week end 
with us in September. Everyone is fine. Had 
Anne Ivers over for dinner one night and 
we talked about reunion which, unfortu- 
nately, I missed." 

Helaine Fendler Marks x-'51 wrote, "Had 
a wonderful summer topped off by an un- 
usual vacation. Arnie and I, along with two 
other couples, chartered a boat and cruised 
most all of Long Island Sound! Visited my 
roommate, Barbara Kramer Weissman x-'51, 
living in Long Branch, N. J. (She has two 
adorable children.) What fun we had talk- 
ing over old times at Lasell." 

Catherine Fouhy is teaching kindergarten 
in the Boston Public Schools. 

Joan Groccia wrote, "Am divorced and 
happily working as manager of the Jim Rich- 
ards Shoe Company (a mail order boot busi- 
ness) in Wellesley Hills. See Sally Poteat 
Du Hamell often and her baby is beauti- 
ful!" Joan is living at 119 Woodcliff Rd., 
Newton Highlands, Mass. 

A note from Charlotte Kelley says, "I'm 
working for a very fine dentist. Am a hy- 
gienist and down here there is much more 
opportunity to do better. I've become active 
in Little Theater, the Art Museum, and do a 
lot of ushering for concerts here. We have 
a Philharmonic Orchestra and have a lot of 
guest artists in town. I have visited Mary 
Kay Vogler Green who lives in the state, 
I usually go back east twice a year." Char- 
lotte's address is 7 West 18th, Tulsa, Okla. 

Joan LeFrank is teaching physical educa- 
tion at Newburyport, Mass., is very busy 
but likes it. 

Eleanor Penney Desrochers' husband grad- 
uated from Boston University in 1956 and is 




L. to r.: Joan Fischer Bell, Jo Raynal, Lynn Peck, Audrey McKay Prince (the 

bride), Joanne Purcell, Freddie Holt, Sue Baney, Chris Carpenter Hunt, Joan 

Awad Elias, and Jackie Ellison Bell. 

now an accountant with Ernst and Ernst. 
Their address is 80 Madison Ave., Newton- 
ville, Mass. 

Cynthia Porter Horton writes, "Roy and 
I have recently moved to Ridgewood, N. J., 
where Roy is assistant golf pro at the Ridge- 
wood Country Club. We are going to Florida 
this winter but will return to New Jersey 
in April when the golf activities start again. 
I am really looking forward to Florida." 

Peggyanne Riker Miller and her husband 
are planning to build a new home in the 

Joyce Weitzel Flanagan wrote that they 
had bought an old Cape Cod house which 
they are busy fixing up at 1152 Oak Hill 
Ave., Attleboro, Mass. Her daughter, Martha, 
is nearly three years old. 

Janice Weyls Moore has a new colonial 
home on 1 Vi acres of land at 1 "Wheeler Dr., 
Nichols, Conn. 

Mary Jane White has recently moved to 
New York City where she has a wonderful 
job as New York representative for a hosiery 
firm, "Beautiful Bryans," and just loves it. 
Her address is 59 E. 78th St. 

Janice Williams Boehle, her husband and 
two children are living at 4536 E. 20th St., 
Tucson, Ariz., while her husband is going 
to school on the G.I. Bill. 

New Addresses: Barbara Batelli Emerich, 
46 Dry Hill Rd., Norwalk, Conn. 

Margaret E. Dodd, 1880 Fell St., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Priscilla Freeman McCartney, 155 Beards- 
ley Ave., Stratford, Conn. 

Janet Underwood Wall x-'51, R.F.D., 12 
Locke Dr., Thompsonville, Conn. 


Suzanne G. Baney, Secretary 

125 Northfield Ave., Apt. D-l 

West Orange, N. J. 

Mrs. Harold T. Machette 
. . (Terry Wingate) , Assistant 
353 Old Mamaroneck Rd. 
White Plains, N. Y. 

Announcement: Well, '52ers, the time is 
here! Better start making your plans now 
for our fifth reunion. The date is Saturday, 
June 8th. We have reserved the Brookline 
Room at the Hotel Beaconsfield in Brookline 
for our reunion luncheon. So get set to close 
up the office or leave the children with the 
folks, and join your classmates for the big- 
gest fifth reunion in the history of Lasell. 
Plan to stay the whole week end for all the 
activities. More details later. 

Engaged: Suzanne Davis to Ralph Green- 
man, in June. Ralph graduated from Prince- 
ton in 1954, received his master's degree 
from Stanford in 1955, and is now working 
at Hiller Helicopters in Palo Alto, Calif. 
They are planning a June wedding to take 
place in Massachusetts. 

Virginia Easton to Samuel C. Simpson, 
Jr., USN. A December wedding is planned 
in Harwinton, Conn. 

Merilyn A. Peck to Ronald H. Erickson. 



A June wedding is planned. Merilyn wrote, 
"This summer I took a seven-weeks' tour of 
Europe, visiting England, Holland, Germany, 
Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France. I had 
a marvelous time and am looking forward 
to the time I can go back and see more, 
especially of Venice." 

Carolyn A. Powers to Les Fontayne. 

Married: Barbara Ayrault to Paul M. Smith, 
Jr., on October 3, 1956. They will make 
their home in Los Angeles, Calif. 

Alice A. Baker to Richard J. Alexander, 
on August 25, 1956. Richard graduated 
from New York State University, School of 
Forestry, as a landscape architect, in 1953. 
After a wedding trip to Quebec, Alice will 
return to her home at 888 Beacon St., New- 
ton Centre, Mass., until her husband's service 
with the Army is completed in December. 
Peggy Bostwick Gilfillan was matron of 
honor at the wedding and Edna Day was 
one of the bridesmaids. 

Phyllis A. Cain to Donald G. Benson. 

Pauline M. Coady to Dr. John Goodwin, 
on August 11, 1956. Marilyn McGuire 
Levine was a bridesmaid at the wedding. 
Their address is 71 Bassett St., New Britain, 

Phyllis W. Gleason to Lt. Tad T. Riley, on 
June 16, 1956. Meredith MacLean was a 
bridesmaid. Tad is a graduate of the Uni- 
versity of North Carolina and is now a Naval 
aviator, stationed at Quonset Point, R. I. 
Their address is Duck Cove Bluffs, Wick- 
ford, R. I. 

Lois M. Hickey to Edgar V. Tracy, Jr., on 
November 10, 1956. Barbara Hickey Carvin 
'49 was her sister's matron of honor and 
Marilyn Hetzke was one of the bridesmaids. 
Edgar attended Williams College. 

Joyce E. Kitfield to Elroy Anderson, on 

Joyce Wardle Chapman '52 and hus- 
band Linsley, June 16, 1956. 

Charles Dana, Jr. (1), son of Joan 
Roberts Limmer '52 (taken Aug. '56). 

September 8, 1956. They are living at 68 
Ashland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y., while Elroy 
completes his final year of medical school 
at the University of Buffalo. Joyce and Pa- 
tricia Hill '53 planned on calling on Bobbie 
Rost Goodman who has been living nearby, 
as Bobbie's husband is being transferred to 
the New York office of the Du Pont Com- 

Claire La Liberte to Robert Adler, on 
May 5, 1956. Bob is working for the Gen- 
eral Fireproofing Company and Claire went 
to work in July as secretary to a lawyer. 
Their address is 200 Sigourney St., Apt. A-2, 
Hartford, Conn. Lois Woodward Hofer '54 
lives in the apartment house and the girls 
have become very good friends. 

Marilyn McGuire to William Levine, on 
September 29, 1956. The Levines are living 
at 114 Maple St., New Britain, Conn. Mar- 
ilyn's new sister-in-law is Sheila Levine '57. 

Patricia A. Moulton, now Mrs. Cudmore, 
is living at 121 Nilsson St., Brockton, Mass. 

Elinor Peterson x-'52 to Norman Reif- 
farth, of Auburndale, on January 2, 1955, 
in St. Petersburg, Fla. Norman is a salesman 
for the International Silver Company cover- 
ing Illinois, Iowa, and parts of Missouri. 
The Reiffarths live at 1618 W. Union St., 
Champaign, 111. 

Dorothy M. Rich to Torben K. Andersen, 
on September 23, 1956. June Wilcox was 
in the wedding party. Dorothy and Torben 
are living on 85 Goudy St., So. Portland, 

Joan A. Siebert to Earl R. Mege. Their 
address is Apt. C L #7, Dutch Village, 
Albany 4, N. Y. Marjorie Dyer Hubbard 
x-'52 was Joan's matron of honor. 



Karen, daughter of Marguerite Rudolf 
Mesinger '52. 

Virginia Snedaker to Kurt R. Marschall, 
on November 17, 1956, in White Plains, 
N. Y. Their address is c/o Standard-Vacuum 
Oil Co., MacDonald House, Singapore. 

Joyce E. Wardle to Linsley S. Chapman, 
on June 16, 1956. Virginia Smibert and 
Naomi Peck were bridesmaids. The Chap- 
mans honeymooned in Florida and are living 
at 54 Pitman St., Providence 6, R. I., while 
he continues his classes at Brown University. 

Terry Wingate to Harold T. Machette, on 
September 8, 1956. Harold attended Lehigh 
University and is working for M. W. Houck 
and Bros, in New York. 

Ann E. Woods to Lt. Frank R. Talbot, Jr., 
on June 30th, in Coronado, Calif. 

Born: To Lois Armstrong McLaughlin (Mrs. 
William H., Jr.), a daughter, Gail Marie, 
on July 26, 1954. 

To Joan Awad Elias, a daughter, Jacque- 
line Carole, on September 17, 1956. 

To Bonnie Gill Smith, a son, Henley L., 
Jr., on September 2, 1956. 

To Carolyn Gould McKinney, a son, 
James Michael, in November, 1955. Her 
daughter, Cathy, was born in January, 1954. 
Carolyn is very interested in receiving the 
LEAVES and in the plans for our coming 
reunion. Her address is 64 Hemenway St., 
Boston, Mass. 

To Louise Jaeger Carr, a son, Alan, Jr., 
who is now nearly two years old. 

To Sally Lacock Walden, a daughter, 
Kathryn Elizabeth, on May 5, 1956. 

To Charlotte Lappin Yorks, a second 
daughter, Cindy Jo, on September 20, 1956. 

To Lois Lubets Allen, a son, Richard 
Scott, on September 21st. 

To Janice MacClain Trigo x-'52, a second 
son, Steven Kerry, on Feb r ua<-y 15, 1956. 
Janice's husband, Fran, works for Pratt and 
Whitney Aircraft, East Hartford, where he is 
leadman in his department. Their address 
is R.F.D. #2, East Hampton, Conn. 

To Dorothy Mulhere Barrett, a daughter, 
Kathleen Ann, on July 1, 1956. Dorothy 
lives at 20 Davenport Ave., New Rochelle, 
N. Y. 

To Gloria O'Dwyer Miller, a son, Paul 
Michael, on August 26, 1956. 

To Barbara Rost Goodman, a son, Mark 
Howard, on July 24th. Bobbie's new address 
is 69 Carl Rd., Grand Island, N. Y. 

To Roslyn Rowell Levesque, a daughter, 
Lynda, on March 6, 1956. 

To Barbara Sieder Gay, a daughter. Donna 
Jean, on November 22, 1955. Barbara and 
her daughter went to Hawaii for six weeks 
in May while her husband was there on Navy 
duty. She wrote, "It was the most wonderful 
place imaginable — better than anyone could 

To Joan Stillwell Smith, a son, Bradley 
Paul, on July 30, 1956. 

To Margaret Thompson Wheatley, a 
daughter, Cheryl Ann, on September 15, 

Other News: The Class extends deepest 
sympathy to Eleanor Mekelones Marple 
whose father died very suddenly on February 
29, 1956. 

Ann M. Alden wrote recently that she is 
still "enjoying a life full of activity — the 

Kathleen Ann, daughter of Dorothy 
Mulhere Barrett '52, 



life of a bachelor-girl — and likes it!" She 
has enjoyed seeing Lois Armstrong Mac- 
Laughlin, her little girl and charming new 
home in East Sandwich, Mass., Ruth Easter- 
lind Cederberg, Beverly Segerberg Britton 
and Barbara Herzog Burns and reports that 
they all seem extremely happy in their new 

In October, Nancy Allen Banks wrote, 
"The years are flying by and soon it will be 
time for the Class of 1952's fifth reunion. 
A lot has happened in these few years. I still 
have just two little girls, Greta and Shelley, 
\ l /2 and 2Y2 years of age. This year, how- 
ever, I'm directing two choirs instead of one 
and I do enjoy it so much. I was pleased to 
see Mr. Wass at the Phila.-So. Jersey Lasell 
Club meeting which met in Philadelphia a 
week ago. It certainly brought back many 
pleasant memories, especially since he so 
kindly brought movies of Lasell with him." 

Sue Baney spent September and October 
touring Europe and while in London she 
visited Joanne Getz Silverstein. Jo has a 
very charming apartment and is now em- 
ployed by Ambassador Magazine, a British 

Diana Benfield Foye and her husband have 
recently returned from La Rochelle, France, 
where he was stationed with the Army for 
a year and a half. They enjoyed jit very much 
and were able to visit many countries during 
their stay. Their address is now 148 Rich- 
ards Ave., Portsmouth, N. H. 

Chloe Comstock Singarella and her hus- 
band returned in March from Fort Stewart, 
Ga., where he had been serving as a lieu- 
tenant with the Army. They are living at 
18 Linden St., Wollaston, Mass. 

Joan E. Dunlap is employed at the Dela- 
ware Hospital, working on the surgical ward. 
This fall she planned to take some subjects 
at the University of Delaware with a B. S. 
degree as her goal. 

Marjorie Dyer Hubbard x-'52 has been 
filling her time antiquing, refinishing a lot 
of it and doing volunteer work at the Hos- 
pital Guild to help the months pass until 
her husband's return in April after 16 
months in Korea. Marjorie enjoyed having 
Dean Rothenberger visit her on the occasion 
of a Capital District Lasell Club meeting 
which was held at Marjorie's home. 

Nancy Gotier wrote, "Am now living in 
Albany again and working at the Albany 
Medical College along with Judy Horton, 
and in the same department with Peg Gard- 
ner Larkin '51 whose husband is a senior 
medical student at the college." 

Priscilla Johnson Foltz's husband is at- 
tending the Naval Officers' Candidate School 
in Newport, R. I. 

Merry MacLean has a new job with a law 
lirm in New Bedford, Mass., and just loves it. 


Bruce Edward (4 ] / 2 mos.), son of 
Frances Peters Dunlevy '52. 

Eleanor Mekelones Marple is working as 
a furniture buyer's secretary at McCurdy and 
Company and is enjoying it very much. 

Missy Paulmier has a very fine position 
as secretary to one of the partners of the law 
firm of Lasser and Lasser in Newark, N. J. 
Her home address is 60 Fernwood Rd., East 
Orange, N. J. 

A late note of congratulations to Nancy 
Slattery Haskins on becoming secretary of 
the Northern New Jersey Lasell Club. It is 
grand to see how many '52ers are participat- 
ing in their local alumnae clubs. 

Marie Piotti Maier has a real Lasell family 
— sister Margie is a '55er and Elaine is a 
member of the '57 class. She and her hus- 
band have been seeing Europe. She wrote, 
"Met my brother in Italy in the spring, went 
to Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Naples and 
Capri. Have been to Monaco and played at 
Monte Carlo. Have seen most of Germany, 
all of Switzerland and Holland, have been 
to Luxembourg and Brussels and have just 
returned from five wonderful days in Paris." 

Joanne Purcell and Joeyna Raynal took a 
Grace Line Cruise to South America in 

Joan Roberts Limmer writes, "Charles is 
still in Korea, but has been transferred to 
Seoul as provost marshal officer and is due 
for rotation March 1, 1957." 

Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger's daughter, 
Karen, was a year old in November. Their 
address is . 1328 So. George Mason Dr., 
Arlington, Va. Her husband, John, is in the 
Army stationed at Fort Meyer. They are en- 
joying the opportunity to sightsee in Wash- 
ington and like the country but do not enjoy 
the heat from May to September. 

Rena A. Silverman is employed by the 
U. S. Bedford Textile Co. as a biller-typist. 
She has become a theater-goer and took in 
most of the good shows last year. She began 



Kim, son of Betty Mount Carduner '53. 

the season this year with "Li'l Abner." Rena 
is another '52er looking forward to reunion. 

Carole Smith Diamond has moved to 
100-3 Middlesex Rd., Waltham, Mass. Her 
husband is flying for American Airlines. 

Virginia L. Snedaker is working as secre- 
tary to the assistant medical director of 
Standard-Vacuum Oil Company in White 
Plains, N. Y. 

The latest bit of news on Marti Thomas 
Hasak tells us that she and Rudy and their 
three children are living at 1249 Creek Rd., 
Fairfield, Conn. Rudy is working for the 
Waterman Pen Company. 

Shirley Warriner received her B.S. degree 
in Education at Westfield State Teachers 
College in '54. Since then she has been 
teaching fourth grade in East Longmeadow, 

Barbara Wulbrede is teaching physical 
education in the new Wheatley High School 
in Old Westbury, L. I., N. Y. Her address 
is Box 69, Glenmore Ave., Glenwood Land- 
ing, L. I., N. Y. 

New Addresses: Jean Aslaksen Podimsky, 
40 Highland Ave., Chatham, N. J. 

Christine Carpenter, 24 Clifton Ave., 
Marblehead, Mass. 

Eleanor DePalma McCarthy, 23 Mott St., 
Arlington, Mass. 

Nancy Gray Mulcahy, c/o Sgt. Robert 
Mulcahy R.A. 21287849, Co. H. (A.S.D.) 
Box 136, Ft. Benning, Ga. 

Helen McCulloch Beight, H.Q., Sq. Sec, 
Box 10, APO 65, c/o P.M., New York, N. Y. 

Carol Peterson Towle, 3851 Nathan Way, 
Palo Alto, Calif. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

( Althea Janke ) , Secretary 

830 Berkeley St., Apt. D 

New Milford, N. J. 

Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

(Sylvia Pfeiffer), Assistant 

437 North Sandusky St., Delaware, Ohio 

(Special Note: There are several 1953ers 
who should take note of the announcement 
about pictures in a box on another page in 
this magazine. It will explain some things 
to you, and will help you to cooperate with 

Engaged: Audrey J. Lang to Stanley W. 
Clark. Stanley is a senior at M.I.T. where 
he is a chemical engineer major. A June 
wedding is planned. 

Barbara A. Ronan to John E. Gallagher, 
Jr., on June '29th. John is with the United 
States Department of Justice and Barbara is 
in the merchandising field, doing color styl- 
ing. An April wedding is planned. Her 
address is 19 Valentine Gardens, Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

Married: Diane Barton to John M. Black, 
Jr. John is a graduate of Stanford Univer- 
sity, has served with the armed forces and 
is now with the Pacific Telephone and Tele- 
graph Company in South Pasadena, Calif. 

Gloria J. Bottazzi to Louis Natichioni. 

Barbara A. Bytner to Anthony J. Holleran. 
Barbara A. Ronan and Maureen Fagan were 
bridesmaids. Barbara is a draftsman for the 
New York Telephone Co. Her husband 
served with the Army and is now with 
Lytwyn and Lytwyn, funeral directors. Their 
home is at 2 Chapman PL, Irvington, N. J. 

Constance L. Cullman to James J. Brod- 
erick, on September 15 th. James is a grad- 
uate of M.I.T. 

Cynthia DeGelleke to John R. Cole, on 
September 22, 1956. Karen Floberg Levis 
was one of the bridesmaids. Their address 
is 33 Lilac Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 

Janis Jean (11 wks.), daughter of Doris 
Hungerford Zaenglein '53. 



Maureen Fagan to Richard Hoefelder. 

Janet M. Hart to Walter S. Wilson. 

Ruth Henning to Lt. C. R. Sump, on 
August 14, 1955. They are stationed in 
Weisbaden, Germany, where they expect to 
be until Christmas 1958. The address is 
509th AAA, Opns Det., APO 633, New 
York, N. Y. 

Marilyn E. Lyons to Lee M. Vanden 
Handel, on October 20, 1956. Barbara 
Crossley was one of the bridesmaids. Lee 
graduated from Calvin College in Michigan 
and is an accountant executive at Force, Inc., 
an advertising agency, where Marilyn also 
works as media director. Following their 
honeymoon in Jamaica and the Caribbean 
area they are living at 130 Prospect St., 
Ridgewood, N. J. 

Carolyn G. Martin to Chester G. Flahive, 
Jr., on November 10, 1956. Claire LaLiberte 
Adler and Gloria Botazzi Natichioni were 
in the wedding party. Carolyn and Chester 
went to Florida on their honeymoon and 
are now living at 19 Shephard St., Cam- 
bridge. Chester served three years with the 
Army in the Far East and they both attended 
the Bentley School of Accounting and Fi- 

Donna K. Mumford to Bartholomew G. 
Boehlert, Jr., on November 24, 1956. 

Audrey M. Tluck to Edward B. Helming, 
on September 22, 1956. They have been 
waiting for their new house to be built, but 
hoped to be all settled by Christmas. 

Joy L. Ufford to John H. Penderville, on 
September 8, 1956. Beverly Thornton was 
a bridesmaid. Joy and John are living in 
Bulger, Penn. 

Suzann Ziehler to William J. Fagan, Jr., 
on October 20, 1956. They are living at 
130 Stockton Ave., Dayton 9, O. Sue writes 
that she had a visit three days before her 
wedding from Sally Garratt Dean, and Dee 

Lynn (3 mos.), daughter of Mary Lou 
Cooke MacKnight '53. 

Patricia Kim, daughter of Patricia 
Ripley Petit '53. 

Barton Black called the night before and 
they really burned up the wires catching up 
on all the news. 

Born: To Eleanor (Bootsie) Andrews Mc- 
Donah, a second daughter, Cynthia Ann, on 
October 21, 1956. 

To Margaret Angus Christman, a daugh- 
ter, Carole, on October 24, 1956. 

To Molly Bondareff Krakauer, a son, Law- 
rence Abram, on September 9, 1956. 

To Mary Lou Cooke MacKnight, a daugh- 
ter, Lynn, on December 26, 1955. On June 
29th they all moved into their brand new 
home at 35 Kane Dr., Scituate Harbor, Mass. 

To Cynthia Eidt Nelson, a son, Rickey. 
Her husband is in the Air Force, going to 
flight school. He expected to receive his 
wings in December and had no idea where 
his next assignment would take them. 

To Audrey Felzenberg Silberman, a son, 
Andy. Hal is interning at Duke Hospital 
and they are enjoying Durham very much. 
Their address is Westover Park, G6, Dur- 
ham, N. C. 

To Jo Ann Fullerton Parker x-'53, a sec- 
ond child, first son, Scott Clyde, on Septem- 
ber 10, 1956. 

To Carolyn Goodell Hawkins, a son, 
Jesse Sherman, on August 31, 1956. 

To Marty Gries Davis, a daughter, Eliza- 
beth Louise, on July 6, 1956. Her husband, 
Joe, was discharged from the Navy early in 
June and in August they moved to 5992 
E. 29th St., Denver, Colo., where Joe is 
employed by the May Company. 

To Lois Lubets Allen, a son, Richard 
Scott, on September 21, 1956. 

To June Martin Godfrey, a son, William 
Douglas, on December 15, 1955. June's 



Kirk (9 mos.), son of Karen Floberg 
Levis '53. 

husband, Bob, is a senior this year at New 
England School of Art. 

To Elizabeth McCarthy Ahaesy, a son, 
Edward J., II, on July 3, 1956. 

To Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger, a daughter, 
Martha Lee, on October 18, 1956. 

To Jean Schofield Abramofsky, a daugh- 
ter, Linda, in October. Scho and her hus- 
band, Tom, are now living at 1149 Rut- 
ledge St., Madison, Wis. They hope to re- 
turn east when Tom finishes school. 

To Carol Ward Diedering, a daughter, 
Susan Lynne, on October 23, 1956. The 
Diederings' new address is 147 Anthony St., 
Rochester 19, N. Y. 

To Jean Weeks Hanna, a daughter, Linda 
Jean, on February 14, 1956. The Hannas 
have bought a new home at 2716 Hart St., 
S.E., Charleston, W. Va. Jean would love to 
hear from any of her classmates. 

To Joan Wilckens Pittis, a second child, 
first daughter, Allison. 

Other News: Priscilla Alden Bemis wrote 
recently that she has been busy getting ready 
for the Christmas season in the Priscilla 
Shop. She has become a member of the 
Cheshire Junior Women's Club. 

Jean Christiansen Lucas's husband, Bob, 
received his discharge from the Army last 
May and they are looking for a house near 
Garden City as it is near work for both of 

Leonora Coronella wrote, "I'm still in 
San Francisco — in an apartment now. I 
have a new job as electrical designer with an 
engineering company. I'm starting night 

school in January to study to be an electrical 
engineer." She finds it quite fascinating and 
doesn't seem to remember how or where it 
all started. Her address is 1927 Jackson St., 
San Francisco, Calif. 

Marilyn Davis Comins and her husband, 
Carleton, are looking for a home near Bos- 
ton. He is out of the Army and was trans- 
ferred there with the Elliot Mfg. Co. 

Kathryn Dolan, Joan Sevigny and Theresa 
Lopas returned recently from a wonderful 
trip to Florida and Nassau, where they did 
a lot of shopping. 

Velma Field called at Lasell on October 
26th while on a vacation trip. She is work- 
ing for LACSA Airlines and her address is 
P.O. Box 214, San Jose, Costa Rica. 

Karen Floberg Levis wrote in September 
that her son, Kirk, was walking all over at 
nine months. She was leaving on the day 
she wrote to be a bridesmaid in Cynthia 
DeGelleke Cole's wedding where she ex- 
pected to see Doris Hungerford Zaenglein. 
Karen was thrilled over becoming a provi- 
sional member of the Junior League of Rock- 
ford (111.) just two days before she wrote. 

After a vacation at Miami Beach, Doris 
Gartner returned to her job as registrar and 
guidance secretary at the Dwight Morrow 
High School in Englewood. She wrote, "One 
of our graduates this year is going to Lasell. 
Her name is Gladys Mettler and she's a real 
Lasell girl." 

Elaine Harper and Isabel Paolillo are 
still sharing an apartment. Isabel is an as- 
sistant dietitian at Booth Memorial Hospital. 
Elaine was recently promoted to assistant 
buyer in the coat department at Filene's. 

Doris Hedblom graduated from the Uni- 
versity of Rhode Island in August and is 
now a dietetic intern at Cincinnati General 

In November, Deborah Higgins wrote, 
"This is my last year of Tufts and the Boston 
School of Occupational Therapy. As part of 
my O.T. training I spent May and June in 

Helen Pearlstein Golden '53 and hus- 
band Gerald. 



a psychiatric hospital in London, England. 
The rest of last summer was spent traveling 
on the Continent with the two girls who 
went over with me. It really was a terrific 

Millicent House Grinnell x-'53 is plan- 
ning on going to New Orleans, Miami and 
over to Cuba in December on a two-week 
vacation. Her daughter, Susan Jane, is two 
years old and little Flint, III, is nearly a year 
old. A year-old cocker spaniel completes 
the family. Their address is 2641 Hillside 
Lane, Evanston, 111. 

Kathleen MacGregor Randolph is teach- 
ing English and social studies to the seventh 
graders of the Woodrow Wilson Junior High 
School in Clifton, N. J. 

Barbara Morris spent the summer in 

Elsie Pardee Collins graduated from the 
Child Education Foundation in June and her 
husband, Eugene, from the State Teachers 
College in Cortland, N. Y. They are now 
living at 1114 30th St., San Diego, Calif., 
where Elsie is teaching kindergarten and 
Eugene, physical education. 

Constance Peterson x-'53 had a very nice 
vacation at her home in Maine last June but 
she is still working at the Fort Lauderdale 
National Bank in Florida. 

Gail Robinson wrote, "Still love 'flying as 
a stewardess with United Airlines. At pres- 
ent I'm living in San Francisco but plan on 
moving to Washington, D. C, very soon." 

Eugenia Snow Averill writes that her 
young son keeps her busy but she still finds 
time to do Girl Scout work and has her own 
troop. She also tries to keep up with the 
doings of the Wellesley Hills Junior Wom- 
an's Club. Her husband is working at Hale's 
in Wellesley Hills. 

Beverly Thornton has changed positions. 
She is now secretary to the district sales 
manager of the American Thread Company 
in Newton. 

Stephanie Wenneberg Conkling is in 
Japan with her husband. 

Mary A. Wiedenmayer is in merchandis- 
ing with B. Altman & Company in Short 
Hills, N. J., and enjoying every minute of it. 

New Addresses: Jean Ewart Borman, Uni- 
versity Apartment, E-216, Bloomington, Ind. 

Alberta jarman Wolbert, 58 Appleton St., 
No. Andover, Mass. 

Jeanette Roberts Mann, 10 Lakeside Dr., 
Ramsey, N. J. 


Elizabeth A. L;ndsay, Secretary 

59 Cambridge Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. 

Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

(Martha Ellis) , Assistant 
470 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Marlene Haake Schuler '54 and hus- 
band Robert. 

Patricia M. LaSelva, Assistant 
85 Suffolk St., West Medford, Mass. 

75 Lake Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 

Engaged: Barbara J. Adams to William 

Joan Rabbitt to Thomas W. Downey, in 
October, 1956. Joan is employed by the Yale 
School of Medicine. Her fiance will complete 
his pre-medical work at Yale in June. 

Betty Doucette to Richard H. Graves. 
Richard is a senior at Springfield College. 
Betty's address is R.F.D. #1, Boxford, Mass. 

Priscilla Head to Everett R. Davis. Everett 
is a graduate of M.I.T., Class of 1953, and 
served two years with the Army as a lieu- 
tenant. A late spring wedding is planned. 

Dorothea Hodgkinson to Charles O. Black. 
Charles is in the Army serving in Italy. 
Dorothea left on October 25th to join him 
and they planned to be married in Italy. 

Barbara A. Holmstead to Ensign Richard 
F. Casey, USN. Richard graduated from 
Tufts University in June and is now in the 
service stationed in Washington, D. C. 

Nancy Husted x-'54 to Bill Koerner, on 
December 22, 1955. Bill graduated from 
Nichols Junior College and is now attending 
Syracuse University. 

Elizabeth A. Lindsay to Ensign Peter C. 
Buhler, in October. Peter is a graduate of 
Dartmouth College and Thayer School of 
Engineering. The wedding is planned for 
December 29, 1956. As Peter expects to be 
stationed at Port Hueneme, they plan to live 
near Los Angeles, Calif. While on a trip to 
Bermuda this summer Betty met Norah 
Horsfield who took the time to show Betty 
and her friend around. 



Scott Frederick, son of Nancy Swanson 
Horsfield '54. 

Mildred Wallace to Joseph F. McGaffin- 
gan, USMC. Joe was graduated from Boston 
University, College of General Education, 
and from Boston University Law School cum 
laude. He is now attending Officers' Candi- 
date School at Quantico, Va. A December 
29th wedding is planned. 

Married: Joan E. Blackburn to Joseph C. 
Kaffel. They are living at 45 Truing St., 
Boston, Mass. Joan graduated from Forsyth 
School for Dental Hygienists in June, 1956. 
She has been working as hygienist in her 
father's office. 

Ann D. Bowerman to Robert E. Logan, 
on July 14, 1956. Robert is a graduate of 
Holy Cross College and is now employed 
by I.B.M. as a sales representative. Mary 
Sweeney Zelko was Ann's maid of honor. 
The Logans' new address is 70 Whittum 
Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Louise H. Gracey to John A. Hawley, on 
November 17, 1956. 

Sondra Gunberg to Norman A. Homsey, 
this fall. Rosemarie Lochiatto and Charlotte 
Frye were bridesmaids. 

Mary E. McCulloch to Robert J. Bush. 

Ann Paradise to Dr. David T. Mahoney. 
David was graduated from Harvard Univer- 
sity in 1952 and from Tufts University 
Medical School in 1956. He is now intern- 
ing at the New England Medical Center. 
They plan to make their home in Boston. 

Mary E. Sweeney to Elmer V. Zelko, on 
September 1, 1956. Ann Bowerman Logan 
was Mary's matron of honor and Mary Mc- 
Culloch Bush and Nancy Hawk were brides- 
maids. Mary and Elmer will be living in 
Colorado for the next two years while he 
finishes college at the University of Denver. 

Marilyn Taylor to Warren Ames, Jr., on 
February 26, 1956. Their address is 76 Rob- 
bins Rd., South Acton, Mass. 

Born: To Margaret Cary Waelter, a daugh- 
ter, Donna Elizabeth, on July 6, 1956. The 
Waelters are now living at 434 Lincoln Ave., 
Orange, N. J. 

To Sue Collins Cleveland, a daughter, 
Leigh Ann, on September 25, 1956. They 
have bought a new ranch house at 108 Pine 
St., Andover, Mass. 

To Anna-Mae George Wogan, a daugh- 
ter, Candace Lynn, on August 24, 1956. 

To Frances Hayden Stavnitzky, a son, 
Robert Hayden, on August 25, 1956. 

To Andrea Hayes Evangelista x-'54, a son, 
Allan, on March 6, 1956. 

To Sheik McDonough Dalton, a son, 
Jeffrey Wells, in March, 1956. Sheila visited 
Lasell in October and we learned that her 
husband is sales manager of the Eagle Home 
insulation Company. They have a new 
modern home at 8 Merrifield Rd., Bernards- 
ton, Mass. 

To Virginia Michelini Parks, a daughter, 
Linda Helen, on November 5, 1956. Their 
address is 30 Standish St., South Duxbury, 

To Ellen Miller Kadison, a daughter, 
Donna, Lynn, on April 20, 1956. While visit- 
ing her family Ellen paid a visit to Lasell 
in October. Her husband is a pilot, serving 
three years with the Air Force and stationed 
at Little Rock, Ark. Ellen's address is 5801 
Willowton Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

To Fran Mitchell Van Alstyne, a daugh- 
ter, Stephanie Ann, in June, 1956. Paul is 
now out of the Army and is working for his 
M.B.A. at Northwestern University. 

To Janice Sweet Morsilli, a daughter, 
Sandra Ann, on May 31, 1955. 

To Nancy Swanson Horsfield, a son, Scott 
Frederick, in July, 1956. Nancy lives at 
1073 Astor Ave., Bronx 69, N. Y. 

To Marjorie Tabor Goldsmith, a daugh- 
ter, Marilyn, in March, 1956. 

To Joan Trenholm Morris, a daughter, 
Donna Lee, in August, 1956. Joan is living 
at 2467 Elka Ave., Mountain View, Calif. 

To Sandra Weston Storer, a daughter, 
Cynthia, on September 23, 1955. Les is in 
the sales training program at General Electric 
and they are living at 50 Fremont St., Apt. 
C-3, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Other News: The Class extends deepest 
sympathy to Deborah Potter Waugh whose 
father died in November, 1956. 

Betty Born Deacon writes, "Have been 
back from Alaska since February. Bob is at 
the Massachusetts School of Art and I'm 
working for the Northeast Service Center of 
the Internal Revenue. We have a new apart- 
ment (23 Summer St., Andover, Mass.) and 
have had loads of fun fixing it up." 

Merilyn Budlong Trocino wrote, "We are 
back in the East. My husband is a chemical 
engineer for the Borden Company here in 



Bainbridge." The address is R.D. #3, Bain- 
bridge, N. Y. 

Beryl Carron is enjoying her new adven- 
tures as receptionist and typist for the con- 
troller's department in Socony Mobil's new 
headquarters in New York. 

Ann Chidsey wrote, "Flew out to Portland, 
Ore., this summer to visit relatives and 
friends. Went up Mt. Hood, spent a week 
end at a lovely home overlooking the Pacific 
Ocean, saw much of Oregon. Just love the 

Sheila Collins is teaching the fourth grade 
of the Plimpton School in Walpole, Mass. 
This summer she flew to Dallas, Tex., and 
from there drove with her sister, Nancy, to 
San Francisco where she had a marvelous 
vacation. On their way the girls stopped off 
in Las Vegas and gambled a bit. Believe it 
or not, Sheila claims to have come out ahead 
of the game. 

Judie Connor Faherty and her husband, 
Dave, will be returning from Germany the 
first part of November. Judie spent over a 
year in Europe while Dave was stationed 
there with the Army. 

Rosemary D'Amato graduated from the 
University of Rhode Island in June and is 
now teaching homemaking at the North 
Branford Junior High School in N° rt h 
Branford, Conn. 

Sally Ann Evans recently returned from a 
trip to Europe. She is now working at the 
French Line. 

Joyce Fuller Brophy wrote in October, 
"David and I just love it here in California. 
I'm still working as a receptionist in a doc- 
tor's office. We will be here on the West 
Coast until next fall when David gets his 
discharge." Her address is Frankfort Apart- 
ments, 1039 Fremont St., Menlo Park, Calif. 

Lenore Fuller Sherwood and her husband, 
Stan, are very busy bringing their new, old 
home back to its original beauty. They have 
traced the date of the house back to 1750 
and can no longer read the manuscripts. The 
address is Box 375, Salisbury, Conn. 

Nancy Hedtler is a stewardess with East- 
ern Air Lines and is based in Miami, Fla. 
Her home address is 5 Killeen Rd., East 
Walpole, Mass. 

Sue Johnson and Ann Warsh no longer 
have an apartment in New York. Sue has 
moved back to Cos Cob, Conn., while Ann's 
new address is 321 East 43rd St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Joy Lanner Bird wrote, "We are on the 
move again, this time it is Ft. Sam Houston, 
Tex., for four months. Sure hope to get 
down South of the Border and do a lot of 
sightseeing while we are there. I have been 
enjoying the new friends I have made at the 
meetings of the Washington, D. C, Lasell 

Steven Robert (6 mos.), son of Ida 
Marrazzo Mutch ler '54. 

Ilia Lelli works at St. Elizabeth's Hospital 
in Brighton, Mass., in the hematology re- 
search department with Irene Lupien Mur- 
phy '49. 

Ann Lethbridge and Carol Dovey '55 
have moved back home from their New 
York apartment. They are hoping to return 
to the city sometime next spring. 

Rosemarie Lochiatto is employed by the 
American Casualty Company as secretary to 
the resident manager of the New England 

Roberta C. Loud is in her last year as a 
government major at Boston University. 

Jeanette Marvin spent ten weeks in Europe 
this summer. She was one of 21 nursing 
students who traveled under The National 
Students Association. She wrote, "We sailed 
from New York on June 27th on the S.S. 
Groote Beer of the Holland-America Line. 
There were nearly 900 American and Cana- 
dian students aboard and it was fun. The 
nine-day trip flew by. We landed in Rotter- 
dam, Holland, and after a three-day tour 
went to London. There we were split up in 
groups of two, three and four and worked 
for three weeks in small London hospitals. 
What better experience could nurses get?" 
Following their work period the group toured 
Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Ger- 
many. While in Germany, Jeanette visited 
Polly Weeks Cook and her husband, Walt, 
for two days. She also saw Judie Connor 
Faherty. Jeanette returned to her final year 
of nursing in Rochester rested and happy. 

Wendy Paul Doughty wrote, "Not much 
news from Bermuda. Took a trip in June 
to New England. I am now working at the 
Shell Company of Bermuda, Ltd., in the 
accounting department." 



Janet Sorensen Themelis '54 and hus- 
band Nicholas. 

In September, Deborah Potter Waugh 
wrote, "We leave Dayton for good on Octo- 
ber 26th and expect to spend the month of 
November with my family in Auburndale. 
As of now we don't know where we'll settle, 
but Bob hopes to locate with a textile firm 
above the Mason-Dixon Line on the East 

Orelyn Rice Emerson has been working 
as a copywriter for Collier's Magazine. 

Barbara Shehadi Kitson, her husband, 
Sydney, and their daughter, Catherine Leah, 
visited her family in September. They are 
now back at V.P.I, where Sydney has another 
year. They are living in a new apartment but 
their address is still Box 4530, V.P.I. , Blacks- 
burg, Va. 

Janet Sorensen Themelis's husband, Nich- 
olas, has his own Radio and TV business in 
Newtonville, Mass. 

Penelope D. Thompson is working in the 
Albany Hospital as clinical registrar and is 
attending the evening division of Russell 
Sage College. 

Doris A. Trumbull wrote in September, 
"I am teaching kindergarten at the Eden 
Park School in Cranston. I graduated in 
June from Tufts University with a B.S. in 
Education. I also received my certificate to 
teach from the Eliot-Pearson School which 
is affiliated with Tufts." 

Jane Urtel McQuade wrote, "I'm doing 
volunteer work at the Dependents' Assist- 
ance Center at Westover Air Force Base 
where Bill is stationed. It's very interesting, 
interviewing the families and helping them 
with any problems." 

A note from Priscilla Van Dine says, "Hi! 
I am still working for the same doctor in 
New Haven and, let me tell you, I love it! 
You couldn't find a better boss to work for. 
My fiance, Bill Shaw, is still stationed in 

England so it will be about 11 months to a 
year before the wedding. I'd love to get 
together with some of the old gang." 

Marianne Voynick x-'54 graduated from 
Bouve-Boston School on June 9, 1956, and 
received the degree of Bachelor of Science 
in Education from Tufts University at its 
100th Commencement on June 10th. She 
has accepted a position as Staff Physical 
Therapist at the Massachusetts General Hos- 

Joan M. Wilcox went to Europe last sum- 
mer for six weeks, two weeks of which she 
spent visiting England, Wales and Scotland. 
She is now working for the American Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Company in New 

Pat Wilson, Jane Master and Nancy At- 
wood are all living together at 1311 20th 
St., N.W., Apt. #3, Washington 6, D. C. 

Lois Woodward Hofer's husband, a grad- 
uate of Babson Institute, is working for an 
engineering degree which he expects to re- 
ceive this spring. They are living at 200 B 
Sigourney St., Apt. C-l, Hartford 5, Conn. 

New Addresses: Mary Bolster Starr, 235 
South Quaker Lane, West Hartford, Conn. 

Marilyn Dawson Tufano, 189-14 Croch- 
er-on Ave., Flushing, N. Y. 

Roberta Horton Johnson, 584 Prospect 
St., New Haven, Conn. 

Ruth Paetz Braun, 1323 Cass St., Saginaw, 

Carol J. Sharpies, General Delivery U. S. 
#1, Harbor' Oaks, Port Orange, Fla. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

( Carolyn Chapin ) , Secretary 

11 Longhill St., Apt. 2 A 

Springfield, Mass. 

Penelope Thompson '54. 



Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

( Ruth Birch ) , Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

( Susan Twichell ) , Assistant 

115 Adams St., New Britain, Conn. 

(Special Note: There are several 1955ers 
who should take note of the announcement 
about pictures in a box on another page 
in this magazine. It will explain some 
things to you, and will help you to co- 
operate with us.) 

Engaged: Ann Bottjer to Robert O'Donnell, 
on October 14, 1956. 

Lorelle J. Ginsburg to Alvin J. Magid, 
of South Euclid, O. Al attended North- 
western University and is now a junior at 
Western Reserve University, School of 
Dentistry. Lorrie is a senior at Elora Stone 
Mather College of Western Reserve Uni- 
versity. A march 31, 1957, wedding is 

Nancy J. Goodman to Daniel A. Gold- 
berg. Daniel graduated summa cum laude 
from Princeton University and is now 
attending the University of Buffalo, School 
of Medicine. A summer wedding , is 

Eunice B. Kerkins to Silvio Monticone, 
Jr., of Pittsfield, Mass. Nancy graduated 
as a laboratory technician from the Hart- 
ford Hospital and is now working in the 
Hematology Laboratory there. Her fiance 
attended Wentworth Institute of Tech- 
nology in Boston and is now working for 
Pratt and Whitney. 

Janet McCormack to Keith Garland. He 
is attending the United States Naval Acade- 
my in Annapolis. 

June F. McLaughlin to Robert J. Lom- 
bino. Robert is a senior at Williams Col- 
lege. A June wedding is planned. June 
has moved to 35Vi Clinton St., Framing- 
ham, Mass., and is working as a secretary 
for the Celanese Corporation of America. 

Elaine B. Montella to John F. Butler. 
John, a veteran of the Korean Conflict and 
four years service with the Navy, is a 
graduate of the Davenport School in Cam- 
bridge. A June wedding is planned. 

Marion Nutter to Bruce B. Bredehoft of 
Springfield, 111. Bruce was graduated in 
1956 from M.I.T. 

Dorcas J. Styles to Darriel Hodgkins. 

Barbara A. Stirone to Leo P. Nichols. 
Leo served with the Navy for four years. 

Married: Patricia Burt to Dr. Don B. 
Schiewetz, on October 20, 1956. Carol L. 
Dovey was one of the bridesmaids. After 
a honeymoon trip to Bermuda the couple 
will live in the Campus Apts., Snyder, 
N. Y. 

Valerie Montanez Hooven '55 and hus- 
band Robert. 

Jacqueline J. Cain to Mr. Sheils, on 
August 25, 1956. The Sheils are making 
their home at 393 Broadway, Cambridge, 

Sally Cranton to Robert H. Nolan, USAF, 
on October 21, 1956. Ann Cranton Mix- 
was her sister's matron of honor and Janet 
McCormack one of the bridesmaids. Bob 
graduated from the Leland Powers School 
of Radio, Television and Theater. Fol- 
lowing their wedding trip through the 
Pocono Mountains he expected to be sta- 
tioned in Greenland. 

Carole L. Darsky to Stewart W. Giller, 
on June 24, 1956. Carole is teaching 
nursery school and they are living at 69 
Westgay Dr., Akron, O. 

Jean P. Mills to Magnus Einarson, on 
September 1, 1956. They are living at 
79 West St., Worcester, Mass., as Magnus 
is attending Worcester Polytechnic Insti- 
tute. Jean is working in the office of the 

Rose-Marie Ravalese to Francis G Er- 
milio, on April 21, 1956. Pat Cunningham 
was a bridesmaid. The couple sailed for 
Europe aboard the Andrea Doria and after 
a two-month honeymoon returned aboard 
the S. S. Independence. The Ermilios are 
now settled in their home at 101 Crescent 
St., Shrewsbury, Mass. Fran is an attorney 
practicing in Worcester. 

Audrey Silver to David H. Rogers, on 
May 26, 1956. Their address is 41 Thorpe 
St., North Haven, Conn. 

Phyllis E. Thompson to Wesley J. Vesey. 
The Veseys' address is R.F.D. #1, Buzzards 
Bay, Mass. 

Nancy Tripp to Daniel R. Taylor, on 
August 25, 1956. Nancy Lee Wright, 
Ruth Dyer, Sally Ann Munns and Janet 
Holmes were bridesmaids. Daniel is a 



graduate of Hamilton College and is now 
attending Albany Law School. 

Sue Twichell to Alan Nelson, on Novem- 
ber 13, 1956. Alan is employed by Pratt 
and Whitney in Hartford. 

Jean M. Van Buskirk to Eric F. Swan- 
feldt, on November 17, 1956. After a 
honeymoon trip through Maine and New 
Hampshire they are making their home 
at 192 Hunnewell Terr., Newton Corner. 
Jean is working at Grace Episcopal Church 
and Eric is attending Harvard Divinity 

Sally L. Visel to Bruce R. Hayes, on 
September 8, 1956, in New Haven, Conn. 

Joan Walbrecher to George T. Rehfeldt, 
on September 15, 1956, in So. Orange, N. J. 

Born: To Jane Bailey Borden, a son, Mark 

To Carolyn Chapin Snyder, a daughter, 
Pamela Jean, on July 15, 1956. 

To Barbara Hilliard Themmen, a son, in 
July, 1956. They have moved to 844 
Beacon St., Boston 15, Mass. 

To Beverley OBrian Perry, a son, Bruce 
William, on August 29, 1956. Their ad- 
dress is 9 Indianwood Blvd., Park Forest, 

To Jean Ryder Tyler, a daughter, Debo- 
rah Lee, on October 15, 1956. Jean's hus- 
band, Bill, is stationed at Wright-Patterson 
Air Force Base, Dayton, O., where he is 
doing research and development in the 
field of metallurgy. After Bill's two years 
of service they plan to make their perma- 
nent home in Houston, Tex., where he will 
be employed as a metallurgist. Their 
present address is 148 Trunk Dr., Dayton 
3, O. 

To Caroljean Somers Irrgang, a daugh- 
ter, Kathleen Anne, on August 10, 1956. 
Their home is at 90 Walnut St., Natick, 

To Barbara Travis Hendrick, a daugh- 
ter, Holly Ann, on November 23, 1956. 

Other News: On October 18, 1956, there 
appeared an article in the Boston Traveler 
titled "Woman of Week Began Career at 
11." It goes on to say, "20 Years Old Now 
Partner In Agency." With the article was 
a picture of Marlene Berman talking with 
Hamilton F. Bailey, executive vice presi- 
dent of the insurance company in which 
she is a partner. When she was 11, Mar- 
lene "licked stamps and answered the 
phone" in her father's office. Insurance 
interested her even then and she was soon 
allowed to type policies and do filing. She 
takes correspondence courses in various as- 
pects of insurance but her father has al- 
ways believed that experience was the best 
way to learn. She has proved that he was 
right for she is now office manager of the 

Sally Visel Hayes '55 (married Sept. 
8, 1956). 

life department of her father's Boston 
office and a partner in the Lawrence branch. 
Marlene recommends insurance as a career 
for women but warns those who might 
think about trying it that it is competitive 
and involves a lot of pounding the pave- 
ments and you must know what you are 
selling. She is not the only woman in the 
insurance field but is unique in being the 
youngest woman to pass the Massachusetts 
Brokers' Examination on November 20, j 
1955, when she was only 19- 

Nancy M. Bray is a senior at Lesley 
College in Cambridge, Mass., and doing 
practice teaching in Somerville. 

Sally L. Boyce is working as a secretary > 
at General Foods Corporation in White 
Plains, N. Y. 

Dorothy Campbell is attending Boston 
University and working for the Boston 
Y.W.C.A. where she now lives. Her ad- 
dress is Berkeley Residence Club, Boston 
Y.W.C.A., 40 Berkeley St., Boston 16, 

The Lasell Day Hops, Class of 1955, 
are still meeting regularly for their bridge 
games with a large and enthusiastic at- 
tendance. During the month of August 
they had three bridal showers in honor of 
Judy Cohen, Jean Mills Einarson and Sally 
Cranton Nolan. 

Sue A. Cassan is attending Syracuse Uni- 
versity where she is majoring in elementary 

Mimi Choi Cooper's husband, Stan, is in 
his last year at Babson Institute. Her ad- 
dress is 629 Washington St., Wellesley 
81, Mass. 

Carol Ann Farley is working at Boston 
University, College of Business Adminis- 

Priscilla A. Fenton has changed jobs and 
is now secretary to the comptroller of 



Bruce Wm. (7 wks,), son of Beverley 
OBrian Perry '55. 

Abbot Academy in Andover where she 
now lives. 

Alberta S. Flint started work in March 
for the Barre Granite Association and 
likes it very much. 

Iris R. Gabel is assistant buyer in ladies' 
lingerie for D. C. Krewson, New York 

Gail Gluck and her family are planning 
on going to Miami early in December to 
spend the winter as they did last year. 
The rest of the year she works in her 
father's real estate office. 

Amalia T. Gori is working for the D. 
C. Heath Publishing Company. She is 
hoping to go on to school and get her 
degree in English Literature. 

Mary L. Gowdy is still enjoying her 
work at General Motors Acceptance Corpo- 
ration, in Pittsfield. 

Barbara Hammett finds her work as as- 
sistant dietitian at the New England Baptist 
Hospital very enjoyable. 

Marcia Harrington is working as a secre- 
tary for Sterling Quality Products, Inc., in 
Maiden, Mass. 

Charleen Herding is teaching recreation 
to retarded children and loves the work. 
Her new address is 37 Melrose Rd., Au- 
burn, N. Y. 

Barbara Judd finds her work at M.I.T. 
very interesting. 

In December, Beverly Kimball wrote, 
"Have a new position as private secretary 
to the assistant treasurer at the Concord 
Co-operative Bank and like it very much. 
Recently visited Mia Ysselstyn Broug and 
her little girl in Rye, N. Y., where she was 
visiting her relatives before she joined her 
husband in Curasao. Also visited Alberta 
Flint at her home in Barre, Vt. It was 
just great to see the girls again." 

Mary Lee Klipper Singer writes, "I'm 
still a secretary with an insurance company 
... in Montclair. Life is still very 'sweet' 
as Bobby is still associated with his father's 

candy business. Since Diane Flynn moved 
to Westfield, N. J., I have heard from her 

Judith A. Lanese is working as a secre- 
tary for an ophthalmologist in Bridgeport, 

Joanne Larsen wrote, "Just love the 
University of Maine and only wish I could 
share all the fun, etc., with you. Had the 
shock of a lifetime when I bumped into 
Carolyn Skolfield at the opening assembly 
here at Maine. Seems she transferred to 
the U. of Maine from the University of 
New Hampshire. It's really great having 
her here, we are always having sessions 
about the Lasell gals between classes. I guess 
you all know that Jane Harding is also a 
senior here. I am moving to the Home 
Management House for eight weeks before 
I leave for Bridgeton High School where 
I'll be practice teaching for eight more 
weeks." Her address is 29 Hayward St., 
Bangor, Me. 

Nancy Legare De Wolf has leased a small 
furnished house at 36661/2 Watseka Ave., 
Los Angeles 34, Calif. Her husband is 
working for his master's degree at U.C.L.A. 
and Nancy is planning to look for a part 
time job. Her mother and sister are plan- 
ning to fly out and spend Christmas with 

Mary G. Mack is back at home in Roches- 
ter after attending Syracuse University. She 
is doing airline work for a travel agency. 

Valerie Montanez Hooven is doing sub- 
stitute teaching while her husband is getting 
his degree on the G.I. Bill at Clemson Col- 
lege. Her address is 136 Jersey Lane, Clem- 
son, S. C. 

Joan E. Murano visited Canada and saw 
many interesting places this summer. She 
stayed at a resort where the people spoke 
French most of the time so she had many 
funny experiences. 

Last August 31st, Lucinda Nolin graduated 
from the Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospi- 
tal, School of X-ray Technique. She is now 
working at the Greenwich Hospital as an 
X-ray technician and sees her Lasell room- 
mate, Polly Waterman, quite often. Her 
address is The Cottage, Greenwich Hospital, 
Greenwich, Conn. 

Carol Phelps wrote, "I have been traveling 
for a year, California, Florida, Virginia, New 
York and Washington, D. C, visiting friends. 
I plan to work in Manchester this winter 
and share an apartment with a girl friend." 

Betty J. Price has a new address at 4 
Lowell Ave., Holden, Mass. Marjorie Bell 
Harding '54 and her husband bought Betty's 
house in W. Boylston. 

Elizabeth Reynolds is still enjoying her 
work at the New York Hospital. 

Barbara L. Schuster is assistant buyer of 



evening gowns for the Associated Merchan- 
dising Corporation. 

Joan Shanley has a new job at Interna- 
tional Company in Mendands, N. Y. She is 
secretary to the assistant credit manager and, 
though she is busy all the time, she enjoys it 
very much. 

Carole Smith Handler is working at St. 
Mary's Hospital and has just moved into a 
new apartment at 43 Ponham St., Water bury, 

Nancy Sparks has been the assistant buyer 
in the girls' and teens' department of 
Power's Department Store since May. She 
is also on the Power's Teen Board. 

Sally Spicer writes, "I've been in the 
Windy City over a year. I am working for 
Marshall Field and Company as their head 
of stock and manager of their Import Bazaar. 
I miss all the Class and hope to see everyone 
at our next reunion!" Sally's address is 2322 
Commonwealth Ave., Chicago 14, 111. 

Sandra Stone has been working for a law 
firm at One State St., Boston, Mass., for over 
a year. 

Mary T. Sweenor wrote, "Have spent a 
very successful first year managing our family 
candy store in Cranston, R. I. Many of our 
customers from all parts turn out to know 
of or have connections with Lasell." 

A note from Susan Thomas Wiard says, 
"We are finally settled at Fort Dix after a 
most hectic year, culminating in the arrival 
of Robert Campbell, III, in May. He's get- 
ting to be a big boy now, and of course we 
are delighted with him. Have seen Maxine 
Seidel at Beach Haven several times this 
summer and only a few weeks ago Nancy 
Tripp Taylor and husband stopped by. I'd 
love to see anyone from L. J. C. and we've 
room for all, so do stop by. We are listed 
in the Fort Dix locater and I'm always 
home!" The Wiards are living at 7 Lexing- 
ton Ave., Fort Dix, N. J. 

Nanci Ann Tisler is working as secretary 
for the director of program development at 
the Yale-New Haven Medical Center. 

Cynthia Walsh has an apartment in Provi- 
dence and is attending the Rhode Island 
School of Design. 

Polly Waterman had a very nice trip this 
summer which included Yellowstone, Grand 
Tetons and Glacier National Parks. She is 
teaching nursery school at the Greenwich 
Country Day School. 

New Addresses: June Anderten, Eagle Rim 
Rd., Upper Saddle River, R.R. #1, Allen- 
dale, N. J. 

Patricia E. Prouty x-'55, 133 No. Main 
St., St. Albans, Vt. 

Joy Stewart Engelsman, 235 C. Hillcrest 
Manor Ct., Utica, N. Y. 

Margaret Tomlinson Morrow, 36 Willow 
St., Newton Centre, Mass. 


Betsy Belsterling, Secretary 
425 Redleaf Rd., Wynnewood, Penn. 

Peggy Schwingel, Assistant 
Ellis Dr., Basking Ridge, N. J. 

GAIL Swett, Assistant 
53 Mount Vernon Ave., Needham, Mass. 

Engaged: Janice M. Engstrom to Gene R. 
Barbato. After graduating from Lasell, Janice 
attended the Academie Moderne in Boston. 
Gene is a graduate of Cambridge (Mass.) 
Junior College, he served as a pilot in the 
Naval Air Arm and is now attending North- 
eastern University, College of Engineering. 

Thelma B. Epstein to Theodore Lapides 
of Providence, R. I., on July 27th. Ted at- 
tended Springfield College prior to serving 
with the Army during the Korean conflict. 
He is now associated with Harvey, Ltd., in 
Providence. A February wedding is planned. 

Leanne Kessler to Richard W. Golick. 
Richard is a graduate of Tufts University, 
College of Liberal Arts. 

Mary Porter to Ronald E. Darroch. Ron- 
ald is a student at Colby College. 

Penny Rafkin to Budd H. Hurwitz. Budd 
is a graduate of Boston University. A March 
31st wedding is planned. 

Amy C. Shuttleworth to J. Douglas Jen- 
sen. Douglas served as a captain in the Army 
and is now an engineer for the American 
Telephone and Telegraph Co. in New York 

Nancy E. Ziman to Joseph M. Yanofsky, 
USN. Nancy is now attending the Eliot- 
Pearson School at Tufts University. Her 
fiance is a graduate of Colgate University and 
is now attending Officers' Candidate School, 
Newport, R. I. 

Married: Louise Bernson to Norman Neiter- 
man, on November 4, 1956. They are living 
at 1626 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton, 

Beverly J. Breed to William V. Hovey, 
on August 25, 1956. Beverly is living at 2 
Beach St., Newtonville, Mass. 

Joyce Cowperthwaite to William Brown, 
on October 27, 1956. Shirley Price was in 
the wedding party. 

Sandra G. Davis to Robert E. Hudson, 
on June 23, 1956. The Hudsons' new ad- 
dress is 32A Woodbine Terr., Auburndale, 

Helen Decker to John Hillman, Jr., on 
November 24, 1956. Gretchen Hughes and 
Audrey Spawn were in the wedding party. 
John is an executive with the Frank G. Shat- 
tuck Co. which is associated with Schrafft's. 

Lois A. Emmert to William C. Siebert, on 
June 16, 1956. They are living at 1020 
Plandome Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. 



Judy Neilson '56, Sally Thompson Carr 
'56 (bride), and Barbara Anderson '56. 

Gail Foster to G. Richard Browning in 
January, 1956. They are living in Beverly 
Farms, Mass. 

Katherine N. Mayo to Charles A. Hancock, 
on June 21, 1956. Their home is at 105 
Eldridge St., Newton 58, Mass. 

Patricia A. Nolan to George W. Barker. 
Patricia and George have been living in 
Gainsville, Fla., but expected to move the 
first of December. 

Charlotte L. Rosier to John Couture, on 
June 11, 1956. The Coutures live at 1478 
Unquewa Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 

Joyce M. Schretter to Leonard E. Rubin, 
on August 12, 1956. Leonard is a graduate 
of Brown University and is in the shoe manu- 
facturing business. The Rubins are living at 
1 Nichols St., Lynn, Mass. 

Sally Thompson to Sgt. John D. Carr, 
U. S. Marine Corps, on June 30, 1956. Bar- 
bara Anderson and Judy Nielson were 
bridesmaids. The Carrs spent their honey- 
moon in Canada. 

Mary Lee Tilton to Alan A. Ayre, in Sep- 
tember, 1956. Their new home is in Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Janet E. Whitney to James Buck, on Sep- 
tember 22nd. Their address is 609 Main St., 
Medfield, Mass. 

Carol F. Wuestefeld to Arthur J. Samp- 
son, on June 30, 1956. The Sampsons' ad- 
dress is Loudon Apt., Old Hickory St., Al- 
bany, N. Y. Arthur is employed at Socony- 
Mobile in the industrial sales department. 

Born: To Grace Guggenheim Langan x-'56, 
a son, Christopher Lee, on October 30th. 
The Langans are now in California, where 
Lee is finishing his studies for a Ph.D. which 
were interrupted when he was called into the 
service for two years. They moved to Palo 
Alto the third week in September from 
Washington and were barely settled when 
their young son arrived. Their address is 828 
Fremont St., Apt. 3, Menlo Park, Calif. 

Other News: Nancy Ahlgren is working as 
an oral surgeon's assistant. 

Barbara Anderson is working for a doctor 
in Yonkers, N. Y. 

Linda Brown is working at Stamford Hos- 
pital in Connecticut. 

Joan Conley is working at Hamilton 
Standard Aircraft in Connecticut. 

Carol Cummings is the receptionist at 
International Business Machines Corp. She 
is at the Copley Square Office in Boston 
and really loves her position. 

Joy Erlandson recently returned from a 
trip abroad. 

Jane Falkenhom is attending Bethany 

Jean Flynn is working for Sears, Roebuck 
and Company in Manchester, Conn., as mail 
order clerk and telephone receptionist and 
loves her job. 

Gretchen Hughes is employed as a model 
for Modelia, Inc., in New Jersey. 

On Thursday, October 25th, at 7:30 p.m., 
at the home of Betty Larrabee, the Day Hops 
of the Class of 1956 met for a bridge party. 
Those who were* present included Jane Mor- 
ris, Audrey Smith, Nanci Sullivan, Nancy 
Bumpus, Joan Bloch, Elaine Card, Elaine 
Montgomery, Carole Slamin, Carol Cum- 
mings, Patty Holland, Sandra Shelton, 
Rosalie Lupo, Angela Pennio, Marion 
Nelson, Mary Panetta, Beverly Breed 
Hovey, Janet Whitney Buck, Dean Dench 
MacDonald x-'56, Jane Churchill, Cleo 
Giantis, Barbara O'Keefe, Debby Beuttel 
and Gail Swett. It was decided to make 
this a monthly get-together and to include 
any Day Hops who are able to join. The 
second meeting was held November 27th. 

Jeanne Moseley is working as a private 
secretary at the Monarch Life Insurance 

Carol Nelson is attending Beaver College. 

Gail Papin, Carol Fitzpatrick and Brigit 
Freeman are attending Katharine Gibbs Sec- 
retarial School in New York. 

Pamela Phillips and Patti Lockwood are 
living at 273 Beacon St., Boston 16, Mass. 
Pam is a secretary at the law firm of Hale 
and Dorr, and Patti is a secretary in the in- 
vestment department of Hayden, Stone and 

Barbara Richman is attending the Univer- 
sity of Michigan. In September, while on a 
vacation trip, she called at Lasell and also 
visited with Nelly Bachand and Nancy 

Suzanne Shean is working as a secretary 
for Wilbur L. Kroetz, Inc., in Fort Lauder- 
dale, Fla. Sue is living at 836 N.E. Fifth 
Ave. with her sister, Nancie '52, and enjoy- 
ing the wonderful Florida climate. 

Carole Slamin is enjoying her work as 
private secretary at the Eastern Gas Company. 



Nancy Shook is working as a secretary for 
the John Hancock Life Insurance Company 
in Boston. 

Audrey Spawn is working at Bell Labora- 
tories in New Jersey. 

Carolyn Whitford had a wonderful trip 
to Europe this summer. She visited England, 
France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, 
Italy, Spain and Portugal. Carolyn is now at- 
tending Chandler School for Women in 
Boston and likes it very much. 

New Addresses: Karen Bloom Greenblott, 
1 Olive St., Brighton, Mass. 

Beverly Brown, 147 So. Lake Ave., Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

Cynthia Christie Turner (Mrs. James D.), 
34 Pleasant St., Wellesley, Mass. 

Woodland Park and 
High School 

Kathryn Colwell Evans' (H.S. '37-'38) 
niece, Ann Reeves, is a freshman at Lasell 
this fall. Kathryn's husband is a major in 
the Army and they have been living at Fort 
Sam Houston in Texas with their three chil- 
dren. However, we understand they are ex- 
pecting to be on the move again in a few 

On October 25 th, Gwendolyn McDonald 
Black (W.P. T8-'25, H.S. '25-'28) and 
Natalie Best (W.P. '19-'25, H.S. '25-'30) 
called at Lasell. Gwendolyn is continuing to 
give duo-piano concerts with a friend of hers, 
both on radio and TV. Gwendolyn's daugh- 
ter is in college and her son is playing on a 
football team. 

Engagement photo of Joanne McMillan 
Mars '47 (married June, '56). 

Doris Wilson Lehners (H.S. '25-'27) 
spent ten weeks in the East this summer and 
while here had a very enjoyable visit at 
Lasell. She has moved into a very lovely new 
apartment at 1277 So. Beverly Glen Blvd., 
West Los Angeles 24, Calif. 

Special Note on Pictures for Class News Section 

There was a time when we pleaded with alumnae to send in pictures 
of their families to be printed in the Leaves. Now, a few years later, 
the message has taken full effect and we are gathering them from all direc- 
tions. We love to get them, BUT we can't print them all in the Leaves. 
Some of those we receive are really not clear enough to reproduce well in 
print, and sometimes when there are two or three children in one family, 
there's a separate picture of each one. Since we have limited space and 
limited finances, we have to eliminate, and that is truly a difficult job. 
We want you to understand our problem, and, if you have sent pictures 
which did not get printed, send us another later and tell us you sent one 
before which was not reproduced. Also try to submit really clear pictures, 
and group pictures rather than individual ones of each child. We repeat, 
we love to receive the photos, and we will do the best we can for all of 












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for classes 

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for classes 

CALENDAR 1956-57 

. Registration of New Students 

Orientation Period for all New Students 

. Registration of Old Students 

Formal Opening 

. Holiday 

End of First Quarter 

. Thanksgiving 
Christmas Vacation 

Beginning of Second Semester 

M.I.T.-Orphean Concert 

Father-Daughter Week End 

End of Third Quarter 

Spring Vacation 

Bowdoin Concert 

Lasell Night at Pops 

Baccalaureate Sunday 

End of Second Semester 

(Class Night 

{Reunion of Alumnae 

Commencement Day 

Classes holding Reunions, June 8, 1957. 

1897— 60th 
1902— 55th 
1907— 50th 
1912 — 45th 
1917 — 40th 
1922— 35th 
1927— 30th 
1932— 25th 
1937— 20th 
1942— 15th 
1947— 10th 
1952— 5th 
1956— 1st 

Special Note: Remember, all except those celebrating their 60th, 55th, 
50th or 25th must make their own arrangements for off-campus over- 
night accommodations! 

Lasell Leaves 


MAY, 1957 

NO. 3 

* Participants/ n Father- Daughter Week End, March 2 and 3, 1957 
/ K V #r x ^loreen>!$7land Her Dad, Robert Rounseville, 
, /O* -'* ■*' ^ ^0ne'ra Singer, from New York 

* ' ?■■■':' / 

Vttblt/hed by Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
Lasell Junior College 
auburndale, mass. 



Member of American Alumni Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 

President: Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

37 Frederick St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

First Dorothy Mosher Stone '42 (Mrs. W. E.) 

Vice-President: 429 Wolcott St., Auburndale (DE 2-3196) 

Second Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

Vice-President: 4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Recording Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 

Secretary: 6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (WE 5-3615) 

Corresponding Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
Secretary: 10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Treasurer: Olive Boynton Garron '38 (Mrs. L. S.) 

12 Rockridge Rd., Waltham (TW 4-1044) 

Assistant Noel Temple Martinson '42 (Mrs. H. A.) 

Treasurer: 12 Fiske Ave., Waltham (TW 3-7461) 

Class Agent Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 

Chairman: 50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale (LA 7-3071) 

Alumnae Clubs Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 
Advisor: 41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (Pleasant 6-3015) 

Scholarship Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

Comm. Chm.: 110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Directors: Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Mrs. L. P.) 

Box 854, New Hampton, N. H. (Bristol 4-2210) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
15 Miles Dr., Quincy (MA 9-7198) 

Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 (Mrs.) 
19 Fern St., Auburndale (DE 2-4591) 

Natalie Hall Campbell '49 (Mrs. R. G.) 
2148 Washington St., Canton (CA 6-2394) 

Elizabeth A. Sleight '53 

Peep Toad Rd., North Scituate, R. I. 

Alumnae Priscilla Winslow '35 

Secretary: Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 


Editor: Priscilla Winslow '35 

Assistants: Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 

Joy Kendrew Hibsher 
Dorothy Ulmer Willis 



MAY, 1957 

NO. 3 


Father-Daughter Week End by Mr. 
Robert K. Brandriff, Chm., Engl. Dept. 2 

"By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them" 
by Mrs. Ruth Wolfe Fuller, Inst, in 
Speech 5 

Lasell Junior College — Establishment and 
Development by Mrs. Judith F. Leonard 8 

Lasell's Fourth Book Fair by Mrs. Elise 
L. Jewett, Asst. Libr 19 

Faculty News 20 

Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 22 

Mrs. Mutt and Mrs. Jeff Go Visiting by 
Ruth Turner Crosby '42 and Barbara 
Ordway Brewer '35 23 

Club News 24 

Class News 28 

In Memoriam 56 



I «*- 

Deadline schedule for class and club secretaries: 
November issue — July 1st (mainly commencement and reunion news) 
February issue — December 1st 
May issue — March 1st 

August issue — the Fund issue with no class or club news 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Entered as second-class matter at the Boston, Mass., Post Office. Acceptance for 
mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, 
authorized on October 28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual 
Alumnae Fund Contribution. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 
cents each. 



by Mr. Robert K. Brandriff, 
Chairman, English Department 

Winners are racoon-coat wearers, Judith Kelly '57 and her Dad from Newport, 
R.I. Also in the picture is Esther Terni '57 (her Dad is in plaid shirt standing 
behind her) of Windsor, Conn.; behind Esther is Mr. Sandler with his step- 
daughter, Kay Wallace '57, of East Barrington, N.H.; standing at back center is 
Mr. Griemsmann and daughter Renate '57 of Rockville Centre, N.Y.; seated at 
right front are Mr. Field and Virginia '57 of Sandwich, Mass.; and behind them 
are Mr. Ness and Gayle '57 of Westwood, Mass. 

The third annual Father-Daughter 
week end has come and gone — it was 
held this year on March 1, 2, and 3 — 
and every indication points toward the 
fact that a hardy new perennial has been 
added to the long list of Lasell's social 

After all, the idea was a natural. The 
feelings of the average daughter about 
the average father being the very special 
things they are, any scheme giying her 
an entire week end devoted to entertain- 
ing the No. 1 man in her life was almost 
bound to succeed. Perhaps the really 

remarkable aspect of the affair is that 
some clever Lasell girls didn't think of 
it a hundred years ago. 

In any case, the fathers came, some 
300 strong — give or take a dozen or so. 
Actually, nobody knows how many fi- 
nally arrived on campus, since along 
about the 250 mark the excitement ap- 
parently reached such a pitch that they 
stopped signing in the guest book, and 
all statistics perished in the confusion. 
But they came from everywhere: from 
all the New England states, as was to be 
expected, but also from as far away 


as Pittsburgh, Washington, and even 

The festivities got under way on Fri- 
day evening with a joint concert by the 
Orphean and the M.I.T. Glee Club. 
This concert has always been a popular 
event in its own right, ever since its 
initiation by Uncle George Dunham 
nearly 20 years ago, but it was felt that 
it gained added impact this year from 
the presence of so many fathers in the 
audience — all of them predisposed to 
nostalgia for the week end, and already 
beginning to remember their own col- 
leges, their own glee clubs, and their 
own youth. Conducting honors were 
shared by M.I.T.'s Klaus Liepman and 
Mr. James H. Remley, now in his second 
highly successful year as director of the 
Orphean Club. 

Saturday morning was given over to 
getting acquainted — the fathers with 
Lasell, Lasell with the fathers, and 
everybody with each other. A leisurely 
mid-morning coffee hour in Winslow 
Hall facilitated the process, so that the 
ice was well broken by the time the 
official welcoming addresses by Presi- 
dent Wass, Joan Stanford, president of 
the Executive Council, and Audree Mac- 
Adam, general chairman of the week 
end, began to come over the sound 

Highlight of Saturday afternoon was 
the talent show. Entirely student written 
and student produced, it took the form 
of a TV variety program, with more 
than a dozen acts artfully interspersed 
with commercials, station breaks, and 
other annoyances to give the authentic 
video flavor. 

To show their broadmindedness, the 
fathers extended their enthusiastic ap- 
plause about equally to a brief recital 
by our talented Korean concert pianist, 
Lora Lee, and to a really devastating 
parody of Elvis Presley done to a back- 
ground of one of the Great Delinquent's 
own recordings. The show closed on 
the close harmonies of the Lasell Lamp- 
lighters, a student-directed vocal group 

organized last year, specializing in popu- 
lar song arrangements and already en- 
joying a considerable local celebrity as 
"America's Only 12-Girl Octet." 

Piece de resistance of the whole three- 
day affair was, as in the past two years, 
the informal dance that brought the Sat- 
urday program to a close. Organized 
around the general theme of "The Ivy 
League Look," it in no way resembled 
an Ivy League dance, being far too ani- 
mated, high-spirited, and delightful. In 
fact, the really striking contrast between 
all this parental frivolity and the air of 
dogged earnestness which characterizes 
the undergraduates' normal Lasell in- 
formals leads one inescapably to the con- 
clusion that the art of ballroom dancing 
is undergoing, if it has not already un- 
dergone, a complete revolution. 

President Charles W. Cole of Am- 
herst calls attention to something of the 
sort in an article of his entitled "Ameri- 
can Youth Goes Monogamous" in a 
recent issue of Harper's, where he sug- 
gests that with every American college 
student now either "going steady," 
"pinned," or "engaged to be engaged," 
the dance as a means of social recreation 
is about to follow the dodo. President 
Cole makes it quite clear that to be 
obliged to mill about in the same con- 
fined space, under the same balloons and 
crepe paper, with the same partner (this 
is the significant factor) for four mortal 
hours is obviously more than flesh can 
bear, and that dancing is not long for 
this world. 

Happily, Lasell fathers are all con- 
structed of good sound pre-war stuff, 
and they made it clear from the outset 
that they had grown up in the era of 
the stag line and the dance program. 
They danced with their own daughters; 
they danced with everybody else's daugh- 
ters; they Charlestoned with wild aban- 
don; they gave themselves over to the 
perils of the bunny hop. And still they 
had energy left over to put on a three- 
act show of their own during the inter- 
mission. Their enthusiasm was a delight 



to behold. Little wonder that those of 
us who "work" on dance nights — i.e., 
chaperone — tend to live from one 
Father-Daughter dance to the next. 

According to the official schedule, at 
least, the fathers were up betimes on 
Sunday morning to escort their daugh- 
ters to services at various Auburndale 
churches, but the present writer must 
confess that he was no longer in condi- 
tion to follow them. The strain of keep- 
ing up with 300 middle-aged men out to 
demonstrate to their daughters what col- 
lege was like when they were young 
had induced symptoms that could only 
be removed by prolonged rest. Accord- 
ing to reports, there was even a Sunday 
farewell dinner. 

General chairman of the week end 
was Audree MacAdam, talented Child 
Study senior from Bloomfield, N. J. She 

pays high tribute to her hardworking 
and cooperative staff, which included 
Patricia Tarracciano, Mount Kisco, 
N. Y., who produced the talent show; 
Marcia Hamilton, Framingham, in 
charge of catering; Joan Pethybridge, 
New Britain, Conn., who organized the 
welcoming program; Louise Jorda, 
Bloomfield, N. J., who arranged for 
rooms for the fathers near the campus; 
Joan Deshefy, Middletown, Conn., who 
master-minded the Saturday night dance; 
and Peggy Hubbard, Riverside, Conn., 
who handled the publicity. Audree also 
insists that full credit be given to Dean 
Rothenberger, to Mr. Ordway and the 
grounds crew, and to Miss Smith and 
the kitchen staff without whose assist- 
ance there could have been no Father- 
Daughter Week End. 


The Alumnae Office is anxious to complete its file of LAMPS, and the 
one for 1933 is missing. If you have one and are not too attached to it, 
would you be willing to send it to the office for the permanent files? We 
certainly would appreciate it! 



Anyone with a reasonable amount of 
interest in education today must be in- 
creasingly aware of the academic clamor 
abroad in the college campus land. In 
books and periodicals such as School 
and Society, in panel discussions on the 
air and within campus cloisters there 
has been such a meeting of minds, prob- 
ing of problems, and criticism of cur- 
ricula as to rock the legendary Ivory 
Tower itself. 

Most of this argument emanates, to be 
sure, from the University or four year 
college level, but the central tone of the 
hubbub reverberates to the very nature 
and vitality of the junior college. For, 
while their problems are not concretely 
ours (we are speaking of the private 
junior college), they are germane to the 
extent that they challenge us to fresh 
inventory and in whatever contrast or 
similarity help us to a new orientation. 

What then is the chief problem en- 
gaging their attention? 

1. Whether to expand in the face of 
steadily increasing enrollment applica- 
tion, with such expansion necessarily 
involving new buildings, additional de- 
partments and many more teachers, 
while facing the financial strain of 
diminishing yield on endowment invest- 
ment. Or 

2. To remain within their present 
area and work out the problem by re- 
arrangement, reassessment and greater 
teacher loads, all, of course, with a view 
to multiplying educational opportunities 
in the best democratic tradition. 

Supporting the theory of expansion 
is the distinguished Henry Steele Com- 
ager who feels that in this direction lie 
the greatest "elements of hope" in to- 
day's society. However, it might be rele- 
vant here to remember that Nicholas 
Murray Butler once remarked apropos of 
the subject of expansion: "If we are to 
add new departments just because there 

by Mrs. Ruth Wolfe Fuller, 

Instructor in Speech, 

Children's Literature and 

Contemporary Literature 

is so much more to know, then we shall 
prolong adolescence to the age of 45 !" 

On the other side of the fence, oppos- 
ing expansion is the brilliant Robert 
Hutchins, former president of the Uni- 
versity of Chicago, who declares bluntly 
that "only those departments which have 
an intellectual concept of their own 
should be allowed to exist." And, by 
way of illustration, he explains: "My 
biggest mistake when I was at the Uni- 
versity of Chicago was in not throwing 
out the departments of Home Eco- 
nomics, Business, and Librarianism." 

Aside from this he emphasized the 
need to stem the tide of potential en- 
rollment by stringently stiffening en- 
trance requirements in order to preserve 
the tradition of intellectual aristocracy. 

Moreover, when later in the question 
period of the panel in which he made 
the foregoing statements he was asked: 
"What then in the eliminating process 
of separating wheat and chaff, will be- 
come of the chaff?" He would only say 
that after all, colleges were never in- 
tended to include "everybody," and his 
questioner had to be content with that. 

However, when one considers that 
there are roughly 50,000,000 people 
listed under the general heading of edu- 
cation today (though naturally not all 
applicable to the college level) the nice 
distinction between wheat and chaff be- 
comes a provocative study. And it is, 
perhaps, in the very definition of "chaff" 
that logic is suspended over a new sort 
of Scylla and Charybdis, where students 
become more like statistics and less like 

Now where does the junior college 
stand at this point? 


How much of all the sound and fury 
is echoed among us, and what is our re- 
action to this nebulous, but certainly ar- 
bitrary, concept of the word "chaff?" 

In the first place, unlike the univer- 
sity and four-year college, we are small 
enough, both in campus area and curric- 
ulum patterns to see the field we cultivate 
at close range, thus enabling us to base 
selection more accurately on what we 
may be able to offer the student, always 
remembering that what we can do and 
what the secondary schools send us in 
the way of material are interdependent. 

Moreover, since it has become cus- 
tomary in recent years to choose entrance 
prospects by aptitude rather than the old 
conventional routine preparation stand- 
ards, and because we are not so beset by 
myrmidon demands of the liberal arts 
colleges, we are freer to adopt a more 
eclectic test of ability. For we have 
learned that Sally or Jean, or whoever, 
is more than her aptitude and secondary 
school record. She is all that plus a 
combination of temperament, home 
background, hobbies and fads, biases 
and benevolences, study habits or no 
study habits, extracurricular interests 
such as "boy friends" at M.I.T. and/or 
Harvard and/or Babson, all a mixture so 
volatile as to explode in any number of 
potentials when stirred into the crucible 
of college routine. 

How many times we here at Lasell 
have been astonished to find that stu- 
dents who, entering with quite pedes- 
trian records, sometimes unpromising, 
have somehow not only developed satis- 
factorily, but with a measure of achieve- 

We share, of course, the general dis- 
may that many college freshmen cannot 
spell, much less handle a dependent 
clause and we agree that admittance to 
enrollment should have some recognized 
relationship to adequacy in standards. 
We also agree that the secondary schools 
should supply us with better material 
and that "something" should be done 
about it, though nobody knows what. 

Yet, we are not as discouraged about our 
usefulness as a certain college president 
seemed recently when he ruefully 
quoted someone's definition of a uni- 
versity as "a group of separate colleges 
holding allegiance to a common heating 

Furthermore, while we nod enthusi- 
astically to the spirit of the requirements 
set forth by the progressive institutions, 
in that the student should (1) "show a 
clearer sense of direction, (2) the evi- 
dence of a definition of interest, (3) an 
increased capacity to assume a responsi- 
bility for significant self direction, as 
well as (4) a reasonable responsibility 
in respect to health and social life" — 
we would be reluctant to endorse their 
demand for "mastery" in a skill ■ — pre- 
ferring the word "efficiency" as more ap- 
propriately probable. 

After all, we must be realistic in phi- 
losophy and remember that, as in poli- 
tics, we must adopt the "practice of the 

As for expansion, that so far has de- 
veloped from the needs of the student 
based on definite opportunities con- 
stantly opening in the world of business 
and the professions, and not on the ap- 
plication charts of miscellaneous hun- 
dreds in the masses of educational as- 

This is self-evident, here at Lasell, 
in our more recently added departments, 
the Nursing and Child Study Curricula, 
in which the new Wass Science Building 
in its alliance with Peter Bent Brigham 
Hospital, and Bancroft House with its 
thriving Nursery School, mark respec- 
tively the live contact between study 
and practice. 

Adding these to our already estab- 
lished departments including Retail and 
Secretarial Training (with the Medical 
field an ever-growing factor in the lat- 
ter) , we certainly are not without imple- 
mentation for existence! 

What a "far piece" we have come in 
women's education since the days when 
W. S. Gilbert could fearfully exclaim: 


"What! Women's colleges? . . . the 
maddest folly going!" Or, where the 
president of one of our first women's 
colleges met the charge that college 
women wouldn't marry by declaring in- 
dignantly, "College women not marry? 
Nonsense! They marry all the time!" 

Not only do they marry, but vast 
numbers work as well, bringing up the 
ratio to one out of four today as com- 
pared to one out of eight in 1940. So 
definitely has our economy changed 
that one can no longer judge a family's 
income by the husband's salary, for the 
wife's shoulder is often at the wheel 
too. As some wit remarked, though it 
isn't at all funny: "You can't tranquilize 
the income tax with Miltown!" 

With all this in mind, then, the 
writer decided to ask a representative 
Lasellite of some years' perspective to 
give a summary of Lasell's influence on 
her own life. We chose Mary Jane 
Magnusson Megroz '46 because she was 
the "cream of the crop" when here and 
because ten years would allow her to 
have outgrown the euphoria of remem- 
brance so natural in recent graduates, 
and thus be objective in scope. 

Her reply, prompt and heartwarming, 
is herewith quoted in as large a part as 
space permits. 
"Dear Mrs. Fuller, 

In evaluating Lasell's influence, first 
on my business career and now as wife 
and mother, I would first place com- 
panionship, loyalty and understanding. 
I always felt I was surrounded by teach- 
ers with helping hands and that they 
were as meaningful as the textbook. . . . 
Miss Colson made me realize the eco- 
nomic structure of the business world, 
and while the Retailing Course was a 
struggle, I still turn to my textbook to 
understand today's financial pages. At 
the time, I wondered how Mrs. Sypher's 
history classes could help in Retailing, 
but it did more for teaching me how to 
sort out important facts than any other 
course, and is still helping me today. . . . 
Thanks, too, to Mrs. Hudson in A.C. 

L.D. (Appreciation of Color, Line and 
Design). It is amazing how everything 
I buy for myself, house and family stems 
from her initial training, and when I 
was buying for Bloomingdale, many of 
her ideas proved valuable. . . . Courses 
such as Sociology and Psychology helped 
me understand myself as well as others, 
not to forget the importance of English 
and Sewing. (Goodness! What would I 
do today without the Sewing Course?) 
... I know Physical Education was im- 
portant. Good old crew ! And wonderful 
Miss Mac! . . . Our Advisors were so 
very important (how wonderful if one 
could have one around these days ! ! ) . 
Miss Blatchford was always so willing 
to listen and her advice was always val- 
uable. . . . And now you and Speech. 
Not because I'm writing you, but Speech 
started me on my career. However, at 
first I didn't want any part of it, and 
can still remember how I wished I could 
be deathly ill that first time I had to 
have a talk. But when I finally gave it, 
for some unknown reason you praised 
me, and from then on I liked the course. 
I guess you gave me faith in myself. . . . 
As you know, my first job was in Person- 
nel where I had to conduct classes in 
Salesmanship and General Store Activi- 
ties, so if I hadn't learned to talk at La- 
sell, my business career would not have 
been as happy as it was. . . . Lasell did 
equip me for a career, but that was only 
a minor part of it in the final role. ... It 
taught me the path to maturity. I hope 
I haven't stopped learning and that I 
never will. . . . Yes ! Lasell certainly was 
the beginning of it all. 

I hope I have helped you in some 
small way. Until we meet again, and 
I hope it will be soon, the very best 
of everything to you always. 



Such was Lasell to one of her girls — 
"You praised me. . . . All my teachers 
gave me faith in myself." . . . Surely a 
letter like this is more than a summary 
— it is at once fresh strength and fresh 


inspiration for all of us who work for 
and deeply believe in Lasell. 

What does this all add up to? Who 
knows? When our university friends 
have totaled their scores and marked 
their decisions, either in the interests of 
intellectual aristocracy or by opening 
wide the gates to all who knock, there 
may be many who, not from second 
choice, but as opportunity hitherto un- 
examined, will turn to the junior col- 

Wheat? Chaff? 

The poet tells us that "God searched 
three kingdoms for the wheat's plant- 

The definition of chaff is "husk of 
grain . . . separated from the seed." 

May we always remember the Source 
of the Seed, and make each young stu- 
dent feel "certain that a faithful hand 
will take and sift . . . keep what is 
worth keeping, and then with the breath 
of kindness, blow the rest away." 



by Mrs. Judith F. Leonard 

Judy Leonard is secretary to Miss Beede in the Recorder's Office at Lasell, 
and, for extracurricular activities, she has enrolled as a special student in two 
courses, French and English. The following article was written as one of her 
English assignments and her instructor was so impressed with the paper, it is 
being run as a series in the student newspaper, The Lasell News. As stated in 
the News with the first installment, "It should be of great interest to anybody con- 
nected with Lasell." We are glad to be able to make it available for you to enjoy. 

Fashionable young ladies of the year 
1851 were, typically, most interested in 
their appearance. They spent many 
hours before the looking glass preparing 
their hair, which, in order to be most 
stylish, had to be arranged quite high 
and puffed over a cushion in the back. 
Several shell combs strategically secured 
the coiffure. The latest style of dress in- 
cluded a dark velvet basque with sev- 
eral matching gaily-colored bodices and 
skirts. The Empress Eugenie of France 
most influenced the fashion world at 
that time. 

But second in the interests of these 
young ladies was the modern trend to- 
ward woman suffrage. Women were 
becoming more and more determined to 
be allowed to vote on subjects which 
affected them as well as their husbands. 
Such subjects were slavery and prohibi- 

Realizing the fact that someday wom- 
en would have a vote, forward-looking 
educators in America began schools and 
colleges for women. The period between 
1835 and 1875 is said to be the first age 
of the beginnings of women's schools. 
In 1835 Wheaton College was estab- 
lished and two years later, Mount 

In the late 1840's a handsome young 
professor named Edward Lasell was 
hired by the Mount Holyoke adminis- 
tration to do some lecturing part-time. 
His regular job was at Williams College 
where he taught chemistry. Professor 
Lasell enjoyed and was extremely im- 
pressed by his work at Mount Holyoke. 
A part of an old letter to his brother 
expresses Mr. Lasell's feelings: "I am 
living in a family of two hundred and 
fifty ladies, five hundred eyes, some of 
them quite bright, upon me every day. 



I lecture twice a day and have a pleasant 
time. This I am inclined to regard as a 
wonderful and noble institution. It is 
doing great work." Here I like to think 
we can see the inspiration for the estab- 
lishment of Lasell Female Seminary. 

There grew in Edward Lasell a desire 
to establish a "female seminary of high 
order" and a belief that the little village 
of Auburndale would be a suitable place 
for the school. The following are a 
group of letters written by Edward 
Lasell to his brother, Josiah, who was 
also extremely interested in the en- 

"I have been to Boston since I last 
saw you. Everything looks favorable in 
reference to the school. The people of 
Auburndale are deeply interested and 
desirous to have it go forward. Every- 
one to whom I have talked who knows 
the locality and the situation of things 
in Auburndale expresses a favorable 
opinion of its success. Auburndale is a 
beautiful place, as you know, and the 
particular locality which I should select 
for a school I consider the finest locality, 
all things considered, in the place. My 
friends in Auburndale are sure that this 
project might be as prosperous as any 
in the country." 

January 2, 1851 

"Just returned from Boston, or rather 
from Auburndale. I have the plans with 
me. The estimate of the plans proposed 
by you is the highest estimate that has 
been thrown in, about $17,000. There 
is difficulty in procuring a loan." 

March 28, 1851 

"The timber has arrived in part and 
was immediately taken to Auburndale. It 
is now on the ground and needs a good 
strong force to commence framing im- 
mediately. The walls are going up well. 
The well- diggers have reached water, 
though at considerable depth. Some 
roads are being constructed and every- 
thing is going on with good comments. 
The place looks beautiful this spring. 
The people there are all interested in its 
success, and nothing will hinder its 
success, unless it be bad management on 
our part. And now the word 'go for- 
ward' on our contemplated plans, and no 
looking back." 

Edward Lasell was successful in find- 
ing enough men who were interested in 
his project to the point of investing 
money in it. The following is a list of 
the original shareholders who were, for 
the most part, residents of Auburndale. 

Joseph L. Partridge, deacon of the 
Congregational church, also auditor of 
the Auburndale Education Society 
formed in 1849. 

Mr. Walworth, president of the Au- 
burndale Education Society and builder 
of a building for the society. 

Preacher Pigeon, the real founder of 
the village of Auburndale, which was 
named from Mount Auburn, a place he 
loved as a boy. In 1847 Preacher Pigeon 
persuaded the Boston and Worcester 
Railroad to stop in Auburndale. 

Mr. Johnson, a resident of Boston and 
a real estate agent there, also a builder. 
He laid out the streets of Auburndale 
and built the railroad station and post 

Mr. Woodbridge, a real estate devel- 
oper and schoolmaster. He acquired the 




nickname of "preacher" because he used 
to startle his fellow citizens at social 
affairs by suddenly quoting passages 
from the Bible. 

Mr. Collier was the only Catholic to 
be an original shareholder. He is said 
to have shared the ideals of the members 
of the Congregational church. 

Deacon Burr, deacon, clerk, treasurer 
of the Congregational church and clerk 
of the Education Society, also a Newton 

Preacher Harding, the first pastor of 
the Congregational church of Waltham. 

Mr. Washburn, keeper of a store 
in Auburndale located approximately 
where the Knotty Pine Lunch is now. 

Mr. Worcester, district secretary of 
the American Board of Foreign Missions 
and editor of the Missionary Herald. 

Mr. Jackson, president of the Ameri- 
can Missionary Association and first 
president of the first bank in Newton. 

Beneja Cross and Billy Williams, both 
residents of Newton. 

This will give the reader some idea of 
the sort of men who were willing to in- 
vest in the Lasell venture. 

Edward Lasell bought six and one 
half acres of land on high elevation from 
Samuel Larned for the seminary build- 
ing. The building itself, built by Bill- 
ings and Sleeper of Boston, was con- 
structed at Mr. Lasell's request to have 
each room receive sun at some part of 
the day. It was situated on Woodland 
Road, which was built in 1664 as a part 
of the Worcester Turnpike. In Novem- 
ber of 1851 the building was completed 
and 109 pupils moved in. 

The first pupils were from Massachu- 
setts, New York, Vermont, New Hamp- 
shire, Rhode Island, Maine, Michigan, 
Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jer- 
sey, Wisconsin, and Montreal. This 
gives us some idea of the fervor of Mr. 
Lasell's advertising campaign. 

Edward Lasell managed the school 
with the assistance of his brother, Josiah, 
and his brother-in-law, G. W. Briggs. 



The school opened with seven teachers 
(in addition to the principals who also 
taught) . 

The general course of study was thus : 


First Session 

Practical Math. 
English Grammar 
Latin or French 

Second Session 


English Grammar 

History, Ancient and Modern 

Latin or French 


First Session 


English Grammar 


Latin or Modern Languages 

Second Session 


Natural Philosophy 

English Literature 

Latin or Modern Languages 


First Session 

Latin, Greek or 

Modern Languages 

Second Session 

Latin, Greek or 
Modern Languages 


First Session 

Mental Philosophy 


Evidences of Christianity 

Second Session 
Moral Science 
Elements of Criticism 

The cost of attending Lasell was 
per year for residents, $40 per year 
for day students. Music lessons were 
usually $15 more per quarter. Lessons 
were given in voice, piano, organ and 
guitar. Vacations could be passed at 
the home of one of the principals for 
$3.50 per week. 

Edward Lasell did not live to see the 
graduation of his first class. He died 
January 31, 1852, just two months after 
the beginning of classes, of typhoid 
fever. The school was then managed by 
his brother, Josiah, and George W. 

The young girls must have been quite 
slim while Edward Lasell was there, as 
one of his strict rules was, "Young girls 
shall not eat confectionary !" 

In 1854 Josiah Lasell married one of 
the members of the graduating class and 
left Lasell Seminary in favor of working 
for his father-in-law. George W. Briggs 
ran the school from 1861-64. One of 
the graduates of 1856 is the contributor 
and painter of the painting "The Judg- 
ment of Paris," which is still hanging in 
the Bragdon Parlors. The year 1856 
also saw the beginning of Physical Edu- 
cation classes. 

In 1864 Charles W. Cushing pur- 
chased Lasell for $30,000, and he was 
principal from 1864-74. 

In 1869 Lasell received great atten- 
tion because of the discovery of a 
chalybeate spring on the property. A 
chalybeate spring is a stream of water 
containing a kind of iron ore then be- 
lieved to be healthful. Tourists came 
from miles around just to drink the 
water from the spring. Gas lighting 
was installed and hailed as the "most 
modern and safe" kind of lighting in 




In 1873 ten businessmen bought 
Lasell and made it strictly Methodist, 
and Charles C. Bragdon was obtained as 
principal. Also in this year steam heat 
was installed. Three of the ten men 
proved to be regular rascals and em- 
bezzled from their investments. This is 
the major scandal in the Lasell history. 
Happily, say the historians, their be- 
havior had no detrimental effect on 
Lasell. Abner I. Benyon, Reverend 
Ezra D. Winslow and their cohort, in 
lieu of being arrested, made hasty trips 
out of the country. Mr. Winslow left 
his "lovely wife" and "lovely children" 
and flew away to Argentina with a 
seductive Argentine woman. Mrs. Wins- 
low, in the fashion of a true lady, pined 
away and died. 

Charles C. Bragdon was the head of 

Lasell from 1874-1908. In 1876 he be- 
gan a kindergarten which lasted only 
one year. He also had the whole school 
completely renovated. In 1875 the first 
alumnae reunion was held, and that year 
also saw the beginning of the Lasell 

The year 1877 being the 100th an- 
niversary of the United States of Ameri- 
ca, Dr. Bragdon wanted to celebrate in 
some way; thus began the tree-planting 
ceremony. First the girls held a service 
in the chapel and sang national hymns, 
then they all marched out onto the back 
lawn where they planted the centennial 
tree, each putting in her shovelful of 

In the year 1876 costs were increased 
to $260 per year for residents and $90 
for day students. One paid $15 for 



music lessons on the pipe organ includ- 
ing a man to blow. At this time they 
began to give discounts to the daughters 
of ministers. 

In May of 1878, states the Leaves, 
"The archery club is organized with 
fascinating lawn suits and bewildering 
archery hats." And in December of 
1877 the first advertisement appeared in 
the Leaves — for "Dress Reform: Im- 
proved undergarments insuring health, 
ease, and grace, and consisting of the 
Knit Suit, the Bust Corset, the Chemi- 
loon, and the Skirt and Panier Com- 

Dr. Bragdon believed that the chief 
business of a woman was homemaking. 
Therefore he began the homemaking 
course teaching dressmaking, sewing, 
cooking, home sanitation, ventilation, 
heating, and drainage. The well-known 
Mrs. Croly, nicknamed Jenny June, was 
the teacher of household arts. She was 
the creator of the gossip column in 
newspapers as well as the shopping 
column. The year 1878 saw the addition 
of millinery arts. 

In 1878 the Bragdons made a trip 
to Europe for the purpose of buying 
paintings for the school. They took 
along all girls whose parents could af- 
ford it. The cost for the complete 
European Tour was $500, gold. 

In 1877 there began two societies in 
the school. One was a literary group 
called the S.D. The other was called 
Lasellia. The latter was quite short- 
lived because of a little trouble which 
brewed over a picture taken of the 
group. By all reports the photograph 
had to be touched up in order to make 
the ladies appear just a little more 

The custom of holding a class day be- 
gan in 1878 when the families of the 
graduates gathered on the lawn and sang 
and watched the planting of the ivy. 
During this era the girls had to receive 
special permission to shop in the village 
and then were allowed to go only when 
chaperoned. The bookstore supplied 
such necessary articles as soap, tooth 

powder, pictures, ribbons, cord, per- 
fumes and fans as well as books and 
stationery. In 1879 the girls adopted a 
system of self-government. However, it 
did not prove successful and therefore 
was discontinued. The graduating class 
of 1879 chose for their color the blue 
which has now become the traditional 
Lasell blue. 

In April of 1880 Dr. Bragdon or- 
ganized a temperance meeting and in- 
vited guest speakers on the subject. After 
the program, pledges were passed out to 
be signed by the girls. The pledges read, 
"The lips that touch the wine cup will 
never touch ours!" 

On May 13, 1881, the construction of 
the addition to the main seminary build- 
ing was begun. It doubled the size of 
the original building and cost $30,000. 
It contained a gymnasium, dining room, 
principal's apartments, kitchen for cook- 
ing classes and an elevator (the east 
wing of Bragdon) . 

The years 1878 through 1881 saw the 
girls play croquet and lawn tennis, row 
and ride horseback for the first time. 
In 1881 the first telephone was installed 
and Lasell could communicate with 
"larger inland towns" between Boston 
and Worcester. This event was met with 
great excitement. 

There is, to my knowledge, no record 
of the feelings with which the girls re- 
ceived military drill. Dr. Bragdon had 
been in Europe for a year and returned 
convinced that military drill was men- 
tally, morally and physically beneficial. 
The young ladies of Lasell Seminary be- 
came so talented in this direction that 
every year they gave an exhibition on the 
lawn. Physical Education enthusiasts 
came miles to see this performance and 
regarded the exercise as a wholesome 
panacea, be one's ailment of the heart 
or body. The purpose of the drill was to 
teach the pupils to stand erectly, walk 
with spirit, and obey orders instantly. 
Wooden models of guns were used and 
the rank of an officer could be gained 
by good behavior. 

In 1890 some new, practical courses 




were added to the curriculum: nerve 
training, shorthand, typewriting, and 
photography. Clark Cottage was pur- 
chased as the first senior house in 1892. 
It accommodates sixteen girls and is 
named for Jeremiah Clark in whose 
name there is a scholarship still avail- 

Karandon House, bought in 1893, has 
an interesting name. The letters of the 
word "Karandon" were formed from the 
name Kate Ransom Bragdon, Dr. Brag- 
don's wife. It was first used as a 
senior house, then as the president's 
house, and the present administration 
uses it for a senior house again. 

Comparative to no other event at this 
time was the enthusiasm with which the 
installment of electricity was met in 

The first "River Day" was held in 
1893, which began the tradition of the 
crew races in war canoes which is still 
carried on. 

You have often noticed the large 
bell hanging in a special niche in the 
main hallway of Bragdon Hall. Here is 

the story of that bell, which was given 
to Lasellin 1894: 

"This bell had been presented to the 
Buddhist Temple of Myokoku ji at 
Umezu near Kyoto by the villagers in 
1824. It called them to their Buddhist 
services for forty years. At the begin- 
ning of 1868 the priest in charge of this 
temple became a layman of the rank of 
Shizoku (gentry) . Buddhism was losing 
its hold on the Japanese people, and 
some few were being converted to 
Christianity. The temple called Myo- 
kuku ji was closed and all the furniture 
and sacred objects were sold. 

"The local government of the Totsu- 
gawa in Yamato Province obtained the 
temple bell and it served them as a 
warning bell for twenty years. Again 
the bell was offered for sale, and a mer- 
chant of Kishu bought it and sent it to 
Tokyo to be sold." 

Mr. Milton S. Vail, a cousin of Dr. 
Bragdon, thought it would be an un- 
usual dinner gong for Lasell. He bought 
it and had it sent to America. It weighs 
five hundred pounds. It served as a 




dinner gong at Lasell for fifty years. 

The graduating class of 1898 donated 
an unbelievable $25,000 to Lasell. Car- 
ter Hall was built with this money. 

At that time the cost of attending 
Lasell was $600 for residents and $150 
for day students. 

From 1902-08 Dr. Bragdon was prin- 
cipal in name only, for he left Dr. Guy 
M. Winslow in charge of everything. 
In 1908 Dr. Winslow took over as 
president and remained as such until 

It was at about this time that Lasell 
was blessed with a wonderful pre- 
ceptress — Miss Blanche C. Martin. She 
is best remembered in dedications, etc., 
for her original idea of having the girls 
line up around the auditorium, then be- 
gin to skip while shouting, "I'm young, 
rich, and beautiful! Hurrah! Hurrah!" 

For the class of 1902, Henry Van 
Dyke wrote a verse: 

"Hereby the grace of Marinette, 

My autograph is neatly set 

I centre of a pleasant crew — 

The Lasell Class of 1902. 

And if you say 'How very queer ! 

What is this fellow doing here ? 

He's far too old and grim and gray, 

He looks as if he'd lost his way !' 

I grant it all; but please remember 

That I am the honorary member 

And though I may seem old to you 

With friends like these I'm 
nineteen too!" 

The 1904 class was 28% smaller than 

usual because of the 1903 "rich man's 
panic," but things were back to normal 
again by 1905. 

It was at this time that Dr. Winslow 
ordered, "No jewelry, no cosmetics! In 
order to keep your complexion beautiful, 
use plenty of good soap and water, apply 
frequently. Rub face briskly with rough 

In 1908, Dr. Winslow made a pur- 
chase which seems now to have been un- 
avoidable — Caroline Carpenter Hall. 
It was sold to Lasell by Mayor George 
Pickard. Included in this purchase is 
what is now called the "Barn" and the 
Athletic Field. It was named Caroline 
Carpenter Hall after a preceptress and 
assistant principal. 

Hawthorne is a house that used to be 
a boys' school situated on Hancock Street 
opposite the Congregational Church. 
The house was cut in half and moved to 
its present site on Hawthorne Ave. not 
too long before Lasell bought it. It was 
used as the main building for the Wood- 
land Park School (the junior school) 
during that school's last few years. 

Gardner House was bought in 1912 
and named for Elizabeth Gardner Bou- 
guereau, class of 1856, who painted and 
gave the beautiful painting which still 
hangs in the Bragdon parlor, as pre- 
viously mentioned. 

Berkeley House was purchased from 
Mayor Pickard's brother, was used as a 
dormitory, then as a home for the Treas- 
urer, and now is a staff dormitory. 



In 1917 Dr. Winslow bought the 
Woodland Park Hotel. This was first 
used for an overflow of patients from 
the Newton Hospital during the in- 
fluenza epidemic of the First "World 
War. Later the building was used as a 
dormitory, and the wing called the Ca- 
sino was occupied by the Junior School, 
a country day and boarding school for 
girls. The work of this school included 
kindergarten, primary grades and gram- 
mar school, and it was in operation from 
1918-39. There are private homes now 
on the site of the old Woodland Park 

For eight years Lasell had a summer 
camp called Camp Teconnet. This camp 
was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
Towne, who joined the faculty in 1918. 

In 1918 a Brockton man wished to 
educate his daughters but did not have 
the money, so he offered Dr. Winslow 
six hundred acres of land which he 
owned in Barnard, Vt, in exchange for 
his daughters' education. After several 
similar 'bartering' deals, Dr. Winslow 
acquired six thousand acres of land on 
Delectable Mountain in Vermont. Lasell 
still has possession of some of this land. 

In 1921, Lasell transferred from pri- 
vate ownership to a non-profit organiza- 

Girls going to a dance at this time 
had to have their gowns checked and 
little immodesties were covered by ruffles 
of tulle. The housemothers also had to 
make sure each and every girl had on a 
girdle before leaving for the dance. 

Blaisdell House was bought in 1928 
and named for Angeline C. Blaisdell, 
class of 1867, instructor, and treasurer 
from 1873 to 1917. When Miss Blais- 
dell died she left $6,300 to Lasell. 

In 1932 Pickard House was purchased 
from the son of Mayor Pickard. It was 
named for Mayor Pickard from whose 
family Lasell had purchased four build- 

No Lasell history could ever be 
complete without the mention of Lillie 
Rose Potter, class of 1880, an instructor. 

then preceptress or Dean of Women 
from 1902-35, Dean Emerita 1935-45. 
She was a very religious woman, and 
tried to instill in the girls some of her 
own reverence. The girls all loved her 
and dedicated four Lamps (the senior 
class book) to her. She called the 
girls her little white doves, and invited 
them into her room of a Sunday eve- 
ning to sit in the dark and hear passages 
from the Bible. Miss McClelland likes 
to tell of the time when a little dove, 
not' very "white," came to the Bible- 
reading session strictly out of curiosity. 
This girl was suddenly struck funny, 
and could not control her giggles. Miss 
Potter serenely stopped her reading, took 
off her glasses, and was heard to say 
sweetly, "One of our little white doves 
apparently has a broken wing, and she 
may leave the room." 

Winslow Hall was built in 1937 and 
named for Dr. Winslow who was In- 
structor, Principal, and President from 
1898 to 1947. 

In 1938 the Infirmary, Briggs, and 
Cushing were purchased. Between 1939 
and 1950, Conn House, Haskell Pond, 
Draper House, Nason House, Plummer 
House, Kirby, Haskell House, The Sweet 
Cottage and Barn, and the "new" Ban- 
croft House were bought. 

Woodland Hall was built in 1950, to 
replace the Woodland Park Hotel build- 
ing, and this modern building has 
smokers and kitchenettes on each floor, 
dining room facilities for the entire col- 
lege, and it houses one hundred and 
twenty-five students. 

In 1947 Mr. Raymond C. Wass be- 
came President, bringing with him his 
quiet manner, calm disposition, and 
ability to think a problem through, ar- 
riving at a thoughtful decision as soon as 
possible. During his administration, in 
addition to Woodland, a new, modern 
science building was constructed in 1955 
and was named Wass Science Building 
in his honor. He looks forward now to 
further development of the building 







Lasell Placement Bureau?? 

* * When you are seeking a new position * * 

* * When you desire to change your position * * 
* * When you hear of a part-time or 
permanent position * * 

The services of the Placement Bureau are yours 

without charge — all you have to do is 

get in touch with us! 

Address: Miss Inez M. Atwater 
Placement Director 

Auburndale 66, Mass. 



The 1957 National WAVES Reunion, marking the fifteenth 
anniversary of the founding of the WAVES, will be held in Boston, 
Mass., on July 26, 27 and 28. Among the distinguished guests who 
will take part in the Reunion is Mildred McAfee Horton, wartime 
director of the WAVES, who is to serve as toastmistress at the 
birthday banquet. 

Further information about the Reunion may be obtained from: 

National WAVES Reunion Committee, 1957 
495 Summer Street 
Boston 10, Massachusetts 

Alumnae Advisory Center, Inc., New York 

The Alumnae Advisory Center in New York, an association 
of member colleges, has now opened its doors so that all college 
women, regardless of college, may avail themselves of its services. 
It provides assistance to job-hunters in New York, advising them 
on techniques, showing them how to assess their experience and 
how to go about finding what they want. Alumnae whose colleges 
are not members may themselves become Associate Members, for 
which the dues are $10, and then use the Center. Placement is done 
through their subsidiary, the Alumnae Placement Agency, Inc., and 
Associate Members are entitled to a 25% reduction in the fee if a 
job is secured through it. College graduates who do not want to 
join the Center may still apply for a job at the Agency, and get a 
fee reduction of 5% off that allowed by law. The address of the 
Center is 541 Madison Ave., New York 22, N. Y. 




by Mrs. Elise L. Jewett, 
Assistant Librarian 

Lasell's Fourth Annual Book Fair, 
held in the library on March 5 th and 6th 
under the chairmanship of Miss Frances 
Atwood, Librarian, proved to be by far 
the most successful of the series as was 
evidenced by the enthusiasm of the 
many guests and by the sale of books 
worth more than $900. 

Highlights of the two-day festival 
of books — theme: Books Unlimited — 
were the Assembly talk by Miss Helen 
Fay of Stockbridge, Mass., and the Li- 
brary Tea with Mrs. Emily P. Flint, 
managing editor of the Atlantic Month- 
ly, as guest of honor. 

Miss Fay, a counselor on books who 
has completed graduate study both in 
this country and abroad and who has 
interviewed many authors and artists, 
spoke on the selecting of one's personal 

Miss Frances Atwood, Librarian, and 

Book Fair Guest of Honor, Mrs. Emily 

P. Flint, Managing Editor of the 


library. The books suggested for Lasell 
students were varied and ranged from 
those of humor to the Bible. Student 
library assistants attended a special 




luncheon for Miss Fay where they en- 
joyed a more personal contact with this 
interesting speaker. 

The many guests who attended the 
afternoon tea in the library had the 
pleasure of meeting Mrs. Emily P. Flint 
of the Atlantic Monthly, a most charm- 
ing guest of honor. Mrs. Flint, who has 
achieved success as the first woman man- 
aging editor in the nearly 100 years' 
history of the Atlantic Monthly, won 
Lasell's heart with her warmth and 
friendliness. Receiving with Mrs. Flint 
was Dean van Etten. Those pouring 
included Mrs. Donald Cox (the former 
Carol Wass '49), and faculty members 
- — Mrs. Hazel Weden, Miss Elinor 
Hoag, and Miss June Babcock. Chair- 
man of the arrangements for the refresh- 
ments was Miss Elizabeth Smith and 
responsible for the lovely flower ar- 
rangements was Mrs. Hazel Weden. 


In Memoriam: Mr. Walter W. Jami- 
son (Engl. & Hist. '39-'42) on Janu- 
ary 21, 1957, at Veterans' Adminis- 
tration Hospital in Jamaica Plain. His 
home was at 157 Day St., Auburn- 
dale, Mass. Mr. Jamison was former- 
ly head of the English Department at 
the Massachusetts School of Art and 
an English instructor at M.I.T. for 
several years. He had retired five 
years ago while a member of the fac- 
ulty at Champlain College in New 
York. He had also taught at Bates 
and Wentworth, had served as a field 
director for the U.S.O. during World 
War II, and was in the Army's law 
enforcement division during World 
War I. 

Miss Mary E. Williams (Voice '29- 
'42) on November 27, 1956, in Water- 
ville, N. Y. A graduate of the New 
England Conservatory of Music, Miss 
Williams was secretary of the Alumni 
Association at the time of her death. 
She taught music at Smith College for 
16 years, spending many of her va- 
cations in Europe studying music. 

The more than 200 books on display 
at the Fair offered a wide selection of 
fiction and non-fiction in both regular- 
and popular-priced editions as well as 
reference books of all types and a fas- 
cinating assortment of children's books. 
The attractive display cards on the tables 
were prepared by the art students under 
the direction of Miss Margaret Flint and 
the posters by the pupils of Miss Anne 
Malone. Assisting at the book tables 
and at the tea in addition to Mrs. Elise 
Jewett, Assistant Librarian, were mem- 
bers of the faculty and student library 

There were several alumnae who at- 
tended the Fair, some bringing guests 
with them. It is hoped that more alum- 
nae will bring friends each year to enjoy 
this comparatively new and very success- 
ful annual event on the campus. 

After teaching at several other schools 
she returned to Boston where she di- 
vided her time teaching at the Con- 
servatory and Lasell. In the early 
1940's, Miss Williams returned to 
Waterville where she worked exten- 
sively with children and was choir di- 
rector of Grace Episcopal Church. She 
was an active member of the Presby- 
terian Church, Women's Missionary 
Society, Ladies' Improvement Society 
and the Waterville Travelers Club. 
Married: Miss Lydia I. Solimene 
(Sec. '50-'55, Dir. of Summer School 
'53- ) to James M. Kavanagh, on 
December 29, 1956. The Kavanaghs 
have bought a home in Stoughton 
where their address is 872 Park St. 
Other News: We were delighted to 
hear news in January from Miss Con- 
stance E. Blackstock '09 (Engl. & Hist. 
'24-' 36) saying, "I hope to sail from 
Karachi at the end of September, have 
a fortnight in England to see all my 
friends and arrive in New York by 
November. It will probably seem 
strange to leave these parts for good, 



although I've always felt so much at 
home with the friends in Bound 
Brook (N. J.) that I'm hoping to fit 
into the life there once again. I've 
applied for a place in our Retirement 
Home in Ocean Grove, N. J., as I 
feel that it will be better for me to 
have my own room independently of 
the family and pay them visits from 
time to time." Her address until fall 
is still 74 Garden Rd., Karachi 3, 

In February, Miss McClelland and 
Mrs. Lindquist had a visit from Miss 
Marion James (Engl. '43-'48) who has 
received her Ph.D. and is teaching his- 
tory at the University of New Hamp- 

Miss McClelland also received a 
clipping from the Los Angeles Times 
containing an article about the Wom- 
en's Marine Corps. The article fea- 
tured a picture of Lt. Commander 
Rosalie W. Martin (Speech and Dra- 
matics '31-'43) and the picture caption 
read "A Bride of Three Weeks." 
However, Miss Martin's married name 
was not given. 

A Christmas card to Miss Beede 
from Mrs. Marilyn Hall Schwarz 

(Crafts & Clothing '48-'51) gives her 
present address as 2703 Tremont St., 
Colorado Springs, Colo., and pictures 
her and husband Homer with their 
two youngsters Bobby and Jil. 

Among the travelers to Florida dur- 
ing Christmas vacation were Miss 
June Babcock (Lat. & Engl. '42-'55, 
Asst. Dean '55- ), Miss Elinor Hoag 
(Engl. '28- ), and Miss Elizabeth 
Smith (Dietitian '47- ). En route 
they called on Miss Barbara Alden 
(Engl. '35-'37), who now lives at 205 
Wilkes Rd. in Alexandria, Va., and 
Mildred Fischer Langworthy '31 in 
Annapolis, Md. They also stopped to 
see two other Lasellites who unfortu- 
nately were not at home. They were 
Mrs. Josephine Trafton Lewis (Sec. 
'31-'36) who, with her husband, runs 
a real estate office in the center of 
Inverness, Fla. (her address is Gospel 
Island Dr.) ; and Dr. Ann Weygandt 
(Engl. & Germ. '43-'47) who is now 
at the University of Delaware in 
Newark, Del. 

New Address: Mrs. Marian Krissin- 
ger Berlin (Phys. Ed. '48-'51) is now 
living at 139 Jamaica Rd., Tonawanda, 
N. Y. 


Friday, May 17 th 
8:30 p.m. 

Lasell Night at the Pops 
Symphony Hall, Boston 

Tuesday, May 28th 
2:00 p.m. 

River Day on the Charles 

Tuesday, June 4th 
to June 9th 

Art Exhibition 
Bragdon Hall 

Sunday, June 2nd 
4:00 p.m. 

Baccalaureate Sermon 
The Reverend Delwin R. Lehmann, of First Congre- 
gational Church, Wallingford, Conn.; Winslow Hall 

Saturday, June 8th 

3:00 p.m. 

3:30-5:00 p.m. 

5:15 p.m. 

5:45 p.m. 

\ 8:00 p.m. 

Alumnae Day 

Crowning of Queen, Bragdon Lawn 
President's Informal Reception, Bragdon Lawn 
Alumnae Parade to Winslow Hall 
Alumnae Supper Meeting, Winslow Hall 
Commencement Awards, Recreation Field 
Torchlight Parade 
Farewell at the Crow's Nest 

Sunday, June 9th 
11:00 a.m. 

Commencement Address 
Mrs. Anna L. Rose Hawkes, President, American 
Association of University Women; Recreation Field 

1:00 p.m. 

Commencement Luncheon 

Woodland Hall 








1956— 1st 

Class Reunions for Saturday, June 8th 

No definite arrangements are being made in advance. 

The Pillar House, Newton Lower Falls, 12:30 p.m. 
The Simpson House, 1114 Beacon St., Newton Centre 
The Simpson House, 1114 Beacon St., Newton Centre 
At the home of Louise Tardivel Higgins, 50 Aspen Ave., 

The Pillar House, Newton Lower Falls, 12:30 p.m. 
The Pillar House, Newton Lower Falls 
Brookline Room, Hotel Beaconsfield, 1731 Beacon St., 

The Simpson House, 1114 Beacon St., Newton Centre 

New Officer 

We are pleased to announce that 
Elizabeth A. Sleight '53 of North Scit- 
uate, R. I., and president of the Rhode 
Island Lasell Club, has been appointed 
as a Director on the Board of Manage- 
ment of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

New Life Members 

We are glad to welcome two more 
alumnae into the group of Life Members 
of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. They are: 

Helen Royse Shirk x-'05 of Peru, 

Alice M. Seidler '38 of Maple- 
wood, N. J. 

Alumnae Scholarship Recipients Who 
Were on the Feb. '57 Dean's List 

Peggy Ann Kenison of East Long- 
meadow, Mass. 

Lora Lee of Seoul, Korea 

Judith Muncaster of Oak Park, 111. 

Joan Stanford of Cape Elizabeth, 

Lasell Representatives Attend 

District I Conference of 

American Alumni Council 

District I of the American Alumni 
Council covers the territory of New Eng- 
land, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova 
Scotia and Prince Edward Island and 
membership is open to universities, col- 
leges and secondary schools in good 
standing and to non-profit associations 
or organizations whose purposes and ac- 
tivities contribute to the advancement of 
higher education. Each year a confer- 
ence is held, with papers, discussion 
groups, and other features designed to 
facilitate the interchange of professional 
experience, methods and ideas. Lasell 
has been a member of the Council since 
1947 and has sent one or more repre- 
sentatives to the District I Conferences 
almost every year. This year the two 
representatives who attended were Ruth 
Turner Crosby '42, president of Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc., and Barbara Ordway 
Brewer '35, Director of Lasell Alumnae, 
Inc., Assistant Editor of the Lasell 
Leaves and part-time worker in the 
Alumnae Office. Their report entitled 
"Mrs. Mutt and Mrs. Jeff Go Visiting" 
follows and you will find it informative 
and amusing. Be sure to read it ! 




by Ruth Turner Crosby '42, Pres., 
Barbara Ordway Brewer '35, Dir., 
of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

Dartmouth extended a kind invita- 
tion and we accepted with pleasure to 
attend the District I Conference of 
the American Alumni Council on Jan- 
uary 27, 28 and 29, 1957. 

The general objectives of the 
American Alumni Council are to assist 
the representatives of its member in- 
stitutions and organizations to increase 
their competence; to make alumni in- 
terest in their own institutions more 
effective; and to make the alumni a 
more beneficial force in higher edu- 
cation as a whole. 

The conference of the Council pro- 
vides a common meeting ground for 
diffusion of ideas and techniques, and 
for deriving inspiration from the 
mutual interests which characterize the 

As it was so aptly stated at the meet- 
ing, we are in a sense vitamin pills 
and labelled as such in the Type Ac- 
tivity Classification by the symbols A, 
B 1} B 2 , and C. Type A is the classifica- 
tion for general alumni programs, 
Type B for educational fund raising 
(B 1 the Agent System and B 2 the de- 
velopment fund), and Type C for 

We were indeed privileged to be 
asked to have a representative on the 
Monday morning Type C panel dis- 
cussion entitled "Brainstorming Ses- 
sion on Creative Thinking." We wish 
to inform you that as an example the 
item used for discussion was toilet 
seats, so our representative on this 
panel, Barbara Brewer, will be able to 
assist any of you who might have 
questions regarding the best in style, 
durability, etc. However, we do not 
wish to mislead you — the session was 
most beneficial, and in a note which 

followed our visit Barbara was 
thanked for her assistance on the 
panel discussion by the Chairman, and 
now we wish to quote from the note, 
"To be quite honest, your part of the 
session was a 'hit'." So need we say 
more? We know you will agree we 
sent the right gal! 

While the above session was being 
conducted, Robert Fisler of Sports Il- 
lustrated was discussing "Direct Mail 
for Alumni Funds." Ruth Crosby at- 
tended this meeting and was indeed 
inspired and enlightened with a great 
many ideas which we hope to be 
able to put into use. Incidentally, 
chatting informally with Bob later, 
we found Lasell was a familiar spot 
to him since he had frequented our 
campus while he was a student at 

Monday afternoon and Tuesday 
morning found us learning more 
about raising money, contacting 
alumni and running the Alumnae 
Office to the best advantage. The 
weather was wonderful and, although 
most of the snow had disappeared and 
we thought that our boots had been 
toted in vain, Tuesday proved other- 
wise, as the snow started falling 
around seven a.m. and continued all 
day, much to the delight of the winter 
enthusiasts at Dartmouth who were 
busy planning their winter carnival to 
take place in mid-February. The 
Hanover Inn, our residence for the 
visit, was very hospitable, the meals 
indeed palatable, and, even though 
they did let the skeletons out of the 
closets at five a.m. to drum up the 
heat and ran the vacuum at six a.m., 
we found our stay most enjoyable. 



Although our posteriors were ex- 
tremely tired from more than the 
normal amount of sitting and our 
tongues exhausted from so much 
wagging, our ears buzzing from so 
much listening, our heads spinning 
from trying to take in all the infor- 
mation, we had a grand time, met a 
lot of wonderful folks, gained many 

ideas and acted (we hope) as good 
public relations officers for Lasell. We 
feel our trip was a successful one and 
very much worth while. We hope that 
next year will find Lasell again rep- 
resented at AAC. (The significance 
of the title, in case you were wonder- 
ing, is the fact that Barbara Brewer is 
short and Ruth Crosby is tall!) 



Mrs. Robert L. Smith 

(Joy Gustavson '50) , President 

424 Hilltop Dr., Stratford, Conn. 

Mrs. Herbert F. Harrington, Jr. 

(Lorna Becker x-'5 1 ) , Secretary 

323 Old Mill Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 

Our December meeting was held in the 
newly-purchased home of Jan Weyls Moore 
'51- The fire in the fireplace was sizzling and 
we all settled down to a busy and interesting 
meeting. The turnout was good and we were 
pleased to welcome some newcomers. Those 
attending were: Laure Stauffer Hubbell '51, 
Elizabeth Taylor '55, Judie Lanese '55, Har- 
riett Smith Rawson '33, Sally Taylor '49, 
Joan Warriner Ryder '47, Janice Weyls Mill- 
er '37, Shirley Pike '55, Ann Tucker '56, 
Joy Gustavson Smith '50, Charlotte Gilman 
Kennedy '49, Lorrayne Hron Hulton '44, 
and Lorna Becker Harrington x-'51. 

We decided not to hold our fashion show, 
but Laure Stauffer Hubbell along with Eliza- 
beth Taylor and Judie Lanese very graciously 
volunteered to organize a spring luncheon. 
We also had another kind offer from Sally 
Taylor. She agreed to be our Publicity 

Betty Oppel Morris '26 was having a 
serious operation, so it was decided to send 
her a gift. We decided to sell our Christmas 
paper and the Lasell wrap after the program. 

Our speaker, Mrs. Mary Johnson, spoke 
on "Fashions, Sewing, and Grooming." She 
appealed to all of us because of her frankness 
and charming personality. She had some 
illustrations of various figure types that were 
a riot. She has a studio in Bridgeport and 
Westport and travels quite often to Paris. 

The February 13th meeting was held at 
the home of Laure Stauffer Hubbell '51. She 
cordially welcomed everyone, even though 
they were about three weeks late due to sev- 
eral postponements of the date because of 

bad weather. The speaker was Mrs. Zwecker 
of the Beauty Salon Goubaud de Paris. She 
demonstrated make-up on two "victims" and 
everyone enjoyed it and her very much. 

Plans were made for our next meeting to 
be held April 10th at Sarah Taylor's. There 
will be a covered dish supper and menu as 
planned. We hope to have a guest speaker 
from school. The possibilities of a picnic at 
Charlotte Kennedy's in June were also dis- 

Those in attendance were: Joy Gustavson 
Smith '50, Joan Warriner Ryder '47, Janice 
Weyls Moore '51, Laure Stauffer Hubbell 
'51, Charlotte Gilman Kennedy '49, Dorothy 
Hagadorn Taylor '25, Sara Parsons Kenney 
'48, Sally Taylor '49, Frances Stephan How- 
ells '38, Priscilla Freeman McCartney '51, 
Lorrayne Hron Hulton '44, Judie Lanese '55, 
and Elizabeth Taylor '55. 


Mrs. Richard I. Cooper 

(Lynn Babbitt '45 ) , President 

126 E. Washington St., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Mrs. Glenn E. Guy 

(Virginia Rolfe '45 ) , Secretary 

2088 Campus Dr., Cleveland, 0. 

The Cleveland Lasell Club met at The 
Higbee Company for a luncheon meeting on 
January 19, 1957. The minutes of the No- 
vember meeting were read and approved. 
The president, Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45, 
thanked Ellen Morris Phillips '49 for send- 
ing out the cards and Gertrude Bicknell 
Harvey x-'27 for arranging for the publicity 
that was in the newspapers. Ellen read a 
letter from Lasell about the Christmas paper. 
We expect to re-order more paper in Septem- 
ber. The president read a letter from High- 
land View Hospital which thanked us for 
the gifts we sent. Helen Bogert '40 gave a 
report on the Theater Party. After an open 
discussion, it was voted that we would not 



have a project this year. Sally Ann Evans '54 
and Ellen Morris Phillips '49 were asked to 
serve as the nominating committee. It was 
also suggested that we revise our constitution. 

The president introduced our speaker, Mrs. 
Arthur B. Oday, who gave a wonderful play 
reading of "Teahouse of the August Moon." 

Those present were: Bette Hapgood '41, 
Helen Bogert '40, Ellen Morris Phillips '49, 
Gertrude Bicknell Harvey x-'27, Sally Ann 
Evans '54, Marie Engeln Pollard x-'19, Helen 
Rollins Fisher T4, Helen Ferry Babcock 
x-'ll, Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45 and Virginia 
Rolfe Guy '45. 


Mrs. Richard B. Somers 

(Jeanette Gessner '30), President 

167 Haverford St., Hamden, Conn. 

ANN H. Chidsey '54, Secretary 
25 Hepburn Rd., Hamden, Conn. 

The New Haven Lasell Club held its first 
meeting of 1957 on February 4th at the 
home of Dotty Page Kuehl '48. We had, in 
place of our regular meeting and program, a 
bridge party just within our own club. 

It was decided that this year we would not 
hold our Spring Vacation Tea for the present 
and prospective students as we did last year. 
We will, instead, plan to have our get- 
together at our annual June picnic. 

The next regular meeting of the New 
Haven Lasell Club will be on March 4th at 
the home of Naomi Peck '52. 


Mrs. Benjamin F. Ricker 
(Marguerite Mcllvain x-'29) , President 
1102 Llanfair Rd., Bala-Cynwyd, Penn. 

Mrs. Benson Weinberg 

(Ruth Kohn '52) , Rec. Secy. 

414 S. 44th St., Apt. 3A, Philadelphia, Penn. 

A small group of the Phila.-So. Jersey 
Club met at Gimbel's Club Women's Center 
on January 26, 1957, at 2:00 p.m. for cards 
and tea. 

This was the first mid-winter gathering 
and there was no formal business meeting. 

Our next meeting and luncheon will be 
held the first Saturday after Easter. At this 
time we are looking forward to a larger 
turnout, and to hear some well-known speak- 
er in the Philadelphia area. 

Those attending were: Louise Crank Gra- 
ham x-'53, Shirley Gibbons San Soucie '53, 
Jo Laughton Hopkins '28, Marion Pomeroy 
Downing x-'20, Helen W. Robson '24, Sally 
Wright '50, Jackie Word Stallings '49, and 
Ruth Kohn Weinberg '52. There were also 
seven guests. 


Elizabeth A. Sleight '53, President 
Peep Toad Rd., North Scituate, R. I. 

Virginia R. Bailey '48, Secretary 
653 Park Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. 

The year 1957 appears to be a promising 
one for the Rhode Island Lasell Club. The 
January meeting was held at the home of 
Marcia Corey Hanson '42 and the February 
meeting at the home of Joyce Maroni '56. 
Programs thus far have proven to be very 
interesting. The March meeting was held at 
the home of Donna Russo '56. 

In February, a successful food sale was 
held under the leadership of Lois Schaller 
Toegemann '50 and Jean Davies Stanley '50. 
Nancy J. Chase '53, Carol Ann Cunningham 
'55 and Elizabeth A. Sleight '53 will repre- 
sent the Rhode Island Lasell Club at the 
Alumnae Meetings in April. 

Nancy J. Chase, Chairman of the Member- 
ship Committee, urges all alumnae in this 
area to join us in our future meetings. Our 
annual meeting has been tentatively set for 
May 15 th at the Plantations Club in Provi- 

The following have attended meetings this 
year: Marion Munro Waitt '45, Nancy J. 
Chase '53, Joan Darelius Chirnside '53, Lois 
Schaller Toegemann '50, Joyce G. Maroni 
'56, Beverly J. Yaghjian '56, Mary Sweenor 
'55, Judith Gushue x-'55, Elaine Crook Ber- 
rell '52, Angela Tabellario '55, Nancy Keach 
'41, Dorothy Higson White '42, Mary Quick 
Dean '14, Jean Davies Stanley '50, Georgiana 
Taber Lawrence (H.S. '33-'35), Eleanor T. 
Munro '48, Patricia Ripley Petit '53, Carol 
Ann Cunningham '55, Marjorie Morrison 
Coburn '17, Joan C. Raymond '56, Elizabeth 
A. Sleight '53, Marilyn Weeden Davidson 
'49, Dorothy Hunt '55, Margot Moore Har- 
ley '42, Eleanor Rawson Preston '41, Donna 
Russo '56, Patricia Luchka '56, Marcia Corey 
Hanson '42, Betty Lou Foy Reid '52 and 
Virginia R. Bailey '48. 


Mrs. Roy E. Ely 

(Martha Stonebraker '45 ) , President 
112 Allen Creek Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 

Mrs. John R. Cole 

(Cynthia DeGelleke '53), Secretary 

33 Lilac Drive, Apt. 1, Rochester, N. Y. 

The Rochester Lasell Club met on January 
28, 1957, at the home of Nancy Hakala 
Simonds '49. There were 18 girls present: 
Joan Baker '55, Nancy Webb Canepa '51, 
Cynthia DeGelleke Cole '53, Martha Stone- 
braker Ely '45, Gail Finley '56, Barbara Fos- 
ter '56, Nancy Goodman '55, Lydia Gray 



'53, Barbara Harrison x-'55, Patricia Lewis 
'56, Mary Mack '55, Jeanette Marvin '54, 
Beverly Pink Reynolds '51, Nancy Hakala 
Simonds '49, Joyce Rathbun Spadone '49, 
Aileen Parrish Smith '46, Joan Stillwell 
Smith '52, Meridale Roberts Vasey '51. 

We had election of officers for 1957 and 
those elected were: President, Martha Stone- 
braker Ely '45; Vice President, Beverly Pink 
Reynolds '51; Secretary, Cynthia DeGelleke 
Cole '53; Treasurer, Nancy Webb Canepa 
'51; Program Chairman and Publicity, Joan 
Baker '55 and Barbara Foster '56. 

We are planning another tea for the pro- 
spective students in September. Our last tea 
on September 9, 1956, for the "now fresh- 
man" at Lasell was most successful and they 
all enjoyed themselves. We plan also to have 
a bridge party in the near future in hopes of 
raising money for the Club. 

Our next meeting will be held on March 
25, 1957, at Joan Stillwell Smith's ('52) 


Mrs. John W. Ryan 
(Barbara Harris '46), President 
620 Levering Ave., Westwood 

Los Angeles 24, Calif. 

Mrs. Louis A. Pipes 

(Florence Stetson '37) , Secretary 

2918 Fourth St., Santa Monica, Calif. 

The Southern California Lasell Club held 
its 47th annual meeting on March 9th in 
the beautiful Wilshire Room at Bullock's 
Wilshire in Los Angeles. After a festive 
luncheon, consisting of fruit cocktail with 
lime sherbet, chicken salad, pecan rolls, fresh 
strawberry parfait, angel food cake and coffee, 
the meeting was called to order by our presi- 
dent, Margaret Woods Brown '28. 

Each of the following 34 members who 
were present rose and introduced herself, 
giving us a short resume of herself and fam- 
ily: Helen Campbell Rousseau '98-'99, Flor- 
ence Wilber Heckler '98-'00, Ellen Chase 
Wood '02, Kate Wheldon Plumb '02, Laura 
Chase '02, Isabelle Bowers Church x-'03, 
Mary Potter McConn '05, Jean Humbird 
Dickason x-'13, Dorothy Dale Smith x-'15, 
Mamie Miller Eggers x-T5, Mary Hubbard 
Wood '20, Mildred Melgaard Rees '22, Doris 
Wilson Lehners (H.S. '25-'27), Julia Kling- 
ensmith Frey x-'28, Margaret Woods Brown 
'28, Mary McConn Maguire '29, Gail Gor- 
don Johnson '34, Esther B. Sosman '36, 
Florence Stetson Pipes '37, Marjorie Hills 
Buffington '37, Margaret Jones Howry '38, 
Doris Somerville Krom '40, Jean Bohacket 
Pegram '41, Barbara Hover Lallou '41, Ger- 
trude Ruch Kauffman '42, Helen Gilbert 
Martel '44, Frances Starr Robinson '45, Bar- 
bara Harris Ryan '46, Virginia Hall Ander- 

son '48, Martha Moyer Anson '48, Shirley 
Greenhalgh Fadley '49, Jane Alford Young 
'49, JoAnn Brooks Shaffer '50 and Judith 
Burdo Broderick '54. 

Each member contributed to the Lasell 
Alumnae Fund, and $50 was sent to Lasell. 
Although Helen Ebersole Swartzel x-'03, 
Lilian Douglass Heeb '07 and Helen Over- 
holser Towle '16 were unable to attend the 
luncheon, they, too, sent their donations 
along with their regrets. We learned from 
Lilian Heeb that Lela Goodall Thornburg 
'08 is in Florida this winter and has a very 
serious heart condition. 

Florence Wilber Heckler '98-'00 was 
awarded a gardenia corsage for being the 
oldest class member present, upon receipt of 
which she remarked, "There are some com- 
pensations for getting old!" Peg Jones Howry 
'38 received her corsage for having come the 
longest distance. A beautiful white orchid 
was won by lucky number nine, JoAnn 
Brooks Shaffer '50, after most of us had 
bought chances at 25^ a chance. All corsages 
were donated by our retiring president, Peggy 
Woods Brown '28, and all credit for such a 
unique method of increasing our donation to 
the Alumnae Fund goes to her. 

Barbara Harris Ryan '46 was elected our 
new president, and Florence Stetson Pipes '37 
will continue as secretary for another year. 

We were most happy to have such a grand 
turn-out, and hope we will all see each other 
again on May 18, 1957, at the home of 
Frances Starr Robinson '45, where we shall 
have another dessert-bridge. 


Mrs. John S. Gibbens 

(Margaret Trice x-T6) , President 

1117 Asturia Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Mrs. Carl Donaldson, Jr. 

(Bernice Silva '35), Secretary 

1490 N. E. 141st St., North Miami, Fla. 

The Yankee Clipper Hotel in Fort Lauder- 
dale was a busy place around noon on Satur- 
day, February 2nd, as Lasell girls and their 
friends met for the annual luncheon and 
business meeting of the Southern Florida 
Lasell Club. 

Among the early arrivals were President 
and Mrs. Wass, our honored guests of the 
occasion, who were welcomed by Nancie '52 
and Suzanne Shean '56, hostesses of the day. 
There were 34 in the gathering who settled 
down to the full enjoyment of food and 
scenery in a sunroom overlooking the beauti- 
ful blue water of the Atlantic. At each 
luncheon place was a clever replica of a 
Lasell canoe, complete with paddle, the hand- 
work of Ethelyn Whitney Lenzi's ('32) 



President Margaret Trice Gibbens x-'l6 
gave a complete resume of the year's work 
and presided throughout the meeting, carry- 
ing on in the same inimitable way as ever. 
She brought along, for fun, an old Lasell 
Memory Book and a school banner — shades 
of 1915! After reports and discussions, the 
group decided to hold an October meeting, 
picnic-style, as well as the regular annual 
February meeting; to have dues of two dol- 
lars a year, fifty cents of each fee to be kept 
in the club treasury and the rest to be given 
to the Building Fund earmarked for "The 
Center," a project dear to Mr. Wass's heart. 

The following officers were elected: Presi- 
dent, Margaret Trice Gibbens x-'l6; vice 
president, Nancie F. Shean '52; secretary, 
Bernice Silva Donaldson '35; treasurer, Doris 
Bohannon Plumb x-'50. Other Lasell girls 
present were: Elizabeth Robinson Breed 
x-'09, Herma Schweitzer Comstock '21, Mil- 
dred Goodall Fairbanks '10, Sara Shuttle- 
worth Houwert x-'12, Maria Riker Hume 
'09, Joan Jones '47, Bertha Hayden King '03, 
Ethelyn Whitney Lenzi '32, Jeanne Rogers 
Powell '42, Constance Peterson x-'53, Irene 
Murray Pettapiece x-'29, Marguerite Mcllvain 
Ricker x-'29, Beatrice Shuttleworth Ritter 
x-'l6, Adelaide Philbrick Sumner x-'03, 
Lelah Cones Shaffer x-'06, Suzanne Shean 
'56, Nancy Carter Salois '47, Dorothy Smith 
Stefanides '22, Viola Sullivan Sullivan '21, 
Clara Paton Suhlke '15, Betty Wells Tuttle 
'29 and Countessa Wood '37. 

It was especially gratifying to have Lasell's 
President tour down all the way from Massa- 
chusetts to be our guest speaker. He gave us 
a real insight into the progress being made at 
school in programs, activities and curriculum 
and pictured to us the modern and attractive 
developments in building and landscaping. 
His latest camera slides, unfortunately, could 
not be shown as there was no way to shut out 
enough Florida sunshine. After a short ques- 
tion period we sang a few old Lasell songs 
and wound up proudly with Alma Mater. 
There wasn't a sour note! 

Outgoing Secretary 

the grounds of the U.S. Naval Hospital in 
Bethesda, Md. This was a special occasion 
for welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Wass to Wash- 
ington so they could meet both old and new 
Lasell friends in this area. There were 23 
members and several guests present, includ- 
ing three mothers of girls now attending 
Lasell. They were: Mrs. Maxwell Scrimgeour, 
mother of Sally '58; Mrs. A. B. Hermann, 
mother of Ellen '58; and Mrs. Donald Whit- 
tam, mother of Sandy '58. Also present was 
Dr. Alexander Brooks, husband of Jeanette 
Levanthal Brooks x-'18. 

Mr. Wass gave a talk, bringing us up to 
date on Lasell's developments and future 
plans with regard to buildings and curricula. 
He also showed two reels of movies of the 
lovely campus and some of the many activi- 
ties at Lasell. A question period followed, 
and then refreshments were served. We were 
all delighted to have Mr. and Mrs. Wass 
with us. 


Mrs. Edmond J. Ahaesy 

(Betty McCarthy '53) , President 

9 Sun Valley Dr., Worcester, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert P. Wolcott 

(Margaret Smith '39) , Corres. Secy. 
25 Raymond Ave., Shrewsbury, Mass. 

A meeting was held on Tuesday evening, 
February 26th, at the home of Mary Givan 
Bath '52, 74 Monadnock Rd., Worcester. 

Plans were made for an annual banquet 
to be held in May. 

Guest speaker for the evening was Mr. 
Jonathan Cromwell, rising young television 
and motion picture actor, now attending 
Nichols Junior College. He gave a most 
interesting talk on the "Glamor of Being an 

Refreshments were served by the hostess 
and the Club's President, Betty McCarthy 
Ahaesy '53. 


Mrs. Payson B. Langley 

(Louise Pool '46) , President 

1)1 \1 Chevy Chase Lake Dr. 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Ellen P. Grover, Rec. Secy. 
601 19th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

On January 29, 1957, at 8:00 p.m., the 
Washington Lasell Club had a social evening 
at the home of Marta Aspegren Parker '27 on 


Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15 
wishes to extend her thanks to all 
those who contributed to the Bos- 
ton Club Food Sale held on Friday, 
March 1st, at Grover Cronin's in 
Waltham. As a result, $95 was added 
to the club's treasury. 





Mrs. A. D. Pierce 

(Josephine Chandler), Secretary 

10 Dexter St., Maiden, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Mary H. McDonald 1/96- 
96, in December, at the age of 83, of Du- 
buque, la. She was treasurer and later direc- 
tor of the A. Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. and 
was treasurer and a large contributor to the 
Mt. Pleasant Home in Dubuque. 


Mrs. F. F. Lamson 

( Lena Josselyn ) , Secretary 

21 Waterston Rd., Newton, Mass. 

Reunion: The Class of 1897 will celebrate 
its 60th reunion on Saturday, June 8th. 
There are no definite plans, but all classmates 
who return may meet on campus for a get- 


Reunion: The Class of 1902 will celebrate 
its 55th reunion on Saturday, June 8th. 
There are no definite plans, but all classmates 
who return may meet on campus for a get- 

Bessie Fuller Perry wrote in January that 
Georgie Duncan Seavey had been with her 
in Suffield for three weeks as well as last 
summer, and during that time Bertha War- 
ren x-'02 had come for a week, too. "Later 
Georgie and I were together for about a 
week on Squirrel Island, Me." 


In Memoriam: Elizabeth Kimball Adams 
x-'03, in December, in Haverhill. Mrs. 
Adams was the mother-in-law of Natalie 
Bartlett Adams '36 and the grandmother of 
Barbara Adams Borden '51. 


A new address for Bertha Aiken Meyers 
x-'05 is 22 School St., Tilton, N. H. 


Mrs. Harry Carlow 

(Edith Anthony), Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 


Reunion: The Class of 1907 will celebrate 
its 50th reunion on Saturday, June 8th. 
There are no definite plans, but all classmates 
who return may meet on campus for a get- 

In Memoriam: Jennie Johnson Brewster 
x-'07, on March 6th in Middlesex Memorial 
Hospital in Middletown, Conn. Jennie was 
treasurer of the Women's Auxiliary of the 
Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut. 
Her daughter is the wife of Edward R. Mur- 
row, radio and television news commentator. 


Mrs. H. D. Thornburg 

( Lela Goodall ) , Secretary 

Box 789, Sanford, Me. 


Mrs. George C. Dumas 

( Olive Bates ) , Secretary 

Box 216, Hanover, Mass. 

Many thanks to all you faithful TOers who 
send me Christmas greetings each year. I am 
so pleased to hear from you. These are notes 
from those greetings. 

Julia Crafts Sheridan is in Sarasota and 
I do hope to see her while we are in Florida. 

Marion Hale Bottomley and Mary spent 
the holidays with Anne and her husband 
and young two-year-old son. 

Julia ter Kuile Brown sent word earlier 
she had been in the hospital for surgery but 
is home now. 

Ruth Kelsey received our class Round 
Robin letter and said she found it when she 
came home from the hospital. 

Jo Woodward Rand says Lee had had an 
upset but now is slowly coming back and 
she hopes he may be out again by spring. 
We hope so, too, Jo. 

Julia Hamilton Peters was to spend her 
Christmas in Montana and then go to Cali- 
fornia until June. 

Mildred Goodall Fairbanks is in Miami 
and would like to see any 'lOers in that area. 

Mildred Snyder Grant sent greetings from 
New Orleans, Helen Hood from Palm Beach, 
and Irma Levi Levy from Birmingham. 

Sue Stryker Brown visited her sister in 
Tryon and was ill while there, but is better 
and back home now. 

Marguerite Vicary x-'lO went to Italy and 
Sicily last spring and had a fine trip. 



Mary Lumbard Courtney wrote that last 
August her sister Madge passed away. Some 
of you girls no doubt knew her. Mary hopes 
to be in Florida in March and I do hope I 
can see her and we can have a day together 
as we did last year. 

Cornelia Stone has moved from her big 
house in Kankakee to a small home she has 
bought in LaGrange Park, 111. This place is 
much nearer Chicago. Her address is 23 
Brewster Lane, LaGrange Park, 111. I am so 
glad she has a smaller place to take care of 
and Kankakee friends also live there so she 
won't be lonely. She hopes to be able to give 
lessons in weaving. 

Remember, any time I am glad to hear 
from you. 

A note from Marion Hale Bottomley in 
January says, "Very busy as Director of Vol- 
unteers at our medical center, the Mary 
Fletcher Hospital. Enjoyed our Vermont 
Lasell Club meeting — though small, it was 
very friendly and I liked the informality. 
Think Mr. and Mrs. Wass are very special." 


Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones) , Secretary 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

( Clara Parker ) , Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 

Reunion: The Class of 1912 will celebrate 
its 45 th reunion on Saturday, June 8th. 
There are no definite plans, but all classmates 
who return may meet on campus for a get- 

New Address: Winifred Whittlesey Knowl- 
ton, 935 Las Lomas, Pacific Palisades, Calif. 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

( Mary Fenno ) , Secretary 

45 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills 

Staten Island, N. Y. 


Mrs. R. R. Jenks 

(Ruth Thresher) , Secretary 

200 Sand Hill Cove Rd., Narragansett, R. I. 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

(Nell Woodward) , Secretary 
39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 

A note from Susan E. Tiffany in Decem- 
ber says, "Second winter in Central Florida, 
much fruit and many lakes hereabouts. At- 
tended Miami winter luncheon last year. 
Saw Sturdy Paton (Clara Paton Suhlke). 
We are 22 miles from Lake Wales and the 
Bok Tower." 

Evelina (Perky) Perkins was in the hos- 
pital for three weeks in February, but we 
are glad to report she is home now recuper- 

New Addresses: Evelyn Hauser Allen x-T5, 
P.O. Box 677, Winter Park, Fla. 

Florence A. Porter x-T5, 32292 Vista de 
Catalina, Three Arch Bay, South Laguna, 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker), Secretary 
79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

Eleanor McCarty Thomas was to be in the 
West Indies for the month of February so the 
Round Robin was sent along to the next few 
on the list and will go back to Eleanor after 
she is home again. 

A letter from Rose Baer Trexler x-T6 in 
February says, "I was elected the North- 
eastern District Vice President of the Penn- 
sylvania State Federation of Women's Clubs 
in Harrisburg at the convention last May and 
it is keeping me much too busy. I have thir- 
teen counties with over 120 clubs and almost 
thirteen thousand women. Believe me, I am 
already looking forward to spring 1958 when 
I can turn over my books to someone else. 
It's tremendously interesting and I always 
have loved meeting people and I do like to 
have an outside interest, but this takes me 
away at the least over thirty days a year and 
that is a bit more than I appreciate since my 
husband has not been too well this past year. 
I often wish I knew the Lasell girls, old and 
new, in my district. It would be nice if I 
could do some Lasell work with my Federa- 
tion work." Mrs. Trexler's address is 158- 
11th St., Lehighton, Pa. 

A note from Edna Christensen Beckwith 
x-T6 in February tells us, "Am the proud 
grandmother of six — two grandsons and 
four granddaughters. My married daughter 
lives in Buffalo, N. Y., a married son lives 
in Glencoe, 111., my youngest son, just out 
of the Army, is taking a post-graduate course 
at the University of Denver. My husband 
and I sail from San Francisco on February 



26th to see what the other side of the world 
looks like — New Zealand and Australia. 
Expect to see Billie Brix Spangler '15 in Los 

New Address: Gertrude Baker Davis, c/o 
C. E. Spencer, Greenhouse Blvd., West Hart- 
ford, Conn. 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd) , Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. 

Reunion: The Class of 1917 will celebrate 
its 40th reunion on Saturday, June 8th. 


Mrs. Carl L. Eaton 

( Mildred Cary ) , Secretary 
5 Grove St., Winchester, Mass. 

Special Announcement: The Alumnae Office 
is pleased indeed to announce that Mildred 
Cary Eaton has accepted the office of secre- 
tary for the Class of 1918. Now we hope all 
'18ers will back her by sending news to her! 
Mildred writes, "After reading Dot Barnes 
Paine's inquiry about news of our class and 
also the message asking for a volunteer secre- 
tary, I could not resist offering my humble 
services and will try to do my best to fill the 
office. Will all of you nice classmates please 
do your bit and send me news of yourselves, 
your family and your correct address? You 
know, next year, 1958, we shall have our 
40th reunion. Sounds horrible, doesn't it? 
But I find that as the years go along the 
friends of our youth mean a great deal to us 
and, if we could all get together in June 
1958, I am sure it would be fun to pick up 
our friendships just where we left off in 
June 1918. Think it over — you have a 
year in which to make your plans to come 

In February, Helen Smith Stone wrote, 
"After living for 31 years in the house we 
built here in Forest Hills, we are moving 
to New Canaan, Conn. We will be nearer 
our married children — son Richard in 
Poughkeepsie and daughter Eleanor in Bris- 
tol. Our son Andrew is a freshman at Dart- 
mouth." Helen's address is Bickford Lane, 
New Canaan, Conn. 

Grace Tredway Davies is a housemother 
in a girl's dormitory at Ohio State University 
for the second year. 


59 Ripley Rd., Cohasset, Mass. 


Mrs. S. S. Cline 

(Eleanor Thompson) , Secretary 

Amenia, N. Y. 

The Class extends sympathy to Lillian G. 
Grant whose father, Walton W. Grant, died 
on January 18th at the age of 87, in Man- 
chester, Conn. Lillian has been officially as- 
sociated with her father in the real estate 
business in Hartford since 1950, and she will 
carry on the business under the name Walton 
W. Grant Agency. Her father had been in 
the real estate field since 1910, and she was 
secretary to the state librarian until 1950, 
at which time she retired from that position 
to become associated with her father, carrying 
out a plan of long standing. Lillian has pre- 
sented many programs throughout the state 
of Connecticut as a dramatic recitalist and 
also had studios in Hartford and Manchester 
in teaching the art of the spoken word. She 
is a member of the Center Congregational 
Church of Manchester, the Connecticut Val- 
ley Lasell Club and the Hartford chapter of 
the National Secretaries Association. She is 
an active member of the Manchester Real 
Estate Board, a member of the Hartford 
board, as well as State and National affiliates. 
She is also a member of the broker group of 
those boards. The Walton W. Grant Agency 
in the Andrews Building, 63 East Center St., 
Manchester, will continue to specialize in the 
sale of homes, city and country, and farms. 

Muriel James Morrison writes that her 
two daughters are graduates of Connecticut 
College for Women and are married, and she 
now has six grandchildren. Her husband is 
now president of the Mason Neilan Co., Div. 
of Worthington Corp. in Norwood, Mass. 
One daughter, Joanne, is living in West- 
wood, Mass., and the other, Nancy, is living 
in Salem, O. Muriel's address is "Appletree," 
New London, N. H. 

A newspaper clipping in January informs 
us that Seaman Robert E. Fuller, son of 
Betty Stephens Fuller, has been assigned to 
Boston, Mass., after furlough at home. He 
joined the Navy in October and completed 
basic training at Bainbridge, Md. 


Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett), Secretary 

130 Reservoir Rd., Wollaston, Mass. 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering) , Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford, Mass. 



Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty), Assistant 

315 San Juan Rd., Watsonville, Calif. 

Reunion: The 35th reunion of the Class of 
1922 will be held on Saturday, June 8th, at 
The Pillar House, at the junction of Rts. 16 
and 128, in Newton Lower Falls, at 12:30 

Other News: In December, Louise Wey- 
mouth Thompson sent us a clipping and 
picture of the wedding of her daughter, Sally, 
last June 30th. The two bridesmaids were 
Barbara Anderson and Judy Neilson, and all 
three girls were classmates and roommates of 
the Class of '56. Another classmate who 
helped with the serving was Eleanor Cran- 


19 Owatonna St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Mrs. "Wilder N. Smith 

(Antoinette Meritt) , Assistant 

15 Miles Dr., Quincy, Mass. 

A note to Helen Perry '24 from Louise 
Orr Daniels x-'23 says, "Last November 7th 
we celebrated our 25 th wedding anniversary 
and went over to New York for a week, went 
sightseeing, shopping, and to several shows, 
ate at nice places and even went dancing. 
Had a glorious time. This summer we are 
planning a trip west. We plan to go to Min- 
nesota and then up into Canada, Lake Louise, 
etc., to Vancouver, and on to Seattle where 
we will visit my cousin for a while, then to 
California where we have lots of friends. We 
are going to be at La Mesa, and, after reading 
Esther Palmer Dwinell's ('24) letter in the 
LEAVES, think 'Pinkie' must live not too far 
from there, so I thought I might call her and 
drop in to see her for a chat." Louise's ad- 
dress is 350 High St., Winchendon, Mass. 

From Esther Palmer Dwinnell '24 we have 
learned that "Pinkie" Puckett Neill's address 
is: 410 Goldenrod Ave., Corona del Mar, 


Mrs. E. C. M. Stahl 

(Edith Clendenin), Secretary 
Paeonian Springs, Va. 

Helen B. Perry, Assistant 
172 Porter St., Melrose, Mass. 

Dorothy Ballou Collier wrote in Decem- 
ber, "In July we spent a week in Maine and 
in October we took our annual trip to Canada 
for a couple of weeks, and enjoyed every 

minute of it. We saw a wonderful Canadian 
Horse Show in which 32 Royal Canadian 
Mounted Police performed. It was very 
colorful with the red coats and black horses. 
Also spent a few days in the Laurentians." 


Mrs. George E. Sprague 

(Helen Black), Co-Secretary 

31 Van Brunt Ave., Dedham, Mass. 

Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing), Co-Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 

Sally Barnum Maurer x-'25 sent a note 
in January saying, "A daughter, Sally Joan, 
25 years, was married this early spring. A 
son, Fred, 24 years, was married this month. 
I've been married 27 years to a practicing 
dentist in San Francisco, Calif. Still a soft 
spot for Lasell!" Her address is 550 Spruce 
St., San Francisco, Calif. 


Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 

(Mariesta Howland) , Secretary 
415 Crestwood Dr., Peoria, 111. 

A note from Dot Denney Edge tells us 
that last fall, "our giant (185 lbs.) 17 -year- 
old Peter," was a Laurel High School tackle. 
As most of the weather was "dewy," her 
assignment was washing a red clay, nylon 
football uniform every Saturday, plus jersey 
pads and four pairs of blue and white socks 
(one inside the other). She says "the colors 
are 'Lasell' but, so help me, the clay is im- 
possible." Daughter Denney is 13 and a 
freshman, and she was disappointed about 
reunion. "I had promised to bring her to 
Auburndale, but pneumonia and pleurisy 
laid me low for almost two months (I am 
allergic to 'dampness,' of all things, and 
when it always rains, well — !!)." 

In March the following letter came from 
Luanna Eyler Crane x-'26, "We have moved 
to Chapel Hill, and I am building a home. 
My daughter is going to the University of 
North Carolina this fall, and my son is in 
preparatory school in Asheville, N. C, so we 
decided to live closer to headquarters, so to 
speak. I am staying at the Carolina Inn until 
the new house is ready, which I hope will be 
by April 1st, and then the new address will 
be 311 Granville Rd., Estes Hills, Chapel 
Hill, N. C. Frankly, I am rather happy to 
leave the glitter and whirl of Miami Beach. 
I like the friendliness of Chapel Hill very 

Charlotte Russell Morrison has recently 
moved to Providence, R. I. After January 



15th her address was to be 134 Irving Ave., 
Providence. In December she and Betty Day 
Bracken met for lunch in Providence at Mar- 
garet Beck Hamlin's home and had "a midget 
reunion." They're looking for other class- 
mates in the vicinity for another get-together! 
A new address for Sallie Whitis Price 
x-'26 is Box 156, Lansing, Mich. 

As I write I have just returned from eight 
days in New York (El and I flew east for 
a "breather" from civic problems! ) and, 
while we were luxuriating at the Waldorf 
Astoria, we had marvelous reunions with 
Babs Aspegren Engstrom x-'26, newly ar- 
rived from Stockholm for six weeks in the 
States, and Nadine Strong James, her hus- 
band, Ford, and their beauteous daughter, 
Claire. Since our main interest in the trip 
centered more on seeing old friends even 
than opera, concerts, theatre and shops, it 
was tremendous fun meeting Babs and ex- 
ploring a Pakistani restaurant together (she 
was soon to take off for Norfolk, Va., to 
Marta Aspegren Parker's ('27) home, Sunny 
Court, for a family wedding) and spending 
a cocktail and dinner hour with Nadine and 
family at 40 Fifth Ave. Babs, though wid- 
owed, is as beautiful and gallant as ever; 
amazingly fluent in English, and very happy 
over her new "grandmotherhood" to the 
year-old babe of her daughter, Osa (married 
to a Stockholm doctor) ; and, though winding 
up her affairs in America, plans to return for 
a visit two years from now. 

All of '26 must remember the color and 
vivacity of Nadine and it was a joy to dis- 
cover that she is as stunning and delightful 
as ever. She and Ford are devotees of the 
island of Barbados and they had both re- 
turned from a flight to that paradise, with 
young Claire due to take off for the same 
place with her husband very soon. Nadine 
is an "aficionado" of orchids and lilies, and 
the New York apartment was full of rare 
varieties blooming happily in crystal bub- 
bles. (She "spoiled" me by sending me to 
my westbound plane with a bronze orchid 
on my shoulder.) Charity work, flower cul- 
ture and voracious reading fill her days. We 
all wound up at Luchow's that night with 
hilarious reminiscing! 

My further excursions in New York were 
pretty typical — not ONE sally into a Fifth 
Ave. shop — but attendance at the Phil- 
harmonic Symphony where Francescatti was 
soloist, and a grand reunion with him after 
his performance; a gala party with Quillian, 
Eleanor Steber's opera coach, and his insist- 
ence on our seeing the New York premiere 
of a Poulenc opera-bouffe, "Les Mamelles de 
Tiresias," where we rejoiced in the Metro- 
politan star, Martial Singher, and Denise 
Duval, the Parisienne who had created the 
role at the Paris Opera Comique; two Broad- 

way plays and experiments conducted on all 
the "gourmet" restaurants which are such 
fun for those of us who love exotic cuisine; 
and meetings with my bridesmaid and many 
other old friends. We went so furiously for 
the eight days that we were willing to return 
to our knotty civic problems — I to School 
Budgets and Policy Meetings, El to political 

Our Christmas was very much like yours 
and yours and yours — we were thrilled to 
have our "young fry" home from school: 
Maris from Ferry Hall in Lake Forest, 111., 
where she's busy as a bee taking College 
Boards, supervising the student government, 
racing to Glee Club, basketball, Swim Club 
and prep school proms; Prescott from Lake 
Forest Academy where basketball vies with 
studies (!) — and yet we never did get 
"caught up" with ourselves. I was up to my 
old tricks, taking on fine arts projects besides 
my public office; I narrated and stage-directed 
a Chamber Opera recital for the Musical 
Club of the city and had a lot of fun with 
the young singers, working out an "impres- 
sionistic" presentation. Springtime will be 
spent on house-refurbishing and a possible 
trip with the "younkers" to Washington, 
D. C, and Williamsburg, Va., during their 
spring vacation — and then will come the 
inevitable preparations for Scituate, Mass.! 
Write me there! 

Final "fill-in" from your Life Secretary: 
I recorded (very modestly, I assure you!) 
a radio interview with our Station WIRL 
here as one of the "Sixteen Outstanding 
Women of Peoria" — a series directed by 
the local Association of American University 
Women — and it was broadcast in March 
as part of that series, with me reading por- 
tions of my poetry. 

As wind-up: a telephone call to Madeleine 
Roth White, whose white Southern Colonial 
home is a precise two miles from my white 
Federal home, elicits the information that of 
her two tall sons, Curtis is in merchandising 
at gargantuan Caterpillar Tractor Co. here 
and Billy is a senior at Bradley University. 
Rothie also informs me that Peggy Matthews 
is still Alumni Officer for Bowdoin College 
and taking a Florida vacation this winter; 
and Phyllis Bridger Leathers is also in Flor- 
ida, supervising a cottage-trailer community 
at Boynton Beach, in keeping with the 
Bridger hotel tradition. Selah! 


Mrs. David Rosen 
(Rosalie Brightman) , Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

Reunion: Although it is now March, you 
will not be reading this until May. By this 



time I hope all are planning to return on 
June 8th for our wonderful 30th reunion. 
Cards have been sent to all and, I hope, re- 
turned promptly with an affirmative answer. 
Even if you hadn't planned on coming, 
change your mind now and do come. The 
reunion luncheon will be held at the Simp- 
son House, 1114 Beacon St., Newton Centre, 
which is very near Lasell. 

Not much news — the cupboard is quite 
bare. I've just returned from a trip to Vara- 
dero, Cuba, a most delightful resort where 
the climate seems perfect during our New 
England winter months and the beach deserv- 
ing of the title "one of the most beautiful 
in the world." 

I did have a note from Lucy Field Wild- 
man which tells that the "Wildmans are fine 
and now grandparents with a three-months- 
old granddaughter, Judith Gale, a Lasell 
prospect we hope!" 

Am sure you're all saving news for the 
reunion, so come and let's have the merriest 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham, Mass. 

A note from Evelyn Ladd Rublee in Janu- 
uary says, "As to my family, my daughter, 
Cynthia, is a senior at Beverly Hospital in 
Beverly, Mass. My oldest boy is out of the 
Army and at home for the present. My 
'baby,' Beach, is thirteen and will be a 
freshman in high school next year. I do 
hope to get out to Lasell sometime this year 
when I go to visit my daughter." 


Mrs. Allan Van De Mark 

(Phyllis Beck), Secretary 
28 Maple St., Lockport, N. Y. 

Tiny Adams Neal tells us, "I am substi- 
tute-teaching quite a bit, going through 
homework, music lessons, and a three-ring 
circus to get my two up and on the school 
bus at 7:45 a.m." Her address is R.F.D. No. 
1, Colchester, Conn. 

We hear from Marguerite Mcllvain Ricker 
x-'29 that she is spending the winter in 


Mrs. Reginald W. Holt 

( Helen Roberts ) , Secretary 

101 Hope St., Stamford, Conn. 

Mrs. Richard F. Murray 
(Corinne Cowdrey) , Assistant 
748 Webster St., Needham, Mass. 


Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

( Karin Eliasson ) , Secretary 

The Black House, Ellsworth, Me. 

1956 Reunion News: To us of the Class of 
1931, we had changed "not a bit," just 
couldn't believe that twenty-five whole years 
had passed since that rainy June day when 
we bade farewell at the Crow's Nest, BUT, 
to those who KNEW better, upon our arrival 
in Auburndale on a Friday night in June, 
1956, we "girls" of '31 were informed that 
the "infirmary" was the place chosen for us 
to stay during our reunion week end, and, 
furthermore, your class secretary was as- 
signed to the "isolation" wing! 

This dampened our spirits not the slight- 
est; actually, we were so grateful to be able 
to stay on campus, we loved and enjoyed 
every single minute. 

Again winning the honor of having come 
the longest distance was our beautiful May 
Queen, Ruthie Rohe Smith, who flew with 
her lovely daughter, Jackie, now seventeen, 
from Westminster, Colo., leaving her son, 
Bob, now in college, keeping the home fires 
burning with Father John. Ruthie came in 
from North Attleboro with her "roomies," 
Ginnie Riley Richardson and Betty Condit 
Kessel, who had flown east from Chicago 
and looked, truly, as sweet and charming 
as ever. Ginnie's son, Charles, had just an- 
nounced his engagement, and our Ginnie 
looked as happy and as excited as the bride- 
to-be; Betty's two daughters are fifteen and 
eleven and as beautiful as their mother. 

Ruth Bee Jackson, looking most chic, 
drove up from Old Greenwich, Conn., and 
Ruth Ann Nicolette Lander traveled all 
night from Binghamton, N. Y., to join us 
for luncheon. Her son, Bruce, is eight. 

Flying in from Pennsylvania were Jane 
Hupman Preston and Lenna Lyon Hill. Jane 
for the last two years has been studying nu- 
trition and organic gardening, makes her 
own whole grain bread and even churns her 
own butter from raw milk, and looked the 
picture of health — think she should offer a 
correspondence course to her Lasell pals. In 
a recent message from Lenna, she tells of 
their adopting a beautiful little blue-eyed 
blonde girl. Congratulations, Lenna, just 
can't think of any finer news. 

Ever-faithful Marjorie Magune Curtis came 
in from Worcester and gave us fine reports of 
her three children; and dear Sarah Fletchall 
come from Northampton, Mass., where she 
is now inspector at the Kollmorgen Optical 

Frances Kearby Bon now from Bethesda, 
Md., and Louise Roberts Stephenson from 
Grosse Isle, Mich., joined Libby Bear De- 



Staebler in Manhasset, N. Y., and drove up 
from there together, stopping in Madison, 
Conn., to see "Brownie," (Dorothy Brown 
Kessel) who had hoped to be able to come, 
too, but was prevented from doing so at the 
last minute. Libby, Fran, and Louise looked 
just wonderful; Libby's son is seventeen, and 
her daughters, sixteen and eleven; Fran's 
little Kearby is five and through the years, 
Fran has done outstanding volunteer work 
for the American Red Cross; she was re- 
cently appointed a consultant in the Office 
of Volunteers at National Headquarters. 
Breaks my heart that we were leaving the 
Bethesda area just as she was arriving there, 
but I wager we will return. Louise's fine 
children are daughters, thirteen and nine, 
and a son, five. 

Dotha Warner Jope from Wethersfield, 
Conn., and Ruth Gerry Means from Green- 
wood, Mass., arrived as petite and lively as 
"five times five" years ago. Ruthie had her 
oldest lovely daughter, who is in college, with 
her, and she has another daughter twelve and 
a son sixteen. SONS — am still looking so 
hard for one, that it does seem that some 
Lasell friend could spare "one." Dotha's 
family includes two sons, seventeen and 
eighteen, and a daughter, eleven. 

Mim Abbe Fowler came up from her 
charming spot at North Truro, on Cape Cod, 
where she and her husband have delightful 
cottages for rent; Charlene Rollins Ewing, 
who has sons twenty and fourteen, came in 
from Scituate, Mass.; Clara Giarla Albiani 
from Chelsea; Blair Whittier Shepardson 
from Sherborn where she and her husband 
are restoring their 1675 saltbox; Mildred 
Bell Cole from Westwood, who has daugh- 
ters sixteen and thirteen; and Helen Sears 
Patterson, our dear and lovely bride from 

From East Braintree came our loyal Fran 
Wheeler Sawyer with our table decorations 
and place cards. Fran's Janet is sixteen, Tom 
fourteen, and in July Fran had "our class 
baby," a handsome son. 

Miss Mac dropped by briefly at our lunch- 
eon at the Hotel Beaconsfield where the 
moments passed all too quickly, after which 
we returned to school for the crowning of 
the queen, a reception, and the Alumnae 

In addition to those of us who were able 
to return in person, we received so many 
thoughtful, grand messages from classmates 
who were with us in thoughts and spirits. 
Dorothy Curtis Ashworth and Ann Louise 
Houlihan wired from Berlin, N. H.; Helen 
Schaack had hoped to come from Engle- 
wood, N. J.; Ginny Hinshaw Wilks had 
recently moved from Chicago back to her 
home town, Kansas City, Mo., so wrote that 
her spirit would be "haunting" us that day 
of reunion for she wanted so very much 

to be with us. Her older daughter is a 
sophomore at the University of Colorado 
and her younger daughter graduates from 
high school this year. 

Dottie Peabody Lesher wrote from Hat- 
boro, Penn., that she was recovering from 
a third ear operation at the time of reunion, 
but is feeling just fine now. Ruth Tilley, 
now co-owner of a lingerie shop in Win- 
chester, hoped to be with us, as did Dottie 
Wickham Marquis of Middletown, N. Y., 
but Dottie's husband is Music Director of the 
Public Schools in Middletown and Com- 
mencement time is their busiest time of 
year. Dottie and Connie Witham Page met 
in New York in January and had a real 
"talk fest" reunion. Connie sent all of '31 
her very best, too, and wished so she might 
be with us. 

Rain Lombard Roberts from Saco, Me., 
and Pearl Thompson Hasey from Bangor, 
Me., tried hard to be with us in person 
as did Margie Middleton Hebert from Cov- 
entry Centre, R. I., and Eunice Stack O'Con- 
nor from Milford, Conn. 

We received wonderful messages, also, 
from Jean Bogardus Burrill in Fargo, 
N. Dak.; Mary Morgan Yarnell in Costa 
Mesa, Calif.; Mary Jane McMillen Crowe 
x-'31 in Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Emily Mulford 
Perkins in Fryeburg, Me.; Marguerite Young 
Austin x-'31 in Elmira, N. Y.; Natalie 
Whitaker Spalding x-'31 in Bethesda, Md., 
whom I enjoyed so very much while we 
were living there; Lucienne Blanchard Ap- 
pleby from Skowhegan, Me.; Marion E. 
Johnson x-'31 from Pearl River, N. Y.; and 
Nancy Cowgill x-'31 from Wabash, Ind. 

It was truly a memorable week end from 
beginning to end. Although Lasell's cam- 
pus had changed in many ways, and all in 
the way of advancement and improvement, 
still that same spirit of friendliness, dignity, 
and charm prevailed and made us again 
grateful for the many happy hours we were 
privileged to spend there. My best to you 
all from "down in Maine" and please keep 
me posted on news of you all so that we 
may share it through the LEAVES. 

During Christmas vacation, Miss June 
Babcock (Lat. & Engl. '42-'55, Asst. Dean 
'55- ), Miss Elinor Hoag (Engl. '28- ), 
and Miss Elizabeth Smith (Dietitian '47- ) 
stopped en route to Florida to call on Mildred 
Fischer Langworthy in Annapolis, Md. They 
report that Mildred's son is in prep school 
and he has a presidential appointment to 
Annapolis as a result of some competitive 
exams he took! 

An article in the Ridgewood, N. J., Her- 
ald-News in January informs us that Brice 
A. Eldridge, husband of Ruth Hehner x-'31, 
has become president of Hackensack's oldest 
bank, the Hackensack Trust Co. 



A note to Miss Beede from Agatha Can- 
field at Christmas time says, "I had thought 
I would be around for my 25 th reunion, but 
my outdoor activities keep me tied to the 
good earth. Someday I will return again. 
Have a successful 'Country Fare' Shop on 
Route 7 in Sheffield, Mass. ... I have a 
cunning house in Sheffield. Am well, de- 
spite the years passing!" We gather Agatha's 
address is still Canaan, Conn, (just across 
the state line from Sheffield ) . 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katharine Hartman), Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 

Reunion: The 25 th reunion of the Class of 
1932 will be held on Saturday, June 8th, 
at The Simpson House, 1114 Beacon St., 
Newton Centre. 

Other News: An item in the Boston Herald 
in February comments, "Natalie Park of Bel- 
mont, active for many years in sports around 
Boston, has just announced her retirement 
from lacrosse. Miss Park was a member of 
the Boston Women's Lacrosse Team 17 years, 
was on the United States Team three years 
and on the U. S. Reserve Team six times. 
Besides lacrosse, Nat was an outstanding 
field hockey player and is well known in 
badminton circles. She is, at present, on the 
physical education department faculty at 
The Winsor School." 

In February, Elinor Small Domina wrote, 
"Expect to be there in June for our 25th. 
Anne (x-'57) is doing very well at New 
England Baptist Hospital and loves it. Both 
Cleo and I feel Lasell put her on her feet." 

A new address for Jane Grant Hibbeler is 
4718 Palisade, Houston, Tex. 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

(Ruth Stafford), Secretary 

31 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. E. H. Place 

( Barbara Edmands ) , Secretary 

27 Hancock Hill Dr., Worcester, Mass. 

Special Note: Our 25th reunion is next 
June (1958). Please do plan to come. 

Other news: Bunny Bardua Childs writes, 
"These are happy and busy days for us all. 
In the past I have been very active in the 
League of Women Voters, but at present 
I am clerk of our church and that, along 
with the many activities of the children, 
keeps me quite on the go. Russ and I had 

Colin Robert (1), son of Roberta 
Morrill Buchanan '35 

a wonderful trip out to the Coast in Novem- 
ber and got some wonderful pictures of 
Yosemite and the Grand Canyon." 

Lasell had a visitor on January 23rd — 
Doris Shehadi, who said she hadn't been 
on campus for 15 years! She was on a com- 
bination business and pleasure trip, "at the 
moment, it's pleasure. I am still in the linen 
business and if your travels ever take any 
of you Lasellites to Franconia, N. H., dur- 
ing the summer, please stop in my shop 
and say hello." Her present address is 306 
Goodrich Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Mrs. R. A. Massey 

( Roberta Davis ) , Secretary 

975 Mohegan, Birmingham, Mich. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett), Assistant 
Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

Marjorie Jones Hopkins writes, "Still busy 
and active in civic affairs here in Essex. Three 
children growing fast. Hope to enter my 
15 -year-old daughter in Lasell soon." 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

( Barbara King ) , Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

( Barbara Ordway ) , Assistant 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, Mass. 



Harriet Colwell Reeves '35, husband Bob, Ann (Lasell '58), 
Alice (10), and Kathryn (almost 3) 

twins Nancy and 

Madeline Kelley Moran x-'35 has recently 
returned from a three-week South Ameri- 
can cruise on the Santa Sofia. Her husband, 
Bob, and son, Bob Jr., accompanied her. 
Madeline says, "It surely seemed wonderful 
to sit in the hot sun in December and to be 
in swimming on Christmas morning." Her 
new address is 5 Humphrey St., Simsbury, 

New Addresses: Marjorie Bouvier Reed, 
108 Dorado, Ridgecrest, Calif. 

Martha Parsons Lindsay, 3527-20th St. 
North, St. Petersburg, Fla. 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

( Audrey Smith ) , Secretary 

51 Beverly Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 

The Class extends sympathy to Jane 
Arend Durbin whose brother, an officer in 
the Air Force, was killed in a plane crash 
in Florida this winter. He and his wife and 
two children lived in Homestead, Fla. Jane's 
present address is 452 Woodward St., Waban, 

Gerre Andrews has a new position with 
the New England Trust Co. where she is 
a buyer of municipal bonds. 

In January, Bili Baxter Perkins wrote 
from Sarasota, Fla., "I suppose it's mean of 
me to write we're running around in shorts 
in 70° weather here. And, frankly, I don't 
miss the snow and cold one bit. This com- 
ing February we will have lived here the 
year round now for three years. We find 
many Northerners coming down in the sum- 
mer and are amazed at how cool and comfort- 
able it is here. Of course, we are right on 
the beach on the Gulf of Mexico and that 
makes a difference. . . . Have indulged in a 
bit of poetry writing and last year had sev- 
eral published. Had my first of this year 
published this week." 

Priscilla Hay Nichols and family have 
moved to North Haven, Conn., where her 
address is 38 Vista Rd. 

Ginny Johnston Loud is at home from 
the Newton- Wellesley Hospital recuperating 
from major surgery and is looking forward 
to a trip to Florida in March. 

Ruth Koritzky Kopelman wrote in Jan- 
uary, "Have three sons. The twins are 18 
years old and freshmen in college — Arie is 
at Johns Hopkins University and David is 
at Harvard. Bobby is four years old and 
we like to think of him as an extra dividend." 

Peg Pearl Ide keeps busy as local li- 
brarian and school lunch manager in addition 
to caring for her family. Tim is a senior 



in high school, Bill a sophomore, Mary in 
4th grade, and Robin in kindergarten. 

Adelaide Seeley Bull's daughter, Betsy, is 
a freshman at the University of Wisconsin. 

Esso Sosman writes that she has been pro- 
moted and made an officer at the Central 
Federal Savings and Loan Association in San 
Diego with title of Controller (or Comptrol- 
ler, if you prefer), which means her name 
gets painted on the front door! 

Deb York had a wonderful trip to Cal- 
ifornia last September where she visited her 
brother in Orinda. En route she saw Mar- 
jorie Bassett MacMillan in Chicago and 
Adelaide Seeley Bull in Neenah, Wis., and 
also had a visit with Esso in San Diego. 

A new address for Janice Shutter Grant 
is 8 Harvard Rd., Andover, Mass. 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

(Louise Tardivel), Secretary 
50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass. 

Reunion: The 20th reunion of the Class of 
1937 will be held on Saturday, June 8th, at 
the new. home of Louise Tardivel Higgins, 
50 Aspen Ave., in Auburndale. 

Other News: A note to Miss Beede from 
Rae Salisbury Richards informs us, "On 
reading the LEAVES I found I had three chil- 
dren, all boys, named Roy, Joe and Scott. 
The truth of the matter is I have three chil- 
dren called Roslyn (10), James, Jr., called 
Jae (as in Rae) (8), and my 2 Yi -year-old 
called Scott Salisbury. . . . I'll be back for my 
20th this June! The class prophecy was 
finally fulfilled as I'm up to my ears in most 
all community affairs. Predominant is my 
third year as president of the Trefoil Club, 
the mothers' service group of the Girl 
Scouts of White Plains. Was billed as 'Belle 
of the Music Hall' in the entr' actes of the 
church play, etc., PTA, Community Chest, 
Women's Club, bridge club, Queen of the 
Diapers, etc. So it goes. Looking forward 
to seeing you in June." 

New Addresses: Marjorie Gilbert Wiggin, 
18520 2nd N. W., Seattle 77, Wash. 

Ann Robertson Miller, 230 Henderson 
Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 


Mrs. R. R. Peters 

(Virginia Wilhelm), Secretary 

2316 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard), Assistant 

Box N, Humarock, Mass. 

Born: To Eleanor Ayers Ware, a son, Kim 
Gregory, on June 22, 1956. (Don't miss 


Kim (3J/2 mos.), son of Eleanor Ayers 
Ware '38 

the accompanying picture of him! ) Eleanor 
writes, "I've been so busy, I've neglected 
many things. Kim's arrival is quite an event 
for us as our two daughters, Sherry and 
Pam, are 14 and 9 years old." 

New Address: Eva Lowry Skinner, 33 Old 
Billerica Rd., Bedford, Mass. 


Mrs. Eugene L. Cushman, III 

( Ruth Shepard ) , Secretary 

16 Shore Ave., Eastern Pt., Groton, Conn. 

Special Notice: The Alumnae Office is de- 
lighted to announce that Ruth (Kupe) 
Shepard Cushman has agreed to take on the 
job of secretary of the Class of 1939. So 
now is the time for all you gals to sit down 
and write to her giving the news about your- 
selves so she can pass the word along to your 
classmates in the LEAVES. It's been so long 
since we've heard from so many of you, we 
know you must have something to report! 
If Kupe is willing to do the job, you should 
be willing to do your part to back her up! 
We'll look for news from YOU in the next 

Married: Frances I. Shepard to Lester W. 
Pilkington. Their address is 384 South Main 
St., Mansfield, Mass. 

Other News: A note from Margaret Fish 
McElrath in March enclosed the accompany- 



Sheryl Joy (9) and Ronald Price (5), 
children of Margaret Fish McElrath '39 

ing picture of her two, Sheryl and Ronald, 
taken at Christmas. "Virginia Hall Warren 
'36 is a near neighbor and keeps busy with 
her five children." 

New Address: Carolyn Barron Hackendahl, 
3322 Fairfax Dr., San Bernardino, Calif. 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper), Secretary 

32 Rumford St., West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 
(Ruth Sullivan), Assistant 

17 Hemlock Rd., 
Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

New Addresses: Dorothy Davis Williams, 
710 Seminary Ave., Baltimore 4, Md. 

Florence Ross Summer hays, 1211 Crit- 
tenden Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

(Janet Jansing) , Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Pa. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 
65 Ralph Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Born: To Jane Smith Davis x-'4l, a son, 
Peter Carl, on February 22, 1957. Jane is 
a psychologist at Perkins School for the 
Blind in Watertown, Mass., and she and her 
husband live on the campus there. 

Other News: Natalie Ashton Blake writes, 
"The Blakes have been tenting on their lake 
lot summers." Natalie's three daughters are: 
Diana Jean, Bonnie Sue and Jennifer Eliza- 
beth, who are 13, 11 and 5 years old, re- 

Berna Bishop Richards' mother has been 
visiting her in Japan. While Mrs. Bishop 
was there they were planning to take a trip 
to Hong Kong. 

In September, Gert Fischer traveled to 
Norway, Sweden and Denmark with mem- 
bers of the Connecticut Chapter of the Amer- 
ican Society of Travel Agents. The purpose 
of the trip was to learn firsthand the tour- 
ist facilities and attractions of Scandinavia. 

Mildred Lane Shapiro writes, "I'm a con- 
firmed Texan now. Have been here 11 years. 
Would love to have been at the reunion." 

New Addresses: Susan Cairoli Peck, 9 
Crossley Ct., Black Point, Niantic, Conn. 

Mary Sawyer Philpott, 539 Lawrence Ave., 
Westfield, N. J. 

Rhoda Stafford, 620 Madison Ave., Al- 
bany, N. Y. 


Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley) , Secretary 

4712 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
1784 Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Reunion: The 15th reunion for the Class of 
1942 will be held on Saturday, June 8th, at 

Sarah (7J/^), daughter of Fern Drum- 
heller Nye '41 (son David is now 11) 



The Pillar House, at the junction of Rts. 16 
and 128, in Newton Lower Falls. 

Born: To Shirley Armstrong Blount, a sec- 
ond daughter, Beverly Ann, on September 1, 

1956. They live at 36 Hampton Knolls Rd., 
Holyoke, Mass. 

To Marion Beers Jamieson, a fourth child, 
John, Jr., on February 22, 1956. 

To Elizabeth Hutchison Buttrick, a daugh- 
ter, Katherine Elizabeth, on January 21, 

1957. They have a new home on Cove Neck 
Rd., Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y. Elizabeth wrote, 
"The two boys just love her (Kathy) to 

Linda (9), Ronald (6"/ 2 ), Judith (3) 

and John, Jr. (8 mos.), children of 

Marion Beers Jamieson '42 (taken Oct., 


Other News: Barbara Edwards Percival and 
her family are still overseas. She writes, "We 
hope to be home in July but I'm afraid we 
won't make it in time for our 15 th reunion. 
We have three children: Bronson, eight, 
Jonathan, seven, and Sally, four." 

Helen Keenan Centlivre x-'42 has a son 
and three daughters, ranging in age from IV2 
to 2. They have a new home at 4912 Old 
Mill Rd., Fort Wayne, Ind. Helen is hoping 
to return for the 15 th reunion. 

Doris Leach Almeida writes, "During our 
holiday at the Tides, Reedington Beach, Fla., 
my husband, son Lance, and yours truly had 
the pleasure of entertaining Rosemary Vin- 
cent Shirley and meeting her husband and 
two delightful sons. (Rosemary's address is 
768 16th Ave., So., St. Petersburg, Fla.) 
Stopped in New York City to spend a few 
days with Nina Simmons Bucher and her 
husband, Bill." 

Phyllis Reinhardt is a medical secretary to 
three physicians in the medical department 
of M.I.T. 

New Address: Elizabeth S. Allen, Apt. 
A-2, 21 Greenford Gardens, 21 Greenridge 
Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Virginia Anne (8), daughter of 
June Carew Mange '44 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

(Nathalie Monge) , Secretary 
28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy) , Assistant 

4314 Mathews Lane, Kensington, Md. 

Elizabeth Gorton Collier writes, "Saw my 
Lasell roommate, Elsinor Prouty Mallory, in 
St. Petersburg, Fla., on a recent vacation. 
We didn't stop talking for several hours. 
Stan and I, as usual, were playing golf daily 
— our favorite occupation! I had a hole-in- 
one this past summer, much to my delight." 

New Addresses: Alma Martin Miller, P.O. 
Box 4533, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Phyllis Whidden Carpenter, 105 Mitchell 
St., Groton, Conn. 


Mrs. John M. Darnton 
( Katherine Cogswell ) , Secretary 
Dodge Park, So. Hamilton, Mass. 

Mrs. Francis R. Staffier 

( Dorothy Tobin ) , Assistant 

15 Tufts Rd., Winchester, Mass. 

Claire Ashton Bowles is now living at 86 
Eastwood PL, Buffalo, N. Y. We have re- 
cently learned that she has a daughter, Lynne, 
born in September, 1951. 

June Carew Mange writes, "We have lived 



IVSarthanne (Marcey) and Emma 
Gilbert Carver '45 

in Ridgewood for a year and a half and like 
it more and more all the time. I see Anne 
Fisher Stewart and her family frequently." 
When we last heard from Suzanne Lange 
Riddlemoser she was trying to arrange a get- 
together with Joan Mills Barry, Dottie Carll 
Pickering, Pat Egly and Evelyn Allen Clune 
on March 2nd in New York City. She wrote, 
"I have four little boys now and never a dull 

New Addresses: Pat Egly, Bayberry Point, 
Islip, N. Y. 

Barbara Waters Hall x-'44, 221 Stevens 
St., Neenah, Wis. 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert) , Secretary 

5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

( Jean E. Logue ) , Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

Jane Dittrich is planning to study for a 
doctorate in English in the Graduate School 
of the University of Washington. Her ad- 
dress is Apt. 110, 3711 15th Ave., N.E., 
Seattle 5, Wash. 

Classmates will be sorry to learn that 
Phyllis Hefler Sofield x-'45 has recently had 
quite a bout with polio. 

Marjorie Olson Bjork writes, "Really 
haven't much news. John is still teaching 
at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and we 
still have but two children. See Ginny Phil- 
lips Messier quite often and met Althea 

Taylor Goldberg on the beach in Hyannis 
last summer. Seems as though I'm always 
terribly busy, but with routine things!" 

In February, Virginia Rolfe Guy wrote, 
"Have been kept busy with my 14 Brownies. 
Karen, who will be eight in April, joined a 
Brownie Troop in the fall. Since it was a 
new troop and they needed leaders, Mommy 
took the training. We have lots of fun; 
Kenny, four-and-a-half, is sort of a mascot 
as he goes to the meetings too." 

New Address: Mary Leverone Termotto 
x-'45, 100 Danbury Cir., Rochester, N. Y. 


Mrs. Payson. B. Langley 

( Louise Pool ) , Secretary 

3717 Chevy Chase Lake Dr., 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson) , Assistant 

1505 Raleigh Rd., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Engaged: Peg Campbell to Edward L. Sayre. 
Ed is a graduate of Stevens Institute and is 
now employed as a mechanical engineer with 
the Lock Joint Pipe Co. in East Orange, N. J., 
where Peg is a secretary. 

Born: To Carolyn Coleman Peyrot, a daugh- 
ter, Suzanne, on May 21, 1956. 

To Barbara Conover Wadleigh, a third 
child, second daughter, Susan Perrine, on 
February 6th. 

To Bunny Quinn McKenna, a third child, 
first son, Richard Edward, on February 28, 

To Betty Renison Ballard, a second son, 
Robert Maclean, on December 27, 1956. 

Candace (2y 2 ) and Bruce (8 mos.), 
children of Eleanor Bradway Lammers 




Pete and I (Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz) 
stopped in for a visit at Betty's parents' 
summer home on Long Island last fall and 
they are as wonderful as all the Carpenter 
girls will remember from our many wonder- 
ful times spent there. 

Other News: Muriel Ross Benshimol wrote, 
"Last September we moved to 175 Summer 
Ave., Reading, Mass., into a big old house 
that is a real family home. It has a bedroom 
for each of the children, a study for Dick, a 
living room and a family room with TV and 
a piano for the children, a large dining 
room and kitchen, a screened patio and a 
big yard. We are really thrilled with our 
good fortune. We miss New Hampshire and 
our friends, but with all our space they visit 
us often for week ends and we go back there 
too. Dick is teaching at his father's school 
in Cambridge and loving it. In October I 
called all the gals around here from the 
Class of '46 and they came here for a reunion. 
In December, Lynn Blodgett Hall had the 
reunion and in January, Bunny Quinn Mc- 
Kenna is to have it. There are nearly 20 of 
us in all and we have a wonderful time 

In Lynn Blodgett Hall's letter she wrote, 
"Those present at the December 6th reunion 
were: Connie Wilbur Dowden, Marcia Cres- 
sey Haley, Carol Cooley, Phil Paige Downes, 
Kay Woolaver Parsons, Pat Luther Wilkin, 
Connie Woods McCarty, Bunny Quinn Mc- 
Kenna, Helen Richter Hanson, Joan Hanson 
Blake, Nan Somerville Blowney, Peggy Ryan 
Sullivan, Judi Greenough Udaloy, Muriel 
Ross Benshimol and myself." 

Marge Norris Harris writes that she is 
keeping extremely busy with the Wethers- 
field PTA and on this past polio campaign. 

Your secretary, Lee, is now working full 
time for an electronics research firm and is 
thrilled with her new work. 

Barbara Weeks Murton is spending the 
winter in Gulfport, Fla. 

New Addresses: Elizabeth Kendall Hunter 
(Mrs. Harry, Jr.), 546 W. Wellington Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Margaret Harman Salisbury (Mrs. Richard 
G.), c/o Equitable Life Assurance Co., Lub- 
bock National Bldg., Lubbock, Tex. 


Gloria Sylvia, Secretary 
411 W. 24th St., New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
(Lois Kenyon), Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

Reunion: The 10th reunion for the Class of 
1947 will be held on Saturday, June 8th, at 

I <~^ 

Amy, daughter of Gloria Galley Long- 
bons '47 

The Pillar House, at the junction of Rts. 16 
and 128, in Newton Lower Falls. 

Born: To Peggy Beach Otis, a daughter, 
Molly, in April, 1956. Peggy wrote, "All 
goes well in the Otis household this tenth 
post-Lasell year. We have two offspring, 
Nathaniel ( Nato ) , age two-and-a-half, and 
Molly, age 10 months. I can't say that I 
have done too well in keeping up with my 
classmates. However, 'Wink' Crosen, Eunice 
Watson Crosen's husband, dropped in on us 
here in Chicago. He was attending the Na- 
tional Road Builders' Show. Wink reports 
five children! They live in Scotland, Conn., 
and with five kids I can't imagine that the 
Alumnae Office has heard from Eunie of late. 
(Oh yes we have! See below!) Heard from 
Joan Cox Perkins this Christmas. She's in 
Hawaii with her Coast Guardsman husband 
(who is executive officer of the Sand Island 
Base) and three kids. . . . Hope to see you 
all this spring for the big 10th reunion." 
Joan writes she expects to be in Honolulu 
until summer when they're supposed to re- 
turn to the States. Sheila is now 6V2, Scott 
4V2, and Sandra 13 mos. She would like to 
hear from some of the gals. Her address is 
3858 Kidd Dr., Honolulu 18, T. H. 

To Charlotte Devereux Hutchins, a son, 
Forrester Devereux, on December l4, 1956. 
They live at 1 Field Rd., Lexington, Mass. 

To Lorna Earle Ingraham, a son, Ralph 
Stetson, Jr., on June 1, 1956. Lorna predicts 
that most of the girls from Chandler will 
be on hand for the reunion in June. 

To Gloria Galley Longbons, a second 
adopted daughter, Amy, born on October 25, 
1956, arrived at the Longbons' home on 
December 19th. 

To Frances Lake Gray, a son, Christian 
Borden, on October 9, 1956. Together with 



daughter Candy (not "Cindy" as reported in 
the February issue of the LEAVES), they all 
moved into their new home just two weeks 
before Christmas. Their new address is Off 
Champlain Rd., Orleans, Mass. 

To Eunice Watson Crosen, a fifth child, 
Beth, on November 26, 1956. She wrote, 
"1947 is far, far behind me! But life, though 
hectic, is most fulfilling." Eunie's five are 
Jan, Patty, Scotty, Doug and two-months-old 

Other News: Dorothea Chung plans to visit 
the U.S.A. on her return from an extensive 
trip through Europe and Asia via Pan Ameri- 
can Airlines. She is employed at the Pan 
American home base in Honolulu. 

Sarah Cross Finigan wrote, "My husband, 
Burt, got out of the Army last March. Before 
settling in Cleveland, we took a 45-day trip 
across the country. We thoroughly enjoyed 
every minute of it." They have bought a 
home at 2248 Westminster Rd., Cleveland 
Heights 18, O., and expect to be settled for 
a few years, at least. 

Genevieve Hurley Cummings has two 
daughters, Michele will be three in April 
and Christine is one year old. 

Doris Smith spent Easter, 1956, with Ev 
Barney Webster and family in Tulare, Calif. 
Doris is working in San Francisco and one 
day spied Berry Groff '48 riding by on a 
cable car. 

Joan Sloat Ziggins (married April 6, 
1956) is living in Apple Valley, Calif. 

New Address: Janet Manter, 43 Kenilworth 
Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
1401 Jones St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Miriam Day, Assistant 
4 Locke Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Born: To Mary Detwiler Fides, a second 
son, James, in July 1956. Mary has two 
other children, Sherry 5 and Richie 2. She 
keeps very busy with church work, P.T.A., 
Holly Hill Woman's Club and doing clerical 
work for the Levittown Emergency Squad. 
She says, "I'm one of those few odd persons 
who loves a big development with all new 
houses, lovely shopping centers and new 

To Florence Keeney Havens, a third son, 
Alan Edward, on December 26, 1956. Flor- 
ence's other children are Richard, 3, and 
Philip, 19 months. Everett assisted in the 
March of Dimes campaign in Windsor 
Locks, Conn., this year. Florence "took a 

Lisa Faith (4 mos.), daughter of Betty 
Ann Mahoney Themal '48 

week's course in contract bridge, something 
I should have done before going to L.J.C.!" 
She's now taking a course in interior deco- 

To Carol Kronenberg Stone, a second 
child, first daughter, Carolyn Anne. She 
writes, "She was three weeks old when we 
moved, and life has been a bit hectic for us, 
but we are gradually getting straightened 
out. We still miss New England ever so 
much, but are nicely settled here in the 
country near Willow Grove on a new road 
with eight houses, mostly split-levels of 
various sorts and sizes. We border on thick 
woods and have lots of trees on our property, 
so it is ever so pretty here, especially in the 
summer. Clemmie was two in October and 
is getting very tall. Carolyn thinks he is just 
about the funniest thing she ever did see and 
he constantly shows off for her." Carol is 
planning a trip this summer which will in- 
clude meeting Clem's relatives in Nebraska 
and then on to Reno and Phoenix. Carol's 
address is Atkinson Lane, M.R. #2, Ambler, 

To Betty Ann Mahoney Themal, a daugh- 
ter, Lisa Faith, on June 7, 1956. In May of 
'55, Betty and Harry took a second honey- 
moon through Europe flying to and from. 
They visited London, Paris, Munich, Vienna, 
Venice, Milan, Lucerne, Zurich and Copen- 
hagen. Renting a Volkswagen in Munich 
and with the help of AAA maps and sign 
language, they traveled on their own through 
Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. 

To Martha Moyer Anson, a third child, 
first son, John Ross, on January 22nd. Marty 
wrote, "Wonder if I have set the record for 
the largest (11 lbs., 8Vi oz.) baby in our 
class! Johnny is so big compared to our two 
girls, but was two weeks overdue." 



Debbie, Jamie, Judith and Betsy, children of Marilyn Newitt Jones '48 

To Janecke Naess BoMadsen, a second 
child, a son. Their address is 35 South 
Broadway, Apt. D-4, Irvington-on-Hudson, 
N. Y. 

To Marilyn Newitt Jones, a fourth child 
and third daughter, Judith Aberle, on July 
26, 1956. 

To Meredith Olson Soule, a son, Norman 
Wendell, on April 7, 1956. 

To Judith Tracy Shanahan, a son, James 
Augustine, III (Jamie), on November 28, 

To Gloria Wurth Harrison, a son, Craig, 
in September, 1956. She wrote, "At last, a 
boy! ! ! We are so pleased. He is such a good 
boy — gets cuter each day. The girls love 
him. He looks like Harold but still is 
definitely 'one of the bunch.' Went to a La- 
sell Bridge in December and saw Ruth 
Marvin Nicholas and Lois Johnson Vieser. 
Only one more year to our Tenth Reunion — 
Mercy!" A later card from Sarasota, Fla., 
reads, "Here we are again this year. Nice to 
escape from the cold." 

Other News: Dorothy Azadian McKinnon 
says that Elsie Knaus '53 is a member of the 
congregation where her husband is minister. 

Janet Brooks Barnes and family returned 
to New England after a year in Las Vegas, 
New Mex., where her husband, Jack, was 
teaching in the junior high. They plan to 
make North Sebago, Me., their home. Jack 
is teaching at Potter Academy. They have a 
two-year-old son, David. 

Lennie Chamberlain Hawley writes, "We've 
been stationed here in Washington, D. C, 
since February 1956. Like it very much but 
for the dampness, our children seem to be 
allergic to it. It's nice to be in the East and 
we get to see our parents now and again. 
Bill is always busy; going to the University 

of Maryland nights now. Our family is 
growing fast. Stephanie is in first grade, 
Beth in kindergarten and Joel jet-propelled, 
talking and into mischief all the time. 
Haven't heard from anyone since Christmas 
1955 except Jeanne Williams Walz. She 
and her husband are in their new home in 
Groton, Conn. We still hope to be stationed 
near Boston someday." Lennie's address is 
4 Reno Dr., Andrews Air Force Base, Md. 

Audrey Cooper Noyes is living at 811 
West Buena Ave., Chicago 13, 111. She wrote, 
"We left Springfield two days after Christmas 
and here we are. We wanted to go to Okla- 
homa so badly, but Ed was transferred here 

Barbara Davis Whipple writes, "We fi- 
nally decided to build a home. It was com- 
pleted and we moved in October. Getting 
settled is really a job and even now (Decem- 
ber) I'm still up to my ears in rugs, fabrics, 
furniture, etc. We now have eight rooms 
and lYz baths, so I keep pretty busy! I 
always look forward to reading about the 
'48ers in the LEAVES." 

Miriam Day took a three-week December 
holiday vacation to Florida where the tem- 
peratures were in the 80's. This winter she's 
been studying art at the "Y" and taking a 
reading course. Her new address is 4 Locke 
Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Helen Dethloff Kinsey writes they had a 
summer vacation of camping in Upper Pen- 
insula, Wis. Paul passed his actuarial exam 
number 5 and is now an associate member of 
the Society of Actuaries. Their new address 
is 940 E. Colfax PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 

The following came from Tish Duffill 
Wiese, "I left the United Nations in April, 
1956, and have been home, loving it ever 
since. At last we have our apartment all in 
order. Have tripped to Canada and Florida 



on separate occasions, and we've bought a 
dachshund and named her 'Lise.' We do a 
lot of entertaining and love it. I simply 
adore cooking and thinking up new things. 
Am on a bowling team, too! Managed, by 
some miracle, to bowl three strikes in a row 
recently. Boy! Was I excited!" 

Laura Frederick Hellewell writes she 
toured through Vermont and New Hamp- 
shire during the summer of '56. Her present 
address is 9 Reynolds Ave., Cortland, N. Y. 

Carol Galligan is working for the same 
psychiatrist, Dr. Philip Quinn. Last June, 
they moved into a lovely new office at 1101 
Beacon St., Brookline. Carol spent "a most 
wonderful week last September in Nantucket 
and did the island on an English bicycle. 
The natives are right — fall is the most 
beautiful time on the Cape." 

A January number of the Saturday Eve- 
ning Post carried an article about a ten-year- 
old boy who was learning to use two new 
artificial arms. Pictured in the article was 
Ellen Grover as one of the therapists helping 
the boy. 

Mike Hires advises from 69 Main St., 
Concord, Mass., "With my trusty 'lil Volks- 
wagen, most of my books, all my records and 
my Hi-Fi components, I finally made it. Am 
in the drafting department of M.I.T.'s Gov- 
ernment Lab in Lexington, Mass., on Han- 
scom Air Force Base." 

Judy Macintosh Mennella brings us up 
to date with, "We have finally built our 
dream house and John is going into the 
florist business with my father." Their ad- 
dress is 289 Ocean Ave., Islip, L. I., N. Y. 

Tee Rae Melton Dismukes writes her hus- 
band has gone into business with two friends 
and is doing well. She is teaching Sunday 
School and working with the League of 
Women Voters. (Her two children are en- 
joying one another. Butch baby-sits for his 
sister, Carole.) Tee Rae's correct address is 
4196 Parkridge Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga., al- 
though she lives in Chamblee. 

Jeanne Meyer Bird met Dorothy Piranian 
over the Christmas holidays and talked of 
Lasell. Jeanne is "still dancing, studying, 
painting, and attempting to look after ani- 
mals and house." Her new address is Mead- 
owsong, R.F.D. #1 (or Box 184), Vienna, 

Martha Miller Cassidy wrote, "I've been 
rather out of touch with the LJC gang, al- 
though I saw Joan Middleton x-'49 and 
Corky Buffum '48 at a young GOP meeting 
last fall. Guess you didn't know I was mar- 
ried in 1953 to Ken Cassidy who is in the 
securities business. Jeanne Chessman x-'45 
was my maid of honor. I'm now assistant to 
the public relations director of Godfrey L. 
Cabot, Inc., a chemicals firm in Boston, and 

Lorie and Nancy, children of 
Carol Fay Smith '48 

we live at 42 South Russell St., Boston 14, 

Louise Miller Johnston x-'48 (Mrs. Fred- 
erick B., Jr.) writes, "For the next issue of 
the LEAVES, would you put my address in? 
I'm sure no one has it or knows we have 
three sons. Enjoyed the last LEAVES." 
Wiezie's address is Krum Kill Rd., Slinger- 
lands, N. Y. 

Shirley Miller has a lovely apartment spot, 
up on a hill overlooking the ocean. Her ad- 
dress is just Locust, N. J. 

Eleanor Munro took a wonderful three- 
week trip to the West Coast visiting relatives 
in Pasadena, Calif., and renting a car to drive 
up the Coast. She flew both ways. Her new 
address is 116 State St., Bristol, R. I. 

Norma Noyes Bouchard and Ray have 
bought a split-level house in Yorktown 
Heights, N. Y. Their son, Kent, is now 3V2 
and his latest ambition is to grow up to be 
an Indian! Norma saw Betsy Curtis Win- 
quist in December. 

Dorothy Piranian writes, "TWA'd to San 
Francisco in June." She is a medical secre- 
tary for Stanford Medical School and feels 
she has been vacationing ever since arriving 
with her job "sandwiched" in. Her address 
is 1200 Clay St., San Francisco, Calif. 

June Smith Noreen and her husband were 
vacationing in Montreal, Canada. They're 
building a new split-level house on the lake. 
Their present address is 1162 N. Main St., 
Laconia, N. H. 

Ann Truex Dickinson writes, "Everything 
is fine with us — busy as can be putting in 
a new kitchen." Ann has visited recently 
with Shirley Bonnell Doe, Cecelia Daven- 
port Weidmann, Charlotte Guptill Norcross 
x-'48 and their husbands. 

New Addresses: Elaine Burrell King (Mrs. 
Kenneth E.), 1624 S. Prospect, Park Ridge, 

Cecelia Davenport Weidmann (Mrs. Wil- 
liam E.), Old Tappan Rd., Old Tappan, 
Westwood P.O., N. J. 



Susan (4) and Debbie (7 mos.), chil- 
dren of Janice Wilder Davidson '49 

Joan Eaton Friborg, 74 Village St., Mar- 
blehead, Mass. 

Joan Longo Kitchen (Mrs. William), 65 
Gaston St., Medford 55, Mass. 

Lois McLucas Martin (Mrs. John C), 12 
Pickwick Dr., Edison, Pa. 

Barbara Noel, Chester Rd., Auburn, N. H. 

Marianne Sinclitico Shibel, 1358 Diagonal 
Rd., Akron 20, O. 


Mrs. Richard K. Donahue 

(Nancy Lawson) , Secretary 

69 Glenwood St., Lowell, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert R. Logan 

(Elizabeth Harrington), Assistant 

4 Columbus Terr. 

Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Married: Jean C. Cook to John H. Jacobs 
on November 23, 1956. John is a graduate 
of the University of Michigan and served 
with the Navy for three years as a lieutenant 
(j.g.). Jean's new address is 22381 Fairlawn 
Cir., Fairview Park 26, O. 

Shirley A. Daniels to John Owens. Their 
address is 153 Washington Ave., Rutherford, 

Jane Owen to Robert Painter, in Decem- 
ber, 1956. Their home is at 3310 Volta PL, 
Washington, D. C. 

Born: To Natalie Hall Campbell, a daugh- 
ter, Virginia Lee, on Washington's Birthday. 

Other News: Del Anderson moved to Wis- 
consin when her company located there. 
Since she has a traveling job she is getting to 
see a lot of new territory. 

Shirley Anderson Daly writes that they 
have had a busy year, buying a home in 
Moline, 111., and selling it three months later 
to move to Chicago. They now have a darling 

three-bedroom ranch home in Wheaton, 111., 
a "cute" college town. Shirl had lunch with 
Betty Vail Morrissey in New York shortly 
after Betty's wedding and reported that she 
looked wonderful and happy. 

Barbara Cohan Rossen writes, "We've 
lived here for five years, right across the 
bridge from Washington. It's a truly beauti- 
ful place. . . . We have two very active boys, 
Jonathan (a redhead), who is four years 
old, and our little fella, David, who is just 
two." Barbara's address is 3211 Ravensworth 
PL, Alexandria, Va. 

Janice Gray Palin writes that she is busy 
with her baby, Oralie, but still has a chance 
to see Pauli Donaldson Converse and Mack 
quite often. "The Converses' new home is 
the loveliest in Newport, Vt." 

Nan Hayden is on the last lap towards 
getting her degree and is eagerly looking for- 
ward to the big day. She is also working for 
the Globe Travel Service and is hoping to 
travel a lot before she starts teaching in 

We had a nice Christmas note from Ann 
Hollett Munroe telling us how happy their 
little family of three is and that they can't 
wait until next fall to adopt another baby. 

Marty Hurd Davenport recently wrote, 
"Our hatching eggs have now begun to go 
to the hatchery and we breathe easier. I 
hope I am not too late to foul things up. 
I sure would miss my LEAVES and catching 
up on one and all. My two girls are growing 
like weeds and are good, but I swear they 
have forked tails at times. Marjorie just had 
her third birthday, is quite the lady and is 
a big help at times. Christine just had her 
first birthday and is running her new shoes 
constantly. She imitates sister and is so quick 
about things. She is feeding herself quite 
well and climbing constantly. She started 
walking at 10 months. . . . Russ is looking 
at Jeepster beachwagons today. With this 
crowd we have almost outgrown our conven- 
tional car. It will be a big help in this 
snowy, icy weather. I think we have been 
snowed in part of nine week ends this year. 
It sure makes good sliding and skiing. ... I 
hope all your family is fine and sometime we 
can get together. I hope things come right 
so I can get to our 10th reunion. I have been 
writing up our 10-year alumni report for 
high school and what a lot of catching up 
I had to do." 

Audrey Mitchell McKibben wrote in Jan- 
uary, "Hi! Sorry I've neglected Lasell so 
long. I've been married four years to Wil- 
liam A. McKibben. He has just been pro- 
moted to Captain with Eastern Airlines and 
flies between Boston and Jacksonville, Fla. 
We have two little girls, Roberta Gwynne 
( 3 ) and Donna Elizabeth ( 1 Vi ) . Roberta 
is a blond and Donna is a redhead. We 



have a big old house, around the corner and 
up the hill from my family, that we are just 
about rebuilding. Best regards to everyone." 
Audrey's address is 258 Highland St., Ded- 
ham, Mass. 

Barbara Overton Sewall now has three 
children. Steve is four, Kate is three and 
Dave is two. She would love to see any 
Lasellites who might be out St. Paul, Minn., 
way. Her street address is 2278 Brewster St. 

We received the following letter from Joan 
Pauling Smith at Christmas. "We were all 
in Germany from November until June. 
Stogie had to go to Dusseldorf, Germany, on 
business for his company, which is Clevite 
Transistor Products in Waltham, and they 
decided to send the whole family with him. 
He left in October and three weeks later the 
children and I flew over to join him. I had 
arrived at the airport with my luggage and 
was 30 pounds overweight. What a shuffle 
that was. Our connections in London didn't 
click and we spent three hours in the London 
airport doing nothing. We finally got to 
Germany in the worst fog you ever saw and 
Stogie met us in the Volkswagen he had 
bought a few days before. He was aghast 
when he saw all the luggage he had to cram 
into that little car — we made it though. 
We had a four-room apartment in one of 
the suburbs and I spent most of the winter 
struggling with the language and trying to 
learn it. We took nice short trips during 
the winter and on April 15 th left for a trip 
through Germany, Austria, Italy, France, 
Monaco, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. 
Then we went back to Germany and sold 
the car and went to London for a few days 
and came home by boat from Southampton. 
While we were on this trip Stogie and Scott 
got the measles. We had to stay in a hotel 
in the Black Forest for a week until they 
recuperated. Then the day we got on the 
boat, Sandy got them and I had to go into 
isolation with her on the boat for three days. 
She had a light case, thank heavens! We 
finally got back to the good old U.S.A. and 
hope to be here for a while. We may be 
sent to Chicago in April, but nothing is 

Joan Phelan was laid up for quite a long 
time with a blood disease but is now feeling 
her old self again. She is no longer in the 
laboratory at the Salem Hospital but is work- 
ing in a doctor's office in Swampscott. 

Pauli Quilty Connolly is still living in 
Hartford, Conn., and they are very happy in 
the insurance city. Her two little boys are 
growing by leaps and bounds, making Quilt 
realize how old she is getting, along with 
the rest of us. 

Jean Russell is now in wholesale mer- 
chandising, having received a grand oppor- 
tunity after seven years with Bloomingdale's. 

Needless to say she doesn't miss the long 
department store hours. As fashion coordina- 
tor for Berglas-Rieger Corporation she travels 
quite a bit and works mostly with the de- 
signers and fashion magazines. She is also 
busy with skiing on week ends and taking in 
all the many things New York City has to 

New Addresses: Norma Battles Veazie x-'49, 
7 Birch Dr., Concord, Mass. 

Constance A. Bayer x-'49, 209 West Cave 
Springs, El Dorado, Kans. 

Mary Gilmore, 1159 Parkwood Blvd., 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

Louise Keene Mills, 62 Spring St., Au- 
burn, Me. 


Sally C. Hughes, Secretary 
102 Cabot St., Newton 58, Mass. 

Mrs. Paul H. Roche 

(Lillian Reese) , Assistant 

46 Rawson Rd., Arlington, Mass. 

Married: Joan Baum to Laurence E. Deutsch, 
on January 11, 1957. Robert H. Strompf, 
husband of Phyllis Werblow Strompf '52, 
was one of the ushers. Joan graduated from 
Syracuse University after leaving Lasell. She 
was formerly an associate editor of the Wom- 
an's Home Companion. Laurence graduated 
from the University of Virginia and Colum- 
bia Law School. He practices law in New 
York and is on the faculty of City College 
of New York. The couple will make their 
home at 55 East 73rd St., New York, N. Y. 

Born: To Barbara Baldwin Smith, a daugh- 
ter, Nancy Lynn, on July 10, 1956. On a 
Christmas card to Sally, we caught up a 
little on Barbara and family. Husband Doug 
is a buyer at Forbes and Wallace. Barbara 
writes, "We're all fine and haven't a com- 
plaint in the world. Nancy Lynn is no trou- 
ble at all. Sharon, five years old, is in kin- 
dergarten (I'm more thrilled about it than 
she is!!) and Larry, three years old, had his 
tonsils out last week." 

To Joan Darwent Ross, a daughter, Su- 
zanne, on November 24, 1956. She wrote, 
"Jon graduated from Newark College of 
Engineering last June and is now a student 
engineer with Bell Telephone Company of 
Pennsylvania. It was a bit hard to leave New 
Jersey, but we are beginning to feel like real 
Pittsburghites now and like it very much. 
I was imprisoned in the hospital with pneu- 
monia before the baby came and we both had 
to stay in quite a while after, too." Joan's 
address is Greentree Gardens, Greentree Rd., 
Pittsburgh 20, Pa. 

To Joy Gustavson Smith, a son, Rodman 
Carl, on December 19, 1956. Joy says, "He's 



Jill (2) and Jan (1 mo.), daughters of 
Barbara McCooe Robbins '50 

a miniature Bob Smith!" Bob has been trans- 
ferred to Schenectady for General Electric 
and as soon as they can find a house, Joy will 
join him. She says she doesn't know a soul 
there and will be lonesome. Take note, 
'50ers, in that area! Joy has been very active 
as president of the Bridgeport Lasell Club 
and I'm sure would welcome a chance to join 
in the Capital District activities as soon as 
she is settled. 

To Carolyn Judd Hayes, a second daugh- 
ter, Deborah Redford, on January 20, 1957. 

To Barbara McCooe Robbins, a second 
daughter, Jan, on October 29, 1956. 

To Joan McKinney Aldrich, a second 
daughter, Barbara Lynne, on July 8, 1956. 
Pamela Ann will be two years old in April. 

To Lillian Reese Roche, a son, Stephen 
Paul, on January 24, 1957. 

To Joan Schaefer Douglas, a third child, 
second daughter, Lauren, on January 9, 1957. 
Joan and her family live at 14-28 Chandler 
Dr., Apt. R-8, Fairlawn, N. J. 

To Beverly Walker Ward, a second child, 
first son, William Perry, on October 14, 
1956. Beverly and her family have bought 
a home at 235 Clifford, Blackfoot, Ida., 
where she has her hands full with the two 
children, two dogs and the house. She is 
looking forward to the day when she can 
return to Lasell for a visit. 

Other News: Marion Ettinger is still living 
up to her reputation as a wonderful corre- 
spondent and brings us up to date on many 
'50ers. Marion herself is still at CBS in New 
York where she has lunch occasionally with 
Eileen Duffy who is still at Lord and Tay- 
lor's. She writes, "Ginny Hopson Griffin 
and her husband were in New York for a 
few days a couple of months ago and we had 

a real good visit. They are living in James- 
town, N. Y. 

"Talk to Lois Form quite often . . . used 
to have lunch with her about once a week 
until a few months ago when she began 
working in New Jersey where she is a secre- 
tary to the president of Prentice-Hall Pub- 
lishing Company. 

"Had a long letter from Carol Haye Deal 
not long ago. She and Vaughn, who have 
two children, are now living in Greensville, 
S. C." Vaughn has been in a training course 
there with his company and, when the course 
is over, Carol and family will be on the move 
again. They hope to be in the Southeast area. 

During the holiday season Marion visited 
with Ellen O'Brien Montemurro and her 
family and spent time with Rosemary 
O'Brien de Belay and her family, who were 
home from Cleveland, O., for the holidays 
(in Meriden, Conn.). Ellen's daughter, 
Lynn, is four-and-a-half years old and her 
son, Pete, was just three years old. 

We also heard from Marion that Edith 
Silbert x-'50 is Mrs. Stuart R. Thompson 
and she makes her home in Bermuda. Her 
address is Coral Beach and Tennis Club, 
Paget, Bermuda. Dee Dee was home for a 
week around the holidays and Marion had 
lunch with her after three long years. 

Thanks to you, Marion, you have really 
added to our column this issue. Our hopes 
are that the rest of the class will follow suit. 

Clare Gammons McMullan writes from 
Hightstown, N. J., where hubby Dale is 
employed at the Peddie School, "Sure do miss 
Boston, you are so lucky!" Although Gubby 
hailed from Delaware, she taught in Boston 
for some time after graduation so was fast 
becoming a New Englander. 

Miggie Olson has a new job with the law 
firm of Robinson, Robinson and Cole in 
Hartford, Conn. 

New Addresses: Mary Dale Moser (Mrs. 
Raymond C), 15 -A Morrissey Walk, Ber- 
genfield, N. J. 

Carol Hanna Neubauer, 32 Felsmere, Paw- 
tucket, R. I. 

Betty Jean Jones Bolton (Mrs. S. W.), 
1914 Oak Lane Rd., Oak Lane Manor, Wil- 
mington 3, Del. 

Barbara Welles Smith (Mrs. Richard A.), 
5 Rockview Dr., Cheshire, Conn. 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 
( Barbara Adams ) , Secretary 
2 Rollins Ct., Boston, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

( Barbara Voorman ) , Assistant: 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terr., Newton Centre, Mass. 


Engaged: Jean K. McDonald x-'51 to Rich- 
ard A. Ryan. Richard attended Boston Col- 
lege, School of Business Administration, and 
served with the Army for two years. A June 
1st wedding is planned. 

Mary Jane White to Russell B. Miller. 
Following her graduation from Lasell, Mary 
graduated from the Tobe Coburn School in 
New York. Russell was graduated from the 
University of Akron and the University of 
Michigan, School of Business Administration. 
He is with the B. F. Goodrich Co., New 

Married: Patricia L. Reynolds to George W. 
Landwehr. Their address is P. O. Box 171, 
Alamo, Calif. 

Eleanora Wrinn to John J. Schurdak, on 
May 26, 1956. John is a graduate of Yale 
and is now employed by I.B.M. as Manager 
of Research, University Relations, at their 
laboratory in Poughkeepsie. Their address is 
82 Carroll St., Apt. 9, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Born: To Etta Burns Peters, a daughter, 
Ann Carolyn, on January 7, 1957. She wrote, 
"She is very healthy and good, and, of course 
we think real cute. Also we have a new ad- 
dress, 32 Geremma Dr., Ballwin, Mo. We 
have bought a house so hope we won't be 
sending you another change of address for 
a long, long time." 

Other News: It was certainly a pleasure to 
receive a joyous Christmas note from our 
Class Advisor, Marion Krissinger Berlin. 
Her address is 139 Jamaica Rd., Tonawanda, 
N. Y. 

Sunday, March 3rd, found one half of 
Blaisdell represented at the home of Janet 
Hills Ashley, in Needham, Mass. Enjoying 
a delightful afternoon of good conversation, 
food and children were: Sue Baker Chase, 
her husband and one-and-a-half-year-old son, 
Rob; Barbara Adams Borden, her husband 
and five-months-old daughter, Diana; Janet 
Hills Ashley, her husband and four-year-old 
son, Richy, and two-and-a-half -year-old daugh- 
ter, Robin. 

After three trips to Europe since graduat- 
ing from Lasell in 1951, Pat Morris is finally 
going to include Boston in her travels some- 
time in April. Friends of Pat's in the area 
are anxious to see her and learn of her 

Diane Nelson Cowan has moved to Apt. 
2-A, 17A Old Hickory Dr., Albany, N. Y. 
Bob is manager of the Boston Insurance 
Company in Albany, and Diane was about to 
start work as a secretary to Senator John 

Spotted Pat Shelton on Tremont St. in 
Boston not long ago. She is busy with her 
career in personnel work. At that time she 
was contemplating setting up her own busi- 

New Address: Nancy Smith Johnston (Mrs. 
David I.), Mat. Com. Building 1, Army 
Chemical Center, Md. 

Announcement: Does any member of the 
class know the whereabouts of the following 
"lost" classmates? We'd like to find them! 

Carole Armstrong 

Nancy Buzarnick Poppin 

Janet C. Bulkley 

Donna Lincoln Smith 

Vivian Moh 

Barbara Schoppy Talarico 

Patricia S. Voss 

Jeanine Wortman 

Eddie (4), Peter (3) and Cynthia (1|/ 2 ), 

children of Martha Morse Mercorelli 



SUZANNE G. BANEY, Secretary 

125 Northfield Ave., Apt. D-l 

West Orange, N. J. 

Mrs. Harold T. Machette 

(Terry Wingate) , Assistant 

Smith Apts., South Main St. 

Coopersburg, Pa. 

Reunion: The fifth reunion luncheon for 
the Class of 1952 will be held on Saturday, 
June 8th, at the Hotel Beaconsfield, Brook- 
line Room, at 1731 Beacon St., Brookline, 

Married: Norma F. Heep to Ivon J. Miller. 
Their new address is 1829-C Palmer Ave., 
Larchmont, N. Y. 

Sarapee Snitwongse to Bunying Nandab- 
hiwat, on January 11, 1957. She wrote, "My 
husband was graduated from Manchester 
University in England. He is an engineer, 
specializing in air conditioning, and was in 
the States with Carrier Corporation, after six 
years in England. I am still working at the 
Foreign Office and in June, Kitty x-'54 will 
be graduated from the Fletcher School of 
Diplomacy at Tufts University and will take 
a position in this same Bangkok office. 



Mollie '54 is now working at the United 
States Information Service Library here and 
also does the interior decoration work for 
this department." Sarapee's address is Pro- 
tocol Dept., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 
Bangkok, Thailand. 

Born: To Ann Rathburn Spadola, a son, 
Donald, Jr., in June, 1956. Ann's address 
is 203 Fayette St., Johnstown, Pa. 

To Muriel Smith Favreau, a daughter, 
Lucinda, in September, 1956. Their address 
is 1922 George St., Aiken, S. C. 

Other News: Barbara Ayrault Smith's hus- 
band, Paul, is in show business and uses Paul 
Corrigan as his stage name. However, Bar- 
bara uses the name Mrs. Paul M. Smith, Jr., 
and her new address is 2252 Beverly Glen 
PL, Los Angeles 24, Calif. 

A letter from Jeannette Maynard Macom- 
ber in March says, "My husband had a sud- 
den promotion and transfer to the Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y., branch office of the New 
York Life Insurance Co. and we are living 
in a suburb, Highland, N. Y. My address is 
North Rd., Highland." 

Marlene Murray Zucker has been with 
her husband while he was stationed at Moore 
Air Base in Mission, Tex., according to Pat 
Flett Davidson '54 who was at the same base. 
Pat also tells us that Marlene has a son, 
Hunter, who is about 10 months old now. 

Naomi Peck, another of Lasell's traveling 
gals, toured Europe this summer. She had a 
real time of it and your reporter would like 
to share a little episode that's pretty funny. 
Naomi (and pals), traveling through Ger- 
many in a hired Volks bus, attired in Ber- 
muda shorts, stopped in a little restaurant. 
As they entered, everyone turned around, 
chuckled a little and greeted them. "My, 
friendly place," they thought. Later they 
found out the reason for all the attention. 
The Bermuda-shorted sextet had strolled in 
the windows — not the door! 

Dorothy Rich Andersen wrote, "We are 
living in a small, compact apartment in my 
parents' home. We have plans for building 
a home in the very near future. Since my 
husband is a native of Denmark, we are 
planning a trip home this coming May 
which I am looking forward to so very much, 
as I have never met Toby's parents. I'll write 
you all about that when I return." Dorothy's 
address is 85 Goudy St., So. Portland, Me. 

Joan Stillwell Smith writes that her hus- 
band, Paul, is now a medical specialist for 
Todd Company. The Smiths' address is 34 
Sraub Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 

New Addresses: Carole French Willis, 1431 
Bluffview, Wichita, Kans. 

Elizabeth Griffin Wetzel, 2507 East Lin- 
den St., Tucson, Ariz. 

Mary Lou Burke Alexander '53 with 

husband Bill, son Kenneth, and dog 


Barbara Herzog Burns, 3 Claudia Lane, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Lois Hickey Treacy, 325 King St., Port 
Chester, N. Y. 

Ruth Mclntire Brown, 184 West Glen 
Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Gloria O'Dwyer Miller, Dorrance St., 
Attleboro, Mass. 

Terry Wingate Machette, Smith Apart- 
ments, South Main St., Coopersburg, Pa. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

( Althea Janke ) , Secretary 

830 Berkeley St., Apt. D. 

New Milford, N. J. 

Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

(Sylvia Pfeiffer) , Assistant 

90 Belle Ave., Mt. Rt. #9, Delaware, Ohio 

In Memoriam: Joan Morici Aboyoun was 
fatally injured in an automobile accident in 
Vermont on January 28, 1957, when she 
and her husband were returning from a 
four-day skiing trip. She is survived by her 
husband, Edward, and her daughter, Ellen, 
who is 18 months old. She lived at 317 
Lafayette Ave., Passaic, N. J. 

Engaged: Deborah Higgins to Rudolf M. 
Hergenrother. Deborah expects to graduate 
from Tufts University and the Boston School 
of Occupational Therapy this June. Her 
fiance was graduated from the University of 
Massachusetts and served with the Army for 
two years. He is now doing graduate work 
at Northeastern University. A June wedding 
is planned. 

Carol Morse to James B. Woods of Nor- 
walk, Conn. He attended Northeastern Uni- 
versity and served two-and-one-half years 
with the Marine Corps in San Diego, Calif. 

Nancy Orr to Ferdinand Schultz, USA. 



James Spence (15 mos.), younger son 
of Molly McBride Kalogeros '53 

Ferdinand was graduated from Southwestern 
Louisiana Institute and is now stationed in 
Berlin, Germany. The wedding is planned 
for June. 

Beverly R. Sawdey to Donald M. Quintal. 
Donald was graduated from the Massachu- 
setts Radio and Telegraph School and The 
Saunders Radio and Electronic School. A 
spring wedding is planned. 

Born: To Marie Di Silva Stocki, a daughter, 
Laura Marie, on December 6, 1956. 

To Joan Godfrey Emmert, a daughter, 
Jamie Lee, on February 11, 1957. 

To Betty Anne Nuovo Johnson, a son, 
Scott Michael, on February 19, 1957. 

To Elizabeth Ring LaPage, a daughter, 
Alison, in October, 1956. 

To Jeanette Roberts Mann, a daughter, 
Jacquelyn Gail, on February 5, 1957. Their 
home is at 10 Lakeside Dr., Ramsey, N. J. 

To Virginia Wilder Ambard, a son, Chris- 
topher Mark, on December 20, 1956. 

Other News: Molly Bondareff Krakauer 
writes that she and her husband and little 
boy Larry are now living in Vienna, Va., 
where they have bought a new split-level 
house. (No further address needed.) 

We hear that Jane Corbin took a trip to 

Europe this past summer. We'd like to hear 
more about it! 

Silvia Faccio has been working at CBS 
television since last March but expected to 
start with the programming department as 
of the first of the year. 

Jo-an Flett Tyler's sister, Pat '54, reports 
that Jo-an has just passed her exam for an 
insurance broker's license in December and 
has started her own business from her home 
at 232 Bellevue Rd., Watertown, Mass. Jo- 
an's husband is completing his course at the 
Boston University Law School. 

Sally Garratt Dean wrote in December 
from 211 Vance St., Chapel Hill, N. C, "As 
you can see, the Deans have made a move to 
the South — leaving all animals in Vermont 
except the dog which has become an im- 
portant part of the family. John is now a 
salesman for Glascock Bros, of Muncie, Ind., 
makers of pre-mix Coca-Cola vending ma- 
chines and his territory includes North and 
South Carolina, Virginia, parts of W. Vir- 
ginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. We have 
rented a lovely six-room house on the edge 
of the campus of the University of North 
Carolina. Chapel Hill is a very beautiful 
town and we just love it here — even though 
we haven't been here long. While in Indiana 
I saw Suzy Ziehler three days before her 
marriage. More later." 

Marty Guhring Gremley writes that she 
and her husband are still living in Worcester 
where "Doc" is finishing up his senior year 
at Clark. Marty is working at Norton Co. in 
their hospital. The Gremleys' have a new 
address, 480 Salisbury St., Worcester, Mass. 

We received a very nice letter from Betty 
Jarman Wolbert. She and Jack and their 
two children, Wade Barton and Wendy Ann, 
are now living in North Andover, Mass. (58 

Mark (3J4) and Eric {V/ 2 ), sons of 
Geraldine Hawes Pocius x-'53 



Appleton St. ) . Their new ranch house is 
ideal and "easy to care for," Betty writes. 
Jack is working for General Mills, Inc. 
(Gold Medal flour and Betty Crocker prod- 
ucts and cereals ) . 

Kathleen MacGregor Randolph is teach- 
ing seventh grade English and social studies 
in Clifton, N. J. She graduated from Syra- 
cuse University and is furthering her educa- 
tion at Paterson State Teachers College. 
"Might add, having a wonderful time." 

Carolyn Martin Flahive is secretary to a 
lawyer and lives at 19 Shepard St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. In February she brought a 
prospective student to Lasell for an inter- 

Greta Nilsson Masson's husband, Richard, 
is stationed in Texas and they are living at 
618-3 Market St., Laredo. 

Betty Lou Page is with the American 
Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina; how- 
ever, her term will be up in June. Her ad- 
dress is FSS Buenos Aires, c/o Dept. of State, 
Washington 25, D. C. 

This is from your reporter, Sylvia Pfeiffer 
Nesslinger. Ness and I have moved into 
larger quarters now that we have a little 
girl. Our new address is 90 Belle Ave., Mt. 
Rt. #9, Delaware, O. Our little Martha-Lee 
is now over four months old and growing 

Evelyn Shanks Walla writes that she and 
her husband, Jack, are still in the hotel busi- 
ness in Florida. Jack is planning to go to 
college in New York next year, however. 
The Wallas' address is 129 N. W. 2nd Ave., 
Hallandale, Fla. 

New Addresses: Diane Barton Black, Sut- 
ton Gardens, 420 East 55th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Eleanor Biggs Stein, 12 Iroquois St., Essex 
Junction, Vt. 

Geraldine Hawes Pocius x-'53, 74 Stirling 
St., Longmeadow, Mass. 

Donna Mumford Boehlert, 612 Emily St., 
Utica, N. Y. 


Mrs. Peter C. Buhler 

(Elizabeth A. Lindsay), Secretary 

59 Cambridge Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. 

Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

( Martha Ellis ) , Assistant 
470 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Patricia M. LaSelva, Assistant 
S5 Suffolk St., West Medford, Mass. 

Ann Lethbridge, Assistant 
75 Lake Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 

Engaged: Joan A. Fuller to Charles R. 
Freeman. Charles attended the University 

8t~fr <* 

* m 



Stephanie Ann (2 mos.), daughter of 
Frances Mitchell VanAlstyne '54 

of Tampa and is now completing his studies 
at Boston University. 

Patricia C. Kelsey to John S. Scharf. John, 
who served three years with the Army, is a 
graduate of Boston University, School of 
Business Administration. A spring wedding 
is planned. 

Sandra J. MacDougall to Ensign Walter 
J. Sullivan, USN. Walter was graduated 
from Boston College in 1956 and is now 
stationed in Norfolk, Va. A fall wedding 
is planned. 

Jeannette L. Marchant to Walter A. 
Pierce. On February 22nd Jeannette paid a 
visit to Lasell while on her way to Maine. 

Beverly Mulock to Paul B. MacDonald. 
Beverly attended Academie Moderne after 
her graduation from Lasell. Paul is now a 
senior at Harvard College. A fall wedding 
is planned. 

Nancy J. Perry to Robert K. Voll. Robert 
was graduated from State University of New 
York, Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences, 
Utica, N. Y. They are both employed at the 
Bell Telephone Laboratories in Whippany. 
A fall wedding is planned. 

Glenna L. Pofcher to Martin Bloom. 
Martin is a graduate of the Wharton School 
of Finance and Commerce of the University 
of Pennsylvania. A March 23rd wedding is 

Married: Carol M. Hachman to Robert V. 
Thurston, on October 25, 1956. The couple 
are living at 80 Main St., Bar Harbor, Me. 
Elizabeth A. Lindsay to Ensign Peter C. 
Buhler, USN, on December 29, 1956. Peter 
received an A.B. degree from Dartmouth 
College and an M.S. degree from the Thayer 
School of Engineering. Following their wed- 
ding they had a wonderful trip to California, 
visiting famous landmarks along the way. 
Peter is in the Civil Engineer Corps of the 



Larry, Jr., son of Margaret Robson 
Priddy '54 

Navy and will be going to Kodiak, Alaska, 
in April. 

Judy MacMahon to W. Kirby Holmes, 
on September 8, 1956. Kirby is a graduate 
of Princeton University and now works for 
International Business Machines. Their ad- 
dress is 843 W. State St., Trenton, N. J. 
She says Janet Baumgartner is living in 
New York and working for Time & Life. 
(See "New Addresses.") 

Joan R. Power to Norbert T. Timmins, 
on February 23, 1957. Norbert is a graduate 
of Boston College. 

Dorothy Schanberg to Michael A. Gold- 
man. Following Dorothy's graduation from 
Lasell, she attended McLean Hospital, School 
of Nursing. Michael graduated from M.I.T. 
in 1952 and continued there to get his S.M. 
degree in 1953. He served two years as a 
first lieutenant with the Army. After a wed- 
ding trip abroad, the couple will live tem- 
porarily (until August) in Endicott, N. Y., 
at 607 Broad St. 

Audrey W. Smith to Allen Ruggles, on 
December 31st. Joan Fuller was maid of 

Born: To Betty Engel Faber x-'54, a daugh- 
ter, Phyllis, on November 3rd. The Fabers 
are living in North Miami, Fla. 

To Pat Flett Davidson, a son, Christopher 
Holland, Jr., on August 16th. Pat writes, 
"He was born in Harlingen, Tex., and we 
moved here (726 Pickett St., Greenville, 

Miss.) when he was only three weeks old. 
He's very large (20 lbs. at six months) and 
healthy now. Chris, my husband, is in the 
jet basic training program here at Greenville 
Air Force Base. He'll receive his wings on 
March 28th and we hope at that time to go 
overseas. Assignments haven't been released, 
but we'd love to go to Germany. Alaska is 
our second choice. We have two years of 
active duty left." Pat says they have moved 
five times in the last year! 

To Ann Olsen Schlubach, a son, William 
Carl, on February 10, 1957. Ann and her 
family live on Comstock Hill Rd., Norwalk, 

To Janice Sparks English, a daughter, 
Brenda Lee, on August 23, 1956. 

Other News: Joan Blackburn Kaffel and 
her husband will be living at 45 Irving St., 
Boston, until June while her husband attends 
Portia Law School. 

Mary Ellen Creed x-'54 is working as a 
secretary for American Fidelity and Casualty 
Company, Inc. Her address is Careswell St., 
Green Harbor, Mass. 

Anna-Mae George Wogan has just re- 
turned from Germany with Don, who is now 
out of the service, and their new daughter, 
Candace. Their new address is 3 Hardwick 
Rd., Natick, Mass. 

Gretchen Knauff, Marge Chandler, Cyn- 
thia Fisher and Jane Durkee have welcomed 
Rita Keevers to their apartment at 186 Com- 
monwealth Ave., Apt. 74, Boston. Marge 
broke her ankle while skiing in Massachu- 

Barbara Little Paisley x-'54 and her chil- 
dren, Robbie and Liz, are living at South 
Apartments, Orono, Me., while George is 
studying at the University of Maine. 

Alison McFarlin Convery x-'54 is in Vir- 
ginia while her husband, Leo, finishes his 
service obligation. 

We hope many '54ers saw Ashley Mon- 
tagu, father of Audrey Montagu Murphy and 
'54's commencement speaker, when he starred 
on the television show "$64,000 Question" 
in January and February. His category was 
Male and Female and he won $32,000! 

Wendy Paul Doughty and her husband, 
Donald, have returned from Bermuda and 
are living at 808 Great Pond Rd., North 
Andover, Mass. Donald is going on with his 

Deborah Potter Waugh and her family 
have permanently settled in Delaware where 
her husband has a job with E. I. du Pont de 
Nemours and Company. Their address is 
Monroe Park Apts., 225D Thomas Dr., 
Wilmington 6, Del. 

Audrey Smith Ruggles is living at 10 Jef- 
ferson Rd., Winchester, Mass. Her husband 
is sales and service manager for Wilson 
Sporting Goods. 



Kitty Snitwongse x-'54 will graduate from 
Fletcher School of Diplomacy at Tufts Uni- 
versity in June and will take a position in 
the Foreign Office, Bangkok, where her sis- 
ter, Sarapee Snitwongse Nandabhiwat '52, 
also works. Mollie is now working at the 
U. S. Information Service Library, Bangkok, 
and also does the interior decoration work 
for the department. 

New Addresses: Janet Baumgartner, 18 W. 
76th St., New York, N. Y. 

Marion Crossman, 36 River St., Boston, 

Louise Gracey Haw ley (Mrs. John A.), 
24 North Chestnut St., Gloversville, N. Y. 

Norah Horsfield, 2131 Pierce St., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Judith Kline, 378 Marlboro St., Boston, 

Louise Macchi Stapleton x-'54, 56 North 
St., Walpole, Mass. 

Mary Macomber, 391 Beacon St., Boston, 

Marjorie Price Johnson, 56 Prescott St., 
Framingham, Mass. 

Paula Schwartz Enowitch, 3 Seymore St., 
Sanford, Me. 

Frances Mitchell Van Alstyne, 423 Black- 
hawk St., Apt. 5M, Chicago 10, 111. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

( Carolyn Chapin ) , Secretary 

79 Colony Rd., West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

(Ruth Birch) , Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

( Susan Twichell ) , Assistant 

115 Adams St., New Britain, Conn. 

Special Notice to All '55ers: Your secre- 
taries are more than happy to write up all 
the news they receive from their classmates, 
but from the following you can all see they 
haven't had much to work with lately. How 
about giving them a bigger job to do for the 
next issue of the Leaves? 

We are pleased to make the official an- 
nouncement that the Class Baby is Marjorie 
Piotti Haughey's daughter, Deborah Ann, 
who was born on March 28, 1956. 

Engaged: Terry Brossi to John Ciarcia of 
Winchester. John is a graduate of Went- 
worth Institute. Terry lives at 21 Pleasant 
St., Wellesley. 

Carol A. Farley to John R. Murgia. John, 
who served with the Army in Germany, is 
now attending Boston College, College of 
Business Administration. 

Charles William, son of Carol Bagley 
Jackson '54 

Doris Lachhein to Stewart Dickert, on 
November 17, 1956. A June wedding is 

Claire Quinlan to Winthrop Jackman. He 
graduated from the University of Vermont 
and is now in the Navy. Wedding plans are 
for this fall. 

Susan Savage to Robert Klinedinst. A 
March 23 rd wedding is planned with Cynthia 
Walsh as a bridesmaid. Sue is working in 
the display department at Albert Steigers in 
Hartford. Robert is working for his master's 
degree at Springfield College. 

Maxine Seidel to James D. Lindemuth. 
An autumn wedding is planned. Her fiance 
attended Lafayette College. 

Leslie Trautman to William N. Pierce, 
Jr., of Westfield, N. J. Leslie works at the 
Dedham Medical Center and Bill is a senior 
at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 

Barbara T. Whelton to Ensign John G. 
Francis, USN. John is a graduate of Boston 

Marlene I. Zammarchi to Charles E. 
Lynch. Charles is a senior at Bo c ton College. 

Married: Ann Bottjer to Robert O'Donnell, 
on February 17, 1957. 

Barbara Brewster to Mr. Ingram. Their 
address is 616 West 11 6th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Darrylle A. Donahue x-'55 to Edward G. 
Curran, on December 29, 1956. After at- 
tending Lasell, Darrylle graduated from 
Katharine Gibbs. Her husband served two 
years with the Army and is now completing 
his studies at Harvard University. They are 
making their home in Quincy, Mass. 

Anne Hartnett x-'55 to Walter H. Lohnes, 



Jr., on January 26, 1957. Walter attended 
Nichols Junior College and served with the 
Marine Corps during the Korean conflict. 
The couple went to New York and Washing- 
ton, D. C, on their wedding trip. 

Ceil Nardone to D. Richard Barba, on 
January 26, 1957, in South Orange, N. J. 

Marilyn Sanders to J. Warren Fenety, on 
September 15, 1956. "Pix," as he is called, 
is with the Navy and has just completed a 
cruise in the Mediterranean. 

Beryl Schelhorn to Walter P. Frey, on 
September 15, 1956. After spending their 
honeymoon in the Poconos, they moved into 
a new home at 182 Friends Lane, Westbury, 
L. I., N. Y. Beryl is working as an assistant 
buyer at Abraham and Straus, which is near 
their home. 

Sally Sherman to Donald Mudgett, in 
December 1955. They are living in Alabama. 

Born: To Adrienne Carnesale Ellis, a daugh- 
ter, Dayna Alexandra, on November 7, 1956. 
Adrienne writes, "She weighed in at 7 
pounds, 6 ounces, has black hair, dimples 
and all the darling things a baby should 
have. At this point she sits up, coos all day, 
laughs out loud, just found her hands, tries 
to crawl, which she can't, and it puts her in 
a rage." George is a 2nd Lieutenant in the 
Air Force and they plan to go to Texas in 

To Dianne Tuzik Ober, a daughter, Susan 
Elizabeth, on December 17, 1956. Their 
address is 26 Gregg St., Beverly, Mass. 

To Sally Warner O'Such, a son, Bruce 
Warner, on October 28, 1956. Sally is living 
at 5650 Netherland Ave., Riverdale, N. Y. 

Other News: Marion Domber James is liv- 
ing at 245 Willow St., Pinehurst, West Pen- 
sacola, Fla. Her husband is stationed there 
with the Marine Corps. She has a good job 
on the base; however, they hope to be sent 
to Hawaii after Perry completes his flight 
training course. 

Lorrie Ginsburg and Alvin Magid plan 
to have their wedding on March 31, 1957. 
Alvin attended Northwestern University and 
is now in his third year at Western Reserve 
School of Dentistry where he specializes in 
oral surgery. Lorrie will graduate from Flora 
Stone Mather College, Cleveland, in June 
and will teach elementary school in Septem- 
ber. After a honeymoon to Bermuda, they 
plan to live at 2014 Cliffview, Cleveland, O. 

Genevieve Harold wrote, "Still working 
for NBC-TV in production and still loving 
every minute of it. Couldn't be any better. 
Just returned from the Caribbean, after hav- 
ing spent 12 days vacationing in San Juan, 
Puerto Rico. I went with another girl in 
my office — flying both ways. Even got a 
chance to put my La'sell Spanish to work. 
We both had absolutely the greatest time 

imaginable. ... It certainly was a change, 
leaving cold, blustery New York and arriving 
in beautiful, sunny, 70° weather." 

Ann Heyman, who is employed as a com- 
mercial teller in the Union Trust Company 
of Springfield, Mass., plans to spend two 
weeks during February at Miami Beach with 
her parents. 

Marion Nutter's fiance, Bruce Bredehoft, 
will enter the Air Force in June. Marion is 
finishing her last year at Lesley College and 
is practice teaching second grade. 

Maggie Roth is working at County Adop- 
tion Agency. 

Anita Royer wrote, "I have left Washing- 
ton, D. C, and am working as buyer of 
budget dresses at Forbes and Wallace, Inc., 
in Springfield, Mass. I live with my family 
and commute each day. My job is most in- 
teresting and the buying trips to New York 
are a wonderful experience." Her address is 
100 Brookmoor Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 

Sally Sherman Mudgett is now living at 
707 Ward Ave., Huntsville, Ala., but they 
plan to live near Boston when Donald fin- 
ishes his service with the Army in May. 

Gail Swanson Rees is staying with her 
mother in Jamaica Plain at present while 
her husband, Mai, is out to sea with the 

New Addresses: Ethel Griffin Browning 
(Mrs. Charles C, Jr.), New York Life In- 
surance Company, Manchester, N. H. 

Marian Lougee Foster (Mrs. Allan E.), 
5812 South Westnedge, Kalamazoo, Mich. 


425 Redleaf Rd., Wynnewood, Penn. 

Mrs. Rudolph A. Kraft, Jr. 

( Peggy Schwingel ) , Assistant 

90 DeHart PL, Elizabeth, N. J. 

GAIL SWETT, Assistant 
53 Mount Vernon Ave., Needham, Mass. 

Reunion: The first reunion luncheon for the 
Class of 1956 will be held on Saturday, June 
8th, at The Simpson House, 1114 Beacon St., 
Newton Centre. 

Engaged: Sally Churchill to Edward J. 
Downes, Jr., of Albany, N. Y. He is an 
alumnus of the University of Buffalo and is 
now a junior at the university's School of 

Adele De Francesco to Van Towle on 
January 18th. Adele is working for the 
Summit Medical Group in Summit, N. J., 
as a medical secretary. 

Beverly M. Fleischer to James W. Rubin, 
USAF. James attended Boston University, 



College of Liberal Arts. A June 16th wed- 
ding is planned. 

Gail C. Gourdeau to Thad J. Krolicki. 
Thad served two years with the armed forces 
and is now attending the University of 
Rhode Island. A fall wedding is planned. 

Judith L. Griffin to James R. Perron. Jim 
was graduated from Burdett College and has 
served two years with the Army. 

Judith E. Metcalf to Randall P. Daniels, 
USN. Randall is now stationed aboard the 
USS E. F. Larson at Long Beach, Calif. Judy 
is working as a dietitian in a hospital in 
New Hampshire. 

Marion C. Nelson to James R. Holland. 
Jim was graduated from Northeastern Uni- 
versity in 1955. An October wedding is 

Carolee A. Pedusey to John L. Virgilio. 
Carolee is working for the Travelers Insur- 
ance Co., and John, who attended Worcester 
Junior College and Holy Cross, is associated 
with S. J. Virgilio Construction Co., Inc. 
A fall wedding is planned. 

Bette Putnam to Ensign Jan S. Prokop 
(SC) USN. Jan graduated from the U. S. 
Naval Academy at Annapolis in the Class 
of 1956. 

Jane Smith to Robert W. Doherty. Robert 
is attending Dean Junior College where he 
is a member of the Class of 1957. A fall 
wedding is planned. 

Married: Judith Berger to Robert N. Hur- 
witz in January. Robert is a graduate of 
Brandeis University. Following a wedding 
trip to Miami Beach, Fla., they have been 
making their home at 28 St. Paul St., Brook- 
line, Mass. 

Betty Buecher to Donald Hill, on Feb- 
ruary 2nd, in Maplewood, N. J. Until June, 
when Donald expects to graduate from Tufts 
University, they will make their home with 
his family. 

Carol J. Corning to Louis P. Richard, Jr. 

Beverly Danks to John H. Rieckers, on 
January 19th. Adele De Francesco and Nelly 
Bachand were bridesmaids. Bev is working 
for the Schering Corporation in Bloomfield, 
N. J., and her husband is a laboratory tech- 
nician with Union Carbide and Carbon Cor- 
poration. Their address is 11 Park St., 
Bloomfield, N. J. 

Barbara L. Jennison to Paul F. McGrath, 
on January 25, 1957. Paul served with the 
Navy for four years. 

Joanne L. Marchetti to George Susce, Jr., 
in February, 1957. George is a pitcher on 
the Boston Red Sox baseball team. 

Constance A. Nastasi to Costas A. Mehos, 
Jr., on March 23, 1957. Connie wrote, "I 
had a very busy summer. I was lucky enough 
to be chosen for the 'New Jersey Miss Sea- 
food Princess' contest and was a finalist. It 

was all very wonderful and I met lots of 
friends of friends of Lasellites. I was also in 
the 'Miss Color TV contest in New York 
and a finalist. The biggest thing was my 
engagement on October 11th and now my 
wedding on March 23rd to Lt. Costas A. 
Mehos, Jr., of Pittsfield, Mass. We were 
going to honeymoon in Bermuda, but having 
had two Lasell trips there, we decided on 
Barbados, B.W.I. Mike, as I call him, grad- 
uated from Boston University in June. ... I 
hope to be at our reunion as Mike and I will 
be stationed at the Army Post in Springfield, 

Ann Phelps to Frank MacKinnis, on 
March 15, 1957. Frank is a graduate of 
Carnegie Tech. and works for Westinghouse. 
Their address is Oaklee Village 358, Balti- 
more 29, Md. 

Peggy Schwingel to Rudolph A. Kraft, 
Jr., on March 2, 1957. They are making their 
home at 90 DeHart PL, Elizabeth, N. J. 

Sandra S. Shaw to Alan H. Lipsky of New 
York City, on January 26, 1957, in Boston. 
Alan graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic 
Institute with High Honors, and is now 
working for his master's degree in electrical 
engineering at M.I.T. The couple spent their 
honeymoon at the Concord Hotel in the Cats- 
kills, and are living in an apartment at the 
Sherry Biltmore Hotel in Boston until June 
when Alan expects to receive his degree. 

Patricia A. Strawbridge to John A. Mul- 
hern, on February 23, 1957. They will live 
at Fort Knox, Ky., where John is stationed 
with the Army. 

Nancy Vieweger to Robert Pentz on De- 
cember 27th. They are now living in Eliza- 
beth, N. J. 

Other News: Nancy Ahlgren is working in 
Ithaca, N. Y., on Cornell's campus. Her 
address is 208 Delaware Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Nelly Bachand has moved to Boston and 
is working for the American Cancer Society. 

Ellen Benner is working at Curtis Pub- 
lishing in Philadelphia. Her address is 800 
Washington Lane, Jenkintown, Pa. 

Pat Dahlgard is a secretary at Connecticut 
Blue Cross in New Haven. 

Sue DeSantis is working for her father in 
the real estate firm of Doucette DeSantis. 

Thelma Epstein Lapides is working for 
Sachs and Sachs, lawyers, in New Haven, 

Deborah Farnum is working at Wyman 
Gordon in Worcester. 

Bobbi Foster is working in the Business 
and Technical Personnel Department at East- 
man Kodak Company in Rochester, N. Y. 

Gini Halkiotis is working for Lord and 
Taylor in New York. 

Yumiko Hattori is continuing her studies 
at Wheaton College. 



Nancy Ivers is at the Maiden Hospital 
where she is finishing her medical technician 

Dotty Mabrey is working at F. Schumach- 
er's in New York. 

Judy Nielsen and Bernice Dowe have an 
apartment at 33 Grove St., Boston. 

Sue North writes that she and Bette Put- 
nam, who has just become engaged, and 
Agnes DiZerega had a get-together in New 

Ann Pasquale is working for a securities 
firm in the John Hancock Building in Boston. 

Donna Schmitt is working for the tele- 
phone company in Auburn, N. Y. 

Barbara Simpson is working for the Au- 
burn Savings Bank in Auburn, N. Y. 

Sandra C. Smith is working for an insur- 
ance brokerage firm in Springfield, Mass. 
She recently wrote, "I take care of the auto- 
mobile insurance and also interview many 
different people which makes my job very 

Mary Lee Tilton Ayre is living with her 
family at 2745 Arizona Ave., N.W., Wash- 
ington 16, D. C, while her husband is in 

the service. She is employed in the office of 
the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of 

Marilyn Tomancak is at the University of 

Carol Wuestefeld Sampson has been 
spending some time with her family in New 
Haven while waiting for her husband, who 
is in the service, to be permanently located. 
In the meantime she has been doing some 
merchandising work in New Haven. 

Joan Yaghjian is very happy with her 
work for Century Electric Supply, Inc. 

New Addresses: Janet Battles Mandigo, 
Gem Cir., Raynham, Mass. 

Gail Foster Browning, 746 Hale St., 
Beverly Farms, Mass. 

Judy Gans, 238 West Rocks Rd., Nor- 
walk, Conn. 

Sandy Lavine, 52 Eastern Ave., Lynn, 

Patti Lockwood, Berkeley Residence Club, 
Box 224, 40 Berkeley St., Boston 16, Mass. 

Joan C. Raymond, 680 Armistice Blvd., 
Pawtucket, R. I. 




-x Mary H. McDonald 


-x Elizabeth Kimball Adams 


-x Jennie Johnson Brewster 


Joan Morici Aboyoun 


Mrs. Alice M. Hopkins 
(Housemother at 
Karandon) (2/6/57) 

- Mr. James L. Harper 

(Ground Crew since the 
' early '30's) (2/8/57) 

x — indicates non-graduates 

CALENDAR 1956-57 



January 8 
February 4 
March 1 
March 1-3 
March 29 
March 29 
April 9 
April 12 
May 17 
June 2 
June 7 

June 8 
June 9 

20 . . . . . Registration of New Students 
21-22 . . Orientation Period for all New Students 

22 Registration of Old Students 

24 Formal Opening 

12 . . Holiday 

16 . . . . . . End of First Quarter 

21 after classes to ) _ , . . . 
26 for classes j ■ v ■ Thanksgiving 

19 after classes to ) 

> . Christmas Vacation 

for classes ) 

Beginning of Second Semester 

M.I.T.-Orphean Concert 

Father-Daughter Week End 

End of Third Quarter 

after classes to 
for classes 

Spring Vacation 

Bowdoin Concert 
Lasell Night at Pops 
Baccalaureate Sunday 

End of Second Semester 

(Class Night 

(Reunion of Alumnae 
Commencement Day 

Classes holding Reunions, June 8, 1957. 

1897— 60th 
1902— 55th 
1907— 50th 
1912 — 45th 
1917 — 40th 
1922— 35th 
1927— 30th 
1932— 25th 
1937— 20th 
1942— 15th 
1947— 10th 
1952— 5th 
1956— 1st 

Special Note: Remember, all except those celebrating their 60th, 55th, 
50th or 25 th must make their own arrangements for off -campus over- 
night accommodations! 

Lasell Leaves 


AUGUST, 1957 

NO. 4 


The clock is a recent gift of Mr. Paul H. Hornbeck 

Fund Issue 1956-57 



AUGUST, 1957 

No. 4 

Class Agent Chairman: 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 

Alumnae Fund Secretary: 
Dorothy Ulmer Willis 


Olive Boynton Garron '38 

Alumnae Secretary: 
Priscilla Winslow '35 


Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 
Joy Kendrew Hibsher 



published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Entered as second-class matter at the Boston, Mass., Post Office. Acceptance for 
mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, 
authorized on October 28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual 
Alumnae Fund Contribution. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 
cents each. 




Dear Friends: 

The commencement exercises which ended on June 9th were the most im- 
pressive and dignified exercises that we have ever had. The campus was very 
beautiful. The grounds crew had done a wonderful job on the lawns and the 
shrubbery. The weather was perfect and Dr. Anna Rose Hawkes, the commence- 
ment speaker, was by far the best speaker that we have had in recent years. There 
were 230 young women in the senior class, representing some 18 states and 3 
foreign countries. 

During the past two years, it has been my pleasure and privilege to work 
closely with the Public Information Committee of the American Association of 
Junior Colleges. There is so much being said and written today about post-high- 
school education that I would like to give you some firsthand information regarding 
the two-year colleges. The two-year colleges in the United States are known by 
several names, such as colleges, junior colleges, city colleges, community colleges, 
institutions and university centers. They all represent an important movement in 
higher education. Many of these are public, some are church related, some are 
independent, as is Lasell. All perform significant service. The two-year college 
movement began in the latter part of the nineteenth century. In 1900, there were 
about ten institutions in the United States of the type recognized today as junior 
colleges. Now there are 625 two-year colleges with more than 765,000 full-time 
and part-time students. The two-year college is the fastest growing branch of 
American education. Originally, two-year colleges provided courses equivalent to 
those in the first two years of four-year institutions. They were designed for students 
who advanced to third year standing in senior colleges or universities. Transfer 
is still an important function of the two-year colleges. During the years, however, 
additional functions have emerged and Lasell has been a leader in the development 
of two-year or terminal curricula. At the present time, Lasell has 12 major divi- 
sions covering everything from liberal arts transfer courses to secretarial and retail 
training work. Lasell now offers over 100 different courses of study of college 
grade and these are divided into about 150 divisions. 

There has been so much confusion in recent years regarding the naming of 
these two-year institutions that the two-year colleges for women such as Colby, 
Bradford, Pine Manor, Green Mountain and Centenary have been searching for 
a new name. Centenary, Briarcliff and Green Mountain have simply dropped the 
name "Junior." We at Lasell have not officially dropped the name "Junior", but 
in all of our recent catalogs we have emphasized "Lasell, a Two- Year College for 
Women". We feel that we have grown up and that it is no longer necessary to 
use the word "Junior". 

It is with a great deal of regret that we accept the resignation of Priscilla 
Winslow as Alumnae Secretary. She has given freely of her time and varied talents. 
Under her guidance and leadership the Alumnae Association has grown greatly in 
stature and importance. We shall miss Priscilla very much, but we wish her a lot 
of happiness and joy as she travels again toward the West. I feel that we are ex- 
tremely fortunate in having a prominent member of the Lasell family accept the 
challenge to follow in Priscilla's footsteps. Marjorie MacClymon has accepted the 
appointment as Alumnae Secretary. Marjorie is well known to every Lasell gradu- 
ate of recent years. She thoroughly understands the work of the Alumnae Associa- 
tion. She is a business trained woman and has had many years' experience as 


manager of the college store. She writes exceedingly well and was gold medal 
scholarship winner of her class. I believe that the transition from one secretary to 
another will be made with a minimum loss of efficiency. We are indeed happy to 
welcome Marjorie as our new secretary. 

I have written this letter much in the same vein that I would talk to you were 
I addressing one of the alumnae clubs. I know that club leaders are often dis- 
couraged and feel that they are not doing as well as they should, but the mere fact 
that a town or city or community has a Lasell Club in it is of great importance in 
our public information program. I hope that all club members who read this will 
be inspired to carry on with the good work and if there is not a club in your 
neighborhood, be sure and let us know and we will assist you in organizing one. 


Raymond C. Wass 


This year Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
awarded four scholarships totaling 
$1200 to four members of the class of 
1958. The following girls received 
the awards : 

Mary E. Carr, a high-ranking secre- 
tarial major, is a graduate of the 
Wethersfield, Connecticut high school, 
where she was active in many extra- 
curricular and class projects. In her 
spare time Mary worked at the G. Fox 
Department store and plans to con- 
tinue there this summer. 

Nancy Cincotti, a day student whose 
home is in West Newton, has attained 
a B average in the secretarial course at 
Lasell this year. She ranked in the top 
quartile of the Class of 1956 at the 
Newton High School. She is presently 
employed part time at Grover Cronin's, 

June Leary, who has two younget 
brothers and a sister, comes from Man- 
chester Center, Vermont. She also is 
taking the secretarial course and has 
been on the Dean's List this past year. 

Mary E. Cam 

Nancy Cincotti 


June Leary 

For five years June has worked as a 
waitress and has used these savings to 
finance her first year at Lasell. She will 
do the same type of work this summer. 

Jean Wynott, who lives in East Wey- 
mouth, Mass., is the youngest of six 
children. In addition to working as 
stenographic assistant to Mrs. Lucile 
Robertson of Lasell's retail training de- 
partment, Jean has found time to par- 
ticipate in sports and many class activi- 
ties. She has been elected treasurer of 
both Executive Council and Speaker's 
Bureau for 1957-58. 

We sincerely thank all who contrib- 
uted to the Alumnae Fund this year en- 
abling us to give substantial scholarship 
awards. May we also express our ap- 
preciation to the following clubs — 

Jean Wynott 

contributors to the Scholarship Fund 
during 1956-57: 



Capital District (Albany) 



Connecticut Valley 

Eastern Maine 

New Hampshire 

Northern Vermont 

Philadelphia-South Jersey 

Rhode Island 


Western Massachusetts 


The Scholarship Committee 
Shirley Gould Chesebro '33, 

A GRADUATE OF "19??" ? 

By contributing annually to this Alumnae Scholarship Fund, your 
club will be giving worthy girls an opportunity to further their education 
at Lasell. 



APRIL 5th and 6th 

The afternoon sessions were divided 
into two groups with Chairman Louise 
Tardivel Higgins '37 leading the Class 
Agents and the Clubs' discussion led by 
Dorothy Inett Taylor '30. 

At the Agents session the results of 
last year's drive were discussed and 
everyone agreed that the new dining 
room lounge, redecorated by the Alum- 
nae, was most attractive. It was de- 
cided the next project will be to fix up 
the faculty dining room so that it can 
be used as a room to entertain guests 
of the school. There will be curtains 
that can be drawn to separate the room 
from the main dining room and also 
new furniture. 

At the Clubs session the main topic 
of discussion was the need for all the 
Clubs to have a specific project to raise 
money for the Scholarship Fund. It 
was decided that Lasell Clubs would use 
the sale of Christmas paper as their 
fund-raising project. 

Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Taylor re- 
ported that both sessions were interest- 
ing and informative and that several 
new ideas to stimulate enthusiasm were 

The Alumnae Council meetings this 
year were well attended by sixty inter- 
ested and enthusiastic alumnae. 

On Friday evening the group met for 
a social get-together in Rand Hall in 
the Wass Science Building. Mr. Wass 
showed movies of campus life after 
which refreshments were served in the 
reception room in Woodland. 

The opening meeting was held in the 
Wass Science Building on Saturday 
morning. Alumnae President Ruth 
Turner Crosby '42 extended greetings 
to all and introduced the guest speakers. 
Mr. Robert K. Brandriff, chairman of 
the English Department and head of 
Publicity, was the first speaker again 
this year. Mr. Brandriff' s talks are 
most informative about present-day 
campus life and his humor is enjoyed 
by all. 

The next speaker was Miss Jane Run- 
yon, Alumnae Secretary of Bradford 
Junior College. She gave a very com- 
plete report on the activities of the 
Bradford Alumnae organizations and 
told how they attempted to overcome 
problems that arise in all such groups. 

A brief recess was followed by a deli- 
cious dinner served in the college dining 

At Council 


Newly redecorated Dining Room 
Lounge at Woodland 

The New England murals are the work 
of Mr. Mark M. Derick, father of llene 
Derick Whelpley '41. 



Plan NOW 
Tenth Annual Alumnae Council Meetings 

April 1958 

Plans and dates will be published 

in a later edition of 




Note: The number of contributors includes all Life Members who contributed during the 
current year (indicated by an L in front of the name). Other Life Members are 
listed at the end of each class list. The count of each class for figuring the per- 
centages includes living graduates with known addresses and non-graduate givers 
(the latter indicated by x). 



Liorena Fellows Sawyer 

Total amount contributed: $65.00 
Number of contributors: 4 
Percent contributing: 24% 

xBessie Cooke Jones 
Lorena Fellows Sawyer 
Elise Scott Mackintosh 
Gertrude Watson Linscott 

Life Members: 
Evelyn Ebert Allen 
Alice Jenckes Wilson 
Alice R. Kendall 



Annie Mae Pinkham Allyn 

Total amount contributed: $228.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Percent contributing: 72% 

xMary Buffington Chace 
Grace Bullock Gorham 
Ellen Chase Wood 
Laura Chase 
Bessie Draper Ruffin 
Georgie Duncan Seavey 
L Bessie Fuller Perry 
xLouise A. Martin 
Ellen McGrew Hollenbeck 
L Clara McLean Rowley 
L Annie Mae Pinkham Allyn 

xCora Stone Trimmer 
L Kate Wheldon Plumb 

Other Life Member: 
Joanna Deering Kirk 

All other classes before 1906 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 

Total amount contributed: $533.00 
Number of contributors: 42 
Percent contributing: 32% 


Constance Waite Rouse 


Mercy Sinsabaugh Ingalls 


Mary Packard Cass 


L Effie M. Prickett 

Gertrude Simpson Keating 
Maud Snyder Davis 


Grace Dwinal Pushard 
Nellie M. Richards 


Grace A. Johnson 


Elsa Doepke Wiggers 
Mabel Sawyer Rogers 
Mabel Taylor Gannett 


Myra L. Davis 
Nellie Feagles Kattelle 
L Edith Howe Kip 

Grace Washburn Hoskins 


Elizabeth Allen Paxton 
Ruth Crandell 
L Clifford Dasher Stephens 
Frances Wood Willis 


xAlice Taylor Potter. 
Katharine White Wolfe 


Isabella C. Clemens 
Katherine E. McCoy 
Lelia Walker Saunders 
Harriette Ward Walker 


Isabella Blackstock Beardsley 
xEmily A. Clemens 

Agnes Drake Foss 

Marie Gibert Martin 

Mary Goodwin Olmsted 

Bertha Hayden King 

Ida Mallory Lyon 
xLucia Parcher Dow 


Julia E. Martin 
xGrace Ordway Miller 
xFlorence Smith Flint 


Hazel Carey Adam 

Edith Harber Wright 
xArgenta MacDonald Carothers 
xEleanor Percy Irish 

Other Life Members: 

Georgianna Adams McElfresh '92 
Josephine Chandler Pierce '96 
Annie J. Hackett '96 
Helen Abbott Bucknam '98 
Emma Aull Duncan '98 

xMabel T. Eager '89 

xjosephine H. West '93 
Elsie B. Reynolds '00 
Edith Ebersole Doud '03 

xHelen Ebersole Swartzel 
Jennie Hamilton Eliason '04 
Laura Weaver Buxton '05 



Helen Carter Marcy 

Total amount contributed: $222.00 
Number of contributors: 17 
Percent contributing: 68% 

L Edith Anthony Carlow 
L Helen Carter Marcy 

Marie Cogswell Gelinsky 

Ann Dealey Jackson 

Kathryne McClanahan Henske 
L Mildred Peirce Fuller 
xElizabeth Polhemus Rockwood 

Julia Potter Schmidt 
L Irene Sauter Sanford 
L Maude Simes Harding 


Sarah H. Strong 
xElizabeth Thielens Miller 
xMary Thielens Peeples 
L Dorothea Turner Moulton 
Katharine Washburn Peyser 
Lucy Wilson Errett 
L Elsie Young Hayden 



Lilian Douglass Heeb 

Total amount contributed: $142.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 65% 

Helen Carter Johnson 
xEdna Cones Prior 
L Fern Dixon Leahy 
L Lilian Douglass Heeb 
Lxjennie Drew Hinman 
xCarre Fuller Eldridge 
xDaisy Gilbert Buck 
xHelen Gray Porter 

Helen H. Heath 

Clara Huttenbauer Levy 

Clara F. Nims 
xSadie Peckham Mayers 
xElizabeth Peirce Bittenbender 
xCarrie Sessions Dodge 

Ida Sisson Craver 



Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Total amount contributed: $230.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Percent contributing: 76% 

xlmo Blakestad King 
L Grace Emerson Cole 

xElsie C. Fengar 
L Lela Goodall Thornburg 
L Grace T. Griswold 

xAlice Hobbs Worcester 
L Elizabeth Love Macey 
Sophie Mayer March 

xEthel McCorkindale Harwood 
L Louise Morrell Nestler 

xMary Porter Bigelow 

xHope A. Richards 
L Charlotte Ryder Hall 


Maria Kiker Hume 

Total amount contributed: $50.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 47% 

L Annie Crowe Collum 
xGertrude Leonard McClanahan 

Maria Riker Hume 
xElizabeth Robinson Breed 

Florence Swartwout Thomassen 

Dorothy Wells Seller 

Katherine H. Wheeler 

Other Life Member: 

Louise Funkhouser Colegrove 



Josephine Woodward Band 

Total amount contributed: $194.00 
Number of contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 77% 

L Lucy Aldrich Berston 
xRuth Balch Ott 
Olive Bates Dumas 
L Nell Carneal Drew 
xLucy Cox Nelson 
L Julia Crafts Sheridan 
Margherita Dike Hallberg 
Marion Hale Bottomley 
L Julia Hamilton Peters 
Helen B. Hood 
Irma Levi Levy 
L Mary Lumbard Courtney 
xElizabeth P. Martin 
Ina McLean Hunt 
LxMabeth Shuttleworth Turner 
xMinnie Steenman Bryant 
M. Cornelia Stone 
Julia ter Kuile Brown 
LxAnita Wilson McAvoy 
L Josephine Woodward Rand 
Other Life Members: 

Mildred Goodall Fairbanks 
Susan Stryker Brown 
xMarguerite B. Vicary 

REMEMBER— Your contribution entitles 
you to ALL issues of the Leaves 

Please use the space provided on your contribution 

envelope to send us news of yourself and any other 

Lasellites ! 




Total amount contributed: $53-00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Percent contributing: 48% 

L Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull 
xMarion Davis Wright 

Alma Dumn DeLong 
xHelen Ferry Babcock 
xDorothy E. Frost 

Kathleen M. Knight 
L Marion Ordway Corley 

Doris Powers Thomas 

Eleanor Warner Salisbury 
xSibyl Webb Dougherty 

Other Life Member: 
Margaret Jones Clemen 



Ruth Coulter Bierer 

Total amount contributed: $195.00 
Number of contributors: 22 
Percent contributing: 69% 

Agnes Adelsdorf Weil 
Ruth Bachelder Luscombe 
Emily Butterworth Pritchard 

xBarbara Clark Colby 
Ruth Coulter Bierer 
Elizabeth Edson 
Miriam Flynn Speth 
Mary Goodwillie Townsend 
Orra Hammond Pomeroy 
Marion Joslin Oppenheimer 
Charlotte Lesh Coats 

xFannie May Holdman 
Annie Merrill David 
Ethel Moore Richardson 

xHannah Morris Thomas 
Clara Parker Colby 
Jane Parsons Westervelt 
Marjorie Risser Blackwell 

xC. Pearl Townsend 
Mary Utter Maxson 
Ruth Vollrath Ross 
Winifred Whittlesey Knowlton 

Life Members: 

Florence Jones Allen 
xGrace Douglass Schindler 
xHazel Drew Adair 

Sara Shuttleworth Houwert 


Mary Fenno Stirn 

Total amount contributed: $55.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 37% 

Alma L. Bunch 
xMary C. Dill 

Georgina Fankboner Roberts 

Mary Fenno Stirn 

Wilhelmina Joscelyn Swett 
xEsther McCrory 
xEdessa Warner Slocum 

Life Members: 

Ruth Trowbridge Brown 
Mildred Westervelt Warner 



Mary Quick Dean 

xRuth Adt Stephenson 

Mary H. Bingaman 

Alleda Burnett Arneson 

Maidie Dealey Moroney 

Angeline Emery MacCulloch 

Marcia Fogg Moore 

Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood 
xE. Rose Hoefflin 

Mabel Jones Carlton 

Carolyn B. Moore 

Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale 

Dorothy Payne Whiteway 

Mary Ouick Dean 

Helen Rollins Fisher 

Mildred Smith Leach 

Charlotte Swartwout Quackenbush 

Life Members: 

Lois Brader Buckner 
Dorothy Canfield Cheseldine 
Ruth Davis Giller 
Ruth Thresher Jenks 


Evelina E. Perkins 

Total amount contributed: $92.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Percent contributing: 37% 

Irene Ball Sill 

Margrethe M. Bauman 

Elizabeth Beach Bierer 

Ida Beane Rice 

Katharine Bingaman Heron 
xMadeline Farmer Ryder 

Clara Paton Suhlke 

Evelina E. Perkins 
xEmma Robinson Petrie 
xFlorence Skinner Anderson 
L Susan E. Tiffany 

Doris Waller O'Hara 
xGenevieve Watkins Stecker 

Other Life Members: 
Myrtle Brix Spangler 
Bess E. Emerine 
Ada F. Patterson 
Gladys Wilkes McCutchen 
Nell Woodward Collins 

Total amount contributed: $110.00 
Number of contributors: 16 
Percent contributing: 43% 

At Council 


At Council 



Marion Griffin Wolcott 

Total amount contributed: $269.00 
Number of contributors: 32 
Percent contributing: 64% 

Orissa M. Attwill (deceased 1/21/57) 
xRose Baer Trexler 

Gertrude Baker Davis 

Marian Beach Barlow 
xWilda Berkey Cartland 
L Naomi Bradley Reed 

Dorothy Brate McPherrin 
xEdna Christensen Beckwith 

Lavinia Fera McKinney 

Helen J. Foster 

Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger 

Helen S. Gerrett 

Marion Griffin Wolcott 

Sarah Hammond Brookes 

Lena Lauck Johnson 

Maude Hayden Keeney 

Mildred Libby Kilgore 

Eleanor McCarty Thomas 
L Helen Merrill Strohecker 

Florence Morris Smith 

Mildred Ordway Brahana 

Helen Overholser Towle 

Hazel Palmer Kennedy 
xEsther Porter Pratt 

Carol M. Rice 

Elizabeth G. Richards 

Madeline Sheldon Herfurth 

Mabel Straker Kimball 

Alma E. Sweet 
xMargaret Trice Gibbens 

Dale Whipple Turnbull 

Charlotte Whiting Clark 

Anonymous contributor 



Marjorie Morrison Coburn 

Mildred Strain Nutter 

Total amount contributed: $122.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Percent contributing: 31% 

E. Gertrude Allen 
Ruth Burnap Jones 
Helen Lesh Zerfas 
Virginia Moore Starkey 
Marjorie Morrison Coburn 
xCarita Palmer Moffett 

xMargaret Powell Weaver 

Dorothy Redmond Jones 
L Helen M. Saunders 

Dorothy Stewart Allen 
L Mildred Strain Nutter 

Other Life Members: 
Helen Bauman Routier 
Florence Bell Merrill 
Fannie Gates Frey 
Jessie Shepherd Brennan 
Helen Stephan Sterley 



Octavia Hickcox Smith 

Elsie Flight Wuestefeld 

Total amount contributed: $218.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 31% 

L Lydia Adams Godsoe 

xLillian Astill Ainsworth 
L Dorothy Barnes Paine 

xEloise Bordages Masterson 
Mildred Cary Eaton 
Kathryn Craig Rowand 
Elsie Flight Wuestefeld 
Helen Hart Lind 
Octavia Hickcox Smith 
Barbara McLellan McCormick 
Ruth B. Newcomb 

xAlmira L. Shepard 
Helen Smith Stone 
Roxana Stark Burns 

xAnna G. Wood 

Other Life Member: 
Gail Wilson Boynton 



Mercie V. Nichols 

Total amount contributed: $137.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Percent contributing: 52% 

Edith Abbott Chapman 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe 

Miriam D. Bell 

Olive Chase Mayo 
xMarie Engeln Pollard 
xMary Eshleman Willauer 

Marguerite Houser Hamlin 
xCarolyn Kuhn Feffer 
xAlice McFarland Dunlop 

Helen Moss Post 
xElizabeth Moyer Wilson 
L Mercie V. Nichols 

Ethel Ramage Fisk 

Edith Vance Nicolson 
xRuth Cody Ball 

Sarah Hopkins 



Total amount contributed: $94.00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Percent contributing: 20% 

LxCarolie Abrams Painter 
Dorothy Burnham Eaton 
Marion Eaton Gumaer 
Lillian G. Grant 
Freda Griffin Leining 
Alice Grimes Griffin 
Ruth D. Hayden 
Muriel James Morrison 
Margaret Perley Downey 
Julia Rankin Welles 



Other Life Members: 
Elaine Bass Pierce 
Anna Crane Sherwood 
Doris Crawford Clovis 
Isabel M. Fish 
Katherine Rice Broock 
xKatherine Moss Shriner 



Helen L.. Beede 

Total amount contributed: $242.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Percent contributing: 27% 

L Helen L. Beede 

Pauline Butler Poore 

Leonora Conklin Babcock 

Jeannette Geist Stanley 
xPriscilla Ingraham Lamb 

Mary King Sargent 
L Mildred Knight Norwood 
L Ruth Rawlings Mott 

Doris Sanborn Adams 
LxMary C. Shannon 
xHazel M. Slockbower 
L Ruth Smith Coates 

Marion Stevens White 
L Esther H. Story 

Other Life Members: 

Celina Belle Isle Forman 
Marian Bliven MacDonald 
Lillian Doane Maddigan 
Gladys V. Lucas 



Theresa Thompson Osborne 

Total amount contributed: $217.00 
Number of contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 30% 

Florence Archibald Stanly 

Carolyn Badger Seybolt 

Dorothy Caldwell Jordan 
L Florence Day Wentworth 

Jean Field Faires 

Marjorie Gifford Grimm 
L Helene Grashorn Dickson 
L Josephine Holbrook Metzger 

Marjorie Lovering Harris 
L Elizabeth Madeira Campbell 

Mildred Melgaard Rees 

xMarjorie Norris England 

L Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker 

L Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt 

Margaret Reid Perry 
L Barbara Smith Huntington 

Dorothy Smith Stefanides 
L Theresa Thompson Osborne 
xMarion T. Weidman 

Louise Weymouth Thompson 

Other Life Members: 
Frances Angel Levenson 
Iverna Birdsall Lutze 
Harriette Case Bidwell 
Ethelle Cleale Collett 
Violet Comley Peirce 
Sarah F. Crane 
Grace Gates Brown 
Louise Jackson Davol 
Elizabeth Tarr Benton 
Jean Woodward Nelson 



Antoinette Meritt Smith 

Arline Allsopp DeHart 

xMarion Austin Hakewessell 
Florence Boehmcke Edmondson 
Margaret Bullock Reed 
Elizabeth Chandler Healy 
Anne Daugherty Slater 
Ruth Dinsmore Tilton 
Adrienne Fontaine Caron 

xMary Godard Hadley 
L Ruth Hills Livermore 

Helen Hinshaw Toohey 
L Ruth Hopkins Spooner 

xLisinka Kuehl Dawson 
Helen Lightbody Smith 
Marjorie Lowell Weeks 
Ida A. Markert 
Jeannette Merrick Moss 
Dorothy K. Millspaugh 
Elizabeth Mitchell Ridout 
Elizabeth Neal Birch 

xLouise Orr Daniels 
Claire Parker Everett 
Evelyn Shidler Robertson 
Jessie Watters 
Isabelle Whitcomb Jackson 

Other Life Members: 
Ethel Cole Charters 
Carolyn Colton Avery 
Antoinette Meritt Smith 
Mercedes Rendell Freeman 
Adrienne E. Smith 
Louise Woolley Morgan 
xRuth Emery 



Dorothy Barnard 

Total amount contributed: $75.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Percent contributing: 21% 

L Dorothy Ballou Collier 

Dorothy Barnard 

Adele Bigham Nelson 

Matilda Daugherty Linn 

Edith Hadley McLean 

Margaret Lonval Epps 

Alice McCaghey Shuler 

Maude Murray Keene 

Esther Palmer Dwinell 
L Helen B. Perry 

Helen W. Robson 
xBeatrice Tait Henrich 

Katharine C. Webb 

Gertrude Westerhoff Weiss 

Other Life Members: 
Edith Clendenin Stahl 
Katharine Knox McClaren 
Lucile Norris Leyda 
Mauda A. Wilcox 
Alice Wry Anthony 

Helen McNab Willand 

Total amount contributed: $146.50 
Number of contributors: 23 
Percent contributing: 38% 

Total amount contributed: $139.00 
Number of contributors: 25 
Percent contributing: 42% 

xSarah Barnum Maurer 
xAlice Batchelder Powers 
Helen Black Sprague 
Lois Bryant Warner 
Glenna E. Bullis 
Charlena Clough Long 
xEthel Clow Black 
Dorothy Cook Reynal 
Barbara Cushing Jenkins 
Martha Fish Holmes 
Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor 
Louise Hegeman Whitman 
Estelle L. Jenney 



L Helen McNab Willand 

Ruth Mayes Longmire 
xAlice Oliver Harrington 
xMary Saunders Houston 

Virginia Smieding Fenn 
xEmma Smith Quereau 

Sylvia H. Solari 

Eleanor L. Steele 
xClaire Stritzinger Daller 

Grace Thayer Berkeley 

Other Life Members: 
Ruth A. Buffington 
Eva-May Mortimer Riffe 
Helen Wahlquist Wolcott 



Dorothy Denney EdU 

Lillian G. Bethel 

Total amount contributed: $59.00 
Number of contributors: 9 
Percent contributing: 12% 

Margaret Anderson Gage 
Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 

xBernice Cunningham Smith 

xLuanna Eyler Crane 
Mariesta Howland Bloom 
Anita Krakauer Doerr 
Dorothy Messenger Heath 
Doris Schumaker Walthers 
Elizabeth Smith Lum 

Life Members: 

Margaret Beck Hamlin 
Helen Duncan Peterson 
Dorothy Hale Brown 
Sara Mackay Roblin 
^~ Elinor Stevens Stockman ** 
Nadine Strong James 
Mary Witschief Wood 



Esther T. Josselyn 

Total amount contributed: $141.00 
Number of contributors: 21 
Percent contributing: 28% 

LxGertrude Bicknell Harvey 

Rosalie Brightman Rosen 

Edith Bronstein Silverman 

Sylvia Chandler Hooker 

Minerva Damon Ludewig 

Elinor Day Conley 

Carolyn Duncan Long 

Lucy Field Wildman 
L Esther T. Josselyn 

Loretta Krause Eyer 

Marjorie Maxfield Smith 

Rosanna McConnell Wallis 

Ethel Noyes Hathaway 

A. Katheryn Royce 

Elizabeth Selkirk Chipps 

Edith Stone Schure 

Evelyn Suor Butterworth 

Edith Thorpe Van Dine 

Katherine Tufts Wiese 

Virginia Wellington Fauver 

Ruth Woodman Higginbotham 

Other Life Members: 
Lily Butters Schwartz 
Lucy MacLeod Helm 
Madalyn Patten Hoberg 
Madeleine Robinhold Leinbach 
Janette Smock Allen 

Total amount contributed: $117.00 
Number of contributors: 18 
Percent contributing: 25% 

Lillian G. Bethel 
Phoebe Dotten Low 
Evelyn Douglass Hooper 
Ardelle Drabble Tucker 
Kathryn W. Forgey 
Mary Goodwin Culver 
Caroline Hopkins McLean 
Helen Kowalewski Sandback 
Evelyn Ladd Rublee 
Josephine Laughton Hopkins 
Barbara E. Lawson 
Mildred Lykins Rust 

L Margaret Newman 
xAlice M. Nydegger 
Katherine Paige Colon 
Hester Shaw Gordon 

L Marjorie Winslow MacCuspie 
Margaret Woods Brown 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret H. Behrens 
Mary Pryor Miller 
Mary Timmins Moulthrop 



Harriet Hewins Sanderson 

Total amount contributed: $190.00 
Number of contributors: 30 
Percent contributing: 31% 

Jean Ayr Baker 
xEtalia Baratta Bianchi 

Edna Bickford Rand 

Preble Borden Gruchy 

Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth 

Charlotte Brooks Armstrong 

Constance Chalmers Harlow 

Dorothea Clark Johnson 

Julia Clausen Bowman 

Dorothy Cole MacRae 
L Rosamond Cornell Cannon 

Emily Crump Ramstetter 

Isabelle Daggett Wilson 

Katharine Edwards Bennett 

Mary Groff Cooper 

Muriel Hagerthy Murray 

Harriet Hewins Sanderson 

Harriet Holt Buker 

Eleanor C. Humphrey 

Mary Korper Steele 
xMarguerite McIIvain Ricker 
xMadoline Mears Granton 

Eleanor Pitcher Hansen 

Ruth Rowbotham Strickland 

Mary Thomas Neal 

Louise Thompson Rondelli 

Margaret A. Wethern 

Maude Williams Gittleson 

Barbara Wilson Horton 

Ellen Zacharias Cullen 

Other Life Members: 

Dorothy Hayward Sutherland 
Marion Kingdon Farnum 
Alice Pratt Brown 
Ruth Richards 
Marion Simpson Lunt 
Helena Willson Hanson 
xRuth Beckley Brown 





Phyllis Jensen Swenson 

Total amount contributed: $45.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 12% 

Jeanette Gessner Somers 
Marjorie Hubler Kiefer 
L Dorothy Inett Tayior 
Phyllis Jensen Swenson 
Eleanor McKenney Black 
Elsie Moore Johnson 
xRuth Richardson Pease 

Other Life Member: 
Clara Dietz Rosenburg 



Karin Eliasson Monroe 

Total amount contributed: $174.50 
Number of contributors: 30 
Percent contributing: 37% 

Miriam Abbe Fowler 

Elizabeth Bear DeStaebler 

Ruth Bee Jackson 

Mildred Bell Cole 

Dorothy Brown Kessel 

Betty Condit Kessel 

Dorothy Curtis Ashworth 

Karin Eliasson Monroe 
L Sarah B. Fletchall 

Ruth Galusha Bartley 

Ruth Gerry Means 

Clara Giarla Albiani 

Virginia Hinshaw Wilks 

Ann Louise Houlihan 

Jane Hupman Preston 

Frances Kearby Bon 
xMarjorie Keller Mayer 

Frances Long Bunnell 

Lenna Lyon Hill 

Marjorie Magune Curtis 

Ruth Nicolette Lander 
L Virginia Riley Richardson 

Louise Roberts Stephenson 

Ruth Rohe Smith 

Helen M. Schaack 

Helen Sears Patterson 

Dotha Warner Jope 
xElizabeth Way Kendall 

Frances Wheeler Sawyer 

Blair Whither Shepardson 



Ethelyn Whitney L.enzi 

Marjorie A. MacClymon 

Total amount contributed: $141.00 
Number ot contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 28% 

Blanche Dougherty Horsman 
Mildred J. Guyett 
Katharine Hartman Macy 
Gertrude Hooper Ring 
Gertrude Horner 
Margaret V. Hrubec 
Barbara Hunt Coracci 
Anna Litchfield Blamire 
Eugenia Loomis Flagler 
Marjorie A. MacClymon 
Thelma MacFarlane Bates 
Flora Marshall Mueller 
Jean McNab Weigand 
Barbara Merritt Batten 
Elizabeth Page Sealey 
Betty Parrish Newman 
Annamelia Paxton Wildman 
Minerva Pritchard Barratt 

Elinor Small Domina 
Gertrude Stone Baptiste 
Life Members: 

Charlotte Cahners Glass 

Julia C. Case 

Edith Parsons Booth 



Shirley Gould Chesebro 

Total amount contributed: $130.00 
Number of contributors: 23 
Percent contributing: 37% 

xBette Andrews York 

Helen Bardua Childs 
xSylvia Browning Thompson 

Helen C. Burwell 

Mae Borkum Finkel 

Grace Dunne Walker 

Barbara Edmands Place 

Alice Fernandez Harkins 
xEdna M. Goodrich 

Shirley Gould Chesebro 

Dorothy Guest Harney 

Anna Mills Koeck 

Jean Murphy Aneda 

Louise Newell Audette 

Charlotte F. M. Ockert 
L Virginia Ogden Hayes 

Martha Palmer Mack 

Bertha Root Smith 

Frances Rothenberg Watchmaker 

Mary Shiveley McNeill 

Wilma E. Silvernail 

Ruth Stafford Clark 

Millicent Thomson Hammer 

Other Life Members: 
xLaura Dietz Rudginsky 
Angelita Santiago Gebelein 



Carol Morehouse Jones 

Total amount contributed: $119.00 
Number of contributors: 19 
Percent contributing: 27% 

Kathleen Atkin Torcom 
Phyllis Atkinson Stone 
Ada May Bartlett Degree 
Roberta Davis Massey 
Mary Fitch Huggett 
Celia C. Foss 
xCaroline Frey Anderson 
Gail Gordon Johnson 
Helen Hall Streeter 



L Mabelle Hickcox Camp 
Jane Jensen Bailey 
Marjorie Jones Hopkins 
Barbara Kerr Marshman 
Dell L. Masterjohn 
Carol Morehouse Jones 
Gwendolyn Murray Larsen 
Helen Pierce Watkins 
Bettina Potter Janse 
Eleanor Young Antoun 

Other Life Members: 
Celia Kinsley Percival 
Virginia Leahy Berwick 
Marcella Leonard Hall 



Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

Total amount contributed: $119.00 
Number of contributors: 24 
Percent contributing: 28% 

Betty Allenbaugh Weller 
idCatnerine Argersinger Scheirer 

Jane Brackley Starbird 

Maida Cardwell Atwood 
xLucille Caton Bowman 

Marion Cleveland Head 
xAnn R. Cobb 

Harriet Colwell Reeves 
xEleanor Dippel Reed 

Charlotte Eames Terry 

Dorothy Friend Sacrey 

Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

Barbara Hamilton Putnam 
L Barbara Iris Johnson 
xMargaret Lane Packard 

Gertrude Morris MacCallum 

Barbara Ordway Brewer 

Harriet Petz Thompson 

Bernice Silva Donaldson 

Sally Swanson Dahlberg 

Virginia White Wardwell 
L Priscilla Winslow 

Priscilla E. Wood 

Barbara Young Leach 

Other Life Members: 
Barbara King Haskins 
Sophia Latchis Lyras 
Roberta Morrill Buchanan 
Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer 
Mary Jane Selby Guerry 
Molly Upham Menges 
xMiriam Nichols 



Esther B. Sosman 

Virginia Johnston Loud 

Total amount contributed: $165.00 
Number of contributors: 24 
Percent contributing: 30% 

Selma Amdur Derfner 
Marjorie Andrews 
Marjorie Bassett MacMillan 
Hildegarde Baxter Perkins 
Ruth Buswell Isaacson 
Priscilla Colson Lane 
Dorothea Eburne MacLeod 
Dorothy Ell Strong 
Ruth Ellsworth Laas 
Mary Elton Remig 
Virginia Hall Warren 

xBarbara Henry Kop 
Emily Hubbel Weiss 
Virginia Johnston Loud 
Arlene Kerr Sonnabend 
Ruth Keyes Wendt 
Ruth Koritzky Kopelman 

xAdelaide Shaffer Campbell 

L Audrey Smith Henderson 
L Esther B. Sosman 

Ruth Upham Petremont 

Charlotte Weitzman Rogers 

Deborah York 

Carolyn Young Cate 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret Pearl Ide 
Muriel Ray Hunt 



Priscilla Parmenter Madden 

Eouise Tardivel Higgins 

Total amount contributed: $248.00 
Number of contributors: 36 
Percent contributing: 39% 

Dorothy Abbott Atherton 
Frances Austin Ferris 
Barbara Burnham Rice 
xAnne Campbell Terrill 
Doris Carey Patterson 
Flora Chicos Theodore 
Dorothy Coffin Amon 
Alice Dohoney White 
Irene Dreissigacker Brimlow 
Jane Eldridge Meaney 
Edith Fitzgerald Arnold 
Ruth Fitzgerald O'Brien 
Helen Flint Moody 
Dorothy Forsstrom Spotanski 
Barbara Harding Kakas 

L Yvette Harrington Van Huysen 
Louise Hedlund Mercer 
Marjorie Hills Buffington 
Jean Meady 
Betty Olson Cooper 
Janet Owens De Arment 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
Glennys Preston Allicon 
xMary Ruth Sanford 
Meta Searles Hopkins 
Florence Stetson Pipes 

L Louise Tardivel Higgins 
Evelyn Towle Blaisdell 
Louise Visel Redfield 
Virginia Webb Tompkins 
Marjorie Westgate Doran 
Barbara Wheeler Sampson 
Helen Williams Hoyt 
xHilma Williams Alger 
Augusta Williamson Lips 
Elizabeth A. Wisdom 
Other Life Members: 
Margaret Harris Abreau 
Eleanor Kenney Barthold 
Marian Sleeper Hall 



Congratulations To The Winners! 

For the Largest Percentage of Contributors 

Classes with 55 members or less: 


(Third-time winner) 

Classes with 55-125 members: 


(Second-time winner) 

Josephine Woodward Rand 
1910 Class Agent 

Classes with over 125 members: 

Antoinette Meritt Smith 
1923 Class Agent 

L. to r.: Sally Warner O'Such, Ann S. Harris, Mary T. Sweenor 
1955 Class Agents 



For the Largest Amount Contributed 

Classes with 55 members or less: 

Marion Griffin Wolcott 
1916 Class Agent 

Classes with 55-125 members: 


(Second-time winner) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
1937 Class Agent 

Classes with over 125 members: 

Winners in both categories 

Louise Tardivel Higgins 
1937 Class Agent 





To classes with 55 members or less 
with 50% or more participa- 

To classes with 55-125 members 
with 30% or more participa- 

To classes with over 125 members 
with 30% or more participa- 


1908 76 

1902 72 

1912 69 

1906 68 

1907 65 

1919 52 

1925 38 

1931 37 

1933 37 

1929 31 

1938' 31 

1922 30 

1936 30 

1952 39 

1954 39 

1947 37 

1953 36 

1942 34 

1950 34 

1941 33 

1949 33 

1951 31 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

Total amount contributed: $223.00 
Number of contributors: 36 
Percent contributing: 31% 

Winifred Aldrich Chapoton 

Jean Allen Bird 
xEleanor Ayers Ware 

Evelyn E. Bang 
L Mildred Birchard Pentheny 

Joanne Bohaker Smith 

Olive Boynton Garron 

Ruth Fulton Griffin 

Marjorie Furbush Gledhill 

Irene Gahan Burbank 

Ritamae Hinchliffe McCusker 

Mary Holton Bohling 

Charlotte Howard Pierce 

Barbara Jeppesen Thomann 

Dorothy B. Keyes 

Janet Kunkel Funkhouser 

Elizabeth Leland Kibbe 

Elizabeth Lloyd Fritch 

Alice Lockwood Leach 

Eleanore Loeffler Olsen 

Margaret T. McEnerney 

Ruth Meighan Gillette 

Elaine Meiklem Sargent 

Carole Myers Lowe 

Harriet Newcomb Stoughton 

Jean Randall Dockham 

Martha Romaine Jones 

Dorothy Schwarz Foster 
L Alice M. Seidler 
L Lee Shepard Wilgus 

Virginia Squiers Read 

Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson 

Lois Wadhams Anderson (deceased 

Virginia Wilhelm Peters 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester 
Elizabeth Yeuell Collins 

Other Life Members: 
Priscilla Barker Neff 
M. Adele Brown 
Constance Hatch Knowles 
Margaret Jones Howry 
Mildred Royce Moffett 
xEleanor Dresser Gross 



Total amount contributed: $99.00 
Number of contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 17% 

Barbara Albrecht Minnig 

Doris Benecchi Del Colliano 

Jean Burns Wilson 
xMary Corcoran Franich 

Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 

Margaret Fish McElrath 
xEltress Huber Mitchell 

Betty Jensen Curtis 

Louise A. Johnson 

Marjorie Lind Maxwell 

Janice Marr Demer 
xPriscilla Schenck 

Margaret Schneider Thieringer 

Mary Schultz Waddell 
xMildred Sheldon Steele 

Frances Shepard Pilkington 

Marian Traxler Crum 

Betty Wallace White 

Parthena W. Whipple 
xjanet Whitten Smith 

Life Members: 

Marjorie Dietz Jacobs 
Ruth Shepard Cushman 





Patricia Taylor Henderson 

Total amount contributed: $213.50 
Number of contributors: 38 
Percent contributing: 27% 

Priscilla S. Aiken 
Mildred Baldwin Leigh 
Esther Bennett Quinlan 
Marguerite Bird Thursland 

xEvelyn E. Bishop 
Helen B. Bogert 
Marjorie Borden Hayward 
Ruth Bowman Burrough 
Frances Britton Holden 
Elizabeth Carlisle Muller 
Priscilla Chappie Lindley 
Dorothy Cooke Leary 
Dorothy Dayton Morgan 
Ruth Dean Shea 
Janice Donavan Heal 

xVirginia Fischer Ohler 
Estelle Friedstein Rand 
Marion E. Gray 
Ann Hathaway Kelly 
Jane Hutchison Wulfing 
Jane Jones Vogeley 
Portia E. Kieser 
Lois Linehan Blitzer 
Jean MacNeish Rand 

xPatricia Merrill Dunn 
Marjorie Minchin Sheldon 
Elizabeth Phillips Dick 
Jane Picker Furman 
Julia Rankin Sprague 
Katherine Ricker Rogers 
Grace Roberts Gummersall 
Madelyne Rose Browne 

xNancy Rudy Howard 
Barbara L. Schilf 
Marjorie G. Sherman 
Ruth Sullivan Lodge 
Patricia Taylor Henderson 
Helen Woodward Fassett 


Gertrude E. Fischer 

Total amount contributed: $284.00 
Number of contributors: 59 
Percent contributing: 33% 

Jane Abbott Wiederhold 
Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan 
Mary Allyn Ross 
Eldora Anthony Kempe 
Lucille Armand Boyle 
Thelma Batchelder Baker 
Geraldine Bixby Averill 
Jean Bohacket Pegram 
Nancy Bommer 
Dorothy Brewer Carlson 
Ann Buckle Fischer 
Nancy Burnham Henderer 
Susan Cairoli Peck 
Reba Campbell Wires 
Peggy Card Suydam 
Josephine Caruso Kuchera 
Jean Cooney Leitch 
Virginia M. DeNyse 
Mary Doig Nicholson 
Fern Drumheller Nye 
Gertrude E. Fischer 
Norma Forsberg Burman 
Margaret Goodrich Hoffman 

xLouise Greene Davis 
Lucille Hooker Paterson 
Jeannette Jahn Warren 
Janet Jansing Sheffer 

xMargaret V. Jones 
Nancy B. Keach 

Mary Kulos Topulos 
L Charlotte Lakeman Patt 

Shirley Lyons Bundy 
xElizabeth Marus Thomas 
xjoyce Master Foster 

Betty McGrath Brown 

Marjorie Mead Carlson 

Ruth Montgomery Tryon 

Lois E. Newton 

Jeanne Partisch McCall 

Laura Pechilis Apostolu 

Eleanor J. Pfaff 

Eleanor Rawson Preston 

Phyllis Rees Wilcox 

Mary Sawyer Philpott 

Suzanne K. Schaum 
xDorothy Schneider Beal 

Grace Sheffer Hendrick 
xjane Smith Davis 

Despina Spring Giftos 

Marian Timpson Intemann 

Ellen Visscher Taft 

Madeline Vivian Murphy 

Marvine Weatherby 

Virginia Whalen Petrie 

Lucille Wielandt Speight 
xMarjorie Williams Lovejoy 

Amelia Yankus White 
xDoris Young Meyer 

Arax Zulalian Johnian 

Other Life Members: 
Ilene Derick Whelpley 
Harriet Hanson Nelson 
Dorothy Stuhlbarg Kopple 



Virginia Kobinson Nast 

Total amount contributed: $289.00 
Number of contributors: 57 
Percent contributing: 34% 

L Elizabeth S. Allen 
Marjorie Allyn Merrill 
Shirley Armstrong Blount 
Marion Beers Jamieson 
Barbara M. Berkman 
Doris Bracher Jenkins 
June Cherry Bruns 
Helen Cizek Niedringhaus 
Louise Cook Pangborn 
Marcia Corey Hanson 
Eileen Crehan Leider 

xMary Darling Johnson 
Claire DeConto Trodella 
Mary Dobson Lincks 
Barbara Edwards Percival 
Sybil Feinberg Stone 
Kathleen Finn Cullen 
Mary Fisher Espy 
Mildred Fraser Pauley 
Louise Freeman Coombs 
Dorothea F. Godfrey 
Jean Hardy Canedy 
Anne E. Haskell 
Nancy Hayes Stanhope 
Dorothy Higson White 
Nina Hobson Mellor 

xPhyllis Johnson Beach 

xHelen Keenan Centlivre 
Mary Hurley Cook 
Suzanne Krehbiel Nielsen 

xBeverly Lawe Hiller 
Doris Leach Almeida 
Edythe McKenzie Smith 
Mary Metzger Simpson 
Margot Moore Harley 
Dorothy Mosher Stone 
Katherine Nannery Carr 
Suzanne Nasher Morgan 
Jane Nelson Johnson 
Sally Nolan Williams 



Jane O'Rourke Gaffney 
Elizabeth Polhemus Parker 
Marjorie Ray Blackett 
Phyllis Reinhardt 
Elaine Robins Abelson 
Virginia Robinson Nast 
Barbara Rockwell Tweddle 
Ruth Roughgarden Sisler 
Gertrude Ruch Kauffman 
Kathryn Starkey Litehiser 
Noel Temple Martinson 
Ruth Turner Crosby 
Arline G. Walter 
Barbara Walworth Starr 
Virginia Weeks Hatch 
Anne Witney Shea 
Grayce Woodward Tedeschi 

Other Life Members: 
Nancy Gorton Ross 
Mildred Slaunwhite Straw 



Total amount contributed: $160.00 
Number of contributors: 31 
Percent contributing: 21% 



Virginia Wolfe Perkins 

Cynthia Austin Sharp 

L Gertrude Baninger Duquette 
Patricia Bixby McHugo 
Carolyn Boyce Richards 
Carol Burns Fitzgerald 
Jean Burroughs Rawson 
Frances Church Sampson 
Dorothy Coffin Bauer 
xjane Cook Cardoza 
Elizabeth Cushman Arnold 

L Elizabeth Gorton Collier 
Marilyn Isenberg Barnes 
Ruth Kuch Jones 
Elinor Kuchler Hopkins 
Harriet Lindsey Dinsmore 
Anita Mangels Sampson 
Eleanor Millard Parsons 
Barbara S. Pearson 
Jean Perry Thompson 
Ann Preuss Olson 
Priscilla Redfield Potter 
Janet Reid Sherwin 

L Jeanne A. Revene 
Esther F. Roth 

L H. Elizabeth Schmidt 
Anita Scott Wanner 
Virginia Shaw 
Elizabeth Smith Roy 
Olive N. Swanson 

L Joyce Wagner West 
Elizabeth Walker Young 

Other Life Members: 
xPhyllis Edmiston Olstad 
Priscilla Houghton 
Marjorie P. Langworthy 
Martha Maddock Heffner 
John Moller Brown 
Nathalie Monge Stoddard 
Elsinor Prouty Mallory 


• • • 

Won't you volunteer! 

Total amount contributed: $110.00 
Number of contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 17% 

Barbara Bresette Greene 

Elizabeth Burpee Crooker 

Jean Campbell 

June Carew Mange 

Dorothy Carll Pickering 

Katherine Cogswell Darnton 

Jessie Doig Clark 

Dorothy Fuchs 

Barbara Goodwin Flint 

Polly Hanley Kuhn 

Elizabeth Hills Eggers 

Suzanne Lange Riddlemoser 

Joe Leroy Bramm 

Jane Maynard Robbins 

Dorothy Nickerson Tehan 

Jean O'Brien Heavey 
xRuth Oram Ruoff 

Ruth Perkins Goodwin 

Dorothy Tobin Staffier 
xMaxine Williamson Luther 

Life Members: 

Eleanor C. Del Bianco 
Norma Dietz Tarlow 
M. Shirley O'Connor 
Ann Scott Thompson 
Virginia Wolfe Perkins 


Lynn Metzger Pharo 

Total amount contributed: $260.50 
Number of contributors: 49 
Percent contributing: 29% 

Lorraine Anderson Crabtree 
Constance Arley Brown 
Nancy Bacon Johnson 
Eleanor Bradway Lammers 
Jane Calderwood Price 
Anne Carlin Schofield 

xCarol Colby McLane 
Edith Copp Carey 
Betty Curtin Crowell 
Ruth Davis Burk 
Stella Depoian Tatian 

xMarjory Dillon Ramsdell 
Ruth Eastman Schlichting 

At Council 



Lillian Feneley Cooley 

Marilyn Ford Sampson 

Shirley Frank Kerner 

Jane Fullerton Carlson 

Dorrit Gegan Green 

Emma Gilbert Carver 

Violet Greenwood Liscombe 

Nancy Gregg Kellas 

Carol Hauber Mitchell 

Jean Henry Goggins 
xDorothy Holman Potter 
xMarilyn S. Keyes 

Rosamond Lees Gow 
xjoanne Leggett Miner 

Elaine Macdonald Aldrich 

Marilyn McNie Middlebrook 

Lynn Metzger Pharo 

Jean Mitchell Hunter 

Marion Munro Waitt 

Nancy Muzzey Woodrow 

Marjorie Olson Bjork 

Priscilla Otis Drew 

Saunda Pease Taylor 

Constance Pettigrew Edie 

Dorothy Piper Bottalico 

Nancy Pratt Dow 

Barbara Preuss Reynolds 

Carolyn Quance Simmons 

Virginia Rolfe Guy 

Monica Ross Duffy 

Susanne Ross Westberg 

Roselyn Schambach Hekker 

Elsie Simonds Follett 
L Susan Slocum Klingbeil 

Frances Starr Robinson 

Barbara Wentworth Dean 

Other Life Members: 

Naomi Ledermann Grossman 
Elaine McQuillan Marston 
Althea Taylor Goldberg 



Marge Norris Harris 

Total amount contributed: $235.00 
Number of contributors: 46 
Percent contributing: 27% 

Ursula Anglim Hart 
Joan Babcock Keller 
Barbara Bickley Rieger 
Marilyn Blodgett Hall 
Margaret C. Campbell 
Raemary Chase Duryea 
Carolyn Coleman Peyrot 
Dorothy Crathern French 
Jacqueline Darcy 
Mildred Day Clements 
Marilyn Dickson Liebenguth 
Rose Emer Bucalo 
Janet Garland Wilson 
Ruth W. Goldner 

xRuth Hancock Hall 
Barbara Harris Ryan 
Joan Hodgdon Munson 
Naomi Kahrimanian Kuzoian 

xEleanor Lincoln Cosgrove 
Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz 
Deborah Newton Warren 
Ruth Nordstrand Emery 
Marjorie Norris Harris 

xElizabeth A. Norton 
Phyllis Paige Downes 
Lee Parker McBurnie 
Valerie Pertsch Bartholomew 
Louise Pool Langley 
Gertrude Quinn McKenna 
Audrey Reeman Hasbrouck 
Betty Renison Ballard 
Joan Reth Lombardi 
Muriel Ross Benshimol 
Margaret Ryan Sullivan 

Lucille Sahakian Davies 
Corinne Schlegel Cathcart 
Jean Schultz Olliffe 
xBetty Scrimgeour Reney 
Nan Somerville Blowney 
Claire Stolzenberg Manger 
Jean Thiel Weld 
Joan Walker Doane 
Jean Watson Wetrich 
Barbara Weeks Murton 
Virginia Westerdale Magnusson 
Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert 

Life Member: 

Jean Davis Putnam 


Joan Lambert Laffin 

Total amount contributed: $303.00 
Number of contributors: 67 
Percent contributing: 37% 

Priscilla Ames Ruggles 
Jane Ayres Winthrop 
Margaret Beach Otis 
Carol Birath Dennison 
Jane Bradley Anderson 
Elizabeth Brady Hickey 
Mary Brown Gorman 
Patricia Brunner Thiede 

xFrances Burns McSweeney 
Elaine Capone Hixon 
Betty Carter Steele 
Nancy Carter Salois 
Eloise Chang Wong 

xHelen Clay 
Sally Conner Bell 
Rose Marie Cote Butler 
Olive Cross Sibley 
Sarah Cross Finigan 
Clare Dickover Hallock 
Nancy Duclos Krieger 
Lorna Earle Ingraham 
Millicent Entwistle Harmon 
Joan Familton Gardner 
Janet Frandsen Blanchard 
Betsy Frew 

Jeanne Franklin Bates 
Gloria Galley Longbons 
Dorothy Harvender Fuller 
Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt 
Dorothy Hinchliffe Camire 
Jean Hubbard Midwood 
Genevieve Hurley Cummings 
Mollie Kendrick Pike 
Lois Kenyon Brush 
Mary Kinney O'Connell 
Elizabeth Kirby Bartlett 
Frances Lake Gray 
John Lambert Laffin 
Marcia Landick Desmond 
Margaret Leary Hacker 
Joan M. Logan 
Dorothy Milkey Cole 
Jean Morgan Koenitzer 
Marie O'Hare O'Neil 
Laura Pascoe May 
Suzanne Pearce Schultz 
Jacquelyn Pettine Brett 
Shirley E. Porter 
Rosemary Quilty Martin 
Virginia Quinn 
Meriam Rainey Phillips 
Mary Ellen Roberts Gill 
Marjorie Ross Lawrence 
Gloria Secatore Walsh 
Lois Seidel Newell 
Janet Stearns Gille 
Priscilla Stone Hird 
Gloria A. Sylvia 
Marion Taylor Sanderson 
Beverly Tucker Bowen 



Jane Upton Perkins 
Susan Voss Harrigan 
Joan Warringer Ryder 
Elizabeth Waters Harlow 
Eunice Watson Crosen 
Elizabeth Williams McGowan 
Barbara Woods Walsh 

Life Members: 

Nancy Collett Hendricks 
Olga Diamond Lake 
xRuth Park Lanier 



Miriam Day 

Betsy Curtis Winquist 

Total amount contributed: $361.00 
Number of contributors: 66 
Percent contributing: 29% 

Margaret Abrahamian 

Frieda Alexander 

Jane Anderson Calhoun 
xVeronica A. Aslanian 

Dorothy Azadian McKinnon 

Virginia R. Bailey 

Janice Bickford Van Syckle 

Joanne Block Wilkinson 

Doris Borgman Martin 

Virginia Bowers Noyes 

Janet Campbell Woodburn 

Anne Chapman Berl 

Betty Culver Thomson 

Barbara Cumming Hadley 

Miriam Day 

Helen Dethloff Kinsey 

Mary Detwiler Fides 

Florence Domenichella Turano 

Paula R. Drake 

Joanne Eaton Friberg 

Jane Edsall Jacobs 

Laura Frederick Hellewell 

Carol A. Galligan 

Louise Gleason Chock 

Ardell Goodman Baker 

Beryl N. Groff 

Ellen P. Grover 

Virginia Hall Anderson 

JoAnn Hanson Long 

Jane Hicks Donovan 

Mabeth B. Hires 
xBarbara Hoyle Gray 

Lois Johnson Vieser 
xLeona Karski Sweatt 

Martha Kennedy Ingersoll 

Linnea E. Kneller 

Carol Kronenberg Stone 

Frances Lee Osborne 

Judith Macintosh Mennella 

Betty Mahoney Themal 

Starr Maxson Winquist 

Lois McLucas Martin 
xPatricia Mertz Manning 

Jeanne Meyer Bird 

Shirley J. Miller 

Martha Moyer Anson 

Eleanor T. Munro 

Meredith Olson Soule 

Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan 

Dorothy Page Kuehl 

Sara Parsons Kenney 

Elsie Paulson Chapman 

Nancy Pettersen Miller 

Jacqueline Pfeiffer Lueth 

Dorothy S. Piranian 

Barbara Rymer Cole 

June Smith Noreen 

Barbara Street Berry 

Charlotte A. Sweet 

Shirley G. Thorne 

Shirley Tighe Barrett 

Judith Tracy Shanahan 

Doris Trefny Kennedy 
Lucile Tucker Anderson 
Jeanne Williams Walz 
Dolores S. Winslow 

Life Members: 

Elizabeth Bain Hagerstrom 
Margaret M. Hanson 
Florence Keeney Havens 


Nancy Lawson Donahue 
Joanne Molan Wheaton 

Total amount contributed: $380.50 
Number of contributors: 70 
Percent contributing: 33% 

Ann Ashley Sanderson 
Barbara Berry Roberts 
Janet Bridgham Foss 
Phyllis E. Burckett 
Mary Bush Taylor 
Joan M. Caswell 
Carolyn Clark Thomas 
Nancy Clarke Ryder 
Barbara Cohan Rossen 
Jean Cook Jacobs 
Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury 
Margaret Dobbie LaMarca 
Carol Dunn Burns 
Elizabeth Felker Hancock 
Mary Ellen Fiske Brubaker 
Mary Gilmore 
Jean Grant Walter 
Janice Gray Palin 
Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley 
Helen Gurski Bulat 
Nancy Hakala Simonds 
Natalie Hall Campbell 
Helen Hamilton Croot 
Elizabeth Harrington Logan 
Dorothy Harter Cunningham 
Diane Heath Beever 
Erlin Hogan Adams 
Ann Hollett Munro 
Martha Hurd Davenport 
Wilma Johndrew Allenson 
Natalie Knight Rogers 
L Nancy Lawson Donahue 
Janice Levenson Sherman 
Carolyn Loewe Jones 
Irene Lupien Murphy 
Nancy Macdonough Jennings 
Meredith McKone Krieger 
Audrey Mitchell McKibben 
Joanne Molan Wheaton 
Ellen Morris Phillips 
Mary Mosher Schorer 
Nancy Newhall Mackay 
Shirley Olesen Somes 
Mary Anne Otto Nelson 
Barbara Overton Sewall 
Diane R. Palady 
Joan H. Phelan 
Kathryn Poore Hamel 
Elizabeth Rainville Hallenbeck 
Katherine Raizes Stameris 
Joyce Rathbun Spadone 
Eleanor Ritchie Elmore 
xEleanor Rochford Nolan 
Marilyn Ross 

Josephine Sanborn Cossette 
Carolyn A. Shailer 
Shirley Simonton Foster 
Nancy Sondles Janiszewski 
Joyce Stanley Pederzini 
Emogene Starrett Anderson 
Bambah Jean Stephenson Riedel 
Sarah G. Taylor 
Virginia Towe Beck 
Patricia Trammel Swanson 
Jane Wadhams Hazen 



Jewell Ward Ganger 
Joan C. Warren 
Joan Weiler Arnow 
Janice Wilder Davidson 
Cynthia Woodward Witherell 



Sally C. Hughes 

Carol Wolcott Godbout 

Total amount contributed: $337.75 
Number of contributors: 76 
Percent contributing: 34% 

Joan Antun Rednor 

Marilyn Bartlett Erratt 

Nancy Bean Lord 

Janet Bell Luening 

JoAnn Brooks Shaffer 

Cynthia R. Butler 

Audrey Callahan Cohill 

Anne Carpenter Towle 

Barbara Chipman Will 

Joyce Collins Dunkin 
xNancy Dalrymple Cross 

Joan Darwent Ross 

Jean Davies Stanley 

Joyce Davies Harrison 

Elizabeth Depoian Chicknavorian 

Lois Dickerman 

Marion A. Ettinger 

Diana Ewing Bowser 

Janet Foley 

Nancy Frank Daly 
xjanet Gadd Doehler 
xJoAnne Gilliland MacNeill 

Sally Griffith Matthews 

Barbara Grills Littlehale 

Lorraine Gustavson Smith 

Jeanne Hackett Desmond 

Joan Hahn Fern 

June Handleman Gilmartin 

Barbara Hires Baxter 

Virginia Hopson Griffin 

Nancy Houde Dyer 

Marilyn Hubner Sherwood 

Sally C. Hughes 

Carol Husted Schneider 

Betty Jones Bolton 

Carolyn Judd Hayes 

Joan Koch Ryan 

Helen Kovalinas Erardi 

Diane Krause Sherman 

Ariel Leonard Robinson 
xMarilyn Maass Eramo 

Colleen McCarty Romann 

Barbara McCooe Robbins 

M. Janice McGoughran 

Joan McKinney Aldrich 

Dorothy Mills Graef 

Marilyn Munson Farrar 

Janet A. Murphy 

Rosemary O'Brien deBelay 

Margaret C. Olson 

Doris Oneal Becker 

Jean Ostrander Lowman 

Jane A. Perry 

Anne Pomeroy Bailey 

Catherine A. Quinzani 

Lillian Reese Roche 

Shirley Richman Miller 

Joan Robilotto Gibson 

Ruth Rosebrock Hardie 

Judith St. John Peterson 

Lois Schaller Toegemann 

Iris V. Schofield 

Winifred Schulman Baver 

JoAnne Secor Rier 

Gloria Segal Davis 

Clara Silsby Lamperti 

Helen Spackman Wilson 

June Spottiswoode Beaulieu 

Sally Starck Haven 

Jean Stearns Gorman 
Mary Sylvester Tremblay 
Jacquelyn Temperley Dey 
Dorothy Torner Monahan 
Beverly Walker Ward 
Joan Wallace Billings 
Claire Wallis Harris 
Life Member: 

Elaine Orth Rodey 



Joan Kearney Cormay 

Iabbie Fleet Glazer 

Total amount contributed: 
Number of contributors: 63 
Percent contributing: 31% 


Barbara Adams Borden 
Elizabeth A. Allison 
Georgia Bakes Sigalos 
Kathleen Ballard Heck 
Joan Barnett Atwood 
Sallyann Bartlett Abel 
Elizabeth Baumbach Hyne 
Joann Claflin Campbell 
Marilyn Clark 
Nancy Cusack Smith 
Marjorie Cushing Gershaw 
Joy Detweiler Hostetter 
Martha Edwards Whippen 

xHelaine Fendler Marks 
Libbie Fleet Glazer 
Janet Fornoff Hauber 
Catherine A. Fouhy 
Priscilla Freeman McCartney 
Joan Groccia 
Shirley Hannafin Adams 

xMary Helms Hutchinson 
Martha Hendrix Williams 
Barbara Hill Breen 
Barbara L. Hoffman 
Lois Hutchinson 
Frances Hyde Ross 
Jean B. Johnson 

xMaureen A. Kane 
Joan Kearney Cormay 
Charlotte I. Kelley 
Jean Kilgore Owen 
Virginia Klenske Gieselbreth 
Phyllisan Kozloski Murphy 
Helen Lancey Smith 
Charlotte Lappin Yorks 
Karin Long Ernst 
Joanne Monahan Garrity 
Roberta Morin Aronowitz 
Patricia A. Morris 
Ann Murray Reynolds 
Eleanor Penney Desrochers 
Beverly Pink Reynolds 
Cynthia Porter Horton 
Elaine Quavillon Tull 
Peggyanne Riker Miller 
Nancy Roetting Clifford 
Harriet Schwarz Hamilton 
Betty Shattuck Musser 
Marcia Staats Lusardi 
Cynthia Stanley Spicer 
Isabell Stanley Davis 
Anna Stevenson Mangano 
Sally Y. Swainson 
Nancy Topping Heely 

xjanet Underwood Wall 
Ann Van der Veer Lander 
Mary Ellen Wait 
Carolyn Weare Shaw 
Joyce Weitzel Flanagan 
Janice Weyls Moore 
Mary Jane White Miller 
Eleanora Wrinn Schurdak 
Joanne Zeigler Dupen 
Life Member: 
Mary Jane Clark 




Ann Rathburn Spadola 

Total amount contributed: $388.00 
Number of contributors: 82 
Percent contributing: 39% 

Ann M. Alden 

Nancy Allen Banks 

Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 

Joan Awad Elias 

Alice Baker Alexander 

Suzanne G. Baney 

Diana Benfield Foye 

Marion Berberian 

Phyllis Cain Benson 

Joyce Ann Carroll 

Bette Clark Mott 

Pauline Coady Goodwin 

Mary Comstock Singarella 

Nancy Cool Kaercher 

Suzanne Davis 

Edna J. Day 

Adrienne DeMaria White 

Winifred M. Domark 

Joan E. Dunlap 
xMarjorie Dyer Hubbard 

Ruth Easterlind Cederberg 
xVirginia Easton Simpson 
xDolores Eck Ellis 

Betty Foy Reid 

Carol Frank Sweeney 

Patricia Giles 

Bernardine Gill Smith 

Phyllis Gleason Riley 

Nancy L. Gotier 

Nancy Gray Mulcahy 

Norma Heep Miller 

Barbara Herzog Burns 

Joan M. Hess 

Judith A. Horton 

Priscilla Johnson Foltz 

Joyce Kitfield Anderson 

Ruth Kohn Weinberg 

Sally Lacock Walden 
xjanice MacClain Trigo 

Nancy I. Marcus 

Jean E. McCambridge 

Audrey McKay Prince 

Eleanor Mekelones Marple 

Carol Michiels Dunlap 

Joan Morrison Wilson 

Martha Morse MercorelU 

Dorothy Mulhere Barrett 
xMae Murphy McAleenan 
xNancy M. Norton 

Carolie T. Painter 

Geraldine Paulmier 

Merilyn A. Peck 

Frances Peters Dunlevy 
xElinor Peterson Reiffarth 

Marie Piotti Maier 

Carolyn Powers Fontaine 

Joanne Purcell 

Ann Rathburn Spadola 
L Dorothy Rich Anderson 

Joan Roberts Limmer 

Roslyn Rowell Levesque 

Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger 

Elsie Salkind Scotti 

Beverly Segerberg Britton 

Nancie F. Shean 

Joan Siebert Mege 

Barbara Sieder Gay 

Rena A. Silverman 

Virginia B. Smibert 

Carole Smith Diamond 

Muriel Smith Favreau 

Virginia Snedaker Marschall 

Eleanor M. Sommer 

Margaret Thompson Wheatley 

Joyce Wardle Chapman 

Shirley J. Warriner 

Phyllis Werblow Strompf 
Nancy Whelton Herold 
Elaine Winters Strubel 
Mary Lou Woodward 
Barbara J. Wulbrede 
Pauline A. Zorolow 

Other Life Member: 
Marilyn McGuire 


Janet M. Chase 
Elsie M. Knaus 

Total amount contributed: $367.00 
Number of contributors: 82 
Percent contributing: 36% 

Priscilla Alden Bemis 
xjane P. Bascom 

Mary A. Blackham 

Priscilla E. Boggs 

Carol Bridgetts 

Eva J. Bunzel 

Mary Burke Alexander 

Janet M. Chase 

Nancy O. Chase 

Jeanne Christiansen Lucas 

Mary Lou Cooke MacKnight 

Leonora M. Coronella 

Elaine L. Cowles 

Diane Cueny Harden 

Joan Darelius Chirnside 

Louise Dawe Turner 

Cynthia DeGelleke Cole 

Shirley Ann DeMund 

Marie DiSilva Stocki 

Kathryn L. Dolan 

Joanne Dolphin Craffey 

Evelyn L. Earle 

Cynthia Eidt Nelson 

Silvia M. Faccio 

Barbara Fausel Warren 

Audrey Felzenberg Silberman 

Karen Floberg Levis 

Judith Gardner Whitehouse 

Sally Garratt Dean 

Doris J. Gartner 

Shirley Gibbons San Soucie 
xCarol A. Ginsburg 

Joan Godfrey Emmert 

Martha Gries Davis 

Elaine M. Harper 

Janet Hart Wilson 
xGeraldine Hawes Pocius 

Doris A. Hedblom 

Deborah Higgins 

Joan Hodgson Kangas 
xMillicent House Grinnell 

Doris Hungerford Zaenglein 

Althea Janke Gardner 

Joan F. Kelly 

Nancy Kittell Martin 

Elsie M. Knaus 

Mary R. Krebs 

Claire LaLiberte Adler 

Audrey J. Lang 

Carol R. Leake 

Lois Lubets Allen 

Marilyn Lyons Vanden Handel 

Kathleen MacGregor Randolph 

June Martin Godfrey 

Molly McBride Kalogeros 

Elizabeth McCarthy Ahaesy 

Joan Morici Aboyoun (deceased 

Betty Mount Carduner 

Elizabeth Nuovo Johnson 

Nancy J. Orr 

Helen Pearlstein Golden 

Janet Pearson Hauck 
xConstance Peterson Sloan 

Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 



At Council 

Ann H. Pockwinse 

Nancy Preston Strohmeyer 

Patricia Ripley Petit 

Gail Robinson 

Barbara A. Ronan 

Janet K. Rummel 

Elizabeth A. Sleight 

Eugenia Snow Averill 
xEarline Spigner Black 

Audrey M. Thompson 

Beverly Thornton 
xAudrey Tluck Helming 

Shirley Vara Gallerani 

Jean Weeks Hanna 

Mary A. Wiedenmayer 

Joan Wilckens Pittis 

Virginia Wilder Ambard 

Lois R. Wilkes 



Sheila A. Collins 

Sandra J. MacDougall 

Total amount contributed: 5466.50 
Number of contributors: 97 
Percent contributing: 39% 

Carol Bagley Jackson 
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xMary Ellen Creed 
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Frances Everets Rosser 
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Charlotte Frye 
Joyce Fuller Brophy 
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xMarceline J. Govoni 

Marlene Haake Schuler 
Judith Hansen Hull 
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Barbara A. Holmstead 
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xNancy J. Husted 
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Barbara Kelly Thoresen 
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Ida Marrazzo Mutchler 
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Special Agent 
Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 

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Other Life Member: 
Jean Barnes Butts 

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Sincerest Thanks To Our Agents 

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Barbara J. Flint 

74 Fairview Ave. 
Great Neck, N.Y. 

A.A. in Art 

Vice president Senior Class 
Vice president A.A. and L.C.C.A. 
Queen's Court 1956 and 1957 
Workshop Players 

Marcia A. Hamilton 

49 Salem End Lane 
Framingham, Mass. 

A.S. in Medical Secretarial 

President Senior Class 
Jacket Winner 
June Queen 1957 
Maid-of-Honor 1956 
Executive Council 
Lamp Staff 

Gayle P. Ness 

189 Pond St. 
Westwood, Mass. 

A.S. in Medical Secretarial 

Treasurer Senior Class 
Blue Feather Chairman 
Executive Council 
Cotillion Committee 




(September 15, 1956 — May 27, 1957) 

No. in 

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No. of 

















$ 65.00 
















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5463 2018 

37 $11,875.75 

f The count: Living graduates with known addresses plus non-graduate givers. 
* Includes 290 graduates who joined as a class in June 1956, at commencement time, so this 
class is not included in the competition by classes this year. 





Published by 

Lasell Junior College 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

Fund Issue 1956-57 

AUGUST, 1957 

Lasell Leaves 


First Graduates of Lasell's Nursing Program 

Published by Lasell Alumnae, Inc. ' '^ J " •'''-•* * jt~ f 

Lasell Junior College 

auburndale, mass. 







Secretary : 

Secretary : 

Treasurer : 

Treasurer : 

Alumnae Fund 
Chairman : 

Alumnae Clubs 
Advisor : 

Comm. Chm.: 

Directors : 

Secretary : 

Member of American Alumni Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 

Dorothy Mosher Stone '42 (Mrs. W. E.) 
429 Wolcott St., Auburndale (DE 2-3196) 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Natalie Hall Campbell '49 (Mrs. R. G.) 
2148 Washington St., Canton (CA 6-2394) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (WE 5-3615) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Noel Temple Martinson '42 (Mrs. H. A.) 
12 Fiske Ave., Waltham (TW 3-7461) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

37 Frederick St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale (LA 7-3071) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (Pleasant 6-3015) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Mrs. L. P.) 

Box 854, New Hampton, N. H. (Bristol 4-2210) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
15 Miles Dr., Quincy (MA 9-7198) 

Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 (Mrs.) 
19 Fern St., Auburndale (DE 2-4591) 

Elizabeth A. Sleight '53 

Peep Toad Rd., North Scituate, R. I. (Niagara 7-3100) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 


Editor: Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Assistants: Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 

Marguerite S. Merrill 
Dorothy Ulmer Willis 




NO. 1 


In Memoriam: Mrs. Guy M. Winslow . 2 

In Memoriam: Dr. Guy M. Winslow . 3 

Faculty News 4 

Lasell Applauds: 

Fancher Sawyer Swett x-'ll . . . . 6 

Commencement Awards — June 8, 1957 9 

Lasell Alumnae, Inc 12 

Club News 17 

Class News 20 


Cover: President Wass with Patricia Gura '55, left, and Priscilla Broad 
'56, right, at Lasell's first Nursing Program Graduation Exercises, 
held on Sunday, September 29, 1957, at Winslow Hall. The 
address was delivered by Dr. Egon E. Kattwinkel. For the past 
five years Dr. Kattwinkel has served as Chief of Medicine at the 
Newton- Wellesley Hospital, and this year is Chief of Cardiology. 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Entered as second-class matter at the Boston, Mass., Post Office. Acceptance for 
mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, 
authorized on October 28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual 
Alumnae Fund Contribution. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 
cents each. 




Lasell Faculty 1900-1903 

Lasell's First Lady 1906-1947 

Died: May 31, 1957 

"She walked among the untrodden ways." 

Lines of poetry always come to mind with the thought of Mrs. Winslow. She was 
a lovely poem herself, the writer of many a verse for children and serious poems 
especially appreciated by the Auburndale Women's Club and the Review Club of which 
she was a valued member. 

When visiting with her at the Newton- Wellesley Hospital, her broken hip elevated 
in a formidable-looking traction, we nevertheless drifted into talk of poets and poetry. 
She said: 

"I have a busy squirrel mind So when the barren winter comes 

That safely stores away I shall not care at all, 

The little nuts of memory But nibble at my pile of nuts 

It finds from day to day, And watch the snowflakes fall." 

I hadn't known Medora Addison Nutter's "Memories" until then. In an incredibly 
short time after her accident, Dr. Winslow and she were standing in the Lasell receiving 
line, smiling graciously, as if there had never been any physical handicap. 

1906 was the first graduating class to receive diplomas from Dr. Winslow, and we 
shall never forget the delightful tea the First Lady gave for us, the table thoughtfully 
decorated with 36 red roses, a class flower for each one of us to take away. I still have 
mine pressed between pages of my Memorabilia Book, but oh, the memories that are 
stored in the hearts of everyone whose rare privilege it was to know her! 

What a rich heritage of mind she has left to Richard, Donald, Marjorie, and 
Priscilla ! They have heard, over and over, probably, the heart- warming romance of 
their mother and father while both were teaching at Lasell (Clara Austin, a Smith 
graduate, 1899), and never were two people so vital and enduring a part of any school. 

It seems significant that she should have left us on Memorial Day (1957), a day 
when we shall evermore be reminded of one of her favorite poems by Sara Teasdale: 

Into my heart's treasury Oh, better than the minting 

I slipped a coin Of a gold-crowned king 

That time cannot take Is the safe-kept memory 

Nor a thief purloin. Of a lovely thing. 

Maude Simes Harding '06 




Lasell Faculty 1898 

Principal 1908-1932 

President 1932-1947 

President Emeritus 1947-1957 

Died: October 19, 1957 

I interrupt the usual routine of this meeting to pay tribute to the memory of Dr. Guy 
M. Winslow, who passed to his eternal reward October 19, 1957. I had the privilege of 
working very closely with him for three years. His vast knowledge of the history and 
traditions of Lasell formed a rich background for many hours of pleasant conversation. 
In his own quiet way he taught me much about Lasell and this intimate knowledge gave 
me a feeling of confidence that I could not otherwise have gained and did much toward 
making my first years as president less difficult. 

Dr. Winslow was a quiet, perhaps overly modest man. He was a gentleman and a 
scholar of the old school, acutely conscious of his responsibilities and prone to hide his 
light under a bushel. Our college will ever be a living monument to his foresight and to 
his devotion to youth, to education and to the city in which he lived. 

May we have a moment of silence in tribute to the man who served Lasell as teacher, 
president and president emeritus for well over a half a century. 

Raymond C. Wass 

(President Wass paid the above tribute to Dr. Winslow at the annual 
meeting of the Lasell Corporation on Wednesday, October 23, 1957.) 



In Memoriam: Mrs. Winifred Hudson 
(Art 1931-45) on July 29, 1957, in 
Boston, Mass. Mrs. Hudson had been 
affiliated with The Chamberlain School 
of Retailing and Boston University, and 
in recent years had been one of the most 
popular guests of the Speaker's Bureau. 
Mrs. Hudson is survived by her hus- 
band, Mr. Henry Hudson, and by a 
sister and brother. 

Miss Eleanor Lewis (Science 1928- 
39) on July 24, 1957, in Montreal, 
P.Q. Since 1939 Miss Lewis was a 
member of the faculty of the State Uni- 
versity Teachers College in Plattsburg, 
N. Y. She was a member of the 
American Home Economics Associa- 
tion; American Association of Univer- 
sity Women; and was secretary-treasurer 
of the Association of State University 
of New Teachers College Faculties. 
Miss Lewis is survived by her mother 
and a sister, both of Piedmont, Calif. 

Other News: Lasell extends deepest 
sympathy to Miss Alice May, Miss 
Evelyn Potts and Dr. Inez Williams. 
Miss May's father passed away on May 
31, 1957, after a long illness. In July 
Miss Potts was called to Chicago from 
her summer duties at Christmas Cove, 
Maine, by the sudden death of her 
father, Mr. Josiah H. Potts. Mrs. W. 
W. Williams did not recover from an 
operation in June. 

Late in July, President Wass attended 
a meeting of the American Association 
of Junior Colleges in Washington, D. C. 
Mr. Wass is a member of the Board of 
Directors of the Association. 

The highlight of Dean Ruth H. 
Rothenberger's sixth annual European 
trip was a ten-day tour of Norway, 
Sweden, and Denmark. The Lasell party 
sailed from New York on July 3d on 
the S.S. Maasdam, arriving in Southamp- 
ton on Thursday, July 11. After Lon- 
don and the Shakespeare country, they 
went by motor coach to Scotland and 
from there to Scandinavia. The rest of 

the itinerary included Holland, Ger- 
many, Switzerland and France, with an 
optional extension tour of the Riviera 
and Italy. 

Members of this year's party included 
Miss Louise Rothenberger of New 
Haven, Conn., Miss Elizabeth McKee 
of Belmont, Mass., and Miss Marilyn 
Potter of New Britain, Conn. Lasellites 
were: Mrs. Marion Brown (Resident 
Head 1953- ), Sally Krick (daughter of 
Vivian Johnson Krick '28), Lesley 
Harmon '57, Judith Marshall '57, Ju- 
dith Parker '57, Susan San dor ff '57 and 
Dorothy Woods '58. 

TV has been a timely and keen in- 
terest of Mrs. Jeanne Cousins (Dance 
1945- ), who was instrumental in the 
development of the course in Television 
Techniques at Boston University. This 
summer she has been the Girl Friday 
behind a newly initiated WBZ-TV 
morning program, "Call for Help," the 
format of which was quite similar to 
"Queen for a Day" or "Strike It Rich." 
A social worker investigated the cases 
and brought the people to the studio 
and Mrs. C. took it from there. She 
laughingly referred to it as the "Misery 
Quizery." When the show's rating 
dropped in August, the program was 
cancelled and in its place they intro- 
duced "Cash on the Line," another 
give-away, that tied in with the Ray 
Milland "Prof McNutley" series. Mrs. 
C.'s duties here involve selecting a ques- 
tion and providing daily clues in the 
form of jingles. At present she is as- 
sistant to the director of public affairs 
and along with the production duties 
of "Cash on the Line," she handles all 
public affairs details. 

We sincerely wish we had time and 
space to include the many interesting 
anecdotes connected with this latest 
venture. Many friends and former 
"dancers" extend heartiest congratula- 
tions and wish for Mrs. Cousins much 


Miss Leonie Sulahian (Art 1955- ) 
was chosen to be the first Community 
Ambassador sponsored by Watertown, 
Massachusetts. Picked from a large 
field of competitors by a panel of promi- 
nent Watertown citizens, the popular 
Lasell instructor's entire European tour 
of ten weeks — including one month 
with a private family in Austria — was 
financed by public subscription. General 
sponsor of the project is Experiment in 
International Living, Inc., a Vermont 
organization which enjoys the patronage 
of the President of the United States, 
and which has already aided some 
20,000 young American adults to gain 
a more intimate understanding of life 
in Europe. 

Miss Sulahian is a sister of Rose 
Marie Sulahian '55. 

One of our most envied vacationists 
this summer was Helen L. Beede '21 
(Recorder 1925- ). Accompanied by 
her aunt, Mrs. Bertha Hooker Willey 
(Admin. 1918-38) and Mme. Yvonne 
Birks (Fr. 1927-36), she enjoyed a 
three-week tour of Alaska and the 
Canadian Northwest. 

On July 1st Miss Alice May (Sectl. 
1941-52, Bursar's office 1952- ) was 
appointed Bursar to succeed Mrs. Marie 
Heath. Former faculty associates and 
students join with us in extending 

Maria Orozco Cobb x-'19 (Span. 
1940- ) returned from Mexico City 
with many close-up photographs of this 
summer's earthquake. Maria enjoyed 
several weeks with her mother, Sehora 
Refugio Orozco (Span. 1917-48), and 
it is always con carino we think of 
Senora and wish her continued good 

Married: Miss Sylvia Unterbach 
(Chem. 1955-57) to Mr. Bernard Rein- 
er on August 23, 1957, at Natick, Mass. 

Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. 
Bamford (Johanna Black, Eng. 1947- 
52) a daughter, Deirdre Wentworth, 
on April 1, 1957. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Pitstick, a 
son, Tod Weymouth, on April 2, 1957. 
Mr. Pitstick was instructor of Economics 
and Retail Training from 1951 to 1955. 


Faculty — Mrs. Clara Austin Winslow 
Dr. Guy M. Winslow 
Mrs. Winifred Hudson 
Miss Eleanor Lewis 
1894 — Carrie Manning Dexter 

Mary Tulleys 
1905 — x Bessie Emma Dennis Dexter 
1908 — Lela Goodall Thornburg 
1916 — Orissa Marie Attwill 
1923 — Elizabeth Neal Birch 
1925 — Harriet Harvey Loveridge 
1935 — Norma Noonan Payne 
1938 — Lois Wadhams Anderson 




by Ed Dawson, Publicity Director 
Lakewood, Inc., Skowhegan, Maine 

For being an exemplary wife and 
mother and for outstanding achievement 
in the business world, the Leaves ap- 
plauds Fancher Sawyer Swett x-'ll of 
Skowhegan, Maine, guiding light of the 
nationally famous Lakewood Theatre 
and Lakewood Inn. 

Daughter of Dr. Frederick Sawyer of 
Skowhegan, Fancher attended Lasell in 
1908-09 and completed her education 
with a round-the-world tour the follow- 
ing year. 

In 1912 she married Herbert Lindsey 
Swett, a native of Bangor, whose family 
had been in the shipbuilding business 
since Colonial times. Herbert had been 
graduated from Bowdoin in 1901, after 
which he was appointed manager of the 
Somerset Traction Company in Skow- 

Part of the Traction Company hold- 
ings was an amusement park on Lake 
Wesserunsett, five miles north of Skow- 
hegan, which was the terminal for the 
company's trolley cars. There was a 
barnlike hall used for dances and vaude- 
ville shows. Herbert enlarged the stage 
and went to New York to hire regular 
Broadway actors. That summer he pro- 
duced his first play at the Lakewood 
Theatre — ■ bringing Broadway to Maine 
for the first time — and the granddaddy 
of all summer theatres was born. 

After their marriage, Fancher helped 
her husband develop the property on the 
lake, now called Lakewood. They built 
beautiful pine-panelled guest bunga- 
lows with modern bathrooms, log-burn- 
ing fireplaces and spacious rooms fur- 
nished in Early American maple. 


L. to r.: Grant Mills, President of Lakewood, Inc., Eleanor Swett Richards '38, 

Lakewood's Secretary, Michael Mills, Elizabeth Swett Mills '35, Vice President, 

and Henry Richards, a Lakewood Theatre Director. 


"Bringing Broadway 

In 1920, Fancher opened and man- 
aged a new restaurant called the Arcadia 
Tea Room. It prospered so well that in 
1927 it was greatly enlarged and became 
the famed Lakewood Inn, which now 
serves as many as 300 diners a night. 
During the 1920's, Fancher and Her- 
bert were entertaining the top stars of 
Broadway at Lakewood. Howard Lind- 
say was the stage director, and it was at 
Lakewood that he met and married 
Dorothy Stickney (Lasell x-'l6). In 
later years they were to star in the fabu- 
lous "Life With Father," which they 
first performed at Lakewood and then 
continued on Broadway for nearly eight 
years. When the motion picture was 
made, starring William Powell and 
Myrna Loy, it was world-premiered at 

A brief list of players, many of whom 
found Lakewood the steppingstone to 
stardom, includes Humphrey Bogart, 
James Daly, Vincent Price, Hume Cro- 
nyn, Jessica Tandy, Keenan Wynn, 
Mary Rogers, Alexis Smith, Fay Wray, 
John Baragrey, Nancy Cushman, Ethel 
Barrymore, Donald Cook, Warren Hy- 

to Maine Since 1901" 

mer, Arthur Byron, Lawrence Fletcher, 
Skedge Miller, Martha Randall, Wayne 
Carson, Basil Rathbone, Henry Morgan, 
Robert Keith, Paul Kelly, Conrad Nagel, 
Fay Bainter, Neva Patterson, Frankie 
Thomas, John Drew Devereaux, Thurs- 
ton Hall, and scores of others still prom- 
inent in the entertainment world. 

By 1927, so popular was the Lake- 
wood Theatre that Fancher and Herbert 
had to increase the seating capacity from 
750 to 1100, making it the largest sum- 
mer theatre as well as the oldest in the 
country — and it still is. 

Guests of Fancher and Herbert Swett 
at Lakewood through the years have 
included Will Rogers, H. V. Kalten- 
born, Walt Disney, Guthrie McClintic, 
Harpo Marx, Kenneth Roberts, Joseph 
P. Kennedy, Senator Margaret Chase 
Smith of Maine, Clarence Buddington 
Kelland, Owen Davis, Booth Tarking- 
ton, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry 
Morganthau, William Brady, Ben Ames 
Williams, Alexander Woollcott, Leo- 
pold Stowkowski, Howard Hughes and 
hosts of others in the national limelight. 
Fancher, in addition to her active role 


in the development of Lakewood, de- 
voted herself to her two lovely daugh- 
ters, Elizabeth and Eleanor. Both girls 
in turn attended and graduated from 
Lasell, Elizabeth in 1935 and Eleanor 
in 1938. 

In 1932, as a hobby, Fancher Swett 
opened a gift shop in the Lakewood Inn 
and, like everything else she has set her 
mind to, it has become one of the most 
popular in New England. 

Herbert L. Swett died in 1945 after 
realizing his and Fancher's dream of 
building a community in Maine which 
the whole nation can look upon as a 
place to find the beauty of natural scen- 
ery, health-building recreation such as 
golf, tennis and water sports, the cul- 
tural benefits of fine theatrical produc- 
tions, and the relaxation of a simple 
way of life. Such is Lakewood today. 

Columnist Ernie Pyle said of Lake- 
wood: "I know what's so nice about 
Lakewood — it has the amateur spirit, 
and the professional finish. People go 

there and play without working at play- 

Fancher Swett, now that Herbert is 
gone, still carries on their dreams for 
Lakewood, assisted now by her daugh- 
ters and her two sons-in-law. Elizabeth 
is married to Lakewood's president and 
managing director, Grant Mills, former 
Broadway star {"Night of January 
16th" and "Once in a Lifetime"} and 
a Lakewood player for more than twenty 
seasons. They have a son, Michael 
Grant Mills, who was five last August. 
Eleanor married production director 
Henry Richards of the Lakewood Thea- 
tre, also a Broadway leading man {"You 
Can't Take It with You"} and former 
Lakewood player. 

Perhaps no greater tribute to Fancher 
and Herbert Swett' s dream and achieve- 
ment at Lakewood can be offered than 
that of a former governor of Maine who 

"To know the Nation, you must know 
Maine; and to know Maine, you must 
visit Lakewood." 


The exercises of commencement week of our beloved Seminary com- 
menced on Sunday, June 10th, with a Baccalaureate address by Miss Frances 
E. Willard of Chicago. The services were held in the Congregational church, 
which was kindly given up to the use of the school for that occasion. Mon- 
day morning began the three days' examination, most of which was done in 
writing, the papers being on exhibition for any interested guest. Thursday 
morning was bright and beautiful for the exercises of commencement, and 
the chapel was crowded. Of the four graduates, three take their diplomas 
in the scientific department, viz.: Misses Elizabeth Kiser, Keokuk, Iowa; 
Nellie Grace Perkins, Gloucester, Mass., and Ida May Phillips, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Miss Eva Newman Bragdon, Lima, N. Y., is graduated by the classical 
department. At 4 P.M. was held the third reunion of the Alumnae, at which 
the music as well as the literary entertainment was furnished by graduates of 
former years. At the Trustees' meeting, in the afternoon, the Executive 
Committee was requested to consider measures for adding a new wing to 
the building, to accommodate thirty more pupils, as the increase of the 
school demands. 

Lasell Leaves, Vol. II, No. 5, June 1877. 




All Gardner Residents 

Kneeling, I. to r.: Annette Bogdan, Marilyn Pearce, Suzanne Jouret, Camilla 

Carlson. Standing, I. to r.: Virginia Zipf, Carol Juechter, Marjorie Nelson, 

Dorothy Ziehler and Marcia Hamilton. 


Crew: The winning crew this year was 
the Senior Red crew, and each member 
received a letter "L." Annette Bogdan 
and Camilla Carlson were the co-cap- 
tains. (See the accompanying picture 
of the crew.) 

The Athletic Shield: Won by the Blue 
Team. (Scores: Blues 289, Whites 

Presented to : Barbara Sturges, 
Leader of the Blue Team 

Special Award to an Outstanding 
Athlete: A large Lasell banner is 
awarded to the student who has won 
her Major "L" in three or more sports 
during her two years at college: 

Patricia Howe: 2 years each in 
Hockey, Basketball and Soft- 

Academic Honors: The top ranking 
students in the senior class graduated 
with Highest Honors : 
Rosalie Sucher 



Chong Hyo Lee 
Judith Gage 

graduated with Honors ; 
Judith Muncaster 
Lorraine Hintlian 
June Fenning 
Ellen Kienzle 
Patricia McConnell 
Phyllis Koocher 
Esther Terni 
Harriet Ring 
Marcia James 
Marcia Hamilton 
Iris Martin 
Jane Clifton 
Martha Whitcomb 
Marilyn Pearce 
Betty Apgar 

Barbara Eberhardt 
Roberta Jepsky 
Virginia Good 
Barbara Thorndike 
Sonia Altland 

Lasell Jackets: Three Lasell Jackets 
are awarded to three students who, 
in the opinion of a committee of 
which two-thirds are students and one- 
third members of the faculty, are rep- 
resentative Lasell girls possessing in 
high degree the qualities of integrity, 
loyalty, consideration for others, good 
sportsmanship, scholarship and lead- 
ership. Awarded to: 

Marcia Hamilton 

Patricia Howe 

Joan Stanford 

Marcia Hamilton, Patricia Howe and Joan Stanford 



Lora Lee, Rosalie Sucher and Judith Gage 


L. to r.: June Valter '58, Marion Heinsohn '58, Queen Marcia Hamilton '57, 

Maid of Honor Betty Schlegel '58, Barbara Flint '57 and Barbara Frucci '58. 

Crown bearer: Janice Martinson, daughter of Noel Temple Martinson '42. 




Minutes of the 


Ruth Turner Crosby '42 and 

Dorothy Mosher Stone '42 

Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

The annual supper meeting of Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc. was held on Saturday, 
June 8, 1957 at 5:45 p.m. After a de- 
licious dinner, President Ruth Turner 
Crosby '42 opened the business meeting 
and extended greetings to all. 

Marcia Hamilton, president of the 
Senior Class, presented a check in the 
amount of $690 to Mrs. Crosby for 
membership of the Class of 1957 in 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

Announcement was made of the death 
of Mrs. Guy M. Winslow on May 31, 

Ruth reported that the Alumnae Fund 
for 1956-57 had not reached its antici- 
pated $12,000 goal. The amount of 
$11,875.75 was realized. She stated that 
the Alumnae Building Fund now totals 

President Crosby then told of the 
Alumnae's accomplishments this past 
year. These included new furnishings 
and decorations in the reception room at 
Woodland and the purchase of a blue 
and white mat for the vestibule at 
Winslow Hall. 

Annual Meeting 

Everyone received a copy of the 
revised Constitution. A motion was 
made and seconded that it be accepted. 
It was a vote. 

It was announced that the members 
of the Corporation for the next five 
years would be Dorothy Inett Taylor 
'30, Esther T. Josselyn '27 and Louise 
Tardivel Higgins '37. Ruth then read 
the slate of officers for the Board of 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

Ruth announced that Priscilla Wins- 
low '35 had resigned as Alumnae Sec- 
retary and was leaving for California. 
Priscilla was presented with a check 
from the Alumnae. 

Thanks were extended to Libby Har- 
rington Logan '49 for so successfully 
managing the June Table. 

Ruth told of Lora Lee's outstanding 
performance at Lasell Night at Pops 
and announced that Lora had received a 
scholarship at Tanglewood. 

Long-distance travelers were intro- 
duced and a check for $50.00 was pre- 


Gertrude Stone Baptiste '32 in fore- 
ground; Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
carrying shield of Class of 1937. 



sented from the Chicago Lasell Club 
by Dorothy Taggart Krumseig '32. 

Flowers at the head table were the 
gift of the Class of 1932. 

Mrs. Crosby then introduced Presi- 

| dent Wass, who welcomed all and re- 
ported on the meeting of the Ameri- 
can Junior College Association. He 
said that Lasell has a great future and 
praised the continued loyalty of our 

- Alumnae. 

Ruth commented on the fine repre- 
sentation of her own reunioning class- 
mates on the current Alumnae Board, as 
well as this year's Alumnae Crew. To 
climax the story, she relinquished her 
duties as president of the Association 

< to Dorothy Mosher Stone '42. Dodie 
expressed her thanks and presented 

I Ruth with a gift from the Alumnae. 
President Stone called the roll of re- 
unioning classes and the meeting was 

adjourned after the singing of the Alma 

Respectfully submitted, 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 
Recording Secretary 

Mr. Dana M. Cotton (Trustee 
1949- ) has been named secretary of 
the Harvard Graduate School of Educa- 
tion, a position in which he will be 
responsible for alumni activities, publi- 
cations of interest to alumni and pro- 
fessional groups, and public-profession- 
al relations. He will continue to serve 
as director of placement and admissions. 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 was 
elected to the Board of Trustees at the 
annual Trustees' meeting on May 29, 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 is filling the 
unexpired term of Priscilla Winslow 
'35 as Assistant Treasurer of Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc. 

s ■ T*. 


L. to r.: Barbara Ordway Brewer '35, Mrs. Corbin (Trustee), Priscilla Alden 

Wolfe '19, Antoinette Meritt Smith '23, Mrs. Wass, President Wass, Ruth Turner 

Crosby '42, Mr. Brandriff, Mrs. Brandriff, Dorothy Mosher Stone '42, Elizabeth 

Harrington Logan '49 and Priscilla Winslow '35. 



Report of the Treasurer, May 31, 1957 


Balance on Hand June 1, 1956 $ 1,303.93 

Regular Contributions 11,535.75 

Life Memberships 340.00 
Greater Boston Lasell Club 

(Half cost of mimeo.) 316.39 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Office Fund 

(Half cost of mimeo.) 316.39 

Single Copies of Leaves sold 4.50 

Cookies Sold at Senior Entertainment 1.93 

Replaced Checks 50.00 

Bank Credits 30.81 

Proceeds from U. S. Savings Bonds 1,000.00 

Transfer from General Fund Savings Account 2,000.00 
Transfer from Scholarship Fund 

(Reimbursement) 1,670.00 

TOTAL INCOME $18,569.70 

Alumnae Lounge: 

Carpentry & painting 400.00 

Lumber, hardware, lights, etc. 260.44 

Plant 7.50 

Murals 270.85 

Furniture I 1,674.90 2,613.69 

Mat for Winslow Hall 418.40 

Freight for mat 9.08 

Council : 

Refreshments & cokes 26.75 

Flowers 5.50 

Pictures 7.75 40.00 

Alumnae Fund: 

7500 contribution envelopes 126.00 

6500 1st reminders (cards & printing) 157.00 

5600 2nd reminders (cards & printing) 146.00 

1000 special reminders (printing only) 10.50 

Thank-you cards 58.50 

90 Engage, calendars for winners & agents 54.00 552.00 

Leaves : 

Mailing May '56 Leaves 18.91 

Printing & mailing Fund Issue 1,093.43 

Printing & mailing Feb. '57 Number 1,780.59 

Printing & mailing May '57 Number 1,167.13 4,060.06 

Office Expenses: 

Mimeograph machine 632.78 

Clerical Assistance 378.75 

Office stationery 48.25 1,059.78 


A AC Dues 55.00 

AAC Dist. I Conference Expenses 43.68 

Scholarship awards 1,670.00 

Mailing Constitution 134.82 

300 photo cards for '56ers & postage 37.99 

1956 Alum. Supper bal. due 1.60 


1956 Council flowers 5.00 

Gifts of remembrance 187.44 

Petty cash 15.00 

Safety Deposit Box rental 12.10 

Bank charges 62.23 

Check charges 50.00 2,274.86 


Transferred to Savings Account 4,738.32 

Transferred to Building Fund 30.00 


BALANCE ON HAND 5/31/57 2,773.51 

Balance on Hand 5/31/57 in Newton- Waltham 

Trust Co. 2,768.51 

Petty Cash 5.00 

BALANCE ON HAND 5/31/57 2,773.51 

General Fund (Newton Savings Bank, U. S. Bonds, & Auburndale Cooperative Bank shares) 
Newton Savings Bank balance 



Transf'd fr. Genl. Fd. Checking 






Transferred to Building Fund 


Transferred to Genl. Fd. 

Checking Acct. 


Transferred to Scholarship 




Balance on Hand 5/31/57 

$2,850.00 U. S. Bonds value 



Increment to 5/31/57 



Bonds cashed 



Auburndale Cooperative Bank, 

5 shares ' 1,000.00 

BALANCE ON HAND 5/31/57 $ 5,293.79 

Building Fund (Newton Savings Bank) 

Transferred from General Fund 8,800.00 

Gifts from clubs 75.00 

U. S. Bonds cashed 1,050.00 

Interest 75.83 

BALANCE 5/31/57 $10,000.83 

Scholarship Fund (West Newton Savings Bank & Needham Cooperative Bank shares) 

West Newton Savings Bank balance 6/1/56 3,460.37 

Gifts from clubs 940.00 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank dividends 30.00 

Needham Cooperative Bank dividends 35.00 

Interest 63.85 

Transferred from General Fund 500.00 



Scholarships Awarded for 1956-57 1,670.00 

Scholarships Awarded for 1957-58 1,200.00 


Balance 5/31/57 2,159.22 

Needham Cooperative Bank, 5 shares 1,000.00 

BALANCE 5/31/57 $ 3,159.22 

Alumnae Office Fund (West Newton Savings Bank) 

Balance 6/1/56 500.00 

Interest 2.50 502.50 

Paid one-half for mimeograph machine 316.39 316.39 

BALANCE 5/31/57 186.11 

Alumnae Projects Fund (Wellesley Trust Co.) 

Balance 5/31/56 500.00 

Receipts from items sold 644.25 1,144.25 

Items purchased (matches, T-shirts, etc.) 746.56 

Freight (16.07), en. (42.96), bank chgs. 

(1.44) 60.47 807.03 

BALANCE 5/31/57 


General Fund Checking Account 


General Fund Savings Account 


Building Fund 


Scholarship Fund 


Alumnae Office Fund 


Alumnae Projects Fund 



TOTAL 5/31/57 $21,750.68 


Newton- Waltham Bank & Trust Co. (Genl. 

Fd. Check. Acct.) 2,768.51 

Petty Cash 5.00 

Newton Savings Bank (General Fund) 3,527.89 

Newton Savings Bank (Building Fund) 10,000.83 

West Newton Savings Bank (Scholarship Fund) 2,159.22 

West Newton Savings Bank (Alumnae Office Fund) 186.11 

Wellesley Trust Co. (Alumnae Projects Fund) 337.22 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank, 5 shares (Genl. Fd.) 1,000.00 

Needham Cooperative Bank, 5 shares (Schol. Fd.) 1,000.00 

U. S. Savings Bonds. 765.90 

TOTAL 5/31/57 $21,750.68 

Deadline Schedule 

Class and Club Secretaries: 

November issue 

— July 1st (mainly commencement and reunion news) 

February issue 

— December 1st 

May issue 

— March 1st 

August issue 

— Fund issue with no class or club news 





Mrs. Robert E. McKenna 

(Gertrude Quinn '46), President 

42 Sunset Rd., Bedford, Mass. 

Mrs. Paul W. Ryder 

(Madeline Farmer x-'15), Rec. Secy. 

339 Bacon St., Waltham, Mass. 

On Tuesday, August 13th, Mid Strain 
Nutter '17 entertained at her summer home 
in Pocasset. This yearly picnic party is en- 
joyed by all who come from near and far. 
The day was beautifully clear — just the 
kind for a beach affair. We are happy to 
report the sum of $27.00 was contributed for 
the Lasell Building Fund. 

Those present were: Marion Griffin Wol- 
cott '16, Mabel Straker Kimball '16, Marion 
Beach Barlow '16, Mildred Strain Nutter 
'17, Helen M. Saunders '17, E. Gertrude 
Allen '17, Elsie Flight Wuestefeld '18, Ruth 
B. New comb '18, Anita Hotchkiss Scott '18, 
Mid Cary Eaton '18, Toni Meritt Smith '23, 
Claire Parker Everett '23, Mardi Silliman 
'27, Barbara Ordway Brewer '35, Dodie 
Mosher Stone '42, Carol Wass Cox '49, 
Ruth Irwin Rex (niece of the late Miss 
Grace Irwin), Helen Gresley (guest) and 
Elsie Parker Owen (Claire's sister). 

Mildred Cary Eaton 


ANN L. TUCKER '56, President 
53 Roanoke Ave., Fairfield, Conn. 

Elizabeth J. Taylor '55, Secretary 
475 Fairfield Woods Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 

The first meeting of the newly elected 
officers of the Bridgeport Lasell Club was 
held on July 25, 1957 at President Ann 
Tucker's home. The officers for 1957-58 
are as follows: President, Ann L. Tucker 
'56; Vice President, Priscilla Freeman Mc- 
Cartney '51; Secretary, Elizabeth J. Taylor 
'55; Treasurer, Joan Warriner Ryder '47; 
Program Chairman Shirley E. Pike '55. 

Next year's meeting dates were decided 
upon and are listed below: 

September 4: Board Meeting at the 
home of Priscilla Free- 
man McCartney. 
September 18: Ann Tucker's home. 
October 19: Fashion Show and Card 

Booth Memorial, Strat- 
November 20: Shirley Pike's home. 








Undecided whether to 
have tea or luncheon. 
To be discussed later. 
Elizabeth Taylor's home. 
Joan Ryder's home. 
Priscilla Freeman Mc- 
Cartney's home. 


Jane A. Perry '50, President 
1567 Avenue A., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Mrs. Daniel R. Taylor 
(Nancy Tripp '55), Rec. Secy. 
53 N. Pine Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

On May 4, 1957 the Albany area Lasell 
Club met for their annual spring luncheon 
at the Crossroads' Restaurant in Latham, 
New York. There were twelve members 
present and the meeting was presided over 
by Jane A. Perry '50. The treasurer's re- 
port was given by Millicent Horton Hughes 

Grace Douglass Schindler x-'12 made the 
motion that we buy 100 rolls of Christmas 
wrapping paper to sell for the Scholarship 
Fund, and Josephine Caruso Kuchera '41 
made the motion that we send $25 to the 
Scholarship Fund. Both motions were sec- 
onded and carried. 

Plans were made for a tea on September 
10, 1957 at the Albany home of Grace 
Douglass Schindler for Lasell's 1958 seniors 
and prospective students. 


Mrs. Richard I. Cooper 

(Lynn Babbitt '45), President 

126 E. Washington St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Sally Ann Evans, '54, Secretary 
3398 Dorchester Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

The Cleveland Lasell Club met at the Hig- 
bee Company on March 16, 1957 for their 
annual meeting. Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45 
presented the following slate of officers: 

Vice President: Barbara Clarkson Moody 

Secretary: Sally Ann Evans '54 

It was suggested that our vice-president 
be the program chairman. The Constitution 
will be revised during the summer and will 
be presented at the January 1958 meeting. 

The following schedule has been approved 
for the year's meetings: 

September: Luncheon at Higbee's 


November: Evening meeting at a home 

January: Sunday tea 

March: Annual luncheon at Higbee's 

May: Evening meeting and brunch 

June: Annual picnic 

Those present included: Lynn Babbitt 
Cooper '45, Gertrude Bicknell Harvey x-'27, 
Eugenia Cooney '45, Marie Engein Pollard 
x-'19, Sally Ann Evans '54, Helen Ferry 
Babcock x-'ll, Bette Hapgood '41, Martha 
Kennedy Ingersoll '48, Marge Mosher Masch 
'46, Virginia Rolfe Guy '45 and Jule Nelson 
Diggs (Faculty T5-'17). 

On May 16, 1957 the Cleveland Lasell 
Club met at the home of Gertrude Bicknell 
Harvey x-'27 for a potluck supper. Donna 
Grover, a prospective student, and her 
mother joined us. 

After the delicious dinner and social ses- 
sion, President Lynn Babbitt Cooper '45 
called the meeting to order. It was decided 
that we order 200 rolls of Christmas wrap- 
ping paper from Lasell Alumnae, Inc. Ger- 
trude Bicknell Harvey will be responsible 
for the local newspaper publicity for present 
Lasell students, and Mrs. Jule Nelson Diggs 
(Faculty T5-T7) suggested that we ask the 
college to keep us informed regarding the 
campus activities of the Cleveland students. 
The annual picnic will be held at Horseshoe 
Lake on June 22. 

Present at this meeting were: Lynn Bab- 
bitt Cooper '45, Gertrude Bicknell Harvey 
x-'27, Barbara Birnbaum Green '45, Helen 
Bogert '40, Eugenia Cooney '45, Sally Ann 
Evans '54, Bette Hapgood '41, Lois Hein 
Cooper '38, Martha Kennedy Ingersoll '48, 
Lois Mallon Maher '49, Ellen Morris Phil- 
lips '49, Ada F. Patterson '15 and Jule 
Nelson Diggs (Faculty T5-T7). 


Mrs. Lewis A. Larsen 

(Gwendolyn Murray '34), President 

29 Hayward St., Bangor, Me. 

Mrs. Ray E. Collett 
(Ethelle Cleale '22), Secretary 
350 No. Main St., Brewer, Me. 

Mrs. Lewis A. Larsen was elected presi- 
dent of the Eastern Maine Lasell Club at 
the luncheon meeting held Tuesday, May 
28, at the Penobscot Valley Country Club. 
Others elected were: Janis Houston Moun- 
tain '53, vice president; Ethelle Cleale Col- 
lett '22, secretary; and Barbara Stover Van- 
DeBogert '33, treasurer. 

Following the business meeting a Scotch 
auction was held. 

Attending the affair were: Constance 
Chalmers Harlow '29, Ethelle Cleale Col- 
lett '22, Julia Crafts Sheridan '10, Karin 

Eliasson Monroe '31, Alice Fernandez Har- 
kins '33, Helen Gray Porter x-'07, Helen 
Hawes Loomis '28, Marguerite Houser 
Hamlin '19, Janis Houston Mountain '53 
and mother, Mrs. W. S. Houston, Gwendo- 
lyn Murray Larsen '34, Elizabeth Page 
Sealey '32, Charlotte Ryder Hall '08, Bar- 
bara Stover VanDeBogert '33, Pearl Thomp- 
son Hasey '31, and Florence C. Wyman 


Mrs. William K. Morison 
( Camie Porter '40 ) , President 
R. F. D. #1, Andover, N. H. 

Mrs. Marvin E. Perkins 
(Jane Upton '47), Secy. -Ureas. 
44 N. Spring St., Concord, N. H. 

Mrs. William K. Morison of Concord 
was elected president of the New Hampshire 
Lasell Club on May 5, 1957, at the N. H. 
Highway Hotel. Other officers are: Diane 
Heath Beever '49, vice president, and Jane 
Upton Perkins '47, secretary-treasurer. A. 
Katheryn Royce '27 is the retiring president. 

Speaker at the luncheon meeting was Ray- 
mond C. Wass, president of the college. He 
reported that Lasell needs a new secretarial 
building, a student center and endowments 
for faculty salaries. 

The club's next meeting will be October 
5 at the Manchester Country Club. 


Ann H. Chidsey '54, President 
25 Hepburn Rd., Hamden, Conn. 

CORINNE COYLE '54, Secretary 
154 Dodge Ave., East Haven, Conn. 

Each year the New Haven Lasell Club 
holds a tea for present students and for 
prospective students of Lasell. This year it 
was held on March 31st at the home of 
President Jeanette Gessner Somers '30. Ger- 
trude Moeller Baum '26 was in town for 
the week end and was able to be with us. 
Alumnae attending were: Emma Ockert '26, 
Helen Kowalewski Sandback '28, Jeanette 
Gessner Somers '30, Mildred Munson '32, 
Virginia Wilhelm Peters Harsbarger '38, 
Naomi Peck '52, Virginia Smibert '52, 
Corinne Coyle '54, Ann Chidsey '54, Sue 
North '56, Mary Augur '56 and Patricia 
Dahlgard '56. Lasell students included Mary 
Jane Donahue, Penny Carlson, Marjorie 
Dickstein, Nancy Morrell, Roxanne Miller 
and Joan Plaskon. We were also glad to 



welcome Joan Granniss, who will enter 
Lasell in September 1957. 

On May 23 the New Haven Club had its 
annual dinner at the Waverly Inn in Chesh- 
ire. Dean June Babcock came from Lasell to 
be with us and we all kept her busy with 
numerous questions, which she patiently 
answered. Due to the limited number of 
trains to Boston in the evening, Miss Bab- 
cock found it necessary to leave early, but 
she left with us the most recent movies of 
campus activities. We certainly did appreci- 
ate Miss Babcock's taking time from her 
busy schedule to come to New Haven. 

The Club enjoyed a picnic on June 17th 
at the home of Bobbie Schilf '40 in Beth- 
any. Joan Lambert Laffin '47, a former 
New Haven Club member, was with us. 
Joan and her husband are now living in 
Omaha, Nebraska, and are the proud parents 
of three children. Charlotte Ockert '33 
conducted a short business meeting for 
Jeanette, who was unable to attend. The 
following officers were elected for the com- 
ing year: Ann Chidsey '54, president; Joan 
Murano '55, vice president; Corinne Coyle 
'54, secretary; and Mary Augur '56, treasurer. 


Mrs. John W. Ryan 

( Barbara Harris '46 ) , President 

620 Levering Ave., Westwood, 

Los Angeles, Calif. 

Mrs. Louis A. Pipes 

(Florence Stetson '37), Secretary 
2918 Fourth St., Santa Monica, Calif. 

For the benefit of all those who did not 
receive an invitation to the May 18th dessert- 
bridge at the home of Frances Starr Robin- 
son '45, we want you to know that she had 
them ready to mail, but had temporarily left 
them in the compartment of her boss's car, 
which was stolen at such an inopportune 
moment . . . and when the car was recovered 
by the police, the invitations were gone! It 
turned out that only eleven of us, whose 
memories were so remarkable as to remember 
the exact date, place and hour from our dis- 
cussion at the March luncheon, were in at- 
tendance. It was most unfortunate that more 
of us could not have been there, for Fran 
had her home beautifully decorated with 
Lasell banners and had a huge cake decorated 
in school colors and inscribed "Lasell Junior 
College." She had buckets of different 
colored ice cream and all the coffee we 
could drink. We were all so interested in 
chatting with one another that it was time 
to go home before we brought out the cards! 

Jean Bohacket Pegram '41 was present 

via contribution only, and the guests in- 
cluded: Joan Fieremonte '48 accompanied by 
a friend, Jean Humbird Dickason x-T3, 
Doris Wilson Lehners (H.S. '25-'27), Bar- 
bara Harris Ryan '46, Shirley Greenhalgh 
Fadley '49, Gail Gordon Johnson '34, Ida 
Sisson Craver '07, Marjorie Hills Buffington 
'37, Frances Starr Robinson '45, Martha 
Moyer Anson '48 and Florence Stetson 
Pipes '37 (who is really excited about going 
to Lasell for her 20th reunion). 

Our next meeting will be the regular 
March luncheon — in Pasadena on March 
8, 1958. 


Mrs. David Bird 

(M. Jeanne Meyer '48) , President 

Box 184, R.F.D. 1, Vienna, Va. 

Edna Goodrich x-'33, Rec. Secy. 

#105 The Ontario, 2853 Ontario Rd. N.W. 

Washington, D. C. 

Officers elected at the May meeting in- 
clude: M. Jeanne Meyer Bird '48, president; 
Rosamund McCorkindale Blizard '45, vice 
president; Janet Payson Dinan '39, treasurer; 
Pauline Philbrick Gritz '35, corresponding 
secretary; Edna Goodrich x-'33, recording 
secretary; and Marjorie Stuart Olds '36, pub- 
licity chairman. 

The June 1957 meeting was a barbecue 
held at the home of Polly Philbrick Gritz 
in Arlington, Virginia, on Saturday the 22d. 
There were 19 present, including nine former 
Lasellites and assorted guests, friends and 
husbands. A delicious menu of usual bar- 
becue fare was provided, followed by sing- 
ing, much animated conversation and gen- 
eral merriment. 

The Washington Club hopes any new 
residents of the area will drop a card to 
Mrs. Edwin D. Gritz, 3080 N. Pollard St., 
Arlington, Va., with their names and ad- 
dresses, for we are anxious to include all in 
our meetings this coming year. 

Can you give us 

any clues? 

(see page 68) 




Mrs. Lester E. Fontaine 
(Carolyn Powers '52), President 

Mrs. George Burke 

(Charlotte Bragg '42), Secretary 
64 Lawnwood Ave., Longmeadow, Mass. 

The annual meeting of the Western Mas- 
sachusetts Lasell Club was held on Saturday, 
May 18, at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, Holyoke. 
The newly elected officers are: Carolyn 
Powers Fontaine '52, president; Geraldine 
Hawes Pocius x-'53, vice president; Charlotte 
Bragg Burke '42, secretary; and Marie Gil- 
more Kinsman x-'49, treasurer. 


Mrs. F. Henry Easterbrooks 

(Virginia Dostal x-'4l ) , President 

Evergreen Farm, Dudley, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert J. Campbfll 

(Joann Claflin '51), Rec. Secy. 

20 Shepard Lane, Shrewsbury, Mass. 

The annual meeting of the Worcester 
Lasell Club was held at the Abner Wheeler 
House in Framingham on May 28, 1957. 
Twenty-five Lasellites enjoyed a delicious 
dinner, served in one of the private rooms. 

We were delighted to have Dean Ruth 
Rothenberger with us. She gave a most in- 
teresting talk on the "highlights" at the 

The officers for the coming year are: 
Virginia Dostal Easterbrooks x-'4l, presi- 
dent; Barbara Peterson Schmohl '41, first 
vice president; Ann Hastings '56, second 
vice president; Joann Claflin Campbell '51, 
recording secretary; and Ruth Shepard Par- 
menter '25, corresponding secretary. 


In order to insure better re- 
productions of photographs, 
our printer suggests there be 
no handwriting on the backs 
of snapshots. 

Please send identification on 
a separate — and accompany- 
ing — slip of paper. 


Mary Packard Cass has recently moved to 
16 Summit St., Newton, Mass. 


In Memoriam: Carrie Manning Dexter on 
May 5, 1957. Gertrude Sherman Ellsworth 
writes: "Carrie was prominent in many civic 
activities in Fitchburg. She gave piano les- 
sons and her husband, organist of the Con- 
gregational Church, inaugurated the Handel 
and Haydn Chorus and at Christmas each 
year the famous oratorio was sung in his 
honor. Their daughter, Mrs. Carolyn Locke 
of Springfield, had a beautiful singing voice. 
Rarely do we find so much musical talent in 
a single family." 

Mary Tulleys of Council Bluffs, Iowa, on 
Jan. 13, 1957. She is survived by a sister, 
Julia Tulleys Harm '96, and they were 
among Lasell's long-distance guests at the 
1951 Centennial Celebration. 

Other News: After receiving the May issue 
of the LEAVES, Gertrude Sherman Ellsworth 
wrote: "Imagine my surprise to see myself — 
a member of the drill squad! Can't remem- 
ber to which company I belonged, but evi- 
dently was on hand for the picture taking. 
The photograph on page 14 includes a few 
members from each company. Drill was re- 
quired two days a week for one year and 
the drill master, Major George H. Benyon, 
also drilled the boys at Boston Latin and 
English High Schools. The Canoe Club was 
started during my senior year, and I was a 
member after some difficulty in reaching a 
chest expansion of 160°. I recall Miss Caro- 
line Carpenter as my favorite instructor, and 
History of Art, my most interesting course. 
An auction of unclaimed and lost articles 
was an enjoyable annual event. With his 
unusual wit, Dr. Bragdon served as auc- 
tioneer. I am proud of Lasell and rejoice 
in my graduation and that of my younger 
daughter, Ruth Ellsworth Laas, in 1936." 


Mrs. A. D. Pierce 

(Josephine Chandler), Secretary 
10 Dexter St., Maiden, Mass. 

The Alumnae Office has just received this 
new address for Margery Schuberth : 449 No. 
Euclid Ave., Apt. C, Pasadena 4, Calif. 




Mrs. F. F. Lamson 

( Lena Josselyn ) , Secretary 

21 Waterston Rd., Newton, Mass. 

60th Reunion: Lena Josselyn Lamson was 
the only member of the Class of 1897 to 
register at the Alumnae Office in Plummer 
Library on June 8th. The following "regrets" 
were addressed to President Wass: 

From Nora Burroughs Dillingham, 8 
Gloucester St., Boston: "Your very cordial 
invitation to the Class of 1897 has given me 
great pleasure, and at this time, I hope to 
attend. Having no car of my own in Boston, 
I am not too sure. However, we do appre- 
ciate your kind invitation to be the guests 
of Lasell." 

From Emeline Carlisle Hill, 2335 Cali- 
fornia St., Washington, D. C. : "Owing to 
my husband's illness, I will be unable to 
accept your very kind invitation." 

From Nellie Feagles Kattelle, 28 The 
Fairway, Upper Montclair, N. J.: "Due to 
illness, this reply to your invitation has been 
delayed. As a member of the Class of 1897, 
I greatly appreciate the courtesy extended us 
There is a possibility that Mr. Kattelle and 
I will motor up for his M.I.T. reunion at 
Cotuit, and if so, I shall certainly call at 

From Edith Howe Kip, 210 Aycrigg Ave., 
Passaic, N. J.: "It was a great pleasure to 
meet you and Mrs. Wass at the club lunch- 
eon two years ago. From that time I have 
expected to attend my 60th Reunion at Lasell 
but illness prevents my coming. Ten years 
ago I was there with three classmates and 
had a very pleasant time. It would be of 
great interest to see the new buildings, as 
well as the old ones in which I lived. My 
thanks to you for sending the notices about 
the wonderful Commencement activities and 
all good wishes for a most successful Alum- 
nae Day." 

From Nellie Quirk Kline, 4210 Ingleside 
Dr., San Diego 3, Calif.: "It gives me great 
pleasure to know that you are inviting my 
entire class to be your guests at Commence- 
ment. I would truly love to come, but am 
physically unable to do so. Thank you sin- 
cerely for your gracious invitation." 

From Grace Washburn Hoskins of Lisbon, 
N. H.: "As a member of the Class of '97, 
it would certainly be a great pleasure to be 
with you and the Lasell family at Commence- 
ment. I regret very much that it will not be 
possible for me to be with you in person; 
however, my thoughts will certainly go to 
you and I hope it will be a very happy oc- 
casion. I have the fondest memories of my 
days at Lasell." 


Clifford Dasher Stephens writes from 
Savannah, Ga. : "My grandson has just be- 
come an Eagle Scout and will graduate from 
high school in June. My granddaughter is 
preparing her piano selections for a June 
recital. I jog along in the same old way, 
though not as spry as I used to." Mrs. 
Stephens wished she might have joined in 
the Commencement activities and we most 
certainly hope she will be at Lasell for her 
60th Reunion in June 1958. 


Miss Eleanor Perley (Math. '24-'45) has 
kindly forwarded a new address for Eva 
Raymond Perkins. Eva is living at 437 La- 
fayette St., Salem, Mass. 

The new mailing address for Helen Camp- 
bell Rousseau x-'OO is 7859 Exchange PL, 
La Jolla, Calif. 


Katherine McCoy spent her eleventh 
winter in St. Petersburg, Fla., and this past 
year enjoyed meeting Callie LeSeure Wilson 
'03 and Mabelle Whitney '03. 


The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Annie Mae Pinkham Allyn and her family 
on the death of her husband, Mr. Alfred W. 
Allyn, on May 8, 1957, in Montreal, P.Q. 

55th Reunion: The following alumnae reg- 
istered at the college on June 8, 1957: Grace 
Bullock Gorham, Georgie Duncan Seavey, 
Bessie Fuller Perry and Cora Stone Trimmer 
x-'02. Shortly afterward, Bessie Fuller Perry 
wrote to President Wass: "I wish I could tell 
you how much I enjoyed my fifty -fifth re- 
union a week ago. I appreciate so much 
your hospitality and that of the college. 
Brought home with me from Auburndale 
my college roommate and another friend of 
former years, and in spite of the heat we are 
having a most enjoyable time together." 

Prior to Commencement, Mr. Wass re- 
ceived word from other members of the 
Class of '02 : 

From Hattie McGregor: "Thank you most 
sincerely for your kind invitation. I regret 
that my duties and engagements are such 
that I shall be quite unable to leave Spring- 

From Ellen McGrew Hollenbeck: "Very 
sorry I cannot accept your kind invitation." 




L. to r.: Bess Fuller Perry, Georgie Duncan Seavey, Cora Stone Trimmer x-'02, 

Rose Taylor x-'03, Grace Bullock Gorham. 

From Annie Mae Pinkham Allyn: "I re- 
gret I shall be unable to accept your kind 
invitation to be a guest of my Alma Mater 
for my 55th Reunion, which I've looked 
forward to. I returned only yesterday from 
the hospital after suffering a heart attack on 
Easter Sunday. This was brought on by the 
strain of nursing my dear husband, who 
passed away in the same hospital, while I 
was there, on the 8th of May. The doctor 
will not allow me to consider travelling by 
early June so I shall send my good wishes 
to those of my classmates who join you for 
the Commencement festivities." 

From Kate Wheldon Plumb of South 
Pasadena, Calif.: "I regret I will not be able 
to attend my reunion. Lasell is very close 
to my heart and I hope some day to return 
and to see all the improvements that have 
been made in these past fifty-five years." 

It has also been called to our attention 
that in February the Waltham Woman's 
Club honored Cora Stone Trimmer x-'02. 
She joined the club shortly after leaving 
Lasell, and though not the oldest member, 
she has been a member the longest! 


Helen Merriam Parsons x-'03 writes from 
Melbourne, Fla. : "Have been spending the 
winter here with Edith Burke Wells x-'05. 
We are so sorry not to be at Lasell for the 
Commencement activities this year. We are 
remembering our wonderful time in June 
1956 — Edith carried our class banner in 
the Alumnae Parade. She had a sudden 
shock in February and is now in a nursing 
home. Her daughter, Betty Wells Tuttle '29, 
is a great comfort to her mother. Friends 
may want to write Edith and Betty's address 
is: Mrs. H. A. Tuttle, 505 S. 12th St., Ft. 
Pierce, Fla." 


In Memoriam: Bessie Emma Dennis Dexter 
x-'05 on February 10, 1957. 


Mrs. Harry Carlow 

(Edith Anthony) , Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 



L. to r.: Fern Dixon Leahy, Cornelia 
Eaton Sutton, Daisy Gilbert Buck x-'07. 


50th Reunion: To my fifty-year classmates 
of 1907, I am sending these memories of 
our wonderful reunion at Lasell in June. 
If only the fifteen "violets" left from our 
class of thirty could have all been reunited 
for those few days! 

First, let me report only two of us were 
there as guests of the college from Friday 
through Sunday; Daisy Gilbert Buck x-'07 
and myself. Daisy was at Lasell in our sopho- 
more year. On Alumnae Day we were joined 
by President Fern Dixon Leahy. Having her 
with us made the day complete, as we also 
enjoyed meeting her daughter, Virginia 
Leahy Berwick, a Lasell graduate in 1934. 

Daisy and I were comfortably settled in 
beautiful Woodland Hall on the first floor, 
where we enjoyed delicious meals in the 
spacious dining room, not far down our own 
corridor. Everyone made us feel very wel- 
come, even to visits from the freshmen, who 
called Friday evening and joined us in look- 
ing over our old Allerlei, comparing it with 
their new publication, ending with a song- 
fest of old Lasell songs. 

The crowning of the June Queen in the 
Crow's Nest Saturday afternoon was very 
colorful, followed by the President's recep- 
tion on the lawn. The banquet in Winslow 
Hall was inspiring because of the lusty group 
singing of the younger reunioning classes. 

Class Nite on the campus was beautifully 
done, followed by an effective torchlight pa- 
rade. As the Seniors marched down Wood- 
land Road with their freshmen attendants 
in white, singing as they held aloft their 
lighted torches, preceded by the Firemen's 
band in red, it was indeed a sight to behold 
and to remember. 

A delightful luncheon was served in 
Woodland after impressive services on Sun- 
day. After this, we regretfully went our 
separate ways, with appreciative thanks to 
our hosts at Lasell for a glorious week end; 
allowed to few of us in a lifetime. 

Cornelia Eaton Prindle Sutton 

After her return to Schenectady, Daisy 
Gilbert Buck x-'07 wrote President Wass: 
"Thank you and all the others for making 
my visit at Lasell so very pleasant. I enjoyed 
every minute I was there. When I was a stu- 
dent, I had a room in Bragdon Hall. There 
was one other building across the street and 
that was all. It was a great thrill to visit all 
the new buildings and realize all this has 
been done in fifty years. It is wonderful; I 
am so proud of it all." 

Other members of the class who sent re- 
grets at not being able to attend the Com- 
mencement festivities included: Etta H. 
Handy, Helen H. Heath, Lilian Douglass 
Heeb and Florence Lane Staebner. Mae 
Chisholm Brown x-'07, Jennie Drew Hin- 
man x-'07, Carre Fuller Eldridge x-'07 and 
Carrie Sessions Dodge x-'07 were also very 
disappointed not to join their friends. 


In Memoriam: Lela Goodall Thornburg on 
July 28, 1957, in Sanford, Maine, after a 
long illness. Mrs. Thornburg was a graduate 
of Farmington Normal School and Lasell 
Junior College and has served as class secre- 
tary for the Class of 1908. She is survived 
by her husband, Dr. Harvey D. Thornburg; 
a daughter, Lora Jane; a stepdaughter, Kath- 
ryn; a sister, Mildred Goodall Fairbanks TO; 
and a brother, Thomas M. Goodall. To 
Lela's family we extend sincere sympathy. 


Mrs. George C. Dumas 
( Olive Bates ) , Secretary 
Box 216, Hanover, Mass. 

Dear Classmates, 

I have just received word from Lucy Al- 
drich Berston of her father's death on July 
12, 1957. Mr. Aldrich was one of Flint's 
pioneer industrialists and spent his life in 
civic improvements and philanthropic ven- 



tures. He was affiliated with the Community 
Chest Drives, Red Cross and Masonic work 
as well as the vast Durant-Dort carriage en- 
terprises. He was 95 years young, always 
interested in the betterment of young people. 
Mr. Aldrich served on many city committees 
and was a prominent figure in the Episcopal 
Church work, where he had served as secre- 
tary-treasurer and deacon for many years. 
Surely Lucy has only the proudest and hap- 
piest memories of her father and his place 
in the growth of the city of Flint and what 
his living there meant to that community. 
All the class members extend to Lucy 
their sincerest sympathy at this time. 



Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones) , Secretary 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 

Marriott Degan MacDonald x-'ll sends a 
new address: 322 Raymond Dr., Apt. D, 
South Pasadena, Calif. 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

( Clara Parker ) , Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 

45th Reunion: In 1912 we were the largest 
graduating class in Lasell's history. We 
boasted 33 members. Nine attended the 
class luncheon at The Pillar House in New- 
ton Lower Falls and all pledged or gave to 
the Alumnae Fund for next year. Thirteen 
letters were received from graduates and five 
from x-T2 "girls." We had a happy time 
exchanging news and reading the letters 
received from those who could not attend. 
We were saddened to know that Mrs. Wins- 
low had died only the week before. 

Those present were: 

Ruth Bachelder Luscombe — a very busy 
lady with five grandchildren and a retired 
husband. She lives across the street from 
Clara Parker Colby and drove to Auburndale 
with her. 

Emily Butterworth Pritchard looked as 
lovely as usual with her big blue eyes and 
gray hair, which is very becoming. 

Ruth Coulter Bierer who with Miriam 
Flynn Speth helped Marjorie Risser Black- 
well plan the reunion and write letters. 

Ethel Moore Richardson — busy with her 
eleven grandchildren. 

Marjorie Risser Blackwell should have a 
vote of thanks for all the letters she wrote. 
Your Secretary was away for two months and 
asked her to help. She was wonderful and 
made the reunion a real success. 

Mary Starr Utter Maxson was pleased to 

tell us of a grandson born to Nancy (Jonesy's 
daughter) and Max (Mary Starr's son) and 
named for Mary Starr's two other sons, 
William Henry. 

Rosalthe Williams Picard entertained Mar- 
jorie Risser Blackwell before she returned 
to New York. 

The letters received were most interesting 
and almost everyone wrote that they would 
try to do better in five years for our 50th. 
Where have the years gone? 

Agnes Adelsdorf Weil sends her love to 
all 1912 "girls" and hopes to join us in 
1962. Her husband has retired, but not 
Agnes. She sings every Wednesday and 
plans daily programs for the patients at 
Bellevue Hospital. On week ends she goes 
to Connecticut and helps her daughters with 
their families. 

Dorothea Africa had planned to drive 
with Ruth Bachelder Luscombe and Clara 
Parker Colby, but at the last minute was 
unable to do so. 

Maude Dunlap Stewart was most disap- 
pointed not to come and sent her very best 
regards to everyone. 

"Jonesy" — Kathryn Jones Maxson, 
granddaughter of Mary Starr Utter 
Maxson and Florence Jones Allen 




Seated, I. to r.: Ruth Bachelder Luscombe, Miriam Flynn Speth, Ethel Moore 

Richardson and Clara Parker Colby. Standing, I. to r.: Emily Butterworth 

Pritchard, Mary Starr Utter Maxson, Marjorie Risser Blackwell, Rosalthe 

Williams Picard and Ruth Coulter Bierer. 

Mary Goodwillie Townsend wished it 
were possible to be at the luncheon. "You 
suggest sending snapshots! You may remem- 
ber that I had a terrible aversion to cameras 
in our school years. With the added years 
I have become even more camera shy." She 
has lived in Proctor, Vt., ever since her mar- 
riage in 1916 and has enjoyed it thoroughly. 
She invites anyone who comes her way to 
look her up and sends love to all. 

Orra Hammond Pomeroy: Since her hus- 
band's death two years ago she spends a 
great deal of time with her daughter, Eliza- 
beth Pomeroy Craft '36, in Indianapolis. 

Florence Jones Allen wished she could 
be with us, but was caring for her little 
granddaughter "Jonesy" when Nancy had 
her second baby. Mary Starr reported about 
that baby. 

Marion Joslin Oppenheimer: "My forty- 
five years simmer down to family, club and 
church work. Wonderful husband, a busy 
attorney, and two sons who served three 
years in the Navy. The older one is with 
Archer Daniels in Minneapolis, the younger 
in his father's law firm; each has a child. 
I'll be thinking of you June 8th." 

Charlotte Lesh Coats: If she could have 
found a traveling companion, Charlotte 
would have come: "So I am with you only 
in spirit and by letter. Will be thinking of 
you all day and wishing I were there." She 
has a married daughter in California. Char- 
lotte closed her note: "I miss Esther (Morey 
Hain) very much even though we did not 
see each other too often. I still knew she 
was near by." 

Annie Merrill David: "The reunion 
sounds like fun, but don't see how I can 
possibly be with you. My husband has not 

been well for two years and while he is much 
better, I feel I should not leave him. Mary 
Starr and Jonesy surprised me not long ago. 
Mary Starr had been visiting her son and 
his wife in Detroit and Jonesy and her hus- 
band were driving Mary Starr home. You 
can imagine how our tongues wagged. Please 
give all the 1912-ites my best." 

Jane Parsons Westervelt of Umatilla, 
Florida, sends greetings to all and wishes 
she could be with us for she enjoyed the 
40th Reunion so much. Her son is married 
and teaches. "If any of you girls come to 
Florida, please look us up. We are forty 
miles north of Orlando and would be 
thrilled to see you. Much love to each and 
every one." 

Clara Trowbridge: Her sister Ruth wrote 
for Clara saying she didn't expect to return 
from Italy in time for reunion. That re- 
minded Marjorie Risser Blackwell of our 
first reunion in 1913, which she missed be- 
cause her ship was a day late arriving from 

Ruth Vollrath Ross wrote that on account 
of recently losing her friend and benefactor, 
Hugh Ross, she would be unable to attend. 
She sent her good wishes to all, also a check 
for the Alumnae Fund. 

Winifred Whittlesey Knowlton writes 
from California: "My marriage to Mr. 
Knowlton was most happy, but I lost him in 
1919." Later she, her little daughter and 
mother went to California and built a home 
overlooking the Pacific. After the death of 
her mother, she moved to a new home in a 
small valley. Her daughter died of cancer 
in 1944. Her hobbies are flowers and drift- 
wood, had charge of the flowers for her 
church for six years. Her brother's daughter 



came to live with Win and was married to 
a man who is now Vice Consul at the U.S. 
Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. Win plans 
to sail for the Orient on June 15 th and will 
visit them. 

There were also letters from x-T2ers: 
Grace Adams, Auburndale; Hazel Blass 
Gross, Little Rock, Ark.; Grace Douglass 
Schindler, Albany, N. Y.; Hazel Drew 
Adair, Worthington, Ohio; Lorena Gulick 
Adams, Elmhurst, L. I. All were very friend- 
ly and wished to be remembered to any who 
knew them. 

Clara Parker Colby, Secretary 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

(Mary Fenno) , Secretary 

43 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

We urge you to start planning now: 45th 
Reunion, June 1958. 


Mrs. R. R. Jenks 

( Ruth Thresher ) , Secretary 

200 Sand Hill Cove Rd., Narragansett, R. I. 

A card from Carolyn Moore: "Have been 
on vacation in Texas and Arizona with my 
sister, Virginia Moore Starkey '17. Myra 
Eby Craighead and Alleda Burnett Arneson 
met in Winter Park, Fla., last winter." 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

( Nell Woodward ) , Secretary 
39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker), Secretary 
79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Orissa Marie Attwill on 
January 21, 1957. 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd), Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. 

A three months' trip abroad is the latest 
accomplishment for Florence Bell Merrill. 
We would appreciate a detailed accounting. 

Ruth Burnap Jones most thoughtfully fur- 
nished the office with new addresses for two 

classmates. Margaret Frances Dohoney Dale 
is now at 3251 Huntingdon Place, Houston, 
Texas. Ruth adds: "Frances is touring Eu- 
rope this summer and has met another Lasell 
girl on the tour. Unfortunately I have mis- 
placed her card so cannot give you more de- 
tails." Nora Hayward is Mrs. Arthur Rodd 
of 847 Ardmore, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Elizabeth Carlile Cutler's present address 
is 17 Crescent St., Biddeford, Maine. Her 
husband, Rev. H. Lewis Cutler, is the min- 
ister at the local Congregational Church and 
they spend their summers in Blue Hill. 
Among Mr. Cutler's parishioners are Betty 
Tarr Benton '22 and Marcia Fogg Moore '14, 
a friend of Carolyn Moore '14. Elizabeth's 
three children live in northern New Jersey; 
her daughter has three children and each 
son, a son — and a new grandchild expected 
in each family in October. Congratulations! 

From Lavinia Fera McKinney '16 we have 
a change of address for her sister, Pauline 
Fera: 2970 Sheridan Rd., Chicago 14, 111. 
Pauline, affiliated with the North Shore 
Travel Service of Evanston, has just returned 
from two months in Europe. 

Virginia Moore Starkey writes: "I had 
planned to attend Reunion — and Pauline 
Fera was coming with me. However, Pauline 
is in Europe and I will be in Duluth to wel- 
come home my daughters and their families. 
Early June is the only time they can be with 
us." One of Virginia's daughters is Kathryn 
Starkey Litehiser '42. 

Mildred Strain Nutter is proudly announc- 
ing the arrival of a grandson, Thomas Chris- 
topher, born August 4, 1957, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Denton Nutter. Thomas is the second 
son and third child. 


Mrs. Carl L. Eaton 

(Mildred Cary) , Secretary 
5 Grove St., Winchester, Mass. 

Dear '18-ers: 

To those of you who did not receive the 
May LEAVES, I want to tell you that I have 
taken on the duties of your class Secretary 
and hope you will all help to make the 1918 
column a very busy and interesting one by 
sending many items of news concerning 
yourselves and families. Also, please keep in 
mind that our 40th Reunion is creeping up 
and start making plans now to return to 
Lasell and renew old friendships. June 1958 
is the date. 

One day this spring I had the pleasure of 
entertaining Harriet Fera French x-T8, her 
husband and son, Alan, who is attending 
Harvard Business School. Harriet leads a 
very colorful life, travelling at home and 
abroad with her husband while he is on 



business trips. That same day Mary Eiske 
Cass x-'18 and my daughter, Janet Eaton 
Maynard '45, were at my home, so we had 
many things to talk about concerning Lasell. 

In April Alice Jenks Nickerson '17 and I 
had luncheon at the Lord Fox Inn, Foxboro, 
and last summer a group of us — Barbara 
McLellan McCormick, Ruth Newcomb, Elsie 
Flight Wuestefeld and I — spent two days 
in Falmouth and Pocasset. 

A most welcome letter from Adele Chaffee 
Higgins came this week. Her home is in San 
Anselmo, California and she writes: "I mar- 
ried in 1920 and was widowed in 1955. 
Live alone in my home here — one daughter 
living next door, one in Idaho and a third 
daughter in Wyoming. I am a housewife, 
mainly interested in gardening, and travel as 
much as possible — have been abroad twice 
in the past five years and plan to go again 
in the spring. Most important: I have 13 
grandchildren to date! I have seen none of 
our class since we graduated, with the excep- 
tion of Elsie Kimball Meakin, who died in 

"Casey" Craig Rowand lives in Belle 
Fourche, S. D. I met her two years ago at 
the Boston airport and we had a two-hour 
visit before she left to visit Barbara McLellan 
McCormick at her Maine summer home. 

A letter from Helen Hart Lind told of the 
sudden death of her husband in 1955, just 
nine months after they moved east to a lovely 
new home in Darien, Conn. Helen has one 
daughter, who lives in Indianapolis with her 
husband and two little children, a girl and a 
boy. Helen's unmarried son lives with her 
at 8 Silver Lakes Drive, Darien. 

I shall be looking forward to hearing from 
more of you classmates. Let's keep in touch 
with each other. 

Mid Cary Eaton, Secretary 

The Alumnae Office adds this extra bit 
from Kathryn Craig Rowand: "Yesterday I 
mailed two aprons for the June Table sale. I 
smiled a little as I sewed, trying to keep up 
the standards our dear Miss Dolley insisted 
upon when she taught us home economics so 
many years ago. My thoughts were of the 
years I spent at Lasell and I remembered the 
wonderful friends and teachers. Lasell has 
always meant a great deal to me — and I am 
going to try to be at Reunion." 

And this postscript dated August 21: "It's 
always a pleasure to visit Ruth Newcomb at 
her home in Falmouth. Her daughter Carol 
and little four-months-old son were there 
from Florida, as were Elsie Flight Wueste- 
feld, Anita Hotchkiss Scott, Octavia Hickcox 
Smith and your secretary. We all had a 
marvelous time from August 12th to August 
14th — with many laughs and giggles re- 
minding us of our Lasell days forty years 

ago! And speaking of forty years ago — 
let's all make June 1958 a 40th Reunion 
long to be remembered. Please let me hear 
from you. M.C.E." 


59 Ripley Rd., Cohasset, Mass. 

Ethel Ramage Fisk is now living in Ver- 
mont and "enjoying it very much." Ethel's 
new address is 15 Hillcrest Terrace, White 
River Junction. 


Mrs. S. S. Cline 

( Eleanor Thompson ) , Secretary 

Amenia, N. Y. 

Alumnae Fund Chairman Louise Tardivel 
Higgins '37 is pleased to report that Freda 
Griffin Leining is the new Class Agent for 
the Class of 1920. 


Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett) , Secretary 

130 Reservoir Rd., Wollaston, Mass. 

Dr. Mary C. Shannon x-'21 adds "sorry to 
miss Commencement this year. I shall attend 
the annual convention of AMWA in New 
York City." 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering), Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty) , Assistant 

314 San Juan Rd., Watsonville, Calif. 

The 35th Reunion of the Class of '22 was 
a complete success, all agreed, as twenty-two 
members and three guests gathered for lunch- 
eon at The Pillar House in Newton Lower 
Falls. Our "greatest distance" traveler and 
certainly most wined and dined personage 
was Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker. Her three- 
week stay, with time spent, I assure you, 
visiting every person she ever knew, was com- 
parable to a jet flight. We all agreed we 
didn't and she didn't know how she covered 
the ground she did. 

Reunion luncheon was certainly a beehive 
of conversation and laughter. Our gift to the 
Alumnae Fund was most gratifying, for 
.25 was realized. 



Front row, I. to r.: Elizabeth Tarr Benton, Theresa Thompson Osborne, Dorothy 
Caldwell Jordan, Eleanor Knight Bowering, Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker, Edrie 
Mahaney Rathburn, Jean Field Faires, Jean Woodward Nelson, Iverna Birdsall 
Lutze, Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt. Second row: Barbara Smith Huntington, 
Marjorie Lovering Harris, Louise Stevens Prince, Marjorie Gifford Grimm, An- 
toinette Meritt Smith '23. Top row: Helen Gresley (guest), Josephine Holbrook 
Metzer, Louise Weymouth Thompson, Naomi Davis Jones, Elizabeth Madeira 
Campbell, Harriette Case Bidwell, Florence Day Wentworth, Violet Comley 
Peirce, Dorothy Barnard '24, and Ethelle Cleale Collett. 

To those of you who sent us wires, cards 
and letters that we all enjoyed during the 
day, we send our thanks, and to all who 
couldn't be with us — "you don't know 
what you missed." 

Those attending were: Iverna Birdsall 
Lutze, Dorothy Caldwell Jordan, Harriette 
Case Bidwell, Ethelle Cleale Collett, Violet 
Comley Peirce, Naomi Davis Jones, Florence 
Day Wentworth, Jean Field Faires, Marjorie 
Gifford Grimm, Josephine Holbrook Metz- 
ger, Eleanor Knight Bowering, Marjorie 
Lovering Harris, Elizabeth Madeira Camp- 
bell, Edrie Mahaney Rathburn, Phyllis Raf- 
ferty Shoemaker, Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt, 
Barbara Smith Huntington, Louise Stevens 
Prince, Elizabeth Tarr Benton, Theresa 
Thompson Osborne, Louise Weymouth 
Thompson, Jean Woodward Nelson, An- 

toinette Meritt Smith '23, Dorothy Barnard 
'24 and Helen Gresley (guest). 

Marjorie L. Harris, Secretary 

The class extends deepest sympathy to 
Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker, whose father, 
Mr. James J. Rafferty, passed away on May 


19 Owatonna St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 
(Antoinette Meritt), Assistant 
15 Miles Dr., Quincy, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Neal Birch in 
June 1957. Betty is survived by her daugh- 



ter, Dianne Birch Dorley x-'50, and two 
granddaughters, Lynne and Susan. 

The Class extends deepest sympathy to 
Antoinette Meritt Smith, whose mother 
passed away May 8, 1957. 

Ruth Hopkins Spooner sends word: 
"Warren and I have just returned from a 
wonderful trip to Italy, Switzerland, Ger- 
many, Holland, France, and England. We 
went over by ship to Naples and flew back 
from London to New York." 


Mrs. E. C. M. Stahl 

(Edith Clendenin), Secretary 

Paeonian Springs, Va. 

Helen B. Perry, Assistant 
172 Porter St., Melrose, Mass. 

Elizabeth Anderson Hanna is "in the 
throes of moving — after 28 years in 
Schenectady, after July 1st my address will 
be: R.D. #2, Knightstown Rd., Shelby- 
ville, Ind. My husband is general manager 
of the General Electric Co. Industrial 
Heating Plant there — a real switch from 
eight years in the broadcasting field. Our 
three 'children' are grown and scattered: 
Bob III, the eldest, is with G.E. in Cincin- 
nati, and Bill, now married, is in college in 
Alfred, N. Y. Judy, the baby, is living in 
Los Angeles and has just made grandparents 
of us with a little boy, who arrived three 
weeks ago. All the family we have left are 
two dogs, a canary, a parakeet and some 
assorted tropical fish!" 

After Sept. 12th, Dorothy Barnard will 
be the food manager of Radcliffe's Gradu- 
ate House. "It is newly completed (1956) 
and beautifully equipped. We have 50 
resident students and I shall do all the 
meal planning, buying and supervising. In 
1958 the college hopes to open a new re- 
fectory which will take care of 150 girls, 
and I shall be in line to manage that." 

The Class extends sympathy to Margaret 
Louval Epps, whose father passed away in 
Orlando, Fla. Margaret had a good visit 
with him shortly before he died last win- 
ter. She is very busy working in her hus- 
band's office and operating in the Gray 
Gables Inn at Bourne on Cape Cod in the 


Mrs. George E. Sprague 

(Helen Black), Co-Secretary 

31 Van Brunt Ave., Dedham, Mass. 

Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

( Barbara Cushing ) , Co-Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 

In Memoriam: Harriet Harvey Loveridge 
on March 5, 1957, after several months' ill- 
ness. Harriet is survived by an eight-year- 
old daughter, Lois Elizabeth. 

Other News: Dorothy Cook Reynal says: 
"Have been at the college several times this 
year as my daughter Jeanne is a member of 
the senior class. Will be there for graduation 
and hope to see some of the girls from '25." 


Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 
( Mariesta Howland ) , Secretary 
415 Crestwood Dr., Peoria, 111. 

Mary Freeman Wisdom writes from 
New Orleans: "My second daughter, Ade- 
laide, a practicing attorney, was married 
May 11, 1957 to Mr. Edward B. Benjamin, 
Jr. of New Orleans. He is a junior partner 
of the law firm in which they both work." 

Our sincere sympathy is extended to Na- 
dine Strong James, whose mother, Mrs. 
Rose L. Strong, passed away on March 1, 

From Bernice Cunningham Smith x-'26: 
"Wesley and I had a wonderful cruise in 
February. We sailed on the SS Cristobal to 
Haiti and Panama and the tours we took 
in both places were very worthwhile. Have 
colored movies of the trip and are reliving 
it all. Our son, Kendall Wesley, is now 
13 years old and our daughter, Sandra C. 
Smith, was graduated from Lasell in 1956. 
I was there for Sandy's graduation and my 
30th Reunion — . a wonderful combi- 


Mrs. David Rosen 
( Rosalie Brightman ) , Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

I wish I could say that our 30th Reunion 
was attended in full force and that we were 
90-something percent strong. I can't, for 
we were a very small number. However, 
if we were lacking in numbers, we were 
not in spirit, for those who did make it 
were happy and gay. 

Our luncheon at the Simpson House in 
Newton Centre was festive — the table 
decorated with green carnations and gilded 
foliage (our class colors, remember?), 
color scheme repeated in the individual 
corsages that sported golden numerals re- 
minding us of lo ! these many years. 

We all agreed we had weathered these 
remarkably and truly it is hard to believe 
that these were the Seniors of 1927. From 
those attending we did glean a bit of news 
which I share. 




Seated, I. to r. : Carolyn Duncan Long, Rosalie Brightman Rosen, Elinor Day 

Conley and Ethel Noyes Hathaway. Standing: Ruth Woodman Higginbotham, 

Esther T. Josselyn and Edith Stone Schure. 

Carolyn Duncan Long spoke of her life 
in Evanston, where her hobbies are paint- 
ing, newcomers' club and drama club. Her 
husband is medical director of Lumber- 
man's Mutual Insurance Company. She is 
now visiting her mother in Massachusetts. 
Son has been in Japan since last Christmas. 

Elinor Day Conley is in the Dorchester 
Branch Library while her husband is in the 
West End Library, which is where she met 
him. Since our last reunion, Elinor lost 
both her parents. Her brother Clifton and 
his wife were among those evacuated last 
fall from Cairo, where he was employed. 
They had harrowing experiences in es- 
caping and lost all their personal belong- 
ings but felt very fortunate to escape alive. 

Ethel Noyes Hathaway plays golf and 
still adores their boat, which husband John 
was on today. She is on the board of 
visiting nurses in Duxbury and has taken 
an active part in the Garden Club. 

Ruth Woodman Higginbotham is as 
modest as ever and had as her guest her 
charming niece, Joanne Woodman, and 

what a prospect for Lasell ! Ruth's hobby 
is gardening, with roses a favorite. She 
occasionally does substitute kindergarten 
and grade school teaching. 

Edith Stone Schure has a daughter in 
Lasell — Susan VanHorn '58 — and an- 
other being married in Concord, N. H. on 
June 22d. Edith is in the antique business 
in Bound Brook, N. J., also raises para- 
keets and finds it completely fascinating. 

Esther Josselyn, our agent, as amiable 
and co-operative as ever, is still the right 
hand at the Dietrich Company and lives in 

This seemed to be a very busy year for 
many of our classmates, most of whom ac- 
knowledged our notices with all sorts of 
interesting bits ■ — some of which I shall 

Rosie McConnell Wallis tells the glad 
tidings that they are getting ready for the 
youngest daughter's wedding and also that 
she expects to become a grandmother for 
the fifth time in September. 

Clarine Booth Villars x-'27 writes "I am 



a new grandmother! Our daughter has pre- 
sented us with a grandson in West Berlin, 
Germany. We also have an eight-year-old 
stepgranddaughter there." 

From Minnie Remick Dandison: "So 
sorry can't be there, but my two daughters 
sail for Europe at that time and my hus- 
band returns from a business trip in Lon- 
don at the same time. Also my son arrives 
home from college." 

A grand letter from Gene McEdwards 
Bunting tells of her wonderful work as 
chairman of Education Dept. of the New 
Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs — 
a particularly interesting bit: "Our annual 
convention comes in the middle of May 
and I'm busy now correlating the activi- 
ties throughout the state of the various 
clubs' education departments, these to be 
written in my annual report. Probably the 
best accomplishment Eve had was the suc- 
cessful establishment of a fund for fellow- 
ship aid so that a marvelous woman lawyer 
of the Philippines could continue her 
studies toward her doctorate in Interna- 
tional Law at Yale University. She was 
elected this spring to serve as one of four 
delegates to the U. N. Commission on the 
Status of Women. My husband is now in 
Laos, Indo-China, where he will be until 
April '58. My eldest is in law school at 
the University of Virginia. The second 
son has a nearly two-year-old daughter, 
third son is in college in Illinois, and 
daughter Jean, 11, is growing up. As I am 
expecting to attend the Convention of the 
General Federation of Women's Clubs in 
Asheville, N. C. during the first week in 
June, I must be content this time with send- 
ing my best wishes to all of the '27-ers." 

Lucy Field Wildman says: "Sorry I 
can't be with you but I have a son gradu- 
ating at that time. Best wishes and greet- 
ings to my classmates." 

Madeline Robinhold L e i n b a c h says - . 
"Daughter graduating from Cedar Crest Col- 
lege in June, plus the fact I cannot plan to 
be away from home at the present." 

Mary Etta Williams Sharpe writes: 
"Sorry, Rosalie, but I'm going to New 
Hampshire with Dad for two weeks in 
May to start him off at the cottage, then 
home to my husband again and then we 
are going to Alaska in August for a 
month's vacation. Have seen Marta Aspe- 
gren Parker twice!" 

Tommy Holby Howze says: "My young- 
est, Mike, will be graduating from high 
school at this time so cannot leave. Sorry, 
give my love and best wishes to all my 

Minerva Damon Ludewig was captain 
of their golf team and as the tournament 
was held on our week end and she and Joe 

were leaving for Florida right afterward, 
Minerva couldn't make it. Sent greetings 
to all. 

Bobby Thorpe VanDine tells us: "My 
daughter's graduation from Mt. Holyoke 
comes June 2d and my husband's vacation 
follows immediately. We have promised 
to take Mary on a trip through Virginia 
and the Carolinas. Our son Peter is com- 
pleting his freshman year at Yale with 
honors, and my husband has just been 
made vice-president and treasurer of his 
bank here in New Haven. We are justly 
proud of him. My daughter expects to go 
into Y.W.C.A. work — perhaps in Kings- 
ton or Jamaica, N. Y. My time seems to 
be spent entertaining lots of young folks 
and taking care of my mother, who is not 

Ruth Dunning sends a picture of her 
adopted son, aged 10. She says: "Stephen 
is nearly up to my shoulder and weighs 
110 lbs. He is a darling and don't know 
what I'd do without him." Ruth is busy 
caring for her aged mother, who is not 
well and could not be left alone. Ruth's 
wonderful letter of greeting was most 

Madalyn Patten Hoberg of San Fran- 
cisco tells us she has just returned from a 
trip to the East and "during reunion time 
will be very busy with a second grand- 
child. Someday I hope our trips East will 
coincide with a reunion. My very best to 
you all for much fun." 

Letty Krause Ayer tried to round up 
several of her neighboring classmates, but 
since they just couldn't make it, Letty de- 
cided it best not to make the long drive 
alone, which was regrettable. This is the 
first reunion Letty has missed. 

Ruth Hutton (Sister Miriam Ruth) 
writes from St. Mary's Convent in Peeks- 
kill, N. Y. that her last trip to Lasell was 
made with Tommy Holby Howze in 1934. 
Ruth was expecting to go to Boston for a 
retreat at St. Margaret's Convent and had 
hoped to arrive in Boston early enough to 
have a short visit at Lasell. She writes: 
"I hear from Sharlee, Tommy's daughter, 
very often. She is expecting her first baby 
in July so Tommy will soon be a grand- 
mother." Ruth sends greetings to all. 

As for me — not the usual trip news 
plan for this summer. We bought a home 
at Bourne on Cape Cod. It is a darling 
house that sets right on the water in a 
lovely setting and one of its most exciting 
features is the fact that all the boats using 
the canal go right by the house. We've 
had great fun getting it ready, although 
the month of June was a bit too hectic - — 
what with all the fall buying for Jays 
(and we now have a new branch in Co- 



hasset, making four shops) and the house 
too ! Have been my own architect and 
decorator and am delighted with the re- 
sults — which is lucky as the changes of 
walls taken down are somewhat perma- 
nent. David, who is a boat lover, has h'S 
boat right here at our dock and we've had 
great fun even in the short time we have 
been here. We're spending three weeks 
here presently and then will come down 
for long week ends all summer — from 
Thursday evening to Monday morning. 
We expect to come until Thanksgiving, 
where we shall probably have our dinner 
on that day and then close up until early 

If any of you have a bit of news — and 
anything pertaining to you is news — do 
write and share your life with us. Let us 
hope that on our 35th the Reunion will be 

Rosalie Brightman Rosen 

New Addresses: Dorothy Quimby Faure, 
4010 E. Holmes St., Tucson, Ariz. 

Katherine Tufts Wiese, Chetek, Wiscon- 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham, Mass. 



Our 30th Reunion ■ — June 

At The Pillar House recently, Peg 
Basley Irwin was sharing "honors" with 
a fellow volunteer-worker from the New- 
ton-Wellesley Hospital. Peg and her hus- 
band are looking forward to a November 
vacation to the West Coast via the 
Canadian Rockies. Seattle, Portland, San 
Francisco and Los Angeles will complete 
the circle back to Newtonville. Last sum- 
mer — between trains in Detroit — Peg 
and Marion Fitch Fach '26 had seven hours 
to "catch up" on 30 years' news — and 
did a very thorough job, thank you! 

New Address: Helen Kowalewski Sand- 
back, 59 Trumbull St., New Haven, Conn. 


Mrs. Allan Van DeMark 

( Phyllis Beck ) , Secretary 

28 Maple St., Lockport, N. Y. 

Kay Braithwaite Woodworth reports 
some special news. She and Bill have 
bought a lovely home in North Eastham, 
Mass., way down on the Cape on Route 6. 
They have about three acres of land, in- 

cluding nine cottages in a pine grove on a 
lake — formally known as Nauset Haven. 
The cottages rent on a weekly basis, all 
furnished except for linens. Kay would 
be delighted to have Lasell friends come 
to call, and she will be there permanently 
after June 1st. Her address: Nauset Haven, 
North Eastham, Mass. 

It would seem that all roads led to 
Nome this summer. En route from Hamp- 
den, Maine, Marion Roberts Dyer and hus- 
band had a happy reunion with Natalie 
Zimmerman Haggerty '41 and her charm- 
ing family in Detroit. 


Mrs. Reginald W. Holt 

( Helen Roberts ) , Secretary 

101 Hope St., Stamford, Conn. 

Mrs. Richard F. Murray 

(Corinne Cowdrey), Assistant 

748 Webster St., Needham, Mass. 

NOTICE: May 1957: No news items. 
Nov. 1957: Ditto 
Feb. 1958: PLEASE 


Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

( Karin Eliasson ) , Secretary 

The Black House, Ellsworth, Me. 

We extend sympathy to Marjorie Ma- 
gune Curtis and to her sister, Villa Ma- 
gune Clarkson '35. Their father, Dr. Frank 
Magune, passed away in May 1957. 

Mildred Fischer Langworthy writes from 
5 Maryland Ave., Annapolis, Md.: "We 
moved here in September 1956 in order that 
our son Ted could attend The Severn School, 
where he has been preparing for his Naval 
Academy entrance examinations. We all 
love life in this quaint town — have met 
delightful people and have a busy time of 
it. Miss our California friends, of course." 

Inez Locke has recently requested a 
transcript of her Lasell work and sent a 
new address: 302 South Albany St., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

One of the most welcomed and enthusi- 
astic summer visitors was Mary Morgan 
Yarnell. She is now assistant recorder at 
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, Calif. 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 

( Katharine Hartman ) , Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 



Front row, I. to r.: Mildred Guyett, Gene Loomis Flagler, Edith Parsons Booth, 
Ann Litchfield Blamire, Barbara Merritt Batten, Julia Case, Natalie Park, Ger- 
trude Stone Baptiste, Frances Turner Sleigh, Marjorie MacClymon, Gertrude 
Hooper Ring, Ann Wilberding (daughter of Gertrude Stone Baptiste), Margaret 
Hrubec, Helen Fitch Foley, Flora Marshall Mueller. Back row: Katharine Hart- 
man Macy, Minerva Pritchard Barratt, Catherine Clynes McCarthy, Thirza 
Fretchner Johnson, Earlene Spigner Black x-'53 (daughter of Carolyn Sproat 
Spigner), Carolyn Sproat Spigner, Marjorie Tarbell Adams, Elinor Ronimus 
Dawber, Ruth Small Roberts, Muriel Morse Henrich, Elinor Small Domina, 
Elizabeth Page Sealey, Annamelia Paxton Wildman, Dorothy Taggart Krumsieg, 
Rachel DeWolf Herzig, Barbara Gould Whittredge, Barbara Hunt Coracci and 

Vesta Black Bradeen. 

I doubt if many people go back to re- 
unions without a twinge of apprehension. 
We ask ourselves whether it will be pos- 
sible to pick up the threads of friendship 
we dropped twenty-five years ago to any 
satisfactory degree. What if we look older 
than anyone else? What if no one recog- 
nizes us ? 

Perhaps all of us who came back to La- 
sell for our 25 th Reunion shared these 
feelings or similar ones, yet when the day 
was over, I doubt that there was anyone 
who didn't feel that it had been an ex- 
tremely pleasant and rewarding experience, 
and realized again that it is possible to re- 
new those wonderful days at school only 
with those who shared them. 

There were 34 of us gathered for lunch 
at the Simpson House in Newton Centre. 
The number happily included three daugh- 
ters, one, our class baby, Carolyn Sproat 
Spigner's daughter, inappropriately a mother 
herself now. As always, at such times, 
we kept wishing for old friends who were 
absent, but we all felt that gathering to- 
gether 31 busy alumnae was a wonderful 
response and the luncheon was a gay and 
chatty affair. 

Now for the news of those present. 

Fran Turner Sleigh made all the arrange- 
ments for the luncheon and for the suc- 
cess of that we are all grateful to her. The 
food was good, and there were yellow 
roses on the table and a boutonniere for 
everyone. Fran still manages to look our 
youngest though she claims to be a grand- 
mother now. She had pictures to prove it, 
but I still find it hard to believe. 

The record for long-distance traveling 
for the Reunion was shared by Dot Taggart 
Krumsieg and Gene Loomis Flagler, who 
drove East from the Chicago area. It was 
wonderful seeing these two and we appre- 
ciate all the effort involved in their coming. 
Dot has two girls, Gene two sons. They 
stayed at the infirmary (now a separate 
house) with some others of us, and I doubt 
if there was a corner of Lasell they didn't 
investigate before they left on Sunday. It 
was Gene's first visit to the campus since 

Also traveling a long way to join us was 
Ann Paxton Wildman, who is one of our 
most loyal members. This time we had a 
chance to have a brief glimpse at her two 
attractive children, Austin and Marianna. 
(Note: Sorry, Ann that you couldn't get 
reservations for your son at the all-female 



Alumnae Supper. We had hoped to see 
more of you there.) 

The record for producing the largest 
family goes to Helen Fitch Foley. It is up 
to an impressive seven now, with one 
daughter married, one son in the Air Force, 
and a new son born since our last reunion. 
Many congratulations, Helen! 

Certainly our most versatile member must 
be Nat Park, our assistant class secretary. 
At the time of our last reunion she was 
teaching art at Wellesley, this time physical 
education at the Winsor School in Brook- 
line. She is keeping up her art with a little 
architecture thrown in, having recently de- 
signed a house for her sister in Way land. 
Nat, you know, is a terrific lacrosse player, a 
member of the U. S. team for three years. 
Thanks to her, we all had yellow leis with 
black '32's to wear — much more attractive 
than the usual hats. 

Beside our Class Baby, we welcomed two 
other daughters. Flora Marshall Mueller 
brought her Ethel, whom we hope will be 
a future candidate for Lasell, and Gertrude 
Stone Baptiste brought her Ann. I was 
much taken with Ann, who was graduating 
the next day from Bridgewater State Teach- 
ers College. It is a lucky school in Michi- 
gan that gets her next fall. 

Coming from Rochester was Mildred 
Guyett. Luckily she brought a friend along 
as it was a tiring drive. Mildred enjoys 
her work in the record department at 
Rochester (N. Y.) General Hospital. 

It was very pleasant to see Catherine 
Clynes McCarthy and Thirza Fretchner 
Johnson, who came together from New 
Jersey. Catherine's husband is deceased, 
she has four children and recently has 
taken a job as food buyer for the Storid 
Engineering Company in Plainfield. By the 
way, I was interested to see in reading over 
the records sent to me how many of our 
classmates have continued to use the home 
economics courses taken at Lasell. 

Looking perfectly lovely was Ray De- 
Wolfe Herzig and it was a treat for all of 
us to see her bursting into the room. The 
dimples seemed even deeper. Ray has had 
some fascinating-sounding positions; one 
in Japan as a civilian employee with the 
Army of Occupation; then with the Ford 
Foundations East European Fund and now 
with the Russell Sage Foundation. Her new 
address is 204l/ 2 West 13th Street, New 
York City. 

For our next luncheon I am certainly 
going to have everyone change tables be- 
tween courses. There were so many people 
I didn't have a chance to talk with and 
didn't have another opportunity as they 
had to leave shortly after lunch. I am so 
sorry to have missed Barbara Hunt Coracci, 

Barbara Gould Whittredge and Vesta Black 
Bradeen. Barbara's husband, Denton Locke, 
died in 1942. They had one daughter, 
Marcia. In 1946 Bobby married Lucius 
Whittredge, who had a boy and a girl, the 
latter just the age of Barbara's daughter, 
and since then they have had another boy 
and girl. Sounds like a very active house- 

Marjorie Tarbell Adams lost her husband 
just a year ago. He had been bedridden for 
many years. She has held positions in sev- 
eral banks since graduation and is now with 
the Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen in 

Another person who has been able to put 
her home economics course to good use is 
Eleanor Ronimus Dawber. She has been 
food director in a hotel, is now instructor 
in foods and nutrition at the Newton- 
Wellesley Hospital, and special instructor 
in foods at Simmons College. 

'32 Reunions would be impossible, or at 
least lacking in spirit, without Julia Case. 
She has a relentless memory as to our past 
faults and foibles and none of us was safe. 
Judy is the head of the Women's Physical 
Education Department in the Manchester 
(Conn.) High School. Luckily she brought 
along the song sheets. You can forget a 
lot of the words in that length of time. 

Driving up from Hartford with Casey ■ — 
having flown there from Syracuse — was 
Minerva Pritchard Barratt. Dicky looked 
so pretty and made us feel that twenty-five 
years did not amount to much after all. 
She has two children, and does a lot of 
work with the Girl Scouts and Red Cross 

I had good talks with Ruth Small Rob- 
erts, who has a four-year-old son, and with 
Elinor Small Domina. Eleanor's daughter, 
Ann, was at Lasell last year and transferred 
this year to the New England Baptist Hos- 

Edith Parsons Booth today is a much 
slimmer version of the Edie we knew in 
'32. In fact, she looks much too fragile to 
be the owner and operator of a boarding 
kennel for dogs. Edie has three children, 
and besides being father and mother to 
them, is active in a great many civic jobs. 

Ann Litchfield Blamire and Barbara Mer- 
ritt Batten were obviously enjoying their 
reunion. Ann listed her occupation as "just 
a happy housewife since 1934." She is 
lucky enough to have a lot of sailing in her 
life as their home is near the water in 
Arlington. Bobby has three children and 
many community jobs, including being the 
past president of the Ulster County Ameri- 
can Legion. 

Coming from just around the corner in 
Auburndale was Muriel Morse Henrich. 



Our thanks to her for collaborating with 
Frannie on the luncheon plans. 

Another faithful member of our class is 
Margaret Hrubec, who has attended all our 
reunions. Peg has been with the American 
Olean Tile Company in New York twenty- 
one years in the capacity of secretary to the 
sales manager. 

Two others whose presence seems neces- 
sary to successful class gatherings are Gert 
Hooper Ring and Lib Page Sealey, who 
drove from Maine together. Both were in 
good form and Lib had pictures of her 
three handsome children — one daughter, 
a real strawberry blond. Gert is still her 
same wonderful self. 

Marge MacClymon never looked better. 
She has managed the college bookstore, 
now in much larger quarters in the Car- 
penter Barn, and in July accepted the posi- 
tion of Alumnae Secretary. Mac has a most 
attractive room in Berkeley (Mr. Ames- 
bury's home in our day) and there enter- 
tained some of us who stayed on for the 
evening festivities. 

I do want to thank all those who wrote 
to me although you couldn't make it in 
person. I made a scrapbook with a page 
for everyone in the class with all the in- 
formation I had about you and this was 
circulated at the luncheon. 

All of us had hoped that Mary Lib Mc- 
Nulty McNair would be back and she had 
planned to be, picking up her son Jock at 
Dartmouth on the same trip, but the plan 
didn't work out, much to our disappoint- 
ment. Mary Lib is a terrific horticulturist 
and she and her husband specialize in holly. 
They have raised hundreds from cuttings, 
bushes that usually are given to Historical 
Society Gardens in the vicinity of Balti- 
more. My eldest daughter and I spent a 
night with Mary Lib and her family last 
fall, and can report that she is even more 
attractive and stimulating than when she 
was our president at Lasell. 

I doubt if there was anyone who had 
hoped and planned more to come back for 
her 25th than Babe Whitney Lenzi, but in- 
stead on that very day went into the hos- 
pital in Fort Lauderdale. She has been in 
and out of the hospital of late with a 
troublesome back. Thank you for your 
wire, Babe. I want you to know that every 
single one of us missed you. 

A proud mother, with good cause, is 
Charlotte Cahners Glass. Her son, Peter, 
graduated in June from Harvard and is 
entering Harvard Medical in the fall. He 
is rated the nation's #1 Collegiate Hammer 
man, and beside this athletic distinction, 
has been chosen to work on cancer research 
at Jackson Memorial in Bar Harbor this 

summer. Charlotte lives in Bangor and 
raises thoroughbred trotting horses. 

I had hoped that Les Barker would be 
going to reunion with me as she lives just 
two miles away, or lived, as I discovered 
from her letter that she had recently sold 
her interest in a successful real estate busi- 
ness here and had gone to the West Coast. 
Friends in Seattle were urging her to stay 
there and she sounded very tempted. 

I had letters from Eldora DeHaven 
Wainwright, who has three sons and now 
lives in Sanford, Maine; from Barbara 
Cowdrey Alexik, who has remained active 
in music — supervisor of public school 
music in Kennebunkport, for twelve years 
director of a children's choir, and last year 
started a very challenging job, teaching 
mentally retarded children; from Es Gil- 
bert, who wrote from Bermuda where she 
was vacationing from her work with the 
Friends group in New York; from Blanche 
Dougherty Horsman, who has a son at St. 
Lawrence University and a daughter who, 
we hear, is an outstanding skater; from 
Thelma MacFarlane Bates, who had far 
more important activities the same week 
end. Her son, Webster, became an An- 
napolis "youngster" during June week, 
and her son, Avery, graduated from Mt. 
Hermon; from Mildred Munson, who wrote: 
"My past, present (and future, I hope) 
occupation is with the Trixy Corp. Started 
here June 13, 1932, so it is home to me. 
I've been secretary to the president for 
eighteen years." We missed you, Mil — do 
come the next time. 

Helane Jones Pressel couldn't make it, 
but telephoned Fran Turner Sleigh the nite 
before with the announcement that she had 
just become a grandmother. Congratula- 
tions, Helane. 

Two others who came for our 20th re- 
union and whom we missed very much this 
year were Barbara Stanley Ulrich and Betty 
Parrish Newman. I think Betty's descrip- 
tion of her activities fits so very many of 
us that I think I will round up this reunion 
report quoting her. A picture of your typi- 
cal '32 Classmate: "Oct. 1939: wife, mother, 
chief cook and bottle washer, decorator, 
gardener, seamstress, limousine service, 
nurse, mediator, hair stylist, dietician, 
P.T.A.'er, etc., etc., etc. . . . June 1957." 

I have jotted down most of this rambling 
report while sunning on the rocks of the 
beautiful Maine coast in Winter Harbor, 
where my husband and I have come fol- 
lowing our 25th Reunion activities — his 
at Harvard starting the day after ours. It 
lasted four days and included the family. 
We have our four girls with us and on the 
way up had a brief but wonderful visit 
with Gert Hooper Ring and her family, 



and yesterday drove to Ellsworth for the 
first visit since graduation with Karin 
Eliasson Monroe '31 and her three beautiful 

Well, thank you all for coming and mak- 
ing the reunion such a pleasant one, and 
thank you for writing me news of your ac- 
tivities. Please continue to send in your 
reports so that I can keep this class record 
up to date, and so there will not be any 
more of those disappointing blank spaces 
in the LEAVES. 

We have just received a new address for 
Betty Clark Fryling: 3614 Loadstone Dr., 
Sherman Oaks, Calif. Following is a list 
of those whom we have "lost." If you have 
an address for them, please mail it to me 
or to the Alumnae Office at the College: 

Yvonne Bergeron Lemay, Roberta Crouse 
Crotty, Dorothy A. Gosse, Jane Grant Hib- 
beler, Eleanor H. Johnson, Marion Lewis 
Cochrane, Peggy Lovell Jackson, Agnes 
Riley, and Viola Walthausen. 

Hope to see you all in '62. 


Katharine Hartman Macy 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

( Ruth Stafford ) , Secretary 

31 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. E. H. Place 

( Barbara Edmands ) , Secretary 

27 Hancock Hill Dr., Worcester, Mass. 

Remember: 25th Reunion — June 1958. 

The May "Newsletter," published by the 
Morton Hospital Ladies' Aid Society of 
Taunton, Mass., pays this fine tribute to 
Angelita Santiago Gebelein: 

The Ladies' Aid Society proudly salutes 
Mrs. Arthur D. Gebelein, one of our most 
active and tireless workers. Born in Ponce, 
Puerto Rico, she was educated at Liceo 
Ponceho, a private school for girls, and 
Percy College in Puerto Rico, and was 
graduated from Lasell Junior College. 
While attending Lasell she met and later 
married Arthur Gebelein and they are the 
proud parents of two children, Carol, 16, 
and Arthur, Jr., 13. 

We are most fortunate to have had some- 
one as capable and conscientious as "An- 
gie" Gebelein eventually find her way to 
our community. Mrs. Gebelein has been 
a member of the Board of Directors of the 
Ladies' Aid since 1948, and served several 
years as its secretary. In 1951 she assumed 
chairmanship of the Second Annual Charity 
Ball, after serving as treasurer the year it 
was inaugurated. 

Our very novel gift cart was the ingen- 

ious idea of Mrs. Gebelein. Working with 
her husband, they designed and constructed 
the cart that is now used daily, serving the 
patients' needs for small personal articles. 

Through the efforts of Mrs. Gebelein, 
who served as chairman of the Women's 
Division for the Morton Hospital Building 
Fund Drive in 1955, many thousands of 
dollars were raised by women working 
with her on that most successful venture. 
She is a member of the Taunton Woman's 
Club and the Old Colony Historical So- 
ciety, and is presently serving on the Board 
of Directors for the Boys' Club and the 
Taunton Red Cross. 

The standards of service Angie Gebelein 
has chosen may often be repeated but in 
her case they are translated into action. 
She most adequately personifies the old 
adage "Good things come in small pack- 

Millicent "Spot" Thomson Hammer ex- 
claims: "I am a grandmother! Lee's 
daughter Deena, or D.D., was born Feb. 
13, 1956. Bonnie is a sophomore at Cush- 
ing Academy and since October I have 
been working at the Conn. General Life 
Insurance Company. Life is much as usual 
and just as much fun." 

The Class extends sympathy to Anne 
Davidson Muir x-'33, whose father passed 
away July 25, 1957. Mr. Davidson was the 
retired president of the New England divi- 
sion of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea 

New Address: Nancy Skiff, 70 Howe St., 
Apt. 603, New Haven, Conn. 


Mrs. R. A. Massey 

( Roberta Davis ) , Secretary 

975 Mohegan, Birmingham, Mich. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett) , Assistant 

Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Marcella Leonard Hall, whose husband 
was killed in a tragic auto accident in May. 
Marcella has no children and her address 
is 563 N. Broadway, Saratoga, N. Y. 

Mabelle Hickcox Camp is "keeping busy 
as a Girl Scout leader and vice-chairman 
of the Watertown (Conn.) Chapter of the 
American Red Cross." 

We wished for longer "visiting hours" 
when we spotted Virginia Leahy Berwick 
at Alumnae Dinner on June 8th. She was 
with her mother, Fern Dixon Leahy (so 
obviously still the May Queen of '07), who 
was celebrating her 50th Reunion. Ginny's 



new address is Pines Bridge Rd., Mt. Kisco, 
N. Y. 

Sister George Chrijsostom, M.S.B.T., 
(Betty Barker) is now in Attleboro and 
visited the college during the summer. 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

(Barbara King) , Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

(Barbara Ordway) , Assistant 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Norma Noonan Payne on 
July 2, 1957, after a long illness. Norma 
leaves her husband and two children, Wil- 
liam, Jr., and Norma Elizabeth. 

Other News: The Class extends sympathy 
to Mary Jane Selby Guerry, whose father 
passed away March 1, 1957. A note from 
"Puffy" says that she and Joe will help her 
mother carry on Mr. Selby's insurance busi- 
ness. Puffy's daughter Linda, though only 14, 
hopes to become a nurse, and we may find 
her enrolled in Lasell's nursing course a 
few years hence. 

Ruth Fischer Speckel's new address is 
846 Palmer Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. 

Josie Moore Gulnac is planning to attend 
Hillyer College in Hartford, Conn. At 
present she is registrar and secretary at the 
Housatonic Valley Regional High School, 
Falls Village, Conn. 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

(Audrey Smith) , Secretary 
51 Beverly Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 

Born: To Europa Harris Sherburne x-'36, 
a fourth child, second son, Benjamin Ernest, 
on December 6, 1956. 

Other News: Hildegarde Baxter Perkins 
sends her new address: 317 Riviera Dr., 
Sarasota, Fla. "My husband and I have 
just been appointed managers of Town and 
Beach and Tahiti Sands Apt. Hotels on 
beautiful Golden Gate Point." 

From Virginia Hall Warren: "I know I 
have been one of the lost black doves, but 
I am still very much alive. Our oldest 
daughter, Charlotte Ann, has just com- 
pleted her first year at Green Mountain 
Junior College, Janet Lee is 13, George, 
III, is 7, Marilyn Jane has her sixth birth- 
day in May and Pamela Jean was born 
May 17, 195 3. Husband George is a buyer 
for the J. C. Penney stores and we now 
live at 35 Garden Ave., Chatham, N. J." 

Caro Stevenson Seick has recently re- 
quested a transcript of her Lasell work be 

sent to the College of Puget Sound. Caro's 
address is 8629 S. Thompson Ave., Tacoma 
44, Wash. 

New Address: Helen Saul Foxwell, 4916 
Staughton Dr., Indianapolis 26, Ind. 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

(Louise Tardivel), Secretary 

50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass. 

What a real fine time we all had at our 
20th reunion. During the week end there 
were over thirty : five loyal '37er's reminisc- 
ing with each other. The day was perfect, 
the refreshments were good, but most of 
all we enjoyed each other's company. We 
heard from so many of you that it will be 
necessary to run the full account in two 
installments — in other words, do heed our 
Class Agent plea so you will receive the 
February Leaves. Aren't we the ones? — 
well, "a word to the wise, etc." 

Dottie Abbott Atherton journeyed down 
from New Hampshire with pictures of her 
four lovely children. Besides her two fine 
boys she now has two lovely daughters ■ — 
Florence Mae, born in 1953 and Carol 
Ann, born in 195 5. Dottie has a new ad- 
dress — R. F. D. #1, Laconia, New Hamp- 
shire. She is active in the P.T.A., Woman's 
Club, Church, and is an organizer of the 
Band Booster Club for uniforms. 

We all missed Dottie Acuff Stone and 
pictures of her four children — three girls 
and a boy. She writes that her present 
occupation is "housewife, chauffeur for 
four children, cook for ever late but loving 
husband, mother for sixteen Brownies, 
gardener, painter, household repairer, guid- 
ance director for a teen-age daughter, ref- 
eree in family fight ring, feeder of animals 
(dog, cat, bird and strays), and two months 
in Maine to recuperate. Oh, bliss, it's al- 
most here! Would love to be there but — 
we have a wedding on Saturday, also a 
dinner and dance at the club and Children's 
Day on Sunday, June 9th. Nancy Edmonds 
Wilfong, husband and little boy stopped 
by today on their way to Maine. Nancy 
looked wonderful and it was so good to see 
her after many years. They now live in 
Athens, Georgia and what an accent they 
all have. We had a hard time understanding 
each other as I guess I would be considered 
a "D. Yankee" after all these years. My 
best to all, and I do wish I could be with 
you. Am making plans for the 25th." 

Frankie Austin Ferris joined us. She is a 

"busy bee" being the Chief Dietitian at 

Symmes- Arlington Hospital and mother to 

her son Robert, 11, and daughter Susan, 9- 

Received a nice letter from Babs Burn- 



ham Rice. We missed her but will share 
her letter with you — "Unfortunately I'm 
not going to be able to make it. Everything 
seems to happen at once. Been in New 
York all week buying for the store, back- 
to-school clothes, and Jack and I are going 
this week end with another couple to see 
'My Fair Lady'. We've waited a year for 
tickets — and then, week of Reunion, must 
go again to complete the fall buying. "Tis 
with deep regret I cannot return to Lasell 
this year. Please give my very best to all. 
Will hope to see you for our 25 th. My, 
doesn't that sound ancient? I'm afraid I'm 
beginning to feel so with a sixteen-year old 
son and eleven-year-old daughter. We 
enjoy living in Buffalo very much. Have 
such a nice little part time job. The schools 
are so good here and we have fun with our 
sailboat on the river. This summer we've 
rented a cottage at Stone Harbor, near 
Beach Haven, for the month of July, and 
are all looking forward to it tremendously." 

Ann Campbell Terrill was about to leave 
for a visit to Kitty Hawk, N. C. so couldn't 
make the reunion. Besides that full time 
job of being a housewife, she is a part 
time employee of "Hospitality Inc." (ad- 
vertising firm) and of National Institutes 
of Health (credit union) and was Chairman 
last year of Teenagers Dancing Classes, U. S. 
Public Health Service Group. Of her chil- 
dren and husband she says, "Our boys are 
growing up rapidly. Jimmy is a ninth 
grader at North Bethesda Junior High 
School and David is completing sixth 
grade at Wyngate. Jimmy was recently 
elected President of the P.H.S. Teen-agers 
junior high group and this honor, along 
with his job as Vice-President of his C.A.R. 
chapter and Treasurer of his church fellow- 
ship group is enough to keep things hum- 
ming. David is less involved socially, but has 
plenty of friends in the neighborhood who 
drop in frequently for monopoly or cro- 
quet — or more important, to plan a new 
fort. Jim still travels frequently and covers 
many sections of the country in connection 
with his work as Chief of the Radiological 
Health Program." 

It was so good to see Flora Chicos Theo- 
dore, and to hear about Thomas who is 11 
and Madeline, almost 10. 

We all missed Dottie Coffin Amon but 
we all agreed she had a good excuse — "I 
regret deeply that I am unable to join you 
'37ers at our 20th reunion celebration. But 
long before I realized there might be a 
conflict in dates, I committed myself to 
being in charge of the auction at our 
Church Fair. I assure you nothing else 
would have stood in my way, but I am 
stuck and I can't renege now. As for news 
and activities, can just say there is no lack 

of activity with three boys, 10, 12, and 14. 
All our pictures the past few years we 
have had made up in kodachrome slides 
so I can't even send proof that I have kept 
my "youth" and have a good looking hus- 
band and three boys." 

Had such a nice note from Dottie Fors- 
strom Spotanski and do so wish she could 
have made the 20th. She says, "As usual 
I've waited until the last minute to send 
this in to you. This time I had reason. Of 
all the week-ends in June it had to be 
Saturday June 8th that my Judy's dancing 
school decided to have their recital. It 
will be her first so I feel I have to be 
there with her. Had hopes that the date 
would be changed but no such luck. I had 
planned so on seeing all of you. Two 
years ago we moved into a larger house 
and with the usual routine of school, danc- 
ing school, Sunday school and now riding 
lessons for Judy, I lead a very dull life. 
I resigned my position as Chief Dietitian 
with the State of Connecticut in 1955. It 
was a job that I loved and miss very 
much. As is usual this time of the year, I 
am busy getting ready to go to the beach 
for the summer. Judy Valentine is quite 
the swimmer, and in fact last year at our 
annual beach day took prizes in water 
sports and field sports as well. I do so 
wish I could be there with you all but in 
that I won't, please say 'Hi' to all for me 
and have a wonderful reunion." 

Eleanor Cole Keeler is now living in 
Bloomington, 111., and writes "While we 
lived in Orange, N. J. I was very active 
in the Hospital Auxiliary of the Hospital 
Center. Have many thousand hours of 
volunteer work and for one and a half 
years before coming out here I worked 
in the hospital pharmacy and loved it. 
I had fully expected to attend our 20th 
but as you see, we are now Mid- Western- 
ers. Last fall we were transferred out 
here and I can't say we'er too happy about 
it. After being accustomed to Metropoli- 
tan living it was a drastic change. How- 
ever, we are adjusted somewhat but look 
forward to the time when we can return 
East. Once an easterner, always an easterner, 
'tis said and I fully believe it. At present we 
are anticipating a vacation to be spent in the 
Pacific Northwest. Wonder if by any chance 
there are any '37ers around here — if so it 
would be nice to hear from them. My best to 
all who return and I know you'll have a 
wonderful time. I shall hope to make our 
25th one way or another." 

Doris Connington Bryant is living in Mt. 
Prospect, 111., and while Tillie, Barb Wheel- 
er Sampson and I were at the Airport meet- 
ing Jane Eldridge Meaney and Renie Dreis- 
sigacker Brimlow, who should arrive on 



Seated in front, I. to r.: Countessa Wood and Evelyn Towle Blaisdell. Front row: 
Louise Hedlund Mercer, Doris Connington Bryant, Barbara Harding Kakas, Mar- 
jorie Westgate Doran, Meredith Tillotson Richardson, Glennys Preston Allicon, 
Edith Fitzgerald Arnold, Florence Stetson Pipes, Frances Austin Ferris, Betty 
Harrington Van Huysen and Doris Carey Patterson. Second row: Flora Chicos 
Theodore, Alice Dohoney White, Ann Robertson Miller, Jane Eldridge Meaney, 
Louise Tardivel Higgins, Irene Dreissigacker Brimlow, Camilla Mafera Coleman, 
Louise Visel Redfield, Lois Small Redden and Edythe Cummings Mileikis. Top 
row: Jean Meady, Gertrude McEvoy Rice, Eleanor Martini Turton, Dorothy 
Abbott Atherton, Helen Flint Moody, Meta Searles Hopkins, Augusta Williamson 
Lips, Priscilla Parmenter Madden and Barbara Wheeler Sampson. 

the flight ahead of "Toots" and "Renie" but 
Doris. So we proceeded to have a reunion 
right then and there. Doris had a classic 
remark about her present occupation, "Seems 
like I have been a housewife for centuries 
but I love it!" 

We wish Sarah-Gwen Davies Griffin didn't 
live so far away, but she writes, "It really 
is with great disappointment that I must 
write this and say I cannot attend our 20th 
reunion. I had every intention of being 
there but other plans interfered. The four 
of us are leaving during the following week 
for western Canada. We are going first to 
Lake Louise and then right on out west to 
the island of Victoria. We tried to change 
our reservations but it was not possible. I 
saw Betty Olson Cooper in November on a 
quick trip to Buffalo. It was grand to see 
her and her family. We made plans then 
to come back to the reunion but as you see 
it did not work out. We love living in 
Montreal and have been here seven years. 
We still retain our American citizenship and 
have a summer home in New York State so 
we have not deserted our homeland. We 
always spend part of each winter either in 
Florida, California, Arizona or Nevada so it 
is almost a half and half affair. I will be 

thinking of you all and wishing I were with 
you. My daughter Cheryl who is 13 and 
Gordon who is 7 had hoped to come back 
with me. I'll close with a "hello" to every- 
one and I am now counting on making it 
for the 25th." 

Alice Dohoney White was among those 
present and kept us all in the best of spirits 
as she hasn't lost any of her wonderful 
sense of humor. She had pictures of her 
three most attractive daughters, and I do 
mean attractive! 

We were all so pleased Renie Dreis- 
sigacker Brimlow was able to make it. It 
was really quite an accomplishment to make 
arrangements, what with her five children to 
be cared for over a week end. She had some 
grand pictures of her three sons and her 
twin daughters. With a new house to keep 
and five children all with their own activities 
she manages to keep rather "active"! 

Nancy Edmonds Wilfong had some big 
news for us as she has a son, Walter, now 
two, and also a new address, 380 West View 
Drive, Athens, Ga. She writes, "Am afraid 
this won't reach you in time, but waited this 
late in hopes that I might get there to be 
with you all on the 8th. We have been 
"down" Maine fishing and had such fun 



that we couldn't tear ourselves away. It's 
now 11:30 P. M. and we are spending the 
night in a town in Pennsylvania. We will 
be lucky to meet our dead line, the 9th, to 
be home. Aren't we something with a two- 
year-old! Wish I had a snapshot to send 
you. He's blonde, and darling! Will be 
thinking of you all. Give my love to every- 
one. Tell one and all if they come our way 
to please stop off." 

Jane Eldridge Meaney joined us — faith- 
ful as always as she has never missed a re- 
union. She manages to keep her girlish figure 
trying to keep up with her two lovely daugh- 
ters aged 9 and 3. 

It was good to see Edith Fitzgerald Arnold 
and hear about her two attractive children 
— Constance 7 and Robert 5 . 

Ruth Fitzgerald O'Brien had a wedding 
that afternoon that was a "must" so she sent 
her regrets and best wishes to all and a 
picture of her family. We all commented on 
the fact "you haven't changed a bit," and 
should be real proud of your two good look- 
ing sons to say nothing of hubby. 

Helen Flint Moody (another of our 
faithfuls) was with us. She is a real busy 
gal tending her two sons, and being active 
in church, community and club work. 

Had such a nice letter from Barbara 
Fowler Hoyt and talk about being busy — 
well, this is what she says, "I'm sorry I won't 
be able to be back this time, but a weekend 
off seems impossible just now. What am I 
doing? Well, juggling three kids, a husband, 
cat, dog, bird and two acres daily with no 
outside help. For recreation in Greenwich 
I'm chairman of the Legislative Committee 
of the Greenwich Unit Junior League, vice 
chairman of the Library, on the Community 
Council and on the board of Community 
Centres, Inc. In New York I'm on the 
Junior Council and Study, Policy committees 
of Spence Chapin Adoption Service, write 
Spence Chapin Newsletter and run a personal 
money raising drive at Christmas time. I'm 
also on a statewide adoption committee and 
have been asked to serve on the Board of 
Directors of Spence Chapin next fall which 
I will do if my sitter can come another day 
as Janie won't be in kindergarten until a 
year from September. I forgot the Cubs 
(which is probably on purpose) ! Newt 
and I have helped run three jazz concerts 
during the past four years for the high 
school kids and their parents. In other 
words, I'm really having a wonderful time! 
My best to everyone and I hope I'll be able 
to make the next one." 

The day was not complete without our 
dear ole song leader and her little ole pitch- 
pipe. However after reading her letter I 
know you will agree a trip to Lasell was 
truly impossible at reunion time. The follow- 

ing week Rae arrived at Lasell with her three 
lovely children. Rae's message to all was — 
"Due to circumstances over which I am 
supposed to be able to control, I'm afraid I 
won't be able to be with you. However, here 
is enclosed a 'ditty' which you might want to 
use. Will try to get you a second verse be- 
fore the date, but if not this must suffice. 
Field day is Friday the 7th, Jae gets his 
Bible at graduation from church third grade 
Sunday the 9th, Monday the 10th Roz . 
'flies up' and Tuesday the 11th I have to 
giye my Trefoil annual report at Council. 
Besides all this Jim has his reunion at Clem- 
son, South Carolina and is going, so it leaves 
me to be Mother McCree. If per chance he 
doesn't go, there might be a possibility of 
a quick trip. I have made no reservations 
so I'll have to take handouts if I arrive. 
Wish to heck I could be with you. Twenty 
years is a long time — I don't feel much 
different, but I guess I don't look pretty 
good. It is so much fun to relive those 
nifty years in reminiscing. I suppose we 
are all in the same boat. P.T.A., Scouts, 
Church, etc., Woman's Club, Swim Club and 
Bridge Club. Scouts — I'm up to my you 
know what! I'm on the White Plains 
Council, President of Trefoil (or Mothers 
service group of W.P. Girls Scouts) on the 
Selections board for National and Inter- 
national opportunities, and on the Juliette 
Low Committee, but when they invited me 
to carry the flag in the Memorial Day 
Parade — that did it ! This gal knew 
where to draw the line! My Scott will be 
three next month and from the looks of 
things I'll get that old waist line under 
control corralling him in his wanderings. 
Both Roz and Jae swim and ride and are 
active in all the usual. Jae is a cub scout 
but Jim is assistant pack master so I don't 
feel guilty not squeezing in the Den Mother 
role, which the mere thought of upsets my 
entire digestion. I ran the food booth for 
them at the P.T.A. Bazaar and if any of you- 
have ever seen 78 lbs. of hamburger and 150 
hot dogs and cooked them — you can well un- 
derstand my reluctance at picking up the cudg- 
els for next year. I was Sarah Abernathy in 
the Church school service group play in 'The 
Curse of an Aching Heart' or 'Trapped in 
the Spider's Web,' and was billed a 'Belle of 
the Music Hall' in an entire act — had feather 
boa and all — shouted 'Bill Bailey' for all 
to see. I've done publicity for our Women's 
League for Service at Church and one more 
covered dish extravaganza will be that well 
known straw. So that is how the cookie 
crumbled for Rae Salisbury. I love it all 
and wouldn't trade my niche here, Com- 
munity Chest, St. Agnus, Cancer Drive and 
all, for anything. Temporarily, however, I'd 
like to be anticipating seeing all of you to see 



if your prophecies were in any way fulfilled. 
So with reluctance I say that I will only be 
there in Spirit. Have lots of fun and think 
kindly of your aging song leader. Modulate 
the Cap and Gown song well, and sing loud 
and clear for me. My love to all and will 
see you on our 25th for sure." 

Lest you forget — send along your con- 
tribution to the Alumnae Fund to insure 
your receiving the next installment of re- 
union news. 


Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger 

(Virginia Wilhelm) , Secretary 

80 Mountain Terrace Rd. 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard), Assistant 

Box N, Humarock, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Lois Wadhams Anderson on 
June 7, 1957, after an illness of several 
weeks. Lois was active in the community 
and social life of Bloomfield (Conn.) and 
was a member of the Federated Church, 
serving on the Board of Deaconesses and 
as a past president of the Women's Guild. 
She taught in the church school, in the 
vacation school, where she delighted chil- 
dren by drawing pictures and telling stories 
about them. We extend deepest sympathy 
to her bereaved family, and especially to 
her sisters, Faye Wadhams Smith '38 and 
Carol Wadhams Wolcott '43. 

Married: Virginia Wilhelm Peters and 
William David Harshbarger on Aug. 24, 
1957, at New Haven, Conn. 

Born: To Joan Yeuell Collins, a third child, 
first son, Sherwood Emory, III, on May 10, 


Other News: With her contribut : on to the 
Alumnae Fund, Janet Kunkel Funkhouser 
enclosed this note: "Never see anyone from 
Lasell except when I visit my roommate 
Peggy Williams Peterson in St. Albans, Vt. 
She now has four children too — three 
girls and a boy. Last year I saw Eleanor 
"Twinnie" Swett Richards at Lakewood. 
Both were looking fine and happy. Hope 
to be in Vermont again this summer — my 
three children will be at an Ely camp. Just 
love New England and I look forward to 
the trip every year." 

And here is good news and direct — 
from Elizabeth Putnam: "I'll be allowed 
to return to work in the late fall — and 
golf next summer. Have just had a real 
surprise visitor — Mary Parker McKin- 
non's 16-year-old Molly. She is the image 

of Mary — and full of pep and personality. 
Mary is in Keene, N. H, where her two 
gorgeous Great Danes are entered in a dog 
show. The McKinnons have been vacation- 
ing at Grand Lake (Maine) and will return 
to Florida in August." 

New Addresses: Bette Lou Mackenzie Still- 
son, 11742 Brookshire Ave., Garden Grove, 

Mary E. Thompson Holmes x-'38, 66 St. 
Augustine St., West Hartford, Conn. 


Mrs. Eugene L. Cushman, III 

(Ruth "Kupe" Shepard), Secretary 

60 Shore Ave., Eastern Point 

Groton, Conn. 

Hello '39-ers: 

I'm glad to be your new Secretary and 
surely hope I can do the job for you. I 
am sending cards to keep a file on each and 
every one in the Class and I would appreci- 
ate an answer telling me just anything 
about yourself. If you've not received one 
— don't worry — sailing weather just 
stepped in, but I'll get around to you soon. 
Now for some news: 

Romena (Buddy) Bowden Johnson sent 
a picture of Fran Haley Scott, 2441 E. 
Whitton, Phoenix, Ariz., taken when Fran 
was East last summer. Buddy has a daugh- 
ter, 12, and two boys, 10 and 9. Harriet 
Clemons Pierce lives near Buddy and they 
are planning a "get-together" with Doris 
Benecchi DelColliano. 

Penny Brett Wiss sent a picture of her 
family taken on Easter Sunday 1957. Penny 
reports Tom is now in politics and com- 
plains it's taking too much of his time. She 
says this after 17 years of married life! 

Mary Bryan Rooney answered with a 
nice FAT letter — which I loved. She has 
four children ranging from five months to 
12 years in age. Her husband is with 
Northeast Air Lines and they travel quite 
a bit — their last trip was a two-months 
stay in England. She's convinced that 
"there's nothing like a change to freshen 
one's viewpoint." Don't we all agree? 
Mary summers at Pocasset on Cape Cod 
and her permanent address is 23 Auburn 
St., Wellesley, Mass. 

We extend our sympthy to Ruth Conk- 
lin Anderson and her twin sister, June 
Conklin Hilton x-'39, in the recent loss of 
their father. Ruth writes that she and Art 
(sales manager for a Ridgefield, Conn, elec- 
trical company) have two acres of land — 
Chestnut Hill Rd., Wilton — and they are 
both busy with house and garden work. 



Penny Brett Wiss '39 and Family 

L. to r.: Tom IV, Sally, Susan, Lynn 

and Penny 

June lives in the family home, 15 Summit 
St., East Hampton, Conn., wth her four 
children, the oldest a freshman at Wilbra- 
ham Academy. 

Sue Cunningham Woodruff (126 Oak- 
wood Rd., Charleston, W. Va.) writes that 
living where she does, she doesn't meet 
many Lasell girls, but two years ago did 
see Madeline Edie Roslund and Margaret 
Schneider Thieringer. Sue is the proud 
mother of seven little Woodruffs — from 
Frederick, 14, to Robert, who is lVi- In be- 
tween are Mary 13, Louisa 10, Thomas 9, 
John 5 and Ben 4. You know, it seems to 
me that the more children you have, the 
more you enter into outside work — ■ Sue 
manages to help with a children's theatre 
group and has a Girl Scout troop. 

Mary Curtin Duane had her third boy 
in February, making a total of five ■ — 
three sons and two future Lasellites. In 
case you didn't know, Mary lives at 29 
State St., Framingham, Mass. 

Mary Jean Schultz Waddell of 10 Arbor 
Lane, Wayne, Penna. has suggested a chain 
letter — and I agree, we must start work 
on that. 

Eltress Huber Mitchell x-'39 writes: "I 
am a member of a Sacred Dance group in 
our Melrose Highlands (Mass.) Congrega- 
tional Church. We have been together five 
years and have appeared on WBZ-TV three 
times — on Our Believing World program. 
Rather exciting for an old gal." 

Please do give me a bit of news with the 
cards. Okay? 


Important: We are happy to announce that 
E. Jean Burns Wilson has agreed to serve 
as Class Agent for the Class of 1939. With 
a "brand new" secretary as well as agent, 
we are expecting big doings from you gals 
this year. 

New Addresses: Marian Traxler Crum, 
6923 Arizona Ave., Los Angeles 45, Calif. 
Martha Bryant Waldorf x-'39, 32 Bond 
St., Westminster, Md. 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper), Secretary 

32 Rumford St., West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 

( Ruth Sullivan ) , Assistant 

17 Hemlock Rd., Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

Jane Hutchison Wulfing writes: "Life 
continues pretty routine here in Clayton, Mo. 
Two girls, 6 and 9V2, in Mary Institute 
and one son, John, Jr. 12, in school in 
Dallas, Texas. We'll be heading East the 
end of June to spend a month in Maine 
with Jack's family." 

We also hear that Frances Hodge Dwyer 
has a new son, David, born on March 12, 

New Address: June Paul Strosnider x-'40, 
Box 3121, Carmel, Calif. 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

(Janet Jansing), Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Pa. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 
65 Ralph Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Born: To Jane Gallup Devine, a fourth 
daughter, Nancy Elizabeth, on Jan. 19, 

New Address: Marjorie Karnheim Ulrich 
McLaughlin, Winsor Rd., South Sudbury, 

Other News: The Class extends deepest sym- 
pathy to Elizabeth Pfeiffer Higgins, whose 
husband, Lt. Richard W. Higgins, sacrificed 
his life in Germany, April 5, 1957 to avoid 
crashing his jet plane in a residential area. 
Betsey arrived on April 13 at the Boston 
airport with her children, Tuck 11, Blair 5 
and Peter 1. She was concerned for the 
health of the baby, who had been ill since 
December and was in a hospital when his 
father was killed. Betsey told of being 
visited by Germans who praised Lt. Hig- 



Front row, I. to r.: Edythe McKenzie Smith, Mary Hurley Cook, Doris Leach 
Almeida, Nina Simmons Bucher, Mary Ann Fisher Espy, Kathleen Finn Cullen, 
Margaret Sennott Iris and Barbara Dungan. Second row: Anne Patterson 
Twogood, (in back) Noel Temple Martinson, Virginia Weeks Hatch, Marion 
Beers Jamieson, (in back) Barbara Berkman, Patricia Maxwell Donovan, (in 
back) Elaine Robins Abelson, Constance Lynch Walsh, (in back) Sybil Feinberg 
Stone, Marion Hersey Freeman, Charlotte Bragg Burke, Barbara Rockwell 
Tweddle, Louise Freeman Coombs, Margot Moore Hurley and Jane O'Rourke 
Gaffney. Third row: Pauline Libby Gaine, (in front) Anne Lynch, Katherine 
Nannery Carr, Dorothy Mosher Stone, Priscilla Swett Reed, (in front) Barbara 
Kelly Morrell and Virginia Robinson Nast. Back row: Beverly Lawe Hiller x-'42, 
Mary Darling Johnson x-'42, Ruth Turner Crosby, Nancy Larsen, Beatrice Lewis 
Potter, Dorothy Higson White, Ruth Roughgarden Sisler, Marcia Corey Hanson, 
Louise Cook Pangborn, June Cherry Bruns and Elizabeth S. Allen. 

gins for his courage and sacrifice in their 
behalf. She also had letters from German 
political and military leaders, who paid 
tribute to her husband. The family are 
now making their home with Betsey's sister, 
Virgie Pfeiffer Irvine '39, in Wardsboro, 


Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

( Mary Hurley ) , Secretary 
4712 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
1784 Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Reunion News: For those of you in the 
Class of 1942 who couldn't make our 15th 

— it really was exciting and memorable. 
We met for luncheon at The Pillar House 
on Saturday, June 8th, with 43 girls in at- 
tendance. Most of us flew in — drove in 

— at least got in early so we wouldn't miss 

one bit of chatter — of which there was 
quite an amount after fifteen years. 

We all agreed we looked pretty fine and 
gay considering the years that had passed 
since we carried textbooks at Lasell. 

The campus was simply beautiful — with 
new buildings and so many changes. It was 
the first time many of us had returned since 

A number of the girls came from a dis- 
tance — Mary Ann Fisher Espy drove from 
West Virginia, and your secretary from 
Louisiana. We each drove with our fam- 
ilies for the occasion. Helen Cizek Nied- 
ringhaus was planning to come from New 
York, but expecting a baby, she did not 
make the trip. Helen: did we have a boy 
or a girl? 

We all loved seeing "Fisher" again. Mary 
Ann has two boys — Curley and Cap. Your 
secretary has two redheads — young Ver- 
non is seven and Carolyn is three. 

We really enjoyed meeting all the girls 



in and about Boston — Kay Finn Cullen, 
Connie Lynch Walsh and others. We all 
had a pack of pictures of our wee ones. 
Anne Lynch, who helped plan the luncheon, 
received a special delivery letter from 
Trudy Ruch Kauffman, who now resides in 
Long Beach, Calif. Trudy wanted so very 
much to be with us. Thanks again to Anne 
for doing a fine job with our favors — 
beautiful gardenias, the class flower. Also 
a special vote of thanks to Ginny Robinson 
Nast, who serves so efficiently as Class 

The Class of 1942 is so very well repre- 
sented in Lasell Alumnae, Inc. Ruth Turner 
Crosby, president of the Association for 
two years, is being succeeded by Dorothy 
Mosher Stone. Noel Temple Martinson is 
treasurer of the Alumnae. 

Our class voted to have a gift given to 
Lasell in memory of Helen Sullivan 
Stearns, who passed away two years ago. 

We had a fine delegation at the Alumnae 
Supper and many of us enjoyed visiting 
with former teachers. Let's all cooperate 
with our new Alumnae Secretary, Marjorie 
MacClymon '32, better known as 'Mac," 
who did such an excellent job at the Book- 
store. Our former secretary, Priscilla Wins- 
low '35, has resigned and is now in Cali- 

Incidentally, your secretary had her hus- 
band put aside his radio and TV jingle writ- 
ing long enough to write a "commercial" for 
our class. We didn't sound exactly like 
Fred Waring's Glee Club, but we had 
fun — to the tune of "School Days": 

School days, school days, 1942 

The Snowball, Cotillion, the Bos- 
ton Pops, 

The ice cream we ate at the soda 

We didn't count the calories, 

Cuz we couldn't wear our dunga- 
rees. . . . 

"I'd like the next size in a girdle, 
please" . . . 

When we were a couple of kids. 

School days, swell days, remem- 
ber those Lasell days, 

The dances at Harvard and 
M. I. T. . . . 

A day on the Charles, Fiedler's 
Symphony. . . . 

Those were the days of friend- 
ships true 

But don't say we go back to '42 

Or the kids '11 say, "Gee, Mom, 
how old are you?" 

When we were a couple of kids. 

Nowadays, school daze, brings its 

rock 'n' roll craze 
Why should a "houn' dog" be in 

a song? 
Why do the boys wear their hair 

so long? 
You hear these gems by guys 

named "Fats" 
Elvis, and other assorted cats. 
No wonder we mothers are going 

Now we have a couple of kids. 

Those present at the luncheon included: 
Elizabeth Allen, Marion Beers Jamieson, 
Barbara Berkman, Charlotte Bragg Burke, 
June Cherry Bruns, Louise Cook Pangborn, 
Marcia Corey Hanson, Barbara Crocker, 
Mary Darling Johnson x-'42, Barbara 
Dungan, Kathleen Finn Cullen, Sybil Fein- 
berg Stone, Mary Ann Fisher Espy, Louise 
Freeman Coombs, Marion Hersey Freeman, 
Dorothy Higson White, Mary Hurley Cook, 
Barbara Kelly Morell, Nancy Larsen, Bev- 
erly Lawe Hiller x-'42, Doris Leach Al- 
meida, Bea Lewis Potter, Pauline Libby 
Gaine, Anne Lynch, Connie Lynch Walsh, 
Patricia Maxwell Donovan, Edith McKen- 
zie Smith, Margot Moore Harley, Dodie 
Mosher Stone, Kay Nannary Carr, Jane 
O'Rourke Gaffney, Anne Patterson Two- 
good, Elaine Robins Abelson, Virginia 
Robinson Nast. Barbara Rockwell Tweddle, 
Ruth Roughgarden Sisler, Margaret Sen- 
nott Iris, Nina Simmons Bucher, Priscilla 
Swett Reed, Noel Temple Martinson, Ruth 
Turner Crosby, Virginia Weeks Hatch, and 
Regina White McCarthy. 

Let's all plan to make our 20th in 1962. 
And let's hear from you. 

Mary Hurley Cook 

Other News: Louise Crawford writes: "The 
New York newspaper story 'L.I. Woman 
Gal Friday to Dag' was slightly inaccurate 
to say the least. I am not Dag's secretary, 
nor have I ever been his secretary. My 
trip with him to Egypt last November was 
pure chance. I had been assigned to the 
new mission (U. N. Emergency Force) in 
Egypt to work for the Political Adviser and 
it just happened that I travelled on the 
same plane with Dag on his three-day visit. 
I did work for him those three days as a 
matter of convenience, and worked for him 
on his subsequent visit out there last month. 
"The article also said I worked for the 
Chinese Delegation at some time. This also 
is not true. I have always been with the 
Secretariat of the United Nations, never with 
a Delegation. I can tell you, though, that 
I've had a marvelous time, with four 
round-trips to India from 1948 to 1952, re- 
maining at one stretch for a year and a 



half, with a beautiful summer in Kashmir. 
Those were interesting years that took me 
also to Paris and Geneva for a few months 
on different occasions. I really couldn't 
begin to describe what I've done, with 
whom I've worked, all my adventures and 
misadventures, my luxurious living and 
not so luxurious living, my dysenteries and 
tonsillectomy (in a Delhi hospital, where 
my anesthetist had a little fire on the floor 
to sterilize the needle)." 

Eileen Crehan Leider reports: "Very busy 
with a family of four children — three 
boys and a girl. My husband is a busy 
surgeon with three offices — one in Man- 
hattan and two in Long Island. Had hoped 
I would be there for the Reunion." 

143 Fiesta Circle, Orinda, California is 
the new address for Jane Nelson Johnson, 
who says: "My husband was transferred 
here in December. Drove via the southern 
route and the weather was with us all the 
way. Our daughters are now 13 and 6^/2, 
and the boys are 5 and 2l/ 2 — with another 
due in September. Would love to join the 
15th year group in June." 

Born: To Louise Freeman Coombs, a 
daughter on May 3, 1957. 

To Dorothy Quilty Flynn, a first son, 
Peter L. 2d, on June 29- 

To Kathryn Starkey Litehiser, an adopted 
daughter, Susan Helen, on April 6. 

To Barbara Walworth Starr, a third 
child, second son, David Walworth, on 
January 3, 1957. 

To Jeanne Nestler Dart x-'42, a fourth 
child, third son, Richard Raymond, on 
February 24, 1957. 

New Address: Marjorie Sperl Krummel, 
6 Mead Terrace, Glen Ridge, N. J. 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

(Nathalie Monge), Secretary 

28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy), Assistant 

4314 Mathews Lane, Kensington, Md. 

Special Notice: The Alumnae Office is 
pleased to report that the Class of 1943 is 
no longer Agent-less. Betty Gorton Collier 
has answered our call for help and you gals 
will be hearing from her directly. "I am 
involved in County Hospital work here, 
and last year mailed some 4,000 letters. I 
keep track of more than 200 club mem- 
bers and 600 individual auxiliary member- 
ships. Had a wonderful July visit with 
Nancy (Gorton Ross '42) in her lovely new 
home in Monroe, Conn. She now has some 

of the family furniture — rugs, antiques, 
etc. — so it was just like going home. Had 
my four children in tow but she was ready 
for us with a well-stocked freezer. It really 
was a grand vacation and we drove all over 
the state showing the children our old 
haunts. Then I drove to Rochester and did 
everything all over again with Stan's fam- 
ily. He joined us there and we sneaked off 
by ourselves for three days of golf at Sky- 
top in the Poconos." 

Married: E. Muriel O'Connor and S/Sgt. 
Winston Herbert Lee, USMC, in Taipei, 
Taiwan on Sunday, May 5, 1957. Their 
three-week honeymoon trip included Hong 
Kong, Bangkok, Siem Riep in Cambodia, 
Saigon, Manila and Baguio. Muriel is sec- 
retary to the deputy chief of missions in the 
Foreign Service of the State Department 
in Taipei Embassy. Her husband is with 
the American Embassy Security Guard and 
was formerly associated with the Atomic 
Energy Commission in the state of Wash- 
ington. Ambassador Karl Rankin of For- 
mosa attended the wedding and reception, 
and we are sure those "most wanting to be 
there" were Muriel's sisters, Mary O'Con- 
nor '39 and June O'Connor Mannix x-'47. 

Other News: Lynn Kuch is now Mrs. Rob- 
ert M. Jones of 43 Fairfax Rd., Needham, 
Mass. Lynn writes: "By accident discovered 
that Dorothy Bentley Grant lives just a 
stone's throw away — 101 Wachusett Ave., 
Needham. She has two lovely boys. I see 
Priscilla Otis Drew '45 often, as well as 
Helen Panesis George '50. In November 
Bob and I vacationed at the Caribe Hilton 
in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he looked 
up an old friend, Rodolfo Criscuolo. 
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that 
his older daughter, Evelyn Criscuolo, grad- 
uated from Lasell in 1953- The family were 
marvelous to us, taking us all over the 
island and to St. Thomas in their plane. 
We were entranced with the islands and 
can hardly wait to go back again to that 
ideal climate. Often meet Rosemary Coun- 
tie Cahill and her two children — a girl 
10 and a boy 4. Also keep in touch with 
Priscilla Wilson Sorlien x-'43, who now 
lives in Canada. Haven't seen Carol Wad- 
hams Wolcott since she, husband and 
daughter visited at the Cape two summers 
ago. Carol's daughter, Wendy, is very in- 
terested in horses and often rides in shows. 
Peg Barry Cook x-'43 hopes she and her 
husband will be able to join us at Pops 
this year. Am coming to Auburndale some 
day soon to show the campus to a 16-year- 
old neighbor, who is a prospective Lasell- 
ite. My little girl Barri is now 6 and Neal 
is 41/2- They, together with our dachshund 
and a new house keep me hopping." 



New Address: Shirley Weldon Brim, 815 
N. Marner Rd., Spokane 67, Wash. 


Mrs. John M. Darnton 

( Katherine Cogswell ) , Secretary 

Dodge Park, So. Hamilton, Mass. 

Mrs. Francis R. Staffier 

(Dorothy Tobin), Assistant 

15 Tufts Rd., Winchester, Mass. 

Jackie Hermann Raiche writes to Miss 
Beede from 13 W. Ridge Ave., Prospect 
Heights, 111.: "I am using the transcript to 
apply for a substitute teacher's certificate. 
Now that my sons are so grown ■ — 8 and 
10 — I know I would enjoy working in the 
schools again. We are very happy in Illi- 
nois and I have kept busy these many years 
in Boy Scout work and in our very active 
P.T.A. unit." 

Born: To Alice Crosby Martin a daughter, 
Constance Jean, on May 24, 1957. 

New Addresses: Helen Gilbert Martel, 
5020 Rodeo Rd., Los Angeles 16, Calif. 

Shirley Haviland Woody, Box 483, Jut- 
land, N. J. 

Shirley O'Connor, 50 Culver Hill, South- 
ampton, N. Y. 

Merla Minor is now Mrs. Charles L'Es- 
perance, 85 Falmouth Rd., Chicopee Falls, 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert), Secretary 

5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean E. Logue), Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

Born: To Henrietta Sharpe Smith, an 
adopted daughter, Martha Furgurson, born 
on July 9, 1956, and arrived at the Smiths' 
home on Sept. 18, 1956. Henrietta writes 
that while working at Harvard Graduate 
School of Arts and Sciences, she became 
acquainted with Ruth Davison '48, who was 
also working there. "My husband Bob 
graduated from Harvard Law School in 
1952 and has been affiliated with the Union 
Mutual Life Insurance Company in Port- 
land since that time." Henrietta's address 
is Depot Rd., R.F.D. 4, Falmouth Fore- 
side, Me. 

To Elaine Macdonald Aldrich a daugh- 
ter, Nancy, on March 16, 1957. 

New Address: Constance Weldon Cox, 100 
Brunswick Dr., Warwick, R. I. 


Mrs. Payson B. Langley 

( Louise Pool ) , Secretary 

3717 Chevy Chase Lake Drive 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson) , Assistant 

1505 Raleigh Rd., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Engaged: Barbara Weeks to John J. Dow, 
Jr., of Portsmouth, N. H. Mr. Dow, a 
New Hampshire University graduate, 
served with the Army in England, and pres- 
ently is employed at the Portsmouth Naval 
Shipyard as a naval architect. Barbara is a 
secretary in the Exeter office of the John 
N. Maclnnes Agency. 

Judith Woodbury x-'46 to Richard A. 
Berenson, well-known Boston business ex- 
ecutive and civic leader. Judy is advertising 
manager of a Boston fashion shop. 

Born: To Barbara Bickley Rieger, a fourth 
child, third son, Robert Bruce, on March 
18, 1957. 

To Jean Watson Wetrich, a son, Thomas 
Harry, on Nov. 24, 1956. Jean's twin 
daughters, Donna and Patti, will be eight 
years old in March. 

Other News: William B. Kennison, hus- 
band of Audrey Hill, will enter Berkeley 
Divinity School, New Haven, Conn., this 
fall to study for the priesthood of the 
Episcopal Church. He was graduated in 
1951 from the University of Maine with a 
degree in mechanical engineering. Before 
joining the Knolls Atomic Power Labora- 
tory of the General Electric Company in 
1955, Mr. Kennison was employed by 
Bethlehem Steel Company. They have a 
daughter, born in May, and are living at 
21 North Ferry St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

New Address: Elizabeth Kendall Hunter, 
137-75 Geranium Ave., Flushing, L. I., 
N. Y. 


Gloria Sylvia, Secretary 
411 West 24th St., New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 

( Lois Kenyon ) , Assistant 

290 Leyden Rd., Greenfield, Mass. 

Tenth Reunion — June 8, 1957: Saturday, 
June 8th, was a grand day ! The weather 
was beautiful, and the Tenth Anniversary 
of our graduation was a wonderful occasion 
indeed. By noontime, members of the class 
began arriving at The Pillar House, New- 
ton Lower Falls. What a hubbub!!! Greet- 
ings, chatter and snapshots seemed never 


ending. When we finally sat down to lunch- 
eon there were 51 members of our class 
as well as Nancy Larsen Bailey '48 and 
Jackie Riley Walsh '46. 

Favors this year were Mexican beach 
hats of natural straw and each gal wore a 
white carnation too. The current issue of 
the News was distributed and another item 
of interest was the scrapbook of newspaper 
clippings and snapshots that I have col- 
lected through the years. This will come 
to next reunion with me, and although I 
hope I won't be any heavier, it would be 
wonderful to carry a much fatter album ■ — 
so please send in contributions periodically. 

The highlight of the afternoon was the 
gift from Lani Chang Wong and Joan Cox 
Perkins. Not being able to attend them- 
selves, they sent a huge box of orchids via 
air mail from their Honolulu gardens. 
There were more than twenty sprays of 
various types, which were placed on the 
tables and later divided among the girls. 
Lani's and Joan's thoughtfulness added 
much to our reunion and everyone joins 
me in sending a great vote of thanks and 
fond greetings. For our 15th we hope 
they will be with us in person. 

Announcements made and business dis- 
cussed included the matter of my compil- 
ing and printing an up-to-date class direc- 
tory. The number of subscriptions received 
through the mail and the additional ones 
taken at the luncheon enable me to go 
ahead with the plans. However, I shall 
not do so until a week after this issue ap- 
pears. This will give those who have not 
ordered the directory an opportunity to do 
so. Send me fifty cents — the cost of each 
booklet. This extra time will assure us 
that all addresses will be correctly listed 
and provide a chance to send me whatever 
news there is available for the members of 
our class now listed as "lost." Those names 
will appear at the close of this report. Let 
us hope they will soon be "found." 

Other statistics (although incomplete) in- 
dicate that of 207 graduates, 167 are mar- 
ried and there are at least 210 offspring 
(this figure is mounting steadily). Daugh- 
ters outnumber sons by about 20. As for 
geographic distribution, we have classmates 
in 31 states, as well as Hawaii, Venezuela, 
Canada and Bermuda. 

In addition to my thanks to Lois for her 
help, acknowledgment went also to Lyn 
Koempel Tompkins x-'47 for service on the 
campus front, to Marcia Landick Desmond 
and Elaine Capone Hixon for arranging a 
song for Alumnae Dinner and to Joan 
Lambert Laffin for her efforts in behalf of 
the Fund Drive. Joan addressed a few 
words to the group and some contributions 
and pledges were made on the spot. The 

rest of the class will be solicited by mail 
shortly. In regard to this class project, I 
took the occasion to recall the fact that 
coinciding with our reunion was the tenth 
anniversary of the death of Lorraine "Snooks" 
Belliveau. The class approved my subse- 
quent suggestion that hereafter all monies 
contributed to the Fund be presented in 
memoriam to "Snooks." I hope you will 
agree that this will make your gift a more 
meaningful, personal one. 

Following lunch a group picture was 
taken and just about everyone returned to 
the campus to attend the President's re- 
ception, register at the Alumnae Office and 
visit the new buildings as well as the old 
haunts. Unfortunately, I was among the 
many who were not able to remain for the 
Alumnae Parade and Dinner. Now, the 
news from letters sent answering the re- 
union invitation. The asterisk indicates 
those who attended the luncheon. 

Barbara Adler wrote that she has been 
with the Mass. Medical Society since 1948, 
with a short sojourn in Texas in early 
1956. She is now executive secretary to the 
president and secretary, both doctors. A 
brief account of her position makes it 
sound ideal; with varied and interesting 
work and pleasant surroundings. Her re- 
sponsible position is a career with many 

*Jane Ayres Winthrop sent her new ad- 
dress: 92 Dedham Ave., Needham, Mass., 
where husband Bob has recently opened a 
new W. T. Grant store. In the course of 
his managerial career he has moved Jane 
and daughters, Susan and Lynn, many times. 

Nancy Barbarossa Ruggles sent her re- 
grets and the following facts: graduated 
from B.U. in 1949, then worked as an as- 
sistant buyer for Morse Shoe Corp. She 
became Mrs. Richard Damon Ruggles on 
August 30, 1952. Dick is a geology instruc- 
tor at B.U. They recently moved to their 
new home — 88 Walnut St., Walpole, Mass. 

*"Corky" Bergen Higgins has acquired 
three sons and a daughter since her mar- 
riage in July 1950 to Bill. After Lasell, 
"Corky" received her R.N. at Children's 
Hospital and was on the staff at Quincy 
City Hospital. The Higginses are now 
house-hunting, but until we hear the re- 
sults they are at 71 Elm St., Hingham, 

Carol Birath Dennison brought us up-to- 
date with her letter from 5240 S.W. 88th 
Court, Miami, Florida. After Lasell she 
worked as a registered x-ray technician in 
Boston, moved to Coral Gables, where she 
met Marsh. They were married in June 
1955 and their son, Scottie, was born the 
next year. Marsh, from Wyoming, studied 
at U. of Miami prior to becoming an agent 



with the Peninsular Life Insurance Company. 
Carol spends five and a half days each week 
working as a technician in a radiologist's 
office in South Miami, and free time finds 
her enjoying her family, lovely lakeside 
home, and fishing or driftwood hunting on 
their own boat. 

Betty Brady Hickey is another busy with 
four children, husband and house. As 
Braid put it, the "rose covered" is being 
enlarged this summer after an "eternity" 
of planning and negotiating. Debbie re- 
cently received her First Communion, while 
Kathleen just finished her first year of 
school. (Laurence) James and Michael 
Dennis keep Braid on the hop at home 
while Larry runs his own business in town. 
The address for this wonderful family is 
102 Huntley Drive, Ardsley, N. Y. 

*Mary Brown Gorman wrote when she 
was busy moving from Cambridge to Fuller 
Brook Farm, Fuller Brook Road, Wellesley. 
After four years at Grover Cronin's in 
Waltham, Mary switched to the life insur- 
ance department in the Newton Savings 
Bank and continued there until September 
1956. Her marriage to Leonard Gorman 
took place June 18, 1955, and their daugh- 
ter, Martha Ellen, was born in January 

Pat Brunner Thiede wrote that her travel- 
ing to Lasell had been cancelled by her 
taking the three children to Florida as a 
health restorative after a winter of illness. 
Gary will be 8 in October, Eric is 6, and 
Carol, 2. Pat's new address is 248 Syl- 
vania Place, Westfield, N. J. 

* Alice Cahill Drown's address is 94 Lock- 
land Ave., Framingham, Mass. In addition 
to Dick, Alice has three "little men" to care 
for: Stephen Alan, Richard, and Jeffrey. 

*Elaine Capone Hixon was wed to Philip 
in September 1949, and their first-born 
Pamela arrived in June 1951. However, by 
next LEAVES we expect to report the birth 
of another Hixon. The home address is 
255 Temple St., Framingham Centre, Mass. 

*Betty Carter Steele drove to reunion 
with other Lasellites from her area in Con- 
necticut (7 Gordon Lane, Hazardville). 
Roger David, Bradford Carter and Carol 
Lynn are the prides and joys of the Steeles. 
Incidentally, Betty has been active in the 
Western Mass. Alumnae Club and was 
secretary in 1952. 

Eloise Chang Wong studied at the U. of 
Hawaii and worked as a laboratory techni- 
cian before her marriage to John. Bonnie 
Jean was born in November '53 and Ronald 
John arrived in July 195 5. Lani wrote that 
it wasn't until the last issue of the LEAVES 
that she knew Joan Cox Perkins resided in 
the Islands. After three years of living 

with'n a half hour's ride, they have gotten 
together several times. 

Marie Chase Stephenson's letter told of 
her marriage to Bill" in December '54. They 
made their home in L.A. while he worked 
in the County Sheriff's Office and Marie 
was in the personnel department of Al- 
Research Mfg. Company. More recently 
they moved into their new home — 4909 
Nearglen Ave., Covina, Calif. The Stephen- 
sons have two children, Gary Chase and 
Linda Lee, born in April of this year. 

Betty J. Cnossen Whitehead's letter re- 
ported not only on her own facts, but also 
mentioned several others of our class with 
whom she meets and/or corresponds regu- 
larly. These include Jan Stearns Gille, Fran 
Burns McSweeney x-'47 and Ellie Clark 
Lacedonia. As for herself, B.J. attended 
Lesley College and taught kindergarten in 
West Lebanon, N. H., for a year. After 
marrying Ray in 1950, they moved to Fol- 
som, Pa., where their address is 635 Folsom 
Avenue. Ray is an aeronautical engineer 
with Vertol. Debra was born in 1951 and 
David Bruce arrived three years later. 

*Nancy Collett Hendricks came from 
Providence, R. I., for the reunion. Her 
husband is with the Atlantic Refining 
Company there, and they live at 12 Sarah 
Street. Their daughter Holly was born in 
September '52. Nancy's post-Lasell train- 
ing was at the Nursery Training School in 
Boston, so Holly is particularly lucky. 

*Sally Conner Bell has three children. 
Pam, the oldest, was born in 1951 on Oc- 
tober 17, which happens to be her Dad's 
birthday too. Malcolm is four and Su- 
zanne is two. Sally has been traveling 
through the years, too, with trips to Guate- 
mala, Cuba, Panama, honeymoon in Ber- 
muda (wedding was in February '50), and 
more recently vacations in Florida, the 
West Indies and Haiti. Will be looking 
for your next holiday card, Sally. 

*Rose Cote Butler is another gal with 
three children — Shaun, Kathie and Pat. 
Before marrying John in 1952, Rosemarie 
studied at the U. of Maine and worked 
for the state as a child welfare agent for 
three years. Busy as she is, I'll bet she 
makes time to answer letters. Her address 
is 28 Newman St., Lewiston, Maine. 

Joan Cox Perkins expects to return to 
the States this summer after more than 
three years in Hawaii. Her husband is in 
the Coast Guard, an executive officer, at 
the Sand Island Base. Her three are Sheila, 
6V2, Scott, 4y 2 , and Sandra, 13 months. 

*June Donovan Hartnett trained and 
worked as a dental technician for two years 
before her marriage to Donald in 1949, 
and continued working for a year. Their 
two sons are Jay and Brian. Don is adver- 




tising manager of the Medford Publica- 
tions. 28 Brooks St., West Medford, Mass., 
is the address. 

*Lorna Earle Ingraham worked for the 
Maine Bureau of Taxation and Dept. of 
Agriculture from 1947-1951. She was mar- 
ried in April 1950 and has two sons, Rich- 
ard and Ralph. Lorna's husband owns his 
own rug and upholstery cleaning business 
in Augusta and they are building a split- 
level house. The address I have for them 
is still 220 State St., Augusta, Me. 

Margaret Emmerling was planning to at- 
tend the luncheon but then was not able 
to do so. Maggie's resume is a very im- 
pressive one. She received her B.S. from 
Tufts in 1949; her M.A. from Wellesley 
in 1951; her Ph.D. in 1954 from the Uni- 
versity of Missouri. For a year after that 
she worked as assistant professor in radia- 
tion genetics at the U. of Mo., and the 
following year (55-56) she was National 
Public Health Fellow at the University of 
Illinois. This past year she has been Na- 
tional Science Foundation Fellow at the 
same university. Maggie's address is: c/o 
Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, 
111. Our congratulations to you, Dr. Em- 
merling, for your years of hard work and 
wonderful accomplishments. 

*Millicent Entwistle Harmon lives at 87 
Saning Rd., North Weymouth, Mass. She 
was married in March 1950 and Lynn 
Christine was born in June 1954. Prior to 
these duties, Millie worked for an insur- 
ance company in Boston and also for an 
automobile agency. 

*Joan Familton Gardner and I just had 
a nice chat on the telephone. As it hap- 
pened, I did not ask about her children at 
the luncheon. Her daughter Nancy will be 
8 in November and son Danny will be 6 in 

Barbara Fenstermaker Kiley has four 
children and is now living at 1117 Spencer 
Ave., Marion, Indiana. Barbara Morton is 
reported married and residing in Ohio, but 
Jeff had no details. Perhaps someone else 
will know. Also, does anyone know whether 
or not Jodie Lamb Lewis is still in Alcoa, 
Tenn. ? Jean McKenzie Smith now lives in 
Groton, Conn. — 17 Eastwood Road. She 
has three children. 

*Jeanne Franklin Bates moved into a 
new home six years ago (248 High St., 
North Attleboro, Mass.). Her children are 
Robert James and Judith Jeanne. 

*Betsy Frew is enjoying a lively and in- 
teresting career in retailing. After getting 
her degree in Sociology at Penn State in 
1949, she took a course in merchandising. 
In 1950 she came to New York to work 
for B. Altman & Company, where in the 
next five years she was employed in several 
different jobs. She was an assistant in the 
sportswear buyer's office when she left to 
take a position with Abercrombie and Fitch. 
Since March '56 Betsy has been with the 
J. J. Newberry Company's New York pur- 
chasing office. When not at the office or 
off on sports weekends, Betsy's address is 
22 E. 38th St., New York City. 

Gloria Galley Longbons wrote about how 
sorry she was to miss the 10th, but caring 
for her family came first. Jack, in roofing 
and sheet metal business, and Gloria were 
married in June 19-48. In the next few years 
they had the sad experience of losing two 
infant Rh babies, both girls. However, two 
adopted daughters, Kathleen and Amy, have 
brought joy to the Longbons. 

*Betsey Gavitt was one of the gals who 
appeared at The Pillar House after finding 
out at the last minute she could come. 
Betsey has a fabulous position in mer- 



chandising and makes frequent buying trips 
from Providence to New York. 

*Mary Elizabeth Harney was another of 
the many Day Hops to make the reunion, 
and like several of our classmates, resides 
in Framingham. 49 Maple Street is her 

Dottie Harvender Fuller's new baby 
(Nancy, born March 21st) kept her close 
to home — 30 S. Second St., Bradford, Pa. 
Robby is the oldest, Dale died of bronchitis 
in July 1953 at the age of eleven weeks, and 
in August 1954, Janell was born. Since 
December '52 the Fullers have lived in 
their newly built house and through the 
years have had the fun and hard work of 
painting, decorating and landscaping it 

*Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt wrote that 
until she married Bill in 1951 she had 
worked at two different positions. Bill was 
with the Underwood Research Lab. then 
and still is, along with studying at the 
U. of Conn, for his master's degree in engi- 
neering. From a one-room apartment they 
have progressed to a six-room house, where 
they have been a year. Phyl confessed she 
loves to go to auctions and Bill repairs the 
"junk" she brings home. Their two sons 
are Tom (4) and David (2). 

*Dorothy Hinchliffe Camire works for 
United Airlines at Bradley Field, Windsor 
Locks, Conn. Her address is 4 Warlock 
St., New Britain. Dottie is president of 
the Conn. Valley Alumnae Club this year. 

*Genevieve Hurley Cummings worked 
from 1947-51 in the City and County Sav- 
ings Bank in Albany, N. Y. In May 1951 
she and Tom were wed and they moved to 
the Boston area, where for two years Gen 
worked in a local bank. Michele was born 
in April '54 and in September of that year 
they bought their present home: 264 Win- 
chester St., Newton Highlands. A second 
daughter, Christine, was born just before 
Christmas '55. 

*Marilyn Isaacson Simonds is one of our 
"down Mainers." She graduated from the 
University there in '49. She and Sam were 
married in August '48 and they now have 
three children, Ellen Janet, Gail Lee and 
David Howard. They reside at 184 East 
Avenue, Lewiston. 

* Nancy Keim Doherty has two children, 
Susan and Philip. "Big" Philip works in 
the new Carlings plant at Natick and they 
live at 88 Lockland Ave., Framingham. 

*Lois Kenyon Brush keeps trim and slim 
caring for her home — completely built 
by Steve and herself in 1949- The three 
little Brushes are Wendy, George and 

*Betty Kirby Bartlett wrote that the story 

of her life since she met and married 
Wayne consists of Dan — 6, Bruce — 3i/ 2 , 
and Linda — iy 2 . Their address is 23 
Willard Rd., Reading, Mass. 

*Linda Koempel Tompkins x-'47 and 
Fred have been married eight years and 
in that time they have had three offspring 
and four different addresses because of his 
work as an F. W. Woolworth store man- 
ager. The present address is 7 Hancock 
St., Auburndale, and Lin says it is lots of 
fun living in the old Alma Mater town. 

*Fran Lake Gray is an example of the 
secretary who married her boss. This hap- 
pened in June '53 and today Milton and 
Fran own and operate the Nauset Real 
Estate Exchange, Orleans, Cape Cod. Their 
little girl, Candy, was born in 1955 and 
son Chris arrived the following year. 

*Joan Lambert Laffin traveled the great- 
est distance to be at reunion. Bob and the 
children came too, for they are visiting 
their families in the East. They have lived 
in Nebraska nearly two years, have bought 
a house and Bob teaches at Creighton 
Medical School. 

*Marcia Landick Desmond was married 
in September '50 and daughter Betsy was 
born in December '53. Marcia and "Twink" 
recently finished their new home, overlook- 
ing the ocean — 11 Lawnbank Rd., Beverly 
Cove, Mass. 

*Midge Leary Hacker drove from Spring- 
field accompanied by her mother and beau- 
tiful daughter Kathy. Donnie, born in 
1954, is two years younger than his sister. 
Don and Midge are active in many com- 
munity projects. 

^Carolyn Lewis Tufts' reservation was 
made by Betty Ann Williams McGowan. 
Shotsy's new address is 13 Susquehanna Rd., 
Ossining, N. Y. 

*Florence Lomasney came to the lunch- 
eon, but had to leave early because of her 
sister's graduation the same day. Though 
brief, it was good to see Flo again. Her 
address is 16 Commonwealth Park, Newton 

* Betty MacNeil Lentini has three chil- 
dren. A few years ago, Pomp and Mac 
bought a home built in 1846 at 661 Moss 
Farm Rd., Cheshire, Conn. 

Joanne McMillan Mars couldn't make 
reunion because she and Howard were 
vacationing in Canada, observing their first 
wedding anniversary. Jo works in Pearl 
River, N. Y., as a tour guide at the Lederle 
Labs. Prior to this she was a social welfare 
worker in Rockland County, and earlier 
had been associated with the Experiment 
in International Living in Vermont. Her 
post-Lasell schooling entailed a year at the 
University of Zurich in Switzerland, and 



in 1949 she earned her B.A. in German at 
the U. of Wisconsin. 

*Jean Morgan Koenitzer lived in Wer- 
nersville, Pa., for a few years after her 
marriage in 1951, but recently returned to 
East Orange, N. J. She is employed at the 
Peck & Peck store there. Her address is 
56 Warrington Place. 

*Laura Pascoe May came to the reunion 
with Phyl Haviland Hildebrandt, also from 
Connecticut. Laurie's husband is a sales- 
man for Northeastern Wholesalers, and they 
have three lovely children. They live on 
Lake Pocotopans, the largest natural lake 
in the state of Connecticut. The address: 
Box 213, East Hampton. Laurie wrote: 
"as if raising children weren't enough — I 
have a hobby, raising dogs — registered 
Labrador Retrievers. At present I have a 
litter of nine two-week-old pups, just as 
cute as can be." 

Sue Pearce Schultz of 4245 Waterbury 
Drive, Charlotte, N. C, sent her regrets, 
but no details of her family. 

*Ruthe Powers Wlodyka and Ed have 
three children. Their address is 82 Olive 
St., Ashland, Mass. Ruthe wrote about the 
monthly get-togethers with her five Fra- 
mingham friends, i.e. Cahill, Harney, Keim, 
Thomas and Jean Hargraves Chase. What 
a good time they must have ! 

*Carol Powles Delpo x-'47 has a new 
address: 81 Lynwood Drive, West Cheshire, 
Conn. She is the only one in the class, that 
I know of, who has twins, Nancy and 
Richard. Their older sister Marcia was 
born April 9, 1952. 

*Ginny Quinn was another last minute 
attendee and unfortunately I didn't get to 
chat with her. 

Meriam Rainey Phillips couldn't join us 
because of the pressure of her job as secre- 
tary to the principal of the schools in her 
town. Son Douglas has just finished his 
second year of school, and husband Dale, 
who works for TWA, will be entering 
Flight Engineers School in the fall. Rainey 
wrote that their collie dog, Judy, causes a 
lot of fun sometimes, because like the lamb 
in the nursery rhyme, she often follows her 
master to school. 

^Barbara Rich Chase has four children. 
Linda is almost 8, Freeman, Jr., is 6, Cyn- 
thia is 4, and Clifford is 2 years old. The 
Chases live at 15 Howard St., Hingham, 

*Barbara Roedel Hall was married in 
1949. From 1947 to 1951 she was employed 
as a secretary at the Conn. General Life 
Insurance Company. Completing the pic- 
ture are Gary, Stephen and Janet. 11 Brian 
Rd., West Hartford, is the address. 

Marjorie Ross Lawrence's second baby 
was too close to birthday time for her to 

attend. Daughter Meg will be four in Sep- 
tember and we'll all be anxious to hear 
whether she gets a brother or sister. Marge's 
address is simply Warwick, N. Y. 

*Gloria Secatore Walsh worked for her 
Dad two years before she wed Joe. They 
now have four children. In addition, Gloria 
is a part-time student at Tufts, working for 
a degree in education. Such ambition! 
Liberty Lane, South Sudbury, is the address. 
Lois Seidel Newell married Al (Jane's 
brother) in November '50. Kit wrote en- 
thusiastically about their life in Taylors, 
S. C, enjoying the climate and way of life. 
They have a house in a new development 
on Clearview Avenue, Route 3, and are 
active in the Presbyterian church. Peter is 
very happy with his 18-month-old sister, 

*Jean Sharron Strong celebrated her ninth 
wedding anniversary June 19th. Jim is a 
Physical Education instructor at Framing- 
ham High and their address is 5 Lincoln 
St., Natick. Their sons are Jimmy and 

Barbara Shea Driscoll planned to attend, 
but the birth of her son kept her away. 
Barb also has two daughters. 

Joan Sloat Ziggins' residence in Cali- 
fornia was one reason for her not being 
with us at The Pillar House. Joan was 
working for a travel agency in New York 
a few years ago when she decided to go to 
San Francisco. She says: "no place like it." 
In April 1956 she married Derek, an archi- 
tect, and they are now living in Apple 
Valley (P.O. Box 504). 

*Priscilla Stone Hird has been living in 
Connecticut where Jack is a civil engineer 
for the highway department. In 1952 they 
built a new home at Candlewood Shores, 
Brookfield. They have one son, George. 

*Nancy Stupak Parker got her B.A. from 
Marietta College in 1949- From then until 
1956 she taught in Leominster, meanwhile 
completing her master's degree in educa- 
tion at Fitchburg Teachers College. She 
was married in February '54 and a daugh- 
ter, Laura Melanie, was born in August 
1956. Address: 32 Boutelle St., Leominster, 

*Guess I come in here. (Gloria Sylvia) 
Briefly, since the 5th Reunion my activities 
have not changed too much. I have con- 
tinued my career in music, doing a lot of 
concerts and oratorio engagements in and 
around New York, and going on several 
tours. I have a regular Temple job as well 
as a church position, which was why I had 
to get to and from the reunion in one day 
— thanks to American Airlines. It was 
well worth it, however; I had a wonderful 
time and it certainly seemed everyone else 
did too. Here's to the 15th! 



*Althea Thomas Sanborn was married in 
September 1950, at which time she was em- 
ployed by the New England Mutual Life 
Insurance Company. Cheryl was born in 
November '54. Althea wrote: "We moved 
into our new home (1048 Concord St., 
Framingham) in March of 1954. It was 
quite an event, as we had been planning 
and building for over three years. We did 
most of the work ourselves with the able 
assistance of both Dave's father and grand- 

Jane Trott Burgon was another whose 
imminent trip to the maternity hospital 
kept her from attending the 10th. Jane 
married George in 1953 and they lived in 
Portland, Maine, until a year ago when 
they bought a house in Hampton, New 
Hampshire, now in his territory as a steel 
salesman. Their address is Box 356, Hamp- 
ton. Cecily was born in February '55. 

Beverly Tucker Bowen sent a good letter 
covering the past ten years. She studied 
early childhood education at Beaver Col- 
lege, then worked toward a master's degree 
at St. Lawrence University. From '49 to '54 
she taught kindergarten as well as first and 
second grades in Rochester. The year after 
her marriage, she and her husband visited 
six European countries, and last fall they 
moved into a new ranch house on the out- 
skirts of Rochester — 95 Locust Hill Drive. 
This last year, Bev has taken a sabbatical 
from her teaching and has kept busy with 
various arts and crafts, club work, driving 
for the Red Cross, and most recently, 

*Jane Upton Perkins attended the Univ. 
of New Hampshire and then worked for 
the N. H. Veteran Hospital Service in 
Concord. She married Marvin in 1950 and 
at the same time gained a stepdaughter, 
Sandra, "precious as my own, and she is 
looking forward to attending Lasell too." 
The Perkins boys are Jeffrey and Mark. 
Jane has been active in the New Hampshire 
Lasell Alumnae Club and this year is serv- 
ing as secretary-treasurer. Jane's address 
is 44 N. Spring St., Concord. 

*Mary Vaughn Buckland x-'47 now has 
two daughters and a son. The Bucklands 
live at 37 Reservoir Rd., West Hartford, 

*Elda Volpe VanWart was a medical 
secretary in radiology in St. Raphael's Hos- 
pital, New Haven, until she married in 
September 1951. She and her family have 
recently returned to Massachusetts from 
Ohio (Cleveland — where Barbara Gail 
was born) and are living at 64 Ellendale 
Circle, Springfield. Husband Bob is assist- 
ant director of the Bay State Rehabilitation 
Centre. The VanWarts also have a son, 

*Joan Warriner Ryder attended Katharine 
Gibbs School in Boston and then worked 
for Stock Trend Service in Springfield. She 
married in May '49 and now has three 
daughters — all born in New Haven. Joan's 
home address is now 71 Lobdell Drive, 
Stratford, and she is active in the Bridge- 
port Alumnae Club. 

Eunice Watson Crosen planned to attend, 
but at the last minute could not. Perhaps 
the fact that she has five children required 
her being home in Scotland, Conn. Hope 
you'll make the next one, Eunie. 

Helen-marie Widenor Bailey couldn't 
come from Middletown, R.I., because Navy- 
husband "Butch" had just received transfer 
orders and Bunny was busy with packing 
and moving plans (there are three little 
Baileys). They will be stationed at the 
Philadelphia base for two or three years 
and have bought a brand-new house in 
southern New Jersey. The new address is 
2 Redwood Drive, Green Fields Village, 
Woodbury. Bunny wrote "how nice it will 
be to live near Jan Stearns Gille, B. J. 
Cnossen Whitehead, Fran Burns McSweeney 
x-'47, and Mim Rainey Phillips. 

*Betty Ann Williams McGowan grad- 
uated from B.U. with a B.A. in psychology, 
and promptly married Frank in October 
'49- They now have two daughters, Sheryl 
Ann and Robin Leslie and live at 52 Brew- 
ster Ave., Braintree Highlands. 

*Barbara Woods Walsh was associated 
with the Christian Science Monitor for five 
years after graduation. She married Dick 
in 1949 and in 1952 they bought a 120- 
year-old house in historic Newburyport. 
Though Dick continued to commute to 
Boston, Barb settled down to "raising 
children, flowers and vegetables." Their 
address: 2 Lancey Court, Newburyport. 

Now the list of "missing members": 
Marilyn Altrock Dietrichs, Beverley Barnes, 
Jacqueline Bassett, Nancy Clarke Paterson, 
Esther Cornwell Osborne, Janet Dale, Alice 
Donovan, Charlotte Fletcher Barton, Mari- 
anne Kochli Andrews, Janet Lane Davila, 
Jean MacNeil Morse, Cynthia Morrison, Bar- 
bara Morton, Nancy Pursel Doron, Eloise 
Rathbun Walsh, Grace Read Duecker, Sarah 
Shafer, Doris Smith, Jane Smith Smith, Joan 
Staples, Doris Thorndike, Shirley Warner, 
and Beverly Yeates McCormick. 

Born: To Joan Lambert Laffin a daughter, 
Lynn, on Feb. 28, 1957. 

To Laura Pascoe May a daughter, Ellen, 
on Dec. 30, 1956. 

To Jane Upton Perkins a second son, 
Mark Upton, on Oct. 5, 1956. 

To Joan Warriner Ryder a third daugh- 
ter, Susan, on April 15, 1957. 



Other News: Nancy Duclos Krieger is now 
living in Milwaukee. "Bob is with the 
Armstrong Cork Company and we have 
a three-year-old daughter, Karen. Bob's 
brother, Walter, is married to Merrie Mc- 
Kone, class of '49- Merrie and I lived in 
the same room in Hawthorne — two years 

New Addresses: Margaret Beach Otis, 1118 
Hinman Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Joan Jones, 10210 Collins Ave., Bal Har- 
bour, Miami Beach, Fla. 

Jean McKenzie Smith, 17 Eastwood Rd., 
Groton, Conn. 

Mary Kay Murray Sutton, 37 Franklin 
St., Verona, N. J. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
Box 1853, San Francisco 1, Calif. 

Miriam Day, Assistant 
4 Locke Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Engaged: Florence Johnson to John J. Ker- 
dok of Hudson, Mass. 

Married: Elizabeth Ahner and Allyn Young 
Fields on March 9, 1957. The wedding 
took place at the home of June Ahner Gil- 
roy '45 in Bedford Village, N. Y., and 
Betty's other sister, Paula Ahner Snyder 
'49 was her only attendant. Mr. Fields is 
a graduate of Williams College and Har- 
vard Business School and is with General 
Electric in West Lynn, Mass. 

Marjorie Weinman x-'48 and Mitchell B. 
Sharmat on Feb. 24 in New York City. 
Marjorie has been a member of the staff 
of the Yale Law School Library. Her hus- 
band, now in the real estate business, is a 
Harvard graduate. 

Born: To Betsy Curtis Winquist a daugh- 
ter, Martha Suzanne, on May 11, 1957. 

To Florence Domenichella Turano a 
daughter, Toni Marlene, on March 26, 
1957. The Turanos' present address is 140 
E. 58th St., New York 22, N. Y. 

To Joanne Eaton Friborg a daughter and 
future June Queen, Carol Nan, on May 7, 

Other News: Anne Chapman Brine carried 
our class banner in the Alumnae Parade 
on June 8. Also present for the Class Nite 
exercises were Mim Day and Tibby Dike 
Canty with her daughter Joyce. 

Barbara Jewell Allen, 43623 Fig Ave., 
Lancaster, Calif.: "We are now desert 
dwellers, about 90 miles from Los Angeles. 
Dick was transferred to Pratt & Whitney's 
testing area at Edwards AFB. We are busy 

with our new house and three children, 
Debbie, Susan and Dave." 

Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan writes from a 
new address: 15324 Krueger Ave., Spring 
Lake, Mich.: "Now near Lake Michigan 
and enjoying it very much. Miss the poli- 
tics of D. C. (single days in Sen. Salton- 
stall's office) so have joined the League 
of Women Voters — wonderful organiza- 
tion ! My boy Glen and girl Lori are 
healthy and happy and bringing more joy 
every day." 

June Smith Noreen is president of the 
nursery band of the Hospital Aid of La- 
conia, N. H. In May the Barbershop Har- 
mony Show was held for the benefit of the 
band. The local paper carried a picture of 
June receiving a check from Pres. Merle 
Richardson of the Laconia chapter of 

Barbara Hoyle Gray x-'48 is now living 
at 1654 Danville, Apt. 1, Houston, Texas. 
She sends special greetings to Senora Cobb 
and "it is so pleasant to receive Commence- 
ment tidings from Lasell — I am many 
miles from New England." 

New Addresses: Marilyn Clark, 2 38 S. Rex- 
ford Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Anne Ellsworth Lumbert, 124 Hillcrest 
Ave., West Hartford, Conn. 

Joan Fieremonte, 1105 Kenmore, Los An- 
geles 4, Calif. 

Beryl N. Groff, Box 1853, San Francisco 
1, Calif. 

Nancy Sanborn Jones, Georgia Rd., 
R.F.D. 2, St. Albans, Vt. 

Donna Rae Thompson Friggle, 3105 W. 
California Ave., Bakersfield, Calif. 

Shirley Thorne Brady, 25 Beechwood 
Rd., Caldwell, N. J. 


Mrs. Richard K. Donahue 

( Nancy Lawson ) , Secretary 
69 Glenwood St., Lowell, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert R. Logan 

(Elizabeth Harrington), Assistant 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Engaged: Jayne Gilmore x-'49 to Charles 
Frederick Cartledge of Hartford, Conn. 
Charles is a project engineer with the 
Chandler-Evans division of Pratt and Whit- 
ney in "West Hartford. 

Married: Erlin Hogan and Wilmer James 
Adams on June 1, 1957, at the Old South 
Church, Copley Square, Boston. Ellin's 
new address is 341 Beacon Street. 

Anita Nicholson and Edward J. Potocar 
on May 19, 1957. Their address is now 
R.D. #1, Box 397, Uniontown, Penna. 



Diane Palady and James McKee Barry 
on June 8, 1957. Diane, a medical secretary 
at the Mass. General Hospital, is a past 
president of the Greater Boston Lasell 
Club. Her husband, a graduate of Harvard 
University, is now research business ad- 
ministrator with the United Shoe Machinery 
Corp. in Beverly. 

Katherine Raizes and William Arthur 
Stameris on April 28, 1957. Catherine 
Raizes Lazarus was a member of the bridal 
party. Katherine has been secretary-treas- 
urer of the New Hampshire Lasell Club 
for two years, and her husband is an elec- 
trical engineer in research at M.I.T. Their 
address is 85 Strathmore Rd., Brookline, 

Born: To Wilma Johndrew Allenson a 
daughter, Susan Jane, on Jan. 22, 1957. 
Susan gives Willie and Sherm a grand total 
of two boys and one girl. And Willie 
adds: "The coming weeks are to be so busy 
we won't have time to breathe. Expect 
house guests as well as Sherm's parents, 
and my sister and brother-in-law. We have 
kept up a running battle with our dog and 
the weather — trying to get the grounds 
and terrace in reasonable order. Not mak- 
ing much progress, but it's fun to try. Had 
a nice letter from Lois Salomon Burns — 
she and Bob are building a new home in 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y." 

To Martha Hurd Davenport a third 
daughter, Barbara Lewis, on April 26, 

To Blanche Westhaver Gould a second 
child, first daughter, Laurie Jean, on Feb. 
4, 1957. 

Other News: We are most grateful to Dean 
Stanley A. Samad of the Franklin Univer- 
sity Law School, Columbus, Ohio, for the 
following notice: 

Mrs. William B. Sewards (Bettie Jane 
Cooperrider), 303 N. 11th Street, Newark, 
O., will be awarded the Bachelor of Laws 
degree at Franklin University's Commence- 
ment on Sunday, May 26th. A housewife 
with two children, Mrs. Sewards has com- 
muted to Columbus for four years to attend 
evening classes in law. Mrs. Sewards will 
be awarded membership in the Order of 
the Curia, a national legal honorary society 
for scholarship in the study of law. She 
will also receive the W. H. Anderson Law 
Book Award for excellence in the study 
of the law of Wills. Mrs. Sewards is a 
graduate of Lasell Junior College and at- 
tended Ohio State University. 

Libby Harrington Logan would like to 
say to all of the gals who did not see their 
news items, birth announcements, etc. printed 
in the May issue of the LEAVES: "I got my 

wires crossed and I missed the deadline by 
several days. I am sorry — some of the 
news will be out of date by the time you 
read this, but we still feel our classmates 
are interested. 'Nuff sed !" 

1956 Winter Vacation News . . . Feb- 
ruary and March seem to be the months for 
heading either North or South. Several of 
us '49ers were fortunate enough to sneak 
in a few weeks away from the daily grind 
of dishes, beds and diapers. Jo Sanborn 
Cossette and her little boy, Jerry, left Feb. 
3d for Miami Beach. She spent a good 
deal of time with Joan Jones '47 — they 
painted Miami Beach red, but Jo was 
mighty glad to be back in New England. 
Libby Harrington Logan had a month with 
family and friends in Clearwater, Fla. I 
took Robbie and Pamela along and they 
had a wonderful time playing on the beach. 
Bob could not get away so he had to keep 
the home fires burning. Had a grand trip 
with ditto weather. Mary Bush Taylor and 
her family went in the other direction, to 
Stowe, Vt. Mary's husband is a ski en- 
thusiast and at one time he was a member 
of the Ski Patrol at Mt. Mansfield. Their 
daughter "Thumper" was three in March 
and she received her first ski lesson on 
this trip. Surely does give her a head start 
toward becoming a champ. 

Friday, May 17th, was Lasell Nite at 
Pops. The highlight of the evening was 
furnished by Lora Lee, a senior from Seoul, 
Korea. Her solo, with the entire orchestra, 
was the first movement of Schumann's Con- 
certo in A Minor. When she finished the 
orchestra gave her a standing ovation and 
it was truly a splendid performance. I may 
have missed seeing some of the '49 gals, 
but Straw (Lawson) and Dick Donahue 
shared a table with Nat (Hall) and Roger 
Campbell, and Carol Wass Cox and hus- 
band were there too. 

River Day was on May 28th. Libby took 
the children and with Ruth Turner Crosby 
'42, Dodie Mosher Stone '42 and their gang 
(eight in all) we started off for a picnic. 
When the Lasell gals arrived it was a bit 
hectic, but we managed to keep tabs on 
everyone. Miss Mac was looking for can- 
didates to fill the Alumnae canoe — and 
we were it ! Really was a lot of fun and 
even though we lost the race to the Faculty 
(by all of six inches), we made a good 
showing. My one afterthought was that 
I was young and gay and nineteen when 
I last attempted that Charles River course, 
but I didn't suffer as much as a stiff arm 
the next day. There must be several '49ers 
within driving distance of Auburndale. 
Why not come over next year? 

A Christmas card from Sue Baer Gluck 
brought news of her moving from one side 



of the United States to the other. Her hus- 
band, Martin, was discharged from the 
Army in June 1955. They traveled from Taco- 
ma, Wash., to Pittsburgh, Penna. — spent the 
summer with friends and relatives — then 
on to New England and a new job. Sue is 
delighted with her lovely home (7 Beech- 
mont St., Worcester, Mass.) and is plan- 
ning to join the local Lasell Club. 

After no news from Jane Lemmermeyer 
Thornton in several years, Libby received 
a letter this spring. Jane and Tom are 
still living in Merrick, L. I., and their 
daughter Cathy is five years old. Of all 
the gals in the class, Jane must be the 
leader in seeing old friends. She wrote of 
visiting Elaine McGoldrick McGovern and 
her two children, Anne Hollett Munro, 
Dot Harter Cunningham and Joan Wolfe 
Wickham x-'49- 

From Shirley Anderson Daly: "The Daly 
news is that Bob was transferred and is 
now assistant district manager for Scott 
Paper in Chicago. We bought a lovely 
new ranch home in Wheaton (313 S. Hazel- 
ton Ave.) and just love it here. The kids 
are getting so big ■ — Bobby will be 2 in 
June and Chris Anne is 3V2- Are there any 
'49ers out this way?" 

Mary Gilmore is receptionist secretary 
in the Business Training Program office of 
General Electric in Schenectady. Her ad- 
dress is 1159 Parkwood Blvd. 

Nancy Irwin Van Dorn admits she is "a 
complete Californian now, but miss all my 
Lasell friends. We are very happy here in 
La Jolla with our two daughters. Is any- 
one in our class living in this area?" 

Lois Koritz Hopfenberg is now teaching 
in Warwick, R. I., and is interested in 
joining the Rhode Island Lasell Club. Her 
present address is 110 Blodgett Ave., Paw- 

Mary Ann Otto Nelson brought her 
young daughter Carol Ann by plane to 
Boston to meet her grandparents for the 
first time. At the airport Mary Ann met 
Zerlina Lewis Barnett and they had a grand 
time exchanging news. 

New Addresses: Jean Cook Jacobs, 15677 
Birwood Ave., Birmingham, Mich. 

Nancy Curtis Grellier, Penny Meadow 
Rd., South Sudbury, Mass. 

Barbara Ann Davis Collins, 1295 Here- 
ford Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Patricia Rice Petroski, 363 E. Ackard PL, 
San Antonio 21, Tex. 

Eleanor Ritchie Elmore, 23 Indiana St., 
Rochester 9, N. Y. 

Lois Salomon Burns, Corlies Manor, 400 
Mansion St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Betty Vail Morrissey, 455 W. 34th St., 
New York, N. Y. 


Sally C. Hughes, Secretary 
102 Cabot St., Newton 58, Mass. 

Mrs. Paul H. Roche 

(Lillian Reese), Assistant 

46 Rawson Rd., Arlington, Mass. 

Married: Bernice Martin and Dr. William 
H. Pehl, Jr., on April 27, 1957, in West 
Hartford, Conn. Dr. Pehl is a graduate of 
the Pennsylvania State College of Optom- 
etry. Their new address: 188 S. Marshall 
St., Hartford. 

Born: To Jacquelyn Temperley Dey a son, 
Varick van Rensselaer, on June 20, 1957. 
Jackie is a member of the Board of Direc- 
tors of the Boston Lasell Club. 

Other News: Helen Kovalinas Erardi writes 
from Richmond, Va. (6825 Carnegie Dr.), 
where her husband is a salesman for Mojud, 
Inc. Lynn's daughter, Cynthia-Marie, was 
born Nov. 11, 1956. 

New Addresses: Mercedes Cuetara Kava- 
nagh, 12 Kerria Lane, Baltimore 20, Md. 

Beverley Fortye Gibbel, 2297 Laguna 
Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 

Nancy Houde Dyer, 246 Webster St., 
Manchester, N. H. 

Carolyn Judd Hayes, Great Neck Rd., 
Waterford, Conn. 

Elaine Orth Rodey, 4511 Royene N.E., 
Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Joan Wallace Billings, 372 Wibird St., 
Portsmouth, N. H. 

Doris Bohannon Plumb x-'50, 1403Y 2 
S.E. 2d St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 
( Barbara Adams ) , Secretary 
2 Rollins Ct., Boston, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

( Barbara Voorman ) , Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terr., Newton Centre, Mass. 

Engaged: Helen Mastrangelo to Floyd G. 
Riley. Helen's fiance is a graduate of 
Springfield College and in addition to his 
teaching duties at the Lunenburg High 
School, is working towards his master's 
degree in education. 

Barbara Walsh x-'51 to Richard Sheldon 
Patterson. Richard, a graduate of the Uni- 
versity of Massachusetts, has a research 
fellowship at Cornell University, where he 
will study for his Ph.D. 
Married: Sally Swainson and Bernard J. Cal- 



lahan on March 2, 1957, in Hamden, Conn. 
Sally has been with the Conn. Blue Cross 
since graduation and her new address is 
81 Gilbert Ave., Hamden. 

Mary Jane White and Russell Bertram 
Miller on May 18, 1957, in Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Priscilla Freeman McCartney and Nancy 
Rankin were two of the attendants. Mary 
Jane's address is now 1225 Midland Ave., 
Bronxville, N. Y. 

Jean McDonald x-'51 and Richard An- 
derson Ryan on June 1, 1957. After a 
wedding trip to Jamaica and Haiti, the 
Ryans plan to make their home in Hancock 

Born: To Sallyann Bartlett Abel a second 
son, Peter Donald, on May 22, 1957. 

To Louise Foster Bowling a son, Stuart 
Kendrick, on March 30, 1957. 

To Shirley Hannafin Adams a son, Robert 
Ernest, Jr., on April 28, 1957. 

To Janice Weyls Moore a daughter, Col- 
leen Deborah, on March 26, 1957. 

Other News: Yours Truly (Barbara Adams 
Borden) "with husband Bob and daughter 
Diana recently visited Lasell. All the new 
highways seem to lead direct to its front 
door. The campus looked all the more 
beautiful with the new buildings and 
lovely landscaping." 

Sue Baker Chase and Gordon had a New 
Jersey reunion with Patsy Preble Foster 
and Louise Marston Donnelly and hus- 
bands. Sue and Gordon are very busy 
these days — they have just become owners 
of an insurance agency in Lynn, Mass. 

Elizabeth Baumbach Hyne reports on her 
family: "children growing, gardening and 
keeping house — a wonderful life ! Say 
hello to everyone for me." Betty's address 
is 25 Grand Haven Dr., Commack, N. Y. 

Louise Foster Bowling is now living at 
26 Sacramento Street, Cambridge, Mass. 
Her husband, Rev. Jack Bowling, is an as- 
sistant at the Church of the Advent, Boston. 

Lorna Becker Harrington x-'51 included 
Lasell on her New England vacation sched- 
ule and we were glad to see her and her 
two children, Nancy — 3V2, and Jill — IV2. 
Lorna's present address is 323 Old Mill 
Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 

New Addresses: Carole Armstrong Bunter, 
108 River Rd., Pottstown, Penna. 

Barbara McRoberts Collingwood, 55 
Thalia Dr., R.F.D. #1, Feeding Hills, 

Cynthia Porter Horton, 132 S. Broad St., 
Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Trimby Sawyer, 402 Charlotte St., 
Newark, N. Y. 

Janet Woodward Powers, 94 Short Hills 
Ave., Short Hills, N. J. 


Suzanne G. Baney, Secretary 

125 Northfield Ave., Apt. D-l 

West Orange, N. J. 

It was wonderful to hear from so many 
of you just prior to our Reunion. With all 
the information at hand, I think you will 
agree that our column is more interesting. 
So this is no subtle hint, this is an outright 
plea — please, please keep in touch with 
your classmates through the Lasell LEAVES. 
Through the years shower your Class Secre- 
tary with information about yourselves and 
your classmates. Don't get lost in the shuffle 
so early in the game. 

Reunion News: Our Fifth Reunion was a 
real "wing-ding." About fifty '52ers ap- 
peared on the scene at our luncheon, held 
at the Hotel Beaconsfield in Brookline. 
There was much hubbub as everyone caught 
up on each classmate's past five years and 
exchanged snapshots. Sorry more of our 
classmates couldn't attend, but baby sitters, 
new homes and the distance from around 
the globe to Boston made it impossible. 

At the luncheon we were told that Terry 
Wingate Machette had resigned as Assistant 
Class Secretary. Instead of electing a new 
assistant, the class decided to have repre- 
sentatives around the country report to the 
Class Secretary from time to time. 

At 5:15 p.m. we gathered on campus in 
front of Bragdon for the "rogues' gallery" 
shot which you see here in the column. We 
all wore large straw garden hats with wide 
waist-length royal blue streamers. It surely 
wasn't hard to spot a '52er about the 
campus. Then we joined the Alumnae 
Parade to Winslow Hall and during dinner 
entertained with a few songs. As we watched 
the Class of 1957 march down the hill for 
the Class Nite ceremonies, it was hard to 
believe that five years had gone by since we 
were the Seniors. 

These general items of interest are based 
on information sheets received in May 1957. 
105 '52ers answered. The average '52er 
has had two jobs since graduation. Some 
still work at their original job, while others 
have held four or five. There have been 81 
children born to our classmates — 42 boys 
and 39 girls. Marty Thomas Hasak has the 
largest family, with four children, while 
Lois Armstrong McLaughlin reports she 
has identical twin girls plus one other girl. 
Many '52-ers have travelled since graduation 
— Europe, Florida and the West being the 
most popular destinations. Joanne Purcell 
takes the honors in this department, having 
been to Europe, South America, Nassau. 
Florida and "out West." 




Engaged: Joyce Ann Carroll to Edward 
D. Parent, Jr. of Newtonville, Mass. Mr. 
Parent is a graduate of Tufts University. 

Judith Horton to Hugo E. Koch, Jr. 

Meredith S. MacLean to Lieut, (jg) Frank 
M. Suzan. Merry's fiance received his B.S. 
degree from the Mass. Maritime Academy 
and is in basic naval aviation training at 
Whiting Field, Milton, Fla. 

Carolie Painter to S. Donald Wildrick of 
South Orange, N. J. Mr. Wildrick, a gradu- 
ate of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., is 
an account executive in New York and is a 
professional singer, having appeared in con- 
cert, radio and television. 

Virginia Smibert to Axel E. Swanson. A 
graduate of Boston University Law School, 
Mr. Swanson is associated with a law firm in 
West Haven (Conn.) and serves as a state 
representative from that town. 

Married: Suzanne Davis to Ralph Green- 
man on June 22, 1957 in Swampscott, Mass. 
Ralph is a graduate of Princeton University 
and received his master's degree at Stanford. 
He is associated with Hiller Helicopters in 
Palo Alto, Calif. Their new address is 342 
Churchill, Palo Alto. Frederica Holt was a 
member of the wedding party. 

Bess Kutuzes to Theodore Theodore in 
October. New address: 6532 Corbin, Reseda, 

Merilyn Peck to Ronald H. Erickson on 
June 22, 1957. Joanne Purcell was one of 
the bridesmaids. 

Carolyn Powers to Lester E. Fontaine on 

Nov. 3, 1956. Their new address is 641 
Prospect Street, East Longmeadow, Mass. 

Pamela Robinson to Mason R. Brigham 
of Wellesley on June 1, 1957. 16 Unity 
Ave., Belmont, Mass. is their present address. 

Donna Silver to Rick Carter on March 9, 
1957. The Carters' new address is 253 N. E. 
14th St., Miami, Fla. 

Virginia Easton x-'52 to Petty Officer 2/C 
Samuel C. Simpson on Dec. 29, 1956. 

Marilyn Madden x-'52 to Robert E. Mor- 
gan on April 10, 1957. Marilyn is a teacher 
in the Millinocket (Maine) schools and her 
husband is attending the University of 

Born: To Lois Armstrong McLaughlin, 
twin daughters, Debra Lynn and Donna 
Lee, on Mar. 7, 1957. 

To Jean Aslaksen Podimsky, a daughter, 
Barbara, on May 4, 1957. 

To Bette Clark Mott, a son, Thomas 
Bradford, on Mar. 26, 1957. 

To Carol Frank Sweeney, a son, Michael, 
on Apr. 29, 1957. 

To Nancy Gray Mulcahy, a son, Steven 
Robert, on Jan. 3, 1957. Nancy has a three- 
year-old daughter, Susan. You will remem- 
ber that both Nancy and Susan suffered an 
attack of polio, but both have recovered. 

To Ursula Mahoney Wilhoit x-'52, a son, 
Brice Russell, on Mar. 4, 1957. 

To Carol Michiels Dunlap a daughter, 
Jill Carol, on July 26, 1956. Carol's new 
address is 44 Seabee St., Manchester, N. H. 

To Elsie Salkind Scotti a son. Michael, 
on Oct. 7, 1956. 



To June Siteman Bailey a daughter, Bren- 
da Ann, in January 1957. 

To Nancy Slattery Haskins a daughter, 
Elizabeth Duke, in February 1957. 

To Elizabeth Watson Bradshaw a son, 
Hugh, in January 1957. 

Other News: A phone call to the Alumnae 
office in April brought us up to date on Joan 
Caulfield, who became Mrs. Vincent P. Mc- 
Gean on August 22, 1953. The McGeans 
have two children: Vincent III born May 
31, 1954 and Barbara born Feb. 8, 1957. 
The family now live at 1-B Parkway Village, 
Cranford, N. J. 

Louise Easton Morris writes that she and 
her husband John are now in Germany. 
John is with the Armed Forces Radio Net- 
work in a civilian position. Lou extends an 
invitation to all '52ers visiting Heidelberg 
to drop by and see her. The mailing 
address : American Forces Network — Heidel- 
berg, A.P.O. 403, New York, N. Y. 

Ina Friedman Steinhauser has really hit 
the top. She is associate editor of the 
popular Modern Screen magazine. 

Pat Giles is now assistant dietitian at 
Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Millicent Jewell Jenness writes that she 
and her husband (an English and Social 
Studies teacher) are at the Cardigan Moun- 
tain School in New Hampshire. Millie is 
more or less a house mother as six of the 
boys from the school live with them. At 
least she is not at a loss for a baby sitter for 
little David, now nearly two years old. 
Millie's address is: Cardigan Mountain 
School, Canaan, N. H. 

In July Helen M. Saunders '17 most 
thoughtfully sent a clipping and picture 
from the Hartford Courant. The article 
reads in part: "Jean McCambridge is a 
lawn bowler and a member of the Women's 
Auxiliary Club of the Fernleigh Lawn Bowl- 
ing Club, Inc. of West Hartford. At Lasell 
Junior College, Miss McCambridge took an 
active part in about every known sport, 
namely, crew, basketball, softball, field 
hockey, soccer and archery. After a few 
tries at lawn bowling, she became a really 
sincere pupil and took a keen interest in the 
game, watching the 'veterans' of Fernleigh 
go through the paces. She soon established 
herself as being ready to take her turn on a 
rink. Her first time under fire was rewarded 
when she played lead on a Fernleigh Rink 
that won a tournament at Stamford. Today 
she will play lead again in the MacKenzie 
Trophy Tournament being held in New 

Marlene Murray is now Mrs. Alan Lee 
Zuker of 310 H East Court Road, Aberdeen, 
Maryland. Mr. Zuker, an M. I. T. graduate, 

is an aeronautical engineer and they have 
one son, Hunter Lee, born April 4, 1956. 

New Addresses: Mary Diggs Pearson, 512 
Ash St., Boulder City, Nevada. 

Marianna Firebaugh Burgund, 38 Bright- \\ 
view Ave., New Shrewsbury, N. J. 

Priscilla Johnson Foltz, 1314 S. Tayloi 
St., Apt. A, Arlington, Va. 

Eleanor Mekelones Marple, Dalewood 
Gardens, 149 C Fieldstone Dr., Hartsdale, 
N. Y. 

Danis O'Neil Gerbeville, 1132 Rayburn 
Dr., San Antonio, Tex. 

Barbara Rost Goodman, 114 Franklin 
Ave., Bldg. 5 Apt. N-l, Morristown, N. J. 

Zona Schwarz Cox, 3238 N. Treat Circle, 
Tucson, Ariz. 

Barbara Sieder Gay, 727 Dave, Coronado, 
18, Calif. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

(Althea Janke), Secretary 

830 Berkeley St., Apt. D. 

New Milford, N. J. 

Mrs. Roland A. Nesslingbr 

(Sylvia Pfeiffer), Assistant 

90 Belle Ave., Mt. Rt. #1, Delaware, Ohio 

Engaged: Priscilla Boggs to John D. Kil- 
lian of Hamburg, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Fried to Edward Bracken Corey 
2d. Betsey's fiance is a graduate of New 
York Military College and served with the 
Fourth Marine Division in World War II. 

Nancy Leonard to Gerard Chapdelaine. 
Nancy and her husband-to-be are both gradu- 
ates of the University of Connecticut. 

Patricia Ann Hill to Robert Adams, Jr. of 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Married: Elinor Cohen and Justin Gold- 
man on May 19, 1957. Their new address 
is 26 Bothwell St., Brighton, Mass. 

Deborah Higgins and Rudolf M. Hergen- 
rother on June 15, 1957. Debby graduated 
June 8th from the Boston School of Occupa- 
tional Therapy. Two months of her clinical 
affiliations were spent in hospitals in Eng- 

Nancy Orr and Ferdinand Schultz on June 
7, 1957 in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Schultz, 
USA, studied at Southwestern Louisiana In- 
stitute and after one year in Germany, the 
couple will return to the States. 

Barbara Anne Ronan and John E. Gal- 
lagher, Jr. on April 27, 1957 in Yonkers, 
N. Y. Joan Ronan Clauson '49 was her 
sister's matron of honor, and Barbara Bytner 
Holleran '53 was a bridesmaid. 

Donna Ross and Edward F. Wright, Jr. 
on April 6, 1957. 96 Mt. Auburn St., 
Watertown, Mass. is their new address. 



Beverly Sawdey and Donald M. Quintal 
on May 11, 1957 at Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Constance Peterson x-'53 and G. Hadley 
Sloan on May 4, 1957 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Mr. Sloan, a graduate of the University of 
Illinois, is currently associated with the State 
Farm Mutual Insurance Company and their 
new address is 97 Hendricks Isle, Ft. Lauder- 

Born: To Joanne Dolphin Craffey a son, 
Danny, in May 1956. 

Other News: From Priscilla Alden Bemis: 
"I am still in business with Dad at the 
Priscilla Shop. This summer we are busy 
working on our new home, lawn and patio." 

Among the finalists to represent Massachu- 
setts in the "Mrs. America" contest was 
Sally Churchill Lowell. She was the 
unanimous choice of the Brockton judges at 
the regional contest in April. Sally scored 
47 points out of a possible 50 in a written 
homemaking quiz. Her winning entry was 
a chocolate cream Bavarian pie. Other points 
were awarded for poise, personality and at- 
tractive appearance. 

Mary Ann Donahue, who graduated cum 
laude from Boston University, School of Fine 
and Applied Arts Division, won the coveted 
award given by Alpha Psi Omega, a national 
honorary dramatic fraternity, as the best 
actress of the year for her work in the title 
role of "Juno and the Paycock." During the 
summer Mary Ann was a member of the 
North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly. 

Elsie Knaus writes that on August 21 she 
is flying to Switzerland to spend three weeks 
with relatives. She will be in London a 
week, five days in Paris and then home 
aboard the Queen Mary. 

Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger is looking for- 
ward to a summer vacation with her family 
in New York and New Jersey. "I am hoping 
to see some Lasell gals while I'm there. 
Have to show off my little daughter, now 
almost nine months old." 

Evelyn Shanks Walla writes from the 
Lake Tarleton Club, Pike, N. H., where she 
is assistant manager of the coffee shop. 

Earline Spigner Black x-'53 says: "I 
really have my hands full with Timothy 
Charles (born Nov. 3, 1955) and his 
brother, James Thomas, who arrived March 
29, 1957. On our New England trip last 
summer we visited Ellen Shea Brigham 
x-'53. Her daughter was born in October 

New Addresses: Allene Goodwin Demp- 
sey, 905 Butternut St. N.W., Washington 
12, D. C. 

Joan Hodgson Kangras, 1599 Washing- 
ton St., West Newton 65, Mass. 

Shirley Vara Gallerani, 72 Donazette St., 
Wellesley 81, Mass. 

Jean Weeks Hanna, 44 Montvale Rd., 
Newark, Dela. 

Ellen Sullivan Currie x-'53, 4204 McPher- 
son Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Astrid Tidemann Trietz x-'53, 77 Atwood 
Ave., Newtonville, Mass. 


Mrs. Peter C. Buhler 

(Elizabeth A. Lindsay), Secretary 

59 Cambridge Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. 

Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

( Martha Ellis ) , Assistant 
470 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Patricia M. LaSelva, Assistant 
85 Suffolk St., West Medford, Mass. 

Ann LETHBRIDGE, Assistant 
75 Lake Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 

Engaged: Marion A. Crossman to Ray- 
mond A. MacCallum. Marion's fiance, who 
served with the armed forces during World 
War II, was graduated from Northeastern 

Mary E. Cummings to Edward Hunter of 
Dorchester, Mass. 

Thelma Greenberg to Richard I. Florin. 
Thelma received her degree from Boston 
University and has been teaching in Bed- 
ford (Mass.) this past year. 

Janet Hatch to Richard Craig Hamilton. 
Having completed a tour of duty with the 
Navy, Mr. Hamilton is attending Fairleigh 
Dickinson University. 

Married: Mabel Fastiggi and Joseph A. 
Fiscella on March 3, 1957 at Rye, N. Y. 
Ann Beebe and Beverly Cassoli were two 
of Mabel's attendants. New address: Long- 
view Apartments, King Street, Rye, N. Y. 

Priscilla Head and Everett Russell Davis 
on May 25, 1957. 

Barbara Holmstead and Ensign Richard 
F. Casey on May 4, 1957. Lorraine Nelson 
was a bridesmaid. 

Jane Hudson and David J. Bodin on July 
13, 1957 at Belchertown, Mass. 

Patricia Kelsey and John S. Scharf on 
March 23, 1957 at New Canaan, Conn. Pat's 
matron of honor was Judith Connor Faherty 
and her new address is 821 Beacon St., 

Joan Morrill and Warren E. Mansfield, 
Jr. on May 25, 1957. 

Beverly Mulock and Paul Bradford Mac- 
Donald on July 7, 1957 at the Martha-Mary 
Chapel in South Sudbury, Mass. 



Marguerite Schneider and Frank M. Ja- 
blonski, Jr. on July 20, 1957. The Jablon- 
skis are now living at 33 Parkway, Indian 
Lake, Worcester, Mass. 

Sybil Moore and William Dwight Pink- 
ham, Jr. on June 28, 1956. Sybil's present 
address is 3710 Columbia Pike, Apt. 4, 
Arlington, Va. 

Mary McLeman x-'54 and Dr. Richard 
Bennett Brown on June 13, 1957 in Boston, 
Mass. Dr. Brown is a member of the Class 
of 1957 at Tufts University. 

Born: To Kama Erickson Feltham a daugh- 
ter, Karen Linda, on May 31, 1957. 

To Frances Everets Rosser a daughter, 
Anne Leslie, on April 1, 1957. 

Other News: Nancy Atwood writes from 
1733 19th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
"Working in the office of Vocational Reha- 
bilitation, Dept. of Health, Education and 
Welfare. Sharing an apartment with Jane 
Master and M. Pat Wilson. Toni Hayden 
is also living in Washington — teaching in 
Arlington, Va." 

Joan Fuller is now manager of the Lasell 
Bookstore. After graduation, Joan completed 
the executive training program offered by 
Grover Cronin, Inc., and for the past three 
years has been assistant stationery buyer at 
the popular Waltham (Mass.) store. 

Marlene Haake Schuler is now "in Erlan- 
gen, Germany and we are looking forward to 
our three-year tour over here. The country is 
just beautiful and we're trying to see as much 
as possible of it. Our housing is wonderful 
and we couldn't be happier." She and Bob 
recently spent a weekend in Zurich, Switzer- 
land, which they felt surpassed New York 
for atmosphere. The address: Lt. Robert 
Schuler 073857, 43 AAA Battalion, A.P.O. 
66, New York, N. Y. 

Joy Lanner Bird is moving to Baltimore 
and "I will soon have to leave my work at 
the Army Map Service in Washington. Have 
enjoyed that so much for the last year and 
a half." 

Mary Macomber is an assistant bio- 
metrician for the Department of Health in 
Boston. "Returning from a trip to Indiana 
in January, I called on Willie Gomperts 
Hayduk x-'54, who has a lovely new home 
in New City, N. Y. Her two children are 
darling! Lee Betts is now working in 
Boston and is living at the Berkeley Resi- 
dence, 40 Berkeley Street." 

Carol Meyer LaViale enclosed this note 
with her Alumnae Fund contribution: "We 
have been in Germany for sixteen months, 
but our stay here will end in July when 
Roger is discharged from the Army. We 
will then live in England for eight months 
(as civilians)! Our 2i/ 2 -year-old girl now 

has a brother, Roger III, born in December. 
Yvette speaks more German than we do!" 

Lois Murray is now a secretary in the con- 
troller's department of the Armstrong Cork 
Company in South Braintree. 

We extend sincere sympathy to Mar- 
tha Phillips and to her sister, Jean Phillips 
Canning '43- Their father. Air. George A. 
Phillips, recently passed away. 

New Addresses: Ann Olsen Schlubach, 4 
Union Park, Norwalk, Conn. 

Deborah Paradise Mahony, 421 Old 
Colony Ave., Apt. 427, South Boston, Mass. 

Carol Rofer Hofmann, 11 Mead Court, 
Summit, N. J. 

The Boston Sunday Advertiser of June 9, 
1957 carried the headlines: "Heroism on 
Fiery Plane Recounted. Stewardess Calms 
Hub-Bound Group." We are proud indeed 
to reprint their accounting of the story con- 
cerning Nancy Hedtler of Eastern Air Lines: 

Two heroic eastern Massachusetts cabin 
attendants averted panic among 69 passen- 
gers yesterday when their big Boston-bound 
airliner caught fire over Virginia. With only 
seconds to spare, flames pouring from a blaz- 
ing engine and wildly spinning run-away 
propeller, the two skillful pilots made a safe 
emergency landing at the Norfolk Naval Air 
Station. During the race-with-death descent, 
Stewardess Nancy Hedtler of Walpole and 
Steward Eddie LeBelle of Avon, moved about 
among the passengers, allaying their fears. 
They quieted women who started to scream, 
and reseated passengers who jumped from 
their chairs in near panic. Their efforts to 
avert hysteria were successful, despite the 
fact smoke poured into the passenger cabin 
from a dangerous engine fire. Passengers 
credited the crew with exceptional heroism. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

(Carolyn Chapin), Secretary 

79 Colony Rd., West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

(Ruth Birch), Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

( Susan Twichell ) , Assistant 

115 Adams St., New Britain, Conn. 

Engaged: Abby Alderman to Arthur Klein- 
burg. Abby's fiance has been discharged 
from the Army after serving 18 months in 

Jean Bush to Richard Hanford Jordan, 
Jr. of New York. Mr. Jordan, an alumnus 
of Lawrenceville School, also attended Stevens 
Institute of Technology and the University 
of Arizona. 



Nancy Hedtler, Stewardess 
Eastern Air Lines 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hughes 
(Class Agent Ann Harris) 

Patricia Friberg to George Karnedy. 

Joan Geddes to Paul M. Grant of Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. Since his graduation from 
Wappingers Central School in 1953, Mr. 
Grant has been in the employ of I.B.M. 
Corp. at its plant in Poughkeepsie. He is 
now on leave of absence attending Clarkson 
College of Technology, Potsdam, N. Y., 
where he is majoring in electrical engineer- 

Barbara Ann Hammett to Robert Grover 
Mills. Barbara is planning a January 

Adeline Neusner to Paul Bain of Lowell, 
Mass. Mr. Bain has just completed two 
years' duty in the Army. 

Nancy Garland x-'55 to James Harwood 
Stoddard of Saginaw, Mich. 

Helen Hendrix x-'55 to John King 
Wright. Helen has just graduated from the 
University of Pennsylvania. 

Married: Lorrie Ginsburg and Alvin Jay 
Magid on March 31, 1957. After a Bermuda 
honeymoon, the couple are now at 2014 
Cliffview Rd., Apt. 3 B, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Iris Gabel was a member of the wedding 

Lois Goldberg and Kenneth Allen Miller 
on March 31, 1957 in Boston, Mass. 

Jane Gray and George D. Milne on June 
23, 1956. Jane's present address is Nelson 
St., Barre, Vt., where her husband is in the 
banking business. 

Ann Harris and Donald E. Hughes on 
June 30, 1957 at West Medford, Mass. 
Mildred Monahan was one of Ann's 

Eunice Kerkins and Silvio A. Monticone, 
Jr. on May 4, 1957. Eunie's new address is 
758 Silver Lane, East Hartford, Conn. 

Linda Nolin and Robert Ahern on June, 
29, 1957. Lucinda Nolin was maid of honor 
for her twin sister and among the brides- 
maids were Carolyn Chase, Genevieve Har- 
old and Betty Petto. Linda and Bob are 
now living at 30 Library St., Hudson, N. H. 

Barbara Stirone and Leo Paul Nichols on 
May 11, 1957 at Morristown, N. J. Their 
new address is Apt. 4 B, Bldg. 19, Jacob 
Ford Village, Morristown, N. J. 

Nancy Tisler and Lawrence Mark Hurley 
on Sept. 2, 1957. Barbara Karasik was a 

Leslie Trautman and William Neil Pierce, 
Jr. on March 23, 1957. 

Martha Walker and Walter H. Rolfe on 
May 4, 1957 at Barre, Vt. Mr. Rolfe, a 
graduate of the University of New Hamp- 
shire, is presently employed at Magnaflux 
Corp. in Chicago. 

Dorothy Cobden x-'55 and Herman H. 
Russell on May 26, 1957 at New Haven, 

Jane Warnick x-'55 and Robert Norman 
Anderson, Jr. on May 4, 1957. Jane is now 
on the staff of McCall's Magazine and her 



husband is associated with the N. Y. Tele- 
phone & Telegraph Company. They are 
making their home at 470 North Broad- 
way, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Born: To Marilyn Antoni Devlin a son, 
James Richard, on April 7, 1957. 

To Ruth Birch Bastis a son, Jonathan 
Thomas, on Jan. 2, 1957. 

To Evelyn Bradley Cochran a son, Robert 
Jr., on April 28, 1957. 

To JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco a son, 
Thomas Michael, on May 5, 1957. 

To Marilyn Meyer Herlin a son, Robert 
Meyer, on March 27, 1957. Marilyn's ad- 
dress is now 2 Nymph Rd., West Orange, 
N. J. 

To Margaret Murray Pellegrini a daugh- 
ter, Linda Jean, on April 20, 1957. New 
address: 12 Symonds Place, Keene, N. H. 

To Nancy Tripp Taylor a son, David 
Paul, on May 13, 1957. 

Other News: Joan Beeley sends a new ad- 
dress: 221 Summit Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 
and says she is planning a three months' 
vacation in England. 

During the recent Community Chest Drive 
the Fitchburg Sentinel featured a picture 
and story about Patricia Brown. It reads in 
part: "Some persons inherit blue or brown 
eyes, but Patricia Brown of 42 Dudley Street 
inherited the YMCA. Her grandfather, the 
late Albert C. Brown, served on the Y board 
of directors as treasurer for 54 years. Her 
father, "William S. Brown, has been a mem- 
ber of the board for 17 years. Patricia has 
been hearing about the Y and its problems 
ever since she can remember. Like other 
youth, Pat regards recreation as one of the 
greatest needs today. 'When I was at the 
Fitchburg High School, we never had the 
opportunities they now have. The new Y is 
a wonderful thing and it seems to me that 
persons who are really interested in our city 
and in boys and girls will support the Y 
through the Community Chest drive.' " 

Sue Clark is now doing both office and 
library work at the Dedham Public Library. 

Sandra Ellis, a graduate this June of the 
Fitchburg Teachers College, will teach fourth 
grade in Walpole. 

Nancy Legare deWolf writes that she is a 
member of "The Dames," a club for wives 
of U.C.L.A. students. "The meetings are so 
much fun and I have made many friends. 
In May, Jim and I had a luxurious week end 
at Palm Springs." 

Joan Murano has just returned from a 
wonderful Cal